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Brad Pitt Films 'Fury' in English Countryside!

Brad Pitt Films 'Fury' in English Countryside!

Brad Pitt ducks behind a huge tanker on the set of his upcoming film Fury on Tuesday (September 3) in the English Countryside.

The 49-year-old actor stars in the flick about a platoon of Americans in Nazi Germany toward the end of World War II who embark on a brave mission.

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Shia LaBeouf, Jon Bernthal, Logan Lerman, Michael Peña, and more star in the movie, set to be released next year!

Brad‘s fiancee Angelina Jolie was just announced as the recipient of the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the 2013 Governors Awards this November! News of the award broke after Angelina and her kids were spotted taking a flight out of LAX Airport.

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41 Responses to “Brad Pitt Films 'Fury' in English Countryside!”

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  1. 1
    Erianthe Says:

    Well, hello Brad:). Sigh. Handsome as ever. Congrats to Angie on the award!!! Woo hoo!

  2. 2
    cheral Says:

    Beautiful Brad ;-). And Huge congrats to Angelina!!!!!!! Well deserved :)))))

  3. 3
    Joker Says:

    God blessed Pitt

  4. 4
    Anna Says:

    Where’s Bambi?

  5. 5
    scratch Says:

    Brad glorifies violence and war once again,.
    Good work Mr. Pitt!

  6. 6
    Shar Says:

    Have they already begun filming, because I thought Brad character will have a buzz cut in the movie. Or so i’ve heard.

    p.s. still looking good, papa!

  7. 7
    St Says:

    Oh God. And there I was, hoping that he will finally cut that hair at least for a film. Nope. He still wears it. God Brad. You lost all your hotness with that stupid hair. CUT IT!

  8. 8
    FYI Says:

    The movie is still in pre production, hasn’t started yet.

  9. 9
    Yip yip Says:

    Another movie where he stick our like a ugly thumb. Lord I wonder what his accent will be. Baha
    @Observer2: oh yeah, that’s the only way he can win by latching on to other people who actually did the work. We know what happens when Pitt is actually responsible for production – illegal firearms make their way on set and millions of dollars are lost in other areas because the dolt is in charge- how proud will he be if he wins for a movie where he wasn’t even onset doing production work ? He’s a user and a loser. I laughed my **** off when he said he knew what it takes to go where fassbender and ejiofor had to go to bring out this performances. If he knows what it takes why haven’t we seen a brad Pittstain performance on par with fassbender and ejiofor? Gosh darn liar that he is doesn’t know what it takes because he doesn’t have what it takes. Baha
    Angie doesn’t even have to work to win oscars, betch. Can’t wait to see what she does with a film that has three fantastic young up-and-comers and a great f-Ing script. You better fan your pittstains for 2014
    @reply | flag this

  10. 10
    Observer2 Says:

    @Yip yip:

    Did Brad kick your puppy?

    You’re a bit upset.

    Be breezy.

    You’re going to have a stroke.

    You little psycho.

  11. 11
    Out of Lurking Says:

    Yib yib is creotrice that crazy loon troll from IMDB. with many accounts

  12. 12
    there for a long time Says:

    anyone who thinks angelina and kids are only in aussie for a few days is wrong,,they took a ton of luggage, they are there for months.
    brad better be arriving in aussie soon, otherwise there will be break up talk.

    odd scheduling at best

  13. 13
    female first Says:

    Posted: 6 September, 2013 by Brettney

    Angelina Jolie And Her Family Arrive In Sydney

    Angelina Jolie has arrived in Australia with all her children in toe.

    Jolie made her way to Sydney International Airport from LAX, touching down shortly after 6am, with Maddox, Pax, Shiloh, Zahara, Knox, and Vivienne.

    The A-lister is in Australia for the next three months to shoot her upcoming movie ‘Unbroken’.

    When the group left Los Angeles, the Hollywood star kept her family organized by grouping them together, as sisters Zahara and Shiloh giggling and holding hands, and Angie taking charge over the twins.

    Big brother Maddox joked with his mum in the security line and Pax held onto his favorite traveling companion, his giant purple bear.

    Rumour is that Brad Pitt will meet his wife here for a quick visit after he finishes filming his latest movie ‘Fury’ in the UK.

    Jolie will be filming most of the movie in Sydney, and some shots on the Gold Coast and we hear that she will be based in a big house in the Sydney suburb Vaucluse.

    after he finishes Fury? it hasn’t even started yet

    I actually feel a bit sorry for Jolie. Here she’s been begging for a marriage for years and Pitt has evidently gone and married someone else. :(

  14. 14
    there for a long time Says:

    i think they mean after pitt finishes a pre production shoot,,but a quick visit????

    still odd, i am a disappointed fan,,welta and co at brangelina forum feel they same way but don’t have the swingers to say it on the main thread,
    they are all worried about where brad is,,,

  15. 15
    umm Says:

    I see Brad’s long time bg was at Sydney airport waiting for Angie and kids. Aussie finally have jps over there and kids are going to have a blast.

  16. 16
    valis202 Says:

    @there for a long time:
    still odd, i am a disappointed fan,,welta and co at brangelina forum feel they same way but don’t have the swingers to say it on the main thread,
    they are all worried about where brad is,,,
    And just who the fvck are you. Brad and Angie have nothing to prove about their life together to anybody. They are two people who have chosen to be together and how and in what way they life their lives is nobodies business but theirs.

    How fvck pathetic ‘I am a disappointed fan’ what because he is making a film in the UK and she is making on in Australia. And this makes you disappointed. Idiot.

  17. 17
    valis202 Says:

    @there for a long time:
    brad better be arriving in aussie soon, otherwise there will be break up talk.
    Who gives a rat’s behind if the trolls talk sh*t about Brad and Angie breaking up. They have been singing this same tune for nearly 9 years now and I don’t know if you have noticed but those same trolls are bat sh*t crazy.

    If you as a so called JP fan are so concerned about the opinions of people who have said the most vile and disgusting things about Brad and Angie over the years, then you should ‘get lost’ because Brad and Angie really don’t need fans like you.

  18. 18
    naturegirl Says:

    Oh My Man!!!!

  19. 19
    motherof7 Says:


  20. 20
    the ring Says:

    preparing the champañe for the split

    tic tac tic tac

  21. 21
    umm Says:

    So some article say they will stay in the hotel for a month, then move to a big house. I think they will wait for Brad come to find a good house for them

  22. 22
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    I thought the drug addict was an international superstar. Here he is again, taking a pay cut, working with other lesser known actors who will share billing with him in another movie. Poor Pityfool Pothead is not bankable and the studio bosses are not pleased with him, so he better marry the TOWN PUMP soon and hopefully some of her good PR will rub off. Or at least they can do threesomes with Academy voters and perhaps he will get a nomination this year for TYAS.

    I hear it’s a crowded field as a producer, btw. The movie has SEVEN producers, and only three will make the cut and be nominated in the BP category. Of course, loons talk about Oscar buzz all the time, but he doesn’t have enough respect from his peers.

    And of course, he was labeled the DOWNSIDE of TYAS… what an embarrassment for his fans! First Waterworld Z is considered one of the most expensive movies of all time that has yet to break even, and now this! :’(

  23. 23
    cassi Says:

    Brad looks so hot, love him in anything but can’t wait to see him cut the hair. Angie deserves the award.

  24. 24
    umm Says:

    Don’t worry fans , Brad and Angie have everything planned, they knew they would be away from each other for a while, that’s why they had a date night at hotel before Brad went to Telluride Film Festival, Brad came back to LA last Saturday and left for London last Sunday, i think Btad will join them after TIFF.

  25. 25
    Posting on Angie's thread Says:

    The Brad news is old, let’s post on Angie’s to celebrate her Oscar.

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