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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Newlyweds Visit Studio!

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Newlyweds Visit Studio!

Kate Bosworth dons a short little skirt while visiting a studio with her new husband Michael Polish on Tuesday (September 3) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“Overwhelmed at the beautiful response to our union… Thank you everyone. X,” the 30-year-old actress tweeted earlier in the day.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

The day before, Kate and Michael were all smiles while arriving at LAX Airport after tying the knot in Montana.

In case you missed it, check out Kate and Michael‘s wedding photos.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish heading out for a studio visit in Beverly Hills.

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kate bosworth michael polish newlyweds visit studio 01
kate bosworth michael polish newlyweds visit studio 02
kate bosworth michael polish newlyweds visit studio 03
kate bosworth michael polish newlyweds visit studio 04
kate bosworth michael polish newlyweds visit studio 05
kate bosworth michael polish newlyweds visit studio 06
kate bosworth michael polish newlyweds visit studio 07
kate bosworth michael polish newlyweds visit studio 08
kate bosworth michael polish newlyweds visit studio 09
kate bosworth michael polish newlyweds visit studio 10
kate bosworth michael polish newlyweds visit studio 11
kate bosworth michael polish newlyweds visit studio 12
kate bosworth michael polish newlyweds visit studio 13
kate bosworth michael polish newlyweds visit studio 14
kate bosworth michael polish newlyweds visit studio 15

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • ladybug

    Kate must be so happy, her wedding has made her briefly newsworthy again.

  • Aviana

    wonder if they will have children..

  • Cadulech

    Come on! leave her alone.She is married now,she won’t hurt nobody ever again by date any hot actor.

  • Get a life ladybug

    @ladybug: Enough! Why don’t you get a life, get a man, get married and stop obsessing about someone you say you don’t like. The only thing more pathetic then Kate, is a person obsessed with her!

  • Rocco

    @Get a life ladybug:
    You seem to have an unhealthy obsession with Ladybug.
    Why don’t you take your meds and go play with your cats!!!

  • Bibi

    I think, she again shows her ring :)

  • ladybug

    @Cadulech: I thought you were leaving JJ?

    @Get a life ladybug: And yet you know that I’m on her threads. Who’s the one who needs a life? At least I keep my name, so you know its me. Unlike you, who switches screennames everytime you comment.

    And regarding these pics: cute dog. Though they might want to consider a harness instead of a ‘normal’ collar:

  • Get a life ladybug

    @Rocco: Hi ladybug :) what did you say about keeping the same name? I mean, who else would care what I say about you..
    @ladybug: I come on here to kill some time and read gossip and I seldom comment, but you seem to live here just to hang crap on KB, and now you think even her dogs collar is wrong? Wtf, who cares?? There’s so many other celebs worse then her that are far more worthy of your crazy bitter obsession.

  • ladybug

    @Get a life ladybug: So you get to kill time on a gossip site and it’s normal, but my time-killing is a ‘bitter obsession’? So KB isn’t ‘worthy’ but yet here you are?

  • Cadulech

    I left Alex threads not JJ,sometimes JJ put something i like…do you forgot that? i am monarchist,JJ like put about Prince William,Prince Harry,and Catherine.

  • Cadulech

    Well Duchess Catherine for be more exactly,came here see what was down i see this news.Came if Alex’s fans keep comment here and what a surprised i got.No more to explain.

  • Jamie

    So you came here even though you knew what would be on the thread? That seems odd. If you don’t want to be disappointed then don’t come to these threads. You’re engaging in the same behaviour actually by commenting on here, since you were also on AS threads being his protector.

  • ladybug

    @Cadulech: You really think it’s only Alex’s fans that don’t like her? Nope, and that’s been explained to her fans countless times.
    For some reason you, and her fans, don’t seem to want to give her credit for being unlikable on her own merits.

  • Tanter

    More pics of her? She must be really stressed out with the invasion of privact going on..

  • Blackcat

    Kate is is in Newlywed Heaven! Not because she married to the love of her life. But,because all the pap attention. Kate is grinning like a Jackass! Kate is not disturbed in the least with her privacy being invaded. In fact if she thought it would get her more attention Kate would let the paparazzi take pictures of the Honeymoon night! Absolutely no one wants to see that! Just like no one wants to see those grotesque sticks she calls legs! Enjoy it while it lasts Kate!You are only a newlywed for a short time. Next thing you know you are just an old married has been.Heck! You have been a has been already for a long time.

  • Pap outing again

    What’s happen to there honey moon don’t tell me there 4 day wedding celebration includes honey moon ?

    Or may be this pap outing is her honeymoon .

    And as for her dress I am convinced it’s a freebie from Oscar de la renta here is a video of her wedding fitting and her inspiration for it .

  • trashyme

    EAT SOMETHING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Besides

    I think the kate hate will die down once Alex has a girlfriend. People will shift focus,

  • Chelle

    @Besides: doubt that since “Kate hate” was around long before he was…… just saying

  • Besides

    I still think most of the traffic has to do with her connection to Alex. Once he has a new woman for all to analyze Kate will finally fade into the past.

  • ladybug

    @Pap outing again: I think most of her wedding was comped, by Martha Stewart, OdlR, etc. Not a bad business move, especially for a d-list actress.
    @Besides: Orly was six years ago, Alex was two years ago. To repeat, ad naseum, it’s about her, not them.
    Despite her ability to get her wedding comped, she’ll continue her slide in irelevency, yes, but it be won’t because Orly’s married or AS has a gf. It’ll be because she doesn’t really have anything unique to offer HW, and her ‘fashion icon’ status isn’t all that. She’ll be wandering around in the background of fame, but there’s probably not going to be a lot of there ‘there’ in terms of her fame.

  • Jeannie

    @Pap outing again: Maybe NYFW will be their honeymoon. She’ll be thrilled with all the attention!

  • Jeannie

    @ladybug: You forgot James! Or doesn’t he rank? He was in between Orly & Alex. ;)

  • Besides


    That is your opinion. I see a lot of people that post on her threads are Alex fans – not a coincidence. Surely I am not imagining that.

  • Besides

    Does she still have her dog lila? The new pup is cute.

  • ladybug

    @Besides: And if you actually read the threads you’d know it’s not just Alex fans who dislike her.
    Correlation doesn’t imply causation: Being with OB and AS gave her more exposure, but it’s not the actual dating that led to the dislike, it’s her famewhoring, superclingy behavior that leads to people disliking her. Having famous bfs just led to more people being aware of her behavior. Behavior that didn’t stop when she was with JR or now with MP.

    @Jeannie: KB fans always overlook the jealous JR fangirls, so I did too! :)

    Reality is there’s always going to be a ‘fan’ who can’t believe that KB isn’t ‘hated’ for being beautiful, a fashion icon, and previously having had famous boyfriends. Boyfriends that they seem to have to keep bring up. Because that’s when she got more publicity.
    As already pointed out over the last few months, her posts on JJ and other gossip sites have fallen pretty substantially, as well as the number of comments. She’s gotten more notice in the last month because she made sure people knew she was getting married. And perhaps she’ll be at Fashion Week this week. And she’s got Homeland coming up next month. And after that …?

  • Well

    @26- I guess you’ll keep up us up to date on all she does. I don’t see why people say you hate her when you keep tabs on her life 24/7. Something only a fan would that IMHO.

  • Jeannie

    @ladybug: Poor James. He did nothing for her career, but he was always willing to play the pap game with her. What will keep her relevant now that she’s married? Her exes are what kept her in the spotlight.

    @Besides – I heard that Lila passed, unfortunately :(

  • SeriouslyMargarita
  • SeriouslyMargarita

    “Correlation doesn’t imply causation.” Uh okay, you speak as if you are the authority on, uh, everthing. Let’s just agree to disagree and check back when Alex has a new girl. I bet the interest in will drop off markedly. Kate is still his most recent.

  • Duh

    @ladybug: Correlation counts. The only haters here are the AS fangurls and maybe a few who hang on to the OB days. You’re as obsessed as mforman and she’s the last person I’d want to be compared to. Look at yourself and ask yourself if you want to be compared to her in any way!

  • Tulip

    Some really pretty pictures of Kate from last week’s Net-A-Porter Magazine:

  • ladybug

    @SeriouslyMargarita: SeriouslyMargarita/Besides/Duh: the interest has already dropped off, and the most recent ex has no girlfriend.
    I’ll crib from another poster: Kate herself isn’t that interesting, but her ‘issues’ are: she tries not to be as obvious a famewhore as the Kardashians, or Vanessa Hudgens, but she is a famewhore. She plays the game, as most everyone in HW does, and she does it well enough to maintain some relevancy, at least in fashion. But she’s really obvious about being a famewhore, even she doesn’t think she is. It’s interesting in an odd way. Will she be able to maintain at least some level of fashion fame, even if she only acts in movies that MP makes? That sort of thing.
    @Tulip: it’s a very nice photoshoot. Too much Photoshopping, though.

  • Besides/Margarita



    Jesus, you do realize there is no right answer? It all comes down to opinion. I don’t think her issues are all that interesting, they are actually pretty common. I think the interest comes from wondering what Alex saw in her. And since no new women is on the horizon people keep analyzing Kate. Just a theory…

  • Chelle

    @Jeannie: even though I dislike her alot…. I hate her baby passed. Being a fur parent myself, it’s awful to lose one.

  • Smashbox

    The dog looks resigned to it’s fate.