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Leonardo DiCaprio & Alexander Skarsgard: U.S. Open Men's Final!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Alexander Skarsgard: U.S. Open Men's Final!

Leonardo DiCaprio is all smiles while attending the 2013 U.S. Open men’s singles final match at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on Monday (September 9) in New York City.

The 38-year-old actor was joined by producer Todd Courtney while watching Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal battle each other for four sets, with Rafael taking home the championship.

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Alexander Skarsgard was also spotted enjoying the match while sitting in the Moet & Chandon suite.

FYI: Leo is wearing Carrera sunglasses.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo Dicaprio and Alexander Skarsgard watching Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal compete in the U.S. Open final…

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Photos: Getty, AKM-GSI
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  • Zzzzzz

    @Leonie: I agree about Adriana’s dress – stunning! re Toni’s dress – it was a designer dress but the combination was just bizarre. Definitely not not my style!!!
    Agree with your comment about her tweet and I think she did hire a PR firm. I know that Erin hired one shortly after she started dating Leo.
    re articles on Leo and gf: Yes! It laughable because they almost always sound the same, they just change the name! I remember “Leo smitten by Erin” – she was everything he was looking for. How if they went to a party – “he would be smooch and “canoodle” with her” – couldn’t keep his hands off of her. Didn’t really follow him when he was with Bar. But I remember there were a ton of articles when Leo and Blake were dating. How Blake “captured Leo’s heart”! Stuff like that!

  • Zzzzzz

    #301 typo *smooching and canoodling ……

    @Leonie: I’m off to catch some zzzzzs – have a great day today – talk to ya later! :) xo

  • Zzzzzz

    @Leonie: Yes, I knew what you meant! :)

  • Léonie

    Stupid word choice in #298. Not ‘because I see more than..’ but ‘because I also look at..’ Thought I’d clearify. Saw later that my initial word choice made it sound lame. Hey Z, you know what I meant right? :)

  • Zzzzzz

    typo – brain fart on #301!! *Definitely not my style! **It’s laughable

  • Léonie

    @301: Lol alright so it’s basically the same with all the gf’s. What can I say? Don’t wanna use degrading terms but geez, ‘desperate’ is the word I guess. Nice talking to you, goodnight! xo

  • @284

    “Is it really that far-fetched to think she hired a PR now?”

    She (Toni) or even Victoria Secret….

  • Dasha

    It’s good to see you smile Leo :)
    Love you ♥♥♥

  • x0x0

    Skarsgard fans where are you guys????? You’ve bailed???

    Now I know why Leo and Gerard Butler posts are always trending on JJ.

    These CRAZY Leo fans ******* are seriously on another planet.
    Like Gerard Butler’s freaky ****** stans

    What a crappy thread.

  • also…

    There were stories like these with his exes. With Blake at least there were photos to prove these stories. Erin`s case was similar I think. There was no chemistry there, some photo ops and the sources with the lovey-dovey thing. Sounded like PR and that`s how it feels now. I think Toni really likes her new position as Leo`s gf and milks it so I wouldn`t be surprised if she hired a team. But this is the best they can do?
    @Zzzzzz: Yeah, I consider Page Six reliable. I know not everyone agrees with me and this time it seems more like a PR-press cooperation.

  • @From Page Six

    Am I the only one who thinks it is also a little strange that Lukas tweets his Mobli vid of the match after not tweeting anything in nearly 8 months? And like 3 times, very insisting. Plus promoting his Mobli account in a tweet before that? And him not being photographed. And then mentioned by that P6 article which sounds bizarre from beginning to end already?

  • ok

    So Leo was seen at Darby and later partying at Avenue…???

  • @From Page Six

    Lukas’ mobli account isn’t sporadic. His Twitter account is though and that’s what is strange now.

  • @309

    “These CRAZY Leo fans are seriously on another planet.What a crappy thread.” *sigh* so true! and many more to come unfortunately

  • @311

    @@From Page Six:
    Honestly what’s so strange about it? Lukas’ mobli account is often sporadic. Same with Ethan. And Tobey does not even use his. And there have been events and stuff that some Leo friends were spotted by few that no one knew there were there till later, like the 2012 GGs. You guys see strange things everywhere.

  • @311

    ok for Toni she’s desperate for attention, but why would Lukas do such a strange thing?

  • @313

    If its not sporadic then why is it odd that he posts an event of which he was there? NY Post says he was there. Loads of celebs A-F list were there Maybe he felt like sitting somewhere else at this final, maybe he does not like Vlad, maybe Leo instructed him too. Lukas posted when he was at Serena’s final at Roland Garros earlier this year too. What’s the conspiracy there? And his twitter account like Tobey’s is more or less inactive now. Like other celebs its on/off. You think he’s doing it for the benefit of JJ readers? No point continuing with this, y’all see PR conspiracy everywhere.

  • @From Page Six

    That’s what I’m asking. You tell me? I’m not implying Lukas wants to put himself out there. He doesn’t strike me as such a person. Just pointing out it is strange how he does put up pics and vids on his Mobli regularly and doesn’t use Twitter often but now, strangely exactly when this weird P6 article comes up Lukas makes use of his Twitter acc after 8 months to share his Us Open vid. Maybe it has to do with PR/Toni to ‘support’ the story. It might as well be coincidence, but then again to me it is a strange one.

  • fifi

    someone here said that it doesn’t make sense Toni didn’t upload photos from the us open that she reportedly attended,whilst when she had attended matches prior to this one she took the time to do so. Well….why would she? I mean whenever she attends an event (with Leo for instance is she obliged to tweet some pics?? no! and the poster’s rationale was completely nonsensical

  • @317

    I agree I don’t think Lukas had an agenda like backing up P6, which btw makes Leo look like a selfish teenage boy lol!

  • also…

    @fifi: It’s not about being obligated. It’s about the fact that in the past he did that. Posting a photo from or soon after the French or US Open. And we talked about tennis matches not ‘whenever she attends an event’.

  • @#320

    ”which btw makes Leo look like a selfish teenage boy lol!” Lol. Err, this is Leo you’re describing.

  • @318

    @@From Page Six:
    It was obvious you were seeing a PR/Toni thing. Does not surprise me at all. Everything with Leo/Toni is part of a conspiracy that could make the US government blush. I think it funny how Leo pals have been roped in now as part of a grandmaster plan using their social media accounts (accounts that don’t even generate much heat) once something y’all don’t want to hear or read on Leo and his girlfriend is published. We’ll agree to disagree

  • @also

    + she double tweeted. She REALLY missed that guy!

  • @318

    Like I said on #320 I don’t think Lukas had an agenda, unlike Toni.

    @322 Right! lol!

  • @also

    @also…: what does make a “tennis match ” any different in this case?

  • morose flower

    i think Toni was there at the us open.She wasn’t with Leo.So what?? I think the seats of the president suite( if i’m not mistaken?) are limited and for some reason Leo was not capable of securing her some seat there.No PR ,nothing obscure or”cabalistic” there . In her shoes i wouldn’t attend this particular match at all…if only she knew what kind of comments her tweet has generated…Toni girl is always the black sheep no matter what..

  • 326

    I dont think its about a tennis match necessarily. Toni rarely didn’t make use of an opportunity to drop hints about her and Leo via her Twitter. It’s not conspiracy. It’s there to see for everyone who can look at it objectively, and by that I also mean without thinking that Leo fans seek something behind everything. You can be skeptical but this one thing is pretty much out there IMO. Especially after what she tweeted yesterday. I don’t think Lukas has an agenda either, but Toni definitely has.

  • @morose flower

    No actually I think Vlad’s perfume smells better that’s why.

  • @327

    @morose flower:
    But why should she stop tweeting what she wants just because of Leo fan girls?……..Her tweets have only a problem once she started dating their god.

  • also…

    @324: So? If she had a second tweet about him why she needed to bring up the US Open so much later? Toni is sneaky and crafty in that way. She wasn`t mentioned anywhere so she put it out there.
    @326: We were talking about tennis matches and whenever she tweets about it she tweets a photo from the court. Just like she tweets party photos when she goes to a party. Or a photo from Spain when she is in Spain. Related tweets and photos unlike this time.

  • @327

    *She like most of VS Angels have been on twitter a while (with boring tweets imo) and her tweets have only become a problem once she started dating their god.*

  • @329

    @@morose flower:
    Hahahahahaha. That’s a good one. Especially if the rumors about Leo’s personal hygiene are true!

  • also…

    @330: Before that nobody cared about her or even knew about her so why would Leo fans read her tweets?
    @morose flower: Leo couldn`t secure enough seats at the Presidential Suite? That sounds believable! So he puts some of his friends and gf there and he goes to sit somewhere else with some other friends. Instead of staying with his gf and ask his friends to take different seats.
    I absolutely don`t see agenda in what Lukas did. He hasn`t used his twitter account for a while – I think that`s what I read on the previous page – so I doubt it would make a huge impact if he tweets the link to the article. But I see agenda in Toni`s tweet and sorry but it seems PR to me ( the tweet and these articles about the Final ).

  • @327

    Seats in the presidential suite are limited so Leo ditches his so-called GF and have Lukas check in on her from time to time!? Well, how nice of him! The people that think this story is real are sad. I bet you believe in the tooth fairy too. : )

  • 327

    I think she was there too, but the Life&Style + Page Six articles still sound like PR bullsh.. to the point that it’s hilarious. Waving to her from the courtside seats? Lmfao. I don’t blame her for for hiring a PR team, because the tabloids and blogs and newssites haven’t exactly been nice to her since she started dating Leo but I gotta say her PR team sucks. At least don’t plant sh^t that sounds rightout dumb.
    Uuh, yeah, it is exactly because since she started dating Leo she started dropping hints about him and herself with an annoying undertone in her tweets. So, of course her tweets became annoying after she started dating Leo?

  • morose flower

    @also “Instead of staying with his gf” :WHERE?

  • @morose flower #333


  • also…

    @morose flower: In the presidential suite. That`s where she was according to these articles and another one of Leo`s friends, Vinnie was pictured there as well. Leo and Doronin sat close to the court. And don`t tell me Leonardo DiCaprio couldn`t get enough seats so he can stay with his gf and at least some of his friends. These articles are trying to convince the reader how smitten Leo is with Toni and just the seating arrangement says otherwise. Or the actual photos from the event.
    @327: Exactly! Thanks for your comment!

  • @335

    @@327: oh…i bet its ‘also’ poster. how many lame answers under different monikers will you give just because someone here dared to disagree with you?

  • also…

    @340: Get over yourself! If I have anything to say I will post it under the name also… Deal with it! It`s tough to deal with the fact that someone agrees with me. Grow up!
    I`m fine with others disagreeing with me. Talking about it is normal and intelligent people can handle it. Too bad you can`t and you have to start your predictable hissy fit whenever it happens.

  • Be Happy Be Classy

    We are talking about men with money and power here who are used to going to events with educated, wealthy and well-mannered people. Even if during their vacation they can act like real douches and stuff, they have to act like gentlemen when surrounded by celebs, a princess,…yet Leo ditched his so-called gf to sit next to his billionaire friend, who himself, could have suggested that Leo sit next to Toni as a CLASSY gesture. Well maybe Vlad did so and Leo just said no.

  • @334

    Oh really no one knew about her before? Her existence only came to be once she was linked to your god? Good to know
    And if no one cared about her before why do you need to care now? No one HAS to read anyones tweets or care about it

  • @339

    “These articles are trying to convince the reader how smitten Leo is with Toni and just the seating arrangement says otherwise” if they wanted to cinvince us how smitten Leo is with Toni they would have invented a story like ” Truth is Leo tried everything he could to bring Toni close to his box.He even talked to insiders in order to secure a seat for her”….

  • 344

    ”he really wanted to sit close to her, however he didnt bother to go over to sit with his gf in the Presidential Suite himself either” Sounds better? Less dumb? You sure?

  • @344

    @@339: do you really think Leo doesn’t have enough influence that he cant secure seats with his “beloved” Toni?. And even if he didn’t couldn’t they have just sat in the “poor section” together and screw the presidential suite?The fact is he didn’t want to! And he’s just not that into her.

  • also…

    @343: Because she is dating Leo now. I wasn`t talking about her existence and you know that very well you just have to dramatize it.

  • lolz

    @@344: Contrary to what you believe, Leo is NOT God (i guess you hear this for the first time).Yes . He couldn’t secure seats. Have you any idea what kind of people went there? (princesses ,billionaires) why is it so damn difficult for you to understand?? maybe Toni didn’t have a problem staying there maybe this wasn’t a big deal to her (contrary to jj posters lol ) (and maybe she wanted to have fun with her friends) Obviously the reason why Leo stayed there was not because he doesn’t give a sh@t about her as all his crazy stans(also takes the cake) LOVE to believe . It was because Vlad attended the match too and probably it was Vlad who insisted staying there. Big deal. but keep analyzing this cr@p *sigh* ………………………………………………………………………………………….

  • lolz

    @also…: you don’t annoy me :) You are a laughable stan . I know i annoyed you though and i LUV it honey :))))))))

  • also…

    @lolz: So Leo could have stayed with his gf in the presidential suite but because Vlad insisted he chose to go to another section and watched the game with his buddy. That`s sounds so much better. He chose his friend over his gf. And of course Leo Dicaprio couldn`t secure enough seats at the US Open. Sure, that`s believable and it`s all about the `crazy JJ Leo fans`. lol Whatever you say!
    I do hope I annoy you with my comments. And you or your opinion don`t matter to me so just keep calling me names if that`s what makes you happy. *sigh*