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Jennifer Lawrence: Miss Dior Autumn/Winter 2013 Images!

Jennifer Lawrence: Miss Dior Autumn/Winter 2013 Images!

Jennifer Lawrence looks fresh faced and pretty for her latest images for the Miss Dior Autumn/Winter 2013 campaign.

The 23-year-old Oscar winner was photographed for the images by famed photographer Willy Vanderperre.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Lawrence

In case you missed it, check out Jennifer and her co-star Josh Hutcherson in the latest poster for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Jennifer and Josh‘s latest film is set to be released in theaters on November 22. We can’t wait to check it out!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennifer Lawrence’s brand new images for the Miss Dior Autumn/Winter 2013 campaign???

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jennifer lawrence miss diors autumn winter campaign 01
jennifer lawrence miss diors autumn winter campaign 02
jennifer lawrence miss diors autumn winter campaign 03
jennifer lawrence miss diors autumn winter campaign 04
jennifer lawrence miss diors autumn winter campaign 05
jennifer lawrence miss diors autumn winter campaign 06

Credit: Dior
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  • Kim

    Much better than last season! Although not wanna buy the bags jajajjaja

  • Leokas

    She is so damn overrated her PR team did well

  • Laura


    except everybody freakin loves her so you fail.

  • Maggie

    Usually men love Jennifer Lawrence

  • Manda

    love this. Jennifer looks so much more European and modelesque. HER FACE .

    Also, love that they had the balls to go with less photoshop and makeup and combined her feel with Dior’s more classic aesthetic.

  • Phillipa


    WRONG. so very wrong. She is definitely more of a girls girl. But frankly, she seems to be equally revered; girls wanna be with her or hang out with her , and guys want to do hang out with her and sleep with her. Have you missed how she is pretty much the number 1 girlcrush now?

  • Daleann

    Better than last season but she is so not “Miss Dior”. Not high fashion at all. But like Stephanie Seymour recently said, all you need for a fashion campaign these days is to be a famous actress.

  • ots

    So much better than the previous ads. She looks beautiful. Her eyes are so captivating. I literally just stared at them for like 5 minutes.

  • quaa

    For me she’s just an ugly overrated actress oh and she’s also VEY VERY FAKE !

  • I

    hahahahahahaha how many expression she have ah?… dude please

  • quaa

    For me she’s just an ugly overrated actress oh and she’s also VEY VERY FAKE !

  • I

    @quaa: TRUE!

  • debong

    damn her eyebrow is PERFECT

  • pup

    Gorgeous! Always so effortlessly flawless.

  • David

    SO photoshoped, i’m sure no one will remember this girl in two years,just another overhyped girl that hollywood is trying to sold! but she’s nothing but a pothead,,,,,,

  • Phillipa


    so photoshopped except she looks the same in real life…

    oh, and wanna bet on that? loser, Hunger Games itself will go for another 4 years.

  • not

    @David: lmao you keep telling yourself that

  • hmmm

    she looks like any other american girl from the countryside. go to the smokey mountains or the midwest, she’s pretty common looking amongst the rest of the blonde hair blue eyed girls. shes what you call a “natural actress” but i dont see her as the most stunning actress around like people and the media make her out to be. shes got the girl next door look but nothing exotic or standout about her IMO.

  • http://gmail amie kamara

    She look like a man who have turn to woman she is ugly. I do not see all horray about her and i see a picture of her without makeup oh god she is scary looking no beauty well the hunger games is making her look like she is the most beautiful woman or man for now.

  • Looks great

    She is from Kentucky so her looks suit her. What’s great about her is that she does look like the girl next door rather than some fake wanna be who has altered her features with fake brea.sts,, and what ever feature Hollywood tells her to redo. She’s clean cut and can look great whether she’s dressed up or down. I loved her in X-Men and I thought she was perfect to play Katniss in The Hunger Games. She’s a very versatile actress who actually knows how to act unlike Kirsten Stewart who has the acting range of a mannequin.

  • Samantha

    LOL seriously her fans are so pathetic it’s a thing you love her as an actress but are you that blind that you can’t how plain she really is ? for me she’s just a mediocre actress who loves getting attention by acting so goofy and nerdy so she can get other zombies to worship her but thank god we’re not all stupid,i’ll never understand how this girl didn’t get hate and Hathaway did and we all agree except her zombies aka her fans that she didn’t deseved her oscar she only won because she sucked Harvey Weinstein’s D .

  • hk

    @Samantha: The only one who’s pathetic here is you.

  • Jealous

    Yeah you wish you could be her rather than a nobody who posts on a gossip blog.

  • M4

    Gorgeous!…I love these photos. So natural and beautiful!.

  • sweetness

    she looks fantastic…the photographer and stylist got it right with this look. More natural = more stylish.

    Sorry haters ….you all lose..Jennifer continues to be a winner in her looks, her talent and definitely her personality!

  • ZsuZsu

    LOVELY!!. Jennifer Lawrence also has quite possibly the most beautiful eyes. Damn, those eyes are hypnotic!.

  • what

    OMG they def photoshoped her. Her face is normally way more chubby. They made her face look like a real model. I mean if you photoshop her then you dont need much make up and you can go for the “natural” look.

  • Dreamer

    I saw her at ComicCon and her face wasn’t chubby at all. She was really cute in her slim pencil line dress. You could tell Michael Fassbender thought so to.

  • neil


    Oh please, irony of ironies. YOU ARE AN ANONYMOUS INTERNET COMMENTOR. I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of all commentors habitually misrepresent who they really away from the computer. I try not to but even I hide somewhat behind my comments. So, by definition the majority of comments on the internet are made by fakes, easily done and without any conscious thought of the hypocrisy of it all.

  • zoom

    Oh well, they photoshopped that butterface to the max. Now she´s nice to look at. Good job!

  • Jo


  • RinTinTin

    They DIDN’T photoshop her. Gorgeous pics!

  • Matt

    Great looking pictures, she’s still better looking and much nicer in person.

  • Cyn

    She’s beautiful!

  • Classy Dior

    Jen is a natural beauty in this classic Dior campaign. Kudos to Dior for choosing smart, talented and lovely actresses.

  • Blackplanetmobi

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  • Chris

    Her ads for Dior are so terrible!
    She is bland, is not photogenic, she has just one facial expression, she has a biscuit face and a big head! lol
    Marion Cotillard is billion times better as a Dior face and also as an actress! Poor Jennifer doesn’t have talent and just won an Oscar because Harvey Weinstein bought it for her!

  • Amy

    Extremely photoshoped!
    Her face is more fat in real life. She has lots of moles in her face and neck and they disappeared in these pics, of course it is photoshop!

  • WTF

    Are you blind?? You can see the freckles on her neck. They are faint but that’s what they use makeup for you idiot!!

  • Sim

    @Looks great: I disagree, Kristen Stewart is better actress and she’s beautiful without makeup I, Jenifer not, Look … Learn to Its first Name, page, do you have to criticize and even do not know her, it’s pathetic like most people here

  • Testo

    Kristen Stewart is a walking and talking piece of shit. Get real you retárd

  • eh

    She’s so boring

  • what

    its not the first time they photoshoped her. in the internet is even a step by step example of a past cover shoot of her, where it gets shown what they did change from the original pic. and they did change her face and body, even a handposition.

  • boom

    i know it seems they were going for the fresh face look but she just looks ill in these pics.

  • meh

    @Phillipa: you obviously can’t count, the last hunger games film comes out in 2015 which is 2 years from now

  • BB

    Meh. Overrated. Favored by jew power trippers in hollywood. Rather have woodley.

  • Sim

    @Testo: How do you know? Did you see her?? or just where you are writing what you saw on the Internet, you are discuss, Kristen is a wonderful by nature, does not need makeup, you’re just envious, and assholes as you can see, disgust

  • Angus

    @quaa: Lets see your picture

  • WTF

    No one I know like Kristen Stewart, they think she’s way over rated and is a poor actress. Of course we are all in our 30′s and her fan base seems to be those immature teenie boopers and 20 year olds.

  • Dreamer

    I just love love love this look. I am so sick of overly painted faces and bizarre clothes. Its good to see stylists going back to the more natural look.