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Taylor Lautner & Patrick Schwarzenegger Grab Dinner Together

Taylor Lautner & Patrick Schwarzenegger Grab Dinner Together

Taylor Lautner and Patrick Schwarzenegger head into a car together after getting dinner at the Pearl’s restaurant on Friday evening (September 6) on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, Calif.

The guys starred together in the summer film Grown Ups 2, which will be coming out on Blu-ray and DVD on November 5, just in time for the holidays!

Later in the weekend, Patrick went for a workout with his trainer and some buddies and posted a photo of them all flexing their big muscles.

“Big lift today with @ErictheTrainer @jamesmaslow @mattlmckinney,” Patrick tweeted.

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Lautner and Patrick Schwarzenegger leaving the nightclub…

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  • Love The Shoes

    Ok, let the “they’re gay” posts begin. I personally don’t think either are but, I know many do and if I had big money to bet on how this thread will turn into a gay-ccusation circus, I would end the day very rich. Let the games begin.

  • Angus

    Ahnold son is underage. Why wasn’t he booted.

  • Alliana

    Does anyone really care?

  • LoveU

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  • uranus hertz 69

    they’re totally humpin

  • aquarius64

    @Love The Shoes: Of course the gay accusations are going to fly, but Taylor doesn’t help himself when he keeps that meme alive by consistently dating his movie love interests. They come off as business arrangements. Breaking up with those girls around or after premiere weekend adds fuel to the fire.

  • aquarius64

    P.S. – if Taylor wants to sell to the public that he and Marie are together, he needs to pay her a visit on the set of her show in Vancouver. He’s not doing anything. Until Marie was just an film location one-off and Taylor called it a wrap after the wrap party.


    cute couple…wonder if Arnold likes having a gay son…

  • aquarius64

    I was wondering why there have been a lot of Taylor sightings the past couple of weeks talking up Tracers. Tracers wrapped up in August; it won’t be out until sometime in 2014. (No firm release date.) Then I read an article about Fast and Furious 7: the movie has begun shooting in Colorado today with principal and secondary cast members. According to press stories, Taylor and his team have been lobbying to join the FF7 cast as early as this May in hopes to jumpstart his action star career. Looks like Taylor has been passed over. FF7 hired a UFC champion, an Asian action star and an actress that has a small recurring role in Game of Thrones. Kurt Russell is in talks to take the role Denzel Washington turned down for this movie. This has to hurt. Taylor is letting himself get papped for a guys’ night out to stay in the news.

  • Brian

    wow so nice to know they’re dating…cute couple *.* haha

  • Rachel

    If they are dating, I approve. Both are hot!

  • misti

    I don’t think they felt like he had what they were looking for to cast him in FF&. Either that or his team/daddy wanted way more than he’s worth. IMO, Marie was just a fling for PR purposes and agreed to by both of them. Seriously, if you’re seeing someone, shouldn’t you take the time to visit them?

  • hetero for da win!

    fagola’s chasing young straight guys…same o.

  • misti

    he must be fading into the sunset-hardly any posts here and there’s usually bunches ………hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • aquarius64

    @misti: Hi misti. Some blogs are starting to question if Taylor and Marie are done. That would be a record because it is way before premiere weekend. And they are running the guys’ night out with Patrick along with this possible break-up. Did you notice Taylor is not showing his face to the camera? Another first. Can’t imagine why.

  • misti

    @aquarius-I noticed that too. I think they just agreed to see each other for PR reasons during filming. He knew she was going back to Canada and if they were really dating on a more serious level, he would be going to see her, not going out again with Patrick. That in itself sparks the gay rumors again. If I were him I would be smiling bigtime for the cameras and at least be seen with different friends instead of the same one, which he knows people are questioning them on.

  • aquarius64

    I think he’s stinging from not getting Fast and Furious 7. Dating 27-year-old Marie didn’t help him get a mature image, and most likely Vin Diesel and Co. saw through it. They were probably well aware of “Abduction” ‘s abysmal numbers. (That bomb was allegedly the reason Taylor was passed over for “Expendables 2″.)

    Here’s some other suggestions to abate the gay rumors:

    1) Stop running back to your high school girlfriend (Sara Hicks). People are getting wise to that trick. The “on-again, off-again” descriptor doesn’t wash. No female would put up with being publicly dumped FOUR times for starlets unless there is something (financial) in it for her.

    2) Don’t drag some girl out from nowhere when your name is mentioned in a scandal (Maika Monroe). Scandal: the breakup of Robsten. Taylor’s name was brought during that fallout as the shoulder to cry on for Kristen. Given they were out together when Rob was out of town it starting speculation of two-timing. If everything was clean, there would be no need for some on-the-spot girl to prove you had nothing to do with the break up.

    3) LEAVE YOUR LEADING LADIES ALONE. You date them all the time. Everyone sees a pattern.

    4) Stop having your PR team sells these location-ships as grand romances, especially when the break up announcement happens on premiere weekend. It fools no one; and it fuels the gay rumors.

  • misti

    @aquarius-exactly! I think he should just go out in public more often with other friends but smile a lot more too. He also needs to get another team which excludes daddy. I believe he is driving a harder bargain than he should for films and he doesn’t have a lot of clout to back it up outside Twilight.

  • chanda w.

    I like that Taylor and Patrick are real friends. They are both gorgeous and rich. Taylor’s name still has clout or FF7 or Grown Ups2 wouldn’t have pushed his name so hard. So sad former fans turn so vindictive and wish him ill. He brought a beloved character to life on the big screen. He’s talented, handsome, motivated and humble, he’s doing and will be just fine.
    For all anyone knows, FF7 could still be on the table, they would be wise to cast him. He’s young and drama free and I know Vin Diesel wants to add younger cast members too.
    I like seeing Taylor out and about, there are so called celebs, reality stars that will cause a furor just to get a pap pic and it works.
    Taylor doesn’t do that. If his relationships don’t last or are PR , oh well, he’ll learn soon enough , that he doesn’t have to do that.
    I personally think he and Maika should try to make it work. Age appropriate and very cute pair. Good luck handsome Taylor.

  • carmen

    I like seeing Taylor and Patrick together. They are both handsome guys and have a sense of class. I think FF is still on the table. They would be wise to cast Taylor. He is young, athlectic, gorgeous, humble and a hard worker. Rare in Hollywood.
    I think he and Maika Monroe, looked really cute together. Who knows who he is really dating. He has clout, we’re on here commenting about him.
    I support him in all his ventures, can’t wait for Tracers and his newest project. Good luck , Mr. Lautner.

  • aquarius64

    @Chandra and @Carmen – If Taylor was so talented Abduction wouldn’t have bombed. $28 million in 12 weeks for the US box office – and it cost $35 million to make. If a movie doesn’t make a profit (or $100 million) in US theaters it’s tagged a failure. Abduction made $82 worldwide (including US numbers); poor performance for an action movie. His age does not let him off the hook.

    Grown Ups 2 has made $130,648,721 (US); $213,648,721 worldwide in 8 1/2 weeks. That’s due to Adam Sadler, Chris Rock, Kevin James and David Spade. Despite that, it’s not on track with the first Grown Ups ($271,430,189 worldwide in 18 weeks). If Taylor has clout as you say he has GU2 would be at $270 million NOW. Also he did not have a credit in the movie.

    Fast and Furious 7 – if either of you have every seen that franchise you would know having good looks, a hot body, and “liking fast cars” (somebody said that) is not enough. They can get ANY actor for that. The actor or actress in the FF franchise has to bring a hard attitude and certain swagger to fit into that world, and Taylor can’t pull it off. That sweet personality you like so much is working against him, along with the lingering whiff of Twilight. Dom’s sister Mia (characters in FF) could take him.

    Tracers – speaking of Twilight, the producers for Tracers worked on New Moon. Looks like Taylor cashed in a favor to get this movie. Again if he had clout he wouldn’t have been dropped from Stretch Armstrong. (His team did the usual face-saving announcement that he walked away). The Gus Van Sant movie would be on the radar now. And as for moves coming back to bite him – Max Steel, the signed-on-the-dotted-line movie
    Taylor walked away from to go for Stretch Armstrong IN THE SAME WEEK, is scheduled to be starting filming. If this becomes as successful as Transformers Taylor will be roundhouse kicking himself for bailing.

    The bottom line he can’t act. And so far he’s shown he can’t make money for a studio as a lead. Until Taylor shows he has acting skills and he’s a moneymaker on his own, he’s B/C list.

  • http://facebook bjsmith

    I think Taylor’s dad is making bad decisions for his son. Taylor is an adult now and should make more decisions about his future and career. About him being gay. Why should that matter if he is. Although I think Taylor is a very nice young man, his acting lacks something. He proved that he can not carry a leading role in New Moon and Abduction. It was so sad to see the Twilight people trying to make him a star as Jacob. It was like he was a third wheel. The imprinting thing was incestrial and he appeared as a pedophile. I was embarressed for him. I feel so sorry for Taylor. I hope things turn around for him . Good Luck Taylor.

  • misti

    @bjsmith-I got the same feeling about the imprinting and I think many others did too. He does need to stand up to his dad, in a decent way, and let him and his team know he wants to make more decisions for himself. He’s def not an A-lister anymore and unless the high pay demand from his team comes down, he’s kinda done.

  • aquarius64

    @bjsmith and @misti – Taylor lost representation from a prestigious talent agency because of his stage dad, and YES, he needs to get rid of him. He’s 21 now. I think his dad has control of his Twilight money too – why else would he be still living at home? As for allegedly being gay, unfortunately it does matter career wise. Taylor has no solid performing arts talent. He’s been marketed as a fantasy boyfriend that teenage girls’ parents would approve. Put that image out and have it ride the Twilight wave and that gets you instant popularity. Twilight is over and he has no talent, just abs and a fantasy to sell. If Taylor were gay and he came out, the meltdown would be fierce. Remember how the Twihards lost it when Kristen was caught cheating? It would be close to that. He would lose fans. Taylor can kiss a career in action movies goodbye too. He’s a tough sell as an action star now (thanks to Abduction); right or wrong it would be triply hard if he came out. Studios won’t even take his calls; they are not going to risk losing millions on a film project he’s in. That’s why he needs the skills, to show he’s good, and employable, and his orientation doesn’t matter.

  • chanda w.

    Some, people on here seem very angry with Taylor. It’s almost personal.
    Did he break your heart? Let it go. He’s a young entertainer.
    Too many he’s a sexy guy we want to cheer for, but for a few he might be a sore spot. If you are truly no longer a fan.
    Stop commenting on any and every article about him.
    I adore and support him.
    If you don’t move on with your life.

  • aquarius64

    @chanda w.: 1st Amendment of the US Constitution – freedom of speech and a right to voice an opinion. You don’t dictate when, where and how an opinion is expressed. You want to root for him, fine. Others that think differently have the right to say so as well.

  • misti

    @chanda w.: not angry with him, just disappointed with some of his decisions. It’s a message board for all to comment openly.