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Katie Holmes Bonds with Friends After Suri Breaks Arm

Katie Holmes Bonds with Friends After Suri Breaks Arm

Katie Holmes flashes a smile while out and about with a few gal pals on Tuesday (September 3) in New York City.

On the same day, the 34-year-old actress was spotted waiting patiently while hailing a cab in the Big Apple.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Last week, Katie was seen dancing while listening to music on the set of her upcoming flick Miss Meadows in Cleveland, Oh.

In case you missed it, Katie‘s daughter Suri recently suffered a broken arm, but is said to be in good condition.

FYI: Katie is wearing Chimala jeans available at Madewell.

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31 Responses to “Katie Holmes Bonds with Friends After Suri Breaks Arm”

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  1. 1
    Alliana Says:

    Awful blouse, dirty ill fitting jeans. With her resources and money she could afford to pay someone to do her laundry, iron her clothes and tailor them. Just don’t get it. She can easily be fashionable and clean.

  2. 2
    Andy Says:

    Seriously JJ? What’s the matter with that tittle? Is Tom Cruise paying you?

  3. 3
    Cate Says:

    Since she and Tom divorced her fame seems to solely come from being Suri’s mother. It’s really weird.

  4. 4
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    @Cate: After 6 yrs. with the Cruise Machine, I’m sure she enjoys the opportunity to do what she wants regardless of how she is perceived.

  5. 5
    She's Happy Now Says:

    … you can really tell

  6. 6
    Jacoby Says:


  7. 7
    LooseLipz Says:

    She looks happy….that’s a good thing….the snooty Victoria Beckham never smiles in her photo’s…
    But I agree, calling her Sui’s mother…wth?

  8. 8
    April Says:

    I applaud her for gaining freedom for herself and her daughter by going up against the powerful Tom Cruise and the CO$. If she never accomplished another good thing in her life she has more than earned my respect. All that other sh!t you guys b!tch about regarding her seems to pale in comparison. Kudos Kate you are the bomb girlfriend!

  9. 9
    annie Says:

    to get to the Katie thread , passed Kate Bosworth, and Brittany Spears, and Katie looked better than the both of them, and genuinely happy.
    She never pretends to be anyone other than who she is.
    In the 14 yrs of being a Katie fan, only a period maybe of 2 yrs did she become somebody that wasn’t really her.
    That was the time she cut her hair, became buddies with VB, wore high heels to go shopping, and became a fashion plate.
    Then one day she woke up, and went back to being the original Katie Holmes.
    She scrubs up really well when she has to , doesn’t care to go out straight after having a shower , with no make up, and wet hair, and just a pair of jeans and tee.
    Yet the other night at that benefit in the Hamptons videos, she looked young, pretty , was having fun, her hair was great , her dress was cute and her dance moves were awesome, and looking natural at the same time.
    She minds her own business, looks after her daughter, works, doesn’t rave on about her ex husband to get attention, and gets on with her life!
    Don’t know why people complain, other celebs and their kids get papped much more often than Katie and Suri.

  10. 10
    Joni Says:

    Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes both looks so happy now. both of them didn’t look that happy with Tom after the newest wore off , he was probably very controlling.

  11. 11
    Anne Says:


    She is beautiful. I do not really buy this idea of ​​Tom being manic for control. It controls (clothes, makeup, photos, red carpet) what is the matter of his career. Katie spent much time in New York and Tom in Los Angeles, how he could control? I think the plans go fast HW, did not happen, Tom is selfish, somento cared about his image (father and husband of the year). I hope all ends well for Katie and Suri.

  12. 12
    annie Says:

    @ Anne
    you know Anne, nobody knows what happens behind closed doors, but sometimes you see things, or how things work out, and you put 2 and 2 together. These people are just like you, me, and everybody else, only difference is they have lots and lots of money, and celebrity, but at the end of the day we are all the same.
    I have always said I think that there were a lot of reasons for their split.
    The other day, that poster said that Paula Patten and Tom had fun, in other words…… I thought the same thing back then and posted it on JJ.
    The only reason I said that at the time was because Paula P went to a resturant with Tom, in a very revealing bra.
    Females understand other female body language.
    Now, at the time , toward the end of 2011 Katie was supposed to go to India for the pemiere of MI4, she said so when she was promoting Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler, and also on David Letterman she said she was going , she seemed very happy, she said she thought her husband was wonderful.
    Katie didn’t go to India , and in the divorce papers it said that their marriage in the last 6 months had really broken down, and you got the impression that they no longer shared a bedroom as well.
    Alliana thinks that Katie is not a good enough actress to pretend out in public, so we’ll say she was happy enough.
    Well from the end of 2011 , it looks like it went down hill fast. There were pics of Katie with the director of Dead Accounts, so she knew, and he knew she was going to be for months in NY , while he made 2 movies, one in Iceland, the other in the UK.
    Meanwhile Katie made a movie in Connecticut for a month.
    Tom was honoured, Katie didn’t go , she was promoting Artistry in Beijing
    Tom was saying he loved her more than ever, she picked the suit he was wearing, but by then it was over.
    To me he looked like he was trying, with his public declarations, but whatever it was that tipped it for her, that was the end,
    And I’ve also said this before, at how quickly she took off her ring, not even to pretend for a few days of keeping it on.
    In the end I don’t think she even liked him.
    But something happened from the end of 2011, for her to seriously want out.
    This is what you can tell Ann, anything else nobody knows!

  13. 13
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    So you know Cruise f&&&*** Paula Patton and that’s why Katie dumped him? Why would he do that. He’s G A Y. Katie was his beard and the whole shebang was a contract. You know how I know that? The same way you know Tom slept with Paula.


  14. 14
    Anne Says:


    Conform friend. Move on with your life and forget about these two opportunists. Tom is gay, perhaps because the church does not want to accept.

  15. 15
    Anne Says:

    @Sincerely concerned:

    I agree with you totally. For everything I’ve read, Tom resigned Katie paper beard, she wanted to pose heroin and invented the fear of Scientology. I think after the divorce things still not going the way she expected. Theatre failed, short films, H Stern off ….. I hope all ends well. Tom after divorce is with fame of crazy, more is with established career and lots of money in the bank. Sorry for Suri.

  16. 16
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    @Sincerely concerned: I don’t know who you are posing as me but, it must of taken considerable effort to sign on with my name. I bet you’re Lydia oh Lydia. FYI, I’m a working professional and my husband thinks I’m pretty hot.

  17. 17
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    @ the other sincerely concerned.

    I don’t know who you are or why you’re stalking me and saying awful things about Suri. In another thread, you claimed her arm was never broken and that Katie had her wearing a cast in order to gain sympathy. You claimed you knew her doctor. That behavior is really twisted and something I would never say. I don’t know who Lydia is and I don’t care. STOP STALKING ME AND CLAIMING YOU ARE ME!! Stop spewing sick rumors about Suri. Its crazy.

    Also, I don’t believe for one single second that you’re a professional. No professional does and says the things you do. I don’t believe you even have a husband or a family. If you did, you wouldn’t spend your days pretending to be someone else on a gossip site and attacking an innocent child and her mother.

    Leave me alone. Stop stalking me and using my name!

  18. 18
    annie Says:

    First of all I didn’t say she slept with him, someone else did. However , yes I did think it back in 2011 at the premiere, and I still do, if the truth be known. But since 2011 , I ‘ve never mentioned it, but doesn’t mean I don’t believe it. Actually a few people thought that at the time, if I remember.
    And I don’t believe he’s gay!
    And actually , since I’m on a roll, wasn’t it insinuated that this 50 yr old man with grown up kids , and a little one, had it off with one of the topless models in his photoshhoot. For gods sake he wasn’t in his thirties and unmarried , he was 50, but that’s where his ego takes him.
    Maybe ROA wasn’t that successful , because seeing him like that actuall y put females off. Tom is not old, but he is older, so to speak!

    When it comes to the crunch, never mess with a venus in scorpio,( KH )or anything in scorpio for that matter.
    Sick of this now, time for a break from here!

  19. 19
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    @Sincerely concerned: Twisted.. I agree with Annie, got some head cases here but that only entices me more. You know me; another puzzle to solve. I enjoyed your posts, they were harmless and informative just like Yassine’s. Sad that bullies can be found everywhere

  20. 20
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    I heard that Suri did NOT break her arm. The cast is removeable. The idea is for Suri to get the Paps to not be so aggressive. Since her arm is immobilized; because of it, she will be getting physical therapy to apply Wolf’s Law with PROM / AAROM / AROM with an emphases on isometric strengthening. How do I know this? I know a therapist who knows the therapist that’s working with her. Is that cool or what?!?!?

  21. 21
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    @Sincerely concerned: First of all, Tom can not be gay. I can not see his entire family hiding behind this facade and bringing harmless children into the picture. ….talk about twisted. Talk about hurting innocent children here!!! Let’s get real: There is NO WAY that Katie would marry into an arrangement like that. If you look at someone like Rock Hudson who was, all his posers were loyal. BUT, Nicole, Katie, and Penelope go right into splitsville. His being gay defies all logic. I am more apt to buy into the Paula Patton scenario and trust me my nose is already on the hunt;)

  22. 22
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    If you watch the video of Tom and Paula in Dubai promoting Ghost protocal, I think Annie nailed it as far Tom eyes when he talked about Paula vs. when he was asked where Katie was. Re: Katie, He might as well had been saying, “Now that I’ve nailed her and stretched
    out her v*****, she doesn’t entice me anymore. I’ve got her where she’s closely monitored so that she doesn’t get that ‘independent streak’ some of these stupid women get”.

  23. 23
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    Did I ever mention that Tom’s sisters and Bella are butt ugly???

  24. 24
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    If you google Katie walking with Suri and Bella at that time?;(. Did I ever mention that Tom’s sisters were butt ugly?:-Q

  25. 25
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    I wonder how much Katie’s dad knew: Paula’s dad was an attorney and we know that Tom marries women who’s dads are educated just like his dead beat dad was… I wonder if Paula has a Patton on Robin’s thick d***. Please Annie!!! Don’t desert me now. With you astrology slant, this can really come together…!!!

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