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Gerard Butler Makes Shortlist for Scottish Fashion Icon Award!

Gerard Butler Makes Shortlist for Scottish Fashion Icon Award!

Gerard Butler shows off his chest hair while heading out for lunch with a friend at Real Food Daily Restaurant on Monday (September 9) in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old actor was spotted chatting on the phone while touching down at LAX Airport.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

It was recently announced that Gerard has made the shortlist for the Scottish Fashion Icon Award, which will be presented at the 2013 Scottish Fashion Awards on October 9 in London, England. Vote for him now!

The list also includes Gemma Cairney, Thom Evans, Calvin Harris, Andy Murray, James McAvoy, and Julianne Moore.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler grabbing lunch at Real Food Daily Restaurant…

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gerard butler makes shortlist for scottish fashion icon award 01
gerard butler makes shortlist for scottish fashion icon award 02
gerard butler makes shortlist for scottish fashion icon award 03
gerard butler makes shortlist for scottish fashion icon award 04
gerard butler makes shortlist for scottish fashion icon award 05
gerard butler makes shortlist for scottish fashion icon award 06
gerard butler makes shortlist for scottish fashion icon award 07
gerard butler makes shortlist for scottish fashion icon award 08
gerard butler makes shortlist for scottish fashion icon award 09
gerard butler makes shortlist for scottish fashion icon award 10
gerard butler makes shortlist for scottish fashion icon award 11

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1,104 Responses to “Gerard Butler Makes Shortlist for Scottish Fashion Icon Award!”

  1. 1
    laly Says:

    Bullshit where is Richard Madden… King in the north anyone.

  2. 2
    McLOVIN Says:


  3. 3
    Ducky Says:

    What does that mean above “The 43-year-old actor was spotted chatting on the phone while touching down at LAX Airport.” Are we to take it he was out of town?

  4. 4
    Alaia Says:

    What a random list.

  5. 5
    cupcake Says:

    Great to see him smile.

  6. 6
    Ducky Says:

    Maybe he took the chopper for a spin. Well, he does have his man bag so I guess all is right then. He looks happy, handsome and content while we worried about his wellbeing.

  7. 7
    cupcake Says:

    Great to see him smile. Love his look.

  8. 8
    nr007 Says:

    @Ducky: This is a link to previous thread. Nothing new.

  9. 9
    Ducky Says:

    @nr007: Your kidding. Why does it have todays date on it.?

  10. 10
    just saying Says:

    Well that outfit is not going to help his chances for Style Icon.

  11. 11
    GFW Says:

    There that mail-bag satchel is! Good to see it again.(goalie arms)
    Don’t you ever wonder what all he’s sayin’ when he talkin’ to people on the phone or across the table sharin’ a meal? I do. I’m more interested in what he thinks, and says to people within earshot, than what he does.

  12. 12
    nr007 Says:

    @Ducky: First paragraph is about today (Monday) and second is about previous thread, there is a link. Don’t you see or am I writiing in complicated way?

  13. 13
    Ducky Says:

    @nr007: Oh for crying out loud. I need coffee and a lot of help. lol

  14. 14
    nr007 Says:

    @Ducky: 🍵

  15. 15
    What a load Says:

    Why are we even talking about MG anymore. He clearly isn’t supporting her. The TIFF is just one more event he was not there for. If my BF wasn’t there for my B-Day, my family’s wedding , or for any of my award events or premieres I would ditch the guy. Its obvious he’s moved on, to bad the trolls here can’t understand that and follow his lead. Its over guys, your gal isn’t with Gerry anymore, if she tolerates this type of treatment then she needs to see a shrink for low self esteem.

  16. 16
    Hmmm Says:

    He’s with Alan at the restaurant

  17. 17
    Privacy and Class Says:

    This is like the good ole’ days – Bringing Sexy Back! O Lord….right now “I just don’t know how to act….Yeah Yeah!”

    @GFW – There goes your new screensaver. Mine too.

  18. 18
    Traci Says:

    Scottish style standards must be low!

  19. 19
    Hello! Says:

    Hi Gerry! You look good. Glad to see you!!!

  20. 20
    Hello! Says:

    Gerry, I hope you get this fuc/ki/ng Scottish Award! LOL!

  21. 21
    ??? Says:

    I love the guy, but these photos are not in the least bit sexy.

  22. 22
    Grant Says:

    Fashion icon … in cargo shorts … Riiiiiiiight.

  23. 23
    Privacy and Class Says:

    Beautiful in every way. Believe many should be happy the guy looks comfortable, happy and great! It is good to BE! Thanks @GFW…believe you mentioned that one.

    The guy has light and I am certain we all want the same. I have it.

    Its also called Blessed. He has worked hard…and some things we do not see. Be happy for the guy. I think he is beautiful and comfortable and has God in his life. Peace.

  24. 24
    Bubba Says:

    I was reading the other thread, someone mentioned he was maybe in rehab? Is this the “I’m not in rehab” pic to dispute the claim? He looks like he’s wearing duds from 10 years ago. Where’s Freddie?????

  25. 25
    FrumoasaFrumoasa Says:

    Where Madalina? She maybe join him later?

  26. 26
    Ducky Says:
    Posing with the paparazzi! It’s a good day in LA

  27. 27
    Prancing Pony Says:

    Well, he’s in LA. Good :) That ought to settle the matter.
    GB looks great (and happy too). I think he’s looking very relaxed – like he’s just getting on with things. Satchel = working on something? Anyway, it’s all good in the ‘hood.
    Unlike some recent photos, he’s actually smiling at the camera. Even for the paps (!). Interesting… :)

    @Ducky: Hi there, Ducky :)

  28. 28
    Privacy and Class still GFW Says:


  29. 29
    In your delusional dreams Says:


  30. 30
    Manny Says:

    He’s bored and boring.

  31. 31
    Cinderella Says:

    May I please volunteer to keep this man in clean clothes. He has the strangest fashion sense….love the dude, but damn. Boy needs a girl to arrange his closet with stuff that actually matches so he has a head start. I will volunteer. just so i can filch a couple of tees to sleep in now and again. Ahh heck no need for that if I’m sleeping in his bed! Will volunteer for that too. Style icon my a$$. Manly dude yes. Stylish one, no. Hotter than all get out, yes. Metrosexual male, no. Loved all the same, but the dude’s sense of fashion kills me. My favorite was the sweat pants capris he wore in Thailand. Those were epic. Most important part of the picture, the smile! As long as that is present the rest don’t matter!

  32. 32
    Boodles Says:

    I think the world of him;)

  33. 33
    Ducky Says:

    @Cinderella: A volunteer indeed!!! How gracious of you. Well, you have my vote. A little more may be required to put a smile on his face though. Are you up to the challenge?
    Please look for the yellow towel when you organize the bathroom closets. Camera, you’ll need a camera. Perhaps a kilt might be appropriate. Careful exam might be needed in that case. Talk to Lolita about that.

  34. 34
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Cinderella: LOL :)
    You know what I like? I like the way he’s got his own thing going on :) He’s his own man, that’s for sure. They’re probably really expensive crumpled clothes too ;) I think he definitely wears whatever he likes.
    And although his clothes look, um, “well loved”, at least they look clean!

    I like the way he dresses (sometimes more than others!). It’s quite a strong look. Nothing too frivolous or fad-driven, not ponsy or contrived. Just real :)

  35. 35
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @emmmmm: are you here today? hope you’re ok.

  36. 36
    Nicole Says:

    Glad to see you, Gerry! I do not doubt that you are healthy and happy. Pic with the pps never happened before. Cool! <333

  37. 37
    Ducky Says:

    @Cinderella: Now Cinderella, If we, and I say we thinking we will be taking a vote on the chosen attire…. certainly you will need chaperones as well.
    I took the liberty to look up proper kilt etiquette just in case.
    Hi Prancer, you are right about the clothes. At times I think he picks them out of the dryer and off he goes. Did love that NYC stage attire with the top hat though. But maybe the Oliver Twist look won’t do.

  38. 38
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Gerard Butler just cut me off on La Cienega.

  39. 39
    Can'tGetEnough Says:,_los_angeles

  40. 40
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

  41. 41
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Awesome Yoga class and best of all having Gerard Butler right next to me!! Literally!! It is Hollywood so you never know who you’ll bump into. Celebrities are normal!!
    He was in his scrubs and kept showing his butt crack and he’s so not flexible!! But I’m still a fan he is a hottie I fell in love with him when he kicked ass in law Abiden Citizen!!

  42. 42
    PsychoB Says:

    Lol. Maybe if Gerry didn’t wear cargo shorts and a dress shirt with designer high tops and a murse he’d fit in more. You want to go unnoticed? Dress like the locals. No californian guy would wear those shoes or murse. If they cant be bought at foot locker or a vans outlet you are going to stand out. But hey if you like your style that’s cool. I’m just saying in SoCal anyone wearing that outfit people would stare.

  43. 43
    @PrancingPhannie Says:

    Ever heard of airplanes? They fly really fast!! Last I heard, it is possible to get from Toronto to LA in 5 hours.

  44. 44
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: Hi CGE :) Love those yoga comments! (butt crack and flexibility notwithstanding ;) )

  45. 45
    whaat? Says:

    What in the name of got-dressed-in-the-dark hell is he wearing? He’s up for a style award?? That must be that famous Scottish ironic humor that we’ve all heard about.

  46. 46
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Just talked to Gerard butler!!!! She’s in Runyon Canyon.

  47. 47
    Aloha Says:

    @@PrancingPhannie: Maybe Gerry was handcuffed to her bed in Toronto? … You’re crazy! LOL!

  48. 48
    Ducky Says: Seriously, could someone help me out here. Will the short list for the fashion awards be wearing the designers clothing? In otherwords will they be the models? From what I gather, we should vote now for our favourite model and then there will be the professionals that will judge the designers? Sorry but you know how dense I can be at times or maybe more often than not.

  49. 49
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @Prancing Pony: Hey PP! I wouldn’t have minded being behind him during that yoga class. LOL
    Glad to see he has stayed in L.A. Maybe working on something with Alan? Let’s hope!
    Hello to you too Ducky!

  50. 50
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @@PrancingPhannie: Er, are you talking to me? It’s Pony not Phannie. If you are, I have no idea what you’re talkin about *shrugs*.

  51. 51
    Ducky Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: Hey CGE. Thanks for all the posts. Can you answer my question 48. Really curious how this all goes.

  52. 52
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: LOreallyL! Yes, it would put a whole new spin on a downward-facing dog!
    I know, I know….naughty Pony! ;)

  53. 53
    Frumoasa! Says:

    Madalina looks like her breath stinks.
    Like most “foreigners”….

  54. 54
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @Ducky: Hi Ducky! I have no clue about those fashion awards. Wasn’t he nominated for this particular one last year? It sounds familiar, but I’m not sure. I’m still trying to process the cargo shorts and the boots and the yoga butt crack reveal, so I’m unable to think about anything else at this time. LOL LOL

  55. 55
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: “I’m still trying to process the cargo shorts and the boots and the yoga butt crack reveal”
    LOL (a lot) very funny, CGE :))))

  56. 56
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @Prancing Pony: LOL LOL He’s such a hot mess isn’t he PP?

  57. 57
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: LOL…um, maybe (see note below)…LOL

    psst…what exactly is a “hot mess”??? when I see that phrase I think of a steaming pile of manure…but maybe it’s lost in translation??? I hope so!!! :)

  58. 58
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @Prancing Pony: Definitely lost in translation! LOL From Urban Dictionary—hot mess—-when ones thoughts or appearance are in a state of disarray but they maintain an undeniable attractiveness or beauty.

  59. 59
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: OH! Ok, so not in the literal sense. Good….very good. Great :)
    So, to amend my reply above: Yes, YES, he is! LOL
    Phew, I could have got myself into a whole heap of trouble over that one!!! Another of life’s great mysteries solved! ;)))
    Thanks, CGE! :)))

  60. 60
    DH review Says:

  61. 61
    Ducky Says:

    @Prancing Pony: @Can’tGetEnough: You gals are having way to much fun about the boots, butt crack and hot hot mess. I don’t know much Prancer, but I do know what a hot mess is. lol. Carry on, Having to much fun reading your posts.

  62. 62
    lucky Says:

    @DH review: go to another thread!

  63. 63
    Ducky Says:
    Loving the “My Kingdom for a Smile. Oh wow gerard.

  64. 64
    Aloha Says:

    @DH review: Phew! What a cr/ap!

  65. 65
    Ducky Says:
    Sorry I messed it up. This one has it all.

  66. 66
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Ducky: “I don’t know much Prancer, but I do know what a hot mess is. lol.”

    LOL LOL LOL *laughing my head off*! So, my naivety is humourous…is that what you’re telling me, Ducky? ;-) What can I say without further incriminating myself??? This is definitely a case where saying less is more! ;)))

  67. 67
    VeganGerry Says:

    Awesome! Nice choice of restaurant Gerry! I’d love to eat there! Totally sweet selection of organic Vegan food!

  68. 68
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Ducky: Great pics. Thanks for posting the link, Ducky. :)

  69. 69
    Ducky Says:
    Okay, third times a charm. nice big pics. So sorry gals.

  70. 70
    Ducky Says:

    @Prancing Pony: That’s okay Prancer, look what I just did after 2 posts finally got it right. He looks like a homeless guy you want to take and feed or something or maybe give a hug and handout.
    Hey Vegan Gerry, you should have been there to help him button his shirt and tie his shoes. Good grief he is a mess but such a happy mess.

  71. 71
    Nicole Says:


  72. 72
    Nicole Says:

    @Ducky: “He looks like a homeless guy you want to take and feed or something or maybe give a hug and handout.”
    LOL LOL LOL !!!

  73. 73
    C.A. Says:

    Nice to see GB re-surface in LA with a big smile (looking like a cat who just had some cream) LOL
    …….he looks like he does not even mind the paps and maybe even glad to see them… !!
    ….. Would be sad if a woman came around and changed his way … What makes a person special must be that they walk their own path in their own manner …. :)

  74. 74
    JS Says:

    @just saying: @Traci: He will be judged on casual wear like that, as fine you both know.

  75. 75
    JS Says:

    @Cinderella: He’s a single man, they have no idea matching things up.

  76. 76
    Ducky Says:

    @C.A.: good to see you C.A, I was thinking after seeing the pictures again, waving etc. that it might have been the paps that put him in a good mood. They might have been teasing him along the way, and then that picture of the pap taken with him. #69. Seems they might have all been having a good time instead of the usual harassment.
    Hope all is well with you.

  77. 77
    JS Says:

    @JS: Sorry that should be he will NOT be judged on casual wear.

  78. 78
    JS Says:

    @Ducky: “Seriously, could someone help me out here. Will the short list for the fashion awards be wearing the designers clothing? In otherwords will they be the models?”

    I think the will be judged on how good they look dressed up (certainly not on how they dress when they are strolling round town as some have said.) I don’t think they will be modelling.

  79. 79
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Ducky: Yes, Ducky, maybe the paps told him he’d been nominated for a fashion icon award and he probably started to laugh ;) Hence the smiley photos. God bless him :)

    Have a good night Ducky. :)

  80. 80
    JS Says:

    hee hee, in the last thread you accuse me of posting in the afternoon under other names. I don’t finish work until 4p.m.(and have no access to a computor at work) and then go to pick up the children from my in laws, take them home and then prepare the tea. Once we have eaten it’s the washing up and then getting the children ready for bed so no posting for me in the afternoon. Another of your silly theories shot down.

  81. 81
    Nicole Says:

    I’m sorry very much, but I could NOT help but show you THIS! She’s just ugliest! LOOOOL!

  82. 82
    no kidding! Says:

    Wow – that really is not a very flattering photo of her. I am certainly no fan of M.G. (I think she is an atrocious role model for young women) but she usually looks better than that!

  83. 83
    MG Says:

    I think she is a beautiful girl but this is not her best pic

  84. 84
    C.A. Says:

    @Ducky: Hi Ducky good to hear from you too … Have been off to London and after that busy getting on with life ;) Hope you are doing well and yes the pictures are somehow different from other paps pics … and very sudden after all the rumours on last thread!! Hope all is well in LaLaLand :)

  85. 85
    ATTN Says:

    A new “Dom Hemingway” thread on JJ.
    MG can’t stand up straight — EVER

  86. 86
    Nicole Says:

    Gerard Butler

    We like vulnerable people and not super heroes. And Gerard Butler is one of them.

  87. 87
    Nicole Says:

    Madalina_Ghenea sings in “Dom Hemingway”

  88. 88
    not Says:


    stop posting that only makes you look stupid

  89. 89
    angelsrock Says:

    I think he looks pretty dayum good. Except for those shoes. Looks like a middle schooler minus his skateboard. But the shirt and pants I like and the hair is very short. And his smile!!!! Hope he’s discussing possible roles with Alan.

  90. 90
    Ugly? Says:

    @Nicole: Of course you chose the least flattering photo to post. This one from the same batch is a little more favorable. I do like Madalina, but can agree that was not a flattering dress.

  91. 91
    Ugly? Says:

  92. 92
    just a thought Says:

    That is one fine looking man. Love that smile. Hope that means he will be sharing a new project with us soon.

  93. 93
    no kidding! Says:

    She still can’t pose for sh*t! The only thing she knows how to do is wear a bikini or underwear and bend over and stick her ass out – hence the reason she is a terrible role model for young women! That and the fact that she has pretty much developed a “career” by s**king the c**k of any famous guy she could – pathetic really (if she wasn’t so unpleasant I will would feel sorry for her)…

  94. 94
    needs a stylist Says:

    I too like the shorts and shirt, but seriously boot sneakers with shorts – NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! For all the money he earns could he not buy nicer shoes… arrgghhhh.

  95. 95
    Ugly? Says:

    @ATTN: Oh please, MG makes EC look like a gawky little girl here.

  96. 96
    seriously Says:

    EC has natural beauty and natural talent and it shines through – not like the stupid silicon transvestite who has the personality of a brain damaged hedgehog! (I apologise to all hedgehogs for the comparison)

  97. 97
    Please Says:

    Quit talking about Mandaleena on this thread. If you have the need to go on and on about the twit, take it to the DH thread. Why are you even talking about her anymore?

  98. 98

    @not: You just don’t have a sense of humor. Just skip it and don’t point me.

  99. 99
    Nicole Says:

    Stop stealing my moniker? You must have the courage to speak for themselves! Shame on you!?

  100. 100
    sigh Says:

    @angelsrock: Or if no roles why not and maybe I need to get a new manager????

  101. 101
    Can'tGetEnough Says: Saw stand up comedy with Gerard Butler tonight. #UCBla #THISISSTANDUP

  102. 102
    Can'tGetEnough Says: totally just went to an intimate improv show in which I was in the audience with @ceeramseytweets and you know, Gerard Butler

  103. 103
    Can'tGetEnough Says: Just saw Gerard Butler! LA

  104. 104
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

  105. 105
    GFW Says:

    Laughter is good medicine! Good news this.
    This is my favorite… and I’ve made it my desktop until it’s trumped…

  106. 106
    hee-hee Says:

    Omg JS you’ve just confirmed my “silly theories” by saying this – *I don’t finish work until 4p.m.(and have no access to a computor at work)*

    I’ve been watching you since your appearance here with GB fanfics (about huge breasted Edinburgh ladies, Gerry the Church goer etc.) You usually show up at 8 am as JS and then dissappear till 3:30-7 pm. Then you pop in twice or three times in the evening under two or three different monickers replying to several posters in a row and quit posting at about 11 pm.

    And I’ll say it again, none of your socks were seen here while you were in Amsterdam and off JJ for a week. NONE.

    But keep posting please. You are kinda intertaining. :))

  107. 107
    Maddy Says:

    Gerry loves me

  108. 108
    Wiley Says:

    What a bully…singling out a poster and basically stalking them is a sign of obsessive behavior. Seek help!!!
    And No I am not JS, I read your post and find it disturbing.

  109. 109
    i'm maddie Says:

    Gerry in love with me like crazy! Ohhhhhh!
    Oh, what I’ve se.xy tits? This selikon, very expensive!

  110. 110
    Maddy Says:

    I’m a cutie

  111. 111
    Maddy Says:

    * He doesn’t like using condoms
    * He loves a/nal sex
    * He begs or “forces” women to talk really dirty to him when they’re having sex (I’m your w/hore! I’m your w/hore!) ROFL!
    * He let a guy give him a b/low job during the Toronto Film Festival in 2005

  112. 112
    i'm maddie Says:

    @Maddy: HHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!

  113. 113
    Trolls R Us Says:


  114. 114
    GFW Says:

    Some expose who they are by what they’re divulging by their angry betrayals. Mentally ill forever are the emotionally abandoned and physically, verbally, emotionally, psychologically abused. So to kill the pain they turn into bullies and carry on the cycle where they’re allowed to such as on the Internet.
    So, so, glad Gerry is free from these abusive ill people now in his life… and he did it his way. That he knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what unconditional love is by many in his life. The kind of people in his huge circle of love that cares about him to his core, want the best for him and are willing to stand by no matter what. He knows deep down the extent he of how worthy, deserving, and valuable he is to this world. In his world where he walks upright, free, loved and happier now he no longer fears, or recognizes, the opinions of others. Only his opinions count now.

  115. 115
    Manny Says:

    @not: She’s past the point of looking stupid. She’s one of the biggest idiots on the board.

  116. 116
    @Maddy Says:

    That’s some very detailed info you’re sharing. Did you get used and dumped?

  117. 117
    Manny Says:

    @hee-hee: Yes, JS is one of the ones with multiple socks, pretending to be this or that, probably from Iowa not Scotland.

  118. 118
    JS Says:

    I heard his biggest turn-on is sucking a guy’s smelly toes and feet. The riper, the better for him.

  119. 119
    Privacy and Class Says:

    @GFW Amen baby.

  120. 120
    P Says:

    He’s lost weigth

  121. 121
    PsychoB Says:

    @GFW: your “Gerry” sure is pooring his soul to you. Maybe you should contact Catfish on MTV and force your lug to admit to the world your connection. Aweful lot of conjecture on your part GFW.

  122. 122
    GFW is happy, Happy, HAPPY! Says:

    I saw Catfish when it came out at the theaters!
    Never you mind my connection. If I think it then it’s true. So that’s that. 💜💜
    @Privacy and Class:
    Thank you. There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh, feel good and offer solutions. Forget the bad, learn to manage your past, and focus on the good. What we do for others. Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don’t. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living.
    ~K 💜💜

  123. 123
    @GFW Says:

    @GFW: Your first paragraph is the best description of you I’ve ever read. Oh and Privacy and Class is still you.

  124. 124
    😊 GFW 😊 Says:

    I don’t follow? But please do not elaborate. Because frankly I don’t give a crap.
    You’re wrong! You are. That poster is not me. Sorry, but really. Question. Why do you need me here so much, because you are?
    And the person from Hawaii is me too? Why? She’s in here positing at late, late hours. SO not me. This place these days gets a cursory glance at best. Guess positive folks championing Gerry simply all must be me? Wow. You don’t think he’s any supporters left? Double-wow.
    ~K 💜💜
    saying goodbye…

  125. 125
    PsychoB Says:

    @@Maddy: probably a troll trolling. But if it was an ex could you imagine the reaction of Gerry reading those words. I would imagine his coffee leaving his mouth at a very high rate of speed.
    @GFW is happy, Happy, HAPPY!: I see you like to take spirituality and turn it into your own little excuse for your behavior. Its all good. Life will ground hog day you until you are willing to look in the mirror. Happy happy happy!

  126. 126
    Mommy Says:

    @Manny: “She’s one of the biggest idiots on the board”
    Takes one to know one. You’re an old fool.

  127. 127
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.” Ephesians 4:22-24

  128. 128
    Manny Says:

    So when did someone start using my moniker? Gotta laugh. I hope folks didn’t think those lameass comments are mine.
    If Gerry is a Scottish Fashion Icon, what do all the regular folks in Scotland look like? NYC homeless???
    Plus when is he going to figure out that cheap Clairol home color job is crap. Time to go natural dude and embrace who you are…
    I have to laugh at Macaroni trying to make herself relevant again. Get a clue Poserina, you weren’t relevant when he was f*cking you either.
    So does he have any work lined up yet other thanHTTYD2?

  129. 129
    oh Says:

    Hi there Manny, Nice to see the real you.

  130. 130
    Manny Says:

    #117 faux Manny
    Quit lecturing others about socks you poser. Get original and find your own identity girl.

  131. 131
    Manny Says:

    Hey God Bless, you are as always a kind uplifting person.
    Hey hey CGE. *waving*
    @Oh, hey girlie…

  132. 132
    JS Stalker Says:

    Yes, This hee-hee person is a stalker and the simple solution is to have her flagged from JJ. It isn’t funny and yes it is disturbing. Who in their right mind follows someones every move like that. Not good. Flag her JS. and don’t reply to her posts.

  133. 133
    Manny Says:

    I just wanted everyone to know I never leave, always reading the board. Butler still looks like scum on the bottom of a dumpster.

  134. 134
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @Manny: Hi Manny! How are you? Nice to see you here. Hope all is well.

  135. 135
    Can'tGetEnough Says: So my friend El Kerry (USA BASED) met Gerard butler today! Jealous, HELL YES!!!

  136. 136
    GERRY Says:

    bitten whores………

  137. 137
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

  138. 138
    ala Says:

    Good to see him bright and happy. He lost some weight though and I prefer him with longer hair. Great choice of restaurant (Real Food). Love the open shirt, hate the boots.

  139. 139
    Can'tGetEnough Says: For those unaware, here’s an explanation of why GALS love @gerardbutler PIE! :-P

  140. 140
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

  141. 141
    Manny Says:

    omg yawning

  142. 142
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

  143. 143
    leila Says:

    where are you ?

  144. 144
    Gee you sure is ugly! Says:

  145. 145
    Nepalese Temple Balls Says:

    But it was soon ascertained that this quaternary matter of the animal body was chemically the same in the plant, was elaborated there, and only appropriated by the animal.

  146. 146
    MMM Says:


    Where are you?

  147. 147
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    #Moroccan #Tv #Reporter #Simobb interviewing #International #Actor #Gerard #Butler

  148. 148
    leila Says:

    I’m here where are you?

  149. 149
    Manny Says:

    I see my moniker stealer has decided to be a stinker.
    Unfortunately I’m not hanging on every thread so post away. I’ll take it as a compliment that you wish you were me…

  150. 150
    MMM Says:

    Lying in bed.

  151. 151
    leila Says:

    I lie in bed with you

  152. 152
    Me Too Says:

    I did not know about number 4. Thanks for the information.

  153. 153
    MMM Says:

    While you’re at it, you can massage my back.

  154. 154
    Sick in the head person alert Says:


  155. 155
    Lies, Lies and More Lies. Says:

    @Maddy: #111

  156. 156
    leila Says:

    may be…may be..may be..yes

  157. 157
    In my opinion Says:

    @hee-hee: You are one seriously disturbed person and you need psychiatric help.

  158. 158
    MMM Says:

    I’m waiting.

  159. 159
    leila Says:

    you will wait for me the whole eternity……………………………………..

  160. 160
    MMM Says:

    Now that you mentioned it, I won’t.

    Good bye.

  161. 161
    leila Says:


  162. 162
    GB & MG are dead Says:

    No way to fake anymore.

  163. 163
    They are over Says:


  164. 164
    HaHaHaHa Says:

    @GB & MG are dead: You shall see.

  165. 165
    anglesrock Says:


    Been saying that for years. He’s so darn loyal to Alan though; Gerry will never leave him behind.

  166. 166
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @GB & MG are dead: Yeah, they petered out like Obama’s presidency.

  167. 167
    lolita Says:

    He does have nice legs but I miss the thunder thighs he used to have. He looks like he has bell bottom knickers on. Gotta love him and his sense of dress. But nothing beats that smile.

  168. 168
    Can'tGetEnough Says: HTTTD 2 new logo
    Post 166 is not me. Have a good night JJer’s!

  169. 169
    gossipguy Says:

    He’s wearing his juvey bracelets again. This was a planned pap-fest, he walked right by a gang of paps so he could be seen and snapped by them.

  170. 170
    Sonny Says:

    @gossipguy: So the bracelets have some kind of homing divice stuck in them that sounds an alarm in the house of paparazzi? Cool. Sure beats a gps stuck on his butt.
    Know what, I don’t care how they found him, just glad they did. Now we know he had a square meal, he’s safe, happy, the paps treated him nice and had some fun, he didn’t go to Tiff and we all got a treat to see his smiley face. Very cool. p.s. he’s been wearing the same bracelets to the beach, caribbean etc.

  171. 171
    Nicole Says:

    Jessica Lococo
    Oh hello Gerard Butler. #SoHoHouseLA

  172. 172
    Nicole Says:

    Kiley Dean

    At my favorite hang in franklin village last night and I see… @GerardButler #mylove #awestruck Los Angeles, CA

  173. 173
    JS Says:

    @Wiley: @JS Stalker: Thank you both for your support. I don’t know why this person is doing this to me but she accuses me of being different people (she will probably accuse me of being you two!). I only post at this time but she said I was posting in the afternoon under other names and now that has been changed to evenings. She also said that these other people didn’t post when I was on holiday but when I came back and had a quick trawl through he posts I’m sure there were posts from some of those I’m accused of being. Also, many who used to post haven’t done so for a while perhaps because things have been very quiet but also perhaps because of the monicker stealers and because it has been taken over by supporters of his former girlfriend. I’m going to take your advise and not answer her. She obviously leads a very sad life and has too much time on her hands. Thanks again girls, your support is very much appreciated.

  174. 174
    JS Says:

    @JS: Post 118 is not me.

  175. 175
    Frumoasa Says:

    Have to say…all of that info is very correct…
    I see there is someone else here who does actually know him, as do I.
    Where are you located?

  176. 176
    hee-hee Says:

    @JS: Yes ignore me JS. ;)
    Your yesterdays socks

    =Sick in the head person alert
    =Lies, Lies and More Lies
    =In my opinion

  177. 177
    Physco Says:

    @Frumoasa:” Where are you located?”

    Inside your head.

  178. 178
    They are finished Says:

    We will see they are over, relationship is dead, no more!!!!:)))
    That is all we shall see.

  179. 179
    omission Says:

    If they dare to include Butler why not Ewan – he looked smoking hot at TIFF – nice tights pants Mr. MrGregor. And Ewan generally takes a bit more care even with his casual looks.

  180. 180
    Cinderella Says:

    It’s obviously a pr stunt to garner big names for a fashion show. Ewan keeps a lower profile so maybe he’s not as big of a draw?! The more I think about it, Gerry’s outfit might be his way of poking fun. As if to say “style icon, meet cargo shorts and high topped tennis shoes” Thats my favorite part about him. He doesn’t carry himself like image is a big deal.

  181. 181
    Nicole Says:

    OMG! Excellent site is going to be taken down!

  182. 182
    new love? Says:

    Look in arms who stand Madalina Ghenea! Hint: it’s Gerard Butler! – PHOTO

  183. 183
    Jolie Says:

    @Nicole: It is sad, that was a pretty site. She had hardly anyone visiting. I just found out GBFans closed too, apparently almost 2 years ago. That site was my favoirite. The only one I go to now is GALS.

  184. 184
    Astronaut Says:

    @new love?: that’s her costar jude law duh


  185. 185
    Sugar Daddy Says:

    @Astronaut:”that’s her costar jude law”

    Yea, and he’s got money right? she’ll be after him.

  186. 186
    new love? Says:

    @Astronaut: One does not interfere! And why not?

  187. 187
    SUNKIST Says:

    Glad for the bikers riding into DC to counter the million muslim march. Love the bikers! Take that, non-permit-granting DC!

    Why was a religious group, the muslims, given special permission to march but the BIKERS were denied permission? Why give one group special treatment and deny others?

  188. 188
    Astronaut Says:

    @new love?: she still with Gerry. he never said they broke up again, they still together, duh.

  189. 189
    cupcake Says:

    Hi ladies hope all are well.

  190. 190
    WRONG Says:


  191. 191
    new love? Says:

    @Astronaut: LOL:))))))

  192. 192
    😊 GFW 😊 Says:

    Did someone say Gerry was back into Yoga? Ghee since I don’t read here anymore, I’m missin’ out on the good stuff. I send, daily, a set of emails that I call Yoga for the mind. The words often stretch the mind, and the photos relax it. Wow, I’m so damn cool.

  193. 193
    😊 GFW 😊 Says:

    “Its pockets. What’s in its pockets?”
    No, I’m serious. I think if I ever met Gerry I’d ask him to empty his pockets. (slinking away) Of course he’d never do it! (sad face pout) Think it would be fun to watch his face, huh? (Big Smile)
    Don’t think it’s gum. Nope. No gum in them pockets of his. But stuff is in’em, you can bet on it!

  194. 194
    😊 GFW 😊 Says:

    “Why was a religious group, the muslims, given special permission to march but the BIKERS were denied permission?”
    Are you American or alien (as in from outer space)? I ask because this is a really dumb question.

  195. 195
    biotchesbelike Says:

    phanny/granny biotches be like:

    Gerry wasn’t at TIFF = He doesn’t love Madalina

    Gerry was at TIFF and stole the spotlight = He doesn’t love Madalina

    dumb biotches

  196. 196
    @GFW Says:

    If you don’t read here anymore, why are you here posting every single day? Are you not aware of your location?

  197. 197
    😊 😊 GFW 😊 😊 Says:

    Please do not confuse me with you who DOES post here every day, all day, and at night, every night. and has for only God knows how long. [read: I don't care]
    Reposed for the obtuse one, you: “Ghee since I don’t read here anymore, I’m missin’ out on the good stuff.”
    So, since you do read here, why don’t you simply answer the question rather than seek attention tryin’ to put me down? Which you never accomplish by the way…
    ~K 😊 😊

  198. 198
    😊 😊 GFW 😊 😊 Says:

    Not reading is different from not postin’. Just wanted to clarify that.

  199. 199
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @SUNKIST: Heard this yesterday and just as pissed off as you. Apparently the march didn’t go so well. Wonder why on 9/11 you have got to be kidding. Sorry JJ’rs had to do a little venting.

  200. 200
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @😊 GFW 😊: Why is Sunkist question dumb? 194 Then I suppose you can answer the question. Really have a hard time with you insulting another poster for no good reason and I will stop there.

  201. 201
    @Astronaut Says:


    He also never said they reconciled after publicly saying they had broken up.

    He’s not a fool, publicly say he broke up with somebody and then go and reconcile. In 2006 at Comic-Con, he was on a break from his then GF and was asked if he was dating somebody. He could have said they had broken up but he wanted that GF back so he said: “Kinda….!”

  202. 202
    😊 😊 GFW 😊 😊 Says:

    I owe her an apology. I apologize to SUNKIST. I miss-read it not catching the bit that bikers were denied. Good catch! My mistake, totally.

  203. 203
    @GFW Says:

    @😊 GFW 😊: He’d totally empty them.

  204. 204
    SUNKIST Says:

    @😊 GFW 😊: Yes, clarify this please. What’s “dumb” about the law in DC giving a religious group FREEDOM to march in DC but denying another group the same freedom???

    Explain please. I think it’s absolutely wrong to deny the bikers. Here’s my plan, let them both march.

    Again, why was my question “dumb”? We’re waiting, tap tap tap.

  205. 205
    SUNKIST Says:

    @😊 😊 GFW 😊 😊: Ok got your apology, thanks.

  206. 206
    gossipguy Says:

    I feel patriotic today. God Bless America and our bikers!

  207. 207
    😊 😊 GFW 😊 😊 Says:

    Good to know. It is.
    My bad. You’re welcome.
    ~K 😊 😊

  208. 208
    What a load Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck:
    That was callous on their part to pick 9/11 or even a date near this considering why this date is even important now. I have no problem with Muslims but I think they would want others to be respectful of important religious dates, they should return the favor. With Freedom comes responsibility and respect.

  209. 209
    Thunder rolling Says:

    @😊 😊 GFW 😊 😊: Thought you worked in DC. You should have felt the vibrations. What a stupid stunt DC pulled by not issuing a permit.
    “”We find this regretful for the residents and businesses of that great city, and humbly offer our apologies,” organizers of the ride said Friday on Facebook. “What could have been a one or two hour ride through will now likely be an all day event.”
    Ha, way to go ‘Rolling Thunder’. Stopping at every light, pedistrian crossing. Hope they tie up traffic all day long.
    Shame on our nations capital that spits in the face of pride and patriotism in exchange for Muslims marching to protest
    SUNKIST, your a little behind the times. It’s a done deal.

  210. 210
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high.” Psalm 3:3

  211. 211
    sigh Says:

    Double sigh. Then let us prepare for the status quo or worse.

  212. 212
    sigh Says:

    @Cinderella: Except he is in a business where image is everything.

  213. 213
    GFW Says:

    No, I do not work in DC.
    And this might not go over well, but I don’t listen to a lot of news or watch it either.
    who was here on 9/11/2001 (4 miles from the Pentagon) and will never forget it because that day forever changed my life…

  214. 214
    Can'tGetEnough Says: Don’t wanna be that girl that tweets about celeb sightings but… My night got a lot better when Gerard Butler walked into @RockandReilly

  215. 215
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    I wonder what he’s reading!!
    10 minutes ago · Cafe Primo, Sunset Plaza.
    Petit dej avec Gerard Butler #300 #TeamSpartiate #Hollywood #CafePrimo #SunsetPlaza

  216. 216
    6641259 Says:


  217. 217
    hee-hee Says:

    @Thunder rolling: Hello JS.

  218. 218
    Autumn Says:

    Hi JJers! Back from Scotland with a bad case of bronchitis – had to attend a 9/11 Ceremony this morning – very moving. Haven’t read the entire thread just skimmed.

    Comments on:
    1. Scottish Fashion Award – okay – why not – he cleans up well. Agree with fellow posters he looks like he pulls his clothes from the dryer and puts them on – so what – He dresses like most SoCal people on a hot day in LA – not sure about those trainers though!
    2. March in DC today was planned in August and it was the AMPAC – American Muslim Political Action Committee protesting racial profiling and it was peaceful with less than 1,000 people not 1 million.
    3. Bikers not getting a permit – perhaps they didn’t file on time which happens – I was in traffic today – not too bad – my brothers are bikers so glad they got to to show support to the victims of 9/11 by riding their bikes; however, the DC news showed some really awful comments by said bikers which runs counter to what 9/11 means to many of us (not all Muslims are terrorists).
    4. While in Scotland, i watched a complete series of documentaries on 9/11 by Neil/Doug (?) Campbell and it was amazing to watch.

    NOW back to Gerry! Hope he is reading a script worth doing; resting and contemplating his plans for the future. Don’t care who he is or is not dating.

    Hope everyone is doing well! Staying safe, sane, happy and healthy. Will pull my pictures of Scotland together this weekend and post the link for the folks here who are interested and asked for them.

    Stay well all!

  219. 219
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @Autumn: Hi Autumn! Welcome home. Sorry to hear about your bronchitis. Hope you’re feeling well soon. Would love to see your pictures so be sure to post them.

  220. 220
    Wiley Says:

    “(not all Muslims are terrorists).”
    I think most here understand that but it was Muslim Extremists that caused 9-11 , can you honestly say that there was no other day for them protest other than the very day that caused so many Americans pain???

  221. 221
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Autumn: Hey there, Autumn :) Welcome back! Hope you had a wonderful time in Scotland :)

  222. 222
    Autumn Says:

    @Wiley: Would a different demonstration date made any difference? My having survived 9/11 unscathed while some friends were not so lucky – the DC protestors were not protesting 9/11 but the racial profiling that came afterwards and continues to be prevalent – there were also all types of ethnicities represented in their march today (black, muslim, jews, white, catholic, baptists, etc. – they were promoting tolerance & peace) – their walk was peaceful and quiet until the religious zealots appeared screaming at them with homemade signs with “Jesus Saves!” “Methodists don’t bomb office buildings!” etc. This was a handful of people but this is America and everyone has the right to their own opinion and to protest as is our right on any given day.

    People in this country get profiled every day – having just come back from travel – I got pulled for a security search in London – didn’t bother me at all. I’ve reddish blonde hair with blue eyes should I have protested that they profiled me as an IRA or Scottish person of interest.

    Sorry I’m tired and sick with bronchitis; been to 2 memorials today for 9/11 so please remember that no one ever forgets and some of us remember this day too clearly and it haunts us.

    Off my soapbox and returning this thread to GB and what it’s supposed to be about. Sorry GB fans!


  223. 223
    GFW Says:

    Hi Autumn, glad your move to one of the coolest parts of the U.S.A. is going well. It’s a place you can do it all. Fast or slow. I bet you’d have preferred to stay in Scotland than get back in one of the nation’s worst areas for traffic? And back to work? Eek! That’s said, I don’t drive, but use public transportation, which is affected by whatever is going on, and there is always a lot going on. [read: was late for work today]
    Not to you. I will.
    Carry on all!

  224. 224
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: “I wonder what he’s reading!!”
    Mmmmm….I wonder too…hopefully it’s something really great that’s work-related :)
    Thanks for posting the links CGE :)

  225. 225
    cupcake Says:

    Hi Autumn hope your feeling better.

  226. 226
    sigh Says:

    Well I think that date was chosen specifically to get attention for their little protest. It would not take a rocket scientist to predict the kneejerk reaction that is occurring. Perhaps the point I guess. Still a bit disrespectful . It might only serve to heat up bad feelings that has started to subside.

  227. 227
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    @218…They filed on time Autumn….I have quite a few friends riding in that….Plus, I know who made what calls and so forth. I couldn’t go because of my knee. Being a Veteran and as an American I have been on both sides of the fence. it is not always profiling as you suggest….it is actually dealing with the concerns and matters at hand. For example, some of those riders have had boots on the ground…literally. have you? Some of those have seen friends literally blown up, have you….Some of those have seen women and children used as shields….The older veterans…lost friends in Pearl, the Bataan March and so forth….so no it is not always profiling. You may have a job that puts you places…but you will never be where many have been. Both past and present. My Dad, a 3 tour Nam Vet…had every right to put his 2 cents in….because he was there…as were the others as they are now.

    True, there is profiling, but not as the Veterans have and do. Appearance is not always everything. It is what seen and what is held inside. The Japanese tried to apologize for Pearl (finally). The Veterans there at the meeting said no…can forgive but never forget. Forgetting is the hardest of the 2 and that is the hardest to overcome. 9/11, Benghazi….and others will not be forgotten. In turn, there are reasons for what is done and being done. BTW…I am a MC Vet and stand with my brothers and sisters.

    Hope you feel better.



  228. 228
    Autumn Says:

    Thanks all for the nice comments. It’s been a tough day to say the least.

    GERRY – please be reading a script for a film worth making ?!? Need some film eye candy badly.

    Best to everyone!

  229. 229
    Petpeeves Says:

    “There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh, feel good and offer solutions. Forget the bad, learn to manage your past, and focus on the good. What we do for others. Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don’t. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living.”
    This is a quote from author Jose’ N. Harris. I see you’re still stealing other people’s material!

  230. 230
    Autumn Says:

    @Maggie P.U.: Maggie PU – you forget that I work for our government and have served for more than 3 decades having seen lots of the things you describe so yeah my boots have been on the ground more times than I want to count in more ways than I can describe but can’t. Let’s leave it at that okay.

    My father was in WWII at Hiroshima 10 days after the bomb dropped and is now in a wheelchair because of it – he’s 91 – want me to send you photos of what an ABomb did to an entire population in Japan – it’s not pretty; 1 brother was a Navy Seal; 2 brothers were Army Rangers (1 didn’t return from Nam); and my youngest brother was a Marine.

    So my family (uncles, cousins, etc.) have served and done it’s share since WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq & Afghanistan – 2 of my bros rode today. But you had to listen to the DC news to hear some comments that weren’t about the 9/11 victims – it had racial undertones and that was ugly. Some of the comments made put a lot of good people into an undeserved category. My one brother called me after hearing the news report and said some of the guys there were upset for all of the wrong reasons and there were some nasty comments made, but he & his friends were riding for their friends lost, 9/11 victims in NY/DC/PA.

    MPU – I recently lost 2 friends a few months ago in Sudan but that didn’t make the news or any comments from anyone since they were doing their job with boots on the ground just not in a uniform. I respect & understand your opinion and view – trust me my boots are always on the ground – they are tired and dirty.

    Can we please return this to a GButler thread and not about war/politics and other things some of us have to deal with on a daily basis. Sorry I brought this up, but was responding to skimmed posts that I read today.


  231. 231
    No Way! Says:

    @Petpeeves: Wait, NO, I thought only Maddie did that? (I Like Maddie)

  232. 232
    What a load Says:

    I agree with Wiley, while I do sympathize with those folks (Muslim, African American, Asians) who are undergoing this type of discrimination, they will not get much support from their fellow Americans when they do it on a date where so many innocent lives where taken by a certain sec of the Muslim religion. How would you feel if on say December 25th a radical sec of Catholics decided to murder all Doctors who have been known to perform abortions, then another sec who believed in ProLife decided to hold a rally against abortion on Dec 25th all the following years after?? Respect with get you respect but disrespect will get you nothing but resentment. Many Americans have given up a lot of their freedoms for the safety of others. We all have suffered at the airports and other big profile attractions and while I’m sure many American Muslims have experienced more discomfort , it would not hurt their cause to rally on a different day of the year. How about Martin Luther King day??!!?? That seems more appropriate than on the anniversary of an event that killed hundreds of innocent Americans by an extremist group.
    But hey you know everything so why even bother trying to reason with you or them. The majority of Americans will simply resent you and those like you even more and no one will win!!!!!

  233. 233
    What a load Says:

    BTW lets not forget this incident which many Muslims agreed was inappropriate. I know several that feel that certain extreme Muslim groups cause this type of resentment deliberately. They wany Americans to hate the Muslim religion so they can get more converts. Its called manipulation and politicians are not the only ones who know how to do it.

  234. 234
    What a load Says:

    @Autumn: Grandfather and 5 great Uncles all WWII, Father and 4 Uncles Korea and Vietnam, 2 brothers and 9 cousins all in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. Of these 10 did not come back. Our family tree has definitely served to protect our freedoms. And many have given the ultimate sacrifice. Will you be sympathetic when another Muslin group decides to rally at the Boston Marathon next year?? You know the Boston Bombers were also Muslim, doesn’t really help their case.

  235. 235
    ATTN Says:

    Some facts about the Muslim March on D.C. – from the Huffington Post:
    “The American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) which organized the rally is led by M.D. Rabbi Alam, a 9/11 truther who has propagated anti-Semitic causes related to the terrorist attacks 12 years ago.
    In addition, the Huffington Post notes, the DC Area 9/11 Truth Movement and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Movement are currently listed as partners of the event — all of which, in addition to the chosen date of the march, has reportedly upset many observers.”

  236. 236
    ATTN Says:

    The choice to march on 9/11 was deliberate, as the event was co-sponsored by the Truthers.
    God bless bikers! ♥

  237. 237
    ATTN Says:

    Pretty hypocritical when a march to end discrimination against Muslims is led by a bigot who supports anti-Semitic causes.
    God bless bikers! ♥

  238. 238
    OMG Says:

    Get off of Autumn already. She has an opinion like everyone else here – she spoke her mind – she has served her country along with her family as have most of yours. Autumn – I totally understand your POV and you are entitled to that opinion as you’ve earned it!

    Can we get back to Gerry now!

  239. 239
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    Autumn 230:

    “Can we please return this to a GButler thread and not about war/politics and other things some of us have to deal with on a daily basis. Sorry I brought this up, but was responding to skimmed posts that I read today”

    I forget nothing. Unlike you I do not talk about my job…being in the Government or anything of the sort. Second, I also as I am sure many other have kin in the military that go way back…I definitely do. I have also been in country…and I have also worked for the Government….so what. I do not bring it to a gossip board. I am not saying you do all the time, but a good bit. I do not need to put what I have done or do out there…no one cares. They are happy in their jobs, home and so forth. Like you said…return to a GB thread. All I wanted to do was interate that it is not all about profiling. Those riders have their reasons and it is not profiling, That was all. Done.



  240. 240
    WTF Says:

    What are you the Board Mommy? There is nothing going on with Gerry so get off your high horse and go do something with your spare time, what I mean is something useful.

  241. 241
    Autumn Says:

    Folks, you obviously didn’t understand my posts at all! I think both groups have a right to do whatever they want – it’s not sympathy, it’s an American right to protest under the Constitution. My problem with today was the racial remarks made by a few people due to whatever their issues are against an entire group people protesting in a peaceful manner – this was broadcast on national news.

    Living in DC – this gets old when you hear it from albeit well meaning, but uninformed individuals who think they speak for so many when they spew hate and negativity at protests. It just perpetuates the problem. Trust me, we have plenty of problems and not enough solutions.

    I’m done here. Tired and came back to see if anything new on my guilty pleasure of GButler, but this isn’t going happen tonight I see. Trust me, I’ll be in my black suit, white shirt with my American Flag lapel pin proudly displayed as I work for my country – thankful that I’m still here to do so as many friends are no longer able to do so and I never forget that even after all these years.

    Stay sane all!

  242. 242
    Helen Says:

    @WTF: Right. Gerry’s doing nothing lately, he’s a dud. What’s important is that people feel they can post what they want without board enforcers taking over.

    Praying for all the victims and families of 9/11 and for the gracious and thrilling biker ride into DC. You are heroes for taking a stand. Thank you!

  243. 243
    Liz Says:

    “Can we get back to Gerry now!”
    What do you suggest we discuss about him? He’s doing nothing. Do you expect people to talk for days on end about the clothes he wore on the way to getting lunch? How dare people talk about 9.11 on 9.11! I guess it’s time to post more old pictures of Gerard from a decade ago that we’ve all seen a hundred times. Ya, that will be exciting. But let’s not reflect on 9.11 on this day in particular, because we might miss out on all those great posts about Gerard walking, sitting in a chair, or staring at a piece of paper.

  244. 244
    Petpeeves Says:

    @No Way!: That’s another one who never had an original thought in her head and way overestimated her importance in Gerard Butler’s life. Thanks for bringing that up!

  245. 245
    pfft Says:


  246. 246
    Beeshneesh Says:

    A day in the life of Gerard Butler. 9/11/13.

    Slept late, rolled bedhead in drool.
    Rolled out of bed, threw on filthy cargo shorts.
    Scratched ba/ll/s, used same fingers to pick food out of teeth.
    Dropped off by Amy at the Starbucks on Robertson so paps could get plenty of shots.
    Waved at strangers just because one or two might be young girls.
    Pretended to chat on mobile but secretly checking out the hordes of paps following behind.
    Met Alan for free range raw gluten-free vegan treehugger’s delight rainforest safe fair trade plate o’cr/ap de jour.
    Found out no scripts coming in.
    Back at the house, walks by mirror and checks to see if a/s/s has grown. Nope, none yet.
    Channel surfs and settles on Soap Opera channel, finds an old Young and Restless marathon.
    Squeals, “oh you go Catherine Chancellor! You go girl!”
    Falls asleep in sweaty heap as the sun sets over Los Feliz.
    No messages, no texts, no one calls on mobile..

  247. 247
    Too Mean Says:


  248. 248
    What??? Says:


    I agree about all of it except the soap part. I think instead he puts in a dvd of one of his old movies and thinks dyamn I’m good. lol

  249. 249
    seriously Says:

    I’m guessing it is more like watching a porn marathon and then fells asleep having lost the feeling in his right hand!

  250. 250
    Nicole Says:

    @GerardButler I followed you on twitter because you are sitting next to us whilst we are having dinner and I’m too shy to say hi/ LA

  251. 251
    For those who care re DH Says:

    Reviews are very positive with rare exception.

  252. 252
    Not True Says:

    @For those who care re DH:
    Hi @! *waves*
    Keep those lies coming in defence of the Clinger. Your B/S is always good for a laugh! :D

  253. 253

    @ Not True

  254. 254
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @Autumn: Welcome back Autumn, I hope you enjoyed your time in Scotland. Any chance of seeing any photos?

  255. 255
    sigh Says:

    I would think on the anniversary of 9-11 is one day that diverging from Butler who is in fact doing not much but his usual routine LOL@Beeshneesh: is more than OK

  256. 256
    sigh Says:

    after all no one complains about all the personal stuff between posters which is in fact not related to the topic of Butler either

  257. 257
    shiza Says:


  258. 258
    end Says:

    No news. The thread is slowly dying… sad…bored…

  259. 259
    ??? Says:

    @end: No, nothing boring about Maddie’s movie getting great reviews. Mostly they are full of praise for Jude’s performance as an obsolete safecracker. I can’t wait to see it and also to see and hear Maddie’s acting and singing.

  260. 260
    Beeshneesh Says:

    Secret nods and handshakes to the smart women at IMDB for liking my “A Day in the Life of Gerard Butler”. 😍💕

    I should have called it, “From Merde to Meh”. ☆☆☆☆☆

  261. 261
    Get Real Says:

    @???: Who is Maddie???? I think you’re lost and on the wrong thread.

  262. 262
    wasn't funny Says:


  263. 263
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    1 Peter 5:6&7
    6 Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, 7 casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.

  264. 264
    tsk Says:


    self complimenting is soooo LAME

  265. 265
    Somebodyelse Says:

    @tsk: At least she posted something funny. I liked it. Where’s your attempt at humour?

  266. 266
    wasn't funny Says:


  267. 267
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Well, I for one have enjoyed the last months with lots of news about GB. He worked hard on the world tour for OHF and it payed off. So many critics didn’t give him much credit but he did a great job. He attended to his own business with Jamaica Tallawah and in turn certainly helped the economy in the area. Chances are that he will continue with his support.
    He rubbed elbows with the big wigs and entertained us with the WH Correspondents affair. For his mum’s sake supported Comrie with fortnight and the ‘Square’, supported the Met Gala and we certainly enjoyed that eye candy lol.
    He has traveled far and wide and enjoyed the things that make up his life. He has admitted that he leads a charmed life far and above what he ever expected. I hope he is happy and healthy.
    We have seen the serious, grumpy side and the smiles and twinkle in his eyes, from the tux to cargo shorts. No complaints here.
    Thank you GBYA as always.
    Glad to hear from you Autumn and hope you are feeling better.
    It was an emotional day yesterday and as I read the posts, the memories are all so fresh still and good that it is. Our generation has weathered many storms and we, throughout the world, no doubt will weather many more. Nice that we can share those emotions here and still come up smiling.
    So, all that being said, dearest GB, get off your arssss and make us a great historic Scottish movie and make it snappy. Ducky

  268. 268
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Hello Kali, have a wonderful time! Don’t forget the camera and Autumn post some pictures too okay, [after you get bette]r.

  269. 269
    The reviews are negatives Says:

    @For those who care re DH:

    I would like for Jude Law to have a hit on his hands but most reviews are actually negative. They never talk about the barnacle only to say she plays the exotic wife of somebody. They don’t say if she’s good or not.

    There were hardly any interviews with the cast on entertainment shows I watched at all except for some reporters talking to Jude Law and that was it. All other interviews were with actors like Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock who have movies getting pretty good reviews.

    Just because you like MG, don’t make up rumors her movie is a hit as it’s not

  270. 270
    Privacy and Class Says:

    @LLAD Something i like about Gerard is his privacy and class. Me thinks our boy is reading a script. The thing is…he does not tell us. He does not have to. He lets everyone gossip as he should and not entertain because, he is mature. He is the once i say something……that’s it. Babble if u want but i have said what I have had to say.

    Soooooooo……all that about him and work — it appears the guy had it all the time….and of course we will not know. It is all one of the things that makes you like him and want to know. Presto!

  271. 271
    Foque Ewe Says:

    @Privacy and Class: he wouldna know a script if it bit ‘im in the ****

  272. 272
    reviews? Says:

    “See a Baboon Outclass Jude Law in New ‘Dom Hemingway’ Posters”
    Don’t know if there are any reviews yet since it hasn’t been released other than tiff. All I heard about was the poster and that it’s vulgar. Nice date night movie. NOT. So what’s the reason to be discussing it here? Didn’t jj set up a thread for that?

  273. 273
    For those who care re DH Says:

    @The reviews are negatives: There won’t be a press tour until next spring when the film is released. The film is tracking extremely well. I have only read a single review that was slightly negative. Critics are saying it’s Jude’s career best performance which is saying quite a bit. Madalina’s role is very integral to the plot. Small roles are not to be demeaned; Dame Judy Dench won an Oscar for a 17 minute performance. This film looks like it is going to do quite well regardless of your personal feelings for one of it’s stars.

  274. 274
    Brain f art Says:

    @Foque Ewe: That was an intelligent remark.

  275. 275
    Well said. Says:

    @Privacy and Class:

  276. 276
    @P&С Says:

    @Privacy and Class:
    And what are the things that make you like him except his “privacy and class” of course?
    D’you like his lifestyle?
    D’you consider him workaholic?
    D’you like any of the characters he performed? Why?

    I’m a very curious person.

  277. 277
    HH Says:

    @Privacy and Class:
    To me it looks more like a magazine. Most scripts are going to be a LOT bigger and a lot Fatter. So I think he is not reading a script but a magazine while he kicks back and enjoys some quiet time and a nice salad perhaps?

  278. 278
    Bravo Says:

    “I should have called it, “From Merde to Meh”.”

    @For those who care re DH: Stop smoking the crystal meth – no one has even mentioned her performance in the film, beyond the character’s role in the plot. It’s another small role like the rest. So it means neither good nor bad enough to mention. Because trust me, if she stood out she’d have been mentioned. There are certain great actors and actresses who were scene stealers in their earliest work. You either got IT or you don’t.

  279. 279
    PR BS Says:

    “Most scripts are going to be a LOT bigger and a lot Fatter.”

    “Treatments,” “spec scripts,” test/audition scene, scene re-writes and such would not be as thick as a full-length script.

    Not saying you’re right or wrong, but full-length features final drafts and shooting scripts tend to be 85+pages (thicker/longer if drama, sci fi, fantasy, and the like), but treatments, specs, short films, tv sitcoms, animation short, etc would not be as thick…

  280. 280
    PsychoB Says:

    @Privacy and Class: if this isn’t GFW I’ll be shocked. I think Gerry would even be laughing at your comment. Privacy and class I am sure are 2 words Gerry wouldn’t even use to describe himself. Privacy and class are the actors who live in Newport or outside of HW who really don’t need or want the attention. Sandra Bullock anyone.

  281. 281
    @For those who care re DH Says:

    For the millionth time, there is a thread for this. Now take your trolling over there and quit spamming the board with your nonsense. Her cra/p has no relevance here at this point and you very well know it.

  282. 282
    80% on Rotten Tomatoes Says:

    @Not True: @reviews?: User reviews all over the web. Do the work before you open your maw.

  283. 283
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

  284. 284
    Actually.... Says:

    From Variety
    …Modeled in the wonderfully baroque vein of British dramatist Martin McDonagh, Shepard’s dialogue comes fast and dense, layered with expletives and false bravado as Dom screams his demands at Russian crime boss Mr. Fontaine (Demian Bichir, terrific, but not an ounce Russian), requesting a round with the big man’s money-hungry moll (Romanian model Madalina Diana Ghenea, a real traffic-stopper) as a “present” for keeping his silence.

    Though it doesn’t mention her acting abilities.

  285. 285
    hee-hee Says:

    @Privacy and Class: Hello JS.

  286. 286
    thor's day Says:

    @PR BS: Maybe he was perusing legal documents from his lawsuit with Emmett Furla.

  287. 287
    Bravo Says:

    @Actually….: As noted before. No discussion about her performance itself. And anyone Shepherd cast in that role was going to be exotic looking that was the brief. Pamela Anderson was a traffic stopper in her heyday too but she wasn’t going to win any Academy Awards or even Emmys. Though I am sure there were people mostly men who thought Pam was a fine thespian on Baywatch. Or that think Barb Wire is a classic. Well just like all those teenage girls think Robert Pattinson is a good actor cause he’s cute. Just watch Bel Ami once. On second thought I can’t do that to anyone, don’t watch it ever.

  288. 288
    hee hee and her wart Says:

    @hee-hee: the old hag called hee hee.

  289. 289
    hee-hee Says:

    @hee hee and her wart: Hello JS.

  290. 290
    @P&С Says:

    @PsychoB: I don’t think so PsychoB.
    He is a very private and serious person, believe me. One doesn’t have to be a psychic to see this.
    BTW GFW and Privacy and Class are different ppl.

  291. 291
    PsychoB Says:

    @@P&С: really. So the romance shuffle we had to endure this whole summer whether real or not was him being private. Him tongueing a violin girl while his friends videoed it with their phones is classy and private. Just admit it you like him because you think he’s hot. Not because he’s private and classy. Maybe if you guys would stop with the bs people would take you guys seriously. Of course that is Gerrys own downfall too. Like attracts like. And please prove to me its not GFW. You can’t so there again I told you my opinion, please stop telling me that I’m to take your opinion as the truth. And yes everything I’ve said in this post is my opinion.

  292. 292

    @ PsychoB

  293. 293
    The reviews are negatives Says:

    @For those who care re DH:

    Many reviews were posted right here on JJ and those were not good revies.

    One of them even said this was an attempt to copy better gangsters movies. I’ve read at least 10 reviews and in none of them did they say she was good or bad. They hardly mentioned her at all.

    In one review they praised Richard E. Grant but said he didn’t have much time on the screen.

    This was a movie I was going to see this coming Saturday at TIFF and now I’m not too sure I’m going to waste money on a plane ticket, hotel room, price ticket and other expenses to see a movie which obviously doesn’t seem to interest even the entertainment shows. I think I’ll wait for it to open up in theaters instead if does get a wide release as a movie at TIFF which plays 3 days in a row and on the last day at half price for the tickets, it is a movie they’re trying hard to sell. Having a good distributor does not always help make a success of a movie. When they need to show such a movie 3 days in a row, it means it’s going to be a hard-sell for the distributor.

  294. 294
    Rebel Yell Says:

    Excuse me, I think I’ve missed something here…why exactly are some people talking about a movie featuring Jude Law? How is that relevant to a Gerard Butler thread? Are they just trying to be annoying or something? Or has it got something to do with that Madalina? Personally, I couldn’t give a flying **** about her career.

  295. 295
    80% on Rotten Tomatoes Says:

    @The reviews are negatives: What you mean you aren’t willing to spend all that money if Madalina isn’t there.

  296. 296
    Not True Says:

    @80% on Rotten Tomatoes:
    Stop being such a f/ucking moron. That rating is based on a paltry 5 reviews. Most of the reviews have not been posted on Rotten Tomatoes yet. They won’t appear there until the film opens next year. If you knew what you were talking about, you would know that. The majority of critic’s reviews out of tiff have been NEGATIVE. There’s no getting around it, that’s a fact. The film is going to bomb.

  297. 297
    Seriously Says:

    @The reviews are negatives: You aren’t going to see any press on this film until it opens in April. The review you referenced is the one “negative” review. Why are you being so argumentative when the proof is right in front of your eyes, or are you just trolling?

  298. 298
    80% on Rotten Tomatoes Says:

    @Not True: Okay, I’ll humour you. Please post the links for all these negative reviews. Out of respect for this thread, I am not going to post all the positives, but then again, they are very easy to find.

  299. 299
    Rebel Yell Says:

    @@P&С:agree #290

  300. 300
    Tsk Tsk Says:

    @Not True: Jealous of Madalina much? You sound totally unglued because her film (and Jude’s) is mentioned here. People will talk about Madalina Ghenea for a long time until Gerry announces he’s broken up with her for good. It hasn’t happened so I for one think they’re still together but separated by work.

    He can’t very well meet up with agents, managers, producers and directors when he’s holed up in Prague or Milan now, can he?

  301. 301
    ATTN Says:

    Take the Dom Hemingway fights here

  302. 302
    Rebel Yell Says:

    @Tsk Tsk: He can’t very well meet up with agents, managers, producers and directors when he’s holed up in Prague or Milan now, can he?
    Yeah right…it must be really tough…long distances romances are hard…excuses, excuses….pull the other one – it’s got bells on it.

  303. 303
    ATTN Says:

    Dom Hemingway has three threads on JJ. Anyone discussing it here is a TROLL. Anyone arguing with the trolls is making it worse, so STFU.

  304. 304
    Tsk Tsk Says:

    @ATTN: Anyone whining as much as you do must be totally unhappy in life. Get a job, find a man or a real hobby and leave people alone. This isn’t your board.

  305. 305
    Separated by what work? Says:

    @Tsk Tsk:

  306. 306
    The Reviews are negative Says:


    You’re responding to the wrong person. You should be responding to the poster whose moniker is For those who care re DH. I was only responding to that person about the reviews.

  307. 307
    The Reviews are negative Says:

    @80% on Rotten Tomatoes:

    I’m not going to spend money on a rotten movie whether or not she’s there or not! I don’t care if she’s not there or even Jude is not there! I care only about the movie being good or not.

  308. 308
    Life's Train Says:

    I am trying to remember this movie:

    Believe Jamed McAvoy was the main male character. It was about a famous author.whose daughter was obsessed with this man. His name was famous and she became obsessed withhim and his name…..she had created and extended charactsr of him for years.

    Well as time passed and they met again, he let her know his love was for another. He saw the crazed look in her eyes and stepped away. Life had moved on and he was wit h wife and child, this girl still believed and clearly before her stood him and family on the train of life. He shielded his wife and they walked away. True story…the girl wandered the rest of her life on the image of aman for her that did not exist.

    Point is – this thread gets scary by some of these people’s words

    I choose to read only here and move on with the train of life. Have a good one.

  309. 309
    Just saying Says:

    Gerry come on we are waiting for you to go to work soon.

  310. 310
    ATTN Says:

    Someone please tell me to STFU. I’m wrong about everything. DIscuss.

  311. 311
    WTF Says:

    Moniker Stealer, how dumb are you to think people don’t see you for the thief you are. You look pretty dumb to me Moniker Stealer.
    Thou shalt not steal is one of the Ten Commandments,

  312. 312
    Ducky Says:

    Saw a slide show of the TIFF gals and guys in all their finery. Ralph F. was there and a blond Abigail Breslin [she's all grown up]. As I was looking at all the people gb has worked with and knows, was wondering if he missed being there. I know he loves Toronto, but just wondering.
    Hope everyone is having a nice evening or morning.

  313. 313
    Ducky Says: Inn#jm@th caterer syncfefcevb” Gerard has hit the pub Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s gon be a loooong night! 😜

  314. 314
    Violet Says:

    Gerry just posted a very weird tweet. What does this mean?
    Gerard Butler ‏@GerardButler
    Inn#jm@th caterer syncfefcevb
    from Los Angeles, CA
    32 minutes ago

  315. 315
    Nicole Says:

    Gerard ButlerVerified account

    Inn#jm@th caterer syncfefcevb

  316. 316
    Violet Says:

    Usually, when Gerry posts on Twitter, it also appears on his FB. So far, nothing on his FB. I took a screen capture of it, should it get deleted. It’s been re-tweeted 36 times and counting, with one tweeter implying GB must have been was drunk when he wrote this. :D

  317. 317
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @For those who care re DH: we don’t care, post in on the DH thread and not here.

  318. 318
    Violet Says:

    :D :D :D

  319. 319
    @Kali Says:

    Speaking for some of us, we are interested.

  320. 320
    80% on Rotten Tomatoes Says:

    @The Reviews are negative: This film is nothing like rotten; it’s really good, so guess the only one you’re hurting is yourself.

  321. 321
    Ducky Says:

    @@Kali: Then go to the other thread. Simple solution.

  322. 322
    Violet Says:

    I wonder if it was a mobile phone mishap … the dreaded b/utt tweet:

  323. 323
    Ducky Says:

    @Violet: hate to sound stupid but what is a butt tweet?

  324. 324
    Violet Says:

    It’s when your mobile phone inadvertently tweets a bunch of nonsense without you knowing. (I think the origin of the term is a mobile phone in your pocket, you sit on it, and it sends out a post by accident. LOL!)
    If it’s a phone misfire, I wonder how long it will take for him to notice it. It’s being re-tweeted by a lot of people. LOL
    Something is off about it because his tweets usually appear on his FB and this one isn’t.

  325. 325
    Nicole Says:

    Laura Coale @SongbirdRangler 1h

    @GerardButler What?!?!?!
    Helena Moran-Hayes @HelenaIsWriting 55m

    I thing my love Gerard is drunk, I love him anyway. RT @GerardButler: Inn#jm@th caterer syncfefcevb
    little wolf @wildhoneyfitri 59m

    Wats with you, dude? RT @GerardButler: Inn#jm@th caterer syncfefcevb
    ButlerPhan’ @mrsbutler2013 56m

    My love, he’s always adorable @GerardButler
    Sara Torrez @mnmlover85 54m

    @GerardButler Say what?
    Mike Kennelly @ken_why 52m

    @GerardButler nice!! I am also Inn#jm@th caterer syncfefcevb! #innjm@thcaterersyncfefcevb
    Shella Vinter @Shella_V 26m

    @GerardButler Gerry, are you OK!?
    Holstar ❤ @Holstar008 16m

    @GerardButler haha never drink and tweet! You might spill your drink 😉

  326. 326
    Ducky Says:

    @Violet: Thank you much Violet. I don’t tweet so what do I know. Is it possible that all this is fake? Or not.

  327. 327
    JS Says:

    @Tsk Tsk: “People will talk about Madalina Ghenea for a long time until Gerry announces he’s broken up with her for good. It hasn’t happened so I for one think they’re still together but separated by work.”

    He’s not going to announce they have broken up because that’s not his way, he has never in the past made any announcement when he’s broken up with someone. What he has done is said in interviews that he is single, and that’s all you are going to get. As for being separated by work, there have been many occasions when they could have been together and they weren’t. It was obvious in Romania that things were not right. All either of them could muster on meeting was a cold hello without even a smile. No hugs or kisses and then separate rooms at the hotel followed by the argument and her storming off. She goes on holiday without him and spends her birthday apart from him despite the fact he was free at that time, and then Gerry didn’t show at her brother’s wedding or turn up to support her in Toronto. How much more proof do you need that it’s over?

  328. 328
    JS Says:

    @Kali Orexi: “we don’t care, post in on the DH thread and not here.”

    I agree.

  329. 329
    Ducky Says:

    So maybe Lolita is chewing on his cell phone? Getting back at him for leaving her alone for so long. lol

  330. 330
    Violet Says:

    Fake? Do you mean someone hacked into Gerry’s account? That could have happened, but usually when someone hacks a celeb’s Twitter account (and it does happen) they actually write something — something offensive or funny or something to embarrass the celeb. I don’t think they would write gobbly-gook. But who knows? It will be interesting to see what Gerry does or says when he realizes what’s happened. The re-tweets are hilarious, right now! At least it’s given us some fun and giggles on what was becoming a dead thread! :)

  331. 331
    Ducky Says:

    @Violet: This is true Violet,. Thanks for spelling things out for me. Appreciate it.

  332. 332
    ??? Says:

    @Nicole: I think it was a msg for someone specific in super secret code speak.

  333. 333
    Nicole Says:

    I think he just sat on his phone. But in any case, it was funny!!!!

  334. 334
    Nicole Says:

    I think she’s right!
    Shella Vinter
    @GerardButler Maybe it’s a secret message into space? I always knew you were extraterrestrial! LOL.

  335. 335
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @Ducky: Thanks Ducky. I agree, there are threads now for DH so why keep on posting here?

  336. 336
    Violet Says:

    The word “caterer” is in the tweet. Maybe Lolita is trying to arrange a dinner party. Or she’s hungry and she’s ordering up food in style! :P

  337. 337
    Nicole Says:

    funny! GB: “I love U”
    Angel of music LOL!!!

  338. 338
    Nicole Says:

    Gerry laughing by everyone!
    Mona Burås @MonaBurs 24m

    @GerardButler butt tweet lol made my day! Thought for a moment that this was some new english words.. Now I know better :-)

  339. 339
    hee-hee Says:

    Honey if you were smarter you’d see that I never post at this time of day.
    Anyway, I’m not going to use my current moniker anymore, so have fun with your new “hee-hee” sock if you want. :D

  340. 340
    lmao Says:

  341. 341
    ATTN Says:

    @JS: They didn’t have separate rooms. They were there with her brother and his fiancée and there were two rooms rented, one for each couple. How many time are you gonna keep up this lie Lou??????

  342. 342
    :o) Says:

    @ is stealing monikers again

  343. 343
    C.A. Says:

    LOL what a butt tweet if real… I would do nothing if I had done that if it gave someone something to talk about – and laugh :)
    Maybe he is tweeting that he has read the manus and accepted it all inn and will caterer a meeting soon LOL Any other guesses?!!? ;)

  344. 344
    ??? Says:

    This is the only tweet of Gerard’s that has the location tagged to it. If it was a butt tweet, then how did the location get added?

  345. 345
    Kali Orexi Says:

    It’s starting to get old with him not doing anything. He needs a job badly. Not sure I can take much more of this and I’m tired of reading stupid tweets.

  346. 346
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @Kali Orexi: I wondered when you would show your face again. Thanks for being so impressed with me that you’re using my moniker. Copying is the best form of flattery!

  347. 347
    SeeSawSally Says:

    In Romania, there were three rooms reserved/rented, one for Gerry, one for Madalina, and one for the bodyguards. Madalina’s brother and his future wife did not arrive until the next day. Gerry and Madalina had separate room in the hotel, that has already been established and verified by the hotel staff.

  348. 348
    SeeSawSally Says:

    In Romania, there were three hotel rooms reserved, one for Gerry, one for Madalina, and one for the bodyguards. They did not stay in the same room, but in separate rooms, which was later verified and confirmed by the hotel staff. The brother and future sister in law did not arrive until the next day after Gerry and Madalina got there.

  349. 349
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @SeeSawSally: Do you normally fly to places where Gerry and Maddy go, and interview hotel staff? Doubt it. You must be totally deluded and insane to make such a claim.

  350. 350
    Kali Orexi Says:

    ps I hate his boots look. He looks like he’s trying to fit in with teens or something, eww.

  351. 351
    Bravo Says:

    @Tsk Tsk: Another delusional fool. If it comforts you. Why are you so invested in them being together? Butler’s track record with women speaks for itself and frankly so does her track record with men.

  352. 352
    insider Says:

    @SeeSawSally: Word is that’s been pretty much the MO since the beginning. Separate rooms. Even separate hotels sometimes.

  353. 353
    Bubba Says:

    @insider: So you’re saying it’s all a front for him being gay? It’s true. Haven’t you girls figured it out yet? It’s so obvious if it had hands it would reach up and slap you in the face. Sad that you’re still in denial.

  354. 354
    @SeeSawSally Says:

    In Romania they slept in the same room. Bouth hotel owners said they rented a room for them and they showed a part of the rooms (quite rude if you ask me). Is true were 3 rooms rented in the first hotel because were 2 bodyguards and they didn’t sleep together (are not gay). Now, I think they were in a relationship then, but not now. I think they split up in August maybe after HB episode.

  355. 355
    @Bubba Says:

    I don’t think is gay Bubba but I have to say that I’ve noticed that his friends have the same look he likes: tall, olive skin, etc…(ex Freddie)

  356. 356
    Bubba Says:

    @@Bubba: His friend Freddy is also gay. Freddy only poses with fans, he doesn’t have a gf, never did. He’s hot.

  357. 357
    Zip it Says:

    Please, no more of the gay talk, or we’ll be subjected to another episode of Trannysylvania 6-5000.

  358. 358
    gigibee Says:

    Maybe Mg supports the culling of all street dogs in Romania.It’s a bloodbath over there right now.Enough to break any dog lovers heart.They are being shot,stabbed,poisoned or run down by anyone who wants to kill them.Thousands have been killed already.I have adopted a Romanian stray and she is the sweetest creature ever.

    on a lighter note this is a cute interview.Love Gerry’s little wiggle.

  359. 359
    and Says:


    and you already spammed her FB

  360. 360
    gigibee Says:

    you can sign a petition against the cull here if you so wish.:-)

  361. 361
    What??? Says:

    And to think MG’s mom is a vet.

  362. 362
    @SeeSawSally Says:

    Seriously now, would a ‘virgin’ share a room with her beloved before the wedding? Lol

    My take:
    They are both apart temporarily, attending to business. He is, after all, her self admitted first ‘real’ love and she’s his self admitted most beautiful, perfect woman. I don’t doubt that she has him firmly by the short and curlies and dangling on a leash that will reel him in before too long. This story is not over yet. JMO.

  363. 363
    gigibee Says:

    Just trying to raise awareness.:-)

  364. 364
    @gigi Says:

    This is not the place to discuss this,so I’ll give you only one reply. When people talk about dogs they think at pets. Stray dogs when are so many are wildlife.On Bucharest streets are now about 65000 stray dogs. Those “cute little things” just killed few days ago a kid- 4 years old. …And this wasn’t the first victim. When you judge this you have to think what life is more important. Is not that simple. They are not killed in the street now but they will be gathered and if are not adopted in 3 months they will be euthanized. Is sad but is the only solution left.

  365. 365
    gigibee Says:

    A tenuous link I know but the more signatures the better.

    One poor soul who was a victim of this cull.

    Please sign the petition.We can only try.

  366. 366
    JMO Says:

    I think GB & MG were together in July, maybe the beginning of August, but I think they’re done now. It feels over to me. JMO

  367. 367
    @gigibee Says:

    This is an American gossip site. Maybe you should take your campaign to some Romanian sites where it would do more good. We have enough of our own issues in this country that need addressing.

  368. 368
    gigibee Says:

    I am aware of the reason but it won’t help the problem in the long run.People will still abandon their un neutered pets and the whole vicious cycle will continue.I’ll shut up now though.

  369. 369
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @Kali Orexi: Dear Cupid Stunt, I pity you so much! You with you sad, empty life and probably a Billy No-Mates.. You are a single white female that impersonates other people. If you have more than 1 brain cell – which I doubt you have – you could come up with your own moniker instead of leeching on other persons ones.
    Up yours, the real Kali Orexi
    ηλίθιο ύπουλο πλάσμα που είσαι

  370. 370
    WAhahaha Says:


  371. 371
    Cherloch Combs Says:

    Gerry needs to find a role pronto. It’s too quiet lately. Do something, Gerry! Go kiss or smack someone. Please do something, anything!

  372. 372
    Garbage Says:

    @@SeeSawSally: The hotel manager confirmed they had separate rooms as did other members of staff.

  373. 373
    lmao Says:

  374. 374
    Actually.... Says:

    I just watched Piggy Chop’s new THursday night football promo and to tell you the truth she can sing. I also noticed that her and MG look a lot alike, except for the oversized fake bo.ops . Prianka is also showing a lot of in those shorts. I wonder what her parents think??

  375. 375
    leila Says:

    Apples are sold everywhere

  376. 376
    Whatev Says:

    @gigibee: Thank you so much for bringing this to the attention of people here. Don’t let the creeps here bug you.

  377. 377
    Whatev Says:

    @Actually….: I heard the video and there’s so much studio enhancements in it (vibratos) that you can’t really hear her real voice but she’s eye candy and that’s what they want. When American football fans find out she’s not an American citizen and born and raised in India (where a lot of our jobs have gone) she won’t last long. Her PR people must be good to get her this gig. And I will admit that I resent anyone from the elite of India who has the opportunity to come to this country and land jobs like this when the high percentage of their own country is in abject poverty. This job could have gone to an American girl born and bred here. JMO and it has nothing to do with her being a friend of G.

  378. 378
    Whatev Says:

    @@gigibee: And I’m sure you’re one of the ones who keep talking about MG who is not American and for your info, neither is Gerry. I think you should stick it!

  379. 379
    Kali Orexi Says:

    I like Gerry’s hairy pink kiwis

  380. 380
    Unbelievable Says:

    @Marry her Gerry: He should marry her so you have something to look forward to? Think I am going to be sick.
    You would want him to marry so you have something to talk about? Do you think he would throw away his life literally on someone he doesn’t love and every day would be a trial. How could you wish a loveless marriage on anyone? Because of looks? Because you are bored? omg.

  381. 381
    Marry her Gerry Says:

    Gerard you better go find Maddy and marry her now! Give us something to look forward to. She’s beautiful and it would be so romantic if you wed. Do it now before you get any older, pls.

  382. 382
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love.” – (Galatians 5:13

  383. 383
    SeeSawSally Says:

    When Gerry went with her from Rome to Prague, after that midnight stroll PR sham of a whatever it was, they were in totally different hotels in Prague, before he left Prague and went to the other town in Czech that he went to from Prague, but it was also confirmed at that time that they were in separate hotels there. Just saying -

  384. 384
    Marry her Gerry Says:

    @Unbelievable: It would be exciting if he married her, yes. Better than anything else he’s done lately. He’s well into middle age and he’s not looking good anymore. He needs to feel the love and to be in love with that beautiful woman who would rock his world. It would be so exciting if they had a baby, what fun for everyone but you.

  385. 385
    Kali Orexi Says:

    Where have all the regular posters gone? Where are Lolita, CGE, Emmmmm, Autumn, PP, Ducky?

  386. 386
    Unbelivable Says:

    @Marry her Gerry:
    I would be happy for him to find a true love and not an object and not for FUN and not because he isn’t busy. Who are you?
    You are a shallow twit and sees no further than the end of your pointed nose and obviously never been in love. If you had been you would never dream of saying those things for all the wrong reasons.
    Have you seen the pictures of him above. He looks mighty fine to me. Probabably cause he’s breathing the ‘free’ air.

  387. 387
    Embla Says:

    @Kali Orexi: Yeah, I miss them.

  388. 388
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @Embla: Me too. Am missing all the links and photos done by CGE and Emmmm and the regular chat from all the other ladies. Forgot to mention C.A.

  389. 389
    really Says:

    @Marry her Gerry: really, she looks awfully cozy and content in the arms of Jude Law in her latest webagram pic

  390. 390
    True Says:

    @really: “she looks awfully cozy and content in the arms of Jude Law in her latest webagram pic”

    Her next sugar daddy??

  391. 391
    Baby time Says:

    @Marry her Gerry: “It would be so exciting if they had a baby, what fun for everyone but you.”

    Trannys cant have babies.

  392. 392
    Trannies can't have babies Says:

    @Marry her Gerry:

  393. 393
    Life's Train Says:

    @Unbelivable: So true. Applaude. That man has never looked so comfortable and beautiful. Beautiful free air. He is feeling good.

  394. 394
    Nicole Says:

    Gerard Butler @GerardButler 17h

    Inn#jm@th caterer syncfefcevb
    Ronnie Madra @Ronnie_Madra 2h


  395. 395
    The voice of reason Says:


  396. 396
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Kali Orexi: Hi Kali – here I am! :) *waving arms like a mad thing*
    Good to see you posting :)
    Yes, many regulars are MIA (emmmmm in particular). Not good :(

  397. 397
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Ducky: #312 – Ducky, he’s probably way too busy focussing on Burns or The Bruce to be gallivanting off to TIFF this year…;-)

  398. 398
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Unbelievable: #380 and #386 – I think you are right. Well said.

  399. 399
    zoom Says:

    OMG, GB dresses like an idiot again. He looks like a 5 year old in kindergarten.

  400. 400
    Ducky Says:

    Hey Prancer, Flailing arms right back atcha. That’s it, that’s it he’s busy with Burn’s. The whole restaurant thing and the happy face. All falling into place. lol
    Oh happy Friday 13 one and all. I was going to post the tiff pictures and think I still will. Not sure jj will allow but will give it a shot.
    I didn’t know tiff was still going on. Have to check to see if it’s all weekend or what.
    That was fun last night with the tweet from him. Violet, have to thank you again for the education in “butt tweet”. Shame on me, was thinking something all together different. Don’t ask. Just glad that’s what it was. A nice respite for us all. The tweets were hysterical.
    matthew mcConaughey is there at tiff. Wonder if he gave any interviews that might give us a clue about Thunder Run.
    Oh crap, don’t care if gb is working on Burns.
    Truly hope that all have a great weekend. and Zoom he may look funny in his shoes, but ain’t he just the sweetest thing when he smiles.
    Hi Kali!

  401. 401
    just a thought Says:

    Here I go with my 25 worthless cents. I think he was in more than deep like, I think he was in love with her. He persued her in the begining. Maybe she was seeing others, she did not have a ring. I think that his handlers became upset because she was not “popular” with his fans. So now he’s alone and I bebieve he is in “deep hurt” but he is an actor and his feeling will be held in check. I think some of his fans mean well but they need to remember he wants to be happy and if they do not agree with who he selects, they have to get over it and support him.

  402. 402
    Ducky Says:

    Crap forgot to ask, in Nicole’s post #394, what does qqp mean?

  403. 403
    Ducky Says: Pictures from TIFF.

  404. 404
    @Ducky Says:

    Thanks Ducky, but there is a separate thread for TIFF stuff, and it has nothing to do with GB this year.

  405. 405
    Ducky Says:

    @just a thought: You shouldn’t call your post worthless, We are all entitled to an opinion and I think you have one.
    I think he was smitten with her at first for whatever reason. Her looks no doubt and would like to think he saw a possibility in her. I believe that she thought she was going to be ‘the one’. Perhaps arrogant. The first time I saw her pic. at Cannes with gb and saw how she turned her hand to show a ring, I guessed something was amiss. Then the stuff about gb’s mum and all the little inuendos and the fan stuff, something didn’t ring true. There were other things some downright hatred from gb fans, granted, but other things that she posted were not the way to go about handling the affair. I don’t know if it was pr staged or what it was. Didn’t she admit that she made some mistakes or not. Those mistakes were her true self and IMO that was the end. gb is no fool. He has women throwing themselves at him all the time and in my heart of hearts believe he is looking for substance and something true.
    Whether it be her youth, greed or stupidity, I don’t know but she obviously is not the one for him or he [as it has been said over and over] he would be with her or her with him. Don’t think his heart was broken, disappointed maybe to find a realization that this was not the one he would want to spend the rest of his time with.
    Life goes on and he seems so content and no doubt very happy it is behind him. Of course this is my opinion and going to have to stick with it until something tells me otherwise.
    Tell you the truth, so tired of the whole discussion about the subject. It is over and wish others would stop wishing otherwise.

  406. 406
    Ducky Says:

    @@Ducky: I didn’t know that. oops. Sorry about that. Just saw so many that gb knows and has worked with, thought it would interesting. Should have looked before posting.

  407. 407
    fromoz Says:

    @Ducky: Hi to Ducky, Pony, Nicole , Kali , all other posters. Nice to see you all here. I too miss emmmmm posting, but think – JMO – that she got fed up with being accused of singlehandedly destroying the thread, as posted to her a couple of threads back. I don’t think so, & the proof is in the pudding. Without posters such as emmmmm, GGE & other good people that provide links, the threads are now limping along at snails pace. Sure, I know there’s not a lot of news to report, but somehow emmmmmn ( & the others ) found things to interest everyone & keep us posting. So what if it was old news, other posters may not have ever seen it before, it kept the comments flowing & the interest in G.B. alive. I hope emmmmm will return, post whatever she feels like – & I say the same to other good posters who have dropped out. JMO & I’m sticking to it. Cheers to all :-)

  408. 408
    JMO Says:

    @fromoz: I think the problem is that there are fan sites for that. This is a gossip site, and there’s no need to “keep us posting.” Until he does something new, there is no reason to continue the thread. The only reason people are here chatting is because it has become a chat room for a handful of regulars. In terms of posting pics and vids from years ago, everyone has the ability to click on Gals or WO for that if they need a fix.

  409. 409
    Violet Says:

    Possible sighting in NY.
    Jules Villar ‏@PhilosopherJule 11h
    I saw Gerard Butler on the street this morning. I always thought he’d smell. He actually didn’t. #CelebritySightings
    11 hours ago

  410. 410
    Violet Says:

    Make of this what you will.
    Melissa Hankins
    Erin’s roommate went on a date with Gerard Butler
    5 hours ago

  411. 411
    ????= JS Says:

    @Kali Orexi: you mean all your link-posting socks

  412. 412
    Eve Says:

    @Ducky: Disagree here. A lot of what you’re saying was made up about MG. Her biggest haters made up stuff and posted it all over the place where others would copy it everywhere. It was the old “”say it often enough it becomes true” and it never was true. Like saying she was a prosti/tute. Never was true. Idiots like CI and Ann Gordon and Lise Leveilee who stalk Gerry have made up lies about MG for over a year.

    You can’t say “his fans hate her” when only a handful of his so-called fans here hate her. Every single fan he has doesn’t care who he’s with, only a handful do. I’ve thought your posts in the past were always reasonable but you need a reality check, Duck.

  413. 413
    fromoz Says:

    @JMO: @JMO: Hi JMO, I understand what you’re saying to me, but not everyone does have the ability to go to Gals or WO – I’m not a member, & perhaps a lot of others aren’t either. I appreciate emmmmm & others bringing anything for everyone to see, & I’d like to stress EVERYONE – not shouting. Then it’s up to the individual as to whether to look at it, or not. I really don’t see this as a fans vs gossip site, just where people who are interested in G.B. can come & share their opinions, good or bad. I’d hate to see this site close down for lack of interest – & lately I’ve noticed comments about a couple of other G.B sites which have closed down. You’ve replied to me, so between us we’ve helped to keep the thread going in a small way :-) Cheers

  414. 414
    FYI Says:

    You don’t have to be a member of GALS or WO to view their photo galleries and to access most info.

  415. 415
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Hey Girls! I’ve been here, reading when I can, but it’s been a tough week for me. Everything has gone wrong. Today was the worst. I was never superstitious about Friday the 13th, but now I am. LOL Oh well. Not too many new links to post either. I’m sure they’ll pick up eventually. Hope you all have a good weekend! Thanks for thinking of me. =)

  416. 416
    @Eve Says:

    She doesn’t need people making up lies. She’s done a good job of exposing herself without any help. There have been exaggerations(although you don’t know the truth about her past, either), but 99% of the dislike towards her was created by her own behavior. If you are referring to the comments made by the fake tweeter, she lives in Milan and has stated she knows her personally, so I would say she knows more than any of us.

  417. 417
    Eve Says:

    @@Eve: But everyone out there doesn’t hate her. You completely missed my point…it’s only a handful of “fans” who hate her. The other million Gerry fans (his real fans globally, male and female) don’t care who he dates. Only a handful of jealous women here do.

    It’s just shocking how twisted a lot of you are by making up things about her.

  418. 418
    fromoz Says:

    @FYI: Hi FYI, thanks for that info. Would you help me out a bit more by advising as to what I type in to access these sites ? I presumed I would need to sign up as a member, so have never tried it. Thanks in advance :-) Cheers

  419. 419
    Ducky Says:

    @Eve: I think you misunderstood Eve what I meant and said rather poorly. Please read over again. No I don’t hate her and certainly never thought or SAID she is or was a woman of ill repute. Yes there were horrid things that were said about her and continue to be said. Very seldom do I post about the relationship, although I find it increasly strange to think that it is one that continues. I do not think it is one of love.
    Not sure what reality I am missing. Fill me in. And no I don’t believe everything I read

  420. 420
    fromoz Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: Hi CGE, Sorry you’ve had a tough time, hope things improve. Not much G.B. news for any of us, but the possible ” butt tweet ” made me laugh. Any idea if G.B. has clarified what that was about ? Cheers :-)

  421. 421
    Troll Says:

    Eve=Madalna Ghenea

  422. 422
    Ducky Says:

    @fromoz: Hey gal, can you open this No he didn’t clarify anything but sure he must know about it. Funny night it was. Good to see you here.
    CGE, so sorry about your week. Miss your face but you are right, other than last night not much to post. Better day tomorrow okay. Ducky

  423. 423
    Violet Says:

    Hi fromoz! :)
    This is a good site to visit if you want to watch Gerry videos. It’s WO’s YouTube channel. It’s quite a gem!

  424. 424
    Violet Says:

    Gerry’s butt tweet is still up. There’s been no explanation. I’m assuming he doesn’t know about it. It’s been there for 22 hours and it’s been retweeted 83 times.

  425. 425
    fromoz Says:

    @Ducky: @Violet: A big thank you to you both for steering me to these sites. I’ve been busily writing & checking & yes, they work for me. I’m a self confessed useless internet user, so helping me out like that is much appreciated. I only ever stumbled on to J.J. by accident & have stuck around relying on other people for my G.B. news. So, thank you for helping me along. Cheers :-)

  426. 426
    Violet Says:

    @Prancing Pony:
    No, I’m afraid it isn’t. :(

  427. 427
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Violet: Hi Violet :) hey, is Salt’s place still going?

  428. 428
    Rosa Says:

    Hopefully someone can help. What was GB scheduled for
    the end of this month?

  429. 429
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Ducky: “Flailing arms right back atcha.”
    Love it ;))))
    You said “Violet, have to thank you again for the education in “butt tweet”. Shame on me, was thinking something all together different. Don’t ask.”
    No, really, I’m intrigued now…pray tell what did you think it was Ducky???!!! ;)))

  430. 430
    Violet Says:

    @Prancing Pony: That’s weird! My answer posted before your question! LOL!

  431. 431
    PR BS Says:


    Speaking on butt tweets(if that what it was or wasn’t) —

    About 2 months ago, I tucked my fancy-schmancy SMARTphone in my back pocket without disabling the screen before I went for a rigorous sunset walk.

    Hours later I discovered that I had “butt text’d/dialed” FOUR different people. One of the texts even said “Milk I (this was sent to an adult female cousin).” Apparently I also ACCIDENTALLY ordered and PAID FOR a C++ computer programming book as well (I have an app for the website and 1-click ordering, that I have since disabled), which I didn’t find out until they sent me alert letting me know it was on the way! Curse you technology!! ;^D

  432. 432
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Violet: Oh, that’s a real shame. I hadn’t visited there for a long time but recall there being pretty decent posters and info. Not good :(

  433. 433
    Violet Says:

    Gerry is going to host the Global Citizen Festival in NYC on September 28.

  434. 434
    Ducky Says:
    So after all that about not posting old stuff, here I go with some old stuff. This is the deleted scene from P.S. I Love You.

  435. 435
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Rosa: Hi Rosa, sorry can’t remember the exact name but it’s some kind of charity concert that GB will be hosting (amongst others) in NYC. Hope that helps.

  436. 436
    Rosa Says:

    @Violet: @Prancing Pony: Thank you both! Enjoy the weekend!

  437. 437
    Violet Says:

    @PR BS:
    Oh, wow! That’s crazy! LOL! With some of these new apps it’s almost become too easy to purchase things by accident. :-0
    I wonder what else Gerry’s a/ss did on his phone last night?! :D

  438. 438
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Rosa: You have a good one too :)

  439. 439
    Ducky Says:

    @Rosa:Here it is Rosa

  440. 440
    PR BS Says:

    “I wonder what else Gerry’s a/ss did on his phone last night?!”

    Let’s just say there’s probably two things he should ALWAYS take good care of: His phone and Amy. I’m sure BOTH are full of tales of woe and wonder about him.

  441. 441
    Ducky Says:

    @Prancing Pony: I cannot believe you honestly are asking me to tell that Prancer.
    After reading what PR BS just went through, it’s nothing really.
    I just had visions of that story that gb told about taking pictures with the crew and the donuts stuck in their butts. Okay, satisfied. I just humiliated myself on JJ just for your sake. Oh the shame of it all.

  442. 442
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @just a thought: Hi just a thought – Ducky is right, your post is certainly not “worthless”. FWIW I kind of agree with a couple of things you said.

    @ Ducky: I also find myself nodding in agreement with many of the things you posted in #405. And, being a chatterbox, I would be more than happy to wade in with a few more “what about the time when….”. But, I won’t. :) *audible sigh of relief from posters and lurkers alike* ;)))

    @ fromoz: G’day! Good to see you here today :) Yes, bring back emmmmm!

    @ CGE: sorry this week has been a bummer :( Am I allowed to say that BTW? :)

  443. 443
    Rosa Says:

    @Ducky: Excellent! Thanks again ladies

  444. 444
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Ducky: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL…*deep breath*…LOLOLOL!
    Ducky!!! I was teasing you! ;) In my mind I tried to second-guess what you might have thought it was but I never, NEVER, thought of “taking pictures with the crew and the donuts stuck in their butts.”. !!! That is HILARIOUS!
    Ducky, don’t go changin! :))))) Brilliant! :)))

  445. 445
    granpappy Butler Says:

    @Violet: The tweeter is a college girl. Maybe he’s trolling for a Homecoming date.

  446. 446
    Ducky Says:

    @PR BS: “I’m sure BOTH are full of tales of woe and wonder about him.”
    Truth from your keyboard to Lolita’s ears, I am sure. Wonder if Amy keeps a journal. Probably not, who would believe it. lol

  447. 447
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Prancing Pony: Um, just to clarify…I don’t think putting donuts in one’s bottom and taking a photo is “HILARIOUS”…I meant my not being right about what I thought Ducky might have been thinking….eek!!! sorry people :(
    OK. Over and out.

  448. 448
    Ducky Says:

    @Prancing Pony: Don’t you remember that story he told about sending the dozen donuts to the producers and then showing them the pictures. If not let me know and I will try to find it on utube.
    Okay, I confessed, your turn 442 I want to know, Fess up Prancer! We’re all waiting.

  449. 449
    fromoz Says:

    @Prancing Pony: Hey Pony, good to see you here too, as with all the other posters. This thread has now moved faster in the last 2 hours than it had in 24 hrs, so good to see & makes me VERY happy. I was afraid it might die a slow, painful death ! Thought I would have to use my incredible internet skills to start my own site :-))) Cheers Pony@Ducky: Real donuts ? or cushions ? Ducky, you can’t just leave it at that for me. Please humiliate yourself some more ! :-)

  450. 450
    Rude Says:

    @granpappy Butler:

  451. 451
    OHFallingDown Says:

    Just saw OHF. Nice special effects. That is it.

    Come on. Do you think any legitimate government would negotiate with terrorists to save any 1 person even if it is the president of the United States?! That would allow more crazies to get what they want! The movie’s plot is just too ridiculous. The acting pres does what the terrorits want which is pull US troops out of the Korean DMZ. Dumb script. The call of duty style white house maze is interesting. But only for a while. And why does Butler’s character have no other form of backup? 15 mins for military to show and 3 fighters in the air?! This one man show was a dud.

    This movie just reinforces that Butler is better in ensemble roles. His persona is to egocentric to carry a movie. He either picks lousy scripts or ruins them as a producer. It is a reflection of what he thinks us little people can understand. But he made money on this one so he probably thinks he has a formula that works.

  452. 452
    did not pay attention to plot Says:


  453. 453
    The real Kali Orexi Says:

    @Prancing Pony: Hi PP *waving back with a big smile on face*, good to see you again! It’s been very quiet without the regulars, am wondering if some might be on holiday?

  454. 454
    The real Kali Orexi Says:

    @Ducky: Hi Ducky, good to see you too!

  455. 455
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @Ducky: @fromoz: Yeah, fromoz is right, Ducky…we need MORE humiliation (of the self-inflicted kind). Out with the bullies who demean and humiliate innocent posters. We need humiliation of the heartfelt and heartwarming variety! :)))) hey, if we can’t laugh at ourselves….

    @ Ducky: Well, let’s just say mine was more “gassy” in nature. Enough said!!! ;-)))))

    BTW, @ PR BS: good to see you posting here today too :)

    Really, definitely, over and out this time .

  456. 456
    The real Kali Orexi Says:

    @fromoz: hi Fromoz, apologies! I forgot to mention you… Good to see you too. I hope Emmmm does come back, I like her posts. I agree with what you say, she and CGE take the time to search the web and post all the links. It’s wrong to be shot down e cause of that so Emmmm and CGE, PLEASE COME BACK, WE MISS YOU!!!!!

  457. 457
    Regulars Says:

    @OHFallingDown: That is pretty much what his more inciteful fans have been saying. I hope you did not buy the DVD. Most here view him a eye candy and the bad boy the can’t have and would not want but keeps everyone guessing. That is his formula.

  458. 458
    The real Kali Orexi Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: oh dear, sorry to hear that CGE. Hope all’s well.

  459. 459
    Nope Says:

    @Regulars: U R so wrong

  460. 460
    SeeSawSally Says:

    @SeeSawSally: If you could not find a unique moniker, why did steal mine?

  461. 461
    Ducky Says:

    Okay, more humiliation on the way, thanks FromOZ won’t forget your
    Gerard Butler posed for a photograph with a doughnut in his butt.

    The Scottish-born actor loved starring in new sci-fi thriller ‘Gamer’ so much he decided to thank the directors by sending them a sugary treat – but tricked the filmmakers into thinking the doughnut had been tampered with.

    He explained: “I wrote to the two directors on ‘Gamer’ separately. I wrote that me and the stunt guys are having a blast and sent them half a dozen doughnuts each as a thank you. They were so chuffed.

    “The next day we got six fresh doughnuts and shoved them between our a*s cheeks… and took a Polaroid. We sent this snap to the directors and sure enough, they thought they’d been eating the very same sugary treats. They were freaked out man.”

    Gerard, 39, admits his immature behaviour was mirrored by the rest of the cast and crew on ‘Gamer’.

    He added to Shortlist magazine: “It was my birthday that day and about 10 of the cast dropped their trousers to reveal ‘Happy Birthday Gerry’ written across their cheeks.

    “Come to think of it, there was a little too much a*s in the making of this film.”
    Lost something in the translation. Cannot remember if it was kimmel or leno, but he told it and it was so funny.

  462. 462
    Regulars Says:

    @Nope: What a rebuttal! So much thought put into that statement. Not!

  463. 463
    Nope Says:

    @Regulars: More thought then any you put inand part of your statement

  464. 464
    Spoken Like Says:

    @Jade: some one who knows even less then they think they do!

  465. 465
    Jade Says:

    @Regulars: A lot of people who come here don’t like him much at all. Speaking for me, I like to stay in the loop but I don’t like him. I show up monthly to see if he’s doing anything and most often his career is dead in the water. There’s quite a lot you don’t know about Mr Butler and the goings on behind the scenes in Hollywood.

  466. 466
    Regulars Says:

    @Nope: You post as though your ignorace is a virtue. Good luck with that.

  467. 467
    The real Kali Orexi Says:

    @Jade: and you do? If so, please share.

  468. 468
    Nope Says:

    I guess you are an expert on ignorance. Being ignorant yourself!

  469. 469
    Violet Says:

    This is a good link for photos. :)

  470. 470
    Regulars Says:

    @Jade: Am I wrong to state he is a player in HW (or tries to be) and eye candy for his fans? Or this a Rock Hudson thing? Or did he really p$&&@ off some execs? I think he has a good heart but very insecure.

    Whatever. He still keeps most guessing.

  471. 471
    Regulars Says:

    @Nope: You are getting all twisted! I better stop arguing with nonsense, because you will just lower me to your level.

  472. 472
    Ducky Says:

    @Violet: violet do you remember that interview about the donuts? Wracking my brain trying to remember if it was leno or kimmel or someone else. To tired to go through all the utube interviews.

  473. 473
    Violet Says:

    This is another one of my favorite sites for photos. It’s run by the Russian fans and they do a wonderful job. They stay very current.

  474. 474
    SeeSawSally Says:

    @Jade: Why do you not like him? Just curious.

  475. 475
    Ducky Says:

    @Regulars: I don’t think that assumption is fair at all. Dear Frankie or POTO were the first films of gb that I saw. DF was wonderful and certainly put a mark on his acting skills. In the eyes and looks, not the words and he got the job done in such a memorable way. The tortured soul in POTO wasn’t eye candy as much as the part he was playing.
    I don’t think he has a formula but do give him credit for mixing up his characters in his films. Love the hero, warrior and Beowulf and Grendel is for all time. Sorry you can’t see it and feel bad that you probably never will if you haven’t by now.

  476. 476
    Violet Says:

    I remember the interview very well. I think it was Jimmy Kimmel. I’ll have a look around.
    There are two butt pranks of Gerry’s. One where he put the donuts in his crack and there is another one where he dropped his pants and had the faces of his directors drawn on each cheek. There’s actually a photo of that one! LOL!

  477. 477
    Ducky Says:

    @The real Kali Orexi: Well funny lady, good to see you here. lol missed your face….Kali

  478. 478
    fromoz Says:

    @Ducky: Thanks Ducky, that’s so funny. So, am I to gather you thought the butt tweet was G.B. using his butt muscles like the walnut cracking skit ? The mind boggles !!! That would be some clever @rse gymnastics to do. LOL. Now your humiliation is complete – happy to be of help :-))) @The real Kali Orexi: Hi Kali, sorry you have to put ” The real ” in your name. A lot of posters get hijacked for some unknown reason. Usually a huge difference in opinion gives it away though, so I can’t see the point. Soldier on Kali. Cheers :-)

  479. 479
    Jade Says:

    @granpappy Butler: One of the reasons some of us don’t like him. The man is creepy but the fangirls should go ahead with their slobbering lovefests so we can laugh at them.

  480. 480
    Nope Says:

    @Regulars: To bad. Might i point out a few things about your last post. Being a Hollywood player is irrelevant to hi career. As for being eye candy to his fans, you forget that he has a great many fans of are not attracted to him, some women just simply like his acting. Not to mention his multitude of male fans. As far as execs they can be forgiving as long you don’t go Charlie Sheen or Angus T. Jones on a project. I also think he is quite the opposite of being insecure. It’s more a blessing that he has maintained his good heart. It would be so easy for him to be a n egotist at his level in the game. And as far as OHF, there are many tried and true fans who happen to love that movie and would recommend it in a heart beat.

  481. 481
    Nope Says:

    @Jade: The only one who accuses him of being creepy is you and your many socks!

  482. 482
    Ducky Says:

    @Nope: Nice and true post Nope. Felt good to read.

  483. 483
    fromoz Says:

    @Violet: You are a very kind person to be of such help to me. I had no idea I could access so much without having to join up. Thank you, you’ve given me a lot of homework to do :-)))

  484. 484
    Ducky Says:

    @fromoz: Oh right. Glad I could be of service in the humilation dept. Wasn’t the first time I suppose. To answer your question, yes I did. I’m just digging myself deeper aren’t I.
    Do love your sense of humour though. Ducky

  485. 485
    Regulars Says:

    @Ducky: I enjoyed Dear Frankie very much. He is a bery good actor. I find him better in supporting roles. But we see more of his personal life than his career. He is not revamping his business. The formula doesn’t work for me.

  486. 486
    The real Kali Orexi Says:

    @Ducky: Am too excited to sleep Ducky! Fist day I can sleep in and still I woke at 4.30….

  487. 487
    Regulars Says:

    @Nope: @Ducky: Now you are a Hollywood insider. Truth is so fleeting.

  488. 488
    Ducky Says:

    @Violet: Good and thank you once again Violet. Boy I am wracking up a bill with you. I’ll look too and see if I can find it. That article combined the two. Thanks again for last night Violet. Ducky

  489. 489
    Ducky Says:

    @Regulars: Well that’s nice to hear. He will do it again. I have faith. Don’t understand your 487 and have no idea what you mean by formula. Think I said I didn’t think he had one since he mixes up his characters so much.

  490. 490
    Nope Says:

    @Regulars: Actually yes! I know several people in the business.

  491. 491
    Ducky Says:

    @The real Kali Orexi: So today is it? Happy for you.! Talk to you soon okay. Ducky Go back and take a nap!!!

  492. 492
    The real Kali Orexi Says:

    @Ducky: Yes it is! am getting tired now so will sleep in the car. Sleep tight Ducky.

  493. 493
    Violet Says:

    Gerry talked about the donut prank on Jimmy Kimmel, September 2009 (the one where he talks about the Wacky Wire). He was promoting “Gamer”. I found two YouTube links but unfortunately neither one is working. :(
    There’s a description of the prank here:

  494. 494
    Violet Says:

    No problem, Ducky! I’m happy to help! :o)

  495. 495
    Jade Says:

    @The real Kali Orexi: No matter what I say, you won’t believe me anyway so why would I bother telling the truth?

  496. 496
    Tasty Says:


    Tell me then . . . . I’ll believe you!

  497. 497
    JS Says:

    @Violet: “Make of this what you will.
    Melissa Hankins
    Erin’s roommate went on a date with Gerard Butler”

    Probably a date with a DVD.

  498. 498
    JS Says:

    @????= JS: I am not ????

  499. 499
    JS Says:

    @Jade: “One of the reasons some of us don’t like him. The man is creepy”

    And what do you mean by that?

  500. 500
    Tasty Says:


    Don’t go quiet now Jade . . . . spill!

    I’ll get you started:
    3. This foreign born A list movie actor who has not done much with his A list status so is probably slipping to B has run through many women during his time in Hollywood. The problem is they all know of his umm shortcomings in the bedroom. Not only his tiny endowment, but also the fact that he has some premature problems if you know what I mean. He tried dating women from other countries, but they also caught on so now our actor has dated two people in the past two months. Both of them are high school seniors. Legal, but are so excited about dating him they don’t care that he is awful in bed and his ego has never been bigger.
    REVEAL: Gerard Butler. Gross.

  501. 501
    Tasty Says:


    Jade? Where did you go?
    28. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/03 **#4**
    This A+ list celebrity who used to be a pretty popular singer and a horrible actress was talking to friends the other night about the time she hooked up with this A+ list mostly movie actor a few years ago. They had dinner and then went back to her hotel. Apparently the actor had way too much to drink because he was not getting up to speed so to speak and our celebrity started laughing when he wanted her to talk dirty because he had an accent and she could not understand him because he was slurring and she started crying from laughing so hard and he just got up and walked out and never spoke to her again. Jessica Simpson and Gerard Butler

  502. 502
    Nope Says:

    @Tasty: Too bad there’s quite a bit to contradict this. Jade. Tasty. Whatever you are currently going by.

  503. 503
    The real Kali Orexi Says:

    @Jade: I didn’t say I don’t believe you, I am very interested in what you have to say so please do tell.

  504. 504
    The real Kali Orexi Says:

    Ducky, thank you so much for your card, much appreciated! Mwah!

  505. 505
    Tasty Says:


    Jade . . . do you KNOW more than the gossip I can find online? Come on; what do you really know?
    172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#8**
    This horrible mother of a former almost A list mostly movie actress who is now a C+ with A list name recognition once crashed her daughter’s sex party. Her daughter was having sex with this A+ list mostly movie actor who deserves to be about a C with his talent and the mom wanted to be part of the action. Not with the daughter, because even she is not that creepy, but wanted the A+ lister to alternate so to speak. He refused. He also left. Dina Lohan/Lindsay Lohan/Gerard Butler

  506. 506
    fromoz Says:

    @Tasty: & Jade, If this rubbishy gossip is correct, then I say Yeeaaahhhhh. Might change the minds of the posters who insist he’s gay. Well done for showing otherwise. Sorry to interrupt, carry on.

  507. 507
    Atreat Says:

  508. 508
    Tasty Says:


    Jade . . . I’m still waiting.

    To me, this one is kind of sad. This actress was once a B+. Hit television show, celebrity boyfriend, top of the world. Now, she is probably down to a C, does primarily awful movies and has been wandering aimlessly for what seems like a year. She had some really bad publicity about that time and just has not quite got everything back together. Well, a few weeks ago she started seeing this actor who is A list but probably deserves to be C list because his acting is awful and his movies never make money. When I say she started seeing him, they saw each other one night and then had sex about four hours after meeting. It was like love at first sight for her, but for him, it was just a conquest and someone or something to do that night. Our actress has always latched on quickly to guys and it is one of the reasons she has not had the greatest success in relationships. Guys walk all over her. She tells her friends that she blames her childhood. Anyway, she has been following the actor for the past couple of weeks to everything he attends. She showed up unannounced at his place once, but after his reaction to that she stopped. When he sees her some place and no one else catches his interest he will take her to her place, have sex with her and then leave. If he sees someone else he likes he just ignores the actress and carries on with the other. It is really kind of creepy and kind of sad all at the same time.

    Rose McGowan and Gerard Butler

  509. 509
    Tasty Says:


    Where’s your gossip Jade?
    123. HOLLYWOOD DAME 04/16
    1. This B+/A- list actor was overheard talking about his womanizing ways at Coachella. After sneaking drinks all night, he revealed that one of his solid A list co-stars was horrible in bed and he had to imagine she was another one of his co-stars who wouldn’t put out… “I’ve been with fat *******, ugly ******* and drunk *******, but she was the worst lay! I had to flip her over and think of (former co-star #2)!
    Womanizing Actor: Gerard Butler
    Bad in Bed Co-Star: Jennifer Aniston
    Co-Star #2: Angelina Jolie

    There’s a much worse blind on that link attached to GB . . . #108.

  510. 510
    oink Says:

    @Tasty: you are a pig and this is not gossip but slander. any horses as ss can go to cd and copy paste. why bring your garbage and your sorry soul here.

  511. 511
    incognito Says:

    @oink: Everything that is written there is true. But many here don’t want to accept it. And he really is such. Thank Tasty! you’re right! At least someone told the truth about him.

  512. 512
    Bitter Says:

    @Tasty: What’s the matter sweetie did he rebuff you, I have never heard such bitterness.
    What you have to do is, walk with your head held high and take it on the chin. Someone certainly did a good job on you.

  513. 513
    incognito Says:

    sorry, #511 to @Tasty

  514. 514
    Tasty Says:


    Oh dear, you seem upset. No need to be; JJ is simply a place were GB related tidbits are shared. It is a gossip site and I AM ONLY SHARING GOSSIP (nothing else happening on this thread atm, would have been interesting if Jade shared her info).

    There are plenty of posters (or what you call a horses ****’s special ability) that copy and paste links. You’re a little precious about controlling what you think should be found here.

    Although almost interchangeable, I know the difference between gossip and slander; not sure you do so I got a little enlightening information for you ;)

    Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are NOT CONFIRMED as being true.

    The action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation.

  515. 515
    Embla Says:

    @Ducky: Here is the interview with the doughnut. It`s the third Clip.

  516. 516
    Embla Says:

    @Violet: There is also a video on you-tube of the incident with the Directors faces on the butt.

  517. 517
    Tasty Says:


    Not at all . . . I see this gossip as simply teasing out the juxtaposition of Gerry the man, his characters and people’s perceptions.

    A little more about gossip . . . it’s not all bad.

    “Spreading the word after . . . someone behave badly can . . . benefit society, suggests a new study that explores our impulse to gossip and how it can nip selfishness in the bud. “Gossip can be bad, but we tend to overlook that it can be good as well, and a lot of gossip is driven by concern for others and has positive social effects,” said Robb Willer, a study researcher and an assistant professor of sociology and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. . . people spread negative information about someone else’s untrustworthy behavior as a warning — may help maintain social order,”

  518. 518
    Nicole Says:

    Just had dinner with @GerardButler #FlyShit

  519. 519
    dirty girl Says:

    As abnormal and creepy, but at the opposite end of the spectrum. Strange how Cowell’s exes remain lifelong friends who think highly if him, whilst GB’s exes (with the exception of Gina), flings and most of his costars distance themselves asap. GBs lifelong friends are his female employees (including Gina), and a group of dodgy male hangers on. Speaks volumes about who he really is behind the public facade and why he can get a cold more readily than a job. Perhaps some of the blinds have truth in them.

  520. 520
    ? Says:
    Madalina Ghenea returned to football which he said “the sex is a drug”?
    Top-model Madalina Ghenea appears to be passed over the break-up of the famous actor, Gerard Butler, and the Italian press claims that Romanian woman reconciled with ex-boyfriend, Marco Borriello of AS Roma striker.
    Shortly after the breakup, Romanian woman said: “Apart from physical attraction, we didn’t have anything in common. Sex with him was like a drug. It was total madness with him in private.”
    The Italian press does not trust, but in this reconciliation, stressing about the attitude of “Casanova” which he showed it most of the time.

  521. 521
    nothing strange Says:


    Romanian press copied wrong from Italian. This is the original article in Italian and the “sex with Marco is a drug” statement was from Nina Senicar, serbian model and one of his ex gf’s. Not said by MG at all.

  522. 522
    nothing strange Says:

    And Nina said it way back in 2011…romanian rags are so sloppy

  523. 523
    Bitter Says:

    @Tasty: you know what I apologise you are not bitter. It is a gossip sight so I am sorry.

  524. 524
    Tasty Says:


    I appreciate and accept your apology.

    Does anyone recall Gerry saying something along the lines of if we really knew him we wouldn’t like him?

    I get the impression he’s a fractured man of contradictions, conflict and duality. He possess some wonderful qualities but also carries some dark traits.

  525. 525
    huh? Says:


    talking to yourself the whole time

  526. 526
    insider Says:

    @Nicole: How sweet Ronnie covering up for his buddy. As always.

  527. 527
    insider Says:

    @oink: If it was slander where are the libel suits?

  528. 528
    insider Says:

    @Nope: His womanizing may have an effect on his career if he was doing it with the wrong women, like married women like married to powerful men in Hollywood who tend to be vindictive regardless of the fact they are sleeping around too. The double standard will never end.

  529. 529
    Petpeeves Says:

    @insider: If Gerry is anything, he’s NOT stupid. He might have some flings and even with a married woman or two, but not with anyone that could ruin his career. It’s pretty much the norm in HW for people to have affairs, even though I have my doubts he’s as bad as his reputation, and I don’t think he’s having any trouble getting job offers either. I just think he’s taking some time off and regrouping for now. Many actors and performers do it all the time.

  530. 530
    Gossip Says:

    “Just because something isn’t a lie does not mean that it isn’t deceptive. A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.”
    Heard enough gossip today to fill the worlds sewer. Have a good day jjrs.

  531. 531
    Petpeeves Says:

    @incognito: How do you personally know anything is true? None of us knows the truth about anyone we don’t personally know. Saying something like that makes you look pretty ignorant especially if you think others believe you.

  532. 532
    Mary Says:

    When you are rich and powerful, no one will challenge you to your face or give you a chance to explain yourself. All the whispers are behind your back. You are left with no means of clearing your own name. And after a while you realize there is no point in even attempting to do so. No one wants the truth. All anyone wants is the chance to add more fuel to the fires of gossip. The whispers become so loud that sometimes you think you will drown in them.

  533. 533
    Scolded woman Says:

    @dirty girl:

    Tasty = incognito = dirty girl

  534. 534
    Mary Says:

    A rumor is a social cancer: it is difficult to contain and it rots the brains of the masses. However, the real danger is that so many people find rumors enjoyable. That part causes the infection. And in such cases when a rumor is only partially made of truth, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where the information may have gone wrong. It is passed on and on until some brave soul questions its validity; that brave soul refuses to bite the apple and let the apple eat him.

  535. 535
    Embla Says:

    @Mary: Well said Mary.

  536. 536
    Nelda Says:

    @Tasty: Those rumors have never been proved. Someone just made those stories up and its really sad that people believe them.

  537. 537
    JS Says:

    @dirty girl:” whilst GB’s exes (with the exception of Gina), flings and most of his costars distance themselves asap.”

    Where do you get this bit of information from? You are just spreading rumors.

  538. 538
    Wow Says:

    @Petpeeves/Gossip/Mary/Embla/Nelda, and however many more socks you’re going to use today to say the same thing. Obviously the blind items from other sites and gossip disturbs you, so I would suggest you don’t read the gossip sites, and stick to the fan sites. Problem solved. Whining under a bunch of different socks won’t help, and you’re never going to stop anyone from saying whatever they want.

  539. 539
    Ducky Says:

    @Nelda: But the choice is always ours to believe them or see them for what they are and the people who spread them.
    I think there are those like you and others here that have made the choice already.
    Gets hard though doesn’t it, once that bad seed is planted. Think it is called “rising above”.
    EMBLA, thanks so much for the link you posted.

  540. 540
    C.A. Says:

    Is gossip not mere rumours heard by some and then passed on and on whilst it changes and shapes it self and thereby sometimes taking on a life on its own making it harder to kill even if the truth being told!!!

    Silence does not make things dissapear or better .. It actually only makes even more room for gossip and rumours!!!

  541. 541
    Petpeeves Says:

    @Wow: Sorry to burst your bubble but I’m none of those people. I guess it’s easier for you to believe that only one person thinks all that blind crap is hogwash but I really don’t care what you believe. And actually the stuff from sites I don’t go to gets brought here and I think it’s hilarious really. I think YOU are hilarious really to be so gullible! Gerry is no saint, none of us are. Remember the story of casting the first stone, OK? But I don’t think some of that stuff is valid at all. If it so important to you to believe it and push your beliefs on to others, go for it.

  542. 542
    Wow Says:

    @Petpeeves: When did I push my beliefs on others, and when did I even state what they are? I said if you, and others of your ilk, get so defensive and upset, go to the fan sites to protect your sensibilities so you don’t waste your time lecturing. Obviously you are the one trying to control the board. I’m just making a suggestion that makes sense. I can see you are hysterical and defensive about the negative stuff by the tone you decided to take to a non-hostile comment. Speaks volumes.

  543. 543
    Got ya Says:

    Tasty and Wow are the same person. My my getting quite defensive aren’t we. tsk tsk. Think we are here to stay. Learn to live with it. No one controls this board, least of all you.

  544. 544
    Got ya Says:

    @Wow: Better still go back to the hell hole at CD’s where you came from.

  545. 545
    insider Says:

    @Petpeeves: I might beg to differ on your assessment as to his smarts. Current circumstances alone might just back that up.

  546. 546
    outsider Says:

    @insider: Do you have something about a man being an entrepreneur? Living his life, enjoying himself the way he wants. He makes money while he sleeps with all his investments. Doesn’t sound so bad to me.

  547. 547
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. . . . Great is Your faithfulness. —Lamentations 3:22-23
    by Bill Crowder
    As I strolled through Chicago’s O’Hare airport, something caught my eye—a hat worn by someone racing through the concourse. What caught my attention was the message it conveyed in just two words: “Deny Everything.” I wondered what it meant. Don’t ever admit to guilt? Or deny yourself the pleasures and luxuries of life? I scratched my head at the mystery of those two simple words, “Deny Everything.”

    One of Jesus’ followers, Simon Peter, did some denying. In a critical moment, he denied three times that He even knew Jesus! (Luke 22:57, 58,60). His fear-filled act of denial caused him such guilt and heartache that, broken by his spiritual failure, he could only go out and weep bitterly (v.62).

    But Peter’s denial of Christ, like our own moments of spiritual denial, could never diminish the compassion of God. The prophet Jeremiah wrote, “Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness” (Lam. 3:22-23). We can take heart that even when we fail, our faithful God comes to us in mercy and compassion that never fails!
    Being imperfect emphasizes our dependence on God’s mercy.

  548. 548
    Life's Train Says:

    @outsider: ehmmmmmm….second that motion. stay cool gerard.

  549. 549

    thought you were gonna elaborate on cups and summer. northern hemisphere summer or southern?

  550. 550
    Busy Says:

    She’s busy with Redviper.;)) Redviper put up email on here for them to talk about her business??

  551. 551
    dirty girl Says:

    @Scolded woman: ha ha, you’re so wrong!

  552. 552
    Petpeeves Says:

    @Wow: I’m not trying to control anything. I think my words were “go for it” and that I didn’t care but by you telling me not to post my opinions here when I counter yours is controlling behavior. I can do what I want and you just have to live with it now, don’t you?

  553. 553
    Petpeeves Says:

    @insider: You mean his smarts to finally get away from the gold digger? It’s easy for those of us who were not emotionally involved to see the truth. It just takes someone who’s involved sometimes a bit longer because they’re the one being hornswoggled.

  554. 554
    Hmmm Says:

    The nasty little phannie who’s been parked here for hours using different socks sound suspiciously like GFW at times, although maybe not as intelligent. Is that you GFW? LOL

  555. 555
    Tweets Says:


    “actress”@Madalina_Ghenea? Looks like an adult film actress

  556. 556
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

  557. 557
    That Moment Says:


  558. 558
    That Moment Says:

    When the board goes dead

  559. 559
    That Moment Says:

    So Miley and Laim broke up. It was comming.

  560. 560
    Nicole Says:

    nice pic, but old

  561. 561
    Nicole Says:

    I have a date with @GerardButler – Tissues at the ready

  562. 562
    Nicole Says:

    Arden Cho
    Olympus Has Fallen

  563. 563
    Nicole Says:

    thanks russian gals

  564. 564
    Ann Lockwood Says:

    @That Moment: it died when the old hags started posting old pics. they live in the past. he’s over the hill now and forgettable.

  565. 565
    He's in Rehab!!! Says:

    reason for dead board

  566. 566
    Nope Says:

    @Ann Lockwood: Sock

  567. 567
    Nope Says:

    @He’s in Rehab!!!: and how would that affect the board?

  568. 568
    Yup Says:

    He’s in rehab is right, out of sight, out of mind, no news = dead board

  569. 569
    Nope Says:

    @Yup: So you have proof he is in rehab. Or is this just a theory? and why does no news equal rehab? Why if he goes of the grid for a while does some one assume he is in rehab?

  570. 570
    Violet Says:

    I don’t think Gerry is in rehab. He was seen at Dreamworks by a woman who works there. She says she’s seen him there “every day”. I think he’s working on HHTYD 2. That’s why he’s in LA right now.
    You can read the woman’s tweets here:

  571. 571
    Ducky Says:

    @Violet: Hi Violet, thanks for that link. Sounds like she is an intern, loving her opportunity.and perhaps homesick. Lucky girl to be working at Dreamworks.
    Very quiet today. Like the posters for Dragon2. Wish it were coming out sooner. Hope it does well and gets some fantastic awards.

  572. 572
    dirty girl Says:

    How many TIFFs had he missed in the last 10 years?

  573. 573
    JS Says:

    @Mary: Very good posts at 532 and 534 Mary. Gerry himself has said he doesn’t know where these stories about him come from. Sadly there are people out there who seem to get a kick out of spreading rumours about him.

  574. 574
    JS Says:

    @JS: Post 537 is not me but for once the monicker stealer has actually posted something I would have said.

  575. 575
    JS Says:

    @Nope: “So you have proof he is in rehab. Or is this just a theory? and why does no news equal rehab? Why if he goes of the grid for a while does some one assume he is in rehab?”

    It’s because there are some on here who want to spread rumours and lies about him for some strange reason only they know. They have no proof at all that he’s in rehab but why let that get in the way of a good story? Going by their reasoning then half the actors in Hollywood must be in rehab as many of them are not seen for days on end.

  576. 576
    oh seriously.... Says:

    Well TIFF comes to an end tomorrow so guess which talentless wh*re is posting photos of GB on her Facebook page to make you think she is with him now… sad silly little b*tch go crawl back to your third world country where you belong….

  577. 577
    Violet Says:

    @oh seriously….:
    I don’t see any new pictures of Gerry on her FB pages — at least not the two pages that she definitely posts on.

  578. 578
    huh? Says:

    @oh seriously….:

    you drank too much

  579. 579
    oh seriously.... Says:

  580. 580
    huh? Says:

    @oh seriously….:

    it’s a fan site

  581. 581
    Seriously Says:

    @oh seriously….: As Dom would say, yer one nasty coont

  582. 582
    Violet Says:

    @oh seriously….:
    That’s a fan page. It’s not one of the pages that MG posts on.

  583. 583
    huh? Says:

    A site, ran by a spanish speaking fan and pretty uninformed too…

    they named this album Out and about in Toronto

    and the photos are from Milan, the week after Venice Festival

  584. 584
    huh? Says:


    and they named the album “Out in about Toronto”…. very sloppy

  585. 585
    Tweets Says:

    Ghene MĂDĂLINA got engaged, but Gerard Butler! He’s the reason the separation between ROMANIAN and Scottish actor!

  586. 586
    Tweets Says:

    Tough Madalina Ghenea relationship between Gerard Butler ended a while. The reason? Not only amorous escapades of Scottish actor hearted goblin, but our romance slippages. According to Italian media, Madalina Ghenea would have kissed a former boyfriend, footballer Marco Borriello, and recently even would be engaged.
    “Madalina Ghenea and Marco Borriello were engaged?” , “Romance and kissed Maradona in Ibiza”, “I am very intimate with each other”, are just some of the headlines that appeared last month in the Italian press.

    Peninsula journalists write that our olteanca would be returned to Napoli player Marco Borriello, who he loved before starting a relationship with Scottish actor Gerard Butler. They were seen kissing passionately during a holiday in Ibiza, half August. Moreover, football has imprinted on the shirt number 88, symbolizing the birth date of Madalina Ghenea.

    It seems attractive and sporty Ghenea of ​​AS Roma is very strong, brunette saying shortly after parting from him, now more than a year that sex with him was like a drug. “Sex with him was like a drug. Was total madness with him in private,” said Madalina Ghenea. Moreover, Borriello would be why Gerard Butler and Maddy broke in late August.

  587. 587
    Nope Says:


  588. 588
    huh? Says:


    the “sex with Marco was a drug” is a quote by Nina Senicar, as documented yesterday in posts #521 and #522.

  589. 589
    Nope Says:

    What the! Who the hell! 587 is not the real Nope! This is some one who is way to angry, and needs to get it managed!

  590. 590
    Nope Says:

    @huh?: It doesn’t matter, these deluded twits will keep on posting the same lie. She’s not with Marco. She and Gerrybaby are both separated by work and that is all.

  591. 591
    huh? Says:


    Calm down, she is with Marco, I was just clearing up the facts.

  592. 592
    Madalina Borriello (AKA: Nope) Says:

    Congratulations Madalina! You and Marco will make lovely couple!

  593. 593
    Quotes About Rumors Says:

    “When you are rich and powerful, no one will challenge you to your face or give you a chance to explain yourself. All the whispers are behind your back. You are left with no means of clearing your own name. And after a while you realize there is no point in even attempting to do so. No one wants the truth. All anyone wants is the chance to add more fuel to the fires of gossip. The whispers become so loud that sometimes you think you will drown in them.”
    ― Amanda Quick, Ravished

    “A rumor is a social cancer: it is difficult to contain and it rots the brains of the masses. However, the real danger is that so many people find rumors enjoyable. That part causes the infection. And in such cases when a rumor is only partially made of truth, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where the information may have gone wrong. It is passed on and on until some brave soul questions its validity; that brave soul refuses to bite the apple and let the apple eat him. Forced to start from scratch for the sake of purity and truth, that brave soul, figuratively speaking, fully amputates the information in order to protect his personal judgment. In other words, his ignorance is to be valued more than the lie believed to be true.”
    ― Criss Jami

    “Just because something isn’t a lie does not mean that it isn’t deceptive. A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.”

    ― Criss Jami

  594. 594
    Madalina Borriello (AKA: Nope) Says:

    @Quotes About Rumors: So you want kill the board. That might just do it!

  595. 595
    Nope Says:

    Here is a question. Why is it so offensive to certain people here that Madalina is with Marco and not Gerard? The consider it an offensive rumor. But when some one perpetrate a known rumor against Gerard they are dead silent. What wrong with Madalina being with Marco? Why is that so wrong?

  596. 596
    huh? Says:


    Sorry, you are dead wrong. One thing is hating MG, another is making things up. And third is correctly using a dictionary to translate original articles…

  597. 597
    Nicole Says:

    @huh?: the “se.x with Marco was a drug” is a quote by Nina Senicar, as documented yesterday in posts #521 and #522.
    Knowing how she likes to give out for someone else’s quote, I can believe , she said it!

  598. 598
    Dom H Says:

    Beauty saved her from the clutches of Film Critics! Madalina Ghenea and Jude Law have not had success with the film “Dom Hemingway»

  599. 599
    Nope Says:

    @Nope: Because Madalina isn’t with Marco. For the 1000th time, they are not together. It’s a stupid tabloid nonstory and idiots like you are the ones who keep it going even when there is NO PROOF whatsoever that they are together.

    Answer me on this. Don’t you keep saying over and over that Gerry and Madalina can’t possibly be together because they spend no time together? Then HOW IS IT POSSIBLE she’s with Marco when there are no pics and vids??? No “Milan insider” info, either.


  600. 600
    MO/R/ON Says:


  601. 601
    huh? Says:


    Sorry to burst your bubble, but she is with Marco.

  602. 602
    Nope Says:

    @huh?: No she’s not.

    Where’s the proof? I must be missing something here. Just because YOU SAY they’re together doesn’t mean jacksquat. I have to have proof, solid proof. Until then, you’re clearly lying.

  603. 603
    Just saying Says:

    ???????? When she was with Gerry everyone hated it??????????? When she is not with Gerry everyone hates it ??????????? Cut me a break. He is still in love with her.

  604. 604
    my take Says:

    Madalina doesn’t appear to be dating anyone – neither Gerry, nor Marco. JMO

  605. 605
    Nope Says:

    @Just saying: I think she’s still with Gerry only they are apart for work reasons.

  606. 606


  607. 607
    Tweets Says:

    “Madalina Ghenea got engaged, but not with Gerard Butler!”–108375.html LOL!

  608. 608
    No one cares AT ALL!!!! Says:


  609. 609
    Tweets Says:

    @No one cares AT ALL!!!!: Really? No one cares, but everyone wants to know! LOL!

  610. 610
    Dalhousie Says:

    Wrong, we all care. We want Gerry to be happy with MG. I do. I really do. I hope he’s happy with her and she with him. We’re hoping he marries her in Scotland with the full kilt, pomp and regalia of a Scottish wedding.

  611. 611
    loco Says:

    @Dalhousie: )))))

  612. 612
    Tweets Says:

    @Dalhousie: He can not be happy with a sl/ut

  613. 613
    NO they do NOT--move on Says:


  614. 614
    It is OVER=finished=ended Says:


  615. 615
    Tweets Says:

    Fin de la comédie!

  616. 616
    Susie Queue Says:

    @It is OVER=finished=ended:
    Good moniker to describe GB’s career as an actor. Maybe he can follow his childhood dream of being a stuntman now.

  617. 617

    Anyone with half a brain can see this is the same troll talking to itself to keep the thread going. Get a hobby, troll. This is just sad.

  618. 618
    Devestatingly lonely & jealous Says:

    @Susie Queue:
    Is a good way to describe you and your life.

  619. 619
    Devestatingly jealous Says:

    @Susie Queue:
    That is what you are: jealous.Whaahaha
    You wish you could live like him!

  620. 620
    Gerry's rich and successful Says:

    @Susie Queue:
    Gerry is rich and you are not.
    You are green with envy because he does not have to work but you do.
    Your putdowns show how deeply jealous you are of him.

  621. 621
    nope=loser Says:

    @Nope: Ha Ha no more proof than she is with Butler show us the pictures!!!

  622. 622
    nope=loser Says:

    @Dalhousie: We have to assume you are being ironic – she was well cast in Dom Hemingway in that she plays a money grubbing moll. What do the Italian gangsters call them, goomah. Good enough to be a mistress not a wife.

  623. 623
    nope=loser Says:

    @oh seriously….:ah the silly creature not getting enough attention for her movie role oh blink and you missed it?

  624. 624
    scary Says:

  625. 625
    Insider Says:

    @outsider: Reread what I posted – you mess with the wrong people in Hollywood and you can find yourself an outsider, ha an outlander if you will.

  626. 626
    sunday bloody sunday Says:

    @nope=loser: Did Jude give her the COLD shoulder?

  627. 627
    B.S + Fable Says:

    Stop starting rumors about Gerard Butler being blacklisted because he’s rich and taking time off from acting.

  628. 628
    Candy Says:

    I would rather see a few less posts until gerard does something worthy of posting than read the slop that was just posted. Take a break people. Let it go for a while, Go outside and smell the air, Try hard to let it go who she is dating. We know nothing and beneath you to think any more about it. It’s boring and does nothing for your self esteem.
    Is she delighted to know you all care so much about her sex life. Doubt it. She has moved on so has gerard, so should you.
    Enjoy your day, there will never be another one just like this one. If you died today, wouldn’t you just hate it that you spent it doing this.

  629. 629
    Self-rightous fraud Says:

    @Candy: @Candy:

  630. 630
    HUH Says:

    Spelling is important. That should be self righteous. Candy’s right.

  631. 631
    yawn Says:

    Yawn. Go find somewhere else to be board mommies. Or go smell the roses yourself if this place upsets you. Options belong to you too.

  632. 632
    Yep Says:

    Candy is right, what a load of B/ullshit written here today.
    You all want to go get a LIFE. Worry about that life not another’s.Please.

  633. 633
    What work? Says:


  634. 634
    @Just saying Says:

    @Just saying:

    So in love he needs to be far away from her to be happy! Hah!

  635. 635
    yawn Says:

    @Yep: Including you apparently.

  636. 636
    sunday bloody sunday Says:

    @@Just saying: Well you know they say absence makes the heart grow fonder but I think out of sight out of mind is more accurate.

  637. 637
    Candy no different than Susie Says:

    No Candy is not right. If so, that includes you too!
    Both in for the same reason: nosy and judgmental.

  638. 638
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. —Matthew 5:16
    by David C. McCasland
    According to the International Basketball Federation, basketball is the world’s second-most popular sport, with an estimated 450 million followers in countries around the globe. In the US, the annual NCAA tournament in March often brings mention of legendary coach John Wooden. During his 27 years at UCLA, Wooden’s teams won an unprecedented 10 National Championship titles. Yet, today, John Wooden, who died in 2010, is remembered not just for what he accomplished but for the person he was.

    Wooden lived out his Christian faith and his genuine concern for others in an environment often obsessed with winning. In his autobiography, They Call Me Coach, he wrote, “I always tried to make it clear that basketball is not the ultimate. It is of small importance in comparison to the total life we live. There is only one kind of life that truly wins, and that is the one that places faith in the hands of the Savior. Until that is done, we are on an aimless course that runs in circles and goes nowhere.”

    John Wooden honored God in all he did, and his example challenges us to do the same. Jesus said, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matt. 5:16).
    Let your light shine—whether you’re a candle in a corner or a lighthouse on a hill

  639. 639
    Petpeeves Says:

    Slightly off topic but I saw something today about Kathryn Heigl being black listed because she’s difficult to work with. I’d read that she wanted back on Grey’s but they wouldn’t take her back. The report said it’s mostly her mother manager that is the problem. I had no idea! That’s too bad if she is. She might never get a job in HW again TV or films! I thought I’d seen her in a Nightquil commercial and it was confirmed that was her last project!

  640. 640
    Petpeeves Says:

    That’s the thing. You can be good looking but if you don’t have the talent to back it up and you become a bit of a diva, it can ruin you. I think that’s what happened to Megan Fox too. I’d heard she was not a very good actress but got too full of herself and demanded too much money to come back to Transformers. So she decided to get married and become a mommy instead. Looks only carry you so far anywhere. It might open doors and get you in but you’ve got to carry it with talent to back it up. Sadly I think some in HW get the wrong impression of themselves and instead of being humble and thankful for what they get, they become demanding and way over estimate their own value. Actors will come and go in HW but the ones that sustain are always the talented ones and not the pretty ones.

  641. 641
    WTF Says:

    The sad thing with celebrities is that so many adore them it gives them a false image of themselves. The ones who have common sense like Tom Hanks and Paul Newman see reality instead of the fave image that the fans buy into. I heard Michael Fassbender refer to fans as sheep, they follow anyone who will lead them.

  642. 642
    Life's Train Says:

    @Petpeeves: Interesting, always wondered what happen to Fox? She was another referencing herself to Angelina or trying to look like her, guess what – that is the first big mistake.

    They go for the lips, sexy eyes and wit. Angie is just that Angie. She does not care if you like her or not and does good deeds. At the same time it happens she has powerful talent and naturally blessed with sexiness. Why men again want Angie, she with all blessings has class? She does not have to kneel down for parts only to pray and to the father of her children.

  643. 643
    Life's Train Says:

    @WTF: Oh Tom and Paul, you are so right.

  644. 644
    lolita Says:

    On slow days here on Gerry threads, he still gets more hits than anyone else. Brittany had 16 posts, Cooper 28 posts, some new post have zero comments and some on 2, 3 or 5. I looked at these threads to see what kind of posts the other celebs have, no comparison. So to say his star power is not still alive and well, you only have to look at other threads to see that is not true.
    He is reading and looking at scripts given to him and I think he wants to chose wisely after the success of OHF. He wants to prove not only to himself and others that he can do what he sets out to do. Don’t count him out yet, he still has so much more to give.

  645. 645
    PR BS Says:


    “She might never get a job in HW again TV or films!”

    Heigl has a TV series coming (a CIA/”Scandal”-type project), so her “second chance” is on the horizon.


    “He is reading and looking at scripts given to him and I think he wants to chose wisely after the success of OHF.”

    From your mouth…

  646. 646


  647. 647
    lolita Says:

    @PR BS: To Gods ears, I hope.

  648. 648
    MJ Says:

    Pretty sweet 300 tattoo… :-) I hope I posted the link correctly… if not, my apologizes.

  649. 649
    sunday bloody sunday Says:

    @Life’s Train: Megan Fox’s problem might also be her husband who seems to manage her career as well. As a rule that never a good idea either.

    Heigel has another chance so let’s hope her assertion she has changed is true. If the show is a ratings hit, they may put up with some crap but if it is on the borderline, they may not think it is worth it and if it is a ratings bomb it doesn’t matter if she is sweet as pie. And sadly these days they cancel shows so quickly, they never let shows try and establish an audience anymore like they used to. Some of the most successful TV shows of all time did not have great ratings out of the gate like Mash, All in the Family etc.

    David Caruso got lucky, TV took him back.

  650. 650
    MJ Says:

    and… i did not… lol!

  651. 651
    Petpeeves Says:

    @PR BS: Oh that’s good to hear because I like KH! Maybe she should get a new manager!

  652. 652
    Petpeeves Says:

    I think Robert Downy Jr.’s wife manages his too but seems she’s doing a fine job and also helped turn his life around, or so I hear. Guess it just depends. Just because you’re related doesn’t mean you’re a good manager. Lohan’s are another example. Yikes!

  653. 653
    Madalina Borriello (AKA: Nope) Says:

    good see the board came back to life. I see the thief stole my name again bet they over looked that i am using this one too! I am the real Nope!

  654. 654
    Or so you hear?? Says:

  655. 655
    sunday bloody sunday Says:

    @Petpeeves: I think the difference there is RDJ’s wife was a successful producer and well respected in the industry before they got married.

    I can understand that trust is an issue – many managers have ripped off their clients not just in Hollywood but you also need to have someone who knows what they are doing. The reality is many artists have spouses or boyfriend/girlfriends or family members managing their careers who are not any more trustworthy. Or if you don’t know what you are doing, Hollywood will chew you up and spit you out and it’s the artist and their career that gets hurt.

    And to be fair, Heigl and her mother were on a roll there at first. TUT made over $200 million dollars for example. And there are a lot of people out there, ie men, supposedly more experienced who have much worse track records at the box office. You wonder how some production companies can afford to keep losing money.

  656. 656
    ha ha Says:

    @Madalina Borriello (AKA: Nope): Madalina Borriello has a nice ring to it.

  657. 657
    soccer fan Says:

    @ha ha: They could become the Posh and Becks of Italy.

  658. 658
    Madalina Borriello (AKA: Nope) Says:

    @ha ha: yes it does

  659. 659
    Madalina Borriello (AKA: Nope) Says:

    @soccer fan: yes they could

  660. 660
    bonne nuit Says:

    @Life’s Train: Fox was in a couple of movies after Transformers. One was Jennifer’s Body. I think she really pissed off the producer Michael Bay when she was doing Transformer’s movie. Rumor was she was a total Diva to work with. Bottom line…I think you demand too much and are difficult to work with word gets around !!! I think Fox has kids now of her own and not doing many movies.

  661. 661
    Karen Says:

    Gerry where are you???????????

  662. 662
    PR BS Says:

    Fox likened Bay to HITLER in the press at one point and said she auditioned by washing his car, then the crew of the Transformers movies came out with an open letter, basically pointing out that she was no ray of sunshine to work with either.
    But Fox will be in the live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, directed by Bay. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but again, another tale of redemption.

    BACK TO M.I.A. BUTLER, he is a middle-aged white male in an industry full of and driven by middle-aged white males, whose off-set/behind-the-scenes behavior is no better and box office is just as inconsistent, so he’d have to have A LOT of doors closed to him to become unemployable. But as someone said, OHF made (and is still making) money, so he gets a pass for his sometimes shudder-inducing PR. Heigl and Fox became chatty bombshells, emphasis on BOMB, and were put in timeouts.

    Like Lolita said, NOW is the time for Butler to tread much more lightly, but surely. If he has to disappear just to later reappear with some caliber performances for my time and money, then so be it…

  663. 663
    Dalhousie Says:

    @Insider: That’s what I think too. He screwed up royally and now he’s paying the piper.

  664. 664
    bonne nuit Says:

    @PR BS: She really screwed herself by running her mouth cause she was not cast in the last Transformers movie. Rosie Huntington was his new Transformers girl. She is beautiful, but don’t think her acting was so great.

  665. 665
    Petpeeves Says:

    Megan Fox is not KH and not a fair comparison. Heigl can act but she keeps getting stuck in comedic roles. She’s a lot like Jennifer Aniston in that regard starting off on TV and moving to films and just not quite clicking with anything. Sometimes the darlings of television don’t quite make the transition.

  666. 666
    Petpeeves Says:

    @sunday bloody sunday: I think it takes a good business head whether you’re in the business of entertainment or not. You have to have a tough skin but not act like a jerk. I think some people think they’re savvy by overacting their importance. That just pizzes people off. Being humble goes a lot further but not being a pushover.

  667. 667
    ????? Says:
    It’s hard to believe that Madalina Ghenea is engaged, and until an official statement we should take all this with a grain of salt.

    Especially as the 25-year-old model has expressed on numerous occasions how she feels about Gerard Butler, calling him her “first true love,” while the Scottish actor named her “the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

    Back in August Madalina Ghenea explained why her boyfriend Gerard Butler didn’t attended her brother’s wedding, saying that it would have turned into an event dedicated to him.

    “Of course it would have become an event dedicated to him, and not my brother, and we want to enjoy this wedding within the family,” Ghenea declared at that time.

    Now, the Italian website claims that Madalina Ghenea and Marco Borriello, a professional soccer player for Italian football club AS Roma, were seen kissing during a holiday in Ibiza.

    The same website posted a headline that reads: “Madalina Ghenea and Marco Borriello are engaged?”

    Moreover, it is speculated that the AS Roma footballer has the number 88 imprinted on his shirt, symbolizing Madalina’s birth date.

    On August 25, the Dom Hemingway actress took to Instagram and sent good luck to the number 88, meaning Marco Borriello, for the Livorno-AS Roma soccer game: “88#in bocca al lupo #20:45 #aseroma.” But this fact does not necessarily mean Ghenea is in a relathionsip with Borriello.

  668. 668
    @lolita Says:

    “On slow days here on Gerry threads, he still gets more hits than anyone else… So to say his star power is not still alive and well, you only have to look at other threads to see that is not true.”

    Oh lolita, come on now. You’ve been posting here long enough to know better than to say something like that. You know it’s the same handful of posters that post here every day, not hundreds and hundreds of people. I realize you worship GB like he’s a god, but come on. It’s the same five to ten people using his threads as a chat room.

  669. 669
    Point of no Return Says:

  670. 670
    JS Says:

    Yes, only a few of us here and most of us have several socks. I like to play and fake people out and it’s funny. I don’t care.

  671. 671
    JS Says:

    @JS: Post 671 is not me.

  672. 672
    JS Says:

    @JS: Post 670 is not me.

  673. 673
    JS Says:

    @Dalhousie: “Wrong, we all care. We want Gerry to be happy with MG. I do. I really do. I hope he’s happy with her and she with him. We’re hoping he marries her in Scotland with the full kilt, pomp and regalia of a Scottish wedding.”

    Who is this “we”? Gerry and MG are no more and he would never be happy with her. He would never be able to believe anything she said and have to keep checking his wallet and dodging a knife in his back.

  674. 674
    JS Says:

    @JS: Oh I suppose you think you’re being funny Monicker stealer but actually you are just being childish and immature.

  675. 675
    JS Says:

    @Nope: “Because Madalina isn’t with Marco. For the 1000th time, they are not together.”

    Maybe so, but for the 1000th time she is not with Gerry either.

  676. 676
    Embla Says:

    Came across a quite interesting article about how Gerard was developing his telephatic Powers. :P

  677. 677
    Tweets Says:

    Madalina Ghenea in Jude’s arms!
    To be beginning of the end with Butler?
    Madalina Ghenea certainly no shortage of admirers, but the recent near Jude Law , one of the most wanted actors in Hollywood, could make him jealous of her boyfriend Gerard Butler .

    Madalina Ghenea play in the movie “Dom Hemingway” opposite Jude Law. Beautiful Romanian girl gets along well with British actor, but if you look at the pictures posted it on a social network I say get along perhaps too well.

    A new breakup? Madalina Ghenea Venice, Gerard Butler vacation in Barbados

    The launch party of the film, the cast came together. They laughed, had fun and made dozens of pictures, but some of them could raise serious doubts Gerard Butler. Although still images appear two actors, it is clear that Madalina has a much closer relationship with Jude Law than with them. Romanca seem to feel very comfortable in the arms of actor, which makes us wonder if maybe her relationship with Butler is again questioned.

  678. 678
    Tweets Says:

    Madalina Ghenea got engaged?
    Here on Who let Gerard Butler!
    Ever since rumors began to circulate again as Madalina Ghenea and Gerard Butler do not make a couple, many were quick to blame the heart zburdalinca he has Scottish actor.

    It seems that no Madalina was not too good in this relationship.

    Italian press wrote often and escpadele romance, and this summer they became more frequent.

    Journalists write that Madalina peninsula returned to his former love, Neapolitan player Marco Borriello as the two recently got engaged!

    They were seen kissing passionately during a holiday in Ibiza in mid August.

    All Italian press says that actually Madalina Ghenea and Gerard Butler broke up in late August and this time not because escapades Scottish but because Madalina Borriello chose.

  679. 679
    Nicole Says:

    @Embla: Article is very interesting, thanks!

  680. 680
    WTF???? Says:

    Please tell me this interview is fake.

  681. 681
    What a load of garbage. Says:


  682. 682
    Yes it is. Says:

    @WTF????: Yes it’s fake, it’s just bullshit.

  683. 683
    Embla Says:

    @WTF????: LoL! I don`t know if it is fake or not. Just came across it searching for News. :-)

  684. 684
    lolita Says:

    @@lolita: Whether it is one person or ten using socks, there still are many here who only use the same moniker. Yes we chat to each other but he still gets more hits than anyone else. He still is the reason so many come here to post whether it be positive or negative or completely off topic.

  685. 685
    C.A. Says:

    @Embla: “676″ Have you never tried to think of someone and seconds later they call you?!!? This is not science of tomorrow but science that have been investigated for many years and said to be something we all can do if attempted….!!!
    … and a very interesting angle to a man called shallow by some ..
    … Anyone knows who Michelle in the article said to be GBs energetic Twinsoul is? If a former gf well …… ;-)

  686. 686
    Can'tGetEnough Says: My sisters in LA and Gerard butler smiled at the yesterday and now shes at the Emmys meanwhile I’m excited about these new sweatpants I have

  687. 687
    Kali Orexi Says:

    If they broke up, there’s no teary-eyed posts or quotes from others like she did last time. She’s hardly using fb or twitter these days and believe me I follow. I admire her now. Maybe she’s still with GB.

  688. 688
    I'll tell you Says:

    @C.A.: “Anyone knows who Michelle in the article said to be GBs energetic Twinsoul is?”

    A figment of someones imagination.

  689. 689
    Monicker stealer Says:

    @Kali Orexi:

  690. 690
    C.A. Says:

    @I’ll tell you: “688″ hehe good one …

  691. 691
    sunday bloody sunday Says:

    @bonne nuit: @PR BS: Word is though that Bay is a total horror to work with, he’s big into the casting couch shall we say so I pity any woman who has to work on any of his movies. I’d rather starve.

  692. 692
    Kali Orexi Says:

    Not sure what everyone else thinks but remember his affair with the married woman and right after that came out, he ended up in rehab. Maybe it’s what killed his career. I think his being with MG was meant to make him look like a regular guy with a steady gf, more of a stabilizing thing, don’t you think?

  693. 693


  694. 694
    Petpeeves Says:

    I’m confused, which is not surprising. This article claims Gerry is in some kind of study about telepathy and communicating with someone via the mind and it’s with his “twin soul” whom just happens to be someone named Michelle Brown who he has “connected” with via thought who has two kids, one is eleven in college? Is someone making this up? I remember him talking about reading a book one time and the power of thinking about someone you know and they appear. He said he was filming PS I Love You and thought of Scarlet Johansen and she walked in to where they were filming by mistake. This sounds like someone has made up this story from that one. I’ll believe it when he talks about it himself. Otherwise it’s just another fan fiction.

  695. 695
    Madalina Borriello (AKA: Nope) Says:

    @Kali Orexi: have you read the articles, she left him and got engaged to marco. Nope no teary photos, and even more important no cryptic denials. madalina is happy, shes with marco. i think she has found her one true love. marco! and cant wait until she is mrs. marco borriello. madaline borriello suits her very nicely

  696. 696
    The real Kali Orexi Says:

    @Madalina Borriello (AKA: Nope): Please do not respond to the moniker stealing troll Kali Orexi, everyone here knows that that sad excuse for a human being is not me!

  697. 697
    Tweets Says:

    Madalina Ghenea, spotted with ex-boyfriend

  698. 698
    Moniker Stealer Says:

    N@The real Kali Orexi:

  699. 699
    The real Kali Orexi Says:

    @Tweets: LOL. Another joke. I see old vid of her with Gerry from Norway and a still of a few seconds’ worth of dancing in a nightclub SIX MONTHS AGO. Where’s piccs of Marco and MG together, hmmm?

    This is nothing but a fake story planted by tabloids. It’s not even good enough to believe. LOL

  700. 700
    The real Kali Orexi Says:

    @The real Kali Orexi: #699 Ελπίζω να σαπίσουν στην κόλαση σ.κύλα

  701. 701
    C.A. Says:

    Hi Kali someone must really admire you to come back and use your moniker over and over … can’t help thinking CI … LOL… hope you are enjoying your holiday and know for a fact that anyone who knows you can tell the difference ;-)

  702. 702
    Petpeeves Says:

    @The real Kali Orexi: Maybe she’s behind it? Why would anyone care now? I think someone is trying to make somebody else jealous maybe?

  703. 703
    Petpeeves Says:

    One of the most hilarious parts of the alleged article was why Gerry seems on his phone all the time. It’s because otherwise he would seem to be talking to himself when he’s actually speaking to his twin spirit! I guess he was talking to her there in the video while he was with MG! From what little I know of telepathy, you don’t speak out loud because it’s via thought projection.

  704. 704
    The real Kali Orexi Says:

    @C.A.: Thanks C.A., it must be! Never knew I was so popular? Glad to know the regulars know the difference between me and the person who steals my monikers.

  705. 705
    The real Kali Orexi Says:

    My thoughts go out to the victims, their families and the people who were injured during the shooting at the naval base in Washington DC.

  706. 706
    PsychoB Says:

    @Embla: what do you think the time frame before dar or GFW are back and enraged. Funny stuff. Lots of cracra people

  707. 707

    @Madalina Borriello (AKA: Nope):

  708. 708
    Who cares?? Says:

    She’ll F that up too!!!!!

  709. 709
    XOX Says:

    Reading about GB is always interesting!

  710. 710
    Not garbage Says:

    @What a load of garbage.:
    But old news.

  711. 711
    B is garbage to the core Says:

    @ha ha:
    B had dumb soccer player in the wings all along. Gerry was a bigger, richer and more important fish to catch.
    She is a tramp user.
    Let her use him.
    Let him use her.
    Gerry is free now!!!

  712. 712
    Regulars Says:

    Madalina is not posting because the hate posts are translating into the DH movie. If the cast looked over at these rag sites and saw half the post focused on bit part actress and her men, they probably would be peeved. Would anyone want her for a serious movie if fans sabotage it with crazy posters?

  713. 713
    Seriously Says:

    @Regulars: One or two morons slingind mud between themselves hardly affects a film.

  714. 714
    The real Kali Orexi Says:

    @Seriously: So true, woman, so true! A few hatemongers here at this dead site mean nothing to the success of DH.

  715. 715
    Moniker Stealer Says:

    @The real Kali Orexi: #714

  716. 716
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

  717. 717
    Not Again! Says:

    @The real Kali Orexi: “My thoughts go out to the victims, their families and the people who were injured during the shooting at the naval base in Washington DC.”

    As long as this country has stupid and outdated laws allowing people to carry guns then we will continue to have these shootings. Will we ever learn?

  718. 718
    The real Kali Orexi Says:

    I just heard our malignant commander in chief is planning a Latin music concert for TONIGHT at our White House.

    Gee, kind of TASTELESS considering our dual national tragedies, don’t you think? Boulder a total wipeout and the DC killings.

    Horrific of the Obamas to even contemplate partying. Hey, where did they get the money from? I thought workers were being furloughed and troops’ benefits were being cut to the bone.

    Why are the Obamas spending money on lavish glitzy parties for THEMSELVES???????????????????????

  719. 719
    Actually.... Says:

    Why would they be reading a Gerard Butler thread?? Wouldn’t they be checking out the DH thread?? Afterall that’s where the movie reviews would be, GB wasn’t in the movie.

  720. 720
    Monicker stealer Says:

    @The real Kali Orexi: The real Kali Orexi is Dutch and living in Scotland and so would not refer to “our malignant commander in chief” or “our White House.”

    Tragedy happens but life goes on. Do you really expect the President to cancel things because of people being shot dead? If they did that nothing would ever take place given the number of people who are shot dead every day.

  721. 721
    The real Kali Orexi Says:

    @Monicker stealer: Yes, idiot. I do expect the POTUS to cancel a glitzy party on a day of national tragedy. Don’t you think it looks “just a little” tasteless in light of the disaster?

    OMFG, you probably think he should just party on and ignore the sadness that many Americans feel today. He’s a terrible faux leader and all the world is mocking him daily. Putin smacked him hard today too, and frankly, it was well-deserved. Obama is no leader. He doesn’t even have any sympathy for the victims in DC or Boulder.

  722. 722
    Actually Says:

    Just to set the record straight: about the latin concert scheduled for tonight at the White House – the WH announced a couple of hours ago that the concert would not be held tonight out of respect for the shooting victims today; they will reschedule the concert. And, just so you know, this was not just any old tasteless, glitzy party. This celebration of latin music included just about every major performer in the genre, and was planned to be the 12th in a series of “in performance at the White House” concerts that were started in 1978.

  723. 723
    Ha Ha Says:

    @The real Kali Orexi: #721 you sure have made a complete ass of yourself given what #722 has said.

  724. 724

    @The real Kali Orexi:

  725. 725
    The real Kali Orexi Says:

    He waited till the last minute, probably threw a hissy fit because itty bitty Barack couldn’t get his way tonight. BFD, they cancelled it at the last minute.

    Too late, he’s still a classless deekhead like most of you here.

  726. 726
    oooo Says:

    Methinks LOL is back.

  727. 727
    Actually Says:

    Canceling the concert tonight would have been a big deal to unwind – with performers like Natalie Cole, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan and many others, plus the TV people, not to mention notifying the guests – I would guess that the decision to cancel was not an easy one.

  728. 728
    sunday bloody sunday Says:

    @The real Kali Orexi: Yet it is making the TV news now.

  729. 729
    ha ha Says:

    @Regulars: Or her fellow cast members may not be surprised at all.

    All that twit has to do is only allow her friends to comment or disable the comment function altogether but she loves the adulation too much.

  730. 730
    like seriously Says:

    @The real Kali Orexi: There are disasters, murders esp in DC, every day. Do we curl up into a ball every single time. No we go one living and celebrating life just to spite a holes like those shooters today. Doesn’t interfere with mourning the innocent dead tomorrow and the rest of the week.

  731. 731
    like seriously Says:

    or in fact tonight if the concert had gone on

    The only good reason to cancel the concert is if they are not sure they got all the shooters/security risk.

  732. 732
    Nicole Says:

    6:32 PM – 16 Sep 13
    Sitting next to Gerard Butler at Urth Caffe in West Hollywood

  733. 733
    Twitter Says:

    Reece AFC Thomas
    “@SkyNewsBreak: Fox News reports gunshots heard near the White House in Washington DC” Gerard Butler, get your gun bro #OlympusHasFallen

    TWERKING ON YOUR SON @cemarie__
    Sitting next to Gerard Butler at Urth Caffe in West Hollywood 1 hr ago

  734. 734
    Actually Says:

    If you watch the news, you will see that there is no security risk that is still out there, so they cancelled the concert because this mass killing was rather close to the capital and therefore a big deal for most people living in the area (think concert audience). But I would agree that we have a tendency to make a big deal out of these mass killings and disasters, when in actual fact there have been something like 1800+ people killed in gun violence already this year. If the 1800+ people had all been killed in the same event, we would be building a memorial to them – but instead they are just ignored….sad, really.

  735. 735
    @oooo Says:

    FYI, LOL never left. That bitter old frau sticks out like a sore thumb. She sucks at socking, along with everything else, I’m sure.

  736. 736
    yellow split Says:

    Give them or her yellow the split thread in.
    U did everything else!

  737. 737
    ha ha Says:

    MG is gorgeous, I’d probably pounce on her if I was costarring with her too. No wonder he fell for her at the razor ad thingie.

  738. 738
    concert Says:

    @like seriously: Look at it this way. The Navy yard is government, the commander in chief is the boss. How would you feel if you died on the job and your boss had a party the same night.
    Sure you can say you will mourn tomorrow? Is that mourning the loss or just the outward appearance. In a few days it will all be forgotten but it is here today and deserves some respect for lives lost, esp from the boss even if he is a putz.

  739. 739
    tweets Says:

    @ha ha: @ha ha: Hahahahahaha:)))) You idiot:))))))

  740. 740
    Madalina Borriello (AKA: Nope) Says:

    i see miley and liam made the official announcement. twitter unfollows always means and official break up has occurred.

  741. 741
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @Monicker stealer: #720 Thank you Moniker Stealer for sticking up for me. I’m off for a couple of days so any posts by Kali Orexi/the real Kali Orexi is not me but you know who.

  742. 742
    ha ha Says:

    what a bunch of childish dolts you are, fighting over imaginary “moniker stealers”. who gives a sh/it who’s who anyway? not me. very few here have anything interesting to say, it’s all fighting and infighting and stupid childish games.

  743. 743
    the ha ha that posted earlier Says:

    @ha ha: Clearly original thought is not in your wheel house. I don’t own the name ha ha but really can’t you think up something that someone else has not used today. Unoriginal Troll has a ring to it.

  744. 744
    like seriously Says:

    @ha ha: Please ha ha #2 you have nothing interesting to add and you are just as childish. If you were as cool as you think you are you would not even bother being a troll.

    @concert: I imagine it happens all the time. As long as the boss shows up to the visitation or the funeral and is there to give support when it counts. Life goes on.

  745. 745
    PsychoB Says:

    @Actually: umm concidering the majority of those are illegal firearms and gang violence and there are 20x more people killed by cars a year. Start using your head. And if you are not safe on a navy base why should anyone feel safe in there own home without protection. The places with the highest murders are those with the tightest gun laws. Statistically murders go up when gun laws are passed. Your argument has no bases.

  746. 746
    guns guns guns Says:

    Well Psycho you are wrong. Canada has a low murder rate and tougher gun laws though we’ve had a couple of gun sprees by crazy people but nothing compared to the US. Thank god. Fingers crossed. I believe the argument is the same for the UK.

    The more guns around legally the more accidental deaths is a true fact. Especially children picking up daddy’s loaded gun. Can’t imagine living with that nightmare. Yes I know responsible gun ownership is the answer but you know Uncle Sam can’t keep a watch on all those irresponsible gun owners.

    Been a lot of stabbings in Toronto over the past 2 weeks, mostly gang related and some of have resulted in death so there you go you don’t need guns to kill, even gang bangers. West Side Story style. It’s more intimate and masculine eh?

  747. 747
    guns guns guns Says:

    When you live in a culture that perpetuates that the only way to resolve issues is by the gun, this is what happens. Someone disagrees with you, shoot em.

    When we all live in a media culture that inadvertently glorifies serial killers, this is what happens. To discourage these idiots there really should be a ban on any reporting of these crimes until conviction. Won’t happen but as long as these crazy people see the payoff in their crazy minds, the tradition of the American serial killer will continue and now it is catching on to other countries because of TV and media coverage. It’s like domestic terrorism.

  748. 748
    tweets Says:

    So Wrong Its Right

    Hey @GerardButler all of your movies are aw.ful with the exception of 300. Other than that you as an actor. You piece a

  749. 749
    not funny you B Says:


  750. 750
    Not so Says:

    @PsychoB: The places with the highest murders are those with the tightest gun laws

    You talk ****.

  751. 751
    Petpeeves Says:

    @Not so: Maybe that’s why the gun laws are tighter there, ever think of that?

  752. 752
    My Rights Says:

    Less than 50 percent of Americans trust the government to handle international and domestic problems, according to a new Gallup poll.
    Most of us know the content of the second amendment to our constitution. Would you trust an administration or gov. who wanted to change that.
    “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.” Patrick Henry 1788
    James Monroe included “the right to keep and bear arms” in a list of basic “human rights”,

  753. 753
    My Rights Says:

    Why is it that people want gun control by no one addresses the video games, the constant violence in movies that we have desensitized ourselves, our children. Blame it on gun control when kids sit for hours killing on the screen with realistic humans that are shot. The present administration is so hollywood that he never addresses it. Why is that?
    No longer sensitive.

  754. 754
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Wondering where the man is and what he is up to. Just checked imdb and it seems that Thunder Run and Dynamo are off the page. Only HTTYD 2 is listed. Am I looking in the wrong place?
    Is he working on something fantastic like a Scottish epic film, or has he retired from Hollywood? Perhaps truly taking a break?
    Missing the familiar names on the thread, but guess there isn’t to much going on.
    Just stopping by to say hi and hope you who might be popping in to wish you a good day too.

  755. 755
    fun Says:


  756. 756
    ha ha Says:


  757. 757
    vs Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Ducky,those movies were moved over to “Projects in Development” “Garden of Last Days” also just popped up on that list. Are they still trying to get that movie made? Don’t know what all this means. Just wish we would hear some news about GB filming a new project in the near future!

  758. 758
    Karen Says:

    I’ve gone to some other web site and other than someone sitting next to him in a coffee shop, there is nothin. Another site talked about his autographs on ebay. Can not believe that he did such a good job on OHF that he’ld just stop. I think MG had a lot to do with him not having the desire to do anything or go on.

  759. 759
    Karen Says:

    When is he going to NYC?

  760. 760
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @vs: Okay, so I was looking in the wrong place. Thanks for sending that along. Yes ‘near future’ would be good. Keep thinking he will surprise us with something that will make us extremely happy.
    Anyway, glad to hear from you as I thought I was talking to the space in between. lol
    Not terribly fond of franco and wonder how gb feels about him after pulling up stakes like he did for the garden movie or could it have been mutual? Guess we’ll never know.

  761. 761
    FYI Says:

    Superficial gang, site server is down for several more hours yet, major issue with equipment

  762. 762
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    September 28, NYC
    Celebrities, Philanthropists, Political Figures to Host 2013 Global Citizen Festival

    Today, The Global Poverty Project, in proud partnership with the Cotton On Foundation, announced that the official host committee for the 2013 Global Citizen Festival will include lead host Soledad O’Brien, with: Rachel Brosnahan, Barbara Pierce Bush, Gerard Butler, Jake Clemons, Deborra-Lee Furness, Erin Heatherton, Katie Holmes, Karolina Kurkova, Bridget Moynahan, Freida Pinto, Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Russell Simmons, Olivia Wilde,, and Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus.

    The 2013 Global Citizen Festival is part of the worldwide movement to end extreme poverty. The free ticketed concert will take place on the Great Lawn of New York’s iconic Central Park, with performances by Stevie Wonder, Kings of Leon, Alicia Keys, and John Mayer on September 28, 2013.

  763. 763
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Don’t forget to vote for gerry. Just click on his picture and enter your email.

  764. 764
    future Says:

    NO one script or a project for the future. He’s unemployed. Sad

  765. 765
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @future: I don’t feel sad at all. Just wondering what is down the road for him. Doubt he will spend an idle life. Not in his DNA to do so.
    Think he will surprise us all. Would you have thought a couple of months ago when he was in Scotland that he was planning on buying Tallawahs? Don’t be so ready to write him off. I have faith that he will emerge like the phoenix. A clean slate is not always a bad thing.
    There will always be tthe critics that say he is finished. Been hearing that for years with every film he has made and yet the phoenix rises again and again. So hang in there girl.

  766. 766
    Petpeeves Says:

    @My Rights: I agree that we have become desensitized by the violence in films and games however it is the responsibility of parents to screen what their children see. TV and movies and games are not BABYSITTERS. You have to be vigilant with kids and keep on top of what they see and do.
    Now having guns or owning guns is not the issue with gun control. Gun control is merely the regulation of ownership making sure those who own guns are responsible gun owners and not nut cases or severely mentally ill or derrangedl. There is no need for assault weapons of any kind to be owned by civilians. That’s just ridiculous.

  767. 767
    Petpeeves Says:

    I think Gerry is just taking some time off. OHF took a lot out of him physically especially after Chasing Mavericks! I think that wave hold down affected him too but he was already signed up for OHF and some other things so he plodded on. Perhaps getting involved with MG he had hoped it would turn in to something more and it didn’t. I think she just reaffirmed for him what he always feared with women. Now he’s just sitting back and regrouping perhaps. Lots has happened. Lost Motor City and The Garden of Last Days or at least put on hold on the latter. I think Thunder Run will happen eventually. I’d like to see him do some television parts just to keep his face out there like guest on Castle or Modern Family or something. Maybe even have a role in a film for HBO or something. Perhaps he’ll get a part in the new Outlander series that’s coming up.

  768. 768
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @Petpeeves: I totally agree. He did well for himself with Attila and The Jury and some earlier tv movies.
    Maybe you are right about the CM hold down. When you suddenly find yourself infallible it is a sure wake up call how frail our lives really are and how it can change in a heartbeat. His life these past few years may have changed his priorities.
    Outlander part would be great. Would his ego get in the way with tv? Wish he would have grabbed onto Pinkerton.

  769. 769
    Lyla J. Says:

    I’ll remain optimistic that as long as he chooses to stay in the public eye, we’ll often be surprised by Gerard and his choices and I view that as a good thing. It would be a hoot to see him guest on a sitcom. I would pick New Girl. Lol!

  770. 770
    gotta be kidding Says:

    ” I think she just reaffirmed for him what he always feared with women.”

    No if he was in fact serious about this, he just affirmed how brain dead he was or how he uses the wrong head all the time since it was pretty obvious she was never going to be the ONE. She represented everything he claimed to hate about women in LA. It was obvious back in May 2012.

    IMO he subconsciously hooks up with women he knows he can’t fall in love with anyway, the women that might get to him, scare him. He runs in the other direction. Especially chasing college students. Nothing new there either.

  771. 771
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @Lyla J.: Speaking of hoots, I miss not seeing him on Craig Ferguson. It’s been a long, long time. If he could have Billy Connolly on at the same time, that would be something. To much with both? A Scottish melt down, maybe the audience would have a tough time understanding them if they all got together and fell into their natural burr. lol.

  772. 772
    ??? Says:

    @Karen: That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. So you’re blaming MG for him not finding a job? He hasn’t done jack since his press junket for OHF ended in May. Oh, he made a few appearances here and there, Wimbledon, London, Scotland, Capril. He’s just drifting, IMO, but for what? Every actor has setbacks but they and their public don’t blame their girlfriends for it.

    Besides, haven’t most of you knowitalls already pronounced the relationship dead since June???

    I think he did something to pi/ss someone off and he’s paying for it now. Something is conspiring against him. By all rights, he should have role offers out the bu/tt coming off a successful movie like OHF. He’s 15 years younger than action star Bruce Willis but Willis has 4 films in production and just finished filming one for 2014 release. Wiillis is also going to star in “American Asassin”, one of the Mitch Rapp thrillers. I’m pretty sure Willis isn’t going to play Mitch Rapp but it will be a great movie.

  773. 773
    Bonnie UK Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Then I would be glad to translate for you Ducky.

  774. 774
    Karen Says:

    @??? did not say I was blaming MG said she had a lot to do with his loss of desire. Read beyone a 1st grade level. I think he loved her It must be a blow to the ego when you are to be this male magnet that everyone wants to be around and all of a sudden you “girlfriend” turns the other way. Did is Pi/ss off someone that I would agree with because he could do the action they just don’t seem to be offered. As far as Willis loved him in “The Kid” but nothing else, it’s like he is creating the same facial expressions the whole time. Would love to see GB in action films. Hope he gets a whole new team, acts like an adult, gets his act together and goes for it. Did enjoy OHF>

  775. 775
    Best Hair At TIFF Says:

    Madalina Diana Ghenea, Dom Hemingway After-Party

    You might not know her name yet, but that’s the whole reason why you should start obsessing over Madalina Diana Ghenea now before she gets super famous after the international release of Dom Hemingway. Her costars Emilia Clarke and Jude Law may be the headliners of the film, but with her elegantly styled ringlets at the film’s after-party, Ghenea was the head-turner of the bunch. We love a girl who embraces full curls instead of going for the oh-so trendy Old Hollywood waves that are “of the moment” on red carpets.

  776. 776
    Lyla J. Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: You know I hope his very tasteless and edited joke the last time he was Craig’s show didn’t have something to do with it. It was a glaring omission during his OHF promotions. But I agree it would be funny to get the usual Scottish suspects on one show.

    This is pretty cool and there are two more this person made:

  777. 777
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @Bonnie UK: Well Bonnie, no doubt there will be lots that will go right over my head, so will take you up on that. lol. Cannot imagine the time they would have. “Hang onto your hat” kind of night.

  778. 778
    Bonnie UK Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Scotsmen are worse than woman for chatter, 3 Scotsmen together they will get right back into the scottish dialect and talk so fast just to keep up with one another. My Dad went to St Gerard’s School with Billy Connolly, there is a photo of my Dad in Billy’s Biography of them with the class at school.

  779. 779
    He's not in trouble Says:

    Give it a rest. He’s not blacklisted. He’s taking it slow and working to not make the flop list on the next role if he can avoid it. I think the major heartbreak for him was the 3 flops so close together before OHF. His life was nuts for a solid 6 months with promotions and interviews, etc.
    3 months off is not out to pasture.. It’s getting your sanity back. Especially if he and MG have split. Whats the use of being a rich dude if you never stop to enjoy life? Or choose your next step carefully. If you or I could spend a few months of idle time each year we would. Gerry is just letting things settle a bit to choose the next path.

    Bruce willis. Ha. For a solid 6-7 years Bruce Willis made bit part movies no one went to see. His current fare are sequels in ensemble casts. He’s a perfect example of Hollywood careers ebbing and sometimes rejuvenating. I’m sure Gerry has offers he’s just trying to sort out how to best proceed. In the past he’s jumped in and committed to several projects and lost out on roles due to scheduling. Maybe he’s purposely trying to slow down his impulsiveness.

    I’m secretly hoping he’s the next Jack Reacher. Tom cruise was a big name, but not so great representation of the character. Gerry would have been better in the role. But was not as big of guaranteed draw. He’ll find his next step. I just hope he’s willing to be open good roles no matter which venue. And I hope he’s happy.

  780. 780
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @Lyla J.: I never saw that video before. That was great. Thank you!
    I hope not [about the tastless joke] But he was on d letterman for OHF, perhaps the network felt DL could keep gb more in line? That was awful.
    It never seems that gb is relaxed on DL. Leno and Craig very relaxed imo.

  781. 781
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @Bonnie UK: Can you post the picture? Would love to see it. Recently found an interview on utube with Billy and loved it more than his routine.

  782. 782
    Bonnie UK Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: The book is at Mums house, it’s his Biography called ‘Billy’ his wife Pamela wrote it.

  783. 783
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @Bonnie UK: Was doing a google search to see if I could find the picture and came across this as of yesterday. Was so sorry to hear about this.

  784. 784
    lolita Says:

    You are talking about Billy C. I just read he is being treated for prostate cancer and he has Parkinson’s disease. I liked him and Gerry in Mrs. Brown and I think he also worked with Gerry in Timeline. Sad news.
    The article said he is 70 yrs. old, he never seems to change but he has long hair now or a least in the picture in the article.

  785. 785
    Bonnie UK Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: I know it is sad, but they seem very positive that the Prostrate Cancer was caught in the early stages and a good recovery is expected. The Parkinson’s is at very early stage, it’s a terrible condition.

  786. 786
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @lolita: Hi Lolita, good to see you. Shocker huh. He knew something was amiss when he started forgetting his lines. Many stars have the disease but still hard when it is your body that doesn’t respond they way you want it to. He has many fans and perhaps gerry will stop and see him in NYC when he goes back next week.

  787. 787
    ATTN Says:

    @Best Hair At TIFF: Madalina is Esther Blodgett/Vicki Lester and Gerry is now completely turned into Norman Maine.

  788. 788
    lolita Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Hi Ducky, There is nothing worse than when your body turns on you. He was like S. Connery, he didn’t have to hide his accent, which was always nice to hear. I watched a couple of the Craig videos, it must be true that get a few of the Scotsmen together and they get a little wild. Made me giggle watching them, so free spirited. They do like to talk over each other.

  789. 789
    Seriously???? Says:

    @Best Hair At TIFF: Her hair is like oakum: always dirty, and not combed. FU!

  790. 790
    Sicko Says:

    @ATTN: Okay, that’s the second time you posted, Guessing you need attention. Norman Maine my tush. Want to post again and again. You’ll get the same answer. OVER FINI, DONE, NEVER AGAIN. best hair the best she can do? Whoopee!!!!! Take a look at the pictures above.

  791. 791
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @lolita: Did you see the video that Lyla J posted? Never saw that before.
    Thanks Bonnie UK, Yes, very sad. so many new meds out there and hope he does well. Now more than ever I wish the three would get together on Craig’s show.

  792. 792
    lolita Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Yes , and I watched a few more. Craig F. is nuts all by himself and he brings the goofy out in the rest of them. I watched Craig on a comedy special, he is colorful, made a lot of fun at his own expense. He makes Gerry giggle and that was nice to see.

  793. 793
    Best Hair At TIFF Says:

    @Sicko: Did. She’s in very good company. Noticed too that there was no mention of a famous boyfriend. Madalina’s on her way up.

  794. 794
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @lolita: Have to go back and watch the rest. Love the Leno ones as well. Hope you are doing well Lolita. Think of you often.

  795. 795
    Seriously???? Says:

    @Best Hair At TIFF: ” Did. She’s in very good company. Noticed too that there was no mention of a famous boyfriend. Madalina’s on her way up.”
    Yeah! I am sure that soon we will hear that she’s in love (with Jude Law ) and the happiest woman in the world! hahahahahaha!

  796. 796
    Just So You Know Says:

    @Bonnie UK: Just so you know, you should please get the spelling of “prostate” right. It’s one of my pet peeves.

    It’s p-r-o-s-t-a-t-e.

    ONE “r” not TWO. There is a word, “prostrate” which means to lay your body belly down flat. Not the same thing.

    Just so you know.

  797. 797
    fromoz Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Hi to Ducky, Lolita, Bonnie UK, Lyla J & all other posters. Had not heard about the Billy C health problems, so sad , but I’m sure he’ll have lots of support to get him through. He has a crazy sense of humour & I’m sure he’ll be cracking jokes about his own conditions. I really like watching his T.V. travel shows ( Route 66, etc ), he somehow always makes them very interesting, & funny as h#ll. What a diverse career he’s made for himself , actor , stand-up comic, etc. Have always thought G.B. would be good on travel type shows as well. Taking us off the touristy path & showing us a different side of things, like Billy , with a great soh & sheer naughtiness. G.B. certainly gets around a lot, so he should make the most of it. Hands up those who’d want to watch it ! Me, to start. Cheers to all :-)

  798. 798
    lolita Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Ducky, I am doing well, better than I expected. Sometimes I just read and don’t post. Always enjoy your sense of humor, so off the cuff.
    Gerry is taking his time to decide what project he wants to do next. I am sure he has options, still wonder if there will be a sequel to OHF for Mike B. Watched LAC yesterday, still shakes me up when he stabs his cell mate with that T-bone, just gruesome, then he was so calm. I bet he is like a thunder storm when he gets angry. His eyes would let you know before his actions.

  799. 799
    lolita Says:

    @fromoz: Hi Fromoz, hope you are doing well. Have a nice evening ladies, got to go now, take care, thanks for the chats.

  800. 800
    Just Peachy Says:

    Fuxake—what’s up—can’t get on????

  801. 801
    Violet Says:

    @Just Peachy:
    Server is down.

  802. 802
    Violet Says:

    @Just Peachy:
    Invision is having a major issue with a couple of its servers. Updates are being posted here:

  803. 803
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @fromoz: Hi FromOZ, HAND UP! Oh yeah I would watch it for sure, are you kidding. What a trip that would be. You are so right. He has been everywhere.
    Wonder if he would go camping to Iceland with Halle again. Of course, as much as I adore the man, the only way I would ever enjoy that is on tv. GB freezing his bum on some glacier would be fun.
    The more I think about it, the more I am keen to the idea of him doing a travel show.
    Remember when he couldn’t find a place to stay in Scotland and ended up at the barmaids house? Wonder if he is the author of all the farmer’s daughter stories. I did not say that.

  804. 804
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @lolita: Guess I missed you and you are tucked in for the night. oooo yes, that scowl would shake anyone up. No words needed

  805. 805
    Los Feliz Insider Says:

    Word is MG is with GB in LA at this time. There may be pics soon, stay alert.

  806. 806
    What are you smoking? Says:

    @Los Feliz Insider:

  807. 807
    Seriously???? Says:

    @Los Feliz Insider: …………if only Mr. Butler idiot!

  808. 808
    lucianna Says:

    @Los Feliz Insider: Nice try, troll. Madalina is in Milan.

  809. 809
    Madalina Borriello (AKA: Nope) Says:

    that video posted a few pages back the showed gerard and madaline together, i found the transcript for it. if you scroll down you can also watch the video. it was talking about the seperationg and her engagement.

  810. 810
    Bonnie UK Says:

    @Just So You Know: Good Morning, one of my pet hates as well. Typing fast is my excuse will not do it again. Will do 100lines saying I must check my spelling.haha. Have a nice day.

  811. 811
    JS Says:

    @Bonnie UK:”Scotsmen are worse than woman for chatter, 3 Scotsmen together they will get right back into the scottish dialect and talk so fast just to keep up with one another”.

    It’s not just the men. One of mt friends told me that when she and her husband and her brother and his wife were in Amsterdam a couple of years ago they were sitting in a restaurant talking and an English couple sat down at the next table. The man leaned over and said “excuse me, do any of you speak English?” to which my friends brother replied “yes, a little” It turned out the couple thought they were Dutch which is not so silly as it sounds as Scots and Dutch have a lot of words that are the same.

  812. 812
    JS Says:

    @Best Hair At TIFF“Madalina’s on her way up.”

    Is she in a lift or on an escalator? because that’s the only way she’s on her way up.

  813. 813
    JS Says:

    @Seriously????: “Yeah! I am sure that soon we will hear that she’s in love (with Jude Law ) and the happiest woman in the world! hahahahahaha!”

    Yes, and how she spent Christmas with his family and his mother loves her and calls and texts her all the time and is always at Jude to marry her. Lol.

  814. 814
    JS Says:

    @Los Feliz Insider“:Word is MG is with GB in LA at this time.”

    It’s those voices in your head again.

  815. 815
    JS Says:

    @lolita: “I bet he is like a thunder storm when he gets angry. His eyes would let you know before his actions.”

    The Scots have such expression-full faces and you can always tell what kind of mood they are in just by looking at them.

  816. 816
    @ JS Says:

    @JS: that’s like the dumbest thing anyone’s ever said. DUH. couldn’t that be said about anyone? you sound daft man!

  817. 817
    JS's stand-up act is back Says:


  818. 818
    Live and let live Says:

    @JS’s stand-up act is back: @@ JS:
    I don’t know what your beef is with JS but you and your are really boring. Give it a rest already.. This week has been hard enough already without the juvenile bullying. Leave her alone and post something intelligent. We will listen.

  819. 819
    geraldine Says:

    @Just So You Know: My pet peeve is when people pronounce nuclear as nucelar. Silly, but still mildly grates on me.

    Hope all is well with Gerry and that he is holed up somewhere reading lots of scripts.

  820. 820
    gotta be kidding Says:

    @Best Hair At TIFF: So how much did her PR people pay for that? Money money money……

  821. 821
    hump day Says:

    The consensus is he is doing his voiceovers for How to Train Your Dragon 2. Would a supposed employee of Dreamworks cover for him if he was in rehab.

  822. 822
    interesting Says:

    So much for Leo taking a long break looks like from the top of the page he’s biting into yet another biopic, getting tired of the latest string of models is he?

  823. 823
    interesting Says:

    @He’s not in trouble: Your math is interesting. He has not really worked in over a year, shooting for OHF stopped around September 15th. If he is working on those voiceovers now that’s the first new work he has done.

  824. 824
    Astronaut Says:

    No one know anything for sure, duh. He could be doing anything not even working duh.

  825. 825
    covey Says:

    The link for this story will not open.

  826. 826
    covey Says:

    CNA license revoked Giga TV station that shuts official proof that Madalina Ghenea …

  827. 827
    Madalina Borriello (AKA: Nope) Says:

    @Astronaut: i take it you flunked out of school. can just see you history essays. “cleopatra was the queen of denial duh, marc antony was her lover duh. but first she had a fling with julius ceasar duh. she commiyted suiced duh. and so did marc duh.”

  828. 828
    Astronaut Says:

    @Madalina Borriello (AKA: Nope):

    “she commiyted suiced”

    Isn’t that what you’re doing to the English language, duh???????????

  829. 829
    ha ha Says:

    after all I’ve done for him this is all I get?

  830. 830
    Romanian Robin Says:

    @ha ha: Could that be a d**k in a box, holy castration batman

  831. 831
    Petpeeves Says:

    @???: I don’t think he pizzed anyone off. I think he had projects lined up after OHF and they fell through leaving big gaps of time where he didn’t have anything in the works. You don’t often just get offers for roles and start tomorrow. There were many things he had lined up tentatively such as Hunter Killer, Brilliant, The Bricklayer, Manhunt, and Garden of Last Days. I think he’d already done some work on Thunder Run but there was talk of scrapping the CGI for doing it the regular way without it so don’t know where that one went. The Motor City sure thing got scrapped suddenly too so it probably took a little wind out of his sails. The whole girlfriend thing may have been just to fill his time or he may have thought he had found someone to cultivate a serious relationship with and figured while he had more down time why not. Obviously that was not the case and I’m sure whatever he’s doing right now, he’s not cooling his heels. Something will come up.

  832. 832
    very ugly person in photo Says:

    @ha ha:
    once you go below the surface is:

  833. 833
    ha ha Says:

    @Petpeeves: He is getting paid to do a charity event to end extreme poverty??? Hope not.

  834. 834
    Petpeeves Says:

    @interesting: He’s working even when he’s doing promotional appearances after filming stops. That’s all part of the job too. Being in LA right now I would imagine he’s doing the voice overs for HTTYD and maybe fielding scripts. If he wanted to drop completely out of sight he could. He’s got that thing in NYC towards the end of the month. It’s all work if he’s getting paid and I’m sure he is.

  835. 835
    Beeshneesh Says:

    @Petpeeves: I would imagine he’s in rehab as I’m hearing through various sources.

  836. 836
    ooo Says:


    voices in your head aren’t sources

  837. 837
    Your various sources? Says:

    Such as spiders; crickets; birds;t he sun bird-droppings; ocean waves; clouds; tealeaves; paperclips; sink residue; fallen leaves; the moon; hairballs; sidewalk gum

  838. 838
    Petpeeves Says:

    @ha ha: I wasn’t referring to charity events but things he’s asked to “host” or make an appearance that he’s paid. There may even be pay outs for charity appearances too for some celebs to draw donations. But it’s all work even if it’s for a good cause. The celebs listed at these events don’t always show either. There’s a good chance he might not be there. Just have to wait and see.

  839. 839
    Petpeeves Says:

    @Your various sources?: LOL! Good one!

  840. 840
    Unfounded Says:

    @Beeshneesh: What you hear are rumors and you are here to help spread them. Various sources and your imagination are not a good couple. Shame on you.

  841. 841
    Petpeeves Says:

    @Beeshneesh: Like the “Los Feliz Insider”? Here, I’ve got some info from the JJ insider…..YOU’RE A TROLL!

  842. 842
    Your various sources? Says:

    Such as snail trail residue; sunflower seed husks; your coffee grinds that missed the trashcan; the stars; your hair brush; toothbrush; jet streams; subliminal messages from the news; cat litter dung; the neighbor who looked at you cross-eyed; your mailbox; the missed call; lemon seeds; lumpy potatoes; ice cream drippings; cucumber rinds; squirrel chatter, break lights.

  843. 843
    Ducky Says: The oscars are heating up and seems that mg film is on the short list foreign films. my personal feeling is that i want to see the B man there in the worst way, but looks like she might be too. Would he stay away? Sure hope not. He has no reason not to hold his head up. Awkward….maybe so. Crap

  844. 844
    Ducky Says:

    I should have said the possibility. Guess it doesn’t matter how you word it. duh.

  845. 845
    He's not in trouble Says:


    I’m sure Gerry would laugh pretty hard at you saying countless interviews, tv appearances, and circumnavigating the globe promoting 4 films wasn’t really work. He busted his A$$$ trying to get all of them to go, and was on the road longer than any of the other folks for OHF. I agree that he committed to several projects that fell through and now he’s regrouping.

  846. 846
    @Ducky Says:

    What reason does he have to go? He didn’t go this year, and he has even less reason to go to the next one.

  847. 847
    Ducky Says: Not even a chocolate dipped Gerard Butler would tear me away from this game tonight! Mon The Hoops! COYBIG!!!!!
    Going to have to think about that for a while. Chocolate dipped Gerry or Celtic game? hmmmm

  848. 848
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    1 Peter 1:17-21
    17 Since you call on a Father who judges each person’s work impartially, live out your time as foreigners here in reverent fear.
    18 For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your ancestors,
    19 but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect.
    20 He was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake.
    21 Through him you believe in God, who raised him from the dead and glorified him, and so your faith and hope are in God.

  849. 849
    Ducky Says:

    @@Ducky: I am hoping that he will present as he has in the past. It would be nice to see him with his peers. He is still an A lister and has a wonderful fan support. It would be good all around to have himself there.

  850. 850
    Ducky Says:

    @God Bless yoou all!: Thank you as always GBYA. Ducky

  851. 851
    Dream On Says:

    @Ducky: the only time he needs to go to the Oscars if he is nominated or he is a presenter and she’ll be knocked up by the soccer dude.

  852. 852
    ha ha Says:

    @He’s not in trouble: First of all that is still not hard work compared to 80 per cent of the working population. It is not hard work compared to being a lawyer in Edinburgh. Being paid to host a party, hello the man does that every night. Just comparing him to everyone else in his peer group. They would laugh to hear how exhausted he is. Maybe there is another reason he is so exhausted.

    Of course he would laugh because he thinks he is the hardest working actor on the planet. Now most of Hollywood would be laughing about that.

  853. 853
    don't feed the troll Says:

    @ha ha:

  854. 854
    nr007 Says:

    @Ducky: “The oscars are heating up and seems that mg film is on the short list foreign films.”
    Razzabastarda is just a candidate to be official Italian candidate to Oscar nomination. It’s a long way to get a nomination.

  855. 855
    f.arting rainbows Says:

    and the award for the most delusional phannie today goes to……..


    for her undying support of a has been

  856. 856
    Seriously Says:

    @ha ha: Next time you go on a several month, massive promo tour, you come back and report. mmmkay?

  857. 857
    Amanda132 Says:

    @ha ha: He’s cohosting, what does that mean? Introducing one act? There are several hosts, he’s just one. Not sure the concert is made better by his presence. Anyone can host.

    Are they trying to raise money or awareness of poverty? I think he’s trying to raise awareness of his peen to any young women there. There, I said it. Freaky Uncle Gerry loves being around all that young tw/at.

  858. 858
    Missing the point 4 break Says:

    The underwhelming immature girlfriend with the over-exposed public relationship was far more exhausting, stressful and demoralizing than his three films not being as successful as hoped.
    If he’s in rehab it can only be a good thing.
    He’s got talent so can recover.

  859. 859
    Ducky Says:

    @f.arting rainbows: I’ll take it, I’ll take it. lol That was to funny and thank you for being nice about it. Feeling like crap today, nose won’t stop running, check book won’t balance and you just made me feel better. Ducky

  860. 860
    Say what? Says:

    “I’m sure Gerry would laugh pretty hard at you saying countless interviews, tv appearances, and circumnavigating the globe promoting 4 films wasn’t really work”

    Please explain how hard this is. Which part is hard? The five-star hotels, the first-class plane tickets? Was he getting up at 4 am and doing back-to-back interviews all day for weeks? Seems he managed to fit in months of vacation time for the last year, despite working soooo hard. I think what you call hard work would be considered a glorified vacation to 99.9% of the planet. Not to mention being grossly overpaid and pampered and coddled for what little he does manage to do.

  861. 861
    ATTN Says:

    Wrong he had 5 bad films his bad streak started before he met MG.

    Coriolanus and MGP released in fall of 2011 and no one saw them. Then CM and PFK released in fall of 2012 and again, no one saw them. None of these films was marketed except CM which actually had a trailer. Then Movie43 came out and no one even knew about it. Another failure.

  862. 862


  863. 863
    ATTN Says:

    @Missing the point 4 break: You’re wrong. He had 5 bad films in a row.

    Coriolanus and PFK came out in fall 2011, both bombing. Then in late 2012, CM and MGP came out. CM was marketed because there was a trailer. Then Movie43 came out sometime this year. None of these movies made much money or were seen by more than a handful of people.

    Until OHF made money, he hadn’t had a hit since 2010. Maddie has nothing to do with his bad films. It’s that he makes bad choices or no one is interested in seeing them.

  864. 864
    ??? Says:

    @Missing the point 4 break: You’re wrong. He had 5 bad films in a row.

    Coriolanus and PFK came out in fall 2011, both bombing. Then in late 2012, CM and MGP came out. CM was marketed because there was a trailer. Then Movie43 came out sometime this year. None of these movies made much money or were seen by more than a handful of people.

    Until OHF made money, he hadn’t had a hit since 2010. Maddie has nothing to do with his bad films. It’s that he makes bad choices or no one is interested in seeing them.

  865. 865
    Ducky Says:

    @f.arting rainbows: LOL I’ll take it, I’ll take it. That was tooo funny girl. Thanks for being so nice about it. Didn’t know I was that bad, but I guess if the shoe fits. ha.
    In defense of myself, I cannot say that there haven’t been times when I wanted to pull his hair. He has come up with some pretty cringe worthy quips. On the other hand, if I knew how to gamble, I would bet on him with something awesome in the wings.

  866. 866
    Ducky Says:

    Sorry for the double post. Going back to bed.
    NR007 Okay. We shall wait and see what happens. thank you.

  867. 867
    nr007 Says:

    @Ducky: You’re welcome. I just wanted to clarify. :)

  868. 868
    Don't you know? Says:

    @Amanda132:” He’s cohosting, what does that mean? Introducing one act? There are several hosts, he’s just one.”

    There are not several hosts. Co hosting means there are two of them.

  869. 869
    Missing the point 4 break Says:

    Wrong!!! IMHO the self-absorbed agenda-driven tease of a drama queen played a big part, just more than you’d like to admit. Too bad. Deal with it.
    Linking them up was a big waste of time, energy and resources.
    That show bombed worse than his last 3 films before OHF –not including Movie 43 which was not his film–, all three of which should have fared better.
    Now GB needs to lay low so the drama queen can move on, get out of business so he can regroup less distracted, get heart & soul well, and find some peace of mind.
    For the life of me I do not know how he did it with such an attention-stealing-***** alongside him?:(( But he did.
    The drama queen had to be exhausting.

  870. 870
    Nice one Says:

    @JS:”Yes, and how she spent Christmas with his family and his mother loves her and calls and texts her all the time and is always at Jude to marry her. Lol.”

    Ha ha, very good.

  871. 871
    GB Fan Says:

    @Traci: :)

  872. 872
    Amanda132 Says:

    @Don’t you know?: So, dumba/s/s… mean to say that “costarring” means there’s ONLY TWO STARS in a film?

  873. 873

    NOT the real Amanda132.
    NOT her voice or sentiments.
    Fake Amanda132 is your moniker stealer.
    The original Amanda132 sounds nothing like her.

  874. 874
    give me a break Says:

    Just stop, the tour for OHF did not last for “several months” and he had a huge month-long break/vacation in the middle. You also fail to understand most actual A-listers shoot three films a year, promote all of them, attend multiple appearances, do serious charity work (many are also raising families at the same time) and they don’t require months of downtime to “recover” like your delicate, fragile Gerard Butler does.

  875. 875
    FYI Says:

    @Don’t you know?: The list of celebrity hosts for this event is massive. It’s way more than two people.

  876. 876
    fromoz Says:

    @Ducky: Hey Ducky. Sorry you’re feeling low. One of Billy C’s travel docos was ” A Scot in the Artic ” , showed B running around in the snow – naked. That man is not shy. So hopefully, G.B. would show the same dedication in his travel special. Now Ducky, that thought should clear up that runny nose of yours !? LOL. Cheers :-)

  877. 877
    Dianne Says:

    @give me a break: LOL! That’s what I’ve been thinking too. He’s such a pansie, a little wussified. On top of that he gets to stay in lux hotels and gets paid for all of it.

  878. 878
    Good for him!!!!! Says:

    @ATTN: You can’t honestly count Movie43 as a failure due to Gerry. That movie had a number of actors/actresses with bigger parts then Gerry’s. It was a dude because of a poor script. It was never designed to be an Oscar movie, it was just for fun. When it comes to Netflix I might see it but otherwise I’m fragile with my movie money.

  879. 879
    Only bad film is Movie 43 Says:


    Machine Gun Preacher had the wrong distributor for it and opened in limited release. Not a bad film as such as it got a sanding ovation at TIFF and the critics were good.

    Coriolanus might not appeal to everybody. Shakespearean languaged transposed into the Serbian war but also not a bad movie.

    Movei No 43 is a bomb! The worst sketches are not his playing leprechauns but Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet, Halle Berry and Stephen Merchant, Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber and Anna Farris and her husband Chris Pratt: those are just disgusting and creepy sketches! His is funny as we all know leprechauns don’t exist anyway.

  880. 880
    Only bad film is Movie 43 Says:

    CM is not a bad movie as such but the timing to release it was wrong. It appeals more to teens who spend their summer on the beach surfing.

    PFK is actually just a feel good movie, not going to win awards but then should all movies be award winning? I don’t think so. His scenes with Noah Lomax are the best.

    Even successful actors like Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt had a few bombs into their filmographies but nobody is calling them failures or bad actors.

  881. 881
    @Dianne Says:


    Sure he’s a woossie! One walking around for a full year with 2 broken bones in his neck!

    I bet if it had been you you’d still walking around with the 2 broken bones!

    Live his life and experience his injuries and come back to talk about it to see if you’ll still call him a wussie!

  882. 882
    Petpeeves Says:

    @Dianne: When was the last time you got paid to stay in lux hotel? I’ll bet you have to take your little wussified pansy azz down to Motel 6 every time when you travel! Hot plate and a 20 inch screen TV, maybe free donuts if your lucky while ol’ wussie Gerry is in five star establishments with room service, people at his beck and call and goodie baskets worth thousands of dollars in welcome stuff. It’s obvious that really irks you! LMFAO!

  883. 883
    Petpeeves Says:

    I’ve put in two comments today and neither one showed up! What the heck is going on??

  884. 884
    Dianne Says:

    @@Dianne: Must not have been serious if he was hang-gliding, surfing, flying a helo, serial globetrotting, sleeping with and ban/ging a much younger woman for a year and a half, partying, dancing, motorcycling, sleeping in cars. If he was SO FRAGILE, with his poor broken bones, why was he able to do all of those things, hmmm? Some of you grannyphans are simply too much. You’ve turned him into a big baby, which is actually what he is, I’m hearing. A spoiled brat. Maybe you get off on spanking him? How lovely.

    If he’s WHINIING about doing a press junket for 3 months whilst staying in lux hotels, flying first class, having daily massages probably with happy endings, getting paid for it and living high, then he really IS a wuss.

  885. 885
    @Dianne Says:


    The hand-gliding was in 2010 and so was the sleeping in cars, the surfing in 2011. He wasn’t on a motorcycle competing with somebody just riding one and not all the time it seems.

    The broken bones were while filming OHF.

    As for banging a much younger woman, she lied about her age so she’s not as young as it seems she is. They have been so often apart there doesn’t seem to have been much banging going on, just saying.

    Having broken bones in your neck doesn’t stop you from having sex btw as he’s having sex with another kind of bone and as long as she didn’t grab his neck, sex wouldn’t have hurt!

  886. 886
    giving you a break Says:

    @give me a break: Actually I believe it did last a couple of months. Check his fb page and you will have a pretty good idea of his schedule since Feb. Charities with the Children’ hosp in LA, the soccer charity CM, AFPJ, football in the UK etc. you will have to look up on google. Guess you have a short memory because a lot the appearances he made were important functions, political as well as charitable. If you hate him, you will always find fault
    Please feel free to post one of those other busy actors and their schedule. p.s. any charity is serious when it has to do with protecting lives.

  887. 887
    Rosa Says:

    No matter what anyone says about it, I will always believe that MGP was GB’s passion role and his work of heart, if you will. He was brilliant! Some smart person posted recently that MGP should be re-released in theaters to a wider audience. I remember reading once before, and I am sure the true fans can help me out on this, that Dear Frankie was re-released after a petition or a rally of some sort, in at least one theater maybe a few. So maybe a petition is in order for the portrayal/role of his life so far, IMO. Maybe he will be recognized later for the role of his career? Not every role garnishes immediate gratification. I would hate if his work in MGP would end up being simply swept under the proverbial carpet.

  888. 888
    Diane=Maddie Says:

    Maddie don’t you have some lines to learn or a new potential victims’ financial portfolio to review? Still stings huh? Maybe Marco can ease your pain, then again he’s no Gerry…….

  889. 889
    @Rosa Says:


    Well said! Dear Frankie which got a standing ovation at Cannes and at every festival at which it aired and even won some awards opened up in limited release. I don’t know about the petition but I was lucky enough to have seen it.

    People were intrigued by it and saw it mostly by word of mouth. It stayed in theaters for a full month in the city where I live.

    Not all movies which win awards and get lots of publicity are worth seeing but some movies which deserve to be seen sometimes get so little publicity that they hardly make it into the theaters or last there very long.

    MGP should be re-released. It’s a much better movie than it is given credit for.

  890. 890
    Rosa Says:

    @@Rosa: Lucky you! I had not discovered GB yet when Dear Frankie came out. The subject matter of MGP makes people feel uncomfortable and in a way, guilty. Given the Christian message and the machine guns working hand-in-hand, it will be hard to entice a lot of people. It almost needs to be re-released to a blind audience with no info whatsoever. That tactic has been done for 40 years now. Started with The Exorcist. It was first shown to a blind audience full of Catholic priests and other clergy and they were given no idea what the movie was about. There were stories from back then about the true-blue emotional reaction from everyone. Deep stuff. Remember that GB promoted MGP on Fox News being interviewed by Mike Huckabee of all people. He tried every avenue but something about the whole thing was not right. Maybe the lame showing in the US in only 93 theaters and for only one week in 50 of them.

  891. 891
    Dianne Says:


    This is to “@Dianne”

    Seriously? You sound like you’ve gone all defensive and sh/it for him, your precious Gerard who can do no wrong. Goodness, you sound like you’re smothering him with excuses.

    No, MG and Gerry slept in cars, both admitted that in interviews. He’s been surfing on and off since he was filming CM and after, so no more lies, mkay? Get your facts straight.

    He’s a whiner, always whining about some fake injury. He should talk to our veterans. They have REAL injuries and don’t get to party and globetrot like your weak-kneed actor Gerry.

  892. 892
    @Rosa Says:


    What I was told about MGP’s limited release in theaters had to do with the distributor which had financial problems at the time. I don’t know if that’s true or not but I know Ryan Kavanagh, a friend of Gerry has something to do with the distribution company.. I know that Ryan Kavanagh and Relativity Media are connected somehow.

    I do not understand why the story based on the real life of Sam Childers could be a problem as such as more controversial movies have made it even in the States.

    MGP played 3 weeks here which is the average time a lot of movies play in theaters when they’re not blockbusters.

    I was told the distribution company for MGP had financial problems and that this was the reason the movie was not widely released. I was also told, and this I do not know 100% so I wouldn’t swear to it on a Bible, that Ryan Kavanagh, a friend of Gerry and an official of Relativity Media was somehow involved into this.

    As for being lucky to have had Dear Frankie in theaters here for a full month, yes, we were but it played in 2 theaters where they show Indie movies and the crowd going there were ardent moviegoers, the kind who will show an interest in foreign films. Also people who saw it would spread the word to their families, friends and acquaintances to see it.

    If you had been in Toronto at the premiere of MGP, the Roy Thompson Hall was full, and at the end of the movie everybody gave the whole cast, producers and directors a standing ovation. The tickets were sold at least a month in advance and you had to wait in the rush line hoping to get a ticket if you couldn’t buy one. The critics were mostly good except for a few. One movie critic obviously knew nothing of the ongoing war and genocide in Sudan which have been going for over many centuries and this was evident when he mentioned Sam going to Sudan and he couldn’t understand why.

  893. 893
    RT Says:

    Some of you phannies need to be reminded that MGP got a dismal 29% on Rotten Tomatoes. It was not a good film. If it was released now it would bomb again because it was a seriously flawed film. The writing and direction were heavily criticized and rightly so.

  894. 894
    Madalina Borriello (AKA: Nope) Says:

    @Astronaut: still a higher intelligence level then some one who must complete every sentence with “duh,” it doesn’t make you look witty! it makes you look like you have to education of kindergartener.

  895. 895
    @Dianne Says:


    Defensive moi? Lol!

    MG told a Romanian tv show she slept in cars. With her record at embellishing the truth, I think I will stick with Gerry’s version.

    He went alone to Scotland in 2010 and he slept in his car and this is what he said when asked about it. He even got to stay at the home of an owner of a bed and breakfast because there were no rooms left.

    In 2012, in June, if MG was with him in Scotland, they stayed at an inn there at Loch Lomond. The inn keeper even posed with him and some fans took pictures with Gerry and the woman who was with him.

    When he mentioned that trip in Scotland in 2012, he made it clear that they stayed in inns, beds and breakfasts.

    But then you know all that already, don’t you, Maddie? I think whoever said you were Maddie were right!

  896. 896
    RT Says:

    “The critics were mostly good except for a few.”
    Boy are you delusional! Only 29% of critics who viewed MGP liked it. 71% of critics hated it.

  897. 897
    To Dianne Says:

    @Dianne: “always whining about some fake injury” I don’t remember any fake injury. Yes he repeated it for promo interviews. Good grief how many times can you talk about your film in different ways.
    So I take it that if he had lost a limb filming, that wouldn’t suit you either. He is an actor, not a combat Marine.
    Oh yes a Scotsman did talk to many active Navy and US Marines at Camp Pendleton. How many US actors have done the same? You are one nasty piece.

  898. 898
    Rosa Says:

    @@Rosa: Not knowing where you are I cannot say anything about the time that MGP was in your theater, but as far as the rest of the US is concerned, it was in theaters a week or maybe 2 and on only a few ( and I mean a few) screens. Look, the numbers don’t lie. All I can say is the best way for people to learn about Sam Childers and his orphanage in Sudan through mainstream media is by way of MGP and Sam’s website. Most people in the USA are so tired and worn down by the day-to-day BS we are now living that we don’t want to spend our leisure time learning about the horrific genocide going on in the many countries of Africa and the Middle East. Selfish? Justifiable? Maybe. Yes. It’s a fact. Most people would rather sit down and indulge their emotions into a movie like The Hangover. C’mon, let’s be real. It’s sad but true. Sorry for the long tangent. I just wish that MGP was seen nd appreciated by so many more people than it has been. I for one have taken up arms in my own way to help.

  899. 899
    Rosa Says:

    My number one rule with films is that I NEVER go by what the critics say. Especially Rotten Tomatoes. As a matter of fact, if you have an imagination of your own, you will go against them. Please! Don’t be a bunch of sheep. RT is not the deity. Just remember that. With ALL films.

  900. 900
    I saw that Says:

    @RT: MGP was brilliantly underrated. A poor review does not a bad movie make. Fight Club, Gone With The Wind, Seven, The Dark Knight, Blade Runner, Star Wars, LotR: Return of the King, The Warriors, Gladiator, and even Schindler’s List all got bad reviews yet are considered the some of the greatest movies of all time. The Wizard of Oz is a beloved classic and it tanked at the box office. By the way if you want try the whole bad writing, bad acting, bad directing thing, have you never heard of cult classics. the Evil Dead and show girls fit that category, they are both listed among some of the greatest cult classics of all time.

  901. 901
    RT Says:

    First, you bragged that most of the critical reviews for MGP were positive. Now that’s it’s been pointed out that majority were negative, you’re doing an about-face and claiming critical reviews don’t matter. LMAO!

  902. 902
    @@Rosa Says:


    Even good movies get bad rating there.

    Hon, I read about 25 reviews of the movie. If you only stick to Rotten Tomatoes, sure you’re going to read some bad reviews there but that site is not the right place to get a feel if a movie is worth watching or not.

    People post reviews on RT and they’ll post reviews about the kind of movies that appeal to them so they’re not objective. If they only like action, gore and CGI effects, very little intellectual content, they’re going to rate their kind of movie high but if an intellectual movie comes out, good script, good acting but it doesn’t appeal to them, they’re going to give it low ratings.

    Why don’t you check this link. Some of the 25 movie reviews I read are in there. I will never trust a movie critic written by a moviegoer who cannot be objective and most critics on RT are not objective.

  903. 903
    RT Says:

    Only 25 reviews?
    RT listed 111 critics reviews, 79 panned it and 32 liked it. There’s no getting away from this. It was a lousy film and that’s why it didn’t perform well at the box-office and was not the awards bait Gerard hoped it would be.

  904. 904
    @@Rosa Says:

    @Rosa: I don’t normally go with what the critics say about a movie. I just go and see it and if I like it, I will recommend it.

    WI saw that: You couldn’t have said it better! Many good movies get underrated.

    One example is one movie which airs every Christmas on TV, It’s a Wonderful Life. The movie did poorly at the box-office when it came out and even was considered one of James Stewart’s failures.

  905. 905
    @Rosa Says:


    Not 111 critics reviews but 111 moviegoers’ reviews. People rate the movies they see on RT and write reviews. So they’re not objective.

    Of the 25 movie reviews I read all were written by professional movie critics. One of them was totally clueless about the situation in Sudan and why at the beginning of the movie we see Sam the junkie and why he goes to Sudan.

  906. 906
    RT Says:

    To the phannie prattling on about injuries,
    Gerard was booked for three films in a row after OHF – Motor City, Thunder Run and Manhunt. All three were heavy on action and stunts. Anyone so debilitated by injuries would not have taken any of those jobs, let alone all three in a row.

  907. 907
    RT Says:

    RT separates the critic’s reviews from the audience reviews, my dear.
    The 111 reviews I cited were ALL critic’s reviews. You have to go to a separate link to get the audience reviews.
    Here’s the link to all the critic’s reviews for MGP on RT:

  908. 908
    I saw that Says:

    @RT: You really want to harp on reviews. The 1998 Psycho remake, Catwoman, and Dare Devil all got rave reviews upon their release. Do I really have to mention how badly these movies all suck.

  909. 909
    Rosa Says:

    @RT: You are a troll trying to start trouble. If you don’t like the convo about MGP and the fact that it got unrightfully panned, then go visit Miley’s thread. Your lack of class and taste will go well there. You are a sheep willing to be told what to think and where to go.

    MGP is a cinematic masterpiece in every sense. Your loss if you choose to ‘obey’ RT or anyone else trying to tell you how to think or in the case of this film, HOW TO FEEL.

  910. 910
    @RT Says:


    When he signed on for those 3 movies, he didn’t even know about the broken bones so what’s your point?

  911. 911
    RT Says:

    This is a thread about Gerard Butler, not Miley Cyrus. I have every right to be here. Just a minute ago critics reviews mattered to you dolts when you thought MGP was critically acclaimed. Now that you know it wasn’t, you’re changing your tune. MGP was a badly made film about a serious topic. You’re confusing the seriousness of the subject matter with the lack of craftsmanship that went into the film. Those are two separate things. MGP didn’t do well at the box-office for good reason. The film was too weak to distinguish itself against the real award contenders.
    Lionsgate, the original domestic distributors, were right. MGP should have been released outside of Oscar season when competition for quality projects wasn’t so fierce. MGP wasn’t good enough to compete during awards season. But Gerry, Alan and Forster thought they knew better and wanted MGP to compete for awards. That’s why they changed distributors. Their egos couldn’t allow them to admit that the final cut of MGP was a mediocre film and needed to be released outside of Oscar competition. Their egos doomed this film to a complete flop instead of the modest success it would have had with Lionsgate’s more realistic timetable. Gerry and co. were as delusional as you and thought they had a masterpiece on their hands. They learned the hard way, just how wrong they were.

  912. 912
    RT Says:

    LOL! You’re the one saying he can’t do things because of broken bones! Given how active Gerard is and willing to taken on physically strenuous films, he obviously can do plenty.

  913. 913
    Conrad Says:
    MGP – Review & Lessons

  914. 914
    Sam Says:

    Sam Childers was outed as a liar and a fraud just before MGP opened. That didn’t help the film, either.

  915. 915
    I saw that Says:

    @Sam: Correction, he was accused. Accusations does not equal proof or truth.

  916. 916
    @Rosa Says:

    @I saw that:

    ITAWY! You need more than one person accusing him which seems to be the case here.

  917. 917
    I saw that Says:

    Not true. Case in point, the Salem witch trials. more recently the McCarth era. In both cases you had more then one person accusing innocent people. The only real proof is solid unquestionable evidence. The easiest way to damage a person is to bear false witness against them. If your able to rally people who equally dislike them then its easier. Sam Childers is going up against Kony. Who would hate Sam Childers more then Kony.

  918. 918
    JS Says:

    @Live and let live: Thank you for your support. I don’t know why this person keeps picking on me but it’s nice to have someone defend me. Thanks again.

  919. 919
    JS Says:

    @Madalina Borriello (AKA: Nope): ” she commiyted suiced”

    Yoor speling is atroshis!

  920. 920
    JS Says:

    @He’s not in trouble“:I’m sure Gerry would laugh pretty hard at you saying countless interviews, tv appearances, and circumnavigating the globe promoting 4 films wasn’t really work. He busted his A$$$ trying to get all of them to go”

    True! he was giving up to 10 interviews a day and sometimes more. Travelling about all day can be very tiring especially as he one of those people who doesn’t sleep very well when he has interviews to do the next day as he is a worrier and is always fretting that things won’t go well.

  921. 921
    JS Says:

    @Dianne: “No, MG and Gerry slept in cars, both admitted that in interviews”

    Yes both said so in interviews but one of them was lying, can you guess which one? Gerry told of a trip he done alone through the Highlands stopping at B & Bs, sleeping in the car when he couldn’t find one and on one occasion a barmaid and her husband let him have their spare room. MG gave an interview claiming she was on that trip despite the fact that Gerry made that trip long before he met her. It was just another of her lies like the story about her and Gerry’s mother.

  922. 922
    JS Says:

    @I saw that: “My number one rule with films is that I NEVER go by what the critics say.”

    Exactly! how many times have you watched a TV show and enjoyed it and yet it gets a bad report from a so called critic? At the end of the day critics are just people like you and me giving their opinion.

  923. 923
    Your yesterday's socks Says:


  924. 924
    Your yesterday's socks Says:


    =Don’t you know
    =Nice one

    Laughing at your own “jock” JS ? How lame.

  925. 925
    bystander Says:

    @JS: well I almost fell asleep during mgp at the cinema, and actually did when trying to watch the dvd. A poorly acted vanity project, too violent and controversial with the truth to appeal to the christian market, too religious and long winded to be marketable as an action picture. An over Hollywoodised biopic of a suspect subject. A project even the female producer said wouldn’t have got made without Gerry.
    Disagree all you like, but 300 saw his ego take over any judgement or talent he had, mgp saw his ego at its peak, and its been downhill with third rate biopic, romcom and action toward obscurity ever since.

  926. 926
    Violet Says:

    Invision servers are back online! :)

  927. 927

    @Your yesterday’s socks:

  928. 928
    ha ha Says:

    @Seriously: Several months are you kidding me your math is off. Meanwhile his peers in the same period of time were promoting more than one movies whilst filming other movies or TV series or throwing in some stage work. Wow it is amazing they are not dead from exhaustion. Fassbender in particular. If GB is too old for this now, what can you do.

  929. 929
    ha ha Says:

    “Gerard was booked for three films in a row after OHF – Motor City, Thunder Run and Manhunt. All three were heavy on action and stunts. Anyone so debilitated by injuries would not have taken any of those jobs, let alone all three in a row.”

    Good point RT.
    Actually read this older article about all the projects GB was attached to at one point

  930. 930
    Lazy you, what do you do? Says:

    @ha ha:
    That is, what do you do other than sit on your judgmental throne posting at a gossip site comparing actors to each other and putting one down all the time? You sound really lazy.

  931. 931
    ha ha Says:

    Forgot about this one
    “An untitled, fact-based mercenary pic with Sir Ridley Scott directing.” what was this about???

    Oh right the Simon Mann biopic

  932. 932
    . Says:

    *She reminds me of the guy who can never grow up and just wants to keep partying everyday. Yeah, kind of like Hugh Hefner but without the bathrobe and pipe thing. The problem is you can’t stop because you have made your living going to parties and getting wasted and it’s a never ending cycle.*

  933. 933

    @ha ha:

  934. 934

    Not to mention unimaginative!! Got to love that brilliantly inventive sock.. no, moniker.

  935. 935
    SOCK BEDTIME!! Says:

    Now the socks have returned to their drawers the regular posters who care about the actor can come back.

  936. 936
    Kind of obvious now isn't? Says:

    That all the posters, for the most part, were the same person.

  937. 937

    Will Burns EVER get done? SIGH!

  938. 938
    Scroll Shock Says:

    You know what: you guys are just incredible boring people!! You can’t tell a story to save your lives, it is just sentence after sentence with your incredible boring oppinions on Gerard Butlers films or even his life. You write about things you know absolutely nothing about. What you are good at, is to find things on the Internet about the man in question. And even when you steal things other people have written you manage to be boring. Go out and talk to people, learn a joke or do anything but this. It had to be said. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  939. 939
    ha ha Says:

    You know an actor’s career is at a standstill when the only thing people here can do is talk about other posters. So very sad isn’t it. You can’t even address the real issue – did you bother to read the first article I posted a link to. Gerry has gone from the most sought after actor in Hollywood to………. in a mere year or two? Take off your rose colored glasses and ponder that for a bit, speaking of truly unimaginative.

  940. 940
    ha ha Says:

    @Scroll Shock: You just don’t like anyone saying anything negative about your hero. The cure for that is very easy. Delete the JJ bookmark and take your own advice. This is what JJ wants people to do, discuss the people he opens threads for. If he followed your advice he wouldn’t have all that money coming in. If you have a problem with free enterprise, delete the JJ bookmark.

  941. 941
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: ‘It is mine to avenge; I will repay,’ says the Lord.” Roman 12:19

  942. 942
    @Scroll Shock Says:

    @Scroll Shock: Practice what you preach b.itch! If you feel that way, what are YOU doing here?

  943. 943
    To what? Says:

    @ha ha:

  944. 944
    You Do The Same Says:

    @ha ha:
    Take your own advice!
    What are you spreading?
    Constant negativity.
    Poor judgment.
    Demented speculation.
    Toxic viruses.

  945. 945
    What's wrong with standstill? Says:

    Yours career, if you even have one but “worker bee” has come to one too since all you do is spend time on a gossip site promoting ill feelings toward an actor you once adored and respected, who apparently isn’t living up to your standards because he has chosen to TAKE SOME TIME OFF?

  946. 946
    To what? Says:

    “Gerry has gone from the most sought after actor in Hollywood to……….”
    TO WHAT????
    Answer you coward.
    At least Gerard has a career. You don’t. Yours bottled-necked 12 years ago when you gave up to follow Gerry’s huh?
    Let’s guess? Saw Attila first. Gobsmacked in love. How’m I doing?
    Phantom of the Opera sent you head over heels smitten.
    300? Right behind him every sword swipe of the way, right?
    Great expectations after. See how easy your dourness is to read?
    He’s let YOU done so you feel entitled to rub his nose in it here, right?
    YOU think YOU can change him by shaming and scolding him until your lost sheep come home, right?
    YOU deserve more from him don’t ya?
    YOU followed him, he OWES you something, right?

  947. 947
    GFW uses girl code Says:

    Note to self:
    Begin note.
    Kid contacted.
    Kid alerted issue.
    Problem solved.
    Kid left message.
    End of note.

  948. 948
    Worrywort Says:

    I’m actually worried about Gerry in a way. Feel like he’s dropping off the planet or maybe he’s trying to loose his fans because of all the crazy ones? Maybe he just wants you all to go away!

  949. 949
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @BIGGER QUESTION…: Yes, that is a bigger (and better) question…I would like to think if there was a great script that it would get made, but…..? GB’s certainly been talking about that project for almost a decade (that I know of) maybe it’s in the too hard basket? It’s the kind of story that would get me to a theatre – so that’s one person…anyone else care to join me?

    What we need is the Burns subject matter expert….Ducky, you out there? :)

  950. 950
    lolita Says:

    @Prancing Pony: Prancer, she is feeling under the weather, sounds like she caught a cold. Hope she is feeling better soon, so maybe she won’t post for a while.
    I’d go to see Burns in a minute. Robert the Bruce too.

  951. 951
    Prancing Pony Says:

    @lolita: Hi Lolita :))) That’s no good about Ducky – hope she’s on the mend. I hope that you are well too :)
    That’s great you’d join me to watch Burns :) And, I’d definitely want to see something about The Bruce – awesome story with plenty of material for a film, surely! I wonder what’s happening with that Ridley Scott project about Robert the Bruce that laconfidential mentioned on a thread a month or so ago…??? I’ll check Google…

  952. 952
    Me Too Says:

    @ bystander

    And whoever thinks Gerry was the most sought after actor in Hollywood is living in lala land.

  953. 953
    Dianne Says:

    @ha ha: so true! He’s not in demand at all. Not even for the roles most of us assumed he’d try for. He sits everything good out, then grabs something stupid in desperation. I don’t think he’s serious about acting or he’d get rid of Alan and whatsisface, the agent. They’re not doing him any favors.

  954. 954
    Dianne Says:

    @JS: OMG, imagine Gerry having to give “up to ten interviews in a day”!!!!! OMFG.

    How did the blabbermouth of Scotland EVER sit through that much gab? That probably took a couple of hours one day, OMG OMG OMG.

    He’s sooooooooooooo overworked. The poor infant must have practically DIED that night after speaking to reporters for a few short hours. What did he do for the remaining 22 hours off?????????

  955. 955
    Oh, come on Says:

    Where is everybody getting their information other than the people who just write the information here. Granted I can’t say that I follow every thing written about GB but there is a lot I don’t understand. What are all the injuries, that they are so bad he can’t move a finger to sign a contract??????? And where is the documentation that he strained those little vocal cords at interviews???????????? But I can not understand what he did that he is so hated???????????????

  956. 956
    I saw that Says:

    @Oh, come on: People hate on him just because thy can. They have no other excuse. He has admitted to getting injured while on OHF, but I doubt thats the reason he doesn’t have anything lined up yet, he might be in negotiations with studios, looking to production rights, and/or scouting project sites. Or he could be off de-stressing himself. If you are wondering what might cause Gerard I’ll give you a clue. Two words, first word 8 letters, second word 6 letters.

  957. 957
    Wrong Says:

    I think he’s still with her, only separated. He sure isn’t hitting the nightspots like he normally does when he’s single. He’s not even seen much anymore. It must be love.

  958. 958
    Sarcasmic Says:

    @Wrong: Ya its been a rough two weeks, then him flying off to tiff to be with her because he just can live without her. And him flying off to the Maldives to celebrate her birthday. Then sneaking in to her brothers wedding just to be with her. The month spent in Prague just to be with her while she filmed. He would never look at that girl hiding on the floor of the taxi because he so in love with Madaline.

  959. 959
    dargabriel Says:

    Greeting, Telepathically Speaking, Burns Will Be Done For Sure. Butler Will Do  This, He Will Be Divine, You Will Love It. Good Night. Love, dargabriel

  960. 960
    Seriously???? Says:

    @dargabriel: He’s too old for Burns. He was late! Too late! This role is not for him.

  961. 961
    short changed Says:
    Should have gotten an award for costume design.

  962. 962
    Rabbie Says:

    @Seriously????: This role has never been more perfect for him. No he is not to old.

  963. 963
    Zippy Zelda Says:

    No, Burns is off the table. He’s all talk on that one. He’ll never do it. They don’t even have it in development now.

  964. 964
    JS Says:

    @lolita:” I’d go to see Burns in a minute. Robert the Bruce too.”

    So would I, they would both be great subjects for a film.

  965. 965
    Zippy Zelda Says:

    from January of this year.

  966. 966
    JS Says:

    @Dianne: Why are you being so nasty? Giving ten or more interviews doesn’t take up just a couple of hours. He was traveling from one TV studio or radio station to another and to and from various hotels to give interviews to magazines and newspapers. And it wasn’t just one day or one city or even one country, I did read how many interviews in total he had given for OHF but can’t remember the number but remember Gerry was at every one of them unlike his co-stars who only attended some of them.

  967. 967
    JS Says:

    @Oh, come on: “And where is the documentation that he strained those little vocal cords at interviews???????????? But I can not understand what he did that he is so hated???????????????”

    If someone is talking a lot it does affect their voice and in some interviews his voice did sound a bit strained. As for being hated, it’s only some of the people who come on here who hate him. What their reason is, who knows? but for some reason he can’t do anything right in their eyes.

  968. 968
    DH Variety interview (English) Says:

  969. 969
    Seriously???? Says:

    Gerard Butler a fashion icon? Since when?

  970. 970
    💗 GFW 💗 Says:

    Gerry has never been a costume but a character.
    People don’t care about actors when they’re on top. They care about them when they come back.
    ~K 💗💗

  971. 971
    @GFW Says:

    @💗 GFW 💗: I humbly disagree with half your statement.

  972. 972
    💗 GFW 💗 Says:

    Of course you would. Ask me if I care?
    ~K 💗💗

  973. 973
    @GFW Says:

    @💗 GFW 💗: Do you care?

  974. 974
    💗 GFW 💗 Says:

    No, not one iota. Why? I’m more right than you care to admit.
    ~K 💗💗

  975. 975
    @GFW Says:

    @💗 GFW 💗: Not even close.

  976. 976
    Madalina Borriello (AKA: Nope) Says:

    @FrumoasaFrumoasa: She’s with her fiance, Marco.

  977. 977
    Madalina Borriello (AKA: Nope) Says:

    to all those who where on my about my spelling. read this! and no it had nothing to do with gerard butler, madaline ghenea, or marco borriello.

  978. 978
    💗 GFW 💗 Says:

    Really bothers you that I am doesn’t it?
    Kind of sad you dislike and disrespect Gerry so much now. F.E.A.R. And he’s working on that as I type this. You, in my opinion, are the worst kind of fan, the ex fan. The type who can’t let go. Still nosy as hell too.
    ~K 💗 💗

  979. 979

    @Madalina Borriello (AKA: Nope):

  980. 980
    @GFW Says:

    @💗 GFW 💗: “Really bothers you that I am doesn’t it?
    Kind of sad you dislike and disrespect Gerry so much now. F.E.A.R. And he’s working on that as I type this. You, in my opinion, are the worst kind of fan, the ex fan. The type who can’t let go. Still nosy as hell too.
    ~K ”

    Except you’re not.
    I like and respect Gerry very much.
    Was never a fan.
    I have no reason to be nosy.
    Anything else?

  981. 981
    TGIF Says:

    @Wrong: Love with someone new you mean. He does that too. Goes underground when he has a new love.

  982. 982
    TGIF Says:

    I think what some actors in show biz don’t understand is that as hard as you have to work to make it to the top you have to work even harder to stay there because the hungry new actors are chomping at your heels. If you were making it more on looks than talent, well good luck. Unless your name is Brad Pitt.

  983. 983
    GFW Says:

    Except I’m not what?
    You do? You don’t show him any respect. Nor do you even appear to like him.
    No? Why not?
    Yes you have every reason to be nosy, and are. And you stalk me like a shadow. Why? And please don’t say I “entertain” you. That’s not the real reason.
    Yes. Why do you park here constantly? Why don’t you have a moniker, and please don’t say the “@someone’s name” is one. It isn’t.

  984. 984
    isn't that precious Says:

    @GFW: You are accusing other people of being nosy?

  985. 985
    @GFW Says:

    @GFW: “Except I’m not what?
    You do? You don’t show him any respect. Nor do you even appear to like him.
    No? Why not?
    Yes you have every reason to be nosy, and are. And you stalk me like a shadow. Why? And please don’t say I “entertain” you. That’s not the real reason.
    Yes. Why do you park here constantly? Why don’t you have a moniker, and please don’t say the “@someone’s name” is one. It isn’t.

    You’re not correct in your assumptions.
    Why do you say I show him no respect nor like him. I like him very much.
    I “stalk” you? Really? You are just some anonymous fan of G’s.
    I haven’t posted here for weeks.

  986. 986
    GFW Says:

    You haven’t posted here for “weeks”? Well then even more reason for a moniker. The fact you don’t care what your “@ somebody’s name” says is terrible. Fact is they’re you 9.99% of the time so quit your creating doubt. You’re too much of coward to have a real moniker and stick to it.
    You sure do not act like you like him or respect him so how am I to tell the difference? You put down 99.8% of what I say about him for only God knows why. You are an anonymous ex fan of “G’s” (<– prime example of disrespect) too.
    Yes, you are hot onto I put here. And have been for a very, very long time. You hover like a helicopter parked here daily and nightly upon rising to bedtime, so stop lying you're not. I'm correct in THAT assumption that isn't one, it's a fact.

  987. 987
    @GFW Says:

    @GFW: And you, my dear, have a serious superiority complex.

  988. 988
    EGO Says:

    @@GFW: @GFW: Take your egos elsewhere. This happens to be a gerard butler thread and not your personal vendettas. Sick of reading about the two of you.

  989. 989
    NO ONE CARES Says:

    No one cares what you’re sick of reading.
    Suggestion: skip past them or open a topic. Duh.

  990. 990
    not Maddy's fan Says:

    “It must be love “

    It’s “DEEP LIKE “, NOT LOVE. If my boyfriend was saying this in front of my friends, I would rip his head.

  991. 991
    not Maddy's fan Says:

    @Dream On:
    “she’ll be knocked up by the soccer dude”
    She is already pregnant by Marco . Look at TIFF photos, she is obviously pregnant. There is good chance that all engagement rumors is true.

  992. 992
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    Isaiah 43:2
    “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you… when you walk through the fire, you will not be burned.”
    You’ll get through this! You fear you won’t. We all do. We feel stuck, trapped, locked in. Will we ever exit this pit? Yes! Deliverance is to the Bible what jazz music is to Mardi Gras: bold, brassy, and everywhere. Out of the lion’s den for Daniel, the whale’s belly for Jonah, and the prison for Paul.

    Through the Red Sea onto dry ground. Through the wilderness, through the valley of the shadow of death. Through! It’s a favorite word of God’s.
    It won’t be painless. Have you wept your final tear, received your last round of chemotherapy? Not necessarily. Does God guarantee the absence of struggle? Not in this life. We see Satan’s tricks and ploys, but God sees Satan tripped and foiled. You’ll get through this!
    by Max Lucado

  993. 993
    Duh Says:

    In which pictures was it obvious she is pregnant? That’s right, none. There is also not a shred of proof that she is with Marco, so with that in mind, she’s still with GB.

  994. 994
    Duh Says:

    @GFW: G is a prime example of disrespect? It’s more like a prime example of familiarity.

  995. 995
    Doesn't prove she's with GB Says:


    She hasn’t been seen with GB since July in Romania so no proof she’s still with him either.

  996. 996
    No sight no... Says:

    No sighting for very long and no MG playing kitty so they are hiding out together and planning her pregnancy and their wedding in Scotland and Butler is in deep like and can’t live without her and stop thinking about her because he has nothing else to do and the moniker who claims to know him in person can tell you this is true and soon new thread with showing rings off and all fans will jump of joy clasping hands that finally something to talk about and new pictures of her man looking like ageing before time and not a father with his gypsy daughter driving him mad and finally they settle down in Glasgow having many kids and someone no one remembers or!!!!!!!!!!! not!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahhahaha

  997. 997
    In your dreams and hers only Says:

    @No sight no…:

  998. 998
    @No sight no... Says:

    @No sight no…:

    He’s been playing kitty with other kitties for a while now! If she wants to play kitty she’ll have to do it with Marco or some new guy.

  999. 999

    @No sight no…:

  1000. 1000
    @Duh Says:

    How she is still with GB? Did GB spend any time with her in Maldive ?! Did he shows his support for her in TIFF?!
    Marco shows more support for her than GB. He is there for her any time she needs.
    Let me tell you something: Gerry doesn’t want to be with her, but also doesn’t want to see her with another man .He is wasting her time.
    I think “engagement rumors” was smart move, if it was just a rumor and they are not really engaged .
    She knows how to play the game!

  1001. 1001
    She allows herself to be used Says:


    Though I mostly agree with you, she’s a big girl. Nobody is wasting her time unless she’s allowing them to. She could move on at anytime and find somebody else but he’s not going to be rich and famous and this is why she’s allowing herself to be used like a doormat just in case he’d be stupid enough to go and marry her which he’ll never do. He’ll marry someone who will stand up for herself and won’t allow him to use her as a doormat.

  1002. 1002
    @Duh Says:

    She is a model idiot. Her belay wasn’t this much big, or you are BLIND!

  1003. 1003
    Ducky Says: gerard butler was at me friends wedding today danny and nic from sunderland you sent them a message it made they day…what a bloke…..
    Same gb? in the UK? Maybe? Working on Burn’s no doubt!

  1004. 1004
    trivial pursuit Says:

    @@Duh: “She knows how to play the game!”
    Oh! She sure knows how to play the game alright. Who could forget the “I’ll show you I’m a highly desirable specimen” manoeuvre in the Milan nite club with Marco??? Trying to make someone jealous that way is stupid in the extreme. It’s so high school.
    Let me tell you something: True love doesn’t play games.

  1005. 1005
    lala la Says:

    I think you are right, that’s belly is too big for a model

  1006. 1006
    trivial pursuit Says:

    @She allows herself to be used: You are totally correct. Although, I’m not sure about the who he’ll marry bit, his judgement seems a bit off. He probably thinks her “fiery” nature is her standing up for herself. Foolish boy.

  1007. 1007
    True Love Says:

    @trivial pursuit:

    Maybe she realized he doesn’t deserve true love!
    let assume she is pregnant with MB, if Gerry really loves her , he must marry her and adopt her child and treat her/him like his own child. Because he is the one who start cheating!
    True love brings trust, they don’t have to tell anyone that she knocked up by MB.

  1008. 1008
    Get Real Says:

    She is not pregnant, they are not together. It’s been over for a long time. Each has moved on and you idiots just can’t let it die a natural death. Poor sad folks you are. He will never marry her pregnant or not. He said he would never adopt [in denmark]. Do you think he is a fool.
    “True love brings trust”. No it doesn’t. True love is TRUST. Do you really think for one moment that he trusts her. Please.

  1009. 1009
    Life's Train Says:

    ….these are worthless and sick conversations. reading them sounds like you are speaking of 3 highschoolers. Being him, i would not want to be discussed along with what seems high school.

    i do pray he is with new love. truly believe the guy moved on in privacy. its foolish associating with blah….when signs are present.

    choose to believe he is dealing with substance. being mature. do like this gerry – private.

  1010. 1010
    Violet Says:

    Another source says Gerry did a recorded speech for the wedding, so I don’t think he was there in person. It sounds like he sent them a video of himself giving the wedding speech.
    In total shock that Gerard Butler has just done a recorded speech for Danny and Nicholas’s wedding that I’m at! Soooo emotional and amazed! Bit of eye candy too for the girls hahahahahaha x
    9 hours ago

  1011. 1011
    Finlay Says:

    6 = F
    6= F
    4= D

    Get it?

  1012. 1012
    Ducky Says:

    @Violet: Yes Violet you are right. So sorry I posted that. Chalk it up to wishful thinking and a little to much robitussin. Thanks for setting it right. Would have loved to hear the speech.

  1013. 1013
    Ducky Says: Casually hanging out with Gerard Butler and his adorable pug.

  1014. 1014
    lolita Says:

    @Ducky: Ducky, dear girl, hope your feeling better, best cold remedy is robitussin. So Gerry and little Lolita hanging out in Malibu. He likes it there, but what’s not to like. Take care and hope your cold doesn’t last to long.

  1015. 1015
    Ducky Says:

    @lolita: Hi Lolita. Awww, thank you much. Getting there. Have a whole new respect for tea and honey. Best part is that I had to cancel my dentist appoint.
    So good to know he is out and about and by the water. Wonder if he is renting there.

  1016. 1016
    Ben Malquist Says:

    @Life’s Train: He’s doing outpatient rehab, returns to L.A. to do it now and then. Lots of people do this, why pick on him? That’s why he’s not with her right this minute, he’s got issues but give hm cred he’s working on them.

  1017. 1017
    Ducky Says:

    @lolita: Have you rented or seen OHF?

  1018. 1018
    fromoz Says:

    @Ducky: Hi Ducky, nice to see you back posting. Left you a message ( Pg 36 – #876 ) that I hoped would make you feel a bit better. I’ve been reading up on Burns & Bruce, both fascinating, but fear that at almost 44, G.B. could not be cast as Burns. Don’t put a hit on me Ducky :-), but give me your thoughts on this – how would it be done ? I do believe he could be the Bruce, if only the powers that be would get moving on it. What say you ? Cheers Ducky. :-)

  1019. 1019
    lolita Says:

    @Ducky: I went to the movie with a small group. I loved it. They liked it too. He did a good job and I’m glad it was a success for him. I wish he would be able to do a sequel of Mike Banning, there are a lot of story lines I’m sure they could think of. It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as OHF was with all the explosions. A good spy thriller would be perfect for him. Who knows, what is next, I just hope he is well and happy.

  1020. 1020
    Ducky Says:

    @fromoz: That’s great. How did I miss that. BC running naked. Wonder if that was his idea for ms. brown? Thank you FromOZ. That’s a cure all if ever there

  1021. 1021
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Why didn’t I go with my roommate to the grocery store?! I could have seen Gerard Butler and my life would have been complete LA

  1022. 1022
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    So I’m still upset I have yet to meet @DwyaneWade but I met @GerardButler so I guess it evens out somehow.

  1023. 1023
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

  1024. 1024
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

  1025. 1025
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Casually hanging out with Gerard Butler and his adorable pug. #celebrity #twocelebsintwodays #malibu Photo credit: @LYSHtsuji

  1026. 1026
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

  1027. 1027
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

  1028. 1028
    fromoz Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: Hi CGE, now that’s what I like to see. The G.B. back in the G.B. thread. Thanks so much. :-)

  1029. 1029
    Ducky Says:

    @lolita: I forgot about that. I remember now that you went and liked it.
    FromOZ forgot to answer you about Burns. I know a lot of people say he is to old, to much bulk to tall. Some want it done in Scot. some hate the idea of English, some will hate it no matter what and chances are Scotland will be the most critical because he is theirs to claim.
    If you want the truth how I feel about the movie. I cannot nor could I ever see anyone but gb doing it. To me and maybe all wrong about this, but with gerry’s sensitive nature, his wild side, his humour, his Scottishness [it's a word], he would be the only one. Can you see depp being burn’s. They would boycott the
    Makeup or whatever they do to make people look younger. It’s been done in other movies, hasn’t it? Asking for honest answer, do you think that painting of Burn’s is the way he really looked..not a blemish? I know gb looked very young in OHF and some of the pictures we have seen of him. I do go on…. sorry about that, but do wish that they would get on the ball with it. Thought that finances were in place with Scotland years ago, but guess that is gone now.
    No, silly girl, no hit on you, nice to talk about it. Robt the Bruce would be great as well. Why not both?
    Oh Lolita, have to say that the action movies are great but dang it, I would love to see him in a classic love story….back to burns.

  1030. 1030
    Ducky Says:

    Since I am rambling on, I think one thing holding up the works is fear. Plain and simple. Gb took a chance with a lot of his mixing up of movies, the passion of MGP, POTO bucking the diehard fans of m. crawfrod. He took the heat on that. But this is different. It’s home and family and home. I know he has it in him to do it, but getting it right cannot go on forever . Get a Scottish girl to play Jean, and just do it gerard. Get off your **** and do IT. You said that you make movies for longevity.

  1031. 1031
    lolita Says:

    @Ducky: Ducky, I really hope your dream of him being Burns comes true. I am sure he could pull it off. Special make-up and costumes can turn anymore into the character they are playing case in point, Daniel Day as Lincoln. He can do anything he puts his mind to. I do think he is taking time to evaluate what his next move will be. We just miss him and want to see him continue to make movies.
    Well, I got to go now.
    CGE, happy to see you back and hope you are feeling much better too.
    Have a good evening .

  1032. 1032
    Life's Train Says:

    #1016- believe u know i meant “substance” as in dealing with quality. he is mature and well. take care. like this mature person.

  1033. 1033
    Ducky Says:

    @Life’s Train: I for one knew exactly what you meant. It was a good post. Thank you.

  1034. 1034
    fromoz Says:

    @Ducky: Hi again Ducky. I need to know whether you liked the look of G.B. in the razor ad he did a while back ? I think they used make-up, special effects, something, to make him look younger & more fresh faced. For me, I prefer him with all the character he shows in his face – in that ad they made him look a bit strange. I agree with all you said about why it should be him cast as Burns, but to play a man between ( let’s say 25 till his death at 37 ) would take a lot of make-up to achieve. G.B. is so rugged looking, manly man, & I just can’t envision how it would be done to make it believable. However, I’m quite happy to be proven wrong & it would be a film I’d want to see. So glad you’re a discusser & not a disser – & that come what may you continue to keep G.B. doing Burns on your bucket list. Cheers :-)

  1035. 1035
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @fromoz: You’re welcome fromoz. I was happy to post since we’ve had a bit of a dry spell. Looks like he’s definitely still in CA too. Guess he’s resurfaced for a bit.
    Hello to Ducky and Lolita too! Nice to see you all tonight. Doing better, thanks for asking Lolita. Hope you are all doing well and I do hope everyone has a nice weekend!

  1036. 1036
    @Fromoz Says:


    Why not? Many actors sometimes play younger characters than the age they actually are. Burns was 35 when he died. 43 is only 8 years older. He could pull it depending on when they start the storyline.:

  1037. 1037
    Liz Says:

    Gerard is too old to play Burns. He looks way older than his 43 years as it is. He’s soon to be 44 and he’s aging every day. He’s not going to be playing Burns, that ship has sailed.

  1038. 1038
    Ducky Says:

    @fromoz: I hated that commercial. He looked like silly putty. What was that? Didn’t even recognize him the first time I saw it. Liked the L’Oreal commercials though.

  1039. 1039
    @Liz Says:

    In that picture he doesn’t look a day older than 40 so he could pull it.

    Incredible what a lot of rest away from drama can do for your looks!

  1040. 1040
    fromoz Says:

    @Ducky: I’d forgotten about the L’Oreal ads, just watched to refresh my memory. Mmmmmmm. Liked. Any idea why they replaced him with Hugh Laurie ? As much as I like HL, I don’t think that cream was working too well for him ! LOL. :-)

  1041. 1041
    Ducky Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: Thanks a bunch CGE. Especially for the ru. Have my personal opinions about the two producers, but won’t open that can of worms. Glad you are doing better. Think you passed it Robitussin and I are best friends now.
    FromOZ Funny gal. I would love to see you proven wrong lol And hope we get to share the moment of the premiere together. lol. Have you seen the photos compared? Bucket list….I like that. I always enjoy your posts fromoz.

  1042. 1042
    Lyla J. Says:

    Gerard has so much more up his long, dangling, unbuttoned sleeves. I can’t wait to find out what will be next. And I am preparing myself for the reality that it might be in a producing or directorial role. You know, in my opinion, he may be rough around the edges compared to the mainstream of his peers, but I truly believe that he has what it takes to direct a movie. Maybe not write it, but possibly direct it. I will always have high hopes. My fandom went through a huge osmosis the past couple of years, mostly due to the rumors that he was a drinker after all and had been lying about it. But you know, who am I to judge? Maybe it’s the baby hormones kicking in for me, but I found myself feeling bad for judging him back then. Anyway, the tide has turned and hopefully we’ll see him soon. No matter what, life goes on for everyone and my soon-to-be born son is still expected on 11/12/13. OMGosh, I hope it turns out to be that day because WOW, what a treat. I mean, that is a special date. Sorry for the diversion but I am too uncomfortable to sleep so I ended up here. Thanks.

  1043. 1043
    Ducky Says:

    @@Liz: @@Fromoz: And thank you for your support! You made my day!
    FROMOZ, did you hear that?
    I don’t know why he stopped making the L’Oreal com. Do they have contracts for that? Maybe they wanted gb clean shaven. Let’s see GB or HL? No contest. lol

  1044. 1044
    Seriously???? Says:

    @Liz: I agree, he really old, but very handsome man! Damn!

  1045. 1045
    Ducky Says: Like this one better.

  1046. 1046
    fromoz Says:

    @Ducky: Heard that, yep. With @@Liz & @@fromoz & yourself I’m outnumbered, so I happily give up :-). Ducky, are you sure you’re not the @ poster swaying things in your favour ! LOL. Joking. I concede defeat. Have to sign off now though ( I’m going off to sulk ). Even though I’m 1/2 way through my Saturday, I wish a good weekend to all of you. Catch you all later. Cheers :-)

  1047. 1047
    Liz Says:

    @@Liz: Oh come on! He looks way older than his 44 years. He often looks like he’s pushing 50. While some of you phannies look at him through your rose-coloured glasses, the rest of the movie-going public are not. Gerard is never described as a man who looks younger than his years. He is far better suited for Robert the Bruce. That’s at least a realistic fit for Gerard and much more likely to get financed as it’s more commercially viable. I’ll say it again. The Burns ship has sailed, it’s not going to happen.

  1048. 1048
    Ducky Says:

    @Lyla J.: Hello dear girl. Well, can’t say this is the best place to be to get comfie lol. That would be something if the due date was right on. Perhaps you are just getting excited about the day. Just before the holidays too and born under Scorpio’s sign. Very happy for you Lyla. What a precious time of waiting.
    Producing or directing would be good. Wasn’t he encouraged to get into directing. Think that was brought up in an interview. Either way is fine as long as he is happy. and well.
    Take good care of you. Lyla.

  1049. 1049
    @Liz Says:


    Don’t call me a Phannie as I’m not one! I like the man for his acting and I know 50-year old guys who look older than him!

    I guess you like the metrosexual type of men with perfect skin who spend more money on themselves than we women do! Those men get on my nerves as I’m always wondering if they’re gay or not. At least he’s himself and with all the stress he had over the past year, I think he doesn’t look so bad now.

    He looks far older and worse in 2011 as he had lost too much weight and didn’t look healthy at all. He looks now like he got some rest and had some fun. He also looks like he got some sleep for a change. That’s never a bad thing.

  1050. 1050
    Ducky Says:

    @fromoz: Poor fromoz. No honestly I didn’t post those, but will keep it mind for the next time just in case. No sulking allowed. ha. He’ll probably skip both movies and do Bonnie Prince Charlie instead. Enjoy your weekend in oz.

  1051. 1051
    Lyla J. Says:

    @Ducky: Aw thanks Ducky! You are so sweet! I’ve been joking with my husband that if our baby is one day late (meaning Gerard’s bday) that we would have to name him Gerard. But my husband has assured me that it would be a cold day in he11 when we would name our son Gerard. Lol! Oh well! I tried! I do believe the man has a lot of surprises up his sleeve. At 43 he is far from ready for retirement. Looking forward to what’s next, no matter what it may bring. Have a perfect weekend, Ducky! Hope the cold is behind you now. Bless!

  1052. 1052
    Ducky Says:

  1053. 1053
    Liz Says:

    All you have to do is look at pictures of Gerry when he actually was in his 30′s to see how much he’s aged. Let’s stay on topic. The topic is Burns and he’s too old to play him now, no matter how much sleep gets. A 44 year-old Gerard Butler cannot play such a young character. This has nothing to do with his “manliness” and everything to do with the abuse of his body. No amount of sleep is going to turn that clock back now. But stop fretting, there are other interesting characters he can still play who are in his age-range. Some of you are not being realistic.
    Then there’s the matter of financing. The Burns project was having difficulty getting financing even when Gerry was at the peak of his popularity. Now that his career has stalled, it’s even more unlikely he can raise the money for a film about Burns which has already proven to be unattractive to investors. Again, you’re not being realistic. It’s going to be everything he can do just to raise funds for a film that is commercially attractive. His career is not in a position where he can finance a hard-sell like Burns.

  1054. 1054
    @Liz Says:


    I say that if they tell the story from when Burns was young, you’d be right but what if the storyline starts in the last year of his life or so with him reminiscing about his life and how he got to be where he is, he could pull it.

    With all the special effects now (just look at how good he looked in OHF), they could make him look younger for the flashbacks. I read that the script changed a lot from what was originally planned which had more love scenes in it and he was the one who wasn’t happy about that. He wanted the writers to focus more on the poet than the lover.

    I still think he could pull it as they voted on who among Scottish actors looked more like Burns and he was chosen. Their original choice is older Johnny Depp who looks nothing like Burns and who’s not a Scot. He was chosen when the movie was still titled Clarinda. It’s on the official site for the movie.

    As for my being unrealistic, not so sure about that. I’ve been keeping track on what they write about the project and it keeps changing. I’d find myself more unrealistic if I was supporting movie projects like Dynamo which to me sounded like the worst project for him since he did another soccer movie just 2 years ago, Playing for Keeps which wasn’t a hit at the box-office. Dynamo would appeal even less Americans and Canadians than Burns as it’s about a concentration camp soccer team. Thunder Run might appeal to most moviegoers but I believe he should avoid action movies if he’s going to make his own stunts as he’s not young enough to recover from his injuries so about this I’m quite realistic.

    Rom-coms, well it depends who’s his co-star, if they have lots of chemistry together and if the script is a good one and not something done and redone too often.

    I’d like to see him a villain. He was pretty good and scary in Law Abiding Citizen. I wouldn’t mind at all if he got cast in the new Batman – vs. – Superman movie as a villain.

  1055. 1055
    JS Says:

    Rabbie Burns was a man of the land and long days toiling in the open would make him look older than he actually was. I don’t think Gerry is too old to play the part.

  1056. 1056
    JS Says:

    @Lyla J.:”My fandom went through a huge osmosis the past couple of years, mostly due to the rumors that he was a drinker after all and had been lying about it”

    But that’s all it was, rumours. There are some out there who, for whatever reason, like to spread tales about Gerry. In any report of him being in a pub or restaurant it is always soft drinks he has. Remember the tweet from the bartender in the pub in Edinburgh who said that Gerry popped in for a soft drink? There was also tweets from other customers in the same pub mentioning it including one from a guy who had offered to buy Gerry another diet coke, which he declined. He doesn’t drink so don’t listen to rumours.

  1057. 1057
    Zippy Zelda Says:

    @Liz: That’s what I said last night. He’s looking older than his age, imo. He’s much better playing an older Robert the Bruce than he would be playing Burns. Burns looks like it’s finished too. No one investing, no story, no plans for it to launch anytime soon. It would be easier to pull world peace out of a hat than to start filming Burns with Gerry as lead.

  1058. 1058
    To Robert, Whisky and Scotland Says:
    Alex Salmond, Gerard Butler, promises made.

  1059. 1059
    Zippy Zelda Says:

    @To Robert, Whisky and Scotland: Sounds like he lied. Promise made in 2009 and here it is four years later and not a thing has happened to the promise. It’s dead.

  1060. 1060
    Nicole Says:

  1061. 1061
    Nicole Says:

  1062. 1062
    GFW Says:

    “Now that his career has stalled, it’s even more unlikely he can raise the money for a film about Burns which has already proven to be unattractive to investors.
    Huh? Gerard Butler’s career is “stalled”? Why say this? What makes you the authority to do so? Where’s the evidence?
    I think you couldn’t take a year off and are hugely jealous of that and that he’s a success in a business terribly hard to break into, did and made it… and now is filthy rich and does not have to work. I also think you’re disappointed in his taking a break, for whatever reasons, and can’t stand he has not give you more to talk about.

  1063. 1063
    GFW Says:

    I actually agree (with Burns part) of “@somebodies moniker no name coward regarding how they could film the bio-pic. Besides it’s about the edgier, darker side of Burns. So flashbacks could be with his unrelated twin, James McAvoy
    Back to the comparison sketch. Feel again, we he does Burns we’ll see (for the most part) when the hair’s a mess from sex, drinking, despair, being depressed and so fort so it’ll be unkempt. Same as his clothing from slipping out of windows, or wandering home in the dark after he’s spent with weak wobbly thighs, or up late burning the midnight oil beside a fire half-dressed, and not the polished man Burns tried to be.
    Burns never felt he fit in. And he tried too hard to anyways. He was a misfit, outcast. To me this is what Gerry wants us to see, the man behind the poet. A hopeless romantic… which much emphasis on the hopeless bit of it. Though poet he was! Was it love the drove most of his poetry? Not all poetry is romantic…

  1064. 1064
    Seriously???? Says:

    @GFW: GFW !!!!!! You’re the biggest idiot and disgusting person on this forum! From your “clever” utterances just sick! ugh!!!

  1065. 1065
    ??? ms. psychic ??? Says:

    Most twin flame intimate relationships are so intense that the couples cannot stay together and yet they don’t want to be apart. This is true for some soulmate relationships as well. The partners are so close that anything between them other than love is intolerable, and this means that everything from the past will need healing. No healing no love but pretending to be love. A false twin flame.

    Basically a false twin flame is someone that has a few similar traits to a real twin flame but has yet to make the connection with their own soul and purpose. A false twin lacks their own inner connection with their Soul and higher purpose and will plug into the foundation an intimate partner has already established in their life.

    The false twin relationships will manifest itself in very similar qualities of the true flame connection. Why is this?

    The false energy has not yet mastered within themselves the higher levels of consciousness and self reflection that a true twin has. So instead of doing the difficult emotional inner work, the false twin will attach themselves to the more evolved twin and absorb their energy and essence as their own!!

    Whether done on a subconscious level or not, this type of energy exchange is very dangerous for the true twin!!!!!!

  1066. 1066
    GFW Says:

    @??? ms. psychic ???:
    Maybe you have to be made of Teflon to withstand the heat? (winks)
    Actually steel sharpens steel.
    But as for partner of the heart? She must be smart.

  1067. 1067
    not psychic Says:

    I don’t believe this is the real miss psychic that has been coming to us with her cards. Why the ??? marks. Nope don’t believe it is and not making a heck of a lot of sense either. copy and paste

  1068. 1068
    GFW Says:

    Hoping for a glorious reunion with his beloved Romanian soon.
    Feel he’s looking down in the dumps without her
    Turnips cause gas so does broccoli and onion

  1069. 1069
    angelsrock Says:

    Wow. I am impressed that you all are here keeping the thread going when there is absolutely nothing but “crickets” instead of GB news. I do think his career has stalled. He should have gotten into something on the coat tails of the OHF’s success. I look every day for news of a new project. Maybe it will be today!!! I’m not saying he’s not busy; he’s got HTTYD going on and I’m sure he’s got many many meetings and conference calls going on daily, but let’s sign on the dotted line, Gerry. Going more than a year without your lovely face on the big screen saddens me.

  1070. 1070
    Can'tGetEnough Says: Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure @GerardButler has never ran into a fan twice in one day at different locations. #Malibu #lolita

  1071. 1071


  1072. 1072
    GFW (the real one :o) ♒ Says:

    “I do think his career has stalled.”
    Why? What makes you default to that?
    Why not believe him? He’s taking a break. Maybe to fix what’s broken? Or look at different types of projects, methods, etc? Ever think of that? Could be completely fed up with some things in his life or career right now? Why not have faith in him? Why the need for constant feeding with photos? Could be tired of that too. He’s cultivating his mystery. I respect that. Especially after last year into this. C’mon, give the man a break.
    ~K ♒

  1073. 1073
    GFW Says:

    Why don’t I believe him? He takes too much time off to play and no new films to speak of that I can see. It will be lonely without him but he’s busy with his personal life. I have no faith in him and he’s not mysterious at all. I’m not giving him a break.
    ~K ♒

  1074. 1074


  1075. 1075
    💮 GFW is Happy! 💮 Says:

    When the sickfck jealous moniker stealer fake and lonely it shows up it is time to exit through the gift shop.
    ~K, a soul in love
    who is off to the movies!

  1076. 1076
    💮 GFW is Happy! 💮 Says:

    “Why don’t I believe him? He takes too much time off to play and no new films to speak of that I can see. It will be lonely without him but he’s busy with his personal life. I have no faith in him and he’s not mysterious at all. I’m not giving him a break.”
    This was NOT written by me. Why would I answer my own questions? Dead giveaway! No not me, but by someone who can never be me.
    ~K, a soul in love…

  1077. 1077
    loco Says:

    Mada is so “beautiful”

  1078. 1078
    ugly fraud Says:


  1079. 1079
    Seriously???? Says:

    @loco: Aaaahahahahahahahaha!

  1080. 1080
    Duh Says:

    @💮 GFW is Happy! 💮: “No not me, but by someone who can never be me.” You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  1081. 1081
    >the false twin Says:

    @loco: That *beautiful* gypsy must be fake twin ??? is talking about!! ahahahah energy vampire sucks life out his veins and leave him to dry!!!

  1082. 1082
    Nicole Says:

    Gerard pulled Danny out of the river when he was in Scotland .This’s
    the boy, whom he had saved.
    Stephanie Smith
    21 hours ago near Sunderland, England, United Kingdom via mobile
    Had an amazing time at my bro’s wedding and the message from Gerrard Butler after saving his life was just phenomenal! All the best Danny Smith and Nichola Ramsay x

  1083. 1083
    lolita Says:

    @Nicole: Thank you for this post. It was nice of Gerry to reach out and send a message and to know the boy he saved is all grown up and doing well. I was wondering who Danny was, thanks again.

  1084. 1084
    Weekend Warrior Says:

    @Lyla J.: You are pregnant with another man’s child and you’re lusting after a celebrity? Wow! How does your husband feel about that?

  1085. 1085
    Duh Says:

    @Weekend Warrior: Appreciating an actor’s work and having fun on a gossip site is not lusting, moron.

  1086. 1086
    Weekend Warrior Says:

    @Liz: Actually he’s not too old to play Burns. Robert Burns was plagued with poor health all of his life from working too hard on a farm growing up. He ruined his back. Not to mention that folks back in those days did look ten to twenty years older then we now because medicine and health care was so primitive. There’s some speculation he suffered from a heart problem. Could have been cardiomyopathy or any number of maladies.

    Seriously, however, I don’t think Burns would get the recognition it deserves now and maybe G should consider doing it for maybe a mini series on the BBC or something. I think it would do well there with a true and honest depiction of his character.

    Robert The Bruce might be a better option for a film. But all of that takes money and when you invest your money in something as a producer and pay people to show up and the project falls through and you loose that money, it’s tough and you become “gun shy” then. I would if I were him. He’s seen the down side of making films and it’s not always a sure thing no matter how much time and effort you put out. It’s a tough business no matter who you are. There are so many variables to get around.

    I’d like to see him regroup and maybe get a tv gig for a while. This would get him some more exposure and showcase his talents better. It wouldn’t have to be permanent. Even voice overs for commercials would be good income. Clooney and everyone does them.

  1087. 1087
    Weekend Warrior Says:

    @Duh: I don’t think I was addressing you but since you saw fit to respond, I think we know who “DUH” is now. Appropriate moniker for you as well. I hate to see people like you procreate. We’ve got enough immature morons on the planet as it is. I bet you don’t even know who the happy father is either. Sad and sorry.

  1088. 1088
    Nicole Says:

    Faye Fothergill @fayefothergill 6h

    Loved Danny and Nichola’s wedding party last night & the cheeky speech from @GerardButler amazing!Congratulations and enjoy the honeymoon!

  1089. 1089
    @Liz Says:


    JS as usual you’re the voice of reason.

    He was referred to as the farmer poet. He grew up on a farm. He was dirt poor and Jean Armour’s dad wouldn’t let him marry his daughter because he had higher plans for her to marry her to somebody rich. Even when she found herself pregnant by Burns, her father still wouldn’t let her marry him.

    This is when Burns set out with the idea of going to the new world somehow to make his fortune and met along the way Mary Campbell a.k.a. Highland Mary who died before they could leave. To pay for for his trip, his friend had suggested that Burns should sell his writing and because of this suggestion this is how Burns came to be known as a poet and writer and to be invited in the salons of High Society Edinburgh where he met Agnes MacElhose a.k.a. Clarinda, a nickname he gave her when they were writing to each other, he using Sylvander, because Agnes was married.

    So yes, Gerry would be right for the part as Burns spent a lot of his youth in the sun and in the 19th century they certainly didn’t bother about the effect of the sun on your skin or even cancer risks as cancer was as yet unknown.

  1090. 1090
    Ever heard of red tape? Says:

    @Zippy Zelda:

    You need government permits to film anywhere. Financing also is important. If your backers do not meet their obligations to finance you, you either take it out of your own pocket and if you can’t, you have to put it on hold. Happens with lots of movies, more than you think actually. Motor City is one example.

  1091. 1091
    Needs glasses Says:


  1092. 1092
    . Says:

    There are flagbearers of the suave today I think of Gerard Butler as one largely because my inbox is filled daily with email petitions signed by girl fans calling on him to play Rabbie on screen he certainly seems to have the Burns quality when it comes to the female! The star today though, must be Ewan McGregor. A gifted actor and a very Scottish approach.

  1093. 1093
    What a load of shit. Says:

    @??? ms. psychic ???:

  1094. 1094
    nr007 Says:

  1095. 1095
    Someone needs glasses alert Says:


  1096. 1096
    wonders myself Says:

    @JS: To be honest I used to buy that excuse but when so many people have reported otherwise and most people would never know that he had a drinking issue so they would think nothing of reporting it or even think they did anything wrong esp if Butler did not tell them to say nothing which I know suspect he does and most people comply.

    I am sure Butler fans don’t know most of the actors and actresses that had or have substance abuse issues and rehab stints so if you saw Actor X with a beer you would think nothing of it or even if Actor X was drunk but if he claimed he was sober Actor X’s fans would care very much.

    That said it is looking like he has most of his issues under control at present. Here’s hoping anyway.

  1097. 1097
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me. There is more than enough room in my Father’s home. If this were not so, would I have told you that I am going to prepare a place for you?” John 14:1-2

  1098. 1098
    :))) Says:

    #1082: Great story and such a thoughtful gesture. #1094: Nice pics! Always love his sweet smile!!!

  1099. 1099
    Zippy Zelda Says:

    @Ever heard of red tape?: That’s what I said! He has no investors and not sure he’s even involved in the dead Burns project. It’s dead, over, finite. Get it? No money, no investors, no script, no “permits”, nothing. Dead.

  1100. 1100
    Edgar Says:

    In many of his recent photos I think Gerard is starting to look a lot like Mel Gibson lately, and I don’t know if that is good thing or bad.

  1101. 1101
    loco Says:

    @Someone needs glasses alert: you`re mo/ron! Of course it is Madalina! This photo was taken from this video! i ask that girl, who post this photo

  1102. 1102
    loco Says:

    @Someone needs glasses alert: this photo was taken from this video! It`s Madalina! YOU need glasses!

  1103. 1103
    Someone needs glasses alert Says:

    @loco: I did not say it wasn’t her, you said she was beautiful and if you think that then you do need glasses.

  1104. 1104
    ComefiComrie Says:

    @wonders myself:” I used to buy that excuse but when so many people have reported otherwise”

    Who has reported otherwise? I know many of the people working in pubs and hotels in Comrie and Crieff and none has ever reported him drinking alcohol, in fact most comment on the fact that he only drinks coke.

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