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Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo Hold Hands on Rainy Day

Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo Hold Hands on Rainy Day

Adam Levine and his fiancee Behati Prinsloo hold hands while getting caught in the rain on Labor Day Monday (September 2) in New York City.

The 34-year-old Maroon 5 singer and the 24-year-old Namibian model had some assistance from an umbrella holder as they left their hotel and got into an awaiting car.

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“Just found out that my iPhone gives flood warnings. They chose a particularly terrifying sound that causes panic and stress. Thanks Apple,” Adam tweeted that day.

Last week, Behati posted a photo online of Adam walking around in just a skimpy pair of underwear!

10+ pictures inside of Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo holding hands in New York…

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adam levine behati prinsloo hold hands on rainy day 01
adam levine behati prinsloo hold hands on rainy day 02
adam levine behati prinsloo hold hands on rainy day 03
adam levine behati prinsloo hold hands on rainy day 04
adam levine behati prinsloo hold hands on rainy day 05
adam levine behati prinsloo hold hands on rainy day 06
adam levine behati prinsloo hold hands on rainy day 07
adam levine behati prinsloo hold hands on rainy day 08
adam levine behati prinsloo hold hands on rainy day 09
adam levine behati prinsloo hold hands on rainy day 10
adam levine behati prinsloo hold hands on rainy day 11
adam levine behati prinsloo hold hands on rainy day 12

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Bobby Orr

    Nice to see a smiling healthy looking couple… Oh wait, they both look like they are about to keel over. YIKES!!!

  • kayla

    I’m not sure a person can look more miserable than he looks here. He looks like he has a gun to his head.

  • michelle

    hold your own damn umbrella


    Hey Bee that look didn’t work in the 90′s and it definitely doesn’t work now.

  • kayla

    And does he really need an umbrella holder?

  • Bobby Orr

    I have never seen a young engaged couple look less in love then these two. Adam looks miserable. I have seen pictures of him with his previous girlfriend (Anne?) and he was always happy and smiling. This is bizarre. He seems painfully miserable.

  • lol

    Why celebrities can’t hold an umbrella?

  • Come on

    Well someone please hold my umbrella while I throw up cause this is beyond disgusting…

  • kayla

    Sort of gross that she’s worn those socks 2 days in a row.

  • Jenn

    Nice of Bee to call the paps!

    Adam looking miserable as always when he’s with her.

  • Marty

    She is so skinny. Wonder if they ever hang with Jake and Alyssa?

  • Allie

    How stupid to have an umbrella holder! Does he get paid? These 2 are too much.

  • Her legs…

    What happened ?

  • Hello

    Anyone that has an umbrella holder is a moron. How arrogant could you be?

  • belle

    ok now this is just dumb

  • Shizzi

    He was always smiling with Anne, with Bee he looks miserable :(
    And she has NO style!


    Pretty sure that Alyssa is friends with Nina Agdal so I am sure that would go over like a turd in a punchbowl.


    @Bobby Orr: @Shizzi: Yes, he was always smiling with Anne and yet…Anne doesn’t have the ring. MOVE ON, STOP WITH THE COMPARISONS WITH ANNE: just because he was one way with one woman doesn’t mean he’s going to be the exact same with another woman. Both have moved on and are happy with their respective significant others, seriously…get over it already.

  • Lisa

    I think the guy was just holding the umbrella while they walked from the entrance to the car. It’s not like he was going to walk around town holding it. I like her outfit as well. No red lipstick, heels and hairspray needed.


    Even if Adam was smiling everyone would just find another thing to harp on with these two. They care about each other, they don’t care about each other, they’re together, they’re broken up, he’s a druggie, she’s using him, he’s a druggie, he’s using her, he’s a douchebag, she’s anorexic, they’ll never make it to the alter, their marriage will never last, they got matching tattoos, their marriage is doomed because of their tattoos, he’s immature, she’s immature, she looks happy, he doesn’t look happy. GOOD GOD give it a rest already. Adam could do every single one of your individual requests to how he should or should not act and you’d all still complain about it. I guess it’s a good thing nobody in their little group gives a flying f!ck about what any of you have to say. Guess what?! They’re getting married, they’re raking in the cash, they’ll do whatever they want and all of you will still be here complaining about their actions while they’re out living their lives. Now I ask, who exactly are the pathetic people here? You? Or them?

  • chelsea
  • Jenn

    @OH MY GODDDDD: You really think Adam is happy with Bee? Whatever makes you think that?

    Interesting. You’re really no better than anyone else commenting on their relationship. It’s not like you’re in it with them.

  • MrsOzzie

    Hey Behati,

    80′s fashion called. It wants it’s vibe back. Immediately.

  • show off

    I told y’all pics of Adam Letoilet & Bee very soon **– He can’t live w/o her folks ‘+++he’s officially her third pu ssy cat *++++ A 24 yr controlling her 34 yr wimpy man&++++ wedding &babies very soon folks

  • betsy

    they look on hardcore drugs ‘ Adam look like a father fed up with his anorexic daughter ‘ CREEPY

  • spray

    He looks happy n very in love w- this young woman I’ve to say they look weird together but he should be glad that a 24 yr old girl is w- a man like him, she’s probably after his money but Hey who cares let the man be her P I m p

  • jake

    Umbrella holder? Are you serious? He’s just a pathetic loser and she’s a cheap advertisement of bulimia

  • Sara Z

    P.O.S!!!!!! Hold your own G damn umbrella!

  • dumb a s s

    I follow both on twitter an after they got engaged she went to Hawaii & cheated on him with everybody I’m not lying go an check it up, Adam must be very in love to be with her after all, if your engaged you should behave not act like a little s l u t but I guess he’s her toilet for real jeje I’ve fun every time I read about them

  • Cally

    They look so happy together…now both look miserable,not only Adam.If they can’t fake happiness,break up and move on.You don’t have to stay in a failed relationship for the media or publicity.These photos look staged,Adam can’t even pretend he’s not embarassed by being seen with that anorexic wannabe again.I predict he’ll dump her skinny ass in few months when she hurts his reputation(or what’s left of it) and his huge ego.He never looks happy near her,so…why all these staged photo ops?

  • sahara

    He’s an arrogant little s*** that is always dating young models to satisfy his ego ‘ I hope ms prinsloo use him, divorce him n get half of his money plus recognition in the industry ” you go girl

  • janet

    @Dumb. A s s. I can’t believe she cheated on him, are you f**** kidding me? Adam Levine proposed crying and everything and she went to Hawaii and cheated on him/ I just saw the pics on her twitter account and I’m shocked/ He needs some balls or a little bit of dignity after she humiliated him like that so wrong but nobody is putting a gun to be with her

  • Sunny

    Ok I seen Behati’s twitter and there is no proof she cheated on him. She was pictured with some guys and girls, that doesn’t mean she cheated. The only one she did “cheat” with is Ali.

  • janet

    @Sunny. She cheated on him in Hawaii period. Who takes pictures with guys n ‘ kissing a girl when your engaged? It’s pretty obvious she’s a little wh ore and he’s her doormat my dear

  • Proof Finally!

    And, now finally there is proof that Adam’s dog is NOT Bones. Sorry guys. Just bc his brother had pics with a dog named bones, doesn’t mean it’s his. Apparently, his dog is named Spinee.

  • Really

    @Proof Finally!: Um…if you believe anything that comes from the National Enquirer, you are one gullible person. Adam shares Bones with Gene. That link you posted comes from a National Enquirer article where it shows Adam petting 2 dogs when he was filming CALSSYL last summer in NYC. Neither dog is his, though he obviously did lose Frankie earlier this year and then got Bones around his birthday.

  • Really

    @jake: Before you attempt to make a cheap shot and claim someone has an eating disorder, you might want to do a little research. People who suffer from Bulimia appear to be at a normal weight, and seeing as Behati is on the very skinny side, it does not apply to her so stop being ignorant.

  • who let the dog out?

    Adam is Bee’s dog now for sure haha

  • Rainy Day

    Lol notice how the guy is only holding the umbrella for Adam. Behati is getting wet.@Oh My GoDDDD I don’t think Anne V is even a factor anymore. People can genuinely see these two are not in love. Matching tattoos prove nothing. Most tattoos are just lessons learned. It’s also not about pleasing us. If we was in his social circle , they wouldn’t be together. Unlike his friends we aren’t manipulated by behati, we see straight through her.

  • Proof Finally!

    @Rainy Day: Amen!

  • Sunny

    @janet: What her and Ali did wasn’t “cheating”. If that is the case, then why aren’t you on Ali’s butt for cheating with Behati on James! That doesn’t seem to matter to you. And when did taking pictures with guys become cheating. I’m not a fan of hers and would willing come out and say she cheated if I had proof but you can’t claim to know she did something based on those pics. Period. I will say this to anyone no proof, no truth.

    @Proof Finally!: I agree, that article isn’t legit.

  • Geez Louise

    I love it when a gentleman holds an umbrella over the love of his life to shield her from the rain. To bad this is not a picture of that. I also have to imagine that Adam would be horrified if his little sister went into public with an outfit like that. If she was going for ‘high school prep girl slut’, then… Well done, Bee, you got there. Nice role model.

  • idiot

    Adam you look like an idiot dating a girl that dresses like a 17 yr old in high school. After this picture I’ve no doubt your on drugs -get help bro. I saw her pictures in Hawaii and is cheating, no man should allow his soon to be wife behave like a sl ut

  • african blood

    Did somebody say sugar daddy? Hey Bee he’s obviously crazy for you: take advantage and use him like a tam pon: make us proud girl

  • the psychic

    Im a psychic and this is what I see. Bee & Adam with a child – the baby is shittin around like a goose & Bee call the maid to take care of him while she smokes & Adam is on tour cheating on her *— what a lovely family & the poor kid will end up with divorced parents, messed up in the head like the mom & a dbag like the dad — ladies & gentlemen another Hollywood story

  • Truth

    Ah what a wonderful slut for the Jew she’ll be!

  • our queen bee

    Yo Bee’ how it feels to have Adam Levine begging / crying for you? Use that dbag before he uses you ‘” your the first girl that make him look like a real dog” your Queen Bee no doubt

  • johnny

    they are both ugly and dress awful

  • Mara

    On my days off, I like to dress casually, but I have enough pride that I don’t want to look like I just rolled out of bed or like a slob when I go out. It is amazing that she is NEVER decently dressed except for VS shows, events etc. I can’t believe after all the time she has been a model that she has not learned to dress herself. This coupled with her juvenile activity on social media just reaffirms that Adam is basically marrying a very immature teenager. However, I wish them well, and I don’t like to see people get divorced. Hopefully, he has thought long and hard about what he is doing, and they will be happy and work through all the challenges they will definitely face!!!

  • Kaspar

    They both look like they are on drugs. He’s never looked worse. She is gross.