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Behati Prinsloo: Working on Something Special!

Behati Prinsloo: Working on Something Special!

Behati Prinsloo steps out in the sunshine on Tuesday (September 3) in New York City.

The 24-year-old model and fiancee of Adam Levine wore shoes with mismatched laces while out in the busy city.

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“Working on something really special. Thanks @robeauhair @karanfranjola @hugh_lippe @cheecho3 for helping me today. xxx” Behati recently posted on her Instagram account about a new project – check out the pic of what she is working on below!

The day before, Behati was spotted holding hands with Adam on the super rainy Labor Day in New York City.

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behati prinsloo working on something special 01
behati prinsloo working on something special 02
behati prinsloo working on something special 03
behati prinsloo working on something special 04
behati prinsloo working on something special 05
behati prinsloo working on something special 06
behati prinsloo working on something special 07
behati prinsloo working on something special 08

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  • Kathy

    Can someone tell me why she’s relevant?She’s ugly,looks anorexic and isn’t VS material.No wonder Adam is always miserable,embarassed and annoyed near her,he can’t even pretend to like her.She has a regular body,but shouldn’t be a model,not even a VS Angel,with that ugly butter face and average body.There are prettier women in the market and the malls.She’s just common and boring.
    I don’t see Adam marrying her and being faithful to this ugly girl,he’ll dump her in few months.

  • Gilmore


    Meh, she’s harmless. I do agree that she’s far too skinny though but he seems into her to, you know, put a ring on her finger.

  • SA

    She’s beautiful, wish she’d put on some weight though

  • Helen

    Im sorry but shes ugly. What is Adam thinking?

  • frank

    she’s a model? ummm ok

  • brianna

    She looks on drugs, too thin

  • frank

    Dreadful model with no style,, Adam must be gay

  • Jinx

    Please change the skirt – the skirt is begging to be washed!

  • maria

    yes please buy new clothes, 3 days in a row with that skirt on, one dirty hoe model!!!

  • Jamie

    Omg you people must be blind…or jealous. She’s so pretty! @Kathy – Adam is happy and in love with her. Maybe you think she’s ugly but he thinks she’s beautifu and by the sound of your post, she’s WAY more beautiful on the inside than you could ever hope to be. What kind of person goes on the internet and writes ugly things about another woman? Someone very unhappy with their own life, that’s who.

  • wtf jared

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to post and been moderated. Changing my name, email, and being careful not to curse. Why is Jared so scared for people to post their opinions on a gossip site??? Now, he puts a cookie on my computer to track me??? WTF!?

  • trashyme

    she is a model and can afford shoes that are better than that? clothes that are better than that????? Can she brush her hair? Adam is with her for sex and drugs, they go together with rock n roll.

  • same skirt 3 days in a row

    she has been wearing that skirt for three days now.. gross.

  • wtf jared so annoyed

    What I tried to post countless times before is:

    Adam – I am over you. My 9 year old thinks she will someday marry you, but I am old enough to see your true colors (through so many layers of bu!!sh!t, quoting you). Then again, in about 10 years, she will probably be the perfect age for you, right?
    I never thought I’d say it but obvious VS PR aside, you and Bee are perfect for each other. You are gorgeous, but acting dumb, and deserve to be with an equally dumb gorgeous person , where you sell your soul and use each other for publicity. You looked your best last summer. Muscular, manly, strong. Now, I would be afraid to stand next to you for fear of looking like an obese whale.
    Watched the K-mart interview – you look tired, smug, and hello – dead eyes. I get that you are going for a younger audience but you really look silly. I remember dating “players” in my 20′s and it was such a turn off. a 34 year old player? Umm, no. Can’t you be a rock star who ages gracefully? Look at people like Bret Michaels or Pamela Anderson who are still trying to pull of the same look from 20 years ago and live out their glory days. They looks foolish and now you do too. But your “friends” won’t tell you that. I don’t understand. Maybe you and your Peter Pan mentality will never be mature enough to be with a woman your own age.
    I know you are sad about getting older and being alone. I feel the same way pulling out my grey hairs and trying to hang onto my youth, dealing with ADHD and being overwhelmed.. I see the soccer moms down the street praying that won’t happen to me, avoiding conversations about responsibilities. But you get to a point where I guess it needs to happen. Everyone else is gracefully accepting the next stage of their lives and you are holding on what once was, the road not taken, back when you were full of hope and dreams and now you are just bitter and jaded and annoyed. But what do I know, I’m just a normal Person from the other side of the country, telling you the truth you don’t want to hear.
    Our paths crossed a few times but I saw your mind was somewhere else. A different person backstage than the “brand” everyone thinks they know.
    I miss what I fell for in you. I hope you get it back. Now start acting like a grown up. Please.

  • sam

    She can’t be model looking like a zombie, whoever say she’s beautiful and all that crap is probably blind or one of her friends. Adam is a loser no respect for him

  • knox

    She’s repulsive, her big flat head and skinny legs are awful, I agree she has no style, beauty or glamour to be a model, not because she’s engaged with an average singer it means she’s beautiful , Adam you’re retarded

  • hong kong

    @wtf jared so annoyed: I agree with you Adam is kinda a pervert looking for young girls to satisfy his needs because he cant grow up, go away Levine your creepy grown (man) disturbing in my opinion

  • hon

    @trashyme: Adam is a plain pop singer nothing special, he needs to be born again to be a rock n roll star. Dating young models that look on drugs isn’t helping his cracked image

  • ali ali

    I dnt know if it’s me but she looks awful. How can someone hire this bizarre looking girl to be a model. I guess sleeping with Adam have it’s benefits

  • Alabama

    Adam’s fiancee? I feel sorry for him. There is something inherently despicable in her

  • richie

    Model? Adam is a cheap jew for not buying good, decent clothes to his fiancee. Shame on you Adam sc um bag

  • David

    @wtf jared so annoyed: it’s embarrassing that everybody is criticizing a 34 yr old man engaged with a reckless girl that can be his daughter and Jews aren’t cheap, he’s a bad example for the rest of us

  • Ciara

    She looks scary, like a cheap Halloween costume. She’s definitely a fashion victim, Adam is a dumb a sS for dating her

  • Mr. rubeinstain

    So Mr Levine has Peter Pan mentality? I’ve no doubts about that, he thinks he’s in his 20s dating gils that make him look ridiculous. After reading all your comments I feel sorry for this young girl in the hands of a pervert like him. I dnt know if he’s a predator or a pervert but I’ll never leave my young daughter alone with this animal that is a mentor for teenagers on The Voice

  • kayla

    Don’t feel sorry for Behati. She orchestrated this whole thing. She’s been obsessed with Adam since day 1. She did everything to get him including throw her self respect in the trash.
    Adam is not a pervert. She is 24 years old. She just acts like she’s 12.

  • OMFG

    Nina 20, Behati 22, Anne 23 and I think all his girlfriends are between 20-23 in my opinion that’s being a pervert when your a grown man in your 30s. Why he prefers young girls and not a woman close to his age? He has Peter Pan mentality or he’s a pervert that will always date young girls. I feel bad for Behati and all the young girls used by him. Grow up Levine please

  • The Truth

    She is into African Voodoo and Witchcraft. Apparently, the “look a like” tattoos was a way that she could get a “latch” so to speak on Adam. BUT, it didn’t work bc he found out about her voodoo attempt to make him stay with her. Yeah, he got the tattoo, but is about to cover it up or have it removed. I heard he is so repulsed by her now, that he’s already ended it and moving onto better things! She needs to get a life!