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Leonardo DiCaprio & Alexander Skarsgard: U.S. Open Men's Final!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Alexander Skarsgard: U.S. Open Men's Final!

Leonardo DiCaprio is all smiles while attending the 2013 U.S. Open men’s singles final match at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on Monday (September 9) in New York City.

The 38-year-old actor was joined by producer Todd Courtney while watching Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal battle each other for four sets, with Rafael taking home the championship.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Alexander Skarsgard was also spotted enjoying the match while sitting in the Moet & Chandon suite.

FYI: Leo is wearing Carrera sunglasses.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo Dicaprio and Alexander Skarsgard watching Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal compete in the U.S. Open final…

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Photos: Getty, AKM-GSI
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# 1

Where is my precious Lukas?! If anyone finds him please return him to me, I don’t know what I would do without my partner in crime!!! Toni, Bradley are not good enough! ;(

# 3

Welcome to the Leo thread Skarsgard fans!! Hello!!

# 4

Alex is > then Leo

# 5

@####: I’m back on, but I have 12 pages of comments to read from the last thread! What the heck happened!!

# 6

isn’t that the Queen of Spain – Queen Sofia – sitting in front of Leo?

# 7

Is that Baz Lurhmann posing next to Alex?

# 8


LOL love them both!! :-)

# 9

Michelle (@MLiubakka)
9/9/13, 5:45 PM
“I just saw Leonardo Dicaprio”-Liz “uhh he’s so hot!!!” -Del. love them girls

Not sure what “love them girls” means but probably referring to Leo! LOL


Yep! Do you think Leo said hello? :-)

marissa coulter (@Marissa_Coulter)
9/9/13, 7:15 PM
I just saw Leonardo dicaprio in manhattan OMGGGGG my life is madeee he’s more perfect in person

I guess so…..
I don’t recall having seen a picture of the two since Cannes. In fact, I would be curious to know how Baz felt after Leo declined to attend the GG premiere in Sydney.


Disappointed but Leo made him a lot of money and GG was his most successful film so how mad can he really be?

@####: Good god! the whole bus thing exploded. What is the big deal? I just started skipping cause I couldn’t deal with it. like your comment #13 – true, but sad.
re tennis: He looks good at US Open. I like the long hair!
re he and Toni: I still will be surprised if they last past October. But this is Leo we are talking about and I think he likes to do the opposite of what people expect.
@HAHA12: Hey you – it sucks that someone is taking your name again. I wish they couldn’t do that!. I loved the way you were having a great conversation re Leo’s acting when the thread was going to hell all around you! LOL! When I was catching up on all the comments it was crazy – then your conversation – then back to crazy – then back to your conversation! I was able to skip a lot of the comments and focus on yours. I think Leo is talented – but he is not pushing himself and stays w/i his comfort zone. Hopefully after Django and WOWS, where it’s has a lot of dark comedy, he will take more chances. I think you’re right. This year Oscar race is going to be fierce. There are a lot of really great movies coming out. But, who knows WOWS can surprise people.

Bjorne Larson says... @ 09/10/2013 at 12:39 am

A.S. looks like a try-hard. Trying desperately to align himself with Leo. Alex, you are nowhere near Leo. You will never be on the A-list. STOP TRYING!!!

Leonardo DiCaprio to Star in Al Qaeda Story
Leonardo DiCaprio is set to track an Al Qaeda leader in a hard-hitting new Ridley Scott drama. The actor will play a journalist-turned-CIA agent who is given the task of locating a terrorist in Jordan reportedly planning an attack on America in Body of …

Anybody heard of this project with Leo??

@Bjorne Larson says…: dumb a** just jared put the post together. Alex had nothing to do with that. Great that he is nowhere near Leo. Leo has proven hes just a regular joe. A man close to 40 chasing young tail is Z-list. Just because you’ve been in a ton of movies and have money doesn’t mean you have class…

@####: sounds like crap…

@####: Body of Lies was with Russell Crowe? That was released in 2008.

@####: sounds like Body of Lies…I haven’t seen BOL but it sounds like it. You should check to see if Leo has done a movie already before you go posting stuff.


It went nuts! I mean pages and pages about this bus video!! LOL

Funny thing is I was telling a friend who is not a Leo fan about the craziness on the thread and she pulled up the video just to see what everybody was going nuts over and she doesn’t think he was taking a pic of the toni bus either. :-)

this keep posting old news


Wow…..that’s one of the only Leo movies I’ve seen once and I’ve been wanting to see it again.

Why would someone post that on twitter? It didn’t even dawn on me….


Whats with the rudeness??? Jerk!!!


I just figured that out. I wasn’t paying attention when I read it…. :-)

@####: I know – it really was crazy – they kept going on and on and on and on! Well the good thing I was able to get through all the pages quickly cause I just ended up skipping them!
@Two: #### made an honest mistake. What’s the problem?


I don’t know what is wrong with people on here.


Did you see that Leo was at the US open with doronin?

@####: I knew he was friends, but I thought it more had to do with him being with Naomi. Wonder how Naomi feels about Leo hanging out so much with her ex.


He spent all summer with him in Ibiza and both of their young gfs.

I thought he and Naomi were pretty good friends. She was at that wedding reception on Saturday as well.

@####: Oh I know he did. But I thought that Naomi was the one who introduced Leo to Vlad, now it seems Leo is spending more time with him than with Naomi, especially since Vlad dumped her. I would think that would bother Naomi. That must have been some wedding party! Surprised there haven’t been any photos – not even twitter photos.

I see that Alex has been busy with the weights .I think he looks like a a toyboy for some rich woman :)


Yea. I think the guy is sleazy! Did you see the toni pics from the wedding party? I guess they had a photo booth there and the models were playing with it.

@angela is that the other guy at the open with Leo?

No club sightings? Cutting back the booze for the promos and premieres?

I don’t know if Alexander Skarsgard and Leonardo DiCaprio are together there . but for alexander it is not bad to be seen with Leonardo DiCaprio and they both love skinny young models

That is indeed the Queen of Spain sitting in front of him (the Lady in blue), just nobody seems to care about it…

.. with JJ crazies (some) and some BZ crazies is that they all want so badly to prove that Toni and Leo are dating seriously, but there are just no pics – lol, or vids! lol

Have you guys…
I means since he came to NYC again, seen 1 photo where the two walk og bicycle or sit without Lukas Haas in between? I have not.. hmm.. just wondering what is up with the crazies of matching them. I mean, if they are what they are… simply casual, nothing special, and he keeps her just well, because of that. then there is not going to be anything like a break up , like ever! cause I mean, if you have an open relationship, it can last for three-four years no problem, doesnt mean you are stuck in the relationship, its just a casual open one, nothing to do with plans or personal plans whatso ever, so.. I dont get people obsessing over Toni to be seen with him all the time here. If she is not seen, then she is just his casual, its not even a subject of discussion. Its like..okay, she is an accessory, a “girlfriend”, but in Leo-terms that means Open. So..clubbing or not clubbing, he can still do both. He can still “cheat” cause its not even cheating when its agreed to be open between them (clearly it is, since she doesnt bother when he is out). So, who the hell cares about his personal. He is himself. And he goes out. They are not at all the “it” couple, though. Those who believe that….. Oh my god. So far out.

@The prob @ 09/10/2013 at 6:51 am


Some leofans just act very traditional. they know nothing about the concept of open relationships or what it even means. they think it is the same as “relation”-ship. open relationships should be called longlasting-flings instead. maybe then people would understand

@The prob @ 09/10/2013 at 6:54 am

+ it is possible to LIKE and enjoy your longlasting fling, even if you got no plans to move in together in any future or be at candle lit dinners in restaurants any time. you can easily like hanging out, and that is it. at night you get the action going, and in daylight you meet your friends and the go-fling can carry on if she likes or not. you kiss rarely, and when you do it is more for the pleasure of it. I see it this way.

good to see the Leo really smile naturally, he always does that when the Garrn degrading his charisma is out of sight

Agree with you. Good description of the situation. It’s exactly like that IMO.

DAVID BECKHAM WAS THERE TOO @ 09/10/2013 at 7:26 am

Why didn’t JJ write about him? Not to mention that he is a SPORTS star.

Oh geez! I missed out on an entire thread LMAO. 700 comments! Anyone care to give me a short resume of new updates? I really can’t go through 28 pages lol. *cries silently*
Leo look so good when he’s all smiley! Did they show him on TV yesterday? If so I must have missed him. I wonder if we will get more pics. Curious to see Leo’s expression this time because this match was pretty damn awesome! If it’s the same bored look on his face then I’m just gonna conclude the guy doesn’t enjoy life. Hahahha. And yeah that’s Queen Sophia in front of him. No one cares lol.

If you mean haha the whole bus capture discussion, some BZ fans came on and war began.. between was he taking pic of toni bus or the other bus or not. And I guess those with senses and not lame pink fantasies came to conclusions that he was indeed taking photo of the second bus with the TV-ad on it, and unfortunately for those who had great hopes of his couple-like gesture side was wrong, he did not snap Toni. The fun part was that this makes a statement how much he really does ignore her, and we all have seen it so far. He notices her, but ignores the next second. and this was just one of billion observations like that. speaks volumes about the tight “relationship”, really.

@44: Okay so I just read Z also mentioned on the first page of this thread it went crazy in the other thread and your comment also indicates that haha. I’m a bit confused I don’t know anything about a bus or picture but maybe it’s better the crazy discussions are left there so I will try to check later what the bus and picture were about. It’s better not to bring that discussion in this thread. Thanks for your response anyways.

It was not ‘BZ fans’. People had different opinions with some can’t deal with especially on the case of Leo/Toni. Similar to some arguing Toni was not in Belize with Leo and Bradley Cooper was in Italy.And one or two loons went harranguing anyone that disagreed with them. They have encroached this thread but best not bring that into here and start another war.

Leo and Justin Timberlake are both at the Final and are dressed almost identically!

Oh. My. God. There are pictures of Leo where you can see the full outfit he is wearing. He has that beautiful shirt and sweater combo and he is wearing cargo shorts on the bottom. Ugggghhh. Why, Leo? Whyyyyy? Just wear a pair of jeans with it!!!!!!

Roflll I saw that. He will always have an idiotic fashion sense. And I also saw on the pics on Daily Mail that Vinnie Laresca was there too sitting near Baz L. One posse member leaves the other replaces him. Poor Toni…can never be alone with him. If it’s not Lukas it’s someone else. Lol.

” Poor Toni…can never be alone with him” : i bet when he sleeps with her he is ohhh so alone with her,too bad for you :))

Alone in the bedroom and that’s it! Wow, good for her. She is his bed warmer. I bet #49 is crushed! lol

I see he didn’t have his barely legal fur promoter with him this time….

Where are the Skarsgard fans on here have the Leo freaks scared you guys off?????

is the man next to Leo that russian guy?? Vlad?? If he keeps having friends like Vlad he will always be that serial sleaze who dates underage models. Your friends show who you are….

I am! My soul is crushed! Lucky Toni! Lol!!

@@51: “I am! My soul is crushed! Lucky Toni! Lol!!” : the last pages of the previous thread and your lunatic obsession with the bus-ad prove otherwise :)

@oh no: +1
”Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”. Water seeks its own level. Always.

I’m surprised too. Alex usually has them in a tizzy up in here. But maybe they’ve decided to leave the crazy for Leo’s girls.

You’re delusional. I didn’t say a word about that whole nonsense. I believed, and still believe he took a picture of Toni’s ad. Why bring the topic up again? To derail this thread with madness as well? Better go back to the other thread and continue there if that’s your (or anyone else’s) intention.

Vlad does seem sleazy. That Vinnie Laresca dude seems all kinds of shady, too. He just looks… Gross.

sorry vinnie is a married man or am i mistaken???

@59: Complaining about the comments but bringing up topics that stir up the thread. It’s like this person wants another argument so there’s something to complain about again. It doesn’t matter what is posted someone always has something to complain about.

@49 @ 09/10/2013 at 9:10 am

” Poor Toni…can never be alone with him” : i bet when he sleeps with her he is ohhh so alone with her,too bad for you :))
Yes, because being used for sex is AWESOME!!!

As far as I know amongst his close friends only Tobey Maguire and Alex Mace are married for sure. Not sure about Chuck. He at least has a longtime relationship with his girlfriend Nikki.
Doubt Vincent L. is married for he was seen with his arms around 19 yo Barbara Palvin’s waist in Cannes.

@WTH: I’m surprised there hasn’t been more discussion about Alex talking to Jessica Alba’s friends.

But wasn’t Vlad in a long term relationship with Naomi?

You can clearly see he rode his bike down to the second bus and most sane people can see that…lol… but in the end it doesn’t matter bellaloonies cause haters will win when she gets dumped like the rest then you can change your avatar again…you know its true! bye bye Phony Toni! bye bye

Leo is a cutie. Love his adorable smile <3 Wish he would do it more often!!!


If vinnie is single, I wonder why he doesn’t hang out with him as much as he does Lukas?? You would think with his lifestyle he would want as many single buds around him as possible.


Yes and then I think he dumped her to date wasn’t it the winner of her modeling show The Face??? And then that model got fired from her modeling agency because of this. She was on the Ibiza vacation with vlad, Leo, toni, etc. I believe she’s pretty young too like toni. Vlad is a sleaze. I hope he’s not who Leo aspires to be like!!! :-(

I think she’s a bit older. I dont like Naomi too much but I APPLAUD her for what she did to jeopardize that ho’s career. For once I can say Naomi was right! Maybe Leo doesnt want to take side but I thought he was a long time friend of her and met Vlad through her ? And he spent the summer with Vlad and his ho…that’s LAME.


Yea I thought he was good friends with Naomi too. And i think he did meet vlad through naomi. There are pics of him and bar vacationing with vlad and Naomi so that’s how long he’s known vlad. I know Naomi was at that wedding party on Saturday as was Leo. Plus we saw Leo and his mom hanging with Naomi on her yacht in Miami earlier this year. I guess he’s friends with both???

I’m not a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio and not of Alexander Skarsgard. I find them pathetic men who are dating under age models and find themselves amazing

Was Vlad already dating the asian model when Naomi was hanging with Leo and his mom in Miami? or was it after?

@: ): #saddowithnolifeoutsideleothreads

Hey there.
Do you kinow why Lukas does not seem to be around when Vlad is there? Hes for sure been seen hanging out with other honorary posse brothers, Bradley Cooper and Jonah Hill many times at b-ball games, tennis games at the beach e.t.c without Leo. But I don’t recall seeing Lukas with Vlad much, its especially odd considering how Leo seems very tight with the Russian modelizer

ok. Not sure they are still in good terms though (wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t tbh). If im not wrong, I think Leo did not attend her last bday. Well Vlad his the billionaire so…


I was thinking I wasn’t sure but I vaguely recall that after they had pics of Leo and his mom hanging with Naomi on her yacht, they had pics of vlad and the model in Miami as well so I’m going to say yes the break-up had already happened when they were hanging on Naomi’s yacht.

typo *he’s the billionaire ;)


Yea I don’t know if they are or not. When he was with Blake and they were spending their time in France and Italy I remember he and Lukas went to Naomi’s bday party in Italy maybe? Her birthdays in may and Leo would have been promoting gatsby in may this year so he would have had a good reason not to go.

I dont know about Vince but take a look… Ethan is married and still dont think twice to serve as Leo’s wingman. And of course he leave his wife at home. I’ve never seen pictures of her in any of the trips. So married or unmarried is their duty as Leo friend to be there when he needs them.

RosaBarney (@RosaBarney)
9/10/13, 7:28 AM
Just walked by Leonardo DiCaprio in Madison. #nycisgreat

In the other Leo&Toni Thread was a discussion about Leo as an actor and how good he really is… For me Leo IS the greatest actor of his generation. Do you guys have ever looked at his eyes? I swear he can only speak with his eyes. It’s incredible. I’ve never seen an actor with this gift. I’ve never understand when people say that he plays the same charakter again and again… there are some similarities, of course, but you can say this about every actor. For me Leos acting is always real and honest. He’s a very touching, warm, passionate actor – I don’t know how to explain it better. None of his performances leaves me cold and I can’t wait for all his new movies. I mean, I love movies generally and I like many actors and actresses but for me Leo is someone really special, I can feel it, whenever I look a movie from him in cinema, it’s like a special feeling in the air and he gets better and better with age.


And Ethan has a daughter too.

Lainey has a post about Leo and JT at the US Open last night pointing out they looked like twins. Here is the best part of the article:

“Leo and JT are twinsies!

Except JT has a wife. And Leo probably considers that a disease. So while Mrs Timberlake accompanied her husband to the match, Leo was joined by one his boys.”
Well, more than one of his boys but I guess Doronin is the most recognizable.


I think he’s a great actor too but I do think he plays the same character in a lot of his films but he does them great which is why his movies make money. I just would like to see him take on different roles out of his comfort zone, you know push the limits on his acting abilities because we all know he can!

I don’t think jt looks anything like leo…


Yea Leo hanging with his sleaze ball buddy vlad.

Two men who have banged Cameron Diaz at the Open.
Hey at least the pics are nice. Funny comment on Ed Norton


Plus I’m sure JT was wearing an appropriate pair of pants to go with his outfit!

One thing Leo and toni do have in common is they have no style when it comes to dressing themselves.

New Wardrobe Required! @ 09/10/2013 at 11:33 am

Leo! Let’s go shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Wardrobe Required! @ 09/10/2013 at 11:36 am


not trying to bring up another fight or something but when it comes to leo taking pictures of his girlfriends he sure likes to do that, look at this photos with his ex bar

Just saw the Marion Cotillard/Guillaune Canet thread… and I couldn’t help but thinki how it is reassuring to see that there are famous and successful actors out there who choose to be with women their own age.
Guillaume looks so proud of Marion.

Alexander skarsgard is handsome. I love watching him in True Blood. He is a very talented actor.


Wow they almost look like a normal couple! And look there’s the sleazeball vlad!!! :-)

Alex looks gorgeous. Leo fans are insane.

ohhh what a love -story lmfao…i’m reminding you: refaeli was with him much longer when these pics were taken .Garrn is dating him only a few months.

wonder what amanda was thinking…

Totally agree. Guillaume has probably matured into a man years ago, while Leo is still emotionally and psychologicaly into the post-teenager stage. That explains why he is dating girls who are Bieber’s age.

@Leonie: Hi Lady – the other thread had almost 10 pages arguing over the bus video. However, HAHA12 (use to be HAHA but someone else started posting under her name) did have a really nice discussion of Leo’s acting in the midst of the crazy. If you want to see what they are talking about, I think the person’s name was SHIR (something like that – she posted a link to the video)
@####: I think the only time Leo looks nice is when he is going to an event. The rest of the time he’s pretty much a slob when it comes to his wardrobe. The sweater with the faded cargo shorts is just so so Leo!

@#106 – 108
Well said.

Right. And as much as I can’t see grown mature intelligent women like Marion Cotillard or Charlize Theron date Leo, I also can’t see mature and emotionally grown men like Guillaume or Javier Bardem date little girls. It’s pathetic from whichever perspective you look at it. Leo mentally lives in a complete other time and world.


Specifically page 15 #373 just so she doesn’t have to go through all the crazy posts! :-)

And so so tacky!! LOL

@####: LOL!!! I’m off till for now – hopefully the thread won’t go crazy like yesterday and I have to read 12 pages to catch up! Talk to ya later! ;)

ummmm Bar – get a life!

Leo, please leave the young girls alone. No wonder guys like Zac Efron, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Logan Lerman are single because Leo is dating all the young girls their age. Please leave the kids alone, Leo!!

leo is very MUCH IN LOVE with toni, she prolly was working why she wasnt there with him at the US OPEN.

and how would you know that he is ‘very much in love’? do you know them? if she was working I guess there’s info about it on her bz thread

@Z & ####: Thanks so much guys! 10 pages whoa hahaha. I’ll sure be checking out that specific post later tonight. xo

Alex and Amanda tramps @ 09/10/2013 at 2:11 pm

Alex ex GF trashy Amanda seyfried was there hooking up again tramps .

@saywhat!?: guys don’t fall for the troll that say things to the contrary just to derail the thread, some people just come here for the drama . Just ignore them, Leo might be a lot off things when it comes to Toni but VERY MUCH is not one of them with regards to anything to do with Toni,..

ok thanks for the info, but I think your post would have made more sense like that :

“leo is very MUCH IN LOVE with toni, she WAS WORKING THAT’S WHY she wasnt there with him at the US OPEN.” You see? better.

Since you know them so well (a friend maybe?) you cannot be 100% sure about one thing and not be too sure about the other.

juliet (@juliejansen_)
9/10/13, 11:02 AM
My aunt saw Leonardo dicaprio outside eating lunch in the city today

NYC sighting @ 09/10/2013 at 2:31 pm

juliet ‏@juliejansen_ 30m
My aunt saw Leonardo dicaprio outside eating lunch in the city today

Mmmmm…sexkars!!!.yes please! And one to go!

NYC sighting @ 09/10/2013 at 2:37 pm

@####: You beat me! ;)

How sad! She would have looked great again as a third wheel between Leo and his friends. The one that matters.

Toni Garrn @RealToniGarrn
Straight from #usopen to catching up with @MarianoVivanco and Juni last night.. @andreeadiaconu_ you were missed!

She just tweeted this..

Well… Anyone that doubts Toni uses twitter to drop hints about her and Leo can be directed to this tweet.

She was at the game but not with Leo?? So the kids follow the news and comments?… :)

@Lucy: This. And the funny fact that she was there too but they decided to watch the match seperately. Lol.

Toni is a pretty girl, but this will never be enough to keep Leo around. This girl comes off as an immature 21. She is falling sooo hard for Leo. She may be kidding herself that a casual open dating relationship is what she wants too, but she is lying to herself. I feel for this girl. She may not wear her heart on her sleeve like Erin, but soon enough she will show her feelings and then Leo will run away as fast as he can. He knows she is not the one. He is just having fun and is not in love with her and never will be. I hope Toni has a good support system to help her back from her soon to be broken heart.


I guess he had a few seats available next to each other and scale of importance we know how Leo choose. Lukas>Vladymir>Vince>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Current toy

I just checked her Twitter and what’s even more funny is that she already tweeted earlier that she was at this Mariano Vivanco’s place. And now she tweets AGAIN that she’s there but with adding that she went there after the Us Open finale? Seriously?

Well, she sure wasn’t watching the game with Leo and his buddies. But Keo is very much in love with her if I read it correctly, right? lol
@Lucy: Like clockwork her tweet is there. She works hard through her 15 minutes! lol

@130: Are you kidding? Is it desperate or just dumb? Was she even there?

…and Toni got the Z-lister seat lol!

Lukas you need to come back asap!, you’re already being replaced by Vlaaaaaaaad!!!!!!!

typo in #130: that she was there but..

Woops it shifted. I meant typo in #131.
@also: I’m not!! Check her Twitter it’s so laughable and pathetic. Last night, 14h ago she tweets she’s at his place, and now again but with adding that! Lol.

It would have looked better if she was actually working…

It would. And her tweets make it/her look even worse.

there has to be irony in you stalking the twitter of the girlfriend of a man you idolise, a man who does not **** that you exist, making you act out your frustrations and loneliness on blogs and calling someone else’s life ‘laughable and pathetic’. lol

Ewww Leo and skarsgard @ 09/10/2013 at 3:48 pm

Ha Leo and Alex 2 sleazy shady men who only date little blonde thin as a twig model girls & won’t get with women in there 30s obviously pass there sell by date for them . DIRTY OLD MEN



“It would have looked better if she was actually working…”

I know Right? LMAO Would have been less pathetic.

I agree with @S: she knows he wants a casual relationship and she is playing along I guess to see if he change his mind LOL

Just what the previous tried and failed.

LOL. Who cares about what you think? Do I care about what Leo, Toni of you think of me? I don’t. The little girl is up in the running with Bar in ‘who is the most pathetic’ race and I know I am right.


To never be alone especially with Toni Lol

Its rather odd to me how Leo seems to rotate his friends. Lukas one day, Vlad the next. If I did not know better I would imagine those guys take a number for the day! Hi @Leokas. Great to see you

And I thought twitter was created so people can read tweets from others. Now it turns out to be stalking. Good to know that twitter is actually about stalking.

is Leo treating her like that if he knows its written all over the internet she is his official gf? I just don’t get it.

@@136: I actually would never call anyone laughable and pathetic. Those are harsh, hateful words. I don’t usually spew venom like that. I’m just an observer and fan, like most people on here. Thanks for your thoughtful insight, though.

Oh I just saw a clip of the US Open Final on TV.
The talk was of how its was a veritable celeb fest. The funny thing is they showed who I think is that Leo pal Vincent Lascera (sp), seems he was actually there too. He was wearing a black and white b-ball cap and white shirt. He was sitting in the same row as Baz Lurhman, Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long.
Wonder why he did not sit with Leo and Vlad?

Well, compared to what has been said all along about Toni, like really really nasty things, ‘laughable and pathetic’ are hardly venomous words. It’s not like that poster is calling nasty names. They are (I think) remarks about Toni’s attempts that just don’t make her or the situation look any better. These threads have seen a looot worse. JMO.

@@Lucy: Thanks :) I can proudly say I never called Toni or anyone else really nasty things and I don’t think I spewed venom by calling her efforts to put things out there on Twitter laughable and pathetic. I never even called her an attention-wh^re which I saw most have done here in the past. I stand behind my words but everyone’s got there own opinion and don’t have to agree with my words / word choice obviously.

And you are here reading comments from such horrible people. ironic?

LOL I believe that whole thread blew up the way it did, it was like World War 2 up in there. I don’t think it can really be proven if he took a picture of Toni or not but at the same time I don’t think it means much either. Hoping WOWS is better than expected, I’m really pulling for it to be good and same with Leo’s performance. The Oscar season usually starts taking its place in October to November so we’ll have to wait longer for more word on Wolf since it won’t be playing at festivals. I’m not surprised Toni hinted she was at the US Open just like Leo was on Twitter. I won’t call her pathetic but it just seems so expected from her.

@@150: It’s not really you anyway. You are good. I shouldn’t have engaged but I just get so annoyed with people throwing around insults. I don’t know why anyone here would do that to one another. It seems… Pointless. And downright mean… Which I wouldn’t want anyone to think about me in particular. Even people on a public Leonardo DiCaprio forum. But alas… Some people will do it just the same. On that note, hi to all the cool posters. You guys know who you are. I enjoy your opinions and insight, even if they are different from mine on occasion.

I checked her tweets and indeed she posted from that party last night and now again with the Open reference? Before she posted photos of the court but not now… Was she even there? Is she really so up for the attention? This is just embarrassing!


I don’t like when posters attack other posters on here. You don’t know the person so why attack them bc you don’t like their opinions! :-)

@also & ###
I wonder why she did that? I am not a hater of hers by any means but do you think she just did it because she knew Leo was photographed and shown on TV at the US Open while no one knew where she was so she just had to let everyone know in her own little way?


Wow I’m surprised that toni was at the US open and not sitting with Leo. Didn’t she post a pic of her and her friend when they were at the French open but sitting in a different spot then Leo.


Yea I don’t get why she posted the tweet of being at the US open AFTER she tweeted at being at that show. What’s her problem?


That’s what I think.

I did read where some of the models were in the Moët suite. Maybe she was one of them?

She’s desperate. Rather be quiet Toni because this does not look good at all!

Another model Madison Stephens just posted a pic of toni from about 30 minutes ago. They were at some outside restaurant. It looks like it was just the two of them but who knows the way toni and her friends post so cryptically!!

Toni girl @ 09/10/2013 at 5:25 pm

I have to admit she has large beautiful eyes and stunning legs

Has the space flight been rescheduled now that Kate is pregnant???

Vegetarian is model code for eat 1 banana for breakfast and a few bites of salad for either lunch OR dinner!

What’s interesting is the she posted photos from the event before, you could see the court. If she was in that suite again why not post a photo from there rather than from a party? It does look like she just wanted to put herself there after the photos of Leo and his buddies are out.
Sorry but I can’t decide if it’s desperate or dumb? Or both?


True. I can’t remember where I saw the article/pics. I thought it was on jj but couldn’t find it and when I googled it nothing about last night but other nights where different models were in that particular suite.

I would hate to think she’s tweeting false sh-t bc that makes her look pathetic but you’re right why no pic this time when she posted pics from last week and from the French open? And why’d she post it after she posted she was already at that show?


And I should have added that bottom line is she’s immature. This is what leo needs to expect from being with a 21 year old but I guess that’s what he likes. BLEH!!!

Toni girl @ 09/10/2013 at 5:58 pm

@^: i wish i could eat what she eats! i have a problem and cannot even touch vegetables. Lucky girl! She eats healthily :)

Cute smile :) @ 09/10/2013 at 6:02 pm

Why is he not hiding it this time?


Thts is just her lunch? Models starving themselves.
Give a hamburger to this girl Lol

LOL! Seems like some Bellazonian Leo fan has turned against Toni on BZ because a Toni fan made a remark about Toni and Leo not sitting together at the Open on the Toni thread. Haha. This shoul be fun guys..

It looks like it was a lunch for two. And wasn`t there a tweet that someone saw Leo having lunch in the city? Separate ways again?
Is she a vegetarian or she just ate at a vegetarian restaurant?



I think she’s a vegetarian.

Don’t know what’s going on.


She even had in her avi a picture of Toni that is not there anymore lol

Natural course: They all love current gf, invade her thread but when the bad happens they turn against the gf or anyone who dares to talk badly about Leo.

I saw what person said on the Toni thread from Bellazon and then I looked at Leo’s thread and someone posted this as revenge:
“Thanks Kat for the sighting! I hope Toni wasn’t there as i’m starting to think she’s “not all there.”

I’m shocked because I thought Leo fans from BZ loved Toni and vice versa :o

Exactlyyy!! Hahaha lmfao. That particular BZ poster even had Toni’s name in her signature. Now it’s gone. Lolol.

Besides she posted the same thing in both Leo threads on BZ.


The few that posted those comments on BZ have been the biggest Leo/toni supporters on BZ so interesting.

Leo& Vlad(Toni step back) @ 09/10/2013 at 6:35 pm

So Leo went to the US Open and he preferred his MAN friend instead of Toni his GIRL friend! Toni child girl you ARE PATHETIC!! Then she tweets that she was at the US open 24 hours later!! Probably way over on the other side!!! LOL LOSER!! Leo is playing her for the young FOOL that she is!! And Leo was taking a picture of the SECOND BUS!

@Leo& Vlad(Toni step back):
Not Again. Pls go the earlier Leo thread and continue your conversation/arguement with this obsessive bus nonsense.
Why is it at this time the trolls show up and the Leo threads turn into s-hit again


was she there? @ 09/10/2013 at 6:46 pm

How can we even be sure she was there?!? She might just be a crazy a$$ lying loon!!! Why not post a pic of her at the US Open?!? And why so many hours later you post the pic?!?! Its funny how no one cared that she was there too! That’s IF she was even there…shes weird…

Toni’s fan were fooled by same Leo’s fan that he was like this with all his gf in public because he is very private. Lol

But the obvious is there is just depends on who want to see it. He and his friends are first. That is why they are always surrounded by people and that’s why he ran away from the paps in Mallorca leaving her behind.

Bellazoonies @ 09/10/2013 at 6:52 pm

You guys reported that the bellazoonies are changing their avatars now??! Is that true?!? hahahahahaha How funny! Thanks for the updates! LOL This is like a soap opera!! You guys crack me up!

Toni must be very insecure if she’s posting many hours later that she was also at the US open. Its like she’s saying look over here look over here I was there too…poor toni

Can someone find out if she was by herself?!? Cause that would have been hilariously SAD!! LOL Not one person took a pic of her?!?

Thanks so that is Vince they showed on TV? As I said before kinda weird that they sat far apart. Were he and Leo not biking together all week?


Who’s the blonde? I think he was sitting with Leo and Lukas and toni at last weeks game.

@HAHA12: The other thread was funny! There are a lot of big movies coming out in the next few months so it will be interesting to see how things play out.
re tweet: Not surprised she sent a tweet. But if she was there – she wasn’t sitting with Leo. Maybe she wanted to know that she was there even if people didn’t see here? Remember she sent the other tweet last week about being at the US Open after all the photos were out. Definitely wants her name out there.
re Toni/vegetarian: My understanding is that she does not like meat. It loks like there were two people at the table – Toni and her girlfriend.
re BZ: Interesting about the Toni comments. Also, the person who posted it had a Toni as her picture and banner last night!


What’s strange though is she tweets she is at some fashion show and then some time after she sends the tweet that she went to the fashion show after being at the us open.

Is she trying to stay relevant? I’m confused.

And there’s been a few posts on BZ today from girls who were huge Leo/toni supporters. Crazy!!!!

I wonder if she’s going to the other fashion weeks bc London is first and it starts the day after NY’s ends.

Advice from Leo? @ 09/10/2013 at 7:20 pm

Any of you remember this story?

This is a recent quote of Bradley in Esquire.
Best advice he’s gotten: ”I’ve been given a lot of advice. Great advice. But recently, it was a friend of mine who was quoting another friend of his who had given him this advice, talking about relationships. But I can’t say what the advice is. But it was good.”

Interesting Lol

@Advice from Leo?:
Could explain why Bradley who in the past romanced older women – Jennifer Esposito, Lopez, Renne Zellweger – most of the time, but has now done a U turn to date from the Leo demographic.

@Advice from Leo?:
OMG. Zzzz remember when I said I think that rumor of Leo giving BCoop dating advice might be true?

@####: you answered your own question. Yes she’s trying to stay relevant…duh : )

@196: Thanks for the link. I`m not saying Toni wasn`t there even though that tweet from today was kinda weird. But how on earth would anyone in that situation know he was on his way to meet his girlfriend? No other mention of them together?
And I might be annoying with my source theory but Life&Style is not credible. Same as Star, InTouch or NE. To me it sounds like that InTouch story about Leo being proud of being seen with her and walking around with her hand in hand at the Open.


That sounds like advice Leo would give! LOL

Another thing on that Vincent picture, how weird that Alex Sarsgard was sitting few steps behind his former flame Amanda and her new guy Justin and then saw them making out. Honestly in HW they’ve all exchanged bodily fluids with each other

@####: like you said – gee someone is working overtime to make sure her name is in the news Life and style is right up there with INTouch for credibility.

@Toni was there:

So another rag mag that has an “eyewitness” to this but no one else sees it and none of these people in the elevator tweet that they rode in an elevator with Leo.

And there are multiple pics including right here on this jj thread of skarsgard and others being seen in the Moët suite but no pic of toni.

Like clockwork, same things that were said about Leo’s exes, would be repeated here I bet you. Stories of Leo making out with any girlfriend will be lies, PR, with questions of timing or how come no one else saw them doing it.

What a dilemma for Leo. Choosing between enjoy the game with his girlfriend or his friend Vladimir LOL

How come no one cares about poor Vincent who was cast aside?

@also… & ####: agree with both you re the article.
@@196 (204) LOL!!


You know it just amazes me that these mags like lifenstyle, intouch, star, etc. all have this one “eyewitness” or “source” that sees things that nobody else does! The moet suite is full of people and this one “source” is the only one who saw Leo ride up in an elevator to go visit his gf. I’m assuming this “source” must have followed Leo from his seat next to the sleazeball to the elevators, actually was able to ride in the same elevator with Leo and these other people (although the elevator was crowded and leo had to squeeze in probably with the source squeezing in as well) and then watched Leo say hi to baz and then make a beeline to toni to give her smooches!!! What a lucky lucky source to be the only one to see all that!!! :-)

And please know that I’m not criticizing the poster who posted the article just the article itself! LOL

He never would have done that to Lukas LOL

@HAHA12: Might be true, but look at the source – National Enquirer. Remember there was also the story of Leo giving advice to Rob P. about dating hot babes and wanting him to hang out with him, which was denied by Gossip Cop.
@#196: I am sure she was at the open. But you don’t think it’s odd that nobody else saw/tweeted about this smooching in a room full of people? You are going to automatically take the word of a gossip rag known for exaggerating and making up stories?


Maybe when he was up smooching with his gf per the “eyewitness,” he gave Vincent a high five too! Why the source didn’t report that is beyond me!!! LOL

He could have stayed in the Moët suite with Vince and Toni but I guess it would have been a torture like last time being photographed with her so he decided to sit with Valdymir away from Toni haha

@####: LOL!! We are posting the same thoughts again!!
Is anybody else having trouble accessing this article on their cell? I go to the full site and when I click on the Leo story it kicks me to the mobile version of JJ – and the mobile version doesn’t have the Leo at the US Open Finals article. There is literally 3 pages from the full site that are missing from the mobile version. What is going on???!!! JJ fix the PROBLEM!!!!!

@212: He was photographed without Toni as well. And last time he was just sitting next to her so there was no PDA that was caught on camera.
For me it`s the source in the first place that makes me not believe the story. If I read similar sighting from something more reliable I don`t buy it.
Just like last time they were hiding their affection but someone just happened to be there to tell InTocuh and Life&Stlye, two unreliable mags, what they saw. I am skeptical. Not a photo of Toni in a suite filled with celebs? You see Vinnie but not Toni? Toni not tweeting a photo from the stadium?
I need more sightings to believe it. JMO.

first prize @ 09/10/2013 at 8:18 pm

Instead of taking the elevator to go meet Toni why not just sit with her?! He was sitting with her last week. He prefers Vlad instead?!?! lol


I can’t access the full jj site on my phone at all! I kept trying to pull up this thread today and it wouldn’t let me.

@####: Thank god!! I am not going nuts!!! I’ve never had this problem before where I can’t even pull up the article. I compared the full site on my computer to the mobile version on my cell – literally 3 pages are missing from the mobile and one of them has the article of Leo. Obviously, JJ is having a glitch in the mobile version.

*If I read similar sighting from something more reliable I will buy it.
They are dating so obviously they get affectionate but these mag sightings are not convincing to me.
Toni tweets a day after the match, no pictures and then this sighting comes out putting her there.


Not only that but if you just take the part about the elevator….not one person tweeted that they rode in the elevator with Leo BUT the elevator was full! Only the “eyewitness” knew about the whole incident that went down in the elevator. I cant believe these mags post stories like this


Something’s going on with their site today.

@####: Me neither. Last time InTouch and their witness saw them being affectionate. No other sign of it. Now Life&Style. Leo is JOKING with fans and steps into an elevator full of people? That doesn`t sound like Leo to me. Leo and his billionaire friend chose to sit separately from his girlfriend? No tweet photo from Toni, no photo of Toni and that suite was filled with celebs, Plenty of photos of them but not Leo or Toni being there?
It`s just plenty of things that make me question the credibility ( and the source is not reliable ).
Maybe it`s PR work and that`s why she tweeted today? Sorry I had to put that idea out there…

@also…:righto, its like In Touch got their article AFTER she tweet that! lol

@remmy: oops I meant Life & Style

@remmy: Last time ppl noticed how bored they looked and the next day you had the stories from ‘sources’ about being affectionate and enjoying the game with their friends.

Funny story from Life & Style, indeed! Their eyewitness/onlooker was probably the only person who actually saw T. Garrn in the suite, because so many pictures were published of Leo and other celebrities from yesterday’s game, we sure would have seen her if she had really been in attendance.

In the last article he was proud to ‘show her off’ and now he even sit with her? Instead is sitting with Naomi’s ex.

Weird we got picture of his friend Vince and not her. Wonder if she was really there. As she was ‘supposedly’ with him in Monaco Grand Prix lol

At least this time he was in a good mood to laugh at himself with the joke on the elevator.

@well: I think she probably was there. She would look like a complete idiot if she lied about that! Too many people were there and I think she would be called out on it, if it wasn’t true. I don’t buy the whole Leo and Toni smooching – It appears to me that he was hanging with his buds and she was hanging with her model friends. Someone mentioned an article that said some models were hanging out in one of the suites.)

@Zzzzzz: I’m not sure she was. That tweet seems forced and there’s no other indication that she was there ( allegedly in the celeb suite ).

I can actually believe Toni was there is because as #LOL laments Leo’s bud Vince was there, (only few can even identify him) and he was carted off to B list celeb tennis area at the final while Leo himself was swanning with Vlad behind the Queen of Spain. Leo’s Michael Jackson behaving self makes me believe if he could do that to a long time pal for whatever reason, then he could have possibly sent Toni off to another part of the court or even to a secluded box were no one could *gasp* see her, and of course she complies. Dude is weird like that.

@230: So why didnt he do that last week? Those photos were not a big deal. This week he is hiding her? His friend was in the Moët suite with other celebs and I wouldn’t call that B list area. JMO.
What I find interesting that she wasn’t seen at all in the celeb suite.

That’s my point @Zzzzz.
Like @also mentions- “She wasn’t seen at all in the celeb suite”.

noone knows for sure how Leo treats Toni when they are alone

@also…: It was a weird tweet – but for her to outright lie about being there, IMO would be plain stupid. I know there area lot of people who attended the finals, but someone could catch her in the lie. How pathetic would they make her look?
@@Zzzzz: I’m not so sure he sent her to a different area – It might have been more like the French Open, where he was with his friends and she was with her friends. As for his friend Vince, he was hanging with Baz L. not too shabby IMO. Also, there might have been only 2 seats where Leo and Vlad were. Remember, Vlad is a billionaire! For all we know those might have been Vlad’s court side seats.


Well it better be like a queen because he treats her like sh-t in public! LOL


That was me who mentioned the article about models being in the moet suite last night. i could have sworn i saw an article somewhere but all I find when I google is the models that were there other nights.

typo on #234 *would that make…
@well: I’m sure there were more than one suite that celebs or models in it. JJ only showed one.


I just once again googled models at the us open with yesterday’s date and nothing came up for any models being there and I saw models listed throughout the whole us open so I must have been hallucinating about models being there yesterday!

I’m with also at this point, I need a picture bc its all too fishy.

Karolina Kurkova was there. And Constance Jablonski too she instagrammed it.


I knew I saw something somewhere. Thank you!

Enrique (@nielsen25_)
9/10/13, 8:02 PM
The best part of my day was getting Leonardo DiCaprio to wave at me from his car, I felt so blessed

He’s being nice again? :p

That’s the suite where B. Lurhmann was sitting last night.
It would have been a thrill for any photogs to catch Leo near the GG’s director…. especially with his new flavour of the season. No?


LOL well he didn’t have to pose for a pic so I guess he’s more comfortable waving out a window. Apparently he was in an escalade and the guy screamed his name when he saw him.

From Page Six @ 09/11/2013 at 12:16 am

DiCaprio more interested in Garn than tennis

Leonardo DiCaprio had primo seats in the president’s box at the US Open finals Monday night, but he was as concerned about his gal pal Toni Garrn as the action on the court, spies said.

Garrn was over in Moet & Chandon’s suite at Arthur Ashe Stadium, with “The Great Gatsby” director Baz Luhrmann, Alex Skarsgard, Jessica Alba and new couple Justin Long and Amanda Seyfried, who spies say were “acting lovey-dovey.”

“Leo was sitting in the area where Queen Sofia of Spain, Anna Wintour, Martha Stewart and Ralph Lauren’s crew were all seated,” said a witness. “But he kept looking over and waving and texting Toni.”

Leo’s pal Lukas Haas even popped into Moet’s private box, “looking for Toni to check on her.” Finally during the last set, Leo came over to hang out with her, but, “stayed inside the suite and kept his sunglasses and newsboy hat on the whole time.”

After the match, Princess Beatrice came by to party, along with Karolina Kurkova. Next door in Heineken’s suite, David Beckham was seen in a bespoke suit and tie with a body guard, saying it was his first time at the Open. He added he was meeting wife Victoria later. Also in the beer brand’s box were Peter Sarsgaard and Joe Jonas.
So the “witness” knew Leo was waving and texting Toni….??? Hmmmm


Exactly. I just don’t understand these magazines that say they had an eyewitness or a source. Why didn’t this eyewitness or source take a picture. What’s the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words???

If she was at the Moet’s private box, then how come she tweeted she was with these guys last night
Toni Garrn ‏@RealToniGarrn 9 h
Straight from #usopen to catching up with @MarianoVivanco and Juni last night.. @andreeadiaconu_ you were missed!
Do you think that maybe NYPost is now borrowing stories from Life & Style’s gossip columnists?

@From Page Six:

Gotta love it! Isn’t it amazing how all the pics they got of him and no one caught him waving to anyone. And they mention all these people that were in the same suite box as she was and we have pics of them but none of her.

And where was Lukas? First we’ve heard of Lukas being there.

And I heard she likes tennis so wouldn’t she be watching the game?

I just don’t get it. Sigh…..

If he was so concerned about her why didn’t he just sit with her? No, he wanted to sit in his primo seat with Vlad. What a wonderful boyfriend!! And he doesn’t seem too concerned in the pics. He was smiling but I saw no waves. And when is Leo never on his phone?!? He’s attached to that thing. “Journalism” of late has hit the tank! People reporting Leo taking a pic of a bus that he wasn’t…now this! lol The only thing we can go by for sure is PICTURES. And so far not one pictures has surface in all this! I’m still not sure she was there. And all of a sudden Lukas shows up! LOL What is really going on here?! This is the first time I’m hearing Lukas being there! haha So Lukas is there now?!? Next think you know his Mom was there too!

So apparently toni was at a djokovic foundation dinner tonight with other VS models. On twitter the poster is “strike two poses” and there are a lot of pics of all the models…..Lima, kloss, kurkova, garrn, etc.

I just don’t want to sound like a toni basher and I’ve already given my opinion of her style before so if you want to check it out feel free.

re the page 6 article: Did anyone see Lukas? There wasn’t a single photo of him. Also, like someone said earlier, I think ####, there are so many photos of the suite where Baz, Jessica A, Alexander S. were, but not a single photo of Toni?
@???: It sure seems that way.

@####: good for her, I bet Leo was not with her…

Wasn’t Page Six also the one that reported something romantic happening between Leo and his co-star? I wonder if page six jumped on the Life & Style story and reported it just incase its true. How many times have we seen stories coming from one sole source and many sites repeating basically the same false story over and over again. Maybe tomorrow we will get a “picture”!

@####: OMG!! OMG!! Did she dress in the dark? Did she actually look in the mirror and say – “wow this looks good!” But TBH eve Karlie who usually looks fab – looks terrible. Her hair is just wrong!

@####: I checked Lukas’s mobli account. Yesterday he posted a video from the US Open. It doesn’t say what game – but judging by the comments, I think it might be from the men’s finals. So I guess he was there – but he wasn’t sitting with Leo?

typo #255 *even Karlie….

LMFAO! Who paid them??!

“No, he wanted to sit in his primo seat with Vlad.” yep Justin would have never done that to Jess.


At least a picture would prove it one way or the other. But it’s just like the lifenstyle article. It’s full of untruths! Of all the pics that were taken of Leo that night, did they catch him waving at anyone, I saw him on his phone once but didn’t see him texting in any of the pics and where the heck did Lukas come from??? LOL


Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks she looks awful again!

I know people probably think I’m a toni basher but I’m really not. I’ve seen her in some great shoots and i don’t think shes ugly but her self style is terrible!


So let me get this right….Leo ditches all of his childhood lifelong friends to sit with the sleazeball vlad??? LOL

Lol! Well he got them a seat so im sure he’s at peace with his conscience :).


Exactly! But we have confirmed that Lukas was there but sitting elsewhere. My opinion is so Leo didn’t feel guilty for ditching his buds to sit with doronin, he made sure they all had tickets to see the match. How sad that he’d rather sit with that piece of poo than his lifelong childhood friends. I’m probably reading the whole situation wrong but its just my take…LOL


LOL I just said basically the same thing in another post!

Zaina (@zaina_budayr)
9/10/13, 10:16 PM
at the Darby w Leo dicaprio listening to swagga like us w @AliciaHerzbrun #nyc #turntup

@####: so Leo goes to the Darby and she goes with Novak foundation…Wow, they are absolutely “in love” as someone said early! LOL Thanks for the separate sightings…

Life & Style is full of crap and it’s funny how it came right after Ms. Garrn’s desperate tweet. But I don’t get P6. I thought they were more reliable. So Lukas was there and so was Ethan according to his Mobli account. They were sitting in the Moet suite where Amanda Seyfried was, but no pics of them? I mean I’m sure there isn’t just that one shot of the Moet suite there are more pics of J. Alba who sat there as well and still
no Lukas or Toni in sight? Awkward. Who saw him waving in one of the pictures? That is nothing for Leo anyway, waving at his girlfriend or someone else in a stadium full of people who recognize him. He was trying to ditch the JumboTron when he was sitting without his girlfriend. He’s gonna wave at his girlfriend with all the people and camera there? And when is Leo never on his phone? Moreover, how the hell can the ‘spy’ know he was busy texting his girlfriend unless he was spying on the screen of his phone? Funny stories. I smell PR. Not perse from Leo’s team, but the girl has proven to be desperate tonput herself
Out there for sure so I wont be surprised if she hired a team to make everything look lovey dovey.

I have to add, that is one ugly piece of garment she wore to the Djokovic Gala.

@mmm: She could have joined him afterwards? Those clubs are usually lively after midnight and that is when Leo hits them. I’m sure the Gala was over by then.

If she’s aware of Leo’s new “love story”, she must feel so special right now…and this page six article makes Leo look so ridiculous. I do hope he did not wave at Toni in front of all these celebs while sitting next to Vlad instead of his gf. How does that make him look?

I’m sure you wont get any sightings of them for tonight…just have a feeling about that…but only for tonight…

Avenue nightclub? @ 09/11/2013 at 3:02 am

xtiney @xtine1195 28m
Ok leo dicaprio was within 20 ft of me tn at avenue OK

lol. about that gala. is that the models’ job? to be invited and show up at a gala of a foundation you have no kind of association or affinity with other than attracting the eye? you know like hired dolls who show up to make it all look pretty? nice profession.

@Bar: he hardly acknowledges her in public much less waves to her in front of a whole stadium????? That’s like Leo professing his love for toni in front of everyone. That part about Leo waving to toni in front of everyone is definitely a lie!
And why wave to her? Why not just sit with her??? WTF???

Yeah. The articles make it look bad rather than make it look good. I think in the desperacy of putting Toni there and wanting to make it seem like Leo was all about her despite the fact he didn’t sit with her, they made it look worse.

I know its really bad and I think that’s a lie. Leo is a megastar so I just hope he had enough common sense to not do sth like that!

yes it would make him look super ridiculous if he did that while sitting with Vlad.

To be quite frank, I can’t wait until WOWS comes out and does good so the focus will be directed at that. So sick of these silly stories that make everything (and him too) look even worse. I need less personal Leo and more professional Leo.

@lolz: Since a lot of the models work with VS – maybe they are a big donor and they ask their models to be there to rep them? Maybe?
re wave: Is there a picture of this wave? The pictures I’ve seen from from the various sites don’t show Leo waving.

@Zzzzzz: if they were donors they would have put it out there. no way they’d let a chance miss their name gets mentioned in a good cause like this. we’re talking about a brand that exists because of publicity.


Exactly. And Lukas went to “check on her”? ‘what is that? LOL!


Talking about PR..notice how in that Gala thread it says ‘Adriana Lima & Toni Garrn’ .. Well gee.. Toni Garrn? When the more famous and popular Candice Swanepoel and Karolina Kurkova are there as well? Why Toni Garrn in the title? Candice, Adriana, Miranda and KK are models who always get a lot attention on JJ compared to other models. So someone help me understand? Is it really that far-fetched to think she hired a PR now?

@..: exactly,..why isn’t Candice name before hers Jared?!…looks like someone paid up…I usually don’t believe in the pr stuff but now i’m starting to…

@lolz: You’re right, they would have and I didn’t see that. I just thought since there were so many VS models attending – maybe VS made a donation. On the Daily Mail they showed a picture of Toni with this caption: “Flavor of the month? Leonardo DiCaprio’s rumoured squeeze Toni Garrn attended the event, minus her man, wearing a leopard print ensemble” rumored squeeze – flavor of the month? Ouch!

@Zzzzzz: Yikes. Embarrassing.


Yikes that is embarrassing!

@Avenue nightclub?:

It’s definitely not unusual for Leo to club. 1oak, the darby and avenue are his favorites

@#### & @@286: It not just embarrassing – it is also very insulting.
@– (284) &@@284 (285): They did the same thing when Erin was dating Leo. All of a sudden Erin started getting top billing. In the article, they state – “Leo’s girlfriend” before her name – IMO that says it all. The comment from #4 Frances “”And is that Leo’s latest jam in a leopard print top and baby blue skirt combo? Let me repeat, leopard print combined with baby blue?”" LMAO!!!

Well, I`m still not buying the story.
Life&Style: As I said yesterday I don`t believe stories from certain sources.
Toni`s tweet: It is weird and forced. Not a photo from the stadium, from the court like in the past? And she tweeted way after the event, after Leo and other celebs were mentioned being there?
Page Six: I do think they are a reliable source ( in spite of past mistakes like the Cara story or some Leo&Margot info ). But in this case I`m on the fence because the photos from last night don`t support the story. Waving and being more focused on staying in touch with her? Has anyone seen that? To me it seemed like he was actually watching the game. If he is more interested in her than in the game why not sit with her in the presidential suite? I mean they claimed he went there and was affectionate with her. People saw it and reported it so why hide it and why hide her if he doesn`t care about the eyewitnesses who sell him out?
Sorry but to me it seems like someone really wanted to put Toni there and ensure the world about their `love story`.
She looks absolutely awful on those new photos from the event. Jared barely mentions the cause he focuses on the big names to bring in the readers. Lame! Does Toni own a mirror? The clothes, the makeup… She looked hideous!

@From Page Six: So umm, he couldn’t manage to arrange a courtside seat next to him for the girl he is so in love with? And he was texting her all the time and he sure let people know he did? And he was waving at her from a packed Arthur Ashe with all the cameras in his face but didn’t bother to go sit with her? And he let Lukas check on her? Are we going to talk about the amount of bullsh it this story smells like or does it speak for itself?

Also if he was so conscious to be seen ( with her ) and he is so into her why not just sit with her in the suite where nobody could see him/them? He was more into the game and his friend(s). I just feel like these sources are selling a story that is not there…
Daily Mail. That is embarrassing but I`m happy to see that more and more site call it what it really is instead of going the JJ way and giving her the attention she wants because she is Leo`s girl.

@@zzzz 286: Right??!!!
@also…: Life and Style = InTouch = crap!
re Page 6: I know you think they are more reliable, but it sounds like they took some info from the Life & Style article and added more stuff to it. Lukas checked on her – she’s Leo’s gf and he has Lukas checks on her, but he’s supposed to be “more interested in her than in the game”? He leaves her alone most of the game so he can sit with someone else and he’s “more interested in her than in the game”? This really sounds like a PR story to make it sound like Leo is so into Toni. This is the 3rd article in less than a week were they are all saying the same thing. Show me pictures!

@also…: It just seems to me they they are really forcing the relationship on everyone and that everything is perfect. Maybe, they are closer to breaking up than people think???
@Leonie: Hey Lady, hope it’s not too crazy. I know you like the fashion scene. When you a chance, tell me what you honestly think of her outfit!

@Z & ####: Hey guys. I checked the vid that started a war in the other thread lol. Best to not say much about it here I don’t wanna stir up a new discussion lol. Long story short: I don’t see the big deal in all of it and why it caused so much frustration. So that’s that.
I read through this thread and sadly have to agree with everyone who said Toni’s latest tweet doesn’t make her look good. It looks quite… well like she’s screaming for attention kind of. Somebody put it really well.. she seems very insecure. Like the news that Leo was at the Us Open and she isn’t photographed or mentioned made her kind of anxious so she wanted to let everyone know she was but it was kind of an awkward attempt especially since she already tweeted she was working with Vivanco the night before… Made her look bad imo.
Also, I think I said earlier in another thread when that InTouch article came up, that I wouldn’t be surprised if someone was working for Toni to make her and her relationship look better. I agree with everyone who said it makes her and the whole thing look bad, or rather awkward instead. It’s actually really funny. First and foremost, why weren’t they sitting together if he was more into how Toni was doing up there than the game?
I checked the other thread of Toni attending Novak’s dinner. Her hair + the bold lips look good. The outfit I can remember from the runway from a while ago but I don’t know which one..anyways, I’m not a fan of it.

@Z: Oh hey! When I was typing my previous post I didn’t see your post in #296 yet. But like I said, I like how her face and hair is done and that’s pretty much it. I have a feeling Toni wanted an edgy outfit (depends on whether or not she styles herself or has someone who picks her event clothes for her) but either way I don’t like that dress. I don’t think it’s awful, but that could also be because I see more than just colors and patterns lol. For example the fitting of that dress is fab and I like the shoulder area of the top. But overall it’s a bad choice I def agree. Not surprising huh? Sidenote: I love Adriana’s dress!

A question to all the longtime followers, were there similar articles and write-ups when he was with Erin and Bar or Blake?

and here i thought skarsgards fans were crazy…

@Leonie: I agree about Adriana’s dress – stunning! re Toni’s dress – it was a designer dress but the combination was just bizarre. Definitely not not my style!!!
Agree with your comment about her tweet and I think she did hire a PR firm. I know that Erin hired one shortly after she started dating Leo.
re articles on Leo and gf: Yes! It laughable because they almost always sound the same, they just change the name! I remember “Leo smitten by Erin” – she was everything he was looking for. How if they went to a party – “he would be smooch and “canoodle” with her” – couldn’t keep his hands off of her. Didn’t really follow him when he was with Bar. But I remember there were a ton of articles when Leo and Blake were dating. How Blake “captured Leo’s heart”! Stuff like that!

#301 typo *smooching and canoodling ……

@Leonie: I’m off to catch some zzzzzs – have a great day today – talk to ya later! :) xo

@Leonie: Yes, I knew what you meant! :)

Stupid word choice in #298. Not ‘because I see more than..’ but ‘because I also look at..’ Thought I’d clearify. Saw later that my initial word choice made it sound lame. Hey Z, you know what I meant right? :)

typo – brain **** on #301!! *Definitely not my style! **It’s laughable

@301: Lol alright so it’s basically the same with all the gf’s. What can I say? Don’t wanna use degrading terms but geez, ‘desperate’ is the word I guess. Nice talking to you, goodnight! xo

“Is it really that far-fetched to think she hired a PR now?”

She (Toni) or even Victoria Secret….

It’s good to see you smile Leo :)
Love you ♥♥♥

Skarsgard fans where are you guys????? You’ve bailed???

Now I know why Leo and Gerard Butler posts are always trending on JJ.

These CRAZY Leo fans ******* are seriously on another planet.
Like Gerard Butler’s freaky ****** stans

What a crappy thread.

There were stories like these with his exes. With Blake at least there were photos to prove these stories. Erin`s case was similar I think. There was no chemistry there, some photo ops and the sources with the lovey-dovey thing. Sounded like PR and that`s how it feels now. I think Toni really likes her new position as Leo`s gf and milks it so I wouldn`t be surprised if she hired a team. But this is the best they can do?
@Zzzzzz: Yeah, I consider Page Six reliable. I know not everyone agrees with me and this time it seems more like a PR-press cooperation.

@From Page Six @ 09/11/2013 at 7:28 am

Am I the only one who thinks it is also a little strange that Lukas tweets his Mobli vid of the match after not tweeting anything in nearly 8 months? And like 3 times, very insisting. Plus promoting his Mobli account in a tweet before that? And him not being photographed. And then mentioned by that P6 article which sounds bizarre from beginning to end already?

So Leo was seen at Darby and later partying at Avenue…???

@From Page Six @ 09/11/2013 at 7:50 am

Lukas’ mobli account isn’t sporadic. His Twitter account is though and that’s what is strange now.

“These CRAZY Leo fans are seriously on another planet.What a crappy thread.” *sigh* so true! and many more to come unfortunately

@@From Page Six:
Honestly what’s so strange about it? Lukas’ mobli account is often sporadic. Same with Ethan. And Tobey does not even use his. And there have been events and stuff that some Leo friends were spotted by few that no one knew there were there till later, like the 2012 GGs. You guys see strange things everywhere.

ok for Toni she’s desperate for attention, but why would Lukas do such a strange thing?

If its not sporadic then why is it odd that he posts an event of which he was there? NY Post says he was there. Loads of celebs A-F list were there Maybe he felt like sitting somewhere else at this final, maybe he does not like Vlad, maybe Leo instructed him too. Lukas posted when he was at Serena’s final at Roland Garros earlier this year too. What’s the conspiracy there? And his twitter account like Tobey’s is more or less inactive now. Like other celebs its on/off. You think he’s doing it for the benefit of JJ readers? No point continuing with this, y’all see PR conspiracy everywhere.

@From Page Six @ 09/11/2013 at 8:15 am

That’s what I’m asking. You tell me? I’m not implying Lukas wants to put himself out there. He doesn’t strike me as such a person. Just pointing out it is strange how he does put up pics and vids on his Mobli regularly and doesn’t use Twitter often but now, strangely exactly when this weird P6 article comes up Lukas makes use of his Twitter acc after 8 months to share his Us Open vid. Maybe it has to do with PR/Toni to ‘support’ the story. It might as well be coincidence, but then again to me it is a strange one.

someone here said that it doesn’t make sense Toni didn’t upload photos from the us open that she reportedly attended,whilst when she had attended matches prior to this one she took the time to do so. Well….why would she? I mean whenever she attends an event (with Leo for instance is she obliged to tweet some pics?? no! and the poster’s rationale was completely nonsensical

I agree I don’t think Lukas had an agenda like backing up P6, which btw makes Leo look like a selfish teenage boy lol!

@fifi: It’s not about being obligated. It’s about the fact that in the past he did that. Posting a photo from or soon after the French or US Open. And we talked about tennis matches not ‘whenever she attends an event’.

”which btw makes Leo look like a selfish teenage boy lol!” Lol. Err, this is Leo you’re describing.

@@From Page Six:
It was obvious you were seeing a PR/Toni thing. Does not surprise me at all. Everything with Leo/Toni is part of a conspiracy that could make the US government blush. I think it funny how Leo pals have been roped in now as part of a grandmaster plan using their social media accounts (accounts that don’t even generate much heat) once something y’all don’t want to hear or read on Leo and his girlfriend is published. We’ll agree to disagree

+ she double tweeted. She REALLY missed that guy!

Like I said on #320 I don’t think Lukas had an agenda, unlike Toni.

@322 Right! lol!

@also…: what does make a “tennis match ” any different in this case?

morose flower @ 09/11/2013 at 8:47 am

i think Toni was there at the us open.She wasn’t with Leo.So what?? I think the seats of the president suite( if i’m not mistaken?) are limited and for some reason Leo was not capable of securing her some seat there.No PR ,nothing obscure or”cabalistic” there . In her shoes i wouldn’t attend this particular match at all…if only she knew what kind of comments her tweet has generated…Toni girl is always the black sheep no matter what..

I dont think its about a tennis match necessarily. Toni rarely didn’t make use of an opportunity to drop hints about her and Leo via her Twitter. It’s not conspiracy. It’s there to see for everyone who can look at it objectively, and by that I also mean without thinking that Leo fans seek something behind everything. You can be skeptical but this one thing is pretty much out there IMO. Especially after what she tweeted yesterday. I don’t think Lukas has an agenda either, but Toni definitely has.

@morose flower @ 09/11/2013 at 8:54 am

No actually I think Vlad’s perfume smells better that’s why.

@morose flower:
But why should she stop tweeting what she wants just because of Leo fan girls?……..Her tweets have only a problem once she started dating their god.

@324: So? If she had a second tweet about him why she needed to bring up the US Open so much later? Toni is sneaky and crafty in that way. She wasn`t mentioned anywhere so she put it out there.
@326: We were talking about tennis matches and whenever she tweets about it she tweets a photo from the court. Just like she tweets party photos when she goes to a party. Or a photo from Spain when she is in Spain. Related tweets and photos unlike this time.

*She like most of VS Angels have been on twitter a while (with boring tweets imo) and her tweets have only become a problem once she started dating their god.*

@@morose flower:
Hahahahahaha. That’s a good one. Especially if the rumors about Leo’s personal hygiene are true!

@330: Before that nobody cared about her or even knew about her so why would Leo fans read her tweets?
@morose flower: Leo couldn`t secure enough seats at the Presidential Suite? That sounds believable! So he puts some of his friends and gf there and he goes to sit somewhere else with some other friends. Instead of staying with his gf and ask his friends to take different seats.
I absolutely don`t see agenda in what Lukas did. He hasn`t used his twitter account for a while – I think that`s what I read on the previous page – so I doubt it would make a huge impact if he tweets the link to the article. But I see agenda in Toni`s tweet and sorry but it seems PR to me ( the tweet and these articles about the Final ).

Seats in the presidential suite are limited so Leo ditches his so-called GF and have Lukas check in on her from time to time!? Well, how nice of him! The people that think this story is real are sad. I bet you believe in the tooth fairy too. : )

I think she was there too, but the Life&Style + Page Six articles still sound like PR bullsh.. to the point that it’s hilarious. Waving to her from the courtside seats? Lmfao. I don’t blame her for for hiring a PR team, because the tabloids and blogs and newssites haven’t exactly been nice to her since she started dating Leo but I gotta say her PR team sucks. At least don’t plant sh^t that sounds rightout dumb.
Uuh, yeah, it is exactly because since she started dating Leo she started dropping hints about him and herself with an annoying undertone in her tweets. So, of course her tweets became annoying after she started dating Leo?

morose flower @ 09/11/2013 at 9:03 am

@also “Instead of staying with his gf” :WHERE?

@morose flower #333 @ 09/11/2013 at 9:05 am


@morose flower: In the presidential suite. That`s where she was according to these articles and another one of Leo`s friends, Vinnie was pictured there as well. Leo and Doronin sat close to the court. And don`t tell me Leonardo DiCaprio couldn`t get enough seats so he can stay with his gf and at least some of his friends. These articles are trying to convince the reader how smitten Leo is with Toni and just the seating arrangement says otherwise. Or the actual photos from the event.
@327: Exactly! Thanks for your comment!

@@327: oh…i bet its ‘also’ poster. how many lame answers under different monikers will you give just because someone here dared to disagree with you?

@340: Get over yourself! If I have anything to say I will post it under the name also… Deal with it! It`s tough to deal with the fact that someone agrees with me. Grow up!
I`m fine with others disagreeing with me. Talking about it is normal and intelligent people can handle it. Too bad you can`t and you have to start your predictable hissy fit whenever it happens.

Be Happy Be Classy @ 09/11/2013 at 9:22 am

We are talking about men with money and power here who are used to going to events with educated, wealthy and well-mannered people. Even if during their vacation they can act like real douches and stuff, they have to act like gentlemen when surrounded by celebs, a princess,…yet Leo ditched his so-called gf to sit next to his billionaire friend, who himself, could have suggested that Leo sit next to Toni as a CLASSY gesture. Well maybe Vlad did so and Leo just said no.

Oh really no one knew about her before? Her existence only came to be once she was linked to your god? Good to know
And if no one cared about her before why do you need to care now? No one HAS to read anyones tweets or care about it

“These articles are trying to convince the reader how smitten Leo is with Toni and just the seating arrangement says otherwise” if they wanted to cinvince us how smitten Leo is with Toni they would have invented a story like ” Truth is Leo tried everything he could to bring Toni close to his box.He even talked to insiders in order to secure a seat for her”….

”he really wanted to sit close to her, however he didnt bother to go over to sit with his gf in the Presidential Suite himself either” Sounds better? Less dumb? You sure?

@@339: do you really think Leo doesn’t have enough influence that he cant secure seats with his “beloved” Toni?. And even if he didn’t couldn’t they have just sat in the “poor section” together and screw the presidential suite?The fact is he didn’t want to! And he’s just not that into her.

@343: Because she is dating Leo now. I wasn`t talking about her existence and you know that very well you just have to dramatize it.

@@344: Contrary to what you believe, Leo is NOT God (i guess you hear this for the first time).Yes . He couldn’t secure seats. Have you any idea what kind of people went there? (princesses ,billionaires) why is it so damn difficult for you to understand?? maybe Toni didn’t have a problem staying there maybe this wasn’t a big deal to her (contrary to jj posters lol ) (and maybe she wanted to have fun with her friends) Obviously the reason why Leo stayed there was not because he doesn’t give a sh@t about her as all his crazy stans(also takes the cake) LOVE to believe . It was because Vlad attended the match too and probably it was Vlad who insisted staying there. Big deal. but keep analyzing this cr@p *sigh* ………………………………………………………………………………………….

@also…: you don’t annoy me :) You are a laughable stan . I know i annoyed you though and i LUV it honey :))))))))

@lolz: So Leo could have stayed with his gf in the presidential suite but because Vlad insisted he chose to go to another section and watched the game with his buddy. That`s sounds so much better. He chose his friend over his gf. And of course Leo Dicaprio couldn`t secure enough seats at the US Open. Sure, that`s believable and it`s all about the `crazy JJ Leo fans`. lol Whatever you say!
I do hope I annoy you with my comments. And you or your opinion don`t matter to me so just keep calling me names if that`s what makes you happy. *sigh*

Have we ever seen other couples attending same basketball game or whatever and not sitting next to each other?

So Leo is Vlad’ s puppy now?

@lolz: No, sweetie, you are not annoying me. Not anymore. Now I just laugh at you and your usual hissy fits about me. If I don`t annoy you why are you so hung up on me and my comments? :)

@lolz: thanks for all your “maybes” Anymore??
Yes Leo can’t get enough of his Vlad even though he was hanging with him a few days prior. He has to catch up on his precious vlad time!
And of course Leo doesn’t give a fck about Toni. When did he ever!? lol And it doesn’t take a god to secure seats but if you expect me to believe that Leo couldn’t get to sit beside Toni then that’s total bullsh^t. He didn’t want to sit beside Toni is more like it. And those articles are complete nonsense having Leo wave to Toni across the crowd. Leo!?!?.lol Yes he doesn’t give 2 craps about her and never will unfortunately.

Huh? They have sat next to each other before as seen in an JJ earlier post. And they were obviously on holiday together. But for whatever reason Leo decided to hide her this time. Then again this is a man who takes a while to acknowledge the existence of his girlfriends without forcing her to hide like a rat first

@also…: be sure! it’s only one person against you and your a$$ in Leo’s threads lmao . don’t wanna derail so bye!

@@348: noooooooooooooooooooooo,. lol
people are making excuses cause its Leo and he’s Has Leo ever done this to Gisele? Nope. I guess they only meet for sex.

The bottom line is is these “eyewitnesses,” “spies,” and “sources” at least had cameras on their phones. If Leo was going to the suite so he could cuddle and kiss toni, where are the pics? If he was sitting in his seat but constantly waving to and texting toni, where are the pictures? This whole elevator issue, where are the pictures?

It has nothing to do with being a fan girl, its common sense! There are pics of Leo all through the game and you don’t see him waving to anyone. Now texting, we know Leo’s always on his phone but no pics of it from the game except one time when he’s actually on the phone or maybe listening to a voice mail.

I’m off this subject after this because it seems like the bus issue all over again. it just seems like people are planting stories to make sure that Leo and toni are relevant. Who’s the likely source? Leo? Do you really think he cares? Models are a dime a dozen for him so my money is on toni.


@@348:” if you expect me to believe that Leo couldn’t get to sit beside Toni then that’s total bullsh^t.” ok i respect your opinion but you -as a mature poster- should respect mine ! ” Maybes” yeah’cos i’m not as conceited as you:) PS no where in my comment did i refer to those articles .

“Has Leo ever done this to Gisele?” : no!!! and he was much younger and maybe more of a douche? not even to Bar, or even Erin or even Blake I think.

@lolz: Still here? Sure, I will take your word for it that it`s only one person! Just like it`s only me seeing this story the same way and posting under different monikers. Anyone can say it`s more than one person or that it`s only one person. Proof? You still don`t have it, right?

” Has Leo ever done this to Gisele? Nope” if you think that Giselle was special to him you are completely delusional(not only you). Yeah… Giselle was very special to him. He took her to the red carpet lool….and he was very happy about that-see his red carpet pics with Giselle=> he is so happy he is shining in those pics lmfao…..”I guess they only meet for sex.” but with Giselle was different of course,sure…lol

@lolz: You’re stupid. I refuse to argue with the mentally challenged. Its disrespectful and not a good look. Don’t worry, everything is going to be alright :)

@####: well…models are a dime a dozen for him but in the end he will end up marrying one of them.

@@357: well if Gisele isn’t special just imagine how Toni feels!? : )

@@359: ohhh….stupid! disagreeing with you can wreak a havoc! I’m so glad i am “stupid” because i beg to differ when demented posters(just like your fat a$$ ) pollute these threads with their stupid, predictable and boring comments! Thank ya! i take it as acompliment you retarded a## but..don’t worry, everything is going to be alright :) lol

Leo will get married? really? can you tell us more?

@####: Right! No photo of Leo at the game proves the stories. And I go as far as no photo of Toni being there. There were plenty of shots of other celebs, models in that suite or in the stadium but not Toni. How could she even watch the game if she was hiding? And she was hiding so nobody can see she is there and then she tweets about being there?
It`s not about being `delusional` or `stans`. It is common sense to see it as PR.

I don’t think Leo DiCaprio will ever marry. I truly believe he is incapable of committing himself to 1 woman like that.

@also…: ok let’s say it’s PR : how do you think Leo would react if he knew that she lied in her tweeter account?

@371: I don`t think he is going to get married. Ever. He just can`t commit. He is married to his job and his buddies.

@@360: you are funny. Really. A few days ago you posted that you believe Leo was taking a pic of the first bus(insinuating that he cares about Toni) and now you changed your mind lol and suddenly he doesn’t give a F^ck about her…sorry you have to choose…

he will forgive her as always

I personally don’t think she lied on that tweet but P6 was an attempt to make her look better as she was not sitting next to Leo.

@also…: that’s what stans like you @also want to believe deam on

You see it’s almost impossibleconducting a decent discussion with these 1 or 2 posters? No matter what you say they will find a reason to derail the discussion and start their standard personal attacks? The stan argument..the jealousy argument. Shows again why the poster @lolz didn’t just respond to what you said as to why he/she thinks Leo will ever get marry but instead chooses her predictable response. And then call others predictable. Ironic much? Serious waste of time and that includes this post but I couldn’t help myself.

this us open cr@p is just like the bus-story. Leo’s stans nitpick and put under the microscope everything that is related to Leo’s love- life and especially his girlfriends just to assume that “see? Leo doesn’t give a sh^t about his girlfriend”..there are times when it’s getting really nauseating.But is it sickening,is it creepy or laughable ?? I bet it’s all of them.

#380 ; agreed

When you don’t have arguments the one thing you can do to get rid of your frustration is to call people names.

You forget is the write up or story is negative against Leo or Toni then its the GOSPEL TRUTH. There is also less need for twitter verification. The bus thing made them unhinged and now the anger at Pg 6 is hilarious. Not that it would matter to the NY Post and their millions of readers in the real world

@lolz: What I want to believe? Genius, this whole site and all these comments are about what the posters believe. Dream on? I have my opinion and you disagree so you start with the personal vendetta and your condescending comments. You think you are so much better? You are here reading and responding. Once you say bye then a minute later you post again, once you call me names then ask me questions like an intelligent person would do and then again the personal attack. Do you even know what you want? Why are you torturing yourself with these threads and comments? Clearly, your highness, you are too good for this. :eyeroll:
@379: Well said. My last comment about Leo not committing was a simple statement, no `conspiracy theory` not attack on his gf. Yet the drama queen is fuming again.
If someone doesn`t like the topic and the conversation around it why not skip it? Nobody is forced to read it or take part in it. What does it matter what do I post and that me or others talk to each other. This is a public forum created for that purpose. Personal attack, condescending remarks…etc. It`s really tiring! And the best part? I get attacked because I can`t handle different opinion but lolz does the exact same thing because… she doesn`t agree with me. :eyeroll:

“is it sickening,is it creepy or laughable ??” : are you talking about Leo’s love life?

The funniest part to me is actually this: all the condescending talk towards the ones they don’t agree with but at the end they are the ones foulmouthing and using nasty words and well…obviously engaging in what they call ‘sickening, creepy and laughable’ and incapable of leaving this creepy sickening place. Always right there with their same old predictable responses.

Sigh why do Leo threads now become this? Anyway if there are any Leo *** bits in on this topic in this weeks gossip rags – (apart from the Globe!!!!) anyone kindly share.

Serious waste of time . i agree. But Leonardo is damn predictable too and there are many times when i feel that commenting on his relationships and his love life is a waste of time too. A big one unfortunately.@also “once you call me names then ask me questions like an intelligent person would do ” weird,huh? actually i wanted you to get past the”vendetta” as you call it…but i forgot that you LOVE vendettas. f^ck it.


They’re just upset because we hit a nerve when we talk about how asinine these articles really are. They want to believe that it will be Leo and Toni forever!

But the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t take a genius to look at these articles and read one paragraph of them to know they are inaccurate.

I’m not saying Toni wasn’t there because there is no proof one way or the other, although I don’t understand how other models (I’m sure she was with these other models right?) that were there have pics where you can see they are standing outside the suite and the game is playing below them. Are you telling me Toni (who supposedly loves tennis) never came out of the suite to watch the game?

Either way, agree to disagree people and stop with the personal attacks on other posters here!!!! It doesn’t change people’s opinions and everyone on here is free to have their own opinions about these articles, about Leo/Toni, etc. Move on!!! :-)

@#lolz: I agree and i bet it wouldn’t matter to Leo or Toni too. For example, while Leo was vacationing with Vlad and Toni and having the time of his life , jj posters were here sweating lol and trying so damn hard to find out where Leo or Toni (stalking her twitter account- as always) was. Such a riddle ..

@Page Six + InTouch @ 09/11/2013 at 12:09 pm

I believe it’s BS as well, but I think they both have 1 thing that is true: that Leo left Vlad and the other guy during the last set. A poster on BZ told that she could see Leo almost the entire match in the corner of her TV and in the 4th set he wasn’t there anymore. Well P6 says ‘during the last set he went over to the Suite to watch it there but instead stayed inside the Suite with his cap and sunglasses on’ and InTouch says ‘he entered the Moet Suite just in time to watch Nadal beat Djokovic’ (that means the last set of the match) So this must be true?
I still think the rest (waving, texting) is BS simply because there are no pictures or anything else to back it up and it’s just too bizarre for Leo to wave + how the hell do they know he was texting her unless they were reading his messages?

@lolz: And you are still here pushing your vendetta against people posting here acting like you are superior. What does it matter to you what other people do here? They can and you can`t do anything about it except for your continuous whining. If it`s so pathetic and laughable why do you read it? Whatever people do to Toni and Leo, talking about them …etc you are doing the exact same thing to the posters here.
@####: That`s right. it seems like we hit a nerve. lol And I`m happy to read you also noticed that all others were pictured except for her. Inside the suite how could she even watch the game? I`m skeptical about her being there but either way the stories about Leo&Toni at the Open sound inaccurate.
We can keep pushing this ridiculous fight and attacks but it won` change the fact that people disagree. And the sad part is that people with different opinion can have a nice discussion here but the some people always show up to make things worse and turn that into a war zone.

how the hell do they know he was texting her unless they were reading his messages? ; maybe an insider =>her friends?

What's next @ 09/11/2013 at 12:28 pm

Who knows to what extent the story from the both articles is true, but the sure is Leo is in control of the relationship. If he doesnt want to be seen with her, he dodge the cameras. If he doesnt want to sit with her, he wont. He leaves her with his friends checking on her not him lol . She affectionately greeted him, her not him lol

@What’s next: I totally agree. Leo is in control 100% all of the time. None of us really know what it’s like between them when they are alone. He probably was texting her. I’m sure he says all of the right things at the right time. That’s what these womanizers do. They turn on the charm when they have to. But there will never be a great effort to make her happy. Only enough effort to keep her around and at his disposal. And since he is one of the biggest superstars on the planet, I’m sure he doesn’t have to try very hard… Like, ever. No great love story here. Just pure lust. He likes them young and available. The prettier the trophy, the better he feels about himself. And as long as they worship him properly, service him when he wants it, and follow the rules otherwise… He will keep them around. Just Leo being Leo, unfortunately.

Jazsalyn ‏@Jazsalyn 19m
I now know how Leo di caprio feels. Empty every night at 1 oak.

Wonder what she means.

@?: i think it’s a hint. She means Leo loves clubs like 1 oak and the booze.-who knows maybe she is insinuating Leo loves drinking and filling his glass with alcohol is like filling his empiness ?? “Empty every night at 1 oak.” booze…



@#396 Maybe the club was empty which would explain the subsequent sighting of him at Avenue.

@391: There were photos of Leo walking – with a drink in his hand so he was obviously walking around.
I watched the game on TV and I was posting during the game that I could see him most of the time at the bottom of the screen. He was sitting in the second row with a blonde woman in front of him in the first raw.
On these photos that JJ posted he is sitting in a different location not where you could see him on TV. He is not in the second raw and there`s no blonde in front of him.
When you could see him on TV there was a camera next to him with a long hair camera man. There is even a photo on his bz page where you can see him and the camera man on the same photo.
My point is that Leo must have been watching the game from at least two different locations other than the Moet Suite. One with the camera next to him and these ones that JJ posted.

re Lucas tweeter: I’m not sure if that is his real account. You know when it comes to celebrities, twitter will verify them with a check. That account doesn’t have a check. So I doubt it is his –
@lolz: I don’t think she lied on her twitter. Like I said earlier in the post, I don’t think she is that stupid. I think she was there, but there with her friends.
@Page Six + InTouch (Actually Life & Style): That sounds plausible – but hard to say without pictures. Hard to believe a story when so much of it appears made up.

i agree :) but who cares what she means !


I think she probably was at the game too. I don’t know why she didn’t post a pic as she did the other times she was at the US Open and the French Open. And it is fishy that she posted on twitter so so AFTER the game.

Isn’t it “eyewitness 101″ to get pictures? It seems to me if you’re a “source” or “eyewitness” or “spy” for these magazines, you are told to get a picture of something that “eventful.” At the least most people have cameras on their phones these days. Once again it baffles my mind that neither InTouch or Life & Style had pictures.

Also twitter was lit up the day of the men’s finals with sightings of everyone that was there watching the game. So this elevator incident “where Leo jokes with fans” happens and no one from the elevator tweets it? But this “source” sees it all go down!!!

Definitely hard to believe these stories….but you know what, everyone has their own take. It is what it is.

@####: Oh I agree completely with you re the ‘source’ and the whole elevator incident. Who knows what happened and at this point, does it really matter? The stories are the same typical Leo gf articles that come out whenever he is dating someone. I thought it was weird that 3 articles came out in less that a week portraying them as ‘so into each other” and so happy together. Whereas one week before the articles – he was out partying and clubbing with models and generally acting like a guy who’s single. Coincidence or PR?????

Do you think Jessica Alba knows Leo and Toni are dating?

I don’t know about you guys, but from what I have seen through the years (I have been a fan for 15 years), I can not imagine Leo DiCaprio hurrying and getting squeezed in an elevator packed with strangers.
And raising his hand to confirm he is Leo…???
That story sounds more like a fantasy.


It’s got to be PR. Heaven forbid I say it on this thread because we’ll be attacked for using the dreaded “PR” theory but I think it’s too much of a coincidence that these stories come out after negative stories of Leo and Toni are posted.

Isn’t it kind of the same thing that happened with Leo and Erin? There would be talk of them splitting up because no one had seen them together in a while and then all of a sudden we’d get a pic?

I mean we haven’t seen a pic of them together in quite a while…since the US Open last week so I’m sure we’re due although we do know they were both at the wedding party on Saturday. Also who’s to say that they weren’t partying it up last night at Avenue? She could have easily met him at the club after her foundation dinner attendance.

a regular... @ 09/11/2013 at 2:29 pm

i dont want to start anything here( i will not participate) but i had seen the video of @shir only once and very quickly.i didn’t pay attention at all and the title of the article was misleading to me. Absolutely misleading. Today i saw the video again and i noticed he was focusing on the second bus which had an advertisement on it probably about some event that is about to take place. The ad on this bus includes the days and probably the hours when the “event” takes place.Completely irrelevant to the blonde model. It would be really very very cute and sweet ….but..unfortunately this is not the case.Btw Leonardo is so cute omg when he rides his bike around the city careless !! i know this is a really hot topic and i don’t wanna regret posting this comment so please dont shoot if i am wrong :))

Or it could be a counter play to the impression that he acted like an ungrateful douche earlier in the week at US Open. Hey Leo everybody is actually a cool down to earth guy and nice to the fans!!

@LOL: This is from the previous thread posted during the US Open Final on Monday.
“I just read a tweet posted a couple minutes ago that Leo tried to hide from the JumboTron. Maybe that’s why he moved again?”
Hiding from the camera again just like before…
@410: I think it`s rather Toni`s PR team not Leo`s.

@a regular @ 09/11/2013 at 2:35 pm

@a regular…:
Your’e back! Right on time. And have still not moved. Again people have different opinions on this topic that obsesses you. Pls continue your conversation here,
Self taking trolls use random s**t storm to try and derail a rather sane Leo thread

You mean to say Leo’s PR planted the story or the possibility that it might have really happened?

@409 – Thanks for saying it though it might be time to exit thread again
@404 – I’m lost. What’s the link with Jessica Alba?

a regular... @ 09/11/2013 at 2:43 pm

and i forgot to add that probably Leo was interested in this event and would like to attend it (since he took this pic). Leo this busy bee :)


If it wasn’t Leo’s PR it was Toni’s. And like someone else said on the thread, why use InTouch or Life & Style? Those magazines are not credible at all.

Honestly I’m really not sure. I am just bemused that the story shows Leo as unassuming guy and polite to fans(!!!!) running counter to his actions earlier in the week. What is kind of confusing is why his PR would bother it being reported in In Touch Weekly or Life & Style, rags which are not known for being that credible. The NY Post, People and US Weekly are tools were stories of the stars get REAL traction and spread round.

@ a regular : thank you! oh and ignore stupid trolls.It’s obvious who wants to derail.
@410 : a sane Leo thread with you in it oh .. that’s a joke!

@LOL+#### @ 09/11/2013 at 2:55 pm

But why would Leo’s PR care to have stories planted about Toni?

Posts scrambling again. My post was at #412 was thanking #410 not #409

But the NY Post is more credible and is famously a PR tool for the A list and politicians alike, and they had that story today. So it can’t all be on Toni. Leo must have had a hand in it IMO

@LOL Because I have a feeling apart from us and Leos friends/family (and the BZ girls) not many (Jessica Alba, David Beckam, Justin TAmanda,..) have a clue they are dating.

@a regular…: i think you are right. Don’t be afraid i wont shoot :p

But is Jessica Alba friends with Leo? or are Justin, Amanda? Why would any of them care? U know what never mind

If it was PR ( that`s what it seems like to me but obviously I can`t be sure and this is just my opinion ) I think it was Toni`s. Erin`s name showed up all over the place – unreliable sources and Page Six as well – while they were dating. JMO.

@LOL+#### @ 09/11/2013 at 3:03 pm

But why would Leo’s PR care to plant stories about Toni?

nasty place @ 09/11/2013 at 3:07 pm

because of nasty and malicious posters(one a$$hole in particular) . Please… when people like @407 say “please don’t shoot” in order to post a damn comment that says it all. I bet it’s @LOL who comments under different monikers when that c^nt attacks posters here with her nasty bile spewing tongue. She plays it all cool when she posts as @LOL but she is really nasty and mean and full of hatred. I bet IT is housebound. Her vicious cmments pollute these threads. But idon’t feel sorry for IT. She is SICK and pollutes these threads with stupid hatred (under her different monikers of course)

I can’t take the people that believe everything they read (ie the girls at the other site). My goodness! Ugh. That’s all I have to say about that. I think that it might be Leo’s PR involved in the Page Six story. His people know there is a lot of negativity directed at him right now. Every so often it is beneficial for them to plant a story with a positive spin. That’s how he uses this relationship in the whole PR game. Since he chose her as the public GF for now, it never hurts to present him as a good boyfriend……

“Leo must have had a hand in it IMO” : oh no now don’t tell me Leo actually approved this!

….. Oh and him joking with the fans. That’s another tip that it might be his people. They had to throw in something about him interacting nicely with the fans!

I wrote that I’m not sure if its a plant or PR. I’m not on board with most people here that think almost everything is a conspiracy or scheme. It could all have happened. But #susan made a good point that the elevator story seemed very out of character for Leo, and I thought the timing of the story was interesting since his earlier reported attitude at the Open was anything but personable or gracious to the fans. But who knows!

@LOL 422 Well if it was as obvious as Bradley and Suki maybe they would…

Comment twins!, You put that part @428 better than I could!

is definitely @LOL the nasty tw@t :p

Talking about Suki… Leo and BCoop’s Sugar Babies just followed each other on Twitter.

@Lucy: The story from the elevator comes from Life&Style and I doubt his PR team would work with such an incredible source. That part indeed sounds very unlikely. To me it sounds more like her people that Leo was more interested in her than in the game. No sightings together, last time at the open they both looked bored… to me it`s more like her team.

You keep trying. Its my turn again today is it? Hahahahahah I’m gonna keep posting on and on and on *****. And I’m loving how angry its making you that conversation is still flowing despite your self talking desperation to derail the thread. I’m guessing your’e the cnut here but wahey!


Well that’s my take too. I think it would be Toni’s PR not Leo’s. Once again, I don’t think he cares enough to bother having his PR plant stories about him or any of his girlfriends. And I think I read somewhere on the BZ thread that his PR would go to People or US Weekly, not InTouch or Life & Style.

@435 YEAH !!! that IS exactly what i wanna see : YOUR HATRED SHOWING . You filthy animal. KEEP REVEALING yourself @LOLnasty tw@t .

Can’t tell who it is in the pic….

taryn (@taryn1126)
9/11/13, 12:21 PM
Paparazzi capturing us with Leonardo dicaprio 😎 @StephAnnTucker

At the end of the day it doesn`t really matter whose team it was. The bottom line is that they are putting these stories out there for a reason. To tell something to the public that they can`t see. Affection and being together.

I don’t think Leo’s relationship with Erin got traction in US Weekly or People. But I do remember stories from In Touch, Life & Style about Erin moving in ith him, Irmelin loving her, even marriage because Erin liked basketball and all that

@LOL see ya around RETARTD !!! oh i refuse to argue with the mentally challenged ‘cos…it is so damn demeaning hahahaha. OH i’m expecting your next hateful and nasty comment ‘cos i LUV making your life MISERABLE (well you know your life is miserable that’s why you are here 24?7)

@@410: loser be gone! ur creepy


I remember those but that’s my point as to why it’s not Leo’s PR. He would not go to InTouch or Life & Style.

Has anyone tried to look at that instagram pic? I can’t really see anything but I can’t enlarge it either.

Hahahahahahahah. Yep you’re making my life truly miserable ********. Its evident to all. Speaking of mentally challenged you meant to say ****** not RETARTD right? I guess the meds are wearing off. Till ya’ return. LMAO

@####: I looked at the picture – that could be anybody! There’s a towel or something covering the person’s face. It could be a man or a woman. There is nothing to indicate that it is Leo other than the caption.

@LOL: I think there were stories about her and Leo ( and about her even after the breakup ) in Page Six.
I can`t see anything on the Instagram photo either but she posted another one she posted from a party. maybe it`s from last night at one of the clubs he was seen.

What I can see is the backs of two girls, one blonde one brunette doing something what looks like dancing. It sure looks like a nightclub. That’s all there is to see.


@also and @Zzzzzz I was thinking it was taken in the club last night wherever Leo was, 1OAK or Avenue. I would assume they wouldn’t post it if it wasn’t Leo. We just can’t tell.

@####: Or it can just be a couple of girls wanting to impress their friends! Who knows. Odd there haven’t been any sightings of Leo today.


My scenario would be that they were dancing/hanging out near Leo. They saw someone come up and try to get his picture. They had the person send the pic to them and they posted it. I know it’s far fetched so who knows….. :-)

He’s probably hungover! LOL

New sighting posted on BZ with a pic
‘ Leonardo DiCaprio – September 10, 2013 – Fabien Baron and Karl Templer Celebrate INTERVIEW Magazine The Model Issue held at Monarch, NYC.’
So he was there to celebrate the issue where his gf posed half naked with fur? Interesting.

FYI, Fabien Baron and Karl Templer are the photogs that photogr. the VS models in fur. Sugar Daddy proud of Sugar Baby. What an accomplishement. What can we expect next? Sugar Baby joining Daddy to the premieres in return?


I wonder if she was there too. She did go to that djokovic foundation dinner last night but the mag party could have been in the afternoon but then we did see her with her friend eating out in NYC.

“It was packed and he squeezed his way in just as the doors were closing,”….
So among this pack of people no one took a picture of him? Or later of him with his gf? And no tweets from anyone about this encounter?
The more I think of it, the less it makes sense.

OMG. That Interview Magazine had 3 other models Leo b^anged posing naked: Kate Moss, Amber Valetta and Miranda Kerr. Lololol. So he was there with his girlfriend then apparently?
What an ultimate sleaze. The more I hear/sea the sicker I feel. Yuck.

I assume she was around to celebrate those distasteful photos. But it was a place packed with models and it was a reason to go out. Don`t forget she is his trophy… And I doubt it will result in an invitation to his premiere – maybe behind the scenes if they are still together then.

He was there with his miserable face supporting her. That is something. More than what he did for Erin and her charity event.

I fear more than ever Toni is here to stay for a while.

@####: Hey there. No pretty sure that Interview mag party was last night. Saw a couple of pics posted by models on my instagram timeline in the morning. I am pretty shocked he went actually. Is that a thing for Leo to do? Attend a celebration of an issue his girlfriend is featured in with, I think, his girlfiend? I feel a bit awkward right now tbh lol.

@well: And not a photo of Toni?
@459: Erin and her charity event? Just before they broke up? Or weren`t they already over by that time?

Event packed with babes and celebs just like the Bebe one.

Good eye. I guess its Ethan’s turn to be ‘the friend Leo hangs with’ today


It doesn’t look like Toni was there. She was at the Djokovic Foundation Dinner and the pics that I just looked at from the Interview party do not show her anywhere. However it doesn’t show Leo either but we know how he is about getting his picture taken especially at a party where his girlfriend’s boobs are on display!

On the Leo picture, we can recognize his friend Ethan behind him.

@also i think they are talking about when he tweeted support for the Global citizen thing or whatever, but that was all i can think of in terms of him supporting erin. but haha at him going to support his GF toni wearing fur naked. at least his support of erins was a charity lol.

The caption mentions September 9, The same day he went to the US Open…???.
Here is another member of Leo’s entourage and modelizer, Danny A.

@####: I think this party was after Novak’s dinner though. Because I spot Karlie in those pics @well just posted a link of, and she was at Novak’s dinner too, non?

I googled this event and it started at 10pm so she could have been there.
Here is an article about the event. Apparently it was full house so this might have been `the event` last night . You know where everyone needs to be. This is the part about Leo…
“Another guest who didn’t have any trouble at the door was Leonardo DiCaprio, who breezed in just after 1 a.m. The actor weaved through the crowd, his newsboy cap tucked down in his face, and installed himself in the VIP section, where he chatted up two blondes.”

Waiting for the tweet or instagram picture of Toni saying she was the 3 2 1

Naomi was at the party too. Considering her acrimonious split with Vlad and that Leo was just recently hanging with her ex at tennis as well as in Spain with his new side piece I wonder if there was tension. Naomi does not strike me as the forgive and forget type

@well: No way Leo was there…it doesn’t sound like Leo at all. Leo is boring and that would be an anomally…

Provocateur @ 09/11/2013 at 5:26 pm

Was it the same night he was spotted at Provocateur with Kate Upton and Sophie Bailey?

@also: Funny how the article says ‘two blondes’. For anyone who might come up with the argument that maybe they couldn’t identify Toni..I think reading the article that seems impossible. They had no problem identifying Eniko Mihalik, Hanny Gaby Odiele, Barbara Fialho and Constance J. It’s weird the article doesn’t mention her since according to #463 Toni was there.. Well this is weird.

looked AMAZING as always!

By the way the event was from 10pm until midnight and Leo showed up at the place at 1am. So technically he went to the after party.
@Leonie: That`s what I thought. The whole article is about the different models there and then they don`t say one of the blondes was Toni? I mean she was there and she was featured in the issue…

BS and oversized @ 09/11/2013 at 5:29 pm

The INTERVIEWER can be bs ,too. Sometimes, not only Page Six is bs, but others as well. And tweets. We never know until we get pics, and maybe they were celebrating more than just this campaign, they were celebrating the whole issue season start, and many celebs attend as well as models, and modelizers of course. I do not see this as a “support to Toni” and her fur campaign,not at all. Maybe they tried explaining the “art” of that particular shoot, at this party. Who knows.

Thanks for the pics. I will say, that this bash was obviously packing with celebs! Damn. From the links posted it seems to be the creme de la creme of Fashion Week. Almost like the Met Gala.

BS and oversized @ 09/11/2013 at 5:33 pm

And Leo is known for having model friends, would be very strange if he did not show up here, and this – I agree – size of a “Met gala” is not really about the fur campaign at all, its about the fashion world and their own celebration. He is a natural invitation to such events. He met up with more than one model, I will assume..
Not there to support Toni, are you crazy!
They are not a couple – like that. He had the same casual with Erin, but if he showed up at Global citizen festival there he would act very Boyfriend, and he doesnt want that label to him. I think he doesnt want that with Toni, either. No support, just after partying.

What`s so weird? I don`t get you ,guys! He was not there to be her hand of the evening, or handbag , or support whatever. So why he could not chat with hundreds of other people?? you think they are THAT together??.. I think I have missed something here.

Yeah.. I so agree, where is that photo attached to the article? of Leo? need photos these days! :-D –
“So among this pack of people no one took a picture of him? Or later of him with his gf? And no tweets from anyone about this encounter?
The more I think of it, the less it makes sense.”

@also: Yeah thought so too. She would have def been mentioned if she was spotted by them. But she was there that is a fact now. Maybe they showed up seperately and since it says Leo went to the VIP section eight away, maybe they were there together. What’s a VIP section anyway is that like a closed room? Lol. Only way it makes sense to me tbh. Otherwise it’d just indicate they hung out seperately. Which is perfectly possible though. Just weird. But imo him going there is weird to begin with. Lol.

There to support Toni…???? LOL, are you kidding! First was this an event that needed to be supported? He came to party and mingle with the usual NY partygoers.

clarification @ 09/11/2013 at 5:44 pm

do you mean this pic was from this “INTERVIEW” event?

@clarification: Well, you can see the word `Inter(view)` on a sign above his head so I think yes. It was from the Interview event after party.
It seems like it was the event/place to be last night. He showed up after the party was over and was there for the after party. I wouldn`t really call that `supporting his girlfriend`.

k so he attended, so what?.. who was NOT there? lol

cant get to see him ever clingy to his gf, though, not even here.

oh,.. celebs, celebs, celebs.

clarification @ 09/11/2013 at 5:50 pm

@also…: Thank You!:)

Yeah I find it sort of weird too. Leo’s a modelizer but this is the first time I’ve ever read him going to any fashion week event. Pre or post party. He gets invited to loads of shindigs, being an A list movie star,but I guess would feel no not need to considering he has met/banged most models in the western hemisphere.

you know what....? @ 09/11/2013 at 5:55 pm

… I wonder what he really THINKS of that FUR-campaign, like for real??? what you think?…… whats going on in his head when his girl has a dead animal that was supposed being cared for?….whats he really, like really THINKING when he sees those photos? gosh I wish I was in an interview spot with him to ask that question, and get a proper answer. Like “Hey, Leo, you as a WWF global supporter! What did you think about using killed fur as art for the natural, how did you perceive the models doing this?” wooow man, I wish we could get him talk about the environment again …. like it used to matter to him.

clarification @ 09/11/2013 at 5:57 pm

@@#482: c’mon….Leo is a role model..

@LOL: Exactly my thoughts. But then again, we hear from longtime followers Leo’s lost it a bit lately. Like he’s doing stuff he’s never done before and he’s worse than ever. (Mid-life crisis situation going on maybe?) Also, I saw you said ‘Almost like the Met Gala’. With great emphasis on almost imo lol. The Met Gala party + after party are wayyy classier than what this looks like despite the people in attendance like Amber V and Naomi. Lol had to say it sorry.

Wasn`t he at the Bebe party recently? VS after parties? I don`t think this is the first time he went to a fashion event after-party…

LEO IS A HYPOCRITICAL @ 09/11/2013 at 6:11 pm


LEO IS A HYPOCRITICAL @ 09/11/2013 at 6:15 pm


LEO IS A HYPOCRITICAL @ 09/11/2013 at 6:15 pm


LEO IS A HYPOCRITICAL @ 09/11/2013 at 6:15 pm


LEO IS A HYPOCRITICAL @ 09/11/2013 at 6:16 pm


LEO IS A HYPOCRITICAL @ 09/11/2013 at 6:17 pm


LEO IS A HYPOCRITICAL @ 09/11/2013 at 6:17 pm


Leo & Toni pics!?!? @ 09/11/2013 at 6:18 pm

Will we ever see a picture of Leo and Toni together again on the same picture in the same frame!!!?!?! :((((((((((( I mean :)))))))))))))))))))!!!!

@Leonie: He looks pretty good except not liking the neck beard thingy! IIt does look like he came with some of his posse. I’m sure he did see Toni there, but it’s really odd that there wasn’t a single tweet of seeing them together and like you said, he was seen talking to two blondes and the article didn’t mention Toni. Looking at the pictures – it looked like the place to be.
@also..: yes he was at the Bebe party a couple of weeks ago. I remember Huffington said something like – “when it comes to models – Leo is like a moth to a flame! ” Last night’s bash was filled with models!!

@Zzzzzz: Maybe tomorrow Page Six or some other gossip publication will give us an `all over each other` sighting…
Leo is all about models so assuming that this was the first fashion event party / after-party he ever attended is kinda funny to say I think.


So was he there to support her or not? LOL

Wasn’t he also at 1OAK and Avenue last night? The man’s all over when it comes to parties!!!

No wonder there have been no sightings of him today. He’s probably still sleeping! :-)

@####: Apparently he showed up to the Interview party at 1am with some of his friends and then went straight to the VIP area. It was the place to be last night! That fact that she was there and posed in the magazine is secondary IMO.
@also…: I sure he has been to other fashion week parties – with all the models – how could he keep away! re Page 6 – agree! I’m thinking – “he couldn’t stop smiling at her” or “he never left her side and was sneaking kisses” LOL!! What do you think?

Leo is like Bender from Futurama

@ Lucy: Wasn’t she at the Cannes Party where the 1st pictures of Leo and Toni were taken (he’s whispering in her ear)? I think there were pictures of her greeting Leo and Leo was all smiles. I believe the two were an item (for all of a few nights!)

Leo certainly loves his models!!! I am pretty sure he banged Julie Henderson, too. She was also in attendance. That man gets around!!! Holy crap.

@Zzzzzz: It seems like he was clubbing last night and he arrived after the actual event was already over. If he showed up to that I would say he was there to support Toni but that`s not the case.
Page Six: Sounds about right! lol

Joey Tribbiani @ 09/11/2013 at 7:04 pm

Leo is like Joey Tribbiani from Friends

Samantha Jones @ 09/11/2013 at 7:15 pm

Leo is like Samantha Jones from Sex and the City

@hans: mee too, this is really freaky.


Sounds like it!

Agree with both you and also about the Page Six story to come!!! LOL


So Tobey was at this bash as well. Sounds like he had most of his posse with him since there’s a pic of Ethan with him there and since we’ve seen all or most of his close friends throughout the past week with him since Fashion Week started.

@####: It sounds less and less like it was a supporting bf being there for his girl. Two more club sightings the same night with his buddies…


Are you talking about the1OAK and avenue or were there others???

@####: yeah, Avenue and 1OAK.

Actually, he was also spotted at Darby.
Zaina ‏@zaina_budayr 19 h
at the Darby w Leo dicaprio listening to swagga like us w @AliciaHerzbrun #nyc #turntup


My bad, it was darby and avenue

Wasn’t it really hot (95 degrees) today in NY City. Probably to hot for Leo to go biking.

@S: It was hot and humid here!!!

you live in NY?
have you ever meet Leo?

@also…: Yeah – but NY is supposed to be humid! Last week it was humid and over 100 in so cal – it sucked!!! ;)

@also…: re Leo attending fashion show/type parties – The BZ thread actually a posted picture of Leo from this year’s Met Ball after party (he’s trying to hide his face, but it’s him!). So he does go like to fashion event parties – wherever there are models!!!


Over 100 in NorCal!!!


Not hidding face in this one ;)

Met Ball after party 2013

Lord, its like his style has not changed at all since the 90s!!


Yea along with his 22 year old mentality! :-)


So did he arrive at the interview afterparty after toni left? I mean I’m sure he brought his posse so he could brag!!!

OT from the thread and subject, but I just wanted to share this about Margot Robbie. I think she looks very gorgeous.
And I can’t wait to see the chemistry between her and Leo on the screen.

@####: It got over 100 in NorCAl!! Was it humid too?
@@Z (526): that’s the one!
@@524 (527): I think I have seen that photo – he reminds me of Jack N in that photo – not a good thing! LOL!!
His style is atrocious! Outside of events – he’s a slob!
@####: re the party – It sounds like he went to the after party. I think also… said the actual event/party went from 10pm-12. He didn’t get there til 1am. Who knows when Toni left – I’m sure she was still there, along with all the other models that didn’t have to work the next day.
@Fan: Wow! Margot looks stunning!

She is beautiful and I think their chemistry be AH-MAZING!!

This is already the hottest Leo has looked with another female co star in what, a decade?!?!

Actually, they remind me in that picture of Amy Adams and Leo in Catch Me If You Can

Hot hot HOT! Would loveeeee to see these 2 work on another movie together, cannot believe Amy is Leo’s age. She looks so young.


It was hot and humid this past weekend. I’m tired of these triple digit temps! I’m ready for fall/winter :-)

Margot is beautiful!! I hope she and Leo have some good chemistry in WOWS.

She was probably one of the blondes he was talking too. There are pics on her BZ page from the interview party. Did you see how they had the model pics blown up for the party? Leo must have been so proud to show off her picture to his buds!

@####: The weather finally got back to normal down here on Sunday – humidity and triple digits gone!
re Margot: I didn’t see any pictures from the interview party – just some from the Vanity Fair party or were you talking about Toni’s BZ. I didn’t notice the pictures, but I’m sure they were all over – they are celebrating the issue. I don’t know, I’m an open minded person – but to show off nude pictures of your gf to your buds is just weird.

@####: Down here it will be in the high 80s. Can’t believe NoCal is hotter than SoCal.
re nudity: I realize nudity is a part of modeling so to him it’s no big deal.


We were in the upper 80s today but it looks like high 90s Friday and Saturday. I hate this time of year in NorCal but the weather goes from o e extreme to the next!

Toni’s BZ page has some twitter/Instagram pics from last night. You have to remember Leo’s age in his mind. Showing off pics of your gf half naked is cool!


Typos”because the weather goes from one extreme to the next!”

Thanks for those! You know what? I for one don’t care if it’s off-topic because I’d rather see this than read and hear about things like all the last updates about him. Stupid stories that make him look like a dumb teenager. Pictures and apparent appearances ar places which make him look like a world class sleazeblall. His personal life makes me wanna throw up and it only gets worse with the days. I can’t wait till the promos of WOWS kick off. It’s been pretty gross since Cannes and I’m sick of it. But I guess I also have to be careful with what I wish for.. who knows how he’ll behave and what we’ll hear about the after parties of WOWS and his birthday.

NY Daily News @ 09/12/2013 at 3:54 am

Call him Leonardo Deux Caprio.

Partygoers at Meatpacking District hotspot Catch must have thought they’d had too much Champagne Monday when they spotted not one, but two, Leonardo DiCaprios in the same place.

The “Great Gatsby” star, wearing a white T-shirt and a newsboy-style cap, was dragging on an e-cigarette and flirting with a brunette model while nearby a Leo look-alike in an identical outfit baffled the club crowd, said one night owl.

“He has been wearing that ridiculous flat cap instead of his usual baseball hat,” said our spy. “But now Leo has a Di-coy, because there was another guy that looked exactly like Leo wearing the same hat and T-shirt, smoking the same e-cigarette, hanging out in front of Leo at his table.

“People would get confused as to which one was the real Leo.”

Al Bello

Leo (again, probably the real one) attends the men’s singles final match between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal at the U.S. Open.

DiCaprio’s Doppelganger was standing so close to the actor that some revelers suspected the Hollywood star had hired the look-alike to throw gawkers off his trail. There could be something to that theory. Leo hates getting his picture taken at clubs and often warns venue owners he’ll boycott them if they tell the press he parties at their places.

Then again, Leo’s twin could simply be following “The Wolf of Wall Street” actor around, shmoozing with the party crowd at Catch’s two-year anniversary, which included Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jessica White, A$AP Ferg and Dave Chappelle.

The interloper also might pick up any stray lingerie models the 38-year-old actor leaves in his wake. But it seems to be a mutually beneficial relationship — the hunky duo hung out near each other throughout the night.

We’re certain it was the real DiCaprio — not the twin — who was cozying up with the mystery brunette. Maybe the faux Leo can double as the actor’s scapegoat if his real-life girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn, starts asking questions. The pair have been linked since the Cannes Film Festival in May.

DiCaprio was seen with Garrn earlier this week at the U.S. Open, where a source saw them holding hands and kissing for all to see. Last Friday, security escorted Garrn into the Meatpacking District’s trendy Provocateur to meet DiCaprio, a clubgoer tells us. But 20 minutes later, Garrn exited the club, looking upset, and rushed to the street to hail a taxi without her boyfriend, said our insider.

@NY Daily News:
A twin?? Really?? Does any other star in HW do this?
Leo is officially in Michael Jackson territory!!

@Ny Daily News: Interesting that this story is coming out 3 days after the fact. How come there weren’t any tweets about this so-called twin hanging with Leo? All this people getting confused, but not a single person takes a picture or tweets about it? Really?! The articles keep getting more and more ridiculous!

Best Part of this Story!! @ 09/12/2013 at 4:16 am

But 20 minutes later, Garrn exited the club, looking upset, and rushed to the street to hail a taxi without her boyfriend, said our insider


Best Part of this Story!! @ 09/12/2013 at 4:21 am

True, what is going on with all these weird articles coming out lately…and yet no pictures or tweets of them? I don’t know if the story in the NY Daily news is true but I posted the best part! LOL Toni, don’t get too comfortable girl…

The NY Daily News seems to have been onto Leo since his one nights stand with married Kerr happened (they reported on it along with Lainey and YES I believe it) then again they wrote that story of Leo boasting with Kevin Connolly on his sexual prowess (which was said to be false). But anyway that column has never hidden gossip about the ‘real’ Leo and his relationships or his catting around. But this could also be payback for recent somewhat positive Leo stories being fed to the rival NY Post

NY Daily News @ 09/12/2013 at 4:24 am

They have the picture that was posted yesterday from the Interview party attached to this story so I’m confused as to which party they mean. The Interview party was at Monarch which is at Meatpacking as well so I’m confused.

NY Daily News @ 09/12/2013 at 4:31 am

Not that I consider NY Daily News very reliable, but there were tweets from Sophie Bailey that she was at Leo’s table along with Kate Upton whilst Tiesto DJd for them, right? She also talked about a major hangover left from that so it must have been wild? Could’ve explain why Toni left the place so fast and so upset?? Just guessing here though. NY Daily News is in the same category as InTouch and Life&Style to me.

@NY Daily News @ 09/12/2013 at 4:32 am

I absolutely believe this part though:
” Leo hates getting his picture taken at clubs and often warns venue owners he’ll boycott them if they tell the press he parties at their places.”
I’m sure we only get to hear a tiny fraction of Leo’s partying and clubbing habits through Twitter sightings.

@Best Part of this Story!! @ 09/12/2013 at 4:36 am


“Leo hates getting his picture taken at clubs and often warns venue owners he’ll boycott them if they tell the press he parties at their places.” : I say crap too. Leo does not need to “threat” the owners.

@@549: no this part of the story is very true. Don’t get bogged down in semantics. Leo ask the club owners not to let people take pictures of him or they will be escorted out. Ask/warn… its really the same thing. He’s friends with these club owners and they protect him. Thats why you don’t get more pictures of him in the clubs even though he’s there basically every night. You don’t think other people in the club would want to take a picture of Leo DiCaprio? They cant.


Wow! What is up with these stories???

How would Lainey or NY daily news know for sure anything happened between Miranda and Leo? Besides this story was denied.


Not that I believe any of these stories but this could be more true than the others. It was tweeted about… Sophie bailey who happens to be brunette and we know she and Leo have known each other since Cannes. We know she claimed to stay in his party house overnight in Cannes so who knows what happened between them.

We get all these strange articles that are being posted from the us open which are easily picked apart as BS. Dare I say it but maybe they’re off. We are pretty sure they’ve been at some of the same parties, I.e., wedding party Saturday, US open on Monday and the interview party Tuesday night but who’s to say they were together.

US open has those stories that were published which makes what they’re trying to sell crap! We knew they were both at the wedding party but as we discussed on one of the threads most likely he was invited by the grooms side and she by the brides side and now interview which we know he arrived later for the after party but we don’t know if she was still there or not.

I’m not trying to justify this story over the others but its definitely more plausible than the other ones! JMO

@@LOL: ROFL. Err, OF COURSE Leo’s PR would deny it. It’s been rumored he b^anged a married woman who has a child. How does that make Leo look you think? Being seen with (single) models/escorts at clubs or at yachts is something different, being rumored to have had sex with a married woman who has a child is something totally different. Of course they were going to deny it.

Exactly I mean who the h-e-l-l thinks they would admit it? Politician or celebrity. Married Kerr has never fessed up to her other affiars. She made the mistake of publically grinding with Leo at NY clubs last year, which was such commented on. Why on earth would she or Leo be stupid enough to say ‘Yes it happened’.
Hound dog Leo’s criteria is that the woman should be attractive (preferably a model) and have a pulse. No matter if she is single, married or I’m sure a teenager. (I mean this is a guy who cheats on all his girlfriends – Who thinks he has a moral compass?)

I agree that’s his PR’s team job to make him look as good as possible but Im still not buying THAT story. Leo is no Saint but I dont believe he did that.

well if it really happened, Miranda was the one who had a spouse and child to go to after her little”incident”.

‘I mean this is a guy who cheats on all his girlfriends – Who thinks he has a moral compass?’ +1.
#559 – Miranda is just as gross. It’s two people involved who are equally disgusting. But here you are implying Leo is better than Miranda?

Like I said Leo is not a saint either but here im just saying, IF IT REALLY HAPPENED Leo was not the one in a committed relationship. But I just dont believe that story. For me it is completely made up and total BS.

That’s perfectly fine. I can understand everything and respect all aspects of your opinion but this here I can’t understand, I’m sorry.

‘Leo was not the one in a committed relationship’
Seriously? That makes him less gross? (like you said IF IT REALLY HAPPENED).

No it would not make him look less gross. Do you know if Leo and Orlando were spotted talking to each other after this rumor? If it happened they cannot be in good terms anymore.

” …Last Friday, security escorted Garrn into the Meatpacking District’s trendy Provocateur to meet DiCaprio, a clubgoer tells us. But 20 minutes later, Garrn exited the club, looking upset, and rushed to the street to hail a taxi without her boyfriend, said our insider.”
That doesn’t look good:):)
Margot is a true beauty. I can not wait for the WOWS promo. What a breath of fresh air it is going to be.

I’m not sure. I can’t remember seeing them together or reading anything recently that would indicate they are still friendly. Maybe somebody else knows.

not with toni @ 09/12/2013 at 8:41 am

the miranda rumour is total BULLSH@T.No way he banged her. She is not his type and he is friends with Orlando.Leo is a naughty guy but certainly not an a$$hole! I would advise you not to believe everything you read. This rumour is just ridiculous IMO…

@565: I think there was a tweet about Leo being at some party for R&J on Broadway and Orlando plays Romeo in the play.
@Zzzzz: The article didn`t say Leo was hanging out WITH the guy who looked like him. It says in the end the `twin` was hanging out near Leo but not together. Also delayed sightings are not unusual. Page Six had a post about this Provocateur party this week ( a Kate Upton post that mentioned Leo being there ) and it happened last week. A couple of days delay is quite usual with these sightings.
This sounds more like Leo but New York Daily News is not always accurate. They had the story about Leo and Kevin bragging about models ( it was denied ), they were the ones who identified the Russian model as Toni and they started the Miranda rumor ( I`m still not convinced it was true but please, let`s not start an argument about it ). So I take it with salt and grain even though it sounds more realistic than the `waving to her in the stadium` and `he was more interested in her than in the game` even though he wouldn`t sit with her stories.
#### has a good point about Friday since there were tweets about that party and it sounded like a wild one.
So on Friday she leaves that party less than happy then on Monday they are allegedly `all loved up` at the US Open and later that night at the Catch Roof party Leo is `cozy` with a brunette. ( The Catch Roof Club party was on Monday night ).

@not with toni:
What’s his type? The brunette model he was flirting with according to this NY Daily News story? The very young brunette models he was seen partying gand inviting back to his place in Cannes, The blonde/brunette playboy models he slept with over the years as Playmate Isabella wrote about in her tell all (when he was supposed ot be dating Gisele) or the redheads/brunettes he has been catting about with in Vegas over the years. Yes we are definitely entitled to believe what we choose to on loyal Leo.

@####&Zzzzz: Page Six has a post about the Interview party ( Naomi and his ex at the same party ) and they just listed Leo and Toni`s name among the ones who attended. No `loved up` sighting by sources…. That US Open Men`s Final is still a big question mark for me I`m not sure I`m buying those stories.
So it seems he had quite an entourage at the Interview party: Tobey, Ethan, Doronin, probably Lukas…

not with toni @ 09/12/2013 at 9:01 am

@@566: i remember seeing him (video-youtube) with Lukas and two brunette girls outside a club. All of them got into a car. i find it a little weird his official girlfriends are almost always blonde models with germanic features tbh.It seems like he (or his team) thinks that this type is good for his public Anyway.

@not with toni: I have noticed that, too a long time ago. In between official girlfriend he is very often seen with brunettes but when it comes to dating publicly…. it`s always the same type.

not with toni @ 09/12/2013 at 9:13 am

Btw i find Miranda Kerr f^gly-extremely repulsive face .I can’t believe this woman is a model…and from all the fur-pics miranda’s was the yuckiest and most obscene and disgusting.Toni is an angel compared to this…

@not with toni @ 09/12/2013 at 9:20 am

@not with toni: How so? They were both spreading their legs and baring boobs and had fur on their bodies. Only the pose was different? Equally distasteful and vulgar.

@also…Danny A was there as well:)


Another reason I would think this story may be plausible is that I’ve read before about Leo having a doppelgänger. I can’t remember how long ago. I’ll have to see if I can find the article.

@not with toni:

Actually I think someone said it best, model with a pulse. His “official” is usually a blonde but he does go the brunette route on the side!

@NY Daily News @ 09/12/2013 at 9:32 am

Maybe when it was time to go to sleep for Miss Garrn, instead of leaving with her as she would loved, he said ‘Here you have for the cab’. and of course Leo decided to stay with his friends (priorities) lol

She doesnt strike me as a party gal at least not at Leo style.

@not with toni: oh come on stop being a hater. Repulsive??? She might not be your cup of tea but there is nothing repulsive about her face. lol I think Miranda is way more beautiful than Toni who looks like plain jane to me but I would never say Toni is repulsive. lol
Stop being a hater. Repulsive is quite extreme! lol I thought you had sense but now I guess I have to put you in the idiot column. Your true colors are showing honey. I’m guessing you’re on the young side. Take a break from Leo, he’s never coming to you. He doesn’t know you.
‘Also’ you’re still good. Even if you post here 24/7 I think you’re fair.

omg! This girls face is so repulsive!!!! LOL

Madalena Ghenea is a brunette.

not with toni @ 09/12/2013 at 9:47 am

@@572: take it easy…lol

But why are all his ‘official’ girlfriends blonde? That makes no sense to me, especially because this girls are anything than good for his so called image O_o

AiDAWG (@AmAc0505)
9/12/13, 7:03 AM
My dads renovating Heath ledgers old apartment, and my nigga Leonardo dicaprio is buying it, I just missed meeting him -_-


‘Take a break from Leo, he’s never coming to you. He doesn’t know you.” i dunno about nwt but i guess the same applies to your a**. you are here 24/7 attacking posters who disagree with you.Now that’s very mature and you are not a RE TARD at all LMAO i bet Leo would be very proud having stupid stans like you admiring him lol

@578: Who are you? You are pretty condescending and mean. Not everyone shares your opinion ( about Miranda ) and you go and call someone an `idiot` for that. Your comment is just as harsh as the one that upset you. You really think you are better?
I don`t post 24/7. Get over yourself!

not with toni @ 09/12/2013 at 10:21 am

@also…: Thank you so much @ also :p it seems people like @578 have serious mental issues indeed ….. i feel sorry for her (probably a female)…

That would be… I don’t know… I mean it’s only a apartment … Heath was my biggest crush next to Leo in 1999. Still miss him <3

@####: The SoHo apt. where Heath died?

Had Heath another one in NYC?

not with toni @ 09/12/2013 at 10:37 am

@Missy: Hi Missy!
“That makes no sense to me, especially because this girls are anything than good for his so called image O_o” why do you think this is the case?

Heath was my crush, too – next to Leo & Brad Pitt ;P But Leo was my biggest after “Titanic”.

@not with toni:
I’m just wondering why he’s dating the same blonde type over and over again ;)

“jj is filled with maddies” : hahaha! i agree!! YOUR PRESENCE here is the ultimate proof!!! who are you?? why don’t you show us your damn moniker ( i know you have one)?? are you afraid? lol

There is a penthouse in the Broome St. building where Heath Ledger had his last apartment. I would think the actual apartment where Mr. Ledger passed would not be an upgrade from where Leo lives now in NY City. If he is buying it, maybe it is for other reasons. It has been on the market for awhile, hasn’t it?

@588: Hilarious! – sarcasm – Repeat: Get over yourself!
@589: Yeah, it seems like it. Apparently she has the right to be mean towards you but you can`t do it towards Miranda. Ironic!
PS: I can`t stand Miranda either. ;)

@Missy: Maybe he has this idea in his head what`s the `ideal girlfriend` for someone in his position. I mean isn`t it a cliche that a movie star is dating tall, skinny blonde models? Maybe it`s something of a status symbol for him even if he is into different types ( as well ).

@@586: I actually don’t post here that often so I don’t have a moniker but I do lurk and post when I feel like it from time to time. You on the other hand probably have one so I guess you’re the one that’s afraid. lol I have no “presence” here which is the very same reason I say jj is filled with maddies. Seeing things that are not there. Classic sign of madness. : )

It`s madness because you say so? Or is it just people with different opinion than yours? Maybe you are just a little too full of yourself? ;)

Yeah, that could be possible… He seems to be always obsessed with blonde models. There was a story with Ellen Barkin at the set from “This Boy’s Life”. He was only 17… I think it’s not only an idea. But well, I don’t know. This part of Leos life I have never understood.

I think many of us agreed that Leo is like a 20 years old frat boy. And what do they do? They party, hang out with buddies and go for the hot girl so they are cool. Looks matter and having a trophy girlfriend. That`s what I see happening. It`s sad he couldn`t depart from that stage of his life.

Doyou guys know, if Leo and Heath Ledger known each other? I mean, Hollywood is a village and everyone seems to know everyone, but is there a picture of this two together or something???

Don’t know if they knew each other well or were friends (I think not), but he said this in 2009 when he was asked about drugs and River Phoenix:

“Now Heath Ledger has died young. It is such a horrifying thought to know that those guys aren’t around any more. Every person has demons. We all have horrible fears and insecurities that we need to overcome.”

Yes, I agree with you… but, well, it’s his life and his decisions. Maybe I don’t understand it or don’t like it very much, but that’s my problem as an Leo-Fan and not his *lol*

Thanks. Nice words from him <3

Sadly that Leo never made a movie with Heath!


Didn’t Heath did in an apartment that was owned by one of the Olsen twins? So it must be a different apartment that is being renovated that Leo is buying?


Type “die”

has there been any new leo and toni sightings??


I posted one this morning about the Heath Ledger apartment being renovated and Leo buying it and just being there but don’t know how legit it is…..

If it’s legit, he’s still in NYC.

According to this article – posted today – he is still looking for an apartment in NYC.

The lack of sightings in daytime the past couple of days can also be because Leo’s promotional duties must have started by now. If he is going to be on the cover of 1 or 2 November issue of some big magazine I’m thinking the work for that must be in progress already. He (and the film) should be all over the place very soon since the release date is near. Interviews, photoshoots etc etc. I think he is busy. At least that is my guess.

Sorry the off topic but check this new pics of Blake and Ryan Reynolds.

See Ryan’s outfit? Lol something familiar?

Actually Ryan has been wearing newsboy caps long before Leo. He was wearing flat caps while Leo was wearing his then constant baseball caps. Check out the pics with him and Scarlett Johansson in early JJ posts or elsewhere as far back as 2009-2010.

Just one of many examples. Ryan flat cap 2007 – 2008
Though its is kinda ironic now. And Justin Timberlake too seems to wear them all the time now

Hi there. OMG! I forgot about Eva H. It was around The Man in the Iron Mask promo. You’re right and she actually mentioned the Leo infidelity in her divorce filing from Tico Torres.

@LMAO: The difference is that Ryan always looks put together. Always. Leo looks like a slob most of the time. His jeans hardly fit him properly. And the unkempt beard. Just… no! I don’t know anyone in HW whose looks fluctuate as much as Leo’s. When he cleans up, he is so beautiful… It’s actually ridiculous!

@also…: My mistake – they were hanging by each other, not necessarily with each other. re pictures: I can see the club owners trying to ban photos, I say try, because there will always be a few that sneak a photo, but how can they ban people tweeting? What are they going to take everybody’s phone when they enter the club? Again, I find it odd that not a single person tweeted about this whole incident.
re Page 6: So on Tuesday Page 6 is saying how Leo is so captivated by Toni, but at the Interview party no mention of the couple being all lovey, ok?
re NY Daily News: So he came went from this party straight to the Interview after-party. I could actually see him doing that. Was he surrounded by and flirting with models at the first party, of course. About Toni leaving after 20 minutes upset, like #### said, there were tweets from that one model re hanging with Leo and getting crazy. Maybe Leo wasn’t expecting Toni and was flirting with the models. Toni didn’t like what shw saw. Again, who knows?
re Miranda: IMO Leo doesn’t really have a lot morals that I can see. He has been known to have affairs with married women (Eva H comes to mind), but I agree with also…: I think (I hope) that he would draw the line when it comes to a married woman with a small child. Also, Leo and Orlando have seen/interacted with each other after this alleged one night stand happened. Leo stopped by Orlando’s table to wish him a happy birthday in December (I believe) and just recently he was at the Romeo and Juliet Broadway party, which stars Orlando. Also, I don’t think the Interview photos are anything special, and I am not a big fan of Miranda, but I do admire her for be the only model in the shoot to use fake fur.

This was in the NY Post funny they describe him as a ‘serial estate viewer’.

It’s official: Jared Kushner’s long anticipated Puck Building penthouses are unofficially showing. One of the first potential buyers to take a peek inside the landmarked SoHo building’s top-floor apartments was none other than serial real estate viewer Leonardo DiCaprio.
Though the six penthouses have not been priced yet, “The Wolf of Wall Street” star looked at units that were in the “$20 million-plus” range, according to sources.

But seriously how long has this dude been looking for a place?

#619 typo: didn’t see what she saw.

@LOL: Hi, Lady! I knew about the affair – she talked about it in an interview. I didn’t know she actually mentioned him in the divorce filing. Yikes! That’s not good!
@Lucy: Agree – he is a slob, but cleans up nice! Maybe he does it to get away from the heart-throb/beautiful label?

@Zzzzzz: The Catch party was on Monday and the Interview party on Tuesday. The Catch party with the twin and the burnette (?) was the day of the US Open all loved up sighting.

How the Page Six sighting of Leo at the Interview after-party made it to bz, Leo checking out an apartment in NYC made it to his bz thread but the NY Daily News article hasn`t. How come? :pondering:

@also…: thanks! I figured I probably got something messed up! Love dovey with Toni at the Open and cozying up to a brunette later that night…. ok…..

@Zzzzzz: Hey, Z. I agree with you that Leo has… Ahem… morality issues. I actually think there is some truth to the Miranda rumor. Not trying to stir up trouble, but I heard that Lainey doesn’t ever make up blinds. She writes them based on something that has proven factual. Some if her sources are pretty good, I guess. And she doesn’t write a lot of them, so it’s not like she is always throwing crap out there. It’s not random. I hope I’m wrong, but that blind item coincides with Beiber being in NYC. And after that there was one or two stories out there about Miranda being all over Leo, even giving him a lap dance and whatnot. Plus, I think she is notorious for cheating on her husband. So….. Who knows!


I’m getting confused because I’ve obviously missed some sightings. The New York Daily news article from last night – wasn’t that the night he was at Provocateur with Tobey Maguire watching Tiesto. That’s when Sophie Bailey tweeted she was there too and they had a hangover type of night?

What happend at The Catch?

@####: Provocateur was last week – that’s where Toni left upset after 20 minutes. The Catch party was Monday night, after the Us Open – he supposedly had a twin there and was cozying up to a brunette. The Interview Party was Tuesday! Hey also… – did I get that right?!
I’m out for most of the afternoon – later! :)

@####: The Daily News article is about 3 different nights actually. It starts with a party on Monday ( Catch club, another guy dressed like him, cozying up to a brunette ) then it refers to the US Open lovey-dovey sighting and then it mentions the Friday night party ( Provocateur when Toni left and was upset ). At least that’s my understanding of the article.
So as Zzzzz said first he is all loved up with Toni at the Open and then cozy ing up to a brunette? If DN is correct that would make me even more certain that the US Open sighting was just PR. IF DN is correct. Who knows?

“How the Page Six sighting of Leo at the Interview after-party made it to bz, Leo checking out an apartment in NYC made it to his bz thread but the NY Daily News article hasn`t. How come? :pondering:”

Same thought. I guess this story of Leo acting as usual Leo doesnt fit into their love story Leo and Toni boo boo

not with toni @ 09/12/2013 at 2:25 pm

“But seriously how long has this dude been looking for a place?” true. If i’m not mistaken since June. He is felt to be very -very careful when it comes to his real estate investments. The same applies to the scripts and the people who work with him-directors-publicist .The “anomaly” happens in the girlfriend-department.



I read the NY Daily News article on here at like 2AM (was I lucid? obviously not!!!) so I did not get that it was referring to three different sightings of him. I thought it was just about the Provocateur sighting which is why when Zzzzzz mentioned there were no tweets, I was saying there was.

But as I did mention in my previous tweet after the NY Daily News article was posted on here, it’s questionable as to whether they are still together or not.

All of these articles are just crazy and confusing!!!

@also…: that loser who accused you of being here 24/7 is making a fool of herself without even knowing it! She is definitely here 24/7 too that’s why she knows posters here oh-so-damn-well.You don’t owe her an explanation why you are here! even if you are here all the time it’s YOUR BUSINESS and the immature troll with the mental issues should stfu in this case and stop attacking people out of boredom and stupidity…

@not with toni:

Bahahahahahaha…..ANOMALY!!! What a great word to describe it!!! :-)

The one with the answers @ 09/12/2013 at 3:20 pm

…….And baby, it’s amazing I’m in this maze with you
I just can’t crack your code
One day you screaming you love me loud
The next you’re so cold
One day you’re here, one day you’re there, one day you care
You’re so unfair, sipping from your cup ’til it runneth over,
Holy Grail…….

Toni should call her friend Erin to ask her how is Leo as bf and to get ready for disappointment. Although I think she already knows but I guess some models need to crash against that wall to learn for themselves.


I’m sure they all think they are going to be the one. But as mentioned here several times, I think most of it is being relevant and being recognized!

Unfortunately with Toni, and IMO it backfired for her.

Was Toni in the Ralph Lauren show?


There’s a Daily Mail article and it has a few pics from the Ralph Lauren show. Karlie Kloss is the only one I recognize so I don’t know. Did Toni walk in any shows? It seems to me that Karlie Kloss is way more popular as a model and she seemed to do a bunch of shows.

Is Toni even going to the London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks?
Not to be rude but does she just think she’s going to live off of being Leo’s current flavor of the month? :-)

Leo thinks he’s better than everyone (and than his girlfriends of course).
He has a big ego and he’s very overrated. Toni should leave him and find herself a nice guy, maybe closer to her age.

Toni does a lot of beauty and catalog photography. Most cover girls do not walk shows.


toni is booked for the show in london her showcard is already out ; and wil karlie and some other models , they are called the swans of HF

as for her with leo i think the dead line is either close or passed ; i don’t believe any of thearticles on in touch or life style and even page six it’s just fake PR like they did when he was filming WOWS


And happened with “she is a HF model”?

Toni does a lot of beauty and catalog photography. Most cover girls don’t walk shows.

Have you seen this article ?
I guess Erin is probably on her way out… dumped by Leo and now VS ? ouch

Toni actually walks a lot of shows. She cut back this season for some reason but she definitley has a show card for London Fashion Week next week.


I thought VS and Miranda Kerr parted ways a few months ago? I think Erin is still an Angel. They showed a picture of her recently (like within the past few days) with some of the other angels for something to do with VS.

They “forgot” her name…


I agree with you. I think the end is near or it already happened but who knows. Just when we say that a picture will pop up of the two of them just like it did with Erin.

Ruthie Alcaide @RuthieAlcaide
Just saw Leo DiCaprio, Shannon Grooms spotted him first lol! Walking along the high line #NYC :)

I think Erin is out. They’ve been using her less and less this year, and have instead bumped up Lily Aldridge and Lindsay Ellignson.

Let's see... @ 09/12/2013 at 5:03 pm

… if Leo shows up in London during fashion week!


I agree that the end is near if it hasn’t already happened but just when we say that a picture will surface.

@B2: No, Toni wasn’t at the RL show.
@VS: That list of names isn’t released by VS but by Vogue. It’s not an official model line-up. Embarrassing as it is I think they really forgot to mention her. Erin is a VS Angel and she will most probably be walking the show. All Angels do.

@Let’s see…:

I doubt he will. He has too much coming up in the US but you never know. Like I said, just when we think the end is near, a picture of them will pop up. How many times did it happen with Erin?

Run Toni, Run! @ 09/12/2013 at 5:52 pm

@NY Daily News:

“Maybe the faux Leo can double as the actor’s scapegoat if his real-life girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn, starts asking questions”

Yep yep! The Daily News has got his number. He uses a double dressed exactly like him to distract the lookie loos from keeping tabs on his comings and goings. He started doing it in Australia. The manchild is an arrogant, devious cheat. No wonder Toni left shortly after, looking upset. Run like hell, girl!

Yea but would he really follow her to London because she has to work there? If she goes? Unlikely.

@Let’s see…:

Who else has been spending time in London? Bradley :p

He is now in LA but maybe Leo think is a good excuse to go to London and hang out once again with Bradley in double date lol

@Run Toni, Run!: Wow. Thanks for that. Doubles in Australia ? Any more goss.

What's next @ 09/12/2013 at 6:19 pm

I think the end will be near when Toni realizes more and more Leo’s attitude as a boyfriend. Still flirting with girls in clubs? She will find out very quickly. Eventually all do. Pretending to be a good boyfriend having his wingman checking on her and only approaching her at the end of the tennis match but still he preferred to sit with another one or attending her party at 1am and later more clubs who knows with or without her, is only Leo way to play with them.

@What’s next:
Actually they don’t all do. In fact most of his girls tend to stick around and endure Leo’s shabby treatment for the career exposure until Leo dumps them!


Is it my imagination or does it seem like the shabby treatment has been more “public” so to speak with Toni than it has with past gfs?

I would say its your imagination. And judging by most of your posts on Leo and Toni. Your wish?


Of course you would seeing as you’re making a snide comment directly to me.

And pretty sure most of my posts were not talking about Leo and Toni’s relationship directly but whatever.

Not that many big name designers in London

Body Double @ 09/12/2013 at 8:18 pm

‘He makes a living performing in front of the cameras, but off duty Leonardo DiCaprio is camera shy, as PS discovered at Thursday night’s The Star launch. Each time PS attempted to take his shot, a burly bodyguard would block him from view. DiCaprio, who was sipping some very expensive whisky and wearing his trademark baseball cap, also had a ”decoy” with him, wearing a similar outfit to the star, who was used to create diversions so the ”real Leonardo” could move about undetected by the masses. But it was most definitely the ”real Leonardo” who was in his own VIP area later in the evening at the bar Cherry as a succession of some of Sydney’s most beautiful women were presented before him, his minders going into the bar area on what appeared to be fishing expeditions for the actor, bringing back their prize catches for his personal perusal.’

Read more:

Body Double @ 09/12/2013 at 8:21 pm

He makes a living performing in front of the cameras, but off duty Leonardo DiCaprio is camera shy, as PS discovered at Thursday night’s The Star launch. Each time PS attempted to take his shot, a burly bodyguard would block him from view. DiCaprio, who was sipping some very expensive whisky and wearing his trademark baseball cap, also had a ”decoy” with him, wearing a similar outfit to the star, who was used to create diversions so the ”real Leonardo” could move about undetected by the masses. But it was most definitely the ”real Leonardo” who was in his own VIP area later in the evening at the bar Cherry as a succession of some of Sydney’s most beautiful women were presented before him, his minders going into the bar area on what appeared to be fishing expeditions for the actor, bringing back their prize catches for his personal perusal.

Body Double @ 09/12/2013 at 8:21 pm

He makes a living performing in front of the cameras, but off duty Leonardo DiCaprio is camera shy, as PS discovered at Thursday night’s The Star launch. Each time PS attempted to take his shot, a burly bodyguard would block him from view. DiCaprio, who was sipping some very expensive whisky and wearing his trademark baseball cap, also had a ”decoy” with him, wearing a similar outfit to the star, who was used to create diversions so the ”real Leonardo” could move about undetected by the masses. But it was most definitely the ”real Leonardo” who was in his own VIP area later in the evening at the bar Cherry as a succession of some of Sydney’s most beautiful women were presented before him, his minders going into the bar area on what appeared to be fishing expeditions for the actor, bringing back their prize catches for his personal perusal.

Body Double @ 09/12/2013 at 8:31 pm

HE’S the security guard slash actor whose job it is to play the part of Leonardo DiCaprio in front of the paparazzi – Confidential would like to introduce you to the man we call “Decoy-prio”. Having first hit the radar last week at the launch of The Star, the professional impersonator was again doing his doppelganger best on Saturday night to help his employer sneak into Baz Luhrmann’s private 49th birthday bash.

amazing how there is about 500 comments of basically nothing. you guys are so riveting…

amazing too @ 09/12/2013 at 8:40 pm

that you’re still reading after 500 comments of basically nothing. you must be riveted.

It’s always about the same damn things. His 22 year old mentality, more conspiracies about him and Toni, Toni bashing, Leo bashing, his awful style, clubbing, and partying. It’s gotten so boring now. I just want that damn Wall Street flick to release so there’ll be something more interesting to discuss. Toni and Leo are so boring together and I don’t get why everyone is so fascinated by them as a couple. Honestly.

???? Everyone fascinated by them as a couple????
You have to be kidding. I think on the contrary everyone is disturbed and probably disgusted by thinking Leo could actually be in couple with an almost half his age fur promoter model who has agreed to become his newest obedient puppy.

fur promoter? @ 09/12/2013 at 9:02 pm

really? does she wear them on her personal time? she signed a contract. she’s doing her job. you don’t have to like her, but you sound desperate for reasons to hate her. she’s a young girl charmed by an older guy who gets off on seducing young girls. it won’t last long. it may have already ended.

The way you all analyze and inspect their relationship/whereabouts constantly leads me to believe otherwise, like that crazy debate if he took a damn picture of her on a bus or not…
Honestly, I don’t understand the immense hate for Toni. Her tweets are annoying and I don’t support wearing real fur and that favorite little quote of hers is tacky too, but the girl literally just turned 21. She just seems naive but also bland, just like Erin did. Pretty enough girls and probably sweet too, but their presence just comes off as too bland and uninteresting to really even care. I can’t mutter up any excitement for this girl at all. Atleast Blake looked like a fun enough girl who has some spunk.

@fur promoter?:
Not trying to troll but why do you think it may have already ended. I’m starting to think the earlier lovey dovey NY Post sightings and Life & Style were because his people were expecting today’s Daily News story. But why would Leo bother with that if it had ended/ending. Why not just end it with the usual ‘busy schedules’ line since he wants to **** around.

@ironic: actually the NY Daily News is on BZ – under the general thread for Leo, not the Actor thread. It will be interesting to see the response to the article. Someone already said the part about Toni leaving was BS.
@Lucy: Hello! re the whole Miranda – I truly believe it isn’t true, but there were several sightings of them together at various places. They always had a group with them, but who knows. I mean to have a one night stand with the wife of a guy you know and then go wish him a happy birthday – that’s beyond a douche. Leo is bad – but I truly don’t believe he’s that bad! The whole married with a child – there are some lines, you don’t cross. If it is true, I would really lose all respect for him. Can’t admire a person I don’t respect. I believe there were some regular posters that left after that blind item came out because they really believed it was him and were just so disgusted.

Leo may be a manwh0re and douchebag 80% of the time, but I do not think he would stoop THAT low as to hook up with a married mother, the wife of another actor he is friends with. They probably flirted with eachother and got close, but I don’t believe they had a one night stand. JMO.

@@amazing (682) : what you said!

fascination @ 09/12/2013 at 9:33 pm

I’m not fascinated by Leo and Toni in the slightest. I’m more interested by the fact that he does the same thing over and over again. Why does he bother having a girlfriend when it’s obvious he wants to live like a single guy most of the time? I don’t get it.

NY Daily News is probably showing up the NY Post for cooperating with DiCaprio’s publicist. They have no reason to cover for him. The Post would probably be writing the same story if they weren’t worried about being cut off from their source.

@Zzzzzzz: It was posted not so long ago and not by a regular of course. The Toni leaving part is BS? I`m shocked to read that! lol Who would have seen that coming? :)

…”does she wear them on her personal time? she signed a contract. she’s doing her job…”
HER JOB??? Yeah right. if someone wanted to skin her alive and use her skin for a fashion contract job…?
When you accept and sign a contract for a job you do have a responsibility.
She chose to accept this job.

@also…: LOL!!!! ;)

@Zzzzz: Maybe it`s me but I don`t see that comment about the BS part. There`s a new one though that`s gonna be removed soon… lol

“Nothing going on. Only new girls every night. Am I right?”

It seems as if some BZ posters are starting to say how they REALLY feel about Leo and Toni! Did pigs fly?

also…: It’s the person who posted the article she says it at the very top of her post. re the comment. That person has posted before. Definitely does not put Leo on a pedestal. Wonder how long before they delete it or the other posters start saying things about the post.
I’m off for a bit, talk to ya later ;)

@OMG: Did pigs fly!!! LOL!! that poster is new and hasn’t posted that often. They have been edited/deleted before. So don’t be surprised if it happens again

@Zzzzz: Oh, I missed the intro. Thanks! Yeah, it`s probably BS since their relationship is a fairy tale and Leo is Prince Charming himself! :eyeroll:
@OMG: I think neither the one who posted the article or the poster you quoted are regulars. But I think I know whose comment is going to be removed shortly…. lol

@Zzzzzz: Re the Miranda rumor. I hope it’s not true. Everyone makes valid points about Leo not sinking to that level. And most of the time I want to believe that. But then I read stupid articles about his ridiculous and piggish behavior in Australia and I just don’t know. It’s so disappointing. I mean, there were too many stories about his wild ways when he was over there. You have to take everything with a grain of salt, but where there is smoke, there is fire. And with Leo, there is fire pretty much everywhere!

Oh really then what was that blurb Leo’s people fed to US Weekly after the kissing pics of them being ‘fully together’ or was that Toni’s people again? And Leo’s people are more than happy for the NY Post Pg 6 to call her his girlfriend in their fanfic.

Sadly this is true. I don’t think the Miranda rumor is true either, but I’ve pretty sure they have been friendly towards each other in a flirty way. I hope he wouldn’t stoop THAT low to have a one night stand with her. Also, I know its no one’s business, but all these ridiculous and trashy stories about him coming out every day now that have a good chance of being true make me kind of disappointed. I feel like everyone is against him right now, and he has himself to blame. I also just want WOWS promotion to start already, despite how nervous I am for the movie and Leo’s reception! Can’t take these trashy stories about him anymore tbh. It’s like there’s a new thing everyday with him.


Because Leo’s never said he has a girlfriend. Sites like this and rag mags with “sources” have dubbed them boyfriend and girlfriend so why is Leo going to come out with anything about them breaking up, busy schedules, whatever when he nor his people have confirmed a relationship.


Agee!! Especially so early in their “relationship!!!”


She could have said no or asked for faux fur!!!

Oh really?. Then what was that blurb Leo’s people fed to US Weekly after the kissing pics of them being ‘fully together’ or was that Toni’s people again? And Leo’s people are more than happy for the NY Post Pg 6 to call her his girlfriend in their fanfic. And when in all of Leo’s relationships has he ever gone into a public forum and announced he had a girlfriend?

Jessica Zambelli @JessicaZambelli 10m
Leonardo DiCaprio arrives at @CalvinKlein’s #NYFW party. Cannot breath.


True true statement. I question the Leo/Miranda hook-up as well. I don’t want to believe it but theyre out in the clubs, drinking and anything can happen with anyone. Maybe they were flirty and things just got out of hand.

Whoever said Leo would be hitting up fashion week was right. Lol. Expecting pics of him looking bloated and hiding his face under a cap.

It would actually be funny if Leo and Toni get serious, #### will top herself. lol. her hatred for Leo and especially Toni as a couple burns her very being. Leo is not coming for you boo.


How do you know it was Leo’s people? I don’t think I’ve ever said that Leo’s pr leaked anything. I always say that I don’t think Leo is invested in this “relationship” enough to have his people leak anything about him and toni.


WTF? Did I say something for you to personally attack me?

@####: Past behavior. Leo has had his people brief the high end tabs on his relationships for years. Leo’s word and star power matters to them more then Toni’s ever would. And how do you know the leaks and everything is Toni’s people? And if it was her people (which I doubt) do you think Leo is unaware, is a by stander, you think he’s just a pawn in her game or maybe he’s signing off on it too

Drake and Pharrell are performing there. I’m sure his flavour of the season is there too.

Bz is getting funny! The article rattled someone over there! lol

@####: The Us Weekly article that also said it’s not more serious than his previous relationships? I think Leo’s PR wouldn’t use InTouch or Life&Style and as #706 said ‘high end’ sources don’t really care about Toni…


Are you talking about the initial “fully together” leak? First, IMO to me “fully together” doesn’t mean boyfriend/girlfriend. Isn’t that the article that also said they were still getting to know each other, etc.?

I’ve only said that the recent articles in intouch and life & style were probably from Toni’s PR.

GLAMOUR_Beauty (@AlexSteinherr)
9/12/13, 8:31 PM
Standing next to Leonardo di Caprio playing backgamon on his phone-too shy to take a picture #heprobablywouldn’tnoticeanyway

LOL…….now we know why Leo is always looking at his phone!!! Hahaha….

@#707 if she is there he’s more interested in his game on his phone! :-)

This is hilarious!!

Why do you need a contract for a relationship. Any contract involving sex is illegal.

Oh sh*t. You’re back. With a new username.

A non disclosure agreement is a contract.

@addis = questions = wows gay @ 09/13/2013 at 12:14 am


#713, #715 Why does Leos PR team not want to hear the truth? What are you afraid of?

live is to short to dance with you,fanboy

No fanBOY for Leo’s PR team.

@#### & also…: It looks like the CK party is the happening place tonight. I’m sure there will be articles tomorrow.
@####: What the hech did you say that caused that reaction? I read your comments and I can’t figure it out.
@Lucy: I agree he sounded like an outright pig in Australia. But I’m sure half the stories are exaggerated and/or made up. He definitely went on a bender after he and Blake parted. I really think he liked her and it bothered him when they broke up. I think Blake wouldn’t put up with ways and left , which probably shocked him since he’s use to doing what he wants and his gfs looking the other way. I do think that he and Miranda were doing some heavy flirting, but hopefully that was it. FYI – it’s nice talking to you. I’ve noticed you’re one of the posters a person can have a conversation with w/o it turning into a screaming – mudslinging match!


She was. There is a pic of her on Madison Stephens Instagram.

it’s alright post whatever you want,girl. they are no better….

oops! Typo #719 – what the *heck did…

So sad to see Leo go from Jack Dawson. Now just booze, drugs and official girlfriends. His health is going to be irreparably harmed.

@HAHA12: Hey, Lady! I know you’ve been busy, but it’s always great to read your comments! Actually one one of the articles is saying something bad about Leo. The other ones (InTouch, Life & Style and Page 6) are portraying him as totally taken with Toni. re WOWS: He should be starting the interviews for the magazines anytime now. Once he starts, I think he will probably slow down on the clubbing. I’m sure he doesn’t want to show up to an interview with a hangover or looking bloated and rough!


I don’t know what I said. I guess it was just my turn tonight. :-(

@####: Honey, it happens to all of us! Welcome to the club :) LOL!!


Definitely not too worried about it! I guess it was like an initiation? Haha

Hello :p It’s always nice to read your comments, I went through some pages here and it’s a lot more peaceful so far than it was in the last thread heh. And yeah I’ve been busier lately and cannot comment as frequently as I could before but I will still try to comment enough!
About the articles, I didn’t get a read through all of them but didn’t you or some other posters say some of them were full of BS and ridiculous? Like waving to Toni in the crowd at the US Open and now this story that she left him at a club pissed? Too many crazy stories and regardless they all portray him in a negative and unclassy light IMO. Makes him looks so immature and selfish but I guess hes just like that in real life too eh? Personally I am just waiting for WOWS promotion to start, I’m really interested yet nervous for Leo in regards to interviews. The press and gossip sites will obviously tear him apart, but regardless it’ll still be fun to see him talk about the movie hopefully with Jonah. I actually hope both those guys do Unscripted like Leo and Matt Damon did a couple of years ago. I think Jonah would make Leo loosen up and theyd both probably be really funny, no? Oh AND Margot Robbie. I’m really excited for her and Leo’s chemistry. She seems to like him a lot.

Don’t worry it happens to almost everyone here at one point. Just try to ignore the troll comments and this thread will be less derailed with arguments and bickering :)

@HAHA12: Hopefully, he will have fun with the interviews like he did when he was doing interviews with Russell Crowe. Jonah’s got a pretty good sense of humor so it should be fun to see the two. Re Margo – did you see her spread for Vanity Fair? Stunning! The recent photo of Leo and her in People looks great! There supposed to be releasing a 2nd trailer soon – can’t wait to see it!

@also… & @###: guess who sent a twitter from the CK party? One guess!


Of course she did! There is a pic of her with her friend, another model Madison Stephens on Madison’s Instagram.


LOL and that’s the same pic!!

Entourage @ 09/13/2013 at 4:19 am

I saw someone said a couple days ago here that everyone knew Leo’s ties with Entourage. I only know he’s close friends with Kevin Connolly and also good pals with Adrien Grenier. What are his ties with Entourage other than that?

DANIELLEEEE (@dannyduces)
9/13/13, 12:30 AM
Just saw Leonardo dicaprio n nas at 1oak n avenue yay leonardo is my fav actor

1oak? again????

Does she have to make that duck face in 80% of her pictures?

1OAK sighting @ 09/13/2013 at 4:56 am

Barry @baron_nzekwe 28m
Started out in the Darby …Ended up at 1Oak!!! #nyc #DicaprioWasThere @ 1OAK Night Club, NYC

@@731-733: LMFAO!!!! ;)
@@735: Like someone said on another post – it’s his home away from home!

From the Calvin Klein party. Is that an e-cig in her hand?

Fron NY Daily News @ 09/13/2013 at 7:10 am


Leonardo DiCaprio and his Victoria’s Secret catalogue selection, Toni Garnn, at Tribeca’s Cercle Rouge. …


@Fron NY Daily News:
Thanks for that. Wow the NY Daily News are really gunning for him now. LMAO

@741: LOL! But this seems to be a milestone. First dinner sighting about only the two of them ( unless his buddies were there but not mentioned ). It took 3-4 months? lol

Why don’t I have any doubt his friends were there too. Lol.
But that Daily News sighting..yikes! Seriously embarrassing. His catalogue selection…

About the NY Daily News
I would be very surprised they were only the two of them.

And doesn’t this sighting say when this was?

@BZ: Looks like it. Pretentious girl.
Also saw this on BZ.
Is she wearing that necklace reversed? Like, is she trying to hide it?
JM necklace maybe??

More sightings. I found the Lindsay Lohan part hilarious. Cause I’ve heard it before

On Wednesday, the 18th floor of the The Standard, High Line hosted not one but two bashes: Chez André at Le Bain and, across the hall, a Purple magazine and Proenza Schouler party at the Top of the Standard.
“The only thing that I’ve gone to is my friend Wendy Nichol’s presentation, which was earlier tonight. My sister Aliana was in it,” Lindsay Lohan said of her week, taking in the scene on the Boom Boom side. “I saw her, and I was like, ‘Who is that girl?’ She was wearing this amazing outfit and barely any makeup on and I was just telling my friends, she looked so incredible. I’m so proud.” The starlet’s handlers were reportedly told to keep her away from Leonardo DiCaprio, who was said to be arriving shortly.

DiCaprio, ubiquitous newsboy cap on head, slipped in just before 1 a.m., parking himself at a table overlooking the Hudson. Girlfriend Toni Garrn soon joined DiCaprio; the two only stayed briefly before heading out.

“You ever see this installation?” DiCaprio asked Garrn, tapping on the glass wall of the elevator on their way down.

“I see it every time I come here, but it looks different now,” she replied. (It was indeed a new work by Marco Brambilla installed that day.)

“Yeah, it looks like a dancing hell, right?” he mused.