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Dianna Agron Steps Out with New Boyfriend Nick Mathers

Dianna Agron Steps Out with New Boyfriend Nick Mathers

Dianna Agron and her new boyfriend Nick Mathers hold hands while going for a stroll through the city streets on Thursday (August 29) in New York City.

The 27-year-old actress has been in New York doing press for her new movie The Family, out in theaters on September 13.

“It’s pretty new, but it’s serious,” a source told Us Weekly. “Nick is amazing, from Australia. [He's an] incredible designer [and has] great restaurants like Ruby’s Burgers in Australia and NYC, Goldie’s and Eveleigh here [in NYC]. He’s a really super sweet, lovely guy.”

DO YOU THINK Dianna Agron and Nick Mathers make a cute couple?

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Credit: Josiah Kamau; Photos: Buzz Foto/Film Magic
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  • thejournalist
  • phoebe

    My god, this woman changes boyfriends even faster than Taylor Swift!! I’ve never heard about her break up with previous boyfriend and now the new one?! It’s ridiculous

  • Rose

    Good lord, she sure moves on fast. Whatever happened to Christian Cooke? I guess he was “so last year”. And she “steps out” with her new boyfriend just in time to promote her new movie. Gee, how convenient! No wonder she and Taylor Swift are besties!

  • COOL

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  • Freddie

    Now she has to tell you when she breaks up with her boyfriends? And yeah, three boyfriends in three years is too much, slut. Wish them the best, she has always dated with hotter guys, but maybe this one is not a douche like the previews ones, except Dave Franco.

  • Rose

    Three boyfriends in three years makes it seem like she’s under contract with them. Once the one-year contract is up they’re over.

  • nati

    she is gay

  • Rose

    Uh, no one is s**t shaming her here. We’re just calling her out on her fake PR showmances.

  • tucu

    LOL at the slut shaming here. Let the girl have fun people. She is young, pretty and with money, she can be with whoever she wants to be whenever she wants to be. Don’t be a party pooper.

  • Huga

    To date with a resaurator who nobody knows, whoa such a big PR move.

  • LOL

    Just in time to promote her movie, how convenient

  • Rose

    No one is slut shaming her. We’re just calling her out on her fake PR showmances.

  • ugh

    Oh right, that movie she did a year ago is about to hit the threatres lol She’s pathetic

  • Gsthh

    Pretty, young and with money. Enjoy the life girl. They look cute.

  • nati


    yes pr and beards all of them , maybe someday she will come out (again)

  • Rose

    Beards don’t have to be well-known actors. They can be just about anyone with showbiz connections. Look at all those unknown models like that Toni girl who’s “dating” Leo. All you have to do is show up and be papped with someone famous and it’s free PR.

  • Huga

    To date with a unknown restaurator. Such a great PR move. Sarcasm

  • ugh

    @Huga: this girl parades a new bf whenever she has something to sell: Glee, a movie coming out, a new role announcement… they last a couple of months and then she lays low until her next project comes out. It’s always the same with her. She should try and get a job instead

  • Philipe

    Look who are here. The crazies who can’t handle Dianna dating with guys.

  • raul

    this is more bearding than PR i think, but someday she need to stop that and come out as gay. Everybody know that :)

  • Philipe

    She had so many things to promote in April 2011 when she started to date with Sebs, or November 2012 when the first pictures with Christian, so many things…

  • Rose

    I don’t care if she’s gay or straight. I just know fake showmances when I see them. And this girl is constantly in fake showmances to promote herself or her movies.

  • ugh

    @Philipe: Alex Pettyfer, worst PR romance ever for a movie that flopped. They “broke up” as soon as the movie premiered. With Sebastian Stan (who is gay btw) she was about to start the Glee tour when their “romance” started and it ended once she left Glee. Then that one guy she was seen with 3 times when her new role was announced. Then that Cook guy or whatever his name is, while she was being invited to vip parties and promoting herself in Europe. And now this guy when her new movie is about to come out… she’s not fooling anyone. Taylor Swift 2.0

  • Jenn

    But if this girl is super discreet in her relationships if you compare her to all the acual young, and no so young, HW actors. You just have to read this website. Everybody in HW are PR wh..res then.
    Have fun Dianna, and so many men you want. Life is short.

  • Phillipe

    Forgot that everybody is gay, sorry.

  • Phillipe

    Ugh. But girl, she has a life, things happens in her life constantly, she only has to date with someone when she is not doing nothing? like, Goodbye Hollywood, i need a love life. Lol

  • David R

    Lucky man. I want her

  • raul

    yes we know ,but a hot girl cant come out as a gay now in Hollywood.
    bye bye fame then :(

  • Amanda

    She is so hot. All the happiness in the world for them. Cute couple.

  • gf

    @Phillipe: lol not everybody but Dianna is, I dont remember another hot girl in Hollywood …

  • Brian


  • Michelle

    She is #Notalesbian

  • nico


    yes she is hot and gay and i’m so sad i want to be a girl for her :(

  • Jules

    Aw the British was so hot. This seems cute too. Wish them the best.

  • Kate

    @ugh: nothing about your post makes sense. She started dating sebastian during april 2011, we got candids of them in july, what exactly were they promoting? nothing. They dated for 10 month and we got three sett of candids during those 10 months, ya what big pr. Same with Christian. She started dating him last july and we got two sets of canddis with them. Whee exactly is the big pr here? She started seeing this guy somewhere around late july/early august. As for Dianna and Alex, Dianna went to Alex’s home for Christmas when they were dating, that’s some commitment to “pr’ You have issues. Maybe you sohlud obsses over some other celebrity?

  • Blackstar

    What happened with Christian Cooke??? he is cuter than this guy!

  • nico


    ugh was talking about bearding, Dianna is gay but if you cant accept that is your problem.

  • Kate

    @nico: why dont you let the great and illustrious ‘ugh’ answer for themselves and not butt in other people conversations? isnt there a faberry convention you can go off to and fantazise about gay everyone is, off you go.

  • nico


    Nothing is fantasy i know all of what im talking about. And you had a mistake was Pettyfer and his brother who went in Dianna’s house then Jason posted the photo to helped Dianna with this fake/pr relationship.
    bye bye

  • Naya

    she changes bf SO much…..she wants attention because she does not recieve that much anymore….give them a couple of days till she is with someone stunt….good luck dianna good luck

  • Daniela

    Yeah, I thinks she´s gay, too. And all her BF are kinda gays, too. It´s her business, but it´s sad that a young gay girl can´t come out of the closet (again) because her career would probably be over.

  • Cate

    Why does the information about her new boyfriend sound like a press release? Why do they need to list his various establishments? LOL!
    It’s very obvious from various articles and ‘candids’ that Dianna and her people tip off the paparazzi and tabloids. Despite her happy clappy attitude and appearance she hustles hard .

    What does Diana do now? I know she filmed ‘The Family’ but that was over a year ago. Has she filmed anything since? Is she still on Glee?

  • Kate

    @Cate: how exactly she hustles? by having candids just like everyone else in the industry. OK. Oh fyi, you are very obvious.

  • Cate

    @Kate: It’s known she calls the paps for most of her candid pics. Not all of them but many of them are staged. She also tips of tabs and paps off like this release here about her new boyfriend is very clearly written by her PR team.
    I’m not necessarily knocking her. You have to hustle in Hollywood to get ahead and Dianna is ambitious. Everyone in Hollywood hustles in various ways and she hasn’t had much going on careerwise so I guess set up candids are her and her team’s way to keep people interested in her. I just think she could be a bit more subtle.

    How am I obvious? Obvious in what way? I don’t understand that part of your comment.

  • Kate

    @Cate: lol. so she basically does what every actor in hollywood does and you have a problem with that why exactly? like you said, she is trying to keep people interested in her, which is what celebs do. if you are not interested in her, then move on, it should be simple as that. you are knocking her for doing her job and what everyone in hollywood does? By your logic, everyone should go around commenting on every celeb candids posts about how staged they are, because guess what 80% of them are staged. very unsubtly so. if you don’t want to ‘buy’ what they are ‘selling’, what even are you here for? It’s only unsubtle to your because you have been following her/glee cast for awhile, and lol if its the unsubtley that you have a problem with than good luck following any celeb. they all do that. it’s their job. singling out one girl and knocking her specifically for it makes you sound grudgey and like you have an agenda. do you?

  • Cate

    @Kate: Where did i say I had a problem with it? In my previous post I said that I wasn’t knocking her as she’s doing what she thinks she needs to do to keep people interested. All I said was that she could be more subtle.

    What agenda? Why would I have an agenda against Dianna Agron of all people? I’m not a fan of hers so I’m not particularly invested. I just made a comment on her post like many others on and you’re the one who came at me all aggressive. I don’t even understand why you are so aggressive and defensive when in your last post you basically agreed with me that she does stage candids to keep people interested and she does hustle like many in Hollywood. What is making you so angry?

  • prayers

    she reminds me of Antiq Hennis

  • Blackplanetmobi

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  • JC

    @nati: yes, that’s why we have aaaall these PRomances around. Now that Christian Cooke has a part in the new version of “Romeo and Juliet” they need each other anymore – or at least he doesn’t need her.

  • CiCi