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Miley Cyrus' First Interview Since VMAs: We Knew We Were Making History

Miley Cyrus' First Interview Since VMAs: We Knew We Were Making History

Miley Cyrus has opened up and given her first interview since her controversial performances at the 2013 MTV VMAs last week.

“Me and Robin [Thicke,] the whole time said, ‘You know we’re about to make history right now,’” the 20-year-old entertainer said during her interview with MTV.

“What’s amazing is I think now, we’re three days later and people are still talking about it. They’re over thinking it,” Miley said at the time of the interview. “You’re thinking about it more than I thought about it when I did it. Like, I didn’t even think about it ’cause that’s just me.”

“I don’t pay attention to the negative because I’ve seen this play out so many times,” Miley added, “How many times have we seen this play out in pop music?”

Madonna‘s done it. Britney‘s done it. Every VMA performance, that’s what you’re looking for; you’re wanting to make history,” she concluded.

Check out the highlights in a video reel below…

Miley Cyrus – First Interview Since 2013 MTV VMAs Performance
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  • mbl

    Not for nothing Miley, but… what happened at the VMA’s was pathetic and I do not think of it as “history”. History is what is being thaught at schools and what historians learn. History of music is legendary groups and legendary songs, people who did something worth it and different, people who WRITE and FEEL their own songs, certainly not this CRAP.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Her performance wasn´t more controversal than the performances of Madonna in the “eighties” and “nineties.”
    Why not using underwear to make a show?
    It´s art. It´s a further aspect of fashion-creativity.
    And she wasn´t naked, yep.
    If she had been naked, then it would have been controversial, I think.

  • Hating-On-The-Queen?

    Yess Miley! I love her. People always hating on other people living THEIR lives to the fullest.

  • Marie

    Oh honey don’t fool your self. You are not Britney and you are not Madonna. Nobody compares you to them because you are so out of that league. You will be remembered as Disney Slut and thats about it.

  • betti

    Oh Miley, you weren’t making history, you were simply making an ass of yourself. And why is it that these talented women (not sure about Miley’s talent though) feel the need to wear fewer and fewer clothes? It’s demeaning and I believe it fosters eating disorders amongst young girls.

  • So what

    She looks like a mentally challenged inbred hick with her tongue hanging out. Making history? Bish please. It was just a raunchy desperate attempt to get people talking and it worked. People are talking about it but mostly to point out how rachet it was. Bad vocals, horrible dancing and just overall tasteless and pointless.

  • Tomax

    Who actually buys her music? Seems the only way she’s gonna change is if it hurts her financially.

  • dellens

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  • Miley’s Veneers

    What an idiot.

  • mlllllllllllllllllllllef

    HERE is the proof she never saw a history book in her life.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Trailer trash is trailer trash no matter how u spin it. Won’t be long before Honey Boo Boo has this “song and dance” down.

  • guest

    History? Are you serious? What a joke.

  • Sincerely concerned

    2 things she said, I believe to be true. She gets only 45 minutes of sleep – her movements were jerky and disconnected. Her voice was raspy and pitchy. Tongue hanging Out – no transition in movements when she twirked, licked or stuck her tongue out. A sure sign that she was near empty in the brain cell end. She didn’t give it a thought: well that just speaks for itself.

  • Gerd

    God she doesn’t even get it. History? Britney and Madonna looked amazing while being controversial, and besides they are not even to be compared with this dimwit troll. Robin Thicke by the way is also proving to be thick from top to toe, what a complete Arse he made of himself.

  • TC

    Making history?! Boy is this chick deluded. I guess that’s what happens when you’re 20 and you’re surrounded by a bunch of sycophants. She has no sense of reality.

  • Moreen

    HAHAHAHAHA seriously? She is comparing herself to Madonna and Britney? I don’t even want to make fun of her…i think that she has plenty of insecurities if she thinks that by appearing naked,dancing and singing bad she is making history then she has problems that she needs to solve on her own.

  • Lorimae

    disgusting. no sense of decency. parents must be mortified ! shame on her lack of choice!

  • Mileydelusional

    omg she is so out of touch. She did not even sing or dance. She relied on a foam finger. People are talking about her because they are laughing at her. Poor thing. She is delusional and is no britney or madonna.
    And the tongue???wt

  • heidi

    so she seriously believes she made history??
    i am speechless
    i am not even gonna try… this is a lost cause LOL!

  • Ana

    And now she’s comparing herself to Britney and Madonna… NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!!!! One of the most ridiculous moments in the VMAs history. Yeah, you were truly making history…

  • http://Comcast Joni

    Miley is no Madonna or Britney, they had some talent. What Miley did has only one word to describe it SICKENING. Fitting for her though, the ego on this gal is too much.

  • ugh

    what a joke hahahahahahahhaha

  • To each his own

    Making History?? That’s her reasoning?? She’s an idiot, Hitler made history to, was that a good thing?? People need to stop buying her music, then she can make history with loosing her career like Paula Deen did because of her stupidity.

  • Angus

    Her performance was nothing special. Just trying to shed the Hannah Montana/Disney image, can’t blame her. When she starts biting heads off of bats call me.

  • Nicole

    It seems some people and a lot of entertainters think getting attention is the ultimate goal no matter what the reaction. Fact is she did get attention and we did click on the link so she is pleased with herself. BUT wouldnt it be better to get attention through an amazing performance instead of that pathetic contrived performance that she gave? As for Madonna, I stopped being a fan of hers for the same reasons. She became so contrived. One publicity stunt after another. She kissed Britney for attention. It wasnt this great performance either. No one was better ON STAGE than Michael Jackson.

  • Disgusted

    Two dogs humping will get attention, too. Miley needs to be hosed down.

  • COOL

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  • XO

    Really sick of seeing this girl’s face everyday. It’s like you can’t avoid it cause she is all over the Internet always with her tongue sticking out like the classless loon that she is. Please go away for awhile. Haven’t you garnered enough attention? That foam finger needs to be destroyed.

  • ethel

    “we’re about to make history right now” Shut up in 20 years time no one will remember her


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  • jeanie

    They are vulgar, Madonna, Britney and Miley. But Madonna and Britney CAN’T sing.

  • Sincerely concerned

    The captain who crashed the cruise ship in Spain got attention too. All her performance did for me was look up Billy Ray to find out that she does indeed come from a long one of red necks.

  • loli

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  • Sincerely concerned

    It’s not “me and Robin Thicke, it’s Robin Thicke and I!!

  • loli

    in hours you can download the movie disconnected of alex skarsgard in my site

  • Sincerely concerned

    How about a spin off of Taken with Liam Neeson where when he finally finds Miley, who is playing his dtr., he turns around to the the cameramen and director and says, “I can’t do this…” And turns around and walks off the set.

  • Sarah.

    Seriously, she’s comparing herself to Madonna and Britney? Can she go away already?! I’m so sick of her. Her VMA performance was awful to look at. And I lost respect for Robin Thicke to be honest. And wth Paula? You let your man “dance” like that with 20 year old? Because apparently there were no surprises, so she knew what was going to happen..

  • dddff

    People like George Washington, Martin Luther King, Abe Lincoln and a lot of other people like them made history. She made herself look like a trashy loser and now with statements like that makes her sound ignorant.

  • truth

    LOL idk if you can call this by any regards “reverse psychology”, but the more miley does these slutty trashy things, it reminds us even more of hannah montana. she thinks by doing these things we will forget hannah montana when her past does bring a lot more attention than she thought. she’s not playing “the fame game” right. she should’ve never fully exerted herself to the extreme opposite of what she was years ago, if she would’ve chilled out and acted like a normal 20 year old, she wouldn’t get $hitted on by the media cause what she doesn’t know is that nobody is praising her for this. and whoever is praising her must be taking the same drugs as she is. normal 20 year olds party and $hit but it doesn’t need to be put on full blast, such as her putting “molly” in the lyrics. yea, theres teens and young adults out there that do XTC, but its not a good thing to glamorize it when not all teenagers deal with drug experimentation the same, there are teenagers that find out that they have addictions by using these drugs and get into serious problems because of it, so she shouldn’t say that “We Can’t Stop” represents all the kids like her when that’s BS. and she needs to understand that she still has very loyal fans that are still quite young. its better if she smokes and rolls on mollys on her private time than beating it like a dead horse to the media.

  • EndOfTime

    why is she delusional?

  • NYC

    Go Read Something.

  • Ashley

    that was not making history doll…..that was making a complete fool of yourself. Britney’s and Madonna’s performances had a LITTLE sense of class to them while you looked like a white trash porn star. People are talking about it now, but this isn’t going to be considered a great VMA performance a few years from now.

    When artists use promiscuity and sex as apart of their act to a point where that’s all it becomes about, their popularity and careers don’t last. When you make it all about the music and incorporate those two things slightly, then you will be a real artist with a long lasting career.


    It’s great but Madonna and Britney had some kind of Choreography , dance, style, grace. This was just hopping around with no rhythm whatsoever God save your Career that it turns for the better , I think if you wish to make history with such a well gifted Voice that she has and beautiful for she really is, we need some quality Choreographers, this performance, was a total mess and it looked like it was trying too hard to copy so this response on the interview makes sense now. I could tell it was trying to emulate others before . let’s do it in style Miley please your awesome.

  • Dasha

    Making history? LMAO you make a fool at of yourself that’s it honey. And don’t you dare compare yourself with Madonna or Britney. You’re so out of their league LMFAO!!!

  • bean bag

    As the ANS revelations have shown, whistle blowing is now an essential art. It is our means of keeping ‘public reason’ alive

  • bean bag

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  • Jeff

    She should never mention her name in the same sentence as Madonna or Britney. Her and Lady Gaga should do a duet together.

  • aquarius64

    This “history” comment is simply spin from her team. They know Miley is getting dumped on for this mess (rightfully so) and they are desperate to put a positive face on it. I’m afraid she is going to have to be booed at an awards show, just like her pal Justin Bieber, for it to finally sink what her place in music history truly is.

  • cece

    agree’d, did you think you were the first one to do something sleazy on stage, no & you will not be the last, the comments are that is was disgusting & people comment as to shocking because it was you doing it. not that it was a break through event. Your not as interesting as people tell you that you are. I’m sure your tween fans will be dropping out soon.

  • postwatcher

    Miley’s next stop…..Eminem Concert …back by the Urinals….