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Miranda Kerr & Maria Sharapova: 'Mademoiselle C' Premiere!

Miranda Kerr & Maria Sharapova: 'Mademoiselle C' Premiere!

Miranda Kerr keeps it sheer while attending the premiere of Mademoiselle C held at Florence Gould Hall on Friday (September 6) in New York City.

The 30-year-old Australian supermodel was joined at the premiere by Maria Sharapova and Kate Upton.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

“With my friends Andie and @hairbyadir getting ready for the documentary screening sponsored by @Porsche,” Maria tweeted with a pic. Check out the pic below!

Mademoiselle C is a documentary that centers on former Vogue Paris editor-in-chief and fashion stylist Carine Roitfeld, who is launching her new magazine CR Fashion Book.

FYI: Maria is wearing a Stella McCartney suit and Temple St. Clair bracelets. Miranda is wearing Dolce&Gabbana.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Maria Sharapova attending the Mademoiselle C premiere…

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miranda kerr maria sharapova mademoiselle c premiere 01
miranda kerr maria sharapova mademoiselle c premiere 02
miranda kerr maria sharapova mademoiselle c premiere 03
miranda kerr maria sharapova mademoiselle c premiere 04
miranda kerr maria sharapova mademoiselle c premiere 05
miranda kerr maria sharapova mademoiselle c premiere 06
miranda kerr maria sharapova mademoiselle c premiere 07
miranda kerr maria sharapova mademoiselle c premiere 08
miranda kerr maria sharapova mademoiselle c premiere 09
miranda kerr maria sharapova mademoiselle c premiere 10
miranda kerr maria sharapova mademoiselle c premiere 11
miranda kerr maria sharapova mademoiselle c premiere 12
miranda kerr maria sharapova mademoiselle c premiere 13
miranda kerr maria sharapova mademoiselle c premiere 14

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  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Wow! Maria looks gorgeous! In other news, Miranda Kerrdashian has clothes on. Shocker!!

  • sara

    Both ladies look absolutely gorgeous!

  • @1 (crazy stalker)

    And now you’re even the first to post.
    I’m curious. Do you stop you’re stalking at any point in the day? Do you ever talk to real people, or even go outside? And what about sleep? Do you break that up into small increments to limit your time away from your computer? Afraid that you would miss a chance to use that idiotic ‘Kerrdashian” comment that wasn’t funny the first 200 times that you used it?
    When you used it about RDJ going backstage to visit Orlando after the play, you proved just how desperate and nonsensical you are.
    Poor hater.
    You live to spew venom at people who have never harmed you in any way. What a sad life you must lead. Their continued success must be eating you alive.

  • @3

    Well, aren’t you just the pot calling the kettle black, little miss ALWAYS here to defend the love of your life 24/7. Someone should take a good hard look in the mirror before she speaks. LOL!!

  • @4 (crazy stalker)

    Uhmmm, it’s normal for FANS to follow celebs that they like. And its NORMAL for those fans to defend their favs against lies, stupid comments and irrational hatred.
    It’s NOT normal to stalk celebs that you despise. And even less normal when you go to the lengths that you do to twist even the most positive situations into something that you can (attempt to) insult. That proves that you are willing to spend a great deal of your time hating a total stranger, and that you must not have anything else in your life that brings you joy.
    You must be a truly sad person.

  • Gorgeous

    Miranda looks beautiful, love her outfit, so glamourous yet understated.

    Some of these pics are of Kate Upton as well as Maria Sharapova…lol.

    It just goes to show that Kate Upton looks unrecognizable without her
    b**bs hanging out, very average looking girl.

  • Hey JJ..

    Photos 5, 6, 7 & 8 are of Kate Upton….I guess you couldn’t tell it was her as she was all covered up!

  • @1..

    Today on keeping up with ElenaSTALKERdian, we find she’s here once again showing how Miranda owns her….lol.

    So obsessed by Miranda that she tirelessly searches the Internet for the tiniest shred of information about her.

    Then waits impatiently for JJ, the DM, E & other sites to post an article & pics so she can write her little paragraph that reeks of petty jealousy & envy….lol.

    Mmm…..reminds me so much of a poster at the DM called
    Paul, Lansdale…..surely not the same person….right???

  • v

    I see that JJ like DM didn’t show pictures of Miranda’s boobs what you can see trough that top! What, her PR didn’t pay much for that photos? She definitely must always show her boobs like a real s**t!

  • @9

    So now you’re obsessed with her breasts, too?

  • @9

    Oh dear what’s the matter?

    Are you all upset because Miranda looks soooo beautiful???

    Her gorgeous lace top isn’t see through across the bodice only in the sleeves & just above the waist line.

  • YAY!!

    She looks amazing! Such a gorgeous woman!

  • Uee

    One day they’re going to enact laws that allow criminal charges on the basis of online postings. With the way internet monitoring and big data is going, it looks like #1 and co will be up first!

  • ?

    Any word yet as to whether or not Miranda will walk in this year’s VS show?

  • @6-7

    Poor Kate. The fact that even celeb bloggers can’t tell her apart from another tall blonde, doesn’t bode well for the future of the “Model of the Year” (COUGH).
    I’ve always thought that she had that nondescript, girl next door, prettiness, and nothing (but her penchant for wearing bikini tops three sizes too small) set her apart from the millions of other pretty blondes in the world.. Guess that this was just proved out, wasn’t it
    Miranda, BTW, looks flawless. As always. Any ID on her stunning dress?

  • Elena

    On Part Two of Keeping Up with The Kerrdashians: Just when we give Miranda Kerrdashian credit for keeping her clothes on, she does this…

    Classy! Miranda Kerrdashian just can’t resist exposing the girls. Decorum be damned!!

    Treasure yourself!!

  • @16

    But you already posted about that. What’s the matter? A bit put out that you didn’t get the reaction you wanted? I guess that the rest of us aren’t as obsessed with her breasts as you are. Are you a 12 year old boy stuck in a fat, angry, woman’s body?
    Poor bealze.
    You tried.

  • Elena


    WTF are you talking about?

  • @17

    Sweetheart, I think it’s time you admit that all of the voices in your head aren’t real.

  • @TROLLena

    Are you seriously pretending that you don’t use socks? Especially after having the nerve to use two so close together just now?
    You really are pathetic, aren’t you.

  • @20

    There is medication for people like you. It’ll be okay.

  • Just trying to be helpful…

    @20 LOL, honey, I recommend Klonopin for your particular disorder. You can overcome this!

  • @11

    What were you saying about her “gorgeous” lace top that she KNEW would lift up that way when she lifted her arms and still she failed to wear a bra and made sure that she flashed the cameras on the red carpet? I am sure we are all totally upset that we can’t be that trashy, you are absolutely right. LOL!

  • @23

    Since she didn’t do her own hair, and probably didn’t adjust her hair in front of a mirror while wearing the dress, how can you be so sure that she knew what would happen? Add to the fact that she most likely felt covered up by the other layer of lace.
    If she really meant to flash the cameras, wouldn’t there be more than one pic? It was obviously fast if ony one camera caught it. And it certainly wasn’t repeated. And as someone said on a fashion blog, see through tops are nothing new, and almost everyone had seen the breasts of almost every model, so why is a little flash such a big deal? You really are acting like twelve year old boys.

  • Also….

    Have you ever noticed that any time these haters are caught in a lie or situation where they feel cornered, they resort to claiming that the fans are crazy?
    This is especially funny to me since these haters are the ones who are pathologically obsessed.
    And the fact that they know the names of certain medications is eve more telling.