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Suki Waterhouse - GQ Men of the Year Awards 2013

Suki Waterhouse - GQ Men of the Year Awards 2013

Suki Waterhouse arrives in style to the 2013 GQ Men of the Year Awards held at The Royal Opera House on Tuesday (September 3) in London, England.

The 21-year-old model is featured in the brand new Brit Rhythm fragrance campaign alongside fellow model George Barnett, which she announced on Twitter with a sexy pic.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Suki Waterhouse

Suki and her beau Bradley Cooper were recently spotted late last month snuggling in a park in Paris, France. Be sure to check out the pics in case you missed them!

Check out Suki‘s brand new Brit Rhythm campaign video below.

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Photos: Wenn, Getty
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  • lola

    When I see this Suki girl I think of one word: LOSERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

  • DJ

    She looks nice(and her age) in these pictures.

  • kate

    Is she trying to look like Jennifer Lawrence?

  • ghost of JJ’s past

    where’s her Dad?

    oops i mean Brad

  • Serena

    Wow, what a difference make up makes..

  • Violet

    The Daily Mail was right – she’s had a nose job. She’s been hiding the bruises for weeks.

  • davidh

    @lola: When I read your post I thought of one word: JEALOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! xD

  • Dee

    So because she’s dating Bradley Cooper we now have to hear and read about her…??

  • uh

    @Violet: havent heard anything from DM about her getting a nose job… link please?

  • DJ

    @Violet: Really? I can’t even see a difference.

  • Nikki

    She’s pretty – I think she would look better with her natural hair color though.

  • DJ

    Is her involvement in the Burberry Brit Rhythm campaign the big news about her and Burberry that people were talking about a few months ago?

  • Drake

    She look her age.

  • sarah

    she mos def had a nose job. why do girls do that to themselves

  • Gucci

    She’s pretty and she usually has a 60′s vibe and style that I think suits her really well. But she is no model material at all.

  • danielle

    @Gucci: i completely agree!

  • 4Clovers4U

    Yeah, she’s definitely had a nose job. Looks like they have her face hidden in that Burberry ad though. Even with the nose job and the make-up, she isn’t model material. Just shows you how political things are when someone can get a job as a model because of who they know, and what they have. How she was able to swing a Burberry acct when she had that humungous snoz… & fried hair????

  • Emmy Lou

    She reminds me of Camilla Parker Bowles… Same face shape, thick brows and coloring.

  • Sara

    I just looked at pics of her before and yes she had a nose job.

  • Zee Zee

    No nose job.

    Just heavy make-up and contour shading around the nose to make it look smaller.

    Other sites have close-up pics where you can see the contour make-up.

    She also looks pissed off in most of the pics. I wonder if someone in the crowd yelled, “Where’s Bradley?”

  • BeeeeTeeee

    @Zee Zee: Definitely a nose job. Sorry, but contouring couldn’t have removed lobs of tissue on the sides of her nose.

  • DJ

    Random: I just read an article on Women’s Wear Daily’s website that says Bradley will be one of the co-chairs at next year’s Met Ball. So, I’m guessing we’ll definitely get to see him there next year.

  • Hello

    BC is in Spain to promote The Place Beyond the Pines

  • Back

    You’d think that, as she looks better when looking her age, she’d have made an effort to do so when being pictured with an older man. It’s like making the effort to wear high heels when you’re dating a tall man.

  • LadyBug

    Role Model she isn’t. Dropping out of school to score with rock stars and then setting her sights, stalking and then bedding an A lister to gain fame, with a nose job to boot, isn’t what you call talent.

  • Iowna

    She looks stunning. She is stunning. When shes in her down time she doesnt give a **** and i think thats COOL. You are all so jealous of this girl you know nothing about.

  • Bev

    Last photo exposes her nipple. Oink.

  • smexie66

    That nose job is horrendous. She looks like Paris Hilton now. Suki is a fame whore. Did not realize sleeping with men was called talent. BC sleeps with other women when away from her. Disgusting douche he is. Sicko reading Lolita with his little girl in Paris. BC is not in love with her. She will get cast aside when he works with Zoe again. BC cheats on women and is looking dead old these days. Suki you are one ugly, untalented trollop.

  • smexie66

    When we will stop seeing this ugly child. She is not model material at all. She uses her childlike body to gain fame and fortune. Even boobs are fake, albeit teensy. B Coop is only with her as she gives it easily. No man says no to girl who is offering it on platter. Her ex is now dating the beautiful Laura Whitmore. He upgraded. B Coop is drug addicted, lying, douchebag, so she sure downgraded, lol. I worked on a movie with him, and he is scum believe me. I am sworn to trade secrecy, but boy could I tell a tale or two. Any woman who sleeps with him should fumigate herself and get checked for disease. Same with any man sleeping with ugly whore Suki. Bet this tramp gets knocked up to hook him for money. Her type always does. She has zero talent, but then neither does Coop. He had one good movie and that went to his head causing him to go back to white powder and booze. Suki is well known as party whore. They are both trash so well suited.

  • twinkle

    Is she attractive? I don’t see it.

  • Laurel

    So if a girl dates a celebrity, she then becomes a celebrity? I don’t get it. Don’t get it at all. What money can do I guess.

  • gemma

    @smexie66 – you are sick

  • Violet

    She’d been hiding her nose for weeks, it def looks shaven at the sides. Looks better now imho – anything better than the cauliflower nose she has before.

  • Trudie

    How did she get the modeling jobs with a cauliflower nose, rats nest hair and caterpillar eyebrows? Even with the nose job, she looks even more like Justin Bieber in drag. All that caked on make-up and contouring doesn’t make a model.

  • Jerryme

    @Trudie: Justin Bieber in drag, I see it. @Iowna: So &^@*^%$ men to acquire work, fame, celebrity is cool? One of the oldest professions has made someone cool?

  • Nelsa

    Suki Waterhouse is a tramp. I must admit with that nose job she looks better but still an ugly cokehead trying to be JLaw now. How is this ugly girl with no skills and personality considered a model? She does have one skill, touching herself in a video. Tramp! All ugly Suki does is sleep with men in the hopes of becoming famous.

  • pumicelone

    smexie66, of course I don’t know who you are, but Bradley I know, and he is not promiscuous. This is a publicity stunt. Weinstein all over Zoe and Suki. Get your facts straight.

  • smexie66

    @pumicelone: I know him as well. Get real! It is common knowledge he plays musical beds. Get your facts straight idiot!!!!!

  • DJ

    @pumicelone: I think this is the first time I’ve read anything from you saying that you know him. Didn’t you mention back in April that Bradley was rumored to be suffering from depression and that is likely the reason why he agreed to be seen with Suki? He has seemed anything but depressed these last several months.

  • Emilie

    Such a beautiful girl. You people are pathetic with all your hating.. It’s ridicolous.