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Katie Holmes Steps Out with Suri After Arm Break

Katie Holmes Steps Out with Suri After Arm Break

Katie Holmes leads her daughter Suri down the crowded street as they step out together on Friday (September 6) in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.

The 34-year-old actress’ seven-year-old daughter was seen with her arm cast after breaking her arm last month in an undisclosed accident. Suri seems to have had a lot of her pals sign her cast with get well messages and little inside jokes!

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The day before, Katie was spotted hanging out in her neighborhood in the Big Apple, jamming out to some tunes on her iPod.

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    A very good actress, who also has that Starbucks thing.

  • Stella

    Joshua Jackson’s baby girl is really growing up. She’s starting to look more and more like him. Poor Suri Jackson

  • Lisbeth


    “Joshua Jackson’s baby girl”

    lol it’s not dawson … wake up ..

  • Sonya

    We need to leave the children out of the spotlight unless it is welcomed.

  • Frozoid

    The seven year old brat still has a BLANKET? This kid is going to be so screwed up.

  • Sandra

    I wonder why she’s still carrying around her blanket? That’s not normal for a 7 1/2 year old. I’m a 1st grade teacher and have 3 children of my own. Needing that type of a soother at that age isn’t healthy, even if she is the child of celebrities. Please don’t blame the photographers either. She’s not alone walking down the street. She’s with her mother. At this stage of the game, Suri should feel more than confident that she’s secure as long as a parent or some other caregiver she trusts is with her. Obviously, for whatever reason, Suri doesn’t feel secure with her mother and needs another soother to calm her. If I were Katie, I’d take Suri to a therapist who specializes in young children (perhaps thru her school) and find out why she feels so frightened that she needs her blankie and stuffed toy. Something is not right. I feel very sorry for Suri. She’s just a sweet little girl who obviously has issues. She didn’t create the issues. Her parents did. Poor kid.

  • i have a blanket

    excuse me, maybe she has issues we dont know about./ the girl just broke her arm, she can carry what she wants.

  • Nelly


    What are you talking about? I thought Tom Cruise was Suri’s father, are you saying that she’s Joshua Jackson’s daughter? How come I’ve never heard of this before?

  • Aleezah

    Suri looks very unhappy.

  • rubyz

    Is Holmes immune to the fact that her kid if MISERABLE living in NYC, or does she just not give a damn? Curious. The “acting” work she is doing, she could do from anywhere.

  • Ha

    @Nelly: This commenter said that because there’s been rumors for a while that the baby was in fact Joshua Jackson’s… because Suri looks a lil bit like him. In some pictures it was disturbing, really lol

  • Sincerely concerned

    Suri will find her way.

  • Anne

    @Nelly: @Ha:

    I’m still betting on William Mapother. That’s why Tom did not fight for custody. One day Suri will want to know her true history. Paris Jackson sends her regards.

  • K-FLOP – Miss Meadows@TIFF

    According to Deadline – “Myriad Pictures is handling all international rights on Miss Meadows, written and directed by Karen Leigh Hopkins. The dark satire/fairy tale stars Katie Holmes and James Badge Dale. Myriad will introduce it to buyers in Toronto. Holmes plays a sweet and proper elementary school teacher who moonlights as a gun-toting vigilante. Badge Dale is the local sheriff who falls in love with her. The film is produced by Crazy Heart‘s Rob Carliner and Eric Brenner.”

    The challenge facing sellers will be to get those buyers to wrap their arms around new product that will fill slate holes in 2014. (re:

    Will MM be a ‘filler’ for 2014?

  • Sincerely concerned

    @K-FLOP – Miss Meadows@TIFF: why do you have such a hard-on agt. Her?

  • anonymous

    @Nelly: Don’t believe nonsense like that. Even though I’m not a fan of Tom Cruise, Suri is the spitting image of him. She basically has his face.

  • annie

    yay, anonymous.
    totally agree there are times and in some pics and movies , Suri is the spitting image of him……really she’s a beautiful mix of both of them.
    and she is a beautiful mix without doubt.

    Seriuosly, a little girl likes her furry animals, and it becomes a negative talking point when all you have to go is into teenage girl bedrooms, and all their furry animals are lined up.
    Because she just doesn’t like the paps, supposedly she has issues.
    Nobody seems to take into consideration all the times this kid is photographed unaware of the paps , how happy and carefree she is, smiley and happy, when she sees them close to her she doesn’t like it, for sure, but it’s only a couple of minutes out of her life a couple of times a week.
    Now obviously because of her arm, and it’s her right arm as well , maybe she doesn’t go to school, you don’t know where they are going.
    The Holmes / Yang office is in that area I believe.
    Stop your whining about this kid, and concentrate on celeb kids and their mothers that you like.
    Maybe you should concentrate on a Jolie- Pitt kid that carries a huge stuffed animal in front of him so that he doesn’t have to see the paps, and he’s older than Suri Cruise.
    Grow up, and stop making yourselves look like a bunch of pathetic idiots.
    Have a look around on JJ, not many posts, anywhere, most people don’t like nastiness, so they don’t bother coming.
    It’s interesting when people, supposedly mature enough people to know better, give differing opinions to things , paticularly when there is a little commonsense involved , or a little knowing about how things work, and completely horrible when people want to be deliberately nasty.

  • testing


  • Anne

    @anonymous: @annie:

    What would be the dirt that katie has on Tom, for him to give up so easily in custody? Tom fought for custody of the adoptive and not his biological daughter? For me it has no importance, he is the only father she knows and I’m sure he loves her.

  • Thaleis


    I couldn’t said it better… It’s very refreshing to read a comment wrote by someone with a brain… =]]]

  • Sarah

    I’m definitely going with Joshua Jackson as the father, why else would Tom try so hard to keep Katie and Joshua away from each other. I believe Tom knows Suri isn’t his daughter, that’s why he didn’t really fight for her when they divorced.

  • so judgemental

    If Suri is anyone kid it is Chris Klein. He was engaged to Katie all those years when she was a self professed virgin. She left him and then only a few weeks later she is traveling with Cruise around the world over selling their relationship with over the top PDA on every red carpet. They knew going in she was pregnant. He needed the family man PR boost. Mimi never had children with him yet after the divorce had children with her next husband. Nicole had troubles getting pregnant and then magically had a child after the divorce.. odds are the troubles with conception are not all on the female side of the marriage. Katie had that bizarre belly that changed shape at the end like nothing I have ever seen before (yes. I have two kids I know what bellies can do), she had a mysterious birth where even though every pap in the world wanted the first pic they were somehow able to get in and out of the maternity ward without anyone knowing.. including Brooke Sheilds who gave birth in the same maternity ward on the same day (virtually impossible if you think about how at the time they were not yet friendly again), then they hid the baby until it was harder to tell how old she was.. tested her out on some Scientolgy friends fits including his ex girlfriend Penelope to see if she could pass as his.. then he premiered her into the public eye. also why he postponed the wedding until after the baby, after he was sure he could get away with it all. That had to be hard on Katie and her family.. a practicing Catholic virgin running off and getting knocked up by an older movie star… or was it the answer to a prayer that a knocked up and abandoned starstruck actress gets the chance to help an aging move star fix his PR problems when he decides to take her in and say someone else child is his? It is a mystery…. but that was the fastest celebrity divorce in history.. and he did not try to challenge her sole custody claim at all.. anyone familiar to Cruise egomaniac control issues knows that is awfully fishy!

  • Anne

    @so judgemental:

    Nothing to do. What you say is ridiculous. It would be easier to use a substitute.

  • Seal

    @so judgemental: The name suits you, bloody hyprocite.
    Your two kids I feel sorry for with a mother like you, judgmental and a liar to boot.
    Were you in Katie’s bedroom? If Tom was not Suri’s father and it is not bothering him, why should it bother you.
    Maybe because he knows Katie is a better mother than nicole, who put up no fight for her adopted kids, she took the money and ran, and that’s a fact, don’t give me any BS about SciFi poisoning their minds, she could have taken the case to court, she was not a poor woman.
    Lets hope she don’t abandon the surrogate ones like she did the adopted ones.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @so judgemental: Don’t think Katie would of married into a sham. She just got sick of his controlling ways with Scientology on top. Bella was in her teens and the two no doubt conflicted. Bella with identity issues no double dumped on Katie knowing Tom was the pocketbook. She no doubt didn’t bank on Katie leaving. Connor was a conceited s***. Katie knew now was the time to save Suri from all the dysfunction. In summary; she married an illusion.

  • Sophie

    Seal, you say no one knows what happens in katie’s life/bedroom and then you go and attack Nicole Kidman. How do you know what happened with NK’s situation. Actually Katie ran away with the kid and the money. Who do you think is paying for her fancy lifestyle? Yeah Tom is paying because Suri is Katie’s meal ticket.

  • Hermit

    Suri must be a handful spoiled brat and Katie has created a monster. Ugh to both of them!


    So much hatred on this site for Katie and Suri, it’s really sad.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Sincerely concerned: ….correction “for” her

  • Seal

    @Sophie: Who end up with Isabella and Conner? In case you don’t know Tom.
    Parents are suppose to support their kids not the Government, Katie needs to be in the public, SciFi is a dangerous cult.
    If you look at your kids father as a meal ticket, it no wonder he took off, so stop be jealous because Katie is getting child support.

  • annie

    Chis K has brown eyes, Katie has hazel /green eyes. Suri has blue eyes
    I’m also willing to bet that if J Jackson thought for one minute Suri was his, he’d claim her as his own, without a doubt, but I guess it’s too easy that Suri looks like Tom.
    What about that other theory about Toms cousin being her father.
    From ridiculous to even more ridiculous.
    So Tom didn’t have a child with Mimi Rogers, they were’nt married that long, Nicole K, said she fell pregnant twice and miscarried twice, which happens to women all over the world, before they actually manage to go full term.
    Maybe she fluked it with Sunday, seeing the second daughter was born through a surrogate.
    Also, Maria Shriver, she holds some position at the hospital that Suri was born, issued a statement about her birth.
    Was she also in on this conspiracy theory, don’t think so!
    Then people should say as well , that at the time Mimi Rogers left with 1/2 his money, and no children.
    10-20 million per movie NK , also took a whole heap of millions.
    What Suri has to do with her being Katies meal ticket is beyond , my dumb brain, you say people are going to hire her , or give her an endoresment because she is some 7yr olds mother, that’s all she has going for her?
    For so long it was Tom who was getting everything for Katie, now I get it….it’s Suri who is getting everything for her.
    Who used to get things for her before, her husband and daughter came along?
    Seriously, really can’t understand, how presumably” intelligent” people, can sound so silly.
    Wonder if they would such ridiculous things if it were their sisters, friends or daughters involved.

  • annie

    Oh and by the way who was knocked up and abandoned?
    According to Chris Klien, he was in a really bad place, and felt fearful of his future, and his life , and he drank…a lot, so they broke up. He’ been done a few times for DUI.
    According to him it was like living in a fantasy being with her, but reality set in.
    And in his own words, he said that he will treasure every moment he spent with her, and he knows that she will too. And that’s what he said when Katie was with Tom.
    Can’t be much fun being with somebody who drinks.
    And you know what?
    I’m not a great TC fan anymore, and I don’t know what his motives were , for hooking up with her, would like to think they were genuine, but I don’t think he was an aging has been, and I imagine it would have been unreal going out with TC.
    It must have been a dream come true for her.
    AND, NK was living with someone, a guy called Marcus, something or other , he’s on our Home and Away, when she went to meet up with TC, and the rest is history.

  • Anne

    @Sincerely concerned:

    TC only cares about his career. “Weddings,” children is for advertising. It is a disease. If he cared about his “wife” put your uthority “father” on the ugly and vain Isabelle Connor’s black. He was not even there. Li already started auditions for 4th wife because mine friends, Yassine, Annie, honestly worried, K-Flop not applying? I can not, because I live in Portugal.

  • Anne

    @Sincerely concerned:

    You say:
    “Bella with identity issues no double dumped on Katie knowing Tom was the pocketbook. She no doubt didn’t bank on Katie leaving. Connor was a conceited s***.”
    Translation: Bella ugly, Thought Katie a gold-digger and opportunist. I guess they did not want to split the money from his father. Were jealous of Suri. Perhaps because they have been rejected by 03 mothers, Isabella and Connor were suspicious of Katie.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Anne: I meant, no doubt dumped on Katie but it came out as double. These people r just like us other than the Paps giving them star power: By 2011, mentally Tom had already moved on with his new wife to take care of the kids as he went out and was doing the ego trip with Paula Patton. If you see pictures of Bella at that time, she was fat, pimpled faced and dumpy. I am sure she resented Katie and Suri and, being a teen, said some nasty things to stepmom (Katie) thinking she had more clout with Daddy than Katie just by being around longer. Just google Bella and boyfriend at that time. There was no way Katie wanted Suri “INFLUENCED” anymore.

  • Anne

    @Sincerely concerned:

    By 2011, mentally Tom had already moved on with his new wife to take care of the kids as he went out and was doing the ego trip with Paula Patton.
    This only reinforces my opinion: he is a selfish only cares about his career. Because Katie did not travel together? She’s prettier than Paula. Tom likes to feel the “king of women.” Pathetic ..

  • pam

    @7 – I don’t think her broken arm has anything to do with her carrying around a baby blanket. Suri has been seen carrying around stuffed animals and baby blankets for years, long before she broke her arm. Too bad she’s so insecure.

  • pam

    @#7 – I don’t think her broken arm has anything to do with her carrying around a baby blanket. Suri has been seen carrying around stuffed animals and baby blankets for years, long before she broke her arm. Too bad she’s so insecure.

  • Sandra

    @ sincerely concerned

    Gotta ask, even tho I know the response will be nonsensical. How do you know all these nutty things you muse about. “No doubt” Isabella resented Katie. You know Cruise had “moved on” with Paula Patton (of which there is absolutely no evidence cause well….the guy is gay), you seem to know some “nasty things” were said because the older kids are “jealous”. You seem to be so sure of so much, all of which is stuff YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY KNOW!! You sound totally unhinged with all your suppositions, “no doubts” “I’m sure” and all that silliness. Fact is, just like the rest of us, you have no freakin’ clue about anything. You seem to be creating scenario’s to fit what you want to believe. Read that again….YOU ARE CREATING SCENARIO’S TO FIT WHAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE. That’s not normal.

    Truth is, I think both Cruise and Holmes are trash. He’s a cult addled loony toon with an ego the size of China and she’s an opportunist who pimps out her child for attention. They both suck. The only innocent party in all of this are the kids. They’re creations of the crazies. Suri will be as off the wall as her half brother and sister as she grows up. You can thank the nutbag parents for that.

    As for your crazy scenario’s and nutty suppositions, your general nastiness to anyone who disagree’s with you, and your wild posts that sometimes make very little sense, to be perfectly honest, you make this place a lot less fun than it used to be. annie is pretty polite even tho she’s as crazy as the day is long. You’re mean and nuts which isn’t a great combo. Get this thru your head… know NOTHING about what goes on in the private lives of these celebs. Just enjoy what they do (or not) and stop being so nasty to everyone who disagree’s with you and for God’s sake, stop obsessing about Holmes/Cruise et al. You’re starting to sound delusional. That goes for you too annie.

  • annie

    @ Sandra
    Can I ask you something, why don’t you respond to posters who say nasty things about a little girl [ that they don't know] or her mother [ that they don't know] for that matter.
    Obviously you must find that acceptable, because I find it quite horrible!
    As for me, most of the time I try to provide some evidense to what I post.
    You know as well as I do these people behind closed doors are just the same, like you, me , and everybody else, except for the money and celebrity.
    You never mention the other posters, who sit there speculating about who is this childs father, that is more crazy, and nasty than anything .
    You accept things that are unacceptable, so if you are going to post something , you should make sense as well.
    This place was never fun , unless you want to read about an innocent child being called autistic, or a mother continuosly being picked to pieces. You actually gave yourself away!
    Have a great day!

  • Sandra

    @ annie

    When you say I “never” mention those posters who are cruel to a child, do you mean in the last few days when I began posting on Katie Holmes/Suri related threads?? I just recently started, so lets not get dramatic dear. For your personal info, I didn’t mention those who say horrible things about Suri because I find them to be not worth my time or energy. Anyone who insults a child is a moron. That kind of shoots down your ridiculous ASSumption, now doesn’t it?

    To further correct your overly dramatic nonsense, yes this place can be fun. Perhaps not on the threads related to the two losers Suri call Mom and Dad, but on other threads… most certainly can be fun. I know because I’ve had fun chatting with nice people who are neither vicious and sick like the Suri insulters or crazy as the day is long like you and your pal sincerely concerned.

    Both my father and grandfather are part of the Hollywood establishment. I grew up in this town and went to school with the people that now run the industry. This is a company town and to be honest, I get a big kick out of coming on these boards to see what others think of people I either know personally or my family members and friends know. Rarely have I seen such an odd collection of individuals as those who post in relation to Cruise/Holmes/Suri. You’re polite, obsessed and completely off base most of the time. However, your pal Sincerely Concerned is just plain NASTY to those who don’t share her opinions, which is hilarious when one considers that the closest she’ll ever come to any of these people is if she stalks them. LOL! She is, by the way, just plain nuts.

    Finally, please don’t make silly ASSumptions about complete strangers. You make yourself look as wacko Suri’s daddy. I say what I have to say and move on. I give away only what I choose to give away and I have very little patience for those, like yourself and your buddy, who actually think they know what they’re talking about. You don’t. To wit, the haters are worth even less of my time than you are. Since they’re stupid enough to think they can diagnose autism by looking at a picture, I can’t see why I should waste my time on them. People who are mean to children should be shot at sunrise.

    Now move on annie, before you make yourself look even sillier than you already do.

  • annie

    @ Sandra
    Thank you for clearing things up, we understand each other perfectly.
    You put across your opinions, and I’ll put across mine.
    Don’t judge me, and I won’t judge you.
    I do question as to why you don’t rant towards those other miserable people, because you are probably one of them.
    So since I am polite, BUT, obsessed, delusional , completely off base, make silly ASSumptions, crazy as the day is long, whacko,, dramatize,and really SILLY.
    So ignore me!!
    You have really activated my thinking process, and stimulated my over active imagination as to who you are, what you are up to, and to what interesting establishment you belong to.

    I do believe you grew up amongst some people in Hollywood, you just don’t mention who they are and what they belong to.
    You are covering yourself up by saying you can’t stand TC, BUT like I said I have an active imagination, so let’s keep it at that!
    Saying that, how about you move on!
    Because I can and will ignore you from now on, so you will be wasting your time, other than making it interesting!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra

    @ annie

    You’re the one who responded to me darling, not the other way around. I simply corrected your misjudgements. My comments were initially NOT about you for the most part. I quickly proved that your asinine statements were anything but true and now you’re all butt hurt.

    Oh and if you’re trying to say I’m a member of Cruise’s insane cult, you’re even crazier than I thought! Both my father and grandfather are/were executives, not talent. I know quite a bit about Cruise and none of it is good. Holmes is known for being polite, dumb and a gold digger in the industry.

    You really shouldn’t make false accusations like that. You might find your IP banned from JJ for life. Want to call me names, go for it….but to attempt to drive me from the board by claiming I’m a cult freak is over the top and beyond sick. It also won’t be tolerated. I have no agenda other than I think both Holmes and Cruise are disgusting human beings and I feel sorry for their child.

    If I were you I would stick to the ignoring thing rather than making unfounded, baseless, slanderous accusations about complete strangers.

  • Anne

    @annie: @Sandra:

    Friends .. Please. Let’s not fight. Everyone here has the right to express their opinion. Here is just a gossip site. Kisses.

  • Sandra

    You’re very sweet Anne. Thank you so much.