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Taylor Swift & Hailee Steinfeld Go Shopping Together!

Taylor Swift & Hailee Steinfeld Go Shopping Together!

Taylor Swift and her gal pal Hailee Steinfeld look super chic while doing some shopping together on Thursday afternoon (September 5) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 23-year-old “Red” singer and the 16-year-old Romeo & Juliet actress tried to have lunch at Gjelina restaurant, but the popular eatery was completely booked and they reportedly couldn’t get a table.

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The night before, Taylor and her friends Dianna Agron and Sarah Hyland went to the fun. concert and watched from the side of the stage.

“Watching @OurNameIsFun live tonight at the Greek was unforgettable. Such incredible musicians and showmen. It was just SO good,” Taylor tweeted.

Watch the video of Taylor Swift and her friends at the concert on

FYI: Hailee is wearing an Ella Moss maxi dress.

20+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift and Hailee Steinfeld out and about together…

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taylor swift hailee steinfeld go shopping together 02
taylor swift hailee steinfeld go shopping together 03
taylor swift hailee steinfeld go shopping together 04
taylor swift hailee steinfeld go shopping together 05
taylor swift hailee steinfeld go shopping together 06
taylor swift hailee steinfeld go shopping together 07
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taylor swift hailee steinfeld go shopping together 15
taylor swift hailee steinfeld go shopping together 16
taylor swift hailee steinfeld go shopping together 17
taylor swift hailee steinfeld go shopping together 18
taylor swift hailee steinfeld go shopping together 19
taylor swift hailee steinfeld go shopping together 20

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures, AKM-GSI
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  • Red Head

    Beautiful and classy.

  • conservative ho

    lol why is she hanging out with a 16 year-old all the time?

  • Alaric

    oh god taylor please don’t poison this girl’s mind

  • Asha

    There is no reason a 23 year old should be hanging out with someone who is 16. What do they even have in common besides being famous? They are in two different stages of life.

  • liz

    she has the maturity level of a pre teen so yeah, it makes perfect sense that all her friends are younger than her.

  • Josey

    Doesn’t she have friends in her own age group? There’s a lot of difference between 16 and 23. Seems like ever since Jake broke up with her she’s joined the teenybopper set.

  • liz

    I like her outfit though. it’s a little try-hard, but still it looks nice on her.

  • amanda

    Hailee seems much more mature than taylor.

  • meow

    im not a taylor fan but i really like her whole outfit

  • Rachel

    maybe she wants to hook up Hailee with Austin Mahone?

  • Sarah

    This post alone mentions two of her other close friends … Dianna Agron (27) and Sarah Hyland (22). She’s friends with many people close to her age – as well as older and younger.

    But she’s Taylor Swift. So. People have to find fault with something about her at every turn, obviously.

  • Red Head

    @Sarah: They can’t find anything actually wrong with her so they have to make stuff up to justify their jealousy.

  • ha ha

    jealousy??? LOL how old are you? 12? probably!

  • ami

    @amanda: ……….yeah same here..i thought the exact thing..hailee looks like she is being herself while taylor looks like she’s trying to much to look and kinda act young

  • AK

    oh Tay! grow up please…….. she hangs always with people who younger than her … FRIENDS or BOYFRIENDS … this girl want to be a teenager forever …. WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    What I find strange, is how she always changes her style depending on who she’s hanging out with. When she dated Connor Kennedy, she dressed like an old lady, classic, etc, to fit in with the whole “Kennedy” look. When she was with Harry Styles, she tried to dress all hipster to fit in with him and his friends. It’s just weird.

  • hmmm

    there is something very peculiar that Taylor Swift is hanging out with a 16 year old. Is she suppose be her big sister…ok..but I think it reveals that Taylor is emotionally stunted. She wants to stay forever a teen. The last person who did that was Michael Jackson..The personification of a man-child. Very strange.

  • Michelle

    I just don’t understand why everyone always has something bad to say about Taylor. She is never caught drunk on the streets. She’s never smoked. She’s never wearing anything I wouldn’t let my own daughter wear. She’s dresses appropriately. She makes music appropriate for all ages. I’ve met her in person and she’s the sweetest, most humble celebrity I’ve ever met, despite being a world-famous musician and billionaire. And this is 99.99% not an act because she is adored by so many other artists out there, like Rihanna, Drake, J-Lo, Ellie Goulding, Selena Gomez, Ellen DeGeneres, Hailee Steinfield… seriously, everyone from every part of the famous spectrum. On her free time, she sits around with her cat, watching Law & Order, and writing songs. Yeah, there’s nothing exciting and juicy to criticize her about. So you guys comment on her clothes? Being a “try-hard” to be young? She’s only 23 for Christ’s sake!! And then you guys judge her for covering up too much, “looking like a grandma.” Get a life.

  • Michelle

    @hmmm: Excuse me, ‘hmmm.” She is perfectly emotionally normal. Don’t you dare compare her to Michael Jackson (Rest In Peace). She is 23 and has friends of all ages. And not to mention, Hailee is actually really mature for her age. Again, get a life!

  • ..

    @Michelle: She’s incredibly pretentious and conceited – not very personable. She’s also hypocritical and a bully. She nags and complains all the time, talks bad about people, etc. So while she may not get caught smoking, that doesn’t mean she’s an angel. People are sick of tired of hearing her sob stories and constantly playing victim while she’s trying her damn hardest to humiliate people. It’s getting old.

    And I think people are criticizing her for trying too hard, because she’s trying too hard.

  • Red Head

    @..: It must be miserable to be so hateful, bitter, and jealous of Taylor Swift’s success. Try to move on and become a better person.

  • Monae

    @Red Head: She/He isn’t miserable she//he just has an opinion like you. If you ask me Taylor doesn’t know her age. It isn’t just the girl she hangs with that is 16 her boyfriends are ALWAYS younger! It’s like how do you expect a great relationship or even a decent one & your dating boys. She doesn’t wanna be 23 lol she wants to be 18 or younger. Face it everyone gets older unfortunately

  • Monae

    @..: Exactly my point.

  • alaia

    Everything she does is embarrassingly staged. Remember when she dated Jake Gyllenhaal and there were pictures of her playing with Maggie’s daughter? So stupid!

  • stan

    OMG. Hipster Goddess. She is coming to slay with her next alt. themed record. Joni of our generation.

  • stan

    I am so honored to be a fan of such an amazing person. Every real encounter with her always states what an incredible sweetheart she is. Actions speak louder than words.

    It was just a few days ago when Ed dropped in a small interview how Taylor paints and sends out free guitars to sick children who write to her. Paints them as well to make it more personal. All of it without taking credit. The same with her regular children`s hospital visits.

    But we only get negativity printed in media because it is what sells. I am sorry i am gonna go with info that is confirmed rather than made up for hits.

  • Angus

    They couldn’t get into the restaurant and didn’t try to buy their way in, good on them.

  • Lauren

    C’mon, people. You want hate Taylor Swift? OK, you have every right, but at least have your facts straight.

    Taylor only have friend much younger than her? Obviously you never saw Dianna, Ashley, Claire, Abigail, Ed Sheeran, etc. People are allowed to have friends younger and older, not just in the same age. It’s normal lol

    Taylor aways plays the victim, always talk bad about ‘persons’? Oh man, this is SO old and repetitive… People who say that obviously never listened all of her songs, so basically believes in everything the media says… Poor you.

    And if she talks bad about persons, maybe it’s because they deserved? Because they are in a relationship and only them know what happened, so why judge when we aren’t in this relationship? It’s HER songs, HER point of view. She never forbid any of her boyfriends to write songs about her, they can give interviews if they want. And what did they do? They never denied anything. If they are okay with the songs, then you should be fine too.

  • NYC

    I like Taylor Swift but hanging with a 16 yr old is weird.

  • Mel

    Hailee is so beautiful.

  • Nataly

    I am her fan, here there is a big close up: