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Robin Thicke Covers 'Treats' Magazine with Naked Women!

Robin Thicke Covers 'Treats' Magazine with Naked Women!

Robin Thicke poses with some completely nude women on the cover of Treats! Magazine‘s latest issue.

Here is what the 36-year-old “Blurred Lines” singer had to share with the mag:

On posing with naked women for the shoot: “I’ve done some topless photo shoots before but never completely nude. It was very sexy and I like that. At first I thought, ‘Okay, let’s just do topless’…but, again, my wife and her friends were like, ‘No way…go all the way.’ I think we definitely pushed the envelope.”

On how Treats! inspired the video:” When I was talking to my wife [Paula Patton] and her friends about the video they said, ‘Do something like Treats! because you love it so much.’ And her friends were like, ‘Yes!’ We showed Treats! issue 3 with Emily Ratajkowski on the cover to the director [Diane Martel] and she said, ‘That’s our girl!’ And she was cast. I wanted to give homage where homage was due. We wanted to pay it all forward about our inspiration from Treats! for the ‘Blurred Lines’ video.”

On his racy video: “”All three guys in the video are married and have children…it was all tongue-in-cheek… We wanted to put everything in that was taboo. Bestiality, drug injections, etc. In fact, after the video was banned on YouTube my wife tweeted, ‘Violence is ugly. Nudity is beautiful. And the ‘Blurred Lines’ video makes me wanna…’ We wanted it to be as silly and fun as possible.”

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FYI: Robin and the models are wearing Barton Perreira sunglasses. The images inside the gallery are NSFW. We have censored all nudity, but click inside at your own risk!

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robin thicke covers treats magazine with nude women 01
robin thicke covers treats magazine with nude women 02
robin thicke covers treats magazine with nude women 03
robin thicke covers treats magazine with nude women 04
robin thicke covers treats magazine with nude women 05
robin thicke covers treats magazine with nude women 06
robin thicke covers treats magazine with nude women 07
robin thicke covers treats magazine with nude women 08

Photos: Steve Shaw/Treats
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  • alan


  • F

    This guy is a disgusting ignorant sexist who keeps trying to make everything acceptable by hiding behind his ‘wife and her friends’ Grown up man! See what message you’re sending out to women. Way to encourage rape culture, sexism and inequality, *sshole!

  • wtfaaa

    Oh please! Next step copulation! These porno models have exactly the same bodies. Attention douchebag!!!

  • Alaia

    Pervert setting feminism back five decades.

  • S

    Agreed @ F and Alaia.

  • ania

    He can not be more disgusting at this point.

  • Sabine

    @S: Second that!

  • Vampire

    His wife is always all for it, anything goes….anything for attention.

  • Jessie

    If nudity is sooo empowering, why is he and his male buddies ALWAYS dressed around nude women?! Take it all off Robin, you and your male friends, and let the women be dressed, THAT would be empowering!

  • mick

    This guy and Miley Cyrus are about on the same level. No wonder MTV paired them for a performance.

  • ace11

    why is this a shocker?

    His dad is the same way…running after young girls as well

    Like father Like Son

  • wtfaaa

    @Jessie: I agree with you and I think mostly everyone does. Not only some women are dumb and ridiculous, dumb ridiculous men also exist!!! So, if mostly everyone agrees why not the other way round? Many dressed women with one or two nude men. That would be LOL

  • rdh

    By continually subjecting the populace to this garbage, the powers that be are desensitizing both the people, and the acts they show. Is it any wonder that crimes against women are on the rise? What happened to the rules that were supposed to be observed by TV and magazines?

    The truly awful part is that really young children are seeing things they cannot possibly understand. When their supposed role models and idols act like degenerates, how can they learn right from wrong? What will our next generation be like? Heaven help us!!!

  • Annie

    It makes me so sad that we haven’t come any longer than this… It made me happier when I read the comments though but still… how can this be acceptable? It’s so sexist and objectifying towards women!
    It’s absolutely disgusting and he’s a total pig!!!!!!

  • b

    His wife is either a freak herself, and is into him cavorting with young women, or her self-esteem has been completely ruined since being with him, and she’s brainwashed into thinking, that because he likes this, she should as well. Can’t figure out which one it is.

  • dejo

    I can’t decide who is dumber, him or his wife. Wish they’d both go away!

  • Janire

    Eeew this guy -.-

  • not shocking

    it’s like i’ve seen that somewhere already. some other “artist” did that before? o_O

  • Mike

    There are plenty of shitty people who are married with a spouse and kids, and you are one of them.

  • Mike

    Oops can’t write the s word. Crappy, you are crappy

  • Flora

    This made me laugh so hard! I love it!!!!!!!! He is just trying to say that he doesn’t give a shit if he was caught grabbing the girls ass.

  • Flora

    @Mike: People are allowed to live their lives as they please.

  • Flora

    @b: We only live once. Enjoying other people doesn’t mean you don’t love your spouse. It just means that your friendship and love for one another is strong enough to let each other enjoy others once in a while! Why not! Right and Wrong is what we choose it to be as long as we are not hurting anyone.

  • Love The Shoes

    He’s a joke. He’s been around for years trying to be taken serious as an artist and who knew a sing-a-long almost novelty song ANYBODY could have recorded did the trick. He and his token wife both make me ill. She can’t act and he’s an accidental star all based on one tune. Btw, funny how every chick in the pic is white.

  • Veep

    The song’s sooo anoying. Stop playing it already. Thicke and Patton have an open marriage. They got together as teens; they’re practically a sibling couple without the incestuous connotations. And the video is sexist. Anything to get the oversaturated media’s attention. Can’t really blame him, but at least it’s better than rapping about blowing the heads off/beating up the b***es.

  • Lo

    Gross. This isn’t even remotely sexy.

  • ladyb

    I don’t mind nudity so I have no problem with him..I just wish he uses more voluptuous women..The women he uses are thin and they all have the same kind of body.

  • cloud9

    Robin Thicke is a talent less and desperate fame wh*ore. He, his wife along with Miley C will do anything to sell their souls. Talented artist don’t have to show nakedness to prove anything. This only prove that underneath all the hype is a perverted Robin, his wife and Miley.

    No, I def won’t buy anything Robin Thicke sells. He steals lyrics from talented singers and song writers. He thinks being crude and rausnchy is sexy ?!!!!! ): Wait until someone rape his child or his wife.

  • Sez Who? Sez Me

    I’ll be honest. There is something about Robin Thicke that turns me off. It’s just something that doesn’t seem right. His wife, in her latest film, gave really BAD acting. She’s changed or something. She’s pretty, but she seems clueless… like an airhead. She’s not focused. Too much weed, methinks.

  • http://wolfdreaming Kay Blood

    This man has had a successful singing career thus far and now what in the world is he doing? Are the celebrities going stark raving mad? Do they think that this type of behavior is what we want to see? There is simply no need for this type of display of sexism. Look, I’m no prude but between this and the Miley Cyrus episode I think Robin Thicke needs therapy and perhaps rehab? These people are becoming a huge turn off. We do not need shocked we just need entertained and a bunch of naked models hoovering around a married man is NOT entertainment. It’s gross.

  • Monae

    I’m sorry isn’t he married? Or did him & Paula get a divorce when I wasn’t looking?

  • jayne

    @rdh: Maybe parents need to teach their own children right from wrong instead of depending on people who have no obligation to be a role model to their children. obviously this man is not trying to a role model to anybody, so if your children are looking at the material he produces, then maybe you (or any parent) should be a more aware parent and actually know what your child is watching and stop your child from looking at inappropriate content.

  • Jenell



  • not so much

    Those girls have no self esteem and they never will.

  • Mike

    Depending on the circumstances, ‘sniffing distance of naked butt crack’ doesn’t necessarily have to be real close.