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Miley Cyrus: Nude in 'Wrecking Ball' Video - WATCH NOW!

Miley Cyrus: Nude in 'Wrecking Ball' Video - WATCH NOW!

Check out the official music video for Miley Cyrus‘ latest song “Wrecking Ball”!

The 20-year-old entertainer goes fully nude in the video, which was shot by celebrity photographer Terry Richardson, while swinging around on a very large wrecking ball.

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Miley just announced that she will be the host and musical guest of Saturday Night Live on October 5, just a few days before her new album Bangerz will be hitting stores. We can’t wait!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the music video for Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”?

Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball” Music Video Premiere
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miley cyrus nude in wrecking ball video 02
miley cyrus nude in wrecking ball video 03
miley cyrus nude in wrecking ball video 04
miley cyrus nude in wrecking ball video 05

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  • Jenny

    Enough now

  • Jenny


  • tippi

    ouch? metal splinters..

  • Judy

    She’s worst than my dog when it comes to having her tongue out and putting it on everything.

  • Mary

    She really, really does not want to be in the news for her music eh? Shame because this is a good song and her ass-cheeks take away from it.

  • Carol

    So she’s all sad and broken on one take and then on the other…. licking the freakin hammer. WHY does she have to do that???

  • Danielle

    All I can think of when I see this video is the guy in the Sassy Gay Best Friend videos shouting “Desperate! Desperate! I am really desperate!”

  • liza

    Rihanna wannabe, but i liked

  • Andrea

    OK Miley, you’ve had sex, you’ve done the nasty, you are a woman. We get it! Now go away

  • Lena

    Her horse teeth distract me

  • vania

    Someone screams rehab!!! With these people as former role models no wonder why there are many children growing up as desperate haters

  • Cate

    Does she have some sort of oral fixation? Always sticking out her nasty tongue, licking things. And she oversexualises everything, like was the nudity and pretty much making out with a hammer really necessary? She needs therapy. Not surprised the disgusting, shady Terry Richardson is involved with this.

  • Enoughalready

    Miley continues with her audition for her future career in the adult movie industry.

  • Mary

    Looking at this, and her antics in general, I doubt she’s ever had decent sex. She’s trying way too hard, and seems to be taking a page out of book as to what sex and sexy is about, but she misses the mark big time. Like a kid playing dress-up, she’s just not real.

  •  Silb

    Just NO.

  • Kelly

    the song is ok, I wish my eyes did not see that video. That’s disgusting! Licking the hammer like it’s a **ck? Showing us he butt? Poor girl.

  • Kirsten Smit

    Usually hate miley, but actually liked this song until I saw her licking the sledge hammer!

  • Lillian

    It’s a good song, but the video is a total turn off. What is wrong with this girl? She is already famous, if that
    s what she I looking for. Why lick a hammer and stick her tongue at just about everything. Liam, run guy. This chick has gone off the deep end and I fear the worst is yet to come from Miley. Who is advising this girl?

  • wtfaaa

    She should be tied up in a mental hospital. She’s too crazy and compulsively obsessed. I want to scream and shout!!

  • Sara

    Never been a fan, but this track is not bad at all,a nd ya some stupid oral stuff in there, but otherwise she is stunning.

  • E

    They are a lot ignorant haters here the video suppose to be artistic not that anyone here know anything about art. She give everything to her relationship for love she stripped down and she is vulnerable when she give everything and takes off who she is.

  • nastymiley

    ohh mann,,miley again?!!!



  • Asha

    ehhh…song is not bad but won’t get too much radio play. Miley is young, and at this point in her life no one can tell her anything. What she perceives to be art and controversial in reality is just trashy and embarrassing. Hopefully when she hits her mid-twenties she will look back on her behavior and see what we currently see.

  • Teddy’s Nephew

    i’ts no Everytime by Britney or Stay by Rihanna..but it’s ok, just.
    the tear at the start was too much, seems try hard.

  • Aisaiko

    Yawn…desperate bitches are boring. Girl sit your narrow ass down.

  • Lola

    If she wouldn’t have given the hammer a blowjob, I’d say the video was perfect. She’s emotionally broken down and even being stripped down works for the song.

    So close, sweetie, so close…

    … haha, that’s what that hammer said.

  • Janire

    Terry Richardson? Nuff said. Miley is disgusting with a excesive sexual act to sell her music.
    So her music is about be nude in relationships but why to be nude in a video? Pfff Miley is such a famewh*re.

  • Allergy Attack

    Debbie Reynolds recently said “I wish i had had more sex”…that she wished she wasnt such a good girl….

    You all suck major ass for SLUT SHAMING!

    Dont judge Miley for being sexual, judge yourselves for being so afraid of a sexual woman!

    Purity and chastity has gotten women NOWHERE…

  • Susie

    I hate myself for liking this song.And whats with licking the mallet? why must she lick everything?


    HMMMM I am a Miley fan but I am not sure what I think of the video after the first watch. I just really love the song….she does look stunning in the video I must give her that….okay watching it again!!!!!

  • sefy

    i’m tired of this bitch

  • sefy

    i’m tired of this b i a t c h

  • citmyway

    This is a really good song. I’ve listen to it about 5 times and I love it as long as I don’t watch more then 30 sec of the video. This video could have been REALLY good if she would have left out the nasty nude crap. There is a way to be nude and artsy without looking so NASTY! The parts of the video were she is just looking into the camara are good. She even looks pretty and I don’t say that much about her but the whole grinding on everything is just getting soooooooo old!

  • Indraja


    Exactly my thought:)

  • Indraja

    Such a shame, a her music lately is rather good. It is a big step forward since ‘Party in the USA’ or “can’t be tamed”, but the videos are ruing everything for me. It is not sexy or anything. I really dont want to watch this crap. I think she doesnt see what we see. Saying that she made history on WMAs. Gosh, girl, there are different ways to make history. I wouldnt be suprised if her boyfriend will dump her soon. Liam seems like a normal guy.

  • Lioness

    Don’t you think she basically took ideas from Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ video?Completely naked. Crying. Full of emotion. Simple. Which was better? Rihanna’s obviously. But I love this song, and I think it has a lot of potential. And you know what, the video is pretty damn good. It’s raw. I wish she talks more about how much this song means to her and what it was that connects her so much to it.

  • amee


    The pretentiousness of your comment is amusing. So nobody here knows about art – how ignorant does that assumption make you?!

    I think we all get the symbolism involved in the video. She is naked emotionally & physically + the sledge hammer is meant to represent the destructiveness of the relationship. What I think we don’t get is how over sexualised it is – she does seem orally fixated on the chain & the hammer. It is not necessary & has nothing to do with the content of the song.

  • siebbb

    The song is good, but the video really sucks.

  • Mel

    Why is she licking that hammer? I don’t understand.

  • Etta

    The problem with Miley is that she over-sexualizes everything to ensure a reaction. Less is more. Licking the hammer? Unnecessary.

  • ivone

    Some people and you all know who you are, will never let go of Hanna Montana. She is 21 not 12. People grow-up fact of life. She is an artist
    finding her way just like Madonna, Lady Gaga and many others.
    Get over it!! Same with Justin Bieber, he is not a “bad boy” he is simply a teenager. Find another way to vent your jealousy and envy!!

  • justsayin

    There’s a difference between being sexy and classless. I agree that people should not be shamed for the way they choose to be sexual (whether that be not having sex at all or having a lot of sex). However, it’s the way that Miley is demonstrating it all is what I have an issue with. I don’t care if she’s having a lot of sex. I don’t care if she’s not having sex at all. I do care that she seems to have zero class in any of her work lately. I think the video would have been okay without the hammer licking. There were times when it seemed she was trying to grind against the chain too… Without that and the licking, it would have been fine and maybe considered art.

  • morgan22

    WE GET IT MILEY. you like sex and are a sexual person. so stop please just stop.

  • dani

    this video could’ve been good if she didn’t lick the hammer and try to have sex with the wrecking ball swing. the nudity and whatever is fine but she just took it one step too far

  • jass

    OMg, please just stop.
    She has a nice voice and this is a good song, but the video ruins it

  • siri

    @E: if a true artist like Miley actually had a brain, shed be a lot more creative than just taking off her clothes for the millionth time, vulnerability doesnt equate to nudity with red lipstick. this is not a bad song but this couldve been a lot more thought provoking without the nudity and sledgehammer licking, i like the wrecking ball idea but this couldve been a lot classier to showcase the song and not her or her body. and shes really bad at crying for an actress, it wasnt believable or endearing.

  • Toby

    Please someone get this girl some help.This is NOT art!!!! This is a sex crazed CHILD!!!!!!!! I agree with other posts that she should just get into xxx rated porn and get it over with!!!

  • Castta

    Another pathetic attempt to shock awe. Pathetic. How sad for her family. I’m embarrassed for them.

  • Natalie

    I don’t get it .. why is this so shocking? I don’t see anything shocking , for real, I don’t even know why some people call it porn, have they ever watched porn? If you watch an european movie or video clip then you might even want to ban it because someone appears naked? What’s the problem with nudity? americans aren’t comfortable enough with teaching about sex and stuff that’s why they have so much teen pregnancy rates. Not defending her btw