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Dakota Johnson: Anastasia Steele in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie!

Dakota Johnson: Anastasia Steele in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie!

UPDATE: The role of Christian Grey has officially been cast – find out who is playing the leading man!

Dakota Johnson has landed the coveted role of Anastasia Steele in the upcoming movie Fifty Shades of Grey!

The news was confirmed by E.L. James, the author of the book series.

“I am delighted to let you know that the lovely Dakota Johnson has agreed to be our Anastasia in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey,” E.L. tweeted.

The film follows Anastasia, a young college graduate who has a sexual awakening with Christian Grey, a young businessman who introduces her into S&M. The role of Christian has yet to be cast, but recent rumors point to Charlie Hunnam landing the role, according to Deadline.

Fifty Shades of Grey, which will be directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and produced by Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti, will hit theaters on August 1, 2014.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Dakota Johnson joining Fifty Shades of Grey?

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  • http://- Kate

    OMG! Finally! Some news!

  • lala

    mmm she looks a bit old :/

  • Jenny

    Who cares about this stupid thing anyway.

  • kitty

    haha i knew that Minka kelly’s casting rumours was a JOKE. Dakota will be great!

  • dee

    she is ugly

  • Tara

    Wow, Don Johnson & Melanie Griffith’s daughter is all grown up now! I remember seeing pics of her as a little girl…

  • Hallie


    she’s only 23(24 next month) but I agree this photo makes her look older, could be the dark hair?

  • Tara

    The only movie I’ve seen her in was in The Social Network, she was the blonde chick who slept with Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake) Just a small role

  • Is this a joke?


  • lala

    @Hallie: but we have to see her with dark hair for the role right? O.o

  • pika

    in this pic it looks like she has a long forehead

  • Emma

    Boy oh boy…nepotism left and right…but I guess only a lousy “actress” would agree to play that dumb character…

  • cute

    She looks cute and all, but anyone that will work on that movie will not considered for serious characters after this

  • *crickets*

    not my idea of attractive but beauty in the eye of the beholder, i suppose. not that i will watch this movie anyway so yep, an unattractive actress isn’t going to entice me either. they’ll probably choose an unattractive male as well if the female lead is any indication to go by. so who wants to see two unattractive people playing dungeon keeper? lonely, frustrated women?
    who are all these readers making the books such bestsellers? i don’t know a single person in my social contact who has read any of these books.

  • Cate

    LMAO! How she can have ‘landed the role’ when no good or established actress wanted it? Only desperate D-Listers and below ‘covet the role. Every actress with any sort of career or credibilty has passed on this rubbish!

  • Dd

    Yeah she looks like her, Now they need to choose Christian

  • Dd

    Yeah she looks like her, Now they need to choose Christian

  • It’s gonna be a crappy movie

    This is horrible! I bet Christian is going to be just as awful. It’s quite telling that 50 Shades couldn’t land a major name for Anastasia and isn’t likely to land one for it’s male lead either.

  • Cassie

    So disappointing! She looks too old and NOTHING like EL James described Anastasia, AT ALL. She also looks older than her own age, wtf! Wow…just wow.

  • *crickets*

    so…. i thought that was just a bad picture and googled her. nope. couldn’t find a single good picture. she looks worse blonde. some of the pictures of her reminds me of ricki lake; her chin/jawline.

  • JIM


  • Cassie

    @GFW: She doesn’t look the part at all. Ana is described as petite, slender, BIG eyes, delicate and pretty features, has BOOBS, but a very delicate frame. This girl is the complete opposite of Ana in a lot of ways. Charlie is Christian, btw.

  • GFW

    She looks the part. And has most likely passed some sort of audition, by doing only God knows what, but I’m glad it isn’t someone we “know” already.
    Isn’t the dude (Charlie Hunnam) a tad old for the part? Keep looking. Their age difference are not that far apart.
    Maybe because of its, ah, exposure, (pun intended) needed for any auditions and for the role making it could be a hard role to fill? Frankly, If you ask me, the director’s husband would make an incredibly excellent choice, and age-appropriate, but that might be, well, uncomfortable to direct. I get it.

  • What in the actual HELL

    This is all kinds of BAD! Dakota Johnson??? Ew. She isn’t even pretty, looks old, and doesn’t look like Anastasia Steele.

  • nicann

    People need to stop complaining, i think she is a great choice after looking up interviews she has done. She fits ana perfect!

  • So what

    If this is the best they can do with casting the lead then this is going to be an epic mess. Look, no A-list, B-list or even a C-lister in their right mind would take on this project. The book is actually quite bad and can just imagine the script will worse.

  • Niki

    Noooooo! I wanted Alexis, this girl is not Anastasia!!!

  • Lizette

    Yuck her mousy voice will annoy me.

  • SaadGKhan

    Felicity Jones would have been Perfect but seems like she does have a class and wouldn’t want to be remember as Bondaged Girl… Sorry but Dakota Johnsson is Ugly NOT pretty at all.
    Charlie Hunnam is a good actor but not Exceptionally Handsome as Christian Grey was suppose to be… its like Everyone Alist or soon to be Alist said NO and they had to adjust with Blist stars .. No offense Charlie you’re still better than Dakota Johnson.

  • cleo


    that’s all

  • Cool

    She was in 21 Jumpstreet.

  • mots

    What a shame

  • Lovely

    So they are actually going to make a film out of that trashy book….it will be the first big budget porno film from HW.


    we’re gonna see her pussboobsbum :)

  • Missy

    I am beyond disappointed. This has nothing to do with her as an actress for me its about the look first. She is sooooooooo wrong fro this part. I’m not even excited about this movie. The actor who is casted as Christian I am fine with I think hes perfect but her wtf! Were they high on crack when they chose he for the part!!!! Honestly I hope the casting director, producers and studio see how upset, confused, and against most people are about them choosing her to be Anastasia Steel and recast ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LiiL


    not at all!
    She is too old, and right not so ugly, but Anastasia is a real beauty, with big innocent eyes, Alexis Bledel, maybe she is older than this girl, But shw would be the perfectly choice.
    biggest disappointing in this year.

  • WTF

    I’m so so mad!!!!!!!!!!!! Matt Bomer is the perfect Christian Grey, I’m so mad Charlie got the role! He doesn’t look like Christian at all! And Dakota Johnson looks so old and she’s not petite, and cute, and pretty and she doesn’t look like Ana AT ALL! She’s so not like in the books, I’m so disappointed.

  • So what

    @WTF: Bomer was probably never considered for the part because he is an openly gay male. HW is a very gay-friendly place until it comes time to cast a leading man especially with a project that is so heavily based on hetero sex. If the big wigs think that even one person would be turned away because the chemistry between the leads are not credible they will put the brakes on. HW is a very hypocritical town. Bullsh*t walks but money always talks.

  • sarah

    I’ve read on a forum that she was a drug addict? she surely has meth-teeth, so it wouldn’t surprise me. So Christian is a hobbo and Anasthasia a junkie, they’re really trying their best to ruin my fantasy, don’t they?

  • Besides

    And you are ugly on the inside.


    Congrats Dakota. Let the haters hate, it’s all they’ve got. Best wishes. I know you’re as talented as your beautiful Oscar nom’d Mother and Dad – you’ll be terrific, have fun!

  • Ale

    Poor Choice! She looks so old and nothing like Ana Steele!

  • BookAddict

    Such a disappointment! What were they thinking? These actors look nothing like the specific descriptions the author described in the books. There was so much emphasis on their looks. Alexandra Daddario exactly resembles Ana, and Matt Bomer or Henry Cavill resembled Christian. I guess no established actor would take the roles, so they settled for the bottom of the barrel. Although, I like Charlie Hunnam. He is Caleb, not Christian. Why wouldn’t they listen to the fans? I will just wait the movie to be on DVD.

  • Marilyn Taylor

    She is too old looking and not nearly innocent looking enough. Not a good choice!

  • Amy

    This casting is a joke. I haven’t read the books but I’ve heard enough about them online and they don’t look like how the characters are described in them.

    Also I thought they might make a decent screenplay from this series, something similar to Secretary, but considering who they’ve cast I guess they just want it to be a straight to dvd movie.

  • Lucy

    @Cassie: Exactly what I think, both picks are the exact opposite of how they were described in Fifty Shades. Dakota Johnson looks much older and much more confident, where as she is supposed to be so young and naive.

  • nicole

    Felicity Jone or Alexis would have fit this role perfectly! Not sure how she was casted?

  • alice

    I want to vomit.

  • alice

    @Ale: Exactly!!

  • maya

    bad bad bad bad choice she looks older than him and HE HAS NOOO CHARISMA ………………….I SEEEE no chemistry at allll BAD CASTING and is also like a ZILION MLES away from fans taste AWFULL ..looks like this wil look more a PORN movie than what it shouldd be CASTIG in this case IS HUGELY iMPORTANT WR>ONG CAST .IS FLOP

    The girl is tooo old looking and the man has artificial body ..Like a waLKING STEROid addd