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Robert Pattinson: Dior Homme Ad Campaign Complete Video!

Robert Pattinson: Dior Homme Ad Campaign Complete Video!

Robert Pattinson is super suave while starring in the official and uncensored director’s cut of his Dior Homme ad campaign.

The campaign also stars model Camille Rowe. It was directed by Romain Gavras and features music by Led Zeppelin.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Robert Pattinson

In case you missed them, check out the sexy photos of Robert giving Camille a kiss in the campaign pics for Dior Homme.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the uncensored director’s cut of Robert Pattinson’s ad for Dior Homme?

Robert Pattinson: Dior Homme Ad Campaign Complete Video!
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  • raiza

    WoW! He looks hot. She looks hot. Too much hotness.

  • Manny

    OMG ! sexy as hell ♥. ♥

  • Andon

    Smoking is not sexy. Hope they cut that out

  • Stess

    Too much ado about nothing

  • Maude

    Sorry but he’s not sexy, his flat face ruins it. I prefer Hugo Boss anyway lol

  • bebo

    Super sexy ad. Rob looks absolutely gorgeous Wow!!!

  • Honey

    Pretty ad. This one is much better than Jule Law’s tbh.

  • darah

    He’s so hot.

  • Jamie

    This ad has balls. Wow. Great piece of work. Black and white all the time and little colour at the end. I love it.

  • Yok


  • BPositive

    The Dior Homme video exudes sensuality and natural elegance. The DiorRob campaign is truly artistic and sublime.

  • Kimberly

    I love it!.

  • j

    cant stand him such an ungrateful yuppy larvae…..

  • amee

    I generally tend to hate perfume ads as they are all so cliched & hard to tell apart but I don’t mind this one so much. It’s formulaic but it has somehow managed to stay quite cool & edgy at the same time. That’s largely due to the chemistry between the leads & Led Zep being on the soundtrack.

    I can watch this a couple more times & not hate it which is more than i can say for the Franco/Gucci, Reynolds/Boss, Knightley/Chanel or Mara/CK collabs.

  • Ella

    This man is TOTALLY killling it !

  • Hot Rob

    Can this man get any hotter? The extended version on the Dior Homepage has an elevator scene that is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. God help us

  • Rose

    I’m over the whole Pattinson thing now. I used to think he was cute, but now… Next hot Brit that will have a brilliant career is Max Irons, hands down!

  • linda

    Loved it and thought it was sexy hot……love the man.

  • DiorRob

    The Dior Homme campaign is a cool, sexy and elegant work of art.

  • Robfan

    I have transferred this comment by a fan on another site: ‘Congrats to all involved with this brillant ad and especially to the Dior team, Rob and Romain Gavras. I loved the ad in black & white and then at the end Rob in colour, the same colours as the Dior Homme perfume. How artistically well done! Also the scene with him dancing with the older woman, how genius, showing that the Dior Homme charms ladies of all ages.’

  • Ana

    So Hot Robert Pattinson very elegant sexy ad ❤❤

  • pup

    Foot face.

  • Rob is the hottest

    @pup: Pup, it is sad that you are so jealous of Rob. Please do not post nasty comments as this negativity becomes part of you. You do know of course that Rob was voted sexiest man alive by several magazines and sites and many, for 5 consecutive years!

  • Angela

    This is brilliant. Everything about it is beautifully made. Well done!

  • pup

    @Rob is the hottest: LOL. So defensive over someone you don’t know. It’s my opinion. Deal with it.

  • http://None Heidi

    Goodbye Twilight Rob, Hello Dior Rob. He was very sexy as a 20 year old but Now he’s sexy and what an absolutely georgeous man he’s become. Loved the Dior ad and loved both the elevator and dancing with the older woman scenes. Camille and Rob have superb chemistry.

  • http://None @pup face

    If you don’t like him, why are you on this link, I know it’s your right, but you do come across as very jealous of the sexiest man on the planet. Not everyone can be as good looking as he is. And that is JMO, deal with that!

  • Lea,

    I love DiorRob!!!

  • justice

    In view of the latest three months I decided not to watch any of his movies AND NOW Rpatz/Gavras destroyed one of Led Zeppelins masterpieces, with this sorry excuse for a video. However it will soon be forgotten and we can reclaim the Zeppelin tune.

  • anablue

    Now THIS is how you make perfume ad. Looks hot. Brad Pitt’s Chanel should take notes from Dior/Rob P.

  • katie

    This is so well worth the wait, everything about it is beautiful, classy and sexy. Rob sounds so mature in his interviews, the past year and a half of his pain and turmoil brought him into maturity. He is such a lovely man and seems to have chemistry with all the women he works with, its like he brings something that they all react and respond to. Beautiful piece of work from all.His description of the Dior Homme sounds like he is talking about the new Rob.

  • http://Website Loui

    No, this ad will not inspire me to buy, Robert is no longer handsome or a good actor and the Model is typical same old, same old,embarrassing immature visual.

  • http://None @justice

    Are you a member of Led Zeppelin? If not, then STFU. Dior had to get their permission to use the song, so if they don’t mind you shouln’t mind Krisbian!

  • Can anyone tell me what kind of apartment that is in the video? What is the type called? And is it in NYC or Paris?

  • http://None Love me someRob

    Wow what an ad. Yum, yum, yum, Rob is so hot. I see several of the KS minions that visit ALL of Robs other posts to spread hate have come here to rain on his parade. What a shame.

  • Wow

    Wow. He is one beautiful man. I love this ad!! SUCCESS!

  • Meme

    What a fantastic ad, Pattinson is just getting more handsome with age. He’s one sexy guy!

  • darah


    I agree. Most fragrance ads are so pretentious and cringe-worthy. This one actually feels natural and sexy. They did a good job.

  • Wow

    Don’t worry about the trolls @Love me some Rob, it’s obvious who they are and what they are doing. I even notice the same words and mistakes, which tells me they are the same sad little group desperately trying to paint a negative picture of Rob. There’s nothing to substantiate it, so no one listens. It’s sad really. Hopefully they will realize they aren’t fooling anyone and move on… not because they are succeeding in making him look bad, but because they are so annoying!

  • Mo

    This ad is so sexy, Rob looks incredible. If you haven’t seen the secret scenes, go to the official Dior website. The elevator kiss is incredibly hot!!!

  • Cate

    Good ad. A lot of the recent celebrity ones have were disappointing but this is really fun and stylish. Roman Gavras’ work is always beautifully shot. Not usually a Pattinson fan but he looks good here and they have great chemistry. I like how the female in this ad seems to have a personality too, usually in male-led ads the woman are just eye candy. Love the LZ music too :D

  • misti

    WOW! Very well done and the music fit perfect. Great job Rob, this is way better than Edward.

  • Spot on

    @katie: Wonderful post Katie. I agree that Rob’s charisma and sexiness creates serious heat with his costars. Lately he does appear more confident.

  • jim

    He seems to contrived now–trying to be a man instead of a boy. Instead of trying to make a commercial that shows this, why not just live your life? He seems very Hollywood now.

  • ace11

    2 words Rob

    Rupert Sanders

  • niagirl

    Pfff. Nice to see him clean for once. Thanks Dior. Celebrity not an actor.

  • lilyanna

    OMG! This man has more charisma then anyone to come along in a long time. The Dior ad….. Its a work of art. There is nothing negative. It is overflowing with positive energy. Rob looks like the perfect Dior man. Congradulations Dior you made the best choice. It doesn’t get any better or any sexier.

  • lilyanna

    One more thing. I don’t know how anyone could say he is a celebrity not a actor. I wasn’t a fan of Twilight but you could still see the talent he has. His other movies I loved and in each and everyone he brings something brilliant to the character. Theres no doubt there is a academy award in his future. Watch!!!!!!!

  • just me

    people just summed it up:)

  • http://yahoo katrina

    WOW !! I love this ad so classy and hot !! well done Rob and the entire Dior Team