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Chris Evans & Minka Kelly: Disneyland Date!

Chris Evans & Minka Kelly: Disneyland Date!

Chris Evans and his girlfriend Minka Kelly enjoy a day full of fun while taking in all the attractions at Disneyland and California Adventure on Monday (September 2) in Anaheim, Calif.

The 32-year-old actor passed by a bunch of parkgoers wearing Captain America gear, but few people noticed he was actually there!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Evans

Also pictured inside: Minka taking her pet pooch to the TLC Animal Hospital in Los Angeles last week.

For more photos of the Disneyland trip, head on over to!

FYI: Minka is wearing a Lovers + Friends tee at Disneyland.

10+ pictures inside of Chris Evans and Minka Kelly out and about…

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chris evans minka kelly disneyland date 01
chris evans minka kelly disneyland date 02
chris evans minka kelly disneyland date 03
chris evans minka kelly disneyland date 04.
chris evans minka kelly disneyland date 05
chris evans minka kelly disneyland date 06
chris evans minka kelly disneyland date 07
chris evans minka kelly disneyland date 08
chris evans minka kelly disneyland date 09
chris evans minka kelly disneyland date 10

Photos: Starfeine, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • dia

    Great now she has man arms to go with her cankles

  • Angus

    @dia: You have something against physical fitness?

  • Lola

    I hope they enjoy their horrible education and arrogancy together, because they’re so hypocrite and deserve each other

  • harry

    STAGED of course. fake greedy people with the same PR trying to create interest….

  • Jerkface

    Oh look, a staged PR photo op to prove that these two boring people exist. Nevermind that they are in their 30′s with no kids, hanging at the happiest place on earth (for kids). Maybe someone should tell them to find something adult to do, instead of walking around theme parks dressed like junior high kids.

  • Abby

    @Lola: Funny how someone with incorrect grammar feels the need to comment on other people’s education. That’s kind of hypocritical, no?

  • dia

    @Angus: there is a difference between being fit and buff, just look what happened to Cameron Diaz, I think Minka is at that dangerzone

  • Justinia

    These two get zero press. Minka will always be d list no matter who she dates.

  • BebeLush


    Oh, so two adults can’t go to Disneyland now because you don’t like them? Gee, you’re really getting desperate and more pathetic. And a trip to Disney Land isn’t staged. It’s just two people trying to have a good time at a good place. Shame you don’t know the difference.

  • Janire

    I used to like him but I don’t find him interesting anymore (thanks for that gf of him mostly)

  • Amara

    @BebeLush: It’s not this one visit. It’s the several he’s taken even on his own this past summer. Staged or not, there’s a genuine concern among Evans fans whether or not his thing with her is healthy.

  • Stacy

    It’s pathetic how everyone like to hate on them. Yes they have been there several times without getting photographed and this one time they do people assuming its a pr thing. Celebrities get photographed in Disneyland all the time!!! I don’t understand why if you don’t like them do you make it your business to hate on them for going to Disneyland. Pathetic!!! As for her body comments wish everyone who comments on her body would show a picture of themselves since they have such perfect bodies to criticize her. If their relationship was all about pr why don’t we see more of them?? He was just in Vancouver visiting her wouldn’t they get photograph for pr. No one knew he was there until fans posted sightings of them on twitter. Haters always going to find anything to hate. Get over it and stop hating!!

  • Erica

    @Stacy: So you must be Chris’ mom here to defend her helpless little baby boy. People hate on them because he’s a hypocrite and she’s fake as a barbie doll.

  • Stacy

    @Erica: am not. Simply a real chris evans fan who doesn’t give a dime on what he does with his personal life. How do you know he’s a hypocrite do you talk with him on a daily basics to know him that well. Please!!! I don’t blame his mom for defending him that’s her freaking kid. You must not be a parent to know you would do anything to defend your child from haters. Your mother must be proud to hate/ criticize others when you don’t know them. Or maybe she didn’t teach you any manners like respect others even if you don’t agree with what they do.

  • Lois

    These two deserve each other. They are both so fake and trashy. God help us if they breed.

  • Come on!!

    of course it is staged. not to mention that it’s Fashion Week and the greedy$$$ minka is trying to drum up attention to get freebies from the designers.
    + now all her pictures are cropped as to not show her cankles.

  • Toby

    They let these two into Disney? That’s terrible! Think of all the diseases they exposed the kids there too!

  • jerpes

    Great now i have to bring sanitizer before my next Disneyland trip

  • Bobby

    Chris is an idiot if he doesn’t realize she’s using him yet. Notice all the photos of her on the gossip sites again…..after she got such terrible reviews in The Butler. I think one commentator said it best….Jackie O must be rolling in her grave.

  • lynn

    cute dog

  • Wendy

    I love how a posting where his name is listed first is mostly photos of her.

  • BebeLush


    Thanks! T@Erica:

    Jealous much? Only reason to explain the hate. Chris is the lucky one, get over it.

  • Sweetpea

    The only attractive thing in these pictures is the dog. His looks are gone and she’s ruined her with too much botox.

  • Jerkface

    @BebeLush: Hi, I’m BebeLush. Chris Evans is my celebrity idol, therefore I must police the internet and accuse those who see his flaws of being desperate. One day Chris will notice this and he will reward my loyalty. *eyeroll* Face reality, dude. Chris is a flawed human being, and really not that great an actor. Except maybe in Snowpiercer. I’ll give him that one.

  • HOPE

    @Jerkface: He;s not just flawed, he’s fake….Oh I’d never date a Hollywood type….and he’s with Minka Kelly…..Boston is home….watch me spend an insane amount of money on a stupidly small house in LA….I try to be a good person and grateful for my fame….ignores fans and treats extras like sh*t. His true colors are out and they ain’t pretty.

  • Totally

    He looks like a druggie.

  • Poopy

    That poor dog does not look happy. Then again, I won’t be happy to go home with her either.

  • Jerkface

    @BebeLush: Also, if this little Disneyland excursion was NOT a PR stunt, as you claim, then how is it that the paps knew exactly where Chris and Minka were going to be? They are dressed casually, just like everyone else. It’s not like they stand out in a crowd. So the paps just “happened” to spot two famous people who weren’t being obvious in a theme park with hundreds of thousands of other people in it? I don’t think so. This may not have been a PR stunt for Chris, but it definitely was for Minka. There’s nothing that girl likes better than attention. Why else would she allow herself to be photographed doing mundane things (like taking her dog to the vet) when so many other more famous people don’t get any attention at all? … Seriously, dude, think it through before you start defending these two phonies.

  • Laura

    Haters stop hating. Chris buying a house in la makes him a hypocrite. Really?? Since you guys obviously have no brains it’s cheaper to buy a house than rent one especially since most of your auditions and work is in la. He still has a house in Boston and goes home when he can. As for Disneyland how many celebrities go there and get popped all the freaking time. Jlo, beckhams , Jason Siegel , Travis barker have been photograph there this week. Minka and chris have been there so many times and this is the first time to get photograph and all of a sudden it’s pr. If minka was using him wouldn’t she be getting roles like crazy? Or they both would be getting photograph all the time even in Boston? Tom and Gisele get papped in Boston all the time wouldn’t minka “call” paparazzi there too to get photograph with chris. They would be walking the red carpet all time if she’s using him. If you don’t like them get out of their business . Are your lives so miserable that you must be here all the time to make comments on someone who is successful and doesn’t need attention like you guys. If anyone here is fake are all the haters who hate and have nothing else to do.

  • naive

    of course this is staged. It is *Fashion Week* and d- list ‘actresses’ (I’m not sure she’s even one, lol!) need all the attention they can get. Not to mention that they share the same PR agency. That’s the reality of the business and these 2 are playing it big time.