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Liam Hemsworth Reunites with Brother Chris in London!

Liam Hemsworth Reunites with Brother Chris in London!

Liam Hemsworth hops into a cab after leaving Sketch nightclub on Saturday evening (August 31) in London, England.

The 23-year-old actor left the club about twenty minutes after his older brother Chris Hemsworth, who was seen with his wife Elsa Pataky.

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The day before, Liam was spotted heading into LAX Airport to catch a flight across the pond to be with his brother. His fiancee Miley Cyrus was spotted that same day heading out to dinner with one of her good friends.

15+ pictures inside of Liam Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth reuniting in London…

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liam hemsworth reunites with brother chris in london 01
liam hemsworth reunites with brother chris in london 02
liam hemsworth reunites with brother chris in london 03
liam hemsworth reunites with brother chris in london 04
liam hemsworth reunites with brother chris in london 05
liam hemsworth reunites with brother chris in london 06
liam hemsworth reunites with brother chris in london 07
liam hemsworth reunites with brother chris in london 08
liam hemsworth reunites with brother chris in london 09
liam hemsworth reunites with brother chris in london 10
liam hemsworth reunites with brother chris in london 11
liam hemsworth reunites with brother chris in london 12
liam hemsworth reunites with brother chris in london 13
liam hemsworth reunites with brother chris in london 14
liam hemsworth reunites with brother chris in london 15

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  • namers

    Liam, get your shots.

  • go go

    Aside from the staged red carpet shots, do Liam and “fiance” do anything else together anymore? Didnt think so, they are already over, just waiting for the right time to announce it.

  • Nicky

    Miley Cyrus is worth $150M; Liam is worth $1.5M. He’s not going anywhere. I personally don’t think he’s the least bit attracted to her and is just waiting for his career to really take off before dumping her. She is repulsive and I’m not sure what guy in his right mind would find her sexy/attractive.

  • Red Head

    Run, Liam, run!!!

  • Mel


  • Mel

    @Nicky: You do have a point. I agree!

  • cmcgee6694

    @Nicky: Maybe that is part of why Miley is handling things the way she is. Wouldn’t want to be part of a relationship like that – would you? Get over it and tell the boy to go home – or wherever.

  • Xx

    I’d be ashamed to show my face in public after the Vma’s if I were him…. but at the same time, @Nicky: you absolutely have a point there. I’m sure he doesn’t find her sexy too. Who would :p

  • aquarius64

    Any bets there was another family intervention at that restaurant? Robin Thicke has been seen out with his wife and child on a family outing after the VMA mess. He’s not getting much heat for getting busted for his random grope. (He should.) The fact that Liam and Miley have not been seen together days after that ratchet-fest tells me the reports that he was embarrassed about the “performance” have some truth to it. If he wasn’t he would have made a statement to show his support by now. Big brother Chris probably told him don’t wait until Miley actually cheats on him to leave. (Yeah I know about Liam and January Jones, but there’s no proof, not Kristen Stewart cheating pics level proof). Despite the disparity of incomes male pride will win out in the end.

  • jane

    lmao at people thinking they know wall about miley and liam’s love life. you know nothing! get real and live your own life. and fyi, liam movie paranoia got horrid reviews, i would go into hiding after that too for awhile. poor liam :(

  • amy

    liams brother luke angrily denied any intervention rumors. anywayswho cares who liam is with its his life.

  • amy

    fyi liam is in london to see chris’s new movie “rush “

  • Paul

    Elsa is so freakin ugly.

  • aquarius64

    @jane: Still hasn’t change the fact Liam has not publicly supported Miley like Paula Patton has supported Robin. The old he-never-comments-on-his-personal-life stance is not going to work this time. Until then the paps and press are going to hound him because they smell blood in the water with his silence.

  • Cend

    @jane: very well said Jane! besides to whoever said that Liam is not supporting Miley, they should go and check his instagram ;)

  • jane

    @aquarius64 At the end of the day Miley and Liam make Love in their own bed, and you are sitting in your 8×10 room behide a computer bashing on celebs who LIVE THEIR LIFE and don’t know you exist. Life is too short too bash on people you will never intimately know, so go find YOUR OWN Liam. ;)

  • wow!!

    Wow you can just smell the jealousy on this board. lol. Sorry girls ladies Liam is engaged to Miley and I respect the no talking about our private lives. Lots of celebs do it, quick example Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

  • http://@TheVfry74 Venita Frye (@Thevfrye74)

    @Cend: That is not Liam’s Instagram he doesn’t have one.

  • racy

    We all know Liam went to France. Just read that Miley (and many more celebs) is going to France for festival week. Think they might have planned to just go separately?

  • Red Head

    @jane: How do YOU know what they do in their bed? Or IF they even still have a bed? You are guessing just like everyone else so get off your high horse, smarty britches.

  • Cate

    Chris looks young in these pics. He usually looks older than his age. He seems to be at a good weight: not too skinny but not too muscly either. Jealous biddies need to leave his wife alone. I don’t particularly like her but she’s hardly ugly.

  • Grey

    Elsa Pataky is really pretty although devoid of talent. Far from being ugly, haters!

    Liam…seems rather embarrassed. What is he doing with Miley Cyrus? While her parents know better than to talk her out of this extended “growing up” period, the “yes” people around her should be helping her out by stopping her from embarrassing herself every time she appears in public. But then they’d probably be risking their gravy train. She’s gonna look back in 5 years and be mortified. It’d probably matter less if she had some discernibel talent. But no, the dancing and singing were equally horrendous at the vmas.

  • Mmmm

    Could be that Liam’s simply in London for Chris’s new movie “Rush” & then goes to met Miley in France.

    But no one knows the truth, the media are just speculating as usual.

    All the past rumours about Liam & Miley splitting up have ALL turned out to be FALSE. Liam’s brother Luke also denied there was any “brother’s intervention” yet ALL the media were reporting it as fact at the time.

    I’m not going to believe a word about them spilting up unless I hear a direct statement or quote from either Liam or Miley.

    The media conviently uses so-called “sources, insiders or friends” to make up any story they like.

    Right now Liam & Miley are still together the rest is all gossip & speculation!

  • aquarius64

    @jane: And YOU know what they do intimately? What do you do, hide under the bed and WATCH? Or do you have the latest in spy tech and peep in? If either is true I think the next these two need to do is call the police on you. Liam would definitely have you locked up.

  • aquarius64

    @jane: Oh, the usual “you want __________ for yourself because you bash his gf” comeback – the default argument zealous fans use when they can’t come up with anything else. Note: When people criticize your idol it doesn’t mean they want her life or her man.

  • Cend

    @Venita Frye (@Thevfrye74): It is. He said it on an interview that the Instagram and Twitter are his ;)

  • LL

    @wow!!: ha very very very well said!!!

  • aquarius64

    @Cend: Link to interview? No major entertainment outlet is reporting his support.

  • racy

    Would you want that insecure feeling of not being supported by the person you love? Some people do react in a negative way when they sense that there might not be any feeling for you in that person. If Liam is unhappy, get out. What is he going to prove by hanging around with someone who supposedly embarrasses him? There are plenty of guys out there who would love Miley. She gave him his start by choosing him to play the role opposite her in his first film here. Don’t know what Miley’s reasoning is behind her actions, but I am sick of hearing about Liam’s feelings about the whole thing. Put up or shut up, Liam.