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Charlie Hunnam: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' as Christian Grey!!!

Charlie Hunnam: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' as Christian Grey!!!

Charlie Hunnam has officially landed the role of Christian Grey in the highly anticipated movie Fifty Shades of Grey!

The news was confirmed by E.L. James, the author of the book series.

“The gorgeous and talented Charlie Hunnam will be Christian Grey in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey,” E.L. wrote on Twitter.

It was announced just minutes beforehand that Dakota Johnson will be playing the role of Anastasia Steele in the film, based on the bestselling book series.

The film follows Anastasia, a young college graduate who has a sexual awakening with Christian Grey, a young businessman who introduces her into S&M.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Charlie Hunnam joining Fifty Shades of Grey?

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# 1
Proudofzacnessa @ 09/02/2013 at 12:04 pm


# 2

da hell? well its a weird book with a weird cast

# 3

ahhh? wtf?? the cast is just horrible :/

# 4


# 5

he looks like Aaron Johnson…LOL!!!!! Gong!!!

# 6

Charlie is far too good for this crap. He can do way better.

# 7

He is so hot why did he have to agree to this crap :(

# 8


# 9


Is this a joke? He’s fugly!

People need to stop complaining, no one cares if you like them or not. It all depends on the chemistry between the two. Wait till the movie comes out to judge.

i get dakota being in this but charlie is too good for this.

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! Some things just need to left on the pages and not on the big screen.

Bye Bye 50 shades…. :(

I totally love Charlie and I really hoped he would pass this over… this movie will be crap :(

damn i dreamed it would be henry cavill, charlie is hot and all, but, no just no. doesnt feel right

Thank you, Charlie Hunnam, for throwing yourself on this grenade so that I wouldn’t have to hate Chris Hemsworth as a person for taking such a horrible role.

*crickets* @ 09/02/2013 at 12:28 pm

career suicide.
the female lead’s an unattractive nobody but this guy had promise.

Felicity Jones would have been Perfect but seems like she does have a class and wouldn’t want to be remember as Bondaged Girl… Sorry but Dakota Johnsson is Ugly NOT pretty at all.
Charlie Hunnam is a good actor but not Exceptionally Handsome as Christian Grey was suppose to be… its like Everyone Alist or soon to be Alist said NO and they had to adjust with Blist stars .. No offense Charlie you’re still better than Dakota Johnson.

Don’t like this casting at all

Charlie is so hoooooooooooooot. I would watch only for him :)

I love Charlie but I can’t picture it … I’m still gonna watch it though.

Thanks but no thanks…

worst casting evah! @ 09/02/2013 at 12:43 pm

who are these people no one will pay to see virtual unknowns in this movie. He looks like some typical bleach blonde dude from Cali and she is the daughter of Meanie Griffith what else has she done.

this movie will go straight to DVD or leaked online

at this point they should have paid Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson a truckload of money to do this movie, which is who fans of this book imagined in the roles anyway.

Charlie has always been second Heath Ledger. I loved him in Nicholas Nickelby.

what the heck is he thinking? this is a terrible career move – nobody will ever take him seriously again. From Sons of Anarchy to this! noooooo…

haha as expected no decent actor in Hollywood wanted anythign to do with this crap.

HAHAHAHAHA! I cant believe this ****** book is being made into a movie

I would have loved to have seen Rob and Kristen do this movie. But let’s face it we would have seen only NC17 Edward and Bella that way.
Just remember how everyone HATED the idea of Rob being cast as Edward, and now look at how many (crazy, obsessive) fans he’s got! Godd luck, Charlie!

nasus1999 @ 09/02/2013 at 1:00 pm

I can understand so people thinking that Charlie is too good for this movie but I am guessing that those are the same people who are against the book in the first place. A lot of “A” list actors were named for this role and I kept thinking noooo they will be so bad, but Charlie is the first person that was mentioned that I could actually seeing being a good Christian. If you don’t believe me watch an episode of SOA. He is amazing.

Currently watching SOA and was just thinking about how gorgeous he is and wondering why he doesn’t act in more stuff. I’m not a fan of 50 Shades but am willing to watch it if it means I get to see more Charlie

still hoping that this is a hoax… who in their right mind would even want to be part of this piece of **** movie?!

Thanks for the “wonderful” casting… I wont watch it becasue of it, I think they should stop this project anyway, cause nobody wont buy a cinematicket… seriously?? Hunnam?? and the girl.,.who knows her??
worst casting ever..
Bomer& Bleder
or Somerhalder&Clarke
they should play these rolls.
Dear director & writer!
Why dont you check fan forums, or fanvideos on the internet??

@: So to try and win your lawsuit, you come and ***** about it on JJ? :lmao: Okie dokie.

As for this movie, I’ve heard the book is crap but some people were kind of looking forward to a hot guy and the sex stuff. But with this casting, I guess they want a crappy movie, huh? :lol: Alrighty then.

RIP Charlie Hunnam’s acting career

This is nothing more than a big budget HW porn film.


perfect for americans

No offense to the acting talent of these people but visually just NO!
So disappointed.


He’s not attractive enough to play CG. Big fail :(

Allie ~ AKA Mrs. Jax Teller @ 09/02/2013 at 1:44 pm

Guess I’ll watch this movie after all. Charlie is the only one that can make this movie good. He can play anything.

LMAO! He’s very uncharismatic on the big screen which is weird because he is great on TV

Funny thing is in interviews he always talks about only wanting to make quality movies but I guess they waved enough $$$ in front of this nose after their first 10 choices turned it down and he said yes to this soon to be fail of a movie.


I just can say…. WHY!!!! WHY!!!! WTH was E.L James thinking!!!!

I mean, yes he is hot, but not what we expected…we had in our minds the perfect gentleman, and they just blow it away, what a disappointment!

Pheeww….. i am sooooooooo relieved that Henry Cavill won’t be playing in this piece of @#$$ . It would be the end of his carrier. But Charlie is a good actor and promising… what the hell was he thinking taking part is this? He must needed the money really bad! From Nicholas Nickelby to 50 Shades of Grey? Going downhill all the way…. :(

Two blonds? This is a mistake. Charlie Humman is good playing lovable tough guy on tv but can he play Richard Gere meets Mr Big? I don’t think so.
This film will not be a big budget movie. I say no more than 15 mill.

*acting career…. sheesh…. i am so upset with Charlie that i don’t pay attention to my grammar…i apologize

Matt Bomer is trending worldwide on Twitter for 30 minutes now, and Charlie hasn’t even for 1 seconds…so I guess the fans don’t approve at all with this choice.

LOL, NO, thanks but HELL NO.

WTF? Dakota Johnson? Worst casting EVER!

I love Charlie but no way he looks the part!

Emilia Clarke and Matt Boomer should have been cast.

OMG at fans on twitter now campaigning for Bomer. Maybe Matt Bomer didn’t want the role? The whole thing is career suicide imo.. Smart move by him because it looks like the movie could become a mess. Its taken them more than a year to cast people… bad sign?
I feel bad for Charlie though if this movie really does get made and flops hard. I loved him in Pacific Rim.

I remember: Nobody wanted Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen! And then what happend? Rest of the story is history. So keep calm and wait for the finish movie.

He surely looks porno!

I love Charlie, so this works for me. And whose the blonde chick? Can’t possibly be Ana!

He will be FABULOUS!

Roberta Tatarin @ 09/02/2013 at 2:30 pm

Matt Bomer is my Christian Grey!!!

he’s hot

she’s not

As I recall, the twihards were outraged at the Twi casting of Rob Pattinson, calling him ugly and all sorts of foul names (ditto the Bella casting), and of course Pattinson and Stewart went on to become the biggest most famous actors in the world second to only Brangelina, and the movie made BILLIONS. Congrats Charlie and Dakota, I’m sure this is the start of a wonderful career in film.

Dakota Johnson was in The Social Network for about a minute opposite Timberlake. She was in underwear. Lots of guys noticed. I have a feeling she is not getting the role because of her acting.
I mean really this book is terrible. Mostly it’s a hit because of the soft porn.

She describes Christian grey like a matt bomer,ian somerhalder or hendry cavill, and cast the total opposite..what an idiot!

@ken: Actually he should have taken the role if offered. An opening gay guy acting in this movie would have been great step for the movie industry. Especially if the movie is a major success.

what’s that??????? a joke? because this movie will be a crap. change your cast now !!!! isn’t too late

NO NO NO NO!!!! Christian is Jensen Ackles… since he didn’t have any interest, it should’ve gone to Henry Cavill or Ian Somerhalder. This guy is NOT hot! And as for ‘Dakota Johnson’, never even heard of her!!

I mean visually those 2 dont look like Christian Grey and Anasstasia Steele. There should have picked others visually.

But my guess is that known actors did not want ot be associated with doing that film anyway and perhaps the producers had to look somewhere else an actor not so unknown so with this movie it will launch his career more. As for the lady who will play Anastassia Steele, mayne it was the same business deal, a not so known actress and with this movie it will help her career more but to be honest I havent seen this lady in any movie. In what movies she has been??

I dont see the guy that kinky to play Christian Grey, he does not have that erotic sensual behavior or look to play that role. There are other actors who oozes sensuality and erotism those (Ian, Henry, Matt or any other with that paricular feature) should had played the role.

This Charlie is handsome sure but it lacks something to play Christian Grey. I hope he can give us a surprise and play the role very well as so does the girl otherwise the movie will go down hill.

This casting is a joke. I haven’t read the books but I’ve heard enough about them online and they don’t look like how the characters are described in them.

Also I thought they might make a decent screenplay from this series, something similar to Secretary, but considering who they’ve cast I guess they just want it to be a straight to dvd movie.

Ana Steele @ 09/02/2013 at 3:32 pm

@Nics: I love me some Charlie Hunnam but he’s too adorable and likeable for the role. Maybe Henry or Jensen, but no Ian Somerhalder for sure. It would be disaster, totally ridiculous. He’s not manly enough and he’s quite short. But of course if they made 50 shades about dwarfs ;)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ 09/02/2013 at 3:45 pm

Dakota is ok, but this guy as CG???!!!! GRRRR NOOOOOO it should have been Henry Cavill *sobs*

Doppelganger @ 09/02/2013 at 3:46 pm

Does anyone know exactly how true to the book the movie adaptation is going to be? If the movie follows through with the book in terms of imagery and sex scenes, I can see it getting an NC-17 rating, thus turning many other actors and actresses off by it.

NOOO CHARLIE WHY what was he thinking smh

E.L James stated she wanted RPutz. Again he’s turned down by another woman. Best you should you never wanted that part, even though you invited her to your home and partied with her. Lol so embarrassing.

I remember him from QAF.

Didn’t like the books…won’t watch the movie…feel sorry for the actors as this could be a career killer. Maybe they will get smart and reconsider.

yawn who cares?????????/

funny that ian somerhalder was really wanting this role, but apparently he wasn’t even a consideration haha

He needs to darken his hair to be believable in the part he is playing. Just sayin’ :)

Love, Charlie. Now, I’ll watch the movie.

This casting sucks. The movie is not going to live up to the hype. Dakota Johnson is not even close to Ana’s character. Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey. REALLY. They may have great chemistry however that does not mean they are the right for the part. WHAT THE HELL! Thanks but no Thanks.


He didn’t want it; his fans wanted him to be in it.

The director husband would have even been a better choice as Christian Grey. Who is the casting Director. DUMB casting decision.

Is this gonna be a Tv movie?

I want to vomit.

Why?WHY? WHY him?? Charlie Hunnam?????
The nice and right choice is Henry Cavill or Matt Bomer.

Charlie seriously really!?!?
After all those years of carefully picking your roles?! Really!?
I have to admit though i will see it even if its shite just for Charlie lol
But I’m a bit disappointed that he’s getting involved with this project
I just hope that its been seriously changed up and is better than what ive heard about the books lol

I think it’s a major downgrade for him, but they guy can definitely play smouldering. Hope this doesn’t derail his career.

Excuse me, but you haters are missing the point.

50 Shades is a guaranteed profit-maker (won’t go so far as to say blockbuster just yet) simply because of the books’ status.

Charlie is gorgeous! He roughs it up for SOA but omg, check out pacific rim, he is SOOO cute! Very modest and funny too.

These films will make these two actors into stars to watch. And provide a nice paypacket too!.

OMG – so wrong!

It was said it was their chemistry that got them the parts! I think it will be interesting and maybe pretty good. They look like they could carry the parts. The books are not just porn, but their relationship, so can be a good movie.

God this is insane. Christian is supposed to be beautiful. Is Charlie getting reconstructive surgery before the role….??? I hope so. He is unattractive.:( I am so miserable. My Holiday destroyed.

Why Charlie? Why? D:

@Rose: couldn’t have agreed with you more… he is wayyy too good for this

DON’T LIKE THE CAST AT ALL. I also thought we should wait for the chemistry etc but the look just doesn’t work for me. We already had CG and Ana summed up in our heads and the guy from Vampire Diaries works perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope they cast Elena properly!!!! Angelina Jolie can play that role coz Sharon Stone is old now.

I DON’T LIKE THE CAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


come and download it I am watching the movie in my notebook rigth know.

I bet it will be on Netflix within the first month it’s release since it’s bound to be a flop without the right actor for the part of Christian. They put out a great video preview with Henry Cavill and then didn’t hire him.

he’s too old, too round, too fat to be christian. he even has no neck.
the girl is also not so innocent, too old. it starts with a big failure. cannot imagine how the movie will be like

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