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Angelina Jolie Goes Shopping with Zahara, Knox, & Vivienne!

Angelina Jolie Goes Shopping with Zahara, Knox, & Vivienne!

Angelina Jolie takes three of her children to the mall for some Labor Day shopping on Monday morning (September 2) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 38-year-old actress was joined by Zahara, 8, her 5-year-old son Knox, and another child who appears to possibly be Vivienne with a short haircut.

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Angie‘s fiance Brad Pitt was spotted over the weekend attending events during the 2013 Telluride Film Festival to support his new movie 12 Years a Slave.

Angelina just got back to work on her upcoming film Unbroken, which she is directing. Can’t wait until we get to see some footage!

UPDATE: It appears that this photo is actually old and only resurfaced today. The child identified as Vivienne, is Shiloh back when she had shorter hair.

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angelina jolie goes shopping with zahara knox vivienne 02
angelina jolie goes shopping with zahara knox vivienne 03

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  • busted

    Looks like they are enjoying the time. the pictures look like they were taken by people at the mall not the paps. the kids don’t seem to notice. That would not be the case if it was paps.

    I like how they are able to just do their thing without daily pics. the kids are growing so fast. It is a long time between pics of them.

  • The Angelina Effect

    My lucky day. Love Angelina and her family!!

  • Carolyn

    Beautiful family.

  • matt

    angie, zahara, knox, but that’s not Vivienne ! probably a friend …

  • K

    That’s not Vivi!!

  • an oldie

    OK, I think Viv was there holding hands with Zahara. Z’s pic was blurry, and only Viv’s hand was shown.

  • The Angelina Effect

    @K if that’s Shiloh than Knox will be very tall!!

  • busted

    @an oldie:

    Good eye.. that probably is Viv too. IT looks like a small hand.

  • Maya

    My fav Hollywood family..

  • hello

    It looks like Shi really lost her identity

  • Maya

    That’s not Shiloh you idiots. It’s another boy…Shiloh is a lot taller than that…

  • BP

    Angelina and her family look great!

  • Lia

    Hmmmm, I think these pics are old, Knox and Shi are bigger now.

  • anustin

    thank you,jared.and thank you BRANGELINAFORUM for the mall pix.

  • an oldie

    I think it’s Shi next to Knox. It’s just the angle of the lens, it makes her look smaller than Knox, but it is her.

  • jmho

    It’s Shiloh, things farther in the distance look smaller, lol!


    Lol, that’s Shiloh! Cutie pies, all!!
    I’ve never heard of this Charlie Hunan guy (re newly cast as 50, lol) I checked out his pics…while I get from some of his stills on Google that he probably gets told he looks like Brad Pitt a lot (he looks like he’s TRYING to look like Brad. Knit cap? Check. Facials hair, long blonde locks? Check), because after all, when people/media/press see a tall, built, lantern jawed hot sexy blonde guy THE ‘Brad Pitt’ is their goto. *(Sorry, balding short struggling actor & middleaged unknown Ted Bundy and suga mama-iston, no one knows you or cares…plus, you’re fug..and did I say bald?). Thing is, to me, Chris Hemsworth looks more like Brad than this guy – though he is handsome. He kind of looks like if Heath Ledger and Brad had a baby. Haha.
    I wish him and Dakota Johnson the best (always liked her Mom, and of course luuuuv’d Sonny Crockett back in the day, lol) – they have just stepped into a hurricane of media and constant press. good luck to them.
    I think it’s refreshing and SMART to go with total unknowns (like with Pattinson and Stewart), no preconceived notions, or baggage. I get tired if seeing the same old cast of overhyped characters in celeb media in everything (vanessa hudgens, selena gomez, amanda whatever, blah blah snore) They’re older, not teens or barely 20s, that’s a plus.
    For these actors, there’s no where to go but up…even if the movie sucks, and they’re terrible in it, just like Ted Bundeoux (Justin theroux) before he made a deal with Maniston’s hype machine and PR flack, any publicity is good publicity these days (whether a bad schlocky movie or the ‘fiance’ of a no-talent tabloid queen/tv shittcom hack…they’ll be famous, and you can’t get unfamous) – that’s currency these days.

  • laura

    It’s Shiloh, you can see that she’s much taller than Knox!

  • naturegirl

    My Lady

  • hopeso

    Yesterday they show her back to work, today she is out W/fam. for some fun.

    Love the Jolie-Pitt.

  • Bambi

    Our flight from LAX to London in first class was very pleasant. I’ll never go coach again! LOL It’s just great to be back in England in my very own flat for a while. Brad is already very busy on his Fury project. He will of course be dropping in often in the evenings to unwind, if you know what I mean.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I don’t get why some people can tell the difference between Shi and Vivienne. That’s Shi, Knox and Z. Shi, Knox and Vivienne might look alike but Shi is the talk one between the 3.

    Anyway, glad to see the kids and Angie are out. I miss them

  • gia74

    YEAH these look like old pics.. Looking at the cloths and such too. Still cute kids.

  • Shi’s Barber

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  • Old Pics?

    These pic look like from 2012 jan feb the people in the background have on coats what is the weather in LA now?

  • Dawne

    That does not look like Shi………..I recognize Zee and Knox but not the other child………not Shi’s features.

  • aw

    What better way is there to celebrate Labor Day than than making others labor.

  • Old Pics?

    Does Angie have her ring? These pics look like jan 2012 what does everyone else think

  • Passing Through

    Are we having VivienneGate? Sorta look like her to me but a little too tall. Can you just imagine if Viv got her hair cut short? The girly girl copying big sister Shiloh? Ruh roh…that’d bind up the “Shiloh’s-going-to-be-a-lezzy-because-she’s-got-short-hair-and-wears-boy’s-clothes” trolls’ bowels, that’s for sure.

  • an oldie

    @Old Pics?:

    You could be right about these being old pics. It’s really, really hot in Southern Cali right now.

  • cee

    Old pic.

  • Passing Through

    # 232 an oldie @ 09/02/2013 at 3:15 pm
    Wonder where miss Viv is. Too cool for summer camp? LOL.
    Probably more like Summer Camp was too hot outside for Viv…

  • the ring

    My dear bambi enjoys London, kisses to pitty……no married today brangelina?

  • umm

    I don’t think they are new pics. 1. No tweets of Angie sighting at the mall today. 2. The clothes kids and people in the background are wearing don’t look right for LA. 3. Shiloh should be older and taller than in the pics.

  • an opinion

    @an oldie: I was wondering why those people in LA had on coats and I live on the east coast and it is crazy warm. You all maybe right.


    If these are indeed old pics, why would jared pass them off as pics taken today???? Maybe he was duped. Which comes as no surprise, really, seeing as how he is bought hook line and sinker into the huvane version of reality lol

  • Tweet

    Alexander Bond ‏@TheAlexBond 7h
    Apparently Brad Pitt was in bovingdon fish and chips. Doing some filming on the airfield.

  • Rose

    @Passing Through: Hi PT, I don’t believe Viv would allow anyone to cut her hair short or wear that orange jacket. That girl, IMO, is very particular with what she wears. Remember her on the slide and before she slide down, she fixed her dress. Then at the airport in NO she held her hair so the helicopter rotator breeze did not mess up her hair? Can’t see her with short hair, jmo.
    Remember when Angie said Shi begged to have her hair cut short and she did not want to see her crying over having long hair? I believe Viv
    likes her hair long and they would not cut her hair unless she wanted it. I
    don’t think that Viv.

  • Dawne

    Unless there is a barber in Office Depot……….likely not Viv…….these are old pics.

  • http://justjared zce

    Thank you for the nice pictures GOD BLEE THE JOLIE-PITTS. Everyone have a wonderful LABOR DAY!!!!!

  • Old Pics?

    Because he wants the trolls to chastise Angelina for cutting Shilohs hair.

  • Old Pics?

    How come Jared won’t post the new pics with the kids on the bicycle yet he’s posting pics from 2012

  • gia74


    NO YOU’RE THE IDIOT and a DUMBASS to boot. That is Shiloh.. 2 years ago..

    now asswhip go kiss your own as*.. you should think and look before posting.

  • QQQQ

    To be fair the pic was first posted at gossipcenter and it was released by the photo agency. So we really can’t blame JJ for this.

  • lucy

    Of course these are old pics. look at everyone dressed in long sleeves and coats. hello…it’s Labor Day, and it’s hot everywhere.

  • lucy

    @QQQQ: And we know JJ is not into PAYING for JP pics, they’re expensive.

  • QQQQ

    Old Pics? @ 09/02/2013 at 7:03 pm
    The bicycle pics are from X17 photo agency. As been mentioned before, JJ doesn’t seem to have an account with them, the he rarely post any of their pics. Also, he is NOT allowed to post pics without PAYING for them.

  • Passing Through

    4Q & Premalee -
    You guys watching Roger sucking all over the place and losing to Tommy Robredo of all people? Down 2 sets to love? Really? I am about to slap the snot out of him. This is exactly why some critics thing he needs to retire. He played the same way about Berdych last year in the quarters. Now he has to go 5 if he wants to win…and I’m beginning to question exactly how badly he wants to win so he doesn’t have to play BDB in the next round…

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Isn’t that a picture of Shiloh and Knox? I do not see Vivienne in the pictures. Looks like Shiloh got her hair cut again.