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Angelina Jolie Goes Bowling in Australia with All Six Kids!

Angelina Jolie Goes Bowling in Australia with All Six Kids!

Angelina Jolie and her lovely children leave Strike Bowling Centre after having an afternoon of fun together on Tuesday (August 10) at the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park, Australia.

The 38-year-old actress was joined by all six of her kids – Maddox, 12, Pax, 9, Zahara, 8, Shiloh, 7, and five-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox – for the family outing that day.

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The day before, Angelina was seen heading to work and displaying her new arm tattoo.

Over the weekend, Angie and the kids went to the aquarium together.

FYI: Vivienne is wearing Havaianas sandals.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie going bowling with her kids…

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angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 01
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 02
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 03
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 04
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 05
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 06
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 07
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 08
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 09
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 10
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 11
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 12
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 13
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 14

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  • mapmap

    i loveu angelina

  • thinker

    showing off her new arm tattoo??

    What is “showing off”?????

    That woman having tattoos is her business, it’s the media and public who are meddlesome and make a fuss out of it!!

    So anybody who have a tattoo shouldn’t wear t-shirt or any sleeveless top forever??? As it won’t cover their tattoo and became “showing off” ??? LOL

  • Sarah

    where is Brad? Vivienne is too old for carry a blanket

  • reeven

    They look so cute, seems like Angie is making time so Brad can come and take care of the kids and she can start with her work

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Love seeing the kids. Madd is all grown up. Shi is gorgeous and so is big sis. The twins are super adorable and Pax still hates the papz.

  • Alliana

    Wow Maddox is so tall and grown up looking. Beautiful loving family.

  • Joam

    ty JJ ;)

  • Cassi

    Maddox is a teenager already.

  • shelly eve

    Beautiful all of them! They are getting so big and more gorgeous every day. Is Shiloh wearing a pink watch on her right wrist?

  • Umm

    Angie is doing pre production works. Maddox grows up fast.

  • lissa

    Love Shi’s smile. She is so pretty.

  • Joam

    ty JJ;)

  • Cassi

    Per, 12 Years A Slave will close Hamptons international Film Festival .

  • Suri=meal ticket

    Cute kids! Shiloh must have a blast! Look at the smile, while Z is my forever fave, holding Shi’s hand firmly in hers.
    What a great big sis!

  • so sweet

    Love how close Shiloh and Zee seem to be. Reminds me of me and my sister. We had different personalities, but we were very close and best friends.

  • so sweet

    Oh and I read that before they left, little Knox stuck his head out of the van and waved to the paps! lol Think we may have another star in the making

  • aimee

    Yes, JJ…they ARE lovely children. Lovely children and lovely parents..Just lovely!

  • Umm

    Looks like TYAS is going to be at every film festival.

  • briseis

    Wow, Maddox looks so tall now for a 12-year-old. He must be going through the growth spurt. I remember when he was that tiny toddler with mohawk, and posing with Angie on the bed with such a cute little smile. How time flies … and Brad and Angie have been together for so long now.

  • feline

    Zahara seems such a good and sweet affectionate girl. She’s always holding Shiloh’s hand and doesn’t care about the cameras or anyone else apart from her family. Very smart too.


    Beautiful family they seem very very close.

  • Adorable kids

    We are blessed for so many pictures of the kids, in the last year we only have a few photos but now, in Sydney, it´s a pictures-party.

    I´m loving each day. We need to enjoy cause soon they will become more rare and after this days of a “paparazzi-free-pics”, the security team will start to work better and it will be more difficult to catch the JP kids.

    I loved the Shiloh spirit and every time she appears, she make me smile. She have a funny cute expression in her face that it´s lovely and friendly. She will be something special in any thing she do. Like her mother and father Shiloh have something in her personality that catch the attention.

    Because their parents are two special and exquisite persons and their international education, It´s is great to see this kids growing up, each one with her individual style and personality. lovely kids. kiss

  • horns

    Still not doing any filming preparations. It couldn’t be clearer that she wasn’t permitted to attend the TIFF as a +1 and took off in a hissy fit shower cry doing pap shoots every day to make Pitt pay for not allowing her on the RC for a project he was involved in. :rotflmao: How’s that exciting competition going for you goat granny? :twisted:

    Looonssss, they have been apart for a long time!!! THEY HAVE BROKEN UP, PITT’S PARTYING WHILE SHE LOOKS LIKE THE GRIM REAPER!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! HAGGY BI-TCH

  • Phool

    Shiloh has such an infectious smile, Zee is still going strong in her love for all cheetah prints lol love these kids and their individual personalities. I honestly think every time I see Maddox he’s grown an inch taller.

  • tomas

    Angelina is so beautiful. I know Brad misses her and the kids…they are such a wonderful family.

  • csw

    Stop mutilating yourself. It is horrible..

  • sweet

    Viv seems such a whinging girl

  • Phool

    12 Years a Slave and Mandela: Two Tales of Racism Survived
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    Short cut to:Read more:

  • deana

    Vivi is a doll. Love her.

  • just saying

    Shiloh has a beautiful profile, just like her mommy.

  • Marginalized one


    There of pics of Angie and her film crew working on pre production in Sydney, Deakins and Hutman included. Sets have to be built, locations set up, AUS casting taking place, local crews hired , agreements still being negotiated re tax rebates and incentives with government. All this in local AUS papers. Filming said by actors involved to take place end of Oct and then end of year.

    Angie is taking the kids out for fun things while they are in a hotel while she takes care of pre production details.

    There is no defense for those possessing utter ignorance and vileness.

  • Premalee

    @Marginalized one #31

    Well said. So jealous of Angie and the kids.

  • who

    Beautiful kids with their beautiful mama. I can’t believe how much Maddox has grown.

  • The Real Silly Rabbit

    Look at teen Mad. O.M.G he is not a baby anymore. Angie and her babies look happy again… Look at shiloh cheesing. Angie once again showing the workd what a De@dbeat daddy pitty is, haha.

  • teri

    Great pics, such a beautiful and happy family.

  • The Real Silly Rabbit

    @Marginalized one: exactly Pitty fans don’t know what prep work is. Angelina is not just the director she is also a producer on Unbroken. She has a lot of work to do but she’s such a good mother that she makes time for her kids. De@d beat daddy is just acting and he is not allowed to have kids with him because they don’t want to be with him. I can’t imagine Angie ever being 20hrs away from her kids just to work on a movie with Shia Labouf and Logan lerman, bahaha.


    But pitty fans aka Fftards are right, angie doesn’t have to take her children to the aquarium, bowling, to the zoo but she is showing the world that she is a single mother and Pitty is a de@dbeat dad so these little family trips are necessary for her next role as director, pilot, humanitarian, part time actress, jewelry designer, tattoo designer, AND SINGLE MOTHER OF SIX. Being Queen isn’t easy.

  • Phool

    #Rose@09/10/12 at 11:07am( reply to post from previous thread)


    Thanks Rose for the update translation of the new tattoo were getting there eventually someone will break the code and I bet you its going to be no fan but Angie her self depends if a reporter is braver enough to ask her the question. Remember when she has the 7 line tattoo under the existing 6 destinations of the kids and the media went in over drive when they saw it. At the time the main gossip was its the the 7 the child or the destination of their wedding , it ended up when in an interview she was asked she said its Brads Date of birth and destination so I’ll waite for Angie to tell us at least the source is kosher don’t you agree Rose lol.


    Don’t talk about Mileys Toung damn that think has a life of its own how long is that tongue I bet her tongue can give Gene Simmons tongue a run for its money in its length, its plain freaky lol, but still have soft spot for the crazy girl I know wonders never seize do they. I was looking at the photos of Taylor Swift all over the Australian up an coming actor the one who is playing Prince in Angies Maleficent they looked very cosy hmm and did you see what Julia Roberts was wearing red mini dress why do women over 42 insist on dressing like teens I just don’t know. I saw the after party photos JR damn the women is so over doing her smooze and her hyena laugh, if i see that mouth of hers any wider i’m tempeted to stuff a sock in it.

  • Passing Through

    # 730 Rose @ 09/10/2013 at 7:46 am
    I can’t believe how tall Maddox has gotten. He and Shiloh are both tall for their ages. It’ll be interesting to see how tall Mad gets. Asians aren’t exactly known for their tall stature.

  • The Real Silly Rabbit

    @Marginalized one: btw, I don’t think FfTards know who roger deakins is. I am sure they will identify him as Angie’s lover. Haha this movie is going to be EPIC with that level of talent. Jon hutman also worked on Angie’s directorial debut. Ahhhh amazing.

  • Phool

    Angelina Jolie, Six Kids Go Bowling in Australia, Brad Pitt Says He’s “Jealous”
    Angelina Jolie may be minding their six kids solo in Australia, but Brad Pitt swears he’s the one who is missing out! While promoting his new drama film, 12 Years a Slave, at the Toronto International Film Festival, the 49-year-old actor told Access Hollywood that he wishes he could be with his family.
    “Yeah, she’s got her hands full,” Pitt joked of his fiancee. “I’m actually jealous.”
    Jolie, 38, has been bravely leading their kids Maddox, 12, Pax, 9, Zahara, 8, Shiloh, 7, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 5, around Australia, where she is set to begin shooting her next directorial effort, Unbroken. On Tuesday, Sept. 10, the actress and her children were seen leaving Strike Bowling Centre at the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park after enjoying some quality time together.


    Following the buddy system, the Jolie-Pitt kids held hands while heading to their car. Stylish tomboy Shiloh, wearing a gray T-shirt with yellow trim and black pants, tucked her chin-length blonde hair behind her ears and flashed photographers a big smile. She held hands with sister Zahara, who wore a pink graphic sweatshirt and animal-print leggings. Older brother Maddox styled a blue dress shirt and black pants, while Pax hid under a gray stars and stripes hoodie. Little Vivienne looked adorable in a colorful dress with black leggings underneath, and twin brother Knox wore a plan white shirt and black pants.


    Since arriving in Australia on Sept. 6, Jolie has dressed in head-to-toe black. During a solo stroll on Monday, Sept. 9, the Oscar-winning star, who underwent a preventative double mastectomy earlier this year, debuted a large new tattoo of what appeared to be Arabic writing on the lower part of her right arm. The ink has yet to be translated.


  • Rose

    Phool, did you see that comment I left about Aisha Tyler. Well, the story is: while listening, not watching, to the tv, SBT, on HLN. last night the host AJ Hammer had two of the hosts from “The Talk” on his show. He asked both who would you like to spend a weekend with if you could chose anyone. Aisha, who worked with Ticky on Friends said she would want to spend time with Brad and Angelina because they seems like such a cool and fun couple. She would like to know what book they read, and what they talk about. She would also want to be with the kids because the whole family seems like fun. Now Phool, remember Aishy worked with Ticky and even she don’t want to spend a weekend with her. You know, that just confirmed how booring Ticky is, lol. The next lady said she would want to spend her time with Oprah.

    Over the weekend I was watching Family Feud, one of the question was: “we asked 100 people this question, if Brad Pitt is a 10 what would most people be”. The No 1 answer was a 5 compared to Brad Pitt a 10. Suck to be a troll.

  • Passing Through

    I guess Angie is taking the kids on a tour of international bowling alleys. They went to one in Malta and I’m pretty sure I remember reading that they went to one in London last year. Maybe it’s in memory of her grandparents. Gosh, trolls, maybe she’s holding seances conducted by a voodoo high priestess so she can talk to them and her mother…

  • Adorable kids

    @The Real Silly Rabbit:

    hey, don´t you dare to be rude with Angie and the kids. be careful with what you post about the JP children. If you cross the line of RESPECT we will flag you, piece of human trash full of envy, jealous and hate.

    Btw, Angie is written with capital “A” not “a”. And for you it´s “Royal Highness Angelina Jolie-Pitt” and you must bow your small head (full of sand instead brain) to speak about them. Get it.

  • http://iPad Susan

    When all is said and done, Shiloh or Knox will be the tallest kid in that family.
    Brad’s dad looks tall, Jamie and Jon are well over six feet. Shiloh may look like Brad, but I see a lot of Angie’s mannerisms in her.

  • Ssshhii_baby

    waving hi to all the Jolie-Pitt fans from around the world!!! hugs for Phool&Rose!!! wow!!! Madd is soooo grown!!! the kids are sooo beautiful! all looked happy&very well behaved…Angie is showing people how to multi-task!! love this family

  • Observer2

    LMAO! at funny bunny.

    No, we don’t know who Roger Deakins is. Nope. He only did TAOJJ with Brad. Brad hired him. Oh and RD works with the Coens, a lot.

    Brad’s been friends with the Coen Bro. for years and who wrote the Unbroken script?

    Oh and Angelina is working with a lot of people that Plan B has worked with and is working with.

    It’s nice when a husband and wife work together. Or when the husband has a production company and can share the wealth and give support to his wife.

  • Observer2

    # 42@Passing Through:


    Well, since that worked for her to steal Brad away from Lenny.


  • The Real Silly Rabbit

    @Phool: we know he’s jealous. pitty is working with the uber thespians Shia Labouf and Logan Lerman in England while Angie is directing a movie with Roger Deakins handling Cinematography. And on her downtime she gets to explore AUSTRALIA with her kids making her image as supermom even more of a reality at the same time squashing Pitt’s good daddy image. Then throw in her Second Oscar and yeah we knows he’s jelly. He’s a jealous betch.

  • who

    Angelina Jolie Explores Australia With Her Kids,,20733261,00.html

  • Rose

    @Passing Through: Hi PT, I was thinking the same thing about MADD’s getting so tall. Asians are generally on the shorter size. PT, did you see Shi and ZZ, on BF, they have better and bigger, and many more pictures than JJ. OMG, those two girls grew overnight. I swear they grew about three inches last night, :-), another photo has Shi and know in the same picture and they both have the exact biting of the bottom lip like their father, that was so funny looking at that photo.