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Vanessa Hudgens: I Want an Oscar & Kids in the Future!

Vanessa Hudgens: I Want an Oscar & Kids in the Future!

Vanessa Hudgens looks glamorous on the cover of Marie Claire‘s October 2013 issue, on newsstands September 17.

Here is what the 24-year-old Frozen Ground actress had to share with the mag:

On not caring what others think: “I am so comfortable with myself – honing in on what I love and what makes me powerful. Things I’ve been doing lately, I’m super-proud of. So I don’t really care if someone doesn’t like it, because I love it.”

On being spotted at Coachella indulging in a substance she insisted was white chocolate and not cocaine: “I couldn’t do anything but laugh. It’s amazing how people like to create something out of absolutely nothing. I am human like everyone else. I am aware that there are people who look up to me. When mistakes are made, they aren’t intentional, and I constantly push myself to be a better person.”

On what she wants in the future: “A vintage mustang, kids, and an Oscar.”

On her family’s struggle while she pursued acting: “Money was a big thing. My parents drove me up to L.A., which cost a lot because of gas, and took out loans so that we could move from location to location to be close to L.A. The family definitely struggled. They were very supportive of me. They gave up a lot so that I could get to where I am.”

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97 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: I Want an Oscar & Kids in the Future!”

  1. 1
    get over yourself Says:

    highschool musical wont get you very far. Zac isnt even doing that great.

  2. 2
    wth Says:

    Who cares?

  3. 3
    Mia Says:

    this girl is kind of a joke and so full of herself!

  4. 4
    anney Says:

    she is flawless

  5. 5
    Lisa Says:

    forget that oscar honey

  6. 6
    Lisa Says:

    she has a beautiful outlook on life. I’m sure all her dreams would come true.

  7. 7
    enlightenme Says:

    She gets no respect and for good reason. Whenever i see a vanessa h. post i feel like laying into this attention wh*** 3rd rate actress

  8. 8
    hanna Says:

    her interview is really cute, she is so happy with her life <3 and our girl is working so hard and the critics are praising her performance in every film.

  9. 9
    RED Says:

    LOL, learn how to act first.

  10. 10
    enlightenme Says:

    i love her

  11. 11
    samantha Says:

    “Something about being on the water brings out Hudgens’ philosophical side. “You have a choice whether you want to be happy or not,” she says. “I choose to be happy. And it’s been working out pretty well.”
    she has a beautiful soul. We love you V and we all are so proud of who you are.

  12. 12
    jenny Says:

    flawless photoshoot

  13. 13
    jenny Says:

    where can i find the whole interview?

  14. 14
    Mel Says:

    Bringing up HSM every time you see Vanessa is like bringing up Titanic whenever you see Leo. She has improved a lot as an actress since then. She was great in Spring Breakers, and unlike Selena Gomez, Vanessa is not into doing crap music. She just focus on acting. So, yeah you haters can hate behind your computers when Vanessa is actually working to achieve her dreams. Never say never, she will win an Oscar one day. Maybe in 10 years, it’s not impossible.

  15. 15
    Josh Says:

    Well this dream is definitely possible..I mean, she can MARRY an Oscar and have kids with him.

  16. 16
    jenny Says:

    @get over yourself:
    but Vanessa is actually getting good reviews

  17. 17
    A Says:

    @Mel: BS. The frozen ground went straight to video and nobody wants to watch her crap

  18. 18
    linnie Says:

    Marie Claire Interview

  19. 19
    linnie Says:

    Vanessa Hudgens’ Cover Shoot. A Whole New World by Tesh

  20. 20
    linnie Says:

    Behind the Cover: October 2013

  21. 21
    ania Says:

    Titanic won 11 Oscars, so it’s not like HSM.

  22. 22
    Penelope Says:

    lol at all you pressed b**ches. she simply doesn’t care.

  23. 23
    ol Says:

    Thats not true, the movie, an indie, was on theatres and on demand the same day, it already made all its money back in Europe, and Vanessa got extraordinaries reviews. I´m sure you already read those on her previous posts.

  24. 24
    Cate Says:

    @Josh: lololol!

    She’s jinxing herself. It’s always the actors with no hope of getting an Oscar who are vocal about wanting one. It makes her look shallow too. She should be aiming to make good films and give good performances, not aim for some shiny hardware. An award is a fortunate by-product but it shouldn’t be the aim.

  25. 25
    zef Says:

    she is adorable, i love how she understand the game in HW. She is not like one of those wannabe,talking about “art and how the money doesnt means anything”…most celebs are so self absorbed it’s always about them. Yet Vanessa is grateful, she loves her family, embrace who she is, and accept her life instead of talking shhhhiiiit all the time. Kudos girl.

  26. 26
    zef Says:

    and the OSCAR part is not in the actual interview….

  27. 27
    magda Says:

    In the interview there is NOTHING about on what she wants in the future: “A vintage mustang, kids, and an Oscar.”

  28. 28
    kylie Says:

    I’ve been a fan and supporter FOREVER..and I’ve followed her through some tough times. I think she is fierce. I always admired her tenacity and I’ve always admired her beauty inside and out. If you read the entire article she talks about the paparazzi and not worrying about them because she is a part of something bigger than herself so it’s not worth worrying about such things. I think she knows what she wants now.

  29. 29
    LoveU Says:

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  30. 30
    zef Says:

    she is on Robert Rodriguez “go-to” list… #YAY

  31. 31
    zef Says:

    its on the website, but of course jared wants hits…

  32. 32
    amer Says:

    I’m so sick of all these actors who only think about winning an Oscar.

  33. 33
    Sara Says:

    LOOOL an oscar honey ? yeah right YOU HAVE NO CHANCE actually if you’re lucky enough you can still be in staright to video movies for another year maxim and then you’ll be BYE BYE !! haha such a stupid person.

  34. 34
    David Says:

    YOU WILL NEVER HAVE AN OSCAR,you’re nothing but a talentless D-lister !

  35. 35
    dvt Says:

    she is so in love with herself!

  36. 36
    .. Says:

    to the haters… i mean Nightwish and BO ;)
    “I am so comfortable with myself – honing in on what I love and what makes me powerful. Things I’ve been doing lately, I’m super-proud of. So I don’t really care if someone doesn’t like it, because I love it. You have a choice whether you want to be happy or not. I choose to be happy. And it’s been working out pretty well.”

  37. 37
    kasia Says:

    Why is everyone getting their panties in a bunch over an actress saying she hopes to win an Oscar someday? Isn’t that a dream for almost all actors?
    Although, I never watch the Oscars. Too long, too boring, and too many commercials. I save myself the aggravation & just read the list of who won the next day.

  38. 38
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Wow. What an amazing interview, which I’m guessing some of u didn’t bother to read. She said nothing about an Oscar, or kids or a mustang. It was quite a read as people who actually know vanessa tell you what a kind person she is. She has such a positive outlook on life it’s amazing. That’s one of the main reasons I like her so much. She knows how to live and just be happy. It’s why I’ll always support her.

  39. 39
    tick Says:

    Good luck with that. I can’t see it happening though.
    That’s about as likely as Franco getting one for Spring Breakers.
    Jennifer Lawrence is prettier & way more talented than VH.

  40. 40
    Chelles Says:

    Great cover, really interesting interview. I feel like this is one of the few interviews that we could really get perspective on who she is. I’ll say this: she seems very much at peace with herself. She did not mention wanting an “Oscar” in the interview.

  41. 41
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Yes it really does seem you care what she thinks. You can barley go a day without thinking or talking about her.

  42. 42
    Nightwish Says:

    @..: Do i seem like i give a rip about what hudgens thinks? Shes a loser. Nobody will take a risk and invest big in a movie role with her, especially after the frozen ground disaster. Good movies open decently across the country in lots of theaters. Suck flicks go straight to vod. Where are all of her fans reflecting at the box office? Its all imaginary, there are barely any real fans of hudgens, loosiers.

  43. 43
    wtf Says:

    These spoilt kids always choose the wrong roles. Why does Hollywood keep on “making up” stupid roles for losers?? WE (the public) ARE FED UP! Seems like a conspiration!!

  44. 44
    Ana Says:

    Vanessa is the Rebecca Black of the actresses. Her pic here, she looks like an ugly version of catherine zeta jones even though they used heavy photoshop

  45. 45
    Nightwish Says:

    @Ana: Exactly! Theres something about hudgens that makes you feel that she is not star worthy and just a sham like RB @tick: Lawrence is an A lister, huge. Hudgens is low on the totem pole, a c-d-e stalwart, but apparently the cde crowd is broke because no one payed money to watch her latest film

  46. 46
    Jr Says:

    And you? Who are you? Don’t answer I’ll tell you. You’re a sixth grade middle school bully who needs to grow up.

  47. 47
    Ethan Says:

    It doesn’t matter what the haters think. While they sit on their asses and b itch and complain about this girl, she’s surfing in Bali (read the whole interview) and probably jumping out of a plane somewhere. She doesn’t care what haters think. It’s not her reality. Oh and her bf is extremely lucky. Maybe he was a saint in his past life lol. Probably is a nice guy.

  48. 48
    kasia Says:

    @wtf: LMAO what are you even talking about? What roles are being “made up” and what in the world is a conspiration? A conspiracy of backed up intestines? LOL ;-D

  49. 49
    tina Says:

    Great interview. Loving her covershot. Wow, been on vacation for a week and I come back to the same old stuff. Checked out the last thread and had to laugh, Nutcase, day and night. As for the statement about the Oscar, so what if she said it? They were interviewing HER not the losers who waste their every day commenting on someone, in whom they profess no interest. What did you want her to say, “I want to end up a poor bitter person making negative comments on people who I will never know in my life?” That’s your life not hers. She is living her life doing something she loves.
    Her last movie did what she wanted it to do. It got people to see her as an actor not just another Disney product. If it didn’t make a dime, the crictical reviews, as whole, have been favorable for her. As always, I’m a fan, she’s happy I’m happy for her.

  50. 50
    ZV Says:

    Why you all acting like this was something new? She already have said in other interviews that want to win an oscar, that it is a dream of every actor. So why she would be diferente? Of course she wants a oscares and who knows if she will get one, she has some pretty interesting films in hands and Gimme Shelter sems the tipe of movie that can get it!

  51. 51
    .. Says:

    do you always talk with yourself? lmao so sad you have to change your name every single time! hahaha what a looser
    BTW TFO opened in only 12 theatres and as someone said it already made its money back, she got really good CRITICS AND AUDIENCE reviews, awards and praise, so her job is done.

  52. 52
    a Says:

    isnt amazing when everyone loves our girl? she is now a Marie Claire fave ;)

  53. 53
    Xo Says:

    lol at these delusional haters. Isn’t the whole point of being an actor to give a performance good enough for an Oscar someday? Maybe you should head on over to rotten tomatoes and check out the reviews she’s received for The Frozen Ground. Even the critics that didn’t like the movie said she was amazing. If you guys actually followed her career at the moment, it’s not that far fetched.

  54. 54
    Pam Says:

    @A: the fun y thing is that she isn’t selling herself as others do she is very picky and her films are actually getting good reviews or at least her performances, is t like other films that go to fests and ppl doesn’t even care… But yeah, her performances keep getti g better and how much her directors praise her is wonderful… Just move on and go with your jealousy to mop in a zefron post

  55. 55
    tina Says:

    @a I agree, everyone who has ACTUALLY MET HER, have nothing but good things to say. That’s one of the things that make the clowns that come here so comical. They sit behind their computers making inane comments with absolutely nothing to back them up. Always a good life.

  56. 56
    Reid Says:


  57. 57
    Roxie Says:

    OMG! She wants an Oscar……good luck sweetie because that ain’t happening……NOT EVER! She is gorgeous but her talent is limited. Sorry honey your ship has sailed.

  58. 58
    Dana Says:

    I think this is a little sad.
    Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz both said they’d like to win oscars and now Vanessa Hudgens? Do they realize to the real oscar winners they are jokes?

  59. 59
    maria Says:

    Oh, please, with the Oscar slam. Is it not what EVERY actor works towards? Why they choose the roles they do? You people are idiots. Of COURSE she’d love to win an oscar. No need to trash talk over that. The interview is great, and oscar, mustang, and kids were not even mentioned. Typical JJ. I think she looks amazing, including the photos inside. Such vicious, petty, jealous bullies.

  60. 60
    tina Says:

    Love all these people with the ability to see into the future. If you have a job or profession and you don’t inspire to be the best why the HE LL are you doing it? Do you wake up ever day and say can’t I be less than I am today? Then the problem is you. The directors she works with love her, the critics are loving her new roles, and she is growing and expanding everyday. Tell me what movie you are appearing in so I can critique you. Until you walk a mile in her shoes who are you to judge her?

  61. 61
    Acy Says:

    Riiiight. Like that’s ever going to happen.

  62. 62
    Matt Says:

    Talentless famewh*re. She’s so freaking pretentious !

  63. 63
    tina Says:

    @Acy: We know when we get stupid names like this it’s the same person. Coward.

  64. 64
    kelly martineau Says:

    She won’t win a oscar with the kind of movies she makes. They don’t stay in the theathers. Don’t have austin kids they will look like hime gross and augly. Have some of Zac kids. Good make to having black hair.

  65. 65
    kelly martineau Says:

    Where was she for a week? visiting BIG LIPS in n.y. If she was at fashion week in n.y. SHe doesn’t know anything about fashion. Look at the way she dresses.

  66. 66
    tina Says:

    Try none if your business where she was for a week.

  67. 67
    Mar Says:

    @Mel: did you just seriously compared HSM with Titanic? And above that, Leo Dicaprio’s acting with hers?? I just can’t take it.

  68. 68
    kasia Says:

    @kelly martineau: Your posts are so painfully stupid. Not in a funny way, I mean literally painful. I get headaches trying to decipher them. Why are you always bashing someone’s looks? I doubt that you’re perfect looking yourself, and you wouldn’t want someone telling you who to have children with based on their appearance. That’s ridiculous & purely shallow.

  69. 69
    Nightwish Says:

    @..: You believe everything you read? That film cost 28 million to produce. Go check how much its made so far from a reliable source. It need to make twice the production cost to break even lol

  70. 70
    static12 Says:

    what a *****. she is so fake and stuck up with limited acting range. dont get me wrong i date people of all races but shes another ethic chick that only cater to and dates white people. she will care what people think when she stops getting roles. all the good roles should and going to to talented young actresses like jennifer lawrence, the fanning sisters, chloe mortez. she intentially leaked nude photos to get supposed mature roles because her acting is limited along with dating white guys like zac efron.

  71. 71
    Haters Suck! Says:

    It don’t get much more narrow minded then that. This ain’t the 60′s or 70′s anymore. Interracial dating is a widley accepted practice now. It’s amazing how you can sit behind a computer and say those things while people who actually know vanessa, spend time with her, worked with say she’s sweet, down to earth and talented. Go figure. You find me one person who’s ever worked with or spent time with vanessa that says anything close to what u say ill listen. Until then you’re just a spineless hater.

  72. 72
    IMO Says:

    Gorgeous cover. Vanessa is growing more beautiful as she gets older. I can see she appreciates where she came from and the sacrifices her parents made . I also love her attitude about choosing happiness. Because if she paid attention to haters she would be miserable and bitter. Which is what would make them happy so…I love she takes the high road.
    Me not so much, I think Haters are cowards, pathetic, lonely minions sitting behind their PC’s thinking they have some kind of power when in reality all they are worthless excuses for humans without souls.

  73. 73
    Haters Suck! Says:


  74. 74
    yets Says:

    just believe in yourself girl we love you

  75. 75
    Dee Says:

    LOL! As if. Vanessa please SIT DOWN. But ….she did give us some comedy with that statement.

  76. 76
    IMO Says:

    @Haters Suck!: didn’t mean to offend you , man.

  77. 77
    delusional Says:

    lol yes, you’re going to win an Oscar honey – you, Lindsay lohan and kellan lutz!

  78. 78
    Nightwish Says:

    @delusional: These Hudgens lovers are a total riot. Tina has moved up to top-cop position on each hudgens post. You cant say anything bad about Hudgens with her around or she loses it. Hudgens is the rebecca black of the acting community. Her latest film, the frozen ground, just went rotten on RT (57/50). Some Idiot critics liked vanessas acting just because it was her first dramatic role, and they never saw her cry or whine before. Nevertheless, the film bombed badly. Hudgens really meant oscar mayer weiner, the hotdog, not the academy award. She… Oops, uh oh.. here comes tina with her baton.. Gotta RUN!!!!!

  79. 79
    Nightwish Says:

    @IMO: WTH? Hatersuck is a complete moron. Nobody worries about his feelings around here. Are you new? LMAO

  80. 80
    Sim Says:

    @static12: Maybe he has a chance to win an Oscar, although she would go even better actresses, but jenifer lawrence hahah, it seems to me from the prices start giving away to anyone, are so low,you stupid

  81. 81
    Sim Says:

    @tick: you stupid, I know of more talented actresses than lawrence haha, that’s me with that amused That would have been better to Vanessa

  82. 82
    maria Says:

    Nothing wrong with working towards an oscar. Jennifer Lawrence? Lobbied by Harvey Weinstein. Politics in Hollywood is alive and well. I saw nothing super special in her performance. But I also don’t think Natalie Portman should have won an oscar for clawing at her skin and looking terrified in Black Swan. Don’t get me started on that one. People like Nightwish are so hateful and lame. His schtick around here is getting so pathetic and lame. Give it up, dude. You’re like an annoying gnat that keeps buzzing around. We like her, so get over it. You don’t, so LEAVE.

  83. 83
    maria Says:

    @IMO: I don’t think you offended him at all. I think he was suggesting you should keep going. :)

  84. 84
    Nightwish Says:

    @maria: I agree with you about Portman, she is such a one dimensional whiney runt

  85. 85
    tina Says:

    One more time, if you havea job or are in a profession and you’re content to bethe lowest person on the rung, that’s you. Why waste time doing something if you don’t strive to be the best.

  86. 86
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Little misunderstanding. When I say preach its a good thing. It comes church when the priest is preaching the good word. I say preach when someone makes a good point and u made a excellent point.

  87. 87
    Nightwish Says:

    And then theres the fact that Hudgens lacks the caliber and character of a big name respectable actor, but thats actually beside the point. She simply cant act. The box office says it all. I wonder if Tina would be so kind as to indulge the latest grosses for the frozen ground, if its even being published. Vod figures are so hard to come by, miniscule that they are.

  88. 88
    Nightwish Says:

    Anyone want to guess who my favorite actress is? Not kstew, kruger, woodley or jenn lawrence. Im totally with maria in comment 82, except for the latter part where she tells me to leave.

  89. 89
    Nightwish Says:

    @maria: They also gave nat portman way too much credit for all of the dancing done by sarah lane in the film. So much bs went on with the producers and director of the film, and poor sarah was made out to be a liar. Ill never forgive portman for condoning that. She just kept quiet the whole time. Theres a wiki writeup about that controversy.

  90. 90
    D Says:

    you are obsessed with her OBSESSED you need some help

  91. 91
    Danielle Says:

    She is amazing!!

  92. 92
    maria Says:

    @Nightwish: I didn’t realize there was controversy with that. All I know, is she didn’t deserve that oscar, and I think she was also shoved down the throats of the academy members by her peeps. I can’t stand that kind of strategizing of studios. An actor should win their oscar based solely on their performance, not on the power of their studio to bully.

  93. 93
    kasia Says:

    @maria: The Academy also makes a big deal about actresses gaining or losing weight for a role. Every review or interview had to mention Portman’s 20 lb weight loss, along with her claiming she got so into the character that she thought she was gonna die on set, blah blah. I thought I was gonna love Black Swan, but I didn’t think it was that good.

  94. 94
    kate Says:

    Films are a form of entertainment so nothing is objective… Others like the movies and the actors who won Oscars others don’t.. It’s not the same for everyone because everyone has a different taste.. Like in Vanessa’s case , and in every actor’s, some like her as an actress some don’t…
    Now for the Oscar thing.. I think that every actor wants one.. But I think she shouldn’t have said that because she’s just in the beginning and she has a long way to go still.. Saying such a thing makes her look arrogant and think that she’s already an accomplished actress.Of course I’m not implying that she actually is and thinks that way… It’s good being ambitious but she should slow down regarding such statements in interviews.. She has to do more things in order to say such things…
    As for the frozen ground, i thought it was really good but not good enough for an Oscar… For those who are wondering how it did: It reached No5 on itunes the first days it was released .. I don’t know about now as I haven’t searched it.. It would do better if there was actually some promotion (showing the trailer on TV for example).. It’s sad that they didn’t put any serious effort into the promotion… I don’t know why that happens but every good movie that she did received so little promotion (the same happened with Bandslam)..
    What is more I don’t agree with her saying that she doesn’t care about what other say about her movie choices.. She said many times before that she wants to shock the audience and that statement comes in contrast.. They (her team) want to make her appear overly confident in which I disagree because it’s not bad to admit that you have moments when you’re self consious and that you care about what others think of you.. It’s something that is common among all humans.. Plus it would make her more likeable to the audience (which is important for actors, at least in hollywood)..
    Point is that she should be more careful regarding her statements and her team needs to do a better job.. Because she can do so much better!

  95. 95
    kate Says:

    Oh sorry I made a mistake according to the director it reached no2 in bestsellers!

  96. 96
    tina Says:

    @kate I will say this once more, if you don’t strive to be the best, why bother? No one goes into the acting field to be “the third girl on the left.” For an actor to say the don’t want an Oscar, they are just in it for the love of theather…. well,to me that sounds just a little phony. The only actor I have ever know to not accept an Oscar was Marlon Brando and that was to protest treatment of Native Americans. Not one has turned it down because they don’t think they deserve it.

  97. 97
    kelly martineau Says:

    Is v still a vergin? THink she did with Zac when they where dating. Think She did it with Austin. Or is she waiting for her wedding night.

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