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Vanessa Hudgens: I Want an Oscar & Kids in the Future!

Vanessa Hudgens: I Want an Oscar & Kids in the Future!

Vanessa Hudgens looks glamorous on the cover of Marie Claire‘s October 2013 issue, on newsstands September 17.

Here is what the 24-year-old Frozen Ground actress had to share with the mag:

On not caring what others think: “I am so comfortable with myself – honing in on what I love and what makes me powerful. Things I’ve been doing lately, I’m super-proud of. So I don’t really care if someone doesn’t like it, because I love it.”

On being spotted at Coachella indulging in a substance she insisted was white chocolate and not cocaine: “I couldn’t do anything but laugh. It’s amazing how people like to create something out of absolutely nothing. I am human like everyone else. I am aware that there are people who look up to me. When mistakes are made, they aren’t intentional, and I constantly push myself to be a better person.”

On what she wants in the future: “A vintage mustang, kids, and an Oscar.”

On her family’s struggle while she pursued acting: “Money was a big thing. My parents drove me up to L.A., which cost a lot because of gas, and took out loans so that we could move from location to location to be close to L.A. The family definitely struggled. They were very supportive of me. They gave up a lot so that I could get to where I am.”

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  • get over yourself

    highschool musical wont get you very far. Zac isnt even doing that great.

  • wth

    Who cares?

  • Mia

    this girl is kind of a joke and so full of herself!

  • anney

    she is flawless

  • Lisa

    forget that oscar honey

  • Lisa

    she has a beautiful outlook on life. I’m sure all her dreams would come true.

  • enlightenme

    She gets no respect and for good reason. Whenever i see a vanessa h. post i feel like laying into this attention wh*** 3rd rate actress

  • hanna

    her interview is really cute, she is so happy with her life <3 and our girl is working so hard and the critics are praising her performance in every film.

  • RED

    LOL, learn how to act first.

  • enlightenme

    i love her

  • samantha

    “Something about being on the water brings out Hudgens’ philosophical side. “You have a choice whether you want to be happy or not,” she says. “I choose to be happy. And it’s been working out pretty well.”
    she has a beautiful soul. We love you V and we all are so proud of who you are.

  • jenny

    flawless photoshoot

  • jenny

    where can i find the whole interview?

  • Mel

    Bringing up HSM every time you see Vanessa is like bringing up Titanic whenever you see Leo. She has improved a lot as an actress since then. She was great in Spring Breakers, and unlike Selena Gomez, Vanessa is not into doing crap music. She just focus on acting. So, yeah you haters can hate behind your computers when Vanessa is actually working to achieve her dreams. Never say never, she will win an Oscar one day. Maybe in 10 years, it’s not impossible.

  • Josh

    Well this dream is definitely possible..I mean, she can MARRY an Oscar and have kids with him.

  • jenny

    @get over yourself:
    but Vanessa is actually getting good reviews

  • A

    @Mel: BS. The frozen ground went straight to video and nobody wants to watch her crap

  • linnie
  • linnie
  • linnie
  • ania

    Titanic won 11 Oscars, so it’s not like HSM.

  • Penelope

    lol at all you pressed b**ches. she simply doesn’t care.

  • ol

    Thats not true, the movie, an indie, was on theatres and on demand the same day, it already made all its money back in Europe, and Vanessa got extraordinaries reviews. I´m sure you already read those on her previous posts.

  • Cate

    @Josh: lololol!

    She’s jinxing herself. It’s always the actors with no hope of getting an Oscar who are vocal about wanting one. It makes her look shallow too. She should be aiming to make good films and give good performances, not aim for some shiny hardware. An award is a fortunate by-product but it shouldn’t be the aim.

  • zef

    she is adorable, i love how she understand the game in HW. She is not like one of those wannabe,talking about “art and how the money doesnt means anything”…most celebs are so self absorbed it’s always about them. Yet Vanessa is grateful, she loves her family, embrace who she is, and accept her life instead of talking shhhhiiiit all the time. Kudos girl.

  • zef

    and the OSCAR part is not in the actual interview….

  • magda

    In the interview there is NOTHING about on what she wants in the future: “A vintage mustang, kids, and an Oscar.”

  • kylie

    I’ve been a fan and supporter FOREVER..and I’ve followed her through some tough times. I think she is fierce. I always admired her tenacity and I’ve always admired her beauty inside and out. If you read the entire article she talks about the paparazzi and not worrying about them because she is a part of something bigger than herself so it’s not worth worrying about such things. I think she knows what she wants now.

  • LoveU

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  • zef

    she is on Robert Rodriguez “go-to” list… #YAY

  • zef

    its on the website, but of course jared wants hits…

  • amer

    I’m so sick of all these actors who only think about winning an Oscar.

  • Sara

    LOOOL an oscar honey ? yeah right YOU HAVE NO CHANCE actually if you’re lucky enough you can still be in staright to video movies for another year maxim and then you’ll be BYE BYE !! haha such a stupid person.

  • David

    YOU WILL NEVER HAVE AN OSCAR,you’re nothing but a talentless D-lister !

  • dvt

    she is so in love with herself!

  • ..

    to the haters… i mean Nightwish and BO ;)
    “I am so comfortable with myself – honing in on what I love and what makes me powerful. Things I’ve been doing lately, I’m super-proud of. So I don’t really care if someone doesn’t like it, because I love it. You have a choice whether you want to be happy or not. I choose to be happy. And it’s been working out pretty well.”

  • kasia

    Why is everyone getting their panties in a bunch over an actress saying she hopes to win an Oscar someday? Isn’t that a dream for almost all actors?
    Although, I never watch the Oscars. Too long, too boring, and too many commercials. I save myself the aggravation & just read the list of who won the next day.

  • Haters Suck!

    Wow. What an amazing interview, which I’m guessing some of u didn’t bother to read. She said nothing about an Oscar, or kids or a mustang. It was quite a read as people who actually know vanessa tell you what a kind person she is. She has such a positive outlook on life it’s amazing. That’s one of the main reasons I like her so much. She knows how to live and just be happy. It’s why I’ll always support her.

  • tick

    Good luck with that. I can’t see it happening though.
    That’s about as likely as Franco getting one for Spring Breakers.
    Jennifer Lawrence is prettier & way more talented than VH.

  • Chelles

    Great cover, really interesting interview. I feel like this is one of the few interviews that we could really get perspective on who she is. I’ll say this: she seems very much at peace with herself. She did not mention wanting an “Oscar” in the interview.

  • Haters Suck!

    Yes it really does seem you care what she thinks. You can barley go a day without thinking or talking about her.

  • Nightwish

    @..: Do i seem like i give a rip about what hudgens thinks? Shes a loser. Nobody will take a risk and invest big in a movie role with her, especially after the frozen ground disaster. Good movies open decently across the country in lots of theaters. Suck flicks go straight to vod. Where are all of her fans reflecting at the box office? Its all imaginary, there are barely any real fans of hudgens, loosiers.

  • wtf

    These spoilt kids always choose the wrong roles. Why does Hollywood keep on “making up” stupid roles for losers?? WE (the public) ARE FED UP! Seems like a conspiration!!

  • Ana

    Vanessa is the Rebecca Black of the actresses. Her pic here, she looks like an ugly version of catherine zeta jones even though they used heavy photoshop

  • Nightwish

    @Ana: Exactly! Theres something about hudgens that makes you feel that she is not star worthy and just a sham like RB @tick: Lawrence is an A lister, huge. Hudgens is low on the totem pole, a c-d-e stalwart, but apparently the cde crowd is broke because no one payed money to watch her latest film

  • Jr

    And you? Who are you? Don’t answer I’ll tell you. You’re a sixth grade middle school bully who needs to grow up.

  • Ethan

    It doesn’t matter what the haters think. While they sit on their asses and b itch and complain about this girl, she’s surfing in Bali (read the whole interview) and probably jumping out of a plane somewhere. She doesn’t care what haters think. It’s not her reality. Oh and her bf is extremely lucky. Maybe he was a saint in his past life lol. Probably is a nice guy.

  • kasia

    @wtf: LMAO what are you even talking about? What roles are being “made up” and what in the world is a conspiration? A conspiracy of backed up intestines? LOL ;-D

  • tina

    Great interview. Loving her covershot. Wow, been on vacation for a week and I come back to the same old stuff. Checked out the last thread and had to laugh, Nutcase, day and night. As for the statement about the Oscar, so what if she said it? They were interviewing HER not the losers who waste their every day commenting on someone, in whom they profess no interest. What did you want her to say, “I want to end up a poor bitter person making negative comments on people who I will never know in my life?” That’s your life not hers. She is living her life doing something she loves.
    Her last movie did what she wanted it to do. It got people to see her as an actor not just another Disney product. If it didn’t make a dime, the crictical reviews, as whole, have been favorable for her. As always, I’m a fan, she’s happy I’m happy for her.

  • ZV

    Why you all acting like this was something new? She already have said in other interviews that want to win an oscar, that it is a dream of every actor. So why she would be diferente? Of course she wants a oscares and who knows if she will get one, she has some pretty interesting films in hands and Gimme Shelter sems the tipe of movie that can get it!