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Charlie Hunnam & Dakota Johnson Have 'Incredible Chemistry'!

Charlie Hunnam & Dakota Johnson Have 'Incredible Chemistry'!

Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson have landed the coveted lead roles in the Fifty Shades of Grey film adaptation and now the movie’s producer has spoken out on why they were cast!

“Auditions were stunning, incredible chemistry!” producer Michael De Luca tweeted to a fan who sent him a message of excitement about the casting.

Charlie will be playing the role of Christian Grey while Dakota will be taking on Anastasia Steele. The characters start a relationship that revolves around S&M sex.

According to The Wrap, the audition process required the couple to do a “chemistry read” where they did a scene on video to convince the executives that they had the right amount of heat. Guess that audition went well!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson starring in Fifty Shades of Grey?

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  • Arrow 12

    Let’s give them a chance before everyone starts bashing them. I know they don’t have the right look now, but maybe with a little movie magic it might not be so bad.

  • Verity

    No matter how many stories you put out there about them and their “chemistry”, it does not hide the fact that they are wrong for the parts. #FLOP

  • Lizette

    So do probably other 2 people.

  • Jessy

    All the other actors refused the part and here we are. Bomb

  • lala


  • Ruth

    Let’s hope that the film is more interesting than the book which is an absolute bore!


    are there rumors of them dating yet…I’m sure that will be next

  • Gosh

    Brace yourselves people out there, cause it will probably be every single day that we will hear about this horrible cast…

  • Paule

    The Girl is okay but that dude? Seriously? He’s not even pretty :(

  • http://- Kate

    @Arrow 12: I completely agree with what you said!

  • karl

    wth are they allready making excuses for the casting… lol

  • Gerd

    The book was godawful and truly boring, so who the f… cares. That being said Dakota Johnson is an inspiring choice for the lead…she’s can at least act and she’s got personality. And those who thought any of Hollywoods established stars would be part of this possible bomb fire without a star director attached to direct must have been crazy.

  • soy

    i love how all the butthurt women are bittching about how their dream-man character doesn’t look like what they imagined

  • Danielle

    No way does Hunnan look like Gray. And Dakota Johnson can’t act.

  • Sophie

    Dakota looked better with her natural blond hair.

  • Raquel


  • leelee

    Dating rumors in 3, 2, 1….

  • lexy hates bilson

    Oh God! This is career suicide for these 2!! This movie is going to be a flop! These 2 are good actors – shame they’d take these stupid roles!!

  • Loki

    I would wish for better then this for Charlie Hunnam. He’s very talented, but the whole thing just sounds like poison for a serious actor, which he is.

  • LynnR

    He looks kind of old for the role. She doesn’t seem to fit. Guess we will see next year how it turns out.

  • Lulani

    Charlie seriously really!?!?
    After all those years of carefully picking your roles?! Really!?
    I have to admit though i will see it even if its shite just for Charlie lol
    But I’m a bit disappointed that he’s getting involved with this project
    I just hope that its been seriously changed up and is better than what ive heard about the books lol
    The girl Anastasia looks terribly old for her age and with regards to the dating rumours,people charlie has a girlfriend who he’s been with for about 6 years now.

  • BettyJ

    Charlie Hunnam is a very talented actor and if you have watched or watch Sons Of Anarchy or seen Pacific Rim you know that. Not to mention he’s so handsome and has a terrific body. Love sexy eye candy Charlie and he is a great pick for the part.


    Not too interested in the movie now. This couple isn’t that exciting or tempting to see on the big screen. Someone said that we would be disappointed. Guess that was true.

  • Lauren

    Never heard of either one of them, but his eyes are really close together. He doesn’t look anything like how Christian Grey was described.

  • Shelly

    Books were god awful but I will see the movie like everyone else lol

  • Aimee

    Same backlash when Twilight cast was first announced.

    Charlie is an amazing actor and seems like a lovely guy! So glad he got the part! Check out Pacific Rim; he was awesome in it.

    Look him up in his other roles. He is actually pretty cookie cutter good looking; just has to look a bit rough for SOA.

  • mimi

    He’s not good looking and his eyes are really close together. He comes across as greasy, dumb and thuggish, which to me, at least, is a real turnoff. I know nothing about her at all, but am not impressed by the photos.

  • manoush

    Here we go with the usual “he doesn’t fit the role” and “she can’t act”. People have been proved wrong may times in the past with different performances that turned out to be great (heath ledger’s joker, maguire’s spiderman, anne hathaway’s catwoman,…)

    I’m starting to believe that people not agreeing with the casting is actually a good thing for a movie

  • hmmm

    I LOVE Charlie Hunnam!!! Although I don’t picture him as Christian Grey people need to realize he is trying to break out into the movie world, SOA only has this season and then 1 more and it’s a wrap. It is time for him to open the doors to other things and this movie role is for sure the way to do it! And really the dude is hot and can act, he will bring the acting skills that will help this movie!!

  • Derek117

    After teasing and inviting suggestions from the public on casting–then selecting these two unsatisfying choices indicates that the film’s producers were never serious about finding a “dream cast.” Rather, the producers are looking for a couple of Newbies that they can get cheap–and attempt to shove down the throats of the ticket buying public. I still believe the fan-produced Dream Cast (now available on YouTube) with Matt Bomer & Lyndsy Fonseca in the lead roles is far, far, far superior to the Johnson/Hunnam choices. I predict a huge failure with this film–with limited turnout by fans of the book because of this casting turnoff.

  • hmmm

    Also you need to remember Anastasia isn’t some beautiful chic in the books, she’s mediocre. I think this is a good cast.

  • charlotte crowder

    You lost me for sure. Not going to the movie. These two look nothing like Christian and Ana as described in the books!!! Reading other blogs everyone seems to be in agreement.NO TO THESE CHOICES!!! I’ll keep that 25.00$ in my pocket!!!

  • The Truth

    Some of you people need to get your eyes check. Charlie Hunnam is a good looking guy. Look for pictures of him without the Son of Anarchy biker look and you’ll know what I mean. As for the character description all he needs is a good dye job. (Sofia Vergara and Emma Stone anybody? You know there both natural blonds right?) Add in some contacts and let people see his amazing body and bam there’s your Christian Grey.

  • Amy


    Honestly they could have gone with unknowns as long as:

    a) they were good actors

    b) they fit the description of the characters in the book

  • Afri2008

    @Arrow 12: Charlie will be great as Christian. He is hot as hell and has powerful screen presence. Dakota needs to be given a chance. She has it in her genes. Lets not forget the director Sam Taylor- Johnson snagged the incredibly fine Aaron Taylor- Johnson, so knows a thing or two about chemistry herself. Happily going to see it.

  • Unknown

    @Afri2008: lol at the sam snagging aaron. I agree. The woman knows her men ;) what I just don’t like about Charlie is his mole cause its huge. I hope it’ll be removed like surgically not just make-up. He also looks too ragged chris hemsworth/heath ledger type (even w/ short hair and beardless) and not the dark sexy hugo boss look I was picturing. The girl’s meh but so far her acting idk. She was totally invisible and forgettable in 21JS and The Social Network. I had to youtube her part in those movies. Girl probably got the part cause the producers of this film are the same producers of the social network. They must’ve really seen something in her.

  • Afri2008

    @Unknown: To the naysayers the proof will be in the pudding. Charlie will clean up very well. He already has brooding and tormented down. Big ass mole? Never noticed, always too distracted by his sheer hotness. Dakota can play awkward klutz and vulnerable like a champ. Will give her the benefit of the doubt here to show more range. Nine and a 1/2 weeks had similar themes and worked well as a movie. Naysayers give it a chance whydontcha?

  • Cee

    I’m a HUGE sons of Anarchy AND Fifty fan. Charlie ‘s going to be awesome as Christian, hands down. He even has the scary angry face to prove it. Everyone is freaking out about this cast but you’re all forgetting ELJ had a huge part in the casting. She made Christian. I| trust her. Let’s give them a chance.

  • Afri2008

    @Cee: What Cee said!!!!

  • Daniel

    bad choice, bad casting, disappointment ….

  • Unknown

    My dream cast have always been henry cavill and emilia clarke. They just drip sexiness. I know it’s impossible cause they’re superman and khaleesi but they’re always the people I picture as christian and ana.

  • ggfan


  • Afri2008

    Oh! Give it a chance, people!

  • Blackplanetmobi

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  • 55vineyard

    Sorry could not read more than 4 pages of this book, but best of luck to the fans.

  • axle

    Why is it that you’re all looking for acting chops for these 2 leads – they wont need it when they’re just doing a p0rn film.

    And well they passed on Alexis Bledel probably she’s bit old for the part being 32 yet would look efforlessly some twenty-ish to this 23 year old Dakota who already looks a 32 year old huh?!

  • Oh God…

    I’m warming up to Charlie, but there is nothing they can do to make me feel differently about Dakota for Ana. She isn’t even pretty and I know Ana isn’t super gorgeous, but she IS pretty and is petite, dainty and delicate, with big eyes and pretty features. Dakota is the opposite. She is tall, and doesn’t have assets, and looks older than her own age. I don’t understand this casting at all. It seem they only went by chemistry, and nothing else. I know that’s very important but I don’t know what makes them think that alone will make the fans happy. We do after all determine the success of this film, and not appealing to us is a bad move. Yes we couldn’t all have our favs cast but had they actually casted actors that embodied the physical characteristics I think we all would be a bit happier and more accepting. I’m sticking to the books. No movie for me.

  • Lauren

    @Unknown: And they will always be who I picture because I am not seeing this film with this atrocious cast.

  • Rose

    So disappointed that Charlie Hunnam has accepted this role. Come on! the book is cr*p! and the producer of this sh*t thinks is Shakepeare lol

  • Stephanie

    Love that Matt Bomer trended number 3 world wide today for a considerable time and these two, not so much….LOL