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Keira Knightley & Adam Levine: 'Song' Premiere at TIFF!

Keira Knightley & Adam Levine: 'Song' Premiere at TIFF!

Keira Knightley is a colorful beauty while attending the premiere of her latest film Can A Song Save Your Life? during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival held at Princess of Wales Theatre on Saturday (September 7) in Toronto, Canada.

The 28-year-old actress was joined by her co-stars Adam Levine, Shannon Maree Walsh, and Catherine Keener.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Keira Knightley

Can A Song Save Your Life? revolves around “a dejected music business executive, who forms a bond with a young singer-songwriter new to Manhattan.”

Earlier in the week, Keira was all dolled up while attending the Valentino Ball with her husband James Righton in Venice, Italy.

FYI: Keira is wearing a Mary Katrantzou dress. Adam is wearing Bally double monkstrap shoes.

15+ pictures inside of Keira Knightley and Adam Levine attending the Can A Song Save Your Life? premiere in Toronto…

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • liam

    @please: I agree that not everyone has to be fat but at least healthy looking, he does look unhealthy..Keira is a goddess, so classy and beautiful

  • Annabelle

    @Bebe: Cant compare natalie to Keira – in Knightley’s name alone she is wholly superior.

  • Annabelle

    I think Keira didnt win her oscar more as a function of not playing hollywood politics than some kind of racial favoratism. Natalie is a decent enough actress. I just think Keira is of a higher order.

  • wtf?

    I didn’t realize anti-semitism was popular on JJ

  • Bebe

    @wtf?: Not you again. Werent you on a NP post recently defending her oscar for black swan?

  • third eye

    Keira has the nicest looking ass ive ever seen!!!!!!!!!

  • Atsuko!

    美しい Keira 日本はあなたを愛して

  • marchioness

    Absolutely thrilled about this film

  • whut

    adam has always been thin and he is super healthy, you as sbutts.

  • Pollon

    To me he looks great. Love you Adam.

  • vendetta

    @whut: Adam looks on drugs, not a surprise if his girlfriend is too thin almost bones, he does look unhealthy. Not excited about this film

  • Bob

    Who cares about Adam. Check out Keira.

  • Past life queen

    I love her smokey eyes!

  • Fer

    Keira looks STUNNING!

  • whut

    @vendetta: he’s nooooootttttttttttttt on drugs.

  • Zoe

    I’ve to say that Adam looks Skinner than Keira! He is almost 80 pounds like his girlfriend yikes

  • Sally

    @whut: I heard his girlfriend is a crazy girl, if Adam is with her they’re probably on drugs or something. Keira is too thin but she looks healthy and gorgeous, can’t wait to see the film

  • Tiara

    He’s gross yuk! I’m soo not down watching this film if Adam is there

  • rabbit

    I can’t understand all the hateful comments. I agree Adam isn’t the best actor but we dnt know if he’s on drugs, who knows. Being anorexic for a man is a painful disease and his current girlfriend isn’t helping. You people always insulting him, why? How can you be sure that he’s on drugs? if it happens to be truth isn’t the end of the world geez

  • Pollon

    @rabbit Amen.

  • Jessy

    @rabbit: I find Adam older than his age. Am I the only one who is disgusted by his creepy face? No doubt his girlfriend looks on drugs and his weight loss is a red flag

  • Ashley M

    I like Keira, she’s so feminine and classy, not sure about her shoes. Adam is soo ugly, I dnt like him, he’s not decent just a promiscuous average guy And he’s not hot at all eww

  • grow up


    are you stupid? Hes in the movie!

  • get over yourself

    shes been in Pirates of the Carri bean, do you not watch movies?

  • Sunny

    @rabbit: Thank you! We don’t know what is going on or if drugs are in the picture. I think he looks good here and better than he has in the last few JJ stories. Give the guy a break, heck give the Behati/Adam story a break. I can’t wait for this movie, I think it looks great and interesting.

  • Fergie

    @Sunny: you need to understand that if he wants attention by dating an awful, addicted looking girl everybody is gonna judge him for that and even believe he’s on drugs too. I agree with you he looks ok this time but too thin, not his best. The cast isn’t that great but I’ll give it a chance. Thanks for your post

  • Pollon

    @Sunny @Fergie I agree with you both but this story isn’t about her, for once she’s not mentioned then we don’t need to talk about her. Maybe he’s not his best but I like him and can’t wait to see the movie.

  • Fergie

    @Pollon: I feel sorry for Adam, his engagement with Behati is destroying whats left of his image. She’s getting work because of it and his career is dying. Good luck for him

  • Sunny

    @Fergie: I never said he looked his best but better than he has been looking. And I have been on the Adam thread for a very long time, I know the group that posts and how they react and say. I don’t need to understand anything because I have seen way worse then this. My thing is that everyone is talking like they know for a fact when they don’t. That’s it.

    @Pollon: I agree. It’s about the movie. He looks better than he has and I’m excited for him and this movie. Its getting some positive feedback. Keira looks lovely here, I don’t see Mark so I can’t really comment and its Adam’s first film. This is a good thing for them all.

  • Fergie

    @Sunny: since you’re his right hand and you know everything then Let’s pretend he looks healthy and it’s all good. Maybe you should get a break and not being on the Adam thread so much.

  • Sunny

    @Fergie: I never claimed that I know anything about Adam either. NONE of us know the truth. If we did, we wouldn’t be here. I never said he looks healthy or its all good. I said he looked better than he has, there is a difference. There situation isn’t good either but my point was this movie is a good thing for all of them. I like Keira’s acting so more exposure for her is awesome. Adam is trying to do something different so good for him.

  • Fergie

    @Sunny: I agree Keiras acting is good, I hope Adam’s bad image dnt ruin the movie, it’s a great opportunity for him and all of them. He needs to dump his girlfriend and go for someone like Keira to fix his bad image, he needs a mature lifestyle to be taken seriously and I dnt think his girlfriend fit there

  • kayla

    There has never been ANY proof that Adam does drugs other than weed. He’s always been thin and he is very fit. All of a sudden, only on this site, people are calling him a drug addict. Its all rumors. I also think it’s pretty hard to argue that he didn’t look really good last night. I mean come on.
    I agree that dating Behati is bad for his image,but I think it’s only a matter of time before that is over. Stop bashing. I heard that the song he sings in the movie is amazing.

  • Fergie

    @kayla: Ive seen other sites claiming his drug abused I think in reference of the pictures with his girlfriend who looks like a real addicted. I wish people stop bashing him but if he continues this charade with his girlfriend, nothing will change. Can’t wait to see the movie

  • Cate

    Another incredible dress on Keira.

  • Bebe

    If i were Levine, i would have dumped my skinny model chick and fallen head over heels for HOT Keira

  • Sunny

    @Fergie: Oh I agree, he needs a girl like Keira who has class and maturity.

    @kayla: I have been trying to show that since the rumor got started. No proof and I hate him being called a drug addict. I can’t wait for this movie and the soundtrack. I haven’t heard much about the music part but if its getting the reviews that the movie is, then I really can’t wait.

  • Third eye

    I hear KKs twat smells extremely fresh like a rose – super edible – and its perfect pink color just like her nips! Looks nearly like a virgin down there! Yahooooo!!!!!

  • Bebe

    I really started loving Keira from about five years ago but got around to seeing atonement just last night. I cant believe how amazing she was in that film! That green dress she wore was unreal!

  • Fergie

    @Third eye: maybe Adam can tell you more details about that, huge difference from her awful girlfriend and Keira, you go Adam now dump your trashy gf please

  • Fergie

    Oops I think Keira is married, too bad for Adam but there’s more classy actresses, singers or even normal women that can be way better than his girlfriend. Keira is an English Queen

  • Sunny

    @Fergie: Yea I was about say I doubt Keira and Adam know each other that well, she is married (but you caught that) and I hear they really love each other. I’d love for him to be with someone like her though. I agree there are many others out there that are better.

    @Bebe: I love that movie with her. She is a beautiful actress when you watch her acting. I’m so glad to see she is branching to a musical themed movie. I like her when she acts a little querky.

  • Everhart

    @Third eye: It’s Keira’s high inseam that makes her hips, crotch and butt area look just sexy perfect. You’re a perv, btw

  • RIck

    @Sunny: Shes always been my sex fantasy because of her bee sting bj lips

  • Sunny

    @RIck: Ewww. We were talking about how classy and elegant she is, don’t ruin it with that garbage.

  • A

    Please support keira on her latest post, her latest film just got picked up by the weinstein company

  • Marcella

    I love Keira. Loved the movie “Pride and Prejudice”. I will watch this movie. Adam is very sexy, but you have to put on some weight. I loved that the band was at the event to support him. In any kind of relationship support must be unconditional.