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Angelina Jolie Receiving Governors Awards' Humanitarian Honor!

Angelina Jolie Receiving Governors Awards' Humanitarian Honor!

Angelina Jolie is set to receive the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the 2013 Governors Awards this November!

The 38-year-old actress will be getting an Oscar statuette for the award, which is given “to an individual in the motion picture industry whose humanitarian efforts have brought credit to the industry.”

The Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is presenting the award to Angelina for being “an impassioned advocate for humanitarian causes, traveling widely to promote organizations and social justice efforts such as the Prevent Sexual Violence Initiative.”

Angelina will be getting the award alongside Honorary Awards recipients Angela Lansbury, Steve Martin, and Piero Tosi at a ceremony on November 16 at the Ray Dolby Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland Center.

Congratulations to Angelina on the honor!

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  • sunny

    Congrats Angie !
    Comgrats Angela Lansbury for getting Honorary Award finally !
    I loved your TV show !
    Here is Lansbury presenting the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award to Elizabeth Taylor at the ceremony back in 1992

  • Yum-Yum

    Congrats Angie. I know Brad and the kids are so proud of you as well as your fans.

  • Jocelyn

    @Anna: No, that is reserved for the town pump, Jennifer Aniston.

  • Anna

    The purest form of shit that is unique to Hollywood!

  • Observer2


    Why you so butt hurt?

    Can’t help it that people respect and admire her. It is what it is. LOL.

  • Angela Lansbury???


  • plez

    Could we get a violin for Anna to accompany her whining.

  • Observer2


    It’s going to be comedy gold. Gold!

  • Marieme

    So proud of you, Angelina. You do none of it for praise or attention but I’m glad you’re receiving it anyway!! Love you!

    Oh and I guess we all know what month Maniston will be holding her wedding, right.

  • Bea

    Poor Anna … or is it Anistion? All your fat tick can ever claim is an engagement to a little pygmy boy and being the dirtbag of the year. No wonder you are so bitter.

    Don’t worry though I’m sure you will see the sad spook and pygmy boy again soon. With this news today, surely A n uston will be waddling around tomorrow with her fat stomach pooched out in a dress 5 sizes too small so that she can try and steal another cover or two.

  • Ssshhii_baby

    well deserved!!! so proud of our girl!!

  • valis202

    LOL. JP fans have you got the popcorn ready because I think that I am going to have a blast reading the nonsensical and moronic crap that’s coming from the trolls and if what we have already seen is anything to go by it should be a gigglefest.

  • neil

    @Another Fan2:

    Did Shilo visit a dentist? She couldn’t have outgrown her baby teeth yet, could she?
    Also, it seems to not matter her choices of clothing. That kid has an aura about her. Absolutely radiant.

  • Another Fan2

    @neil: I think your permanent teeth start coming in when you’re around 6 or so. Shi is 7 now, and ITA she’s radiant!

  • Yip yip

    Oh but I thought she was over and that the academy didn’t like her. If anything this proves that the academy wants her back and making movies. Note to Brad: some people don’t have to make 3 Oscar baiting movies a year to try to get an award. Maybe next time focus on one really good script and give it your all or you know stick to humanitarian causes. Angelina stuck to refugee causes for 12 years Brad already lost interest in his humanitarian work. Oh hum.
    … Years of not working and boom she gets an Oscar. LoL my guess is the academy will be paying close attention to unbroken next year – and maybe even maleficent.

  • neil


    Laughing and sneering on the outside, seething and raging on the inside. Life is good.

  • Yip yip

    @jajajaajja: the academy loved the leg and the attention she brought, this is Hollywood, darling, not your local wal mart. Skip along, loser.

  • neil


    My mistake…..seething and raging on the outside as well, apparently.

  • valis202


    Bless LOL. Like a said before, one pure gigglefest.

  • jajajaajja

    It is pretty digusting of them to choose this w hore when there are more honest actors who do good deeds .Especially after what she pulled at the 2012 0scars with her f uckin chicken leg and acting all mightier than thow bullshit :evil: Now we are going to see this drama queen again acting like she won the noble piece prize :roll: You know hand on chest crocodile tears yada… yada…Ugh!!!!! Not for nothing because Brad is no prize either but every time there is talk of his films being nominated and possibly Oscar worthy she has to make sure she gets in somehow as well she can’t just be there to support him something has to be in it for her. Just like with Moneyball she had to get a presenter gig and we know how that turned out :lol: She knows there is a lot of buzz for TYAS .
    She makes me sick.I hope he does end up leaving her and taking those kids away they deserve better.

  • Observer2


    I love it when Brad and Angelina piss the trolls off. LMAO!

  • Yip yip

    @jajajaajja: what exactly do you think Brad is going to win for tyas? Everyone got praised for their acting except for Brad. He definitely won’t be winning producer award because way too many movies have rest producing this year…. SUCKS TO BE A PITT FAN ALWAYS WAITING FOR THAT ELUSIVE OSCAR AND ANGIE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE TO MAKE MOVIES TO WIN WHAT YOU WANT. BAHAHAHAH

  • Wonderbust

    From deadline Angelina is the youngest ever to receive such as award by the Academy
    “Jolie’s Hersholt award is richly deserved. Some might be surprised to see her getting this honor at such a young age , and at 38 she is the youngest recipient of this award ever and the youngest recipient of a Governors Award since their inception. Her tireless globetrotting humanitarian efforts are a remarkable example for other actors of her generation and it’s nice the Academy decided to recognize those achievements”

  • Observer2

    @Yip yip:

    Bone head. Not saying it’s going to happen. But, if TYAS gets nominated for best picture and wins. Brad gets nominated and wins also.

    See, how that works. Or, does that strain your brain?

  • briseis

    @Bea: I was just going to post that! Methinks Anna is Ticky herself, or her minions. All that bitterness because all Ticky gets are faked up awards like hottest of all time or hotness of a decade or some bullshite like that, while Angie gets awards previously awarded to people like Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor, Oprah Winfrey, Paul Newman, Bob Hope, Danny Kaye. And of course now that Angie is getting it, they are trying to belittle the award. So funny, I am getting the popcorn ready to witness the trolls’ meltdown! Bring it on!!!!! Hahahahahaha!

  • Yip yip

    Sme of the tyas reviews -so far – didnt even mention Pitty. One said he looked like an Amish man and his speech was CORNY. Poor pitiful Pitty fans.

    Lord please grant angelina with not only oscars but a hot Australian man. Hunk. pittstain fans eat chit and cry over Jolie’s Oscar. Lmao

  • elizabeth

    Well deserve Congrats Angie so proud to be your fan.

    Is it televised???



    NEW THREAD ————————

  • Angel

    Angel for Angel- Lina Jolie – Pitt.
    Long live the Queen of the World.
    Haters move to the left.. Coz our Angel OWN YOUR FAT ass.

  • K


  • Observer2

    @Yip yip:

    Brad’s a producer, you dim wit. Producers get nominated if the film that they’re credited producers on, gets nominated. Seeing how Brad is the reason the movie got made. IF TYAS gets a BP nod. So, will Brad.

    Again. The strain of being you.

  • Yip yip

    @Observer2: oh yeah, that’s the only way he can win by latching on to other people who actually did the work. We know what happens when Pitt is actually responsible for production – illegal firearms make their way on set and millions of dollars are lost in other areas because the dolt is in charge- how proud will he be if he wins for a movie where he wasn’t even onset doing production work ? He’s a user and a loser. I laughed my arse off when he said he knew what it takes to go where fassbender and ejiofor had to go to bring out this performances. If he knows what it takes why haven’t we seen a brad Pittstain performance on par with fassbender and ejiofor? Gosh darn liar that he is doesn’t know what it takes because he doesn’t have what it takes. Baha

    Angie doesn’t even have to work to win oscars, betch. Can’t wait to see what she does with a film that has three fantastic young up-and-comers and a great f-Ing script. You better fan your pittstains for 2014

  • Caribbean

    about D*MN time!!!!

  • Victoria

    Another toy for the kids

  • valis202

    Observer2 @ 09/05/2013 at 5:31 pm
    As bizarre and crazy as it seems, it’s obvious that this Yip yip character is Tams**t. I LOL at this lunatics antics on this board.

    There is no doubt in my mind that TYAS and Brad are going to be nominated for Best Film. As Steve McQueen has said (and it is worth repeating) this film was made possible because of Brad Pitt. FACT

  • Observer2

    @Yip yip:

    Did Brad kick your puppy.

    You seem a tad upset.

    Take some deep breaths. Count to ten. You’re going to blow an artery. And stroke out.

    Easy. Be breezy.

    You little psycho.

  • Another Fan2

    Credit brangelina forum: FreeNews Australia @FreeNewsAU
    VIDEO: Angelina Jolie arrives at Sydney Airport to a welcoming media pack…
    7 minutes ago

  • Well

    Congrats to Angie, she dedicated past decade of her life to humanitarian works. Well deserved. They used to present the award at Oscar show, but lately changed to different event, but Brad and Angie will be at Oscar show next year because TYAS will be nominated for sure, Oscar is so boring with them. if TYAS wins, then two Oscars in the same year for JP.

  • valis202

    Observer2 @ 09/05/2013 at 5:39 pm
    @Yip yip:
    Did Brad kick your puppy. You seem a tad upset.
    No. Brad left Jen. Boohoo, and these morons have still yet to get over it.

  • were the morons

    GZ filed for divorce from his wife.

  • Another Fan2

    THe above link didn’t work, so use this:
    If you don’t want to click it, then go to the above twitter account

  • QQQQ

    OSCARS: Big Names, Deserving Recipients For The Governors Awards
    Jolie’s Hersholt award is richly deserved. Some might be surprised to see her getting this honor at such a young age, and at 38 she is the youngest recipient of this award ever and the youngest recipient of a Governors Award since their inception. Her tireless globetrotting humanitarian efforts are a remarkable example for other actors of her generation and it’s nice the Academy decided to recognize those achievements.

  • Yip yip

    @Observer2: nope just can’t stand his fans and I had a bit of coffee today mix that with happiness for Angie and boom. You have someone smacking you down with the truth tea. Deal with it, betch. And no I am not tamiqua. I was a poster back in the day but I haven’t been here in a while …passing through will recognize my truth tea it’s always too hot for her to sip. Boom

  • Yip yip

    @valis202: now why in gods good name would I care about that? But you know what? That’s always the excuse for someone not drinking pittstains kool-aid. I don’t want it. It is fulll of sweat, rogain, just for men blonde hair dye, wig glue, and fake hair. Bleck. No thank you, betches.

  • well

    Should be Oscar is so boring without them

  • Rose

    Why do so many people worship this woman? She’s a terrible actress, she’s fake as hell and on top of all that she looks more and more like a walking skeleton. I really don’t understand the hardcore stans who treat her like some sort of goddess.

  • there for a long time

    @Yip yip:


  • valis202

    LOL. Now stealing fans names. Love it.

    I never really understand what trolls mean when they call Angie fake. They use that term so often about her but never define how it relates to Angie.

    When I talk about Aniston being shallow and superficial I base that on the fact that all she talks about is her hair, body and yoga sessions. That’s it. Nothing else comes out of her mouth.

  • Mikaela

    @valis202: I think they call her fake because she has her face done when she wasn’t ugly at all

  • busted

    Aww the troll are melting down again. OH wait.. nobody likes Angie.. how is that possible. That is why her arriving anywhere is big news all over the web.. tweets articles.

    WELL get use to it idiots.. the best is still yet to come.