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Angelina Jolie Goes Bowling in Australia with All Six Kids!

Angelina Jolie Goes Bowling in Australia with All Six Kids!

Angelina Jolie and her lovely children leave Strike Bowling Centre after having an afternoon of fun together on Tuesday (August 10) at the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park, Australia.

The 38-year-old actress was joined by all six of her kids – Maddox, 12, Pax, 9, Zahara, 8, Shiloh, 7, and five-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox – for the family outing that day.

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The day before, Angelina was seen heading to work and displaying her new arm tattoo.

Over the weekend, Angie and the kids went to the aquarium together.

FYI: Vivienne is wearing Havaianas sandals.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie going bowling with her kids…

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angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 01
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 02
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 03
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 04
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 05
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 06
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 07
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 08
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 09
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 10
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 11
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 12
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 13
angelina jolie goes bowling in australia with all six kids 14

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  • Jen the Hag

    The Real Silly Rabbit @ 09/10/2013 at 1:20 pm

    STFU JENHAG we can smell your FAT TICK stink all over this thread!! Stop possing as an AJ fan!!

  • Sarah

    @Ⱦamsin: pero es que yo no vivo aqui como tu que por lo que vi estas dia y noche escribiendo como loca cosas que ni te constan!

    yo si tengo mi propia vida y no adoro a nadie ni tampoco odio a alguien que ni conozco!

  • Jen the Hag

    #31 Marginalized one @ 09/10/2013 at 1:11 pm


    well what can you expect from JENHAGS when their source is the FEMALEFIRST and IAN HARPIN posters and post their never ending fanfiction, wishlist and dreams!! They are detached from REALITY in fact they denied all reality about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie bwahahahahahaha !!

  • Observer2

    #129 @lucy:

    Now, C’mon. The homicidal maniac is trying so hard. LMAO!

    Get back to us when Lenny has a movie on her own steam. Where she’s the only star. Oh, yeah, there aren’t any. LOL.

    That Huvane, earning his keep. Getting a contractor to do write ups. Again, her level.

  • Passing Through

    # 119 A-lister Aniston @ 09/10/2013 at 6:50 pm
    Why? Because Huvsy’s lacky at Forbes had decreed it? BBBWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    Yeah, Ticky’s A-list…that’s why she’s working with neophyte and has-been directors and co-starring with C- and D-list actors on movies with sub-$35MIL budgets. All A-listers do that – when they’re starting out. Not when they’ve supposedly arrived and been A-list for 15+ years. That’s also why Ticky has ZERO movies lined up. That’s also why Ticky can’t get a movie greenlighted with JUST HERSELF attached to it. That’s why Ticky always has to get friends to give her roles or has to audition for better roles and repeatedly get turned down. Oh yeah…Ticky’s A-listness is da shizzle with a poopy fizzle! Sit. The. Fvck. Down. Henette.

  • Passing Through

    # 133 lucy @ 09/10/2013 at 7:50 pm
    Scott Mendelson at Forbes is Huvsy’s biitch. Dude is ALWAYS making excuses for Ticky with those half-assed lists they’re always coming up with.

  • lucy

    @Passing Through: I believe they put Meryl back in the BA category because the film isn’t receiving the love that they thought it would. Of course there are some that love it, but some have been meh about it. One said if they had a category for how much and how loud a cast screams during a film, OC would have a lock on that Oscar for sure.

  • Jen the Hag

    Lol @ 09/10/2013 at 7:14 pm

    @A-lister Aniston:
    I guess Huvsy read people calling Maniston box office poison. Lol. Maniston hens, the real movie star is you can open a movie on your own, you are the lead not the supporting roles to popular male starrs. Huvsy really works hard. Lol
    I bet FAT TICK drunk dialling HUVANE in the middle of the night and CRYING pleaseeee, pleasee STOP those posters from JJ calling me BOX OFFICE POISON .. wahhh…wahhhhh!!! bwahahahahahah!!!

  • Observer2


    I just came across this piece from Roger Friedman from the Derailed premiere. Lenny is such a lying piece of $hit:
    Aniston’s Star Shines With and Without Pitt

    ~~~Tuesday, November 01, 2005
    By Roger Friedman

    ~~~Jennifer Aniston Switches to Plan B With Brad Pitt-Lie Number One.~~~

    Jennifer Aniston is still in business with Brad Pitt, post-divorce. Their Plan B movie production company, she told me on Sunday night, is full steam ahead.-BULLSHIT

    She told me this at restaurant Compass, over a din and a cacophony, which means it was pretty loud and crowded for the premiere of her new thriller, “Derailed.”

    The whole time we spoke, she held my hand. I mean, clutched it. I reminded her we’d spoken last at the premiere of Pitt’s movie “Troy” on May 10, 2004.

    Aniston probably knew then that there was trouble in her marriage, but had done “the right thing” by helping to launch “Troy” without scandal (too bad it didn’t work, but that’s another story).

    ~~~Her marriage was toast by the time Troy premiered. So, her claims that she was blindsided.-BULL$HIT! LMAO!

    So what’s she doing? “I don’t know yet. I still have Plan B, our production company. It’s still the same people — me, Brad [Pitt] and Brad [Grey]. Nothing’s changed. Everyone’s getting along.” What? Hello? OK.-EXACTLY

    ~~~This is the press release from Brad Grey and Brad:

    Brad Pitt decided to move Plan B film production company from Warners Bros to Paramount Pictures, after Pitt’s former manager Brad Grey was named chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures.

    Grey, who has also produced a number of TV series, said: “It’s been no secret that I’ve wanted Plan B to have a home at Paramount. It’s especially gratifying to be bringing Brad and my old friends and colleagues from Plan B over as one of our first major production deals for the studio.”

    No mention of Lenny. LMAO!

    “Having great respect for Brad’s vision, we’re excited for this opportunity to continue building our company in partnership with him and his team at Paramount,” said Pitt.~~~

    ~~~~Nothings changed? Really? Brad Grey sold his shares of Plan B to Brad and Dede. You got the boot and so did your friend Kristin H. and Plan B moved to Paramount. Everyone’s getting along? Really? LMAO! That’s why none of the movies that went with Plan B with you attached got made. If that’s getting along, I’d hate to see what it was like when you weren’t. Remember, Brad and Angelina were pregnant at this time. No one knew. Ummm, yeah, Lenny, whatever.~~~

    There are lots of ideas on the board, too: for Aniston to possibly portray Marianne Pearl, widow of murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, for example. She might also play writer Jeannette Walls in an adaptation of her memoir about being the daughter of a homeless woman.

    ~~~Oh, she was still trying to pretend that she had a shot at playing MP in AMH? Ummm, Brad made it perfectly clear when they were still married, it wasn’t going to happen. And guess what? It didn’t. It went to Angelina because MP wanted her to play her and so did Brad.~~~

    As PT always says, if her lips are moving, she’s lying. ROTFLMAO!

  • an oldie

    @Passing Through:
    Why? Because Huvsy’s lacky at Forbes had decreed it? BBBWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    Yeah, Ticky’s A-list…that’s why she’s working with neophyte and has-been directors and co-starring with C- and D-list actors on movies with sub-$35MIL budgets. All A-listers do that – when they’re starting out. Not when they’ve supposedly arrived and been A-list for 15+ years. That’s also why Ticky has ZERO movies lined up. That’s also why Ticky can’t get a movie greenlighted with JUST HERSELF attached to it. That’s why Ticky always has to get friends to give her roles or has to audition for better roles and repeatedly get turned down. Oh yeah…Ticky’s A-listness is da shizzle with a poopy fizzle! Sit. The. Fvck. Down. Henette.

    LOL, PT, worth reposting. Nicole Kidman is box office poison, but she keeps getting quality work, because she is talented. Ticky has to strip or fellate a banana at the age of 44 to be able to be in a B romcom.

  • Observer2

    #156 @Passing Through:

    And Huvane is Lenny’s b!tch. Poor thing, word got out from TIFF that her movie that they’re trying to get a distributor for is whiffing it. As in, there’s a whiff in the air of suckage.

    No! No! Brad’s movie is getting rave reviews. He’s the producer. He’s the reason it got made. Everyone is very grateful for that.

    Sandra’s movie is getting raves. No! No! No!

    No one has to write articles about Brad and Sandra being movie stars. No one has to write articles about Angelina being a movie star.

    But, Lenny, dammit! Let’s make sure people know because if Huvane doesn’t tell them, then no one will agree. LOL.

    Oh and let’s talk up the fact that she’s got a really hard scene in this movie. Ya know. Acting. And she still won’t go all the way with it. Cause, ya know, she’ll talk about it like she did and there will be no follow through. Where’s her Squirt?

  • Jen the Hag

    busted @ 09/10/2013 at 7:48 pm


    NO thing is if you are a true MOVIE STAR you don’t need articles written to tell the world that you are. It would be a given. No one would question it.
    Amen Sister Huvane is the hardest working publicist in HW.. it’s like every FAT TICK article always with adjective.. the Hottest female body 40 and above ..and in her every commercial ‘THE BEAUTIFUL JENNIFER ANISTON” bwahahahahaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahah!!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Yeah, she is an A-list that no one is willing to finance any of her projects for Echo Film. I can hear MANiston ECHOing to herself right now. I am a loser looser looooooser loooser loooser.

  • A-list Star at 45 years old

    Don´t make me laught, Anuston is not a Star. She is riding the wave of Brad Pitt divorce until now. That Blog-article was payed and the author is not a journalist.

    But the biggest evidence and true about Anuston is that she can´t be named a A-list Star with 45 years old. A Star, a true A-list Star appear when she begin in the movies, with 20 years old.

    A Star like Angie, Sandra B., Merlin S, and now Jennifer Lawrence are named A-list stars when they are young and her talent was visible. Not when they are old and obsolete like Anuston with 44. it´s ridiculous and stupid.

    Anuston can have all the box office success but never will be a mega-star. She can not make the time goes back. Her age tell the story of a girl that spend more than 20 years in the movies and don´t give until now any relevant interpretation in a movie role. It´s with 45 that she will make me cry in a dramatic movie ??? Or she will be the next “Lara Croft” ??? Or maybe she will do the next Bond,,, sorry…. the next “Salt” ?

    Please give me a break. There are some people trying to manipulated the public opinion. it´s clear like water.

    The sad thing about Anuston is that she will keep riding the wave of Brad and Angie. It´s incredible. The PR of Anuston keep the connection running crazy. i´m tired of Anuston and friends trying to put Anuston in the same level as Angie.

    Angie can not be compared with no one and less with Anussston. Angie is a precious and rare talent that we have the lucky to see and lived in the same time.

    Angie have make and will do history and it will be remember forever in this world History. In the movies and in the social and political history of the world.

  • Wonderbust

    Didn’t the fatfcks claim Angie isn’t doing anything in Australia
    First Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie touched down in Tamworth, then she headed to Werris Creek to scout for potential movie locations.

    See your ad here
    She was happy to smile and wave at interested locals, saying she it was “wonderful to be in Werris Creek”.

    The gong-winning actress arrived on a commercial flight in the country music capital on Wednesday morning before being driven straight to Werris Creek.

    Jolie is in Australia to make her second feature film as a director – Unbroken.

    It is understood production will soon move from Fox Studios to Village Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast.

    But in between she stopped in to check out the architecture of a number of Werris Creek locations which are understood to be similar to that of the English village where her new World War II epic is set.

  • Passing Through

    Speaking of magazine biitches – someone earlier today or last night asked me what I thought about the Putrid\Vanity Fair brouhaha and I forgot to reply. I’ve been LMAO. Huvsy cannot possibly be a happy camper. He can’t get Ticky any good mag covers anymore and here’s Putrid telling people not to cooperate with VF ever again? Ouch. Talk about undermining Huvsy’s clout. I also laughed at the publicist who was all snippy about stars don’t need VF anymore and VF was conduction witch hunts, blah, blah, blah. Well, they’re the freaking MEDIA…that’s what they’re SUPPOSED to do. Publicists don’t have a problem with VF or any other magazine as long as they’re printing what they’re told to print without comment or question. See: People.
    Publicist use magazines to push their agenda or their version of a story that they want the public to believe. They’re not interested in the truth any more than they claim the media is. Putrid only has a problem with VF doing a story on her because she knows it’s NOT going to be flattering, but she had no problem whatsoever in doing interviews with other mags that only do fluff pieces or print what Huvsy tells them to. She’s a great big biitch and a snob and everybody in HW knows it, but Putrid doesn’t want the MVM finding out or else it’ll affect sales of her cookbooks and hits at her website. It’s so funny because VF did that hit piece on Brad and what did Brad do? Did he send around emails asking the Par execs and Marc Forster not to talk to them? Hell, no. He couldn’t be bothered. Instead he declined to speak with them and went right on working on WWZ as if they didn’t exist. It was no skin off his nose. He believed in his movie and took it straight to the people. He won and VF looks like a bunch of idiots. Millions of people saw WWZ. VF circ number is roughly 1,200,000 copies a month. I don’t know how many copies the June issue sold but even it it sold 1,500,000 (plus subscriptions) – so what? There are nearly 200,000,000 adults in this country. That means 1 in 133,333,333 people bought or subscribe to the mag. At an avg ticket price of $12.50 with a BO total just over $200MIL it would mean 16,000,000 people saw the movie. Brad 1, VF 0. So, WTF is Putrid scared of? Even with a ton of publicity the VF issue on her is only going to reach about 1.2MIL people and it’s not like she’s selling $533MIL worth of books or getting 533,000,000 hits at Goop every month.
    Anyway…I found it hilarious that Putrid is telling her friends not to cooperate with VF when a lot of those same friends would kill to be the VF cover story themselves. Kate Hudson can barely even book that Women’s World Weekly mag thing that sits at the check-out stand with the gossip rags that’s always featuring some chick who just lost 200 pounds with some strange new diet technique. She’d rat Putrid out in a heartbeat. And give her enough booze and weed and Cam Diaz probably would, too.

  • Passing Through

    # 140 Wonderbust @ 09/10/2013 at 8:51 pm
    I’m just cautious when it comes to the Academy. There are too many people with too many agendas and a lot of back-room deals and Harvey blackmailing people. Plus, it’s a long ways off – especially this year. Final ballots are usually due in the middle of January. This year it’s the end of Feb due to the Winter Olys. That’s an extra month for Harvey to work his evil…
    Friday, December 27, 2013
    Nominations voting begins
    Wednesday, January 8, 2014
    Nominations voting ends 5 p.m. PT
    Thursday, January 16, 2014
    Oscar nominations announced
    Monday, February 10, 2014
    Nominees Luncheon
    Friday, February 14, 2014
    Final voting begins
    Tuesday, February 25, 2014
    Final voting ends 5 p.m. PT

    Oscar Sunday, March 2, 2014
    86th Academy Awards

  • Passing Through

    # 142 an oldie @ 09/10/2013 at 9:00 pm
    I saw the pix this afternoon. Not only was it fug but it made her look wide and gave her a unaboob. But, I’ll say one nice thing – and I don’t even like Hyena Laugh – her legs looked good. Better than Ticky’s…but then Hyena is taller…

  • Passing Through

    # 148 Wonderbust @ 09/10/2013 at 9:18 pm
    I don’t know how much the screenplay differs from the play’s script but on Broadway the actresses were considered co-leads and both wer nommed in the Lead Actress category. But, it’s the same thing every year. Someone is always put in the lesser category because they think it’ll give them a better chance of winning. Or, like Kate Winslet in 2009 – so she wouldn’t cancel herself out and the Oscar go to someone else. Remember when they tried to put her in the Supporting category for The Reader and the Academy ignored it and nommed her for Best Actress, which cancelled out her performance in that flick with Leo? So she only ended up with 1 Oscar nom instead of 2.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    OT- I was looking at Ben A photos of him and his kids. He doesn’t look happy. I guess he is not so happy because the wife is away working and he has to take care of the kids. The stupid trolls rant on and on about Brad being a bad father.

  • Passing Through

    # 157 lucy @ 09/10/2013 at 9:52 pm
    LOL. I haven’t seen the reviews and haven’t been paying attention to A:OC. I just figured if Hyena was in it she was going to suck the talent right out of Meryl. I guess this means Porgie’s down to 1 film for 2013 Oscar glory. I hope The Monuments Men sucks as well. It’s got that The Good German\The American smell about it (Guess Cate didn’t learn anything the first time. I hope this doesn’t put a dent in her BA chances). Porgie & Heslov wrote it. They’re hit-and-miss at writing – mostly miss. Remember when he re-wrote Leatherheads, slapped his name on it with the other 2 writers? He fought with the writers guild about his credit, got it..then Leatherheads sucked and the test audiences loathed it. Just before it came out he took his name off the screenplay. THAT’s good old Porgie for ya. Won’t claim his caca but if it’s half-way decent it’s all because of him.
    OK…just because I know this will annoy BBOQ…I’m going to go ahead and predict the BO for TMM right now – it opens on Wed Dec 18, 5 days after part 2 of The Hobbit and 2 days before the Anchorman sequel (they moved it up to Wed for that reason): 5-day opening total – $14.5MIL, total $47.6MIL. As the opening draws closer and I see the reviews and forecasts I’ll adjust my numbers…but I’m not really expecting too much at the BO for this. Probably not enough explosions…

  • http://iPad Susan

    Nenufar2 jjb
    They’re doing casting calls for Angie’s movie, it will starl filming mid-October. ??
    Young men, for a couple of days, no tattoos, be willing to get a short haircut.

  • Wonderbust

    Hmm interesting article for. Last year about how people go to the governors awards to help secure a nomination.
    Now, virtually every studio and distributor pays big bucks to the Academy to buy a table or tables at the Governors Awards, which they can then fill with Oscar hopefuls from their films, along with publicists (to make sure that they are introduced to voters during the cocktail hour that precedes the show and periodic lulls in the action during the show) and sometimes, in full disclosure, lucky journalists (thank you for my seat this year, DreamWorks Animation).
    In other words, it’s not a coincidence that a ton of people vying for Oscar nominations this awards season showed up at this year’s Governors Awards — certainly more than ever before. (Well, it is something of a coincidence in a few cases, such as Kathryn Bigelow and Tom Hanks, who probably would have been there anyway since they serve on the Academy’s Board of Governors, and Steven Spielberg, who was asked to sit at the table of honoree Jeffrey Katzenberg.) As you can see from a list that I put together of the folks that I spotted during the ceremony, virtually every major Oscar contender was represented.

  • Ⱦamsin

    I am LMAO at how loons are getting ahead of themselves about the possible nominations for TYAS, but even more ridiculous is their claim about the drug addict being the one who made it all possible. Ahahaha… it’s so funny that out of 7 -SEVEN!- listed producers, Pitty is already paying his PR team to spread stories about him being the mastermind. ROTFLMAO!

    Poor loons are the only ones who have bought into Pothead’s bullshiz about how the whole cast and crew should be bowing down to him for making this movie happen. Ahahaha, do loons forget that every owner of a book’s movie rights can make the same claim!?

    It’s a pitty (no pun intended) that it’s so early in the year for this kind of buzz. The movie’s interest, as it happens in many cases, might peak too early in the campaign, especially when other award-hopeful movies have yet to come out.

    One thing is clear, Pothead is desperate for this award and he is once again trying to take credit away from the real talent he associated himself to, such as McQueen, Fassy and Chewy, whom I really hope get some recognition for their efforts. If he wants an Oscar this badly, perhaps he could come up with a cancer-scare sob story, chop off his balls and hope for the voters’ sympathy. It’s not like he has any use for them any more, and hey, it worked for his mistress! :)

  • Passing Through

    # 159 Observer2 @ 09/10/2013 at 9:57 pm
    I remember that article. She lied to Friedman’s face…even as she clutched his hand. Brad Grey had already sold Brad his shares back in April when he took the Par job. Producer Chick had already been fired in August. Brad had already tendered an offer to buy out Ticky’s “equity” stake. Ticky also admitted in another interview around the same time that she didn’t have anything cooking with Plan B since the move to Par because all projects were on a temporary hold (while Brad got rid of her ass). Friedman was an idiot for not pointing out all of those things but everyone was giving Ticky a pass on all her lying because she was so “fragile” from the dumping, so he let it go. Back then Friedman was Team Ticky…then he actually met Angie face-to-face in 2007 at Cannes, she charmed him, he saw how she and Brad were together and since then he’s had nothing but nice things to say about them. Meanwhile, he hardly ever writes anything about Ticky because she’s hardly ever has any positive career news to write about. I think the last thing I read that he wrote about her was his review of What-a-bust, which he panned, and recommended to Ticky that if this crap was the best her agent could get her then she needed to find a new agent…and I’m sure he knows Kevin Huvane is her agent and if Kevin Huvane can’t get her better movies there are damned few others who could – and they wouldn’t want Ticky as a client because they’d never get a dime because nobody will hire her for better movies. Funny how shite is cyclical, ain’t it?

  • Lol

    Tampon, you better to prepare tons of meds because you are going to need them during the awards season. Lol

  • Passing Through

    # 161 Observer2 @ 09/10/2013 at 10:03 pm
    “Leaking” the info about the rape scene is this years “I’m nekkid in this movie…only…not really…” I’m sure when the reviews come out some critics will point out she did a similar scene in Derailed, so it’s not new territory for her…and neither is sucking at it.

  • lucy

    @Passing Through: Exactly what I thought about Julia Roberts in that dress, it made her legs look good, the dress, itself, was awful. I was on RT, and OC (I know it’s real title is August, Osage County),has a rating of only 64%, which shocked me. Ron Howard’s Rush has a 100% rating just like TYAS, but as one critic from TIFF said, it’s like comparing apples and oranges, and I’m a fan of Ron Howard films, but not a fan of that Hemsworth guy. Gravity has a 96% rating, I really thought it would be another 100%.

  • lucy

    @Passing Through: But Ticky’s movie is billed as a “comedy”, not too may rape scenes in comedies, they tend to NOT be funny.

  • Wonderbust

    Awww someone is still bitter that Angie will be getting a SECOND Oscar. Isn’t it funny how when WWZ was getting slammed last year the trolls said it was Brads fault because he was the producer but now that TYAS is getting rave reviews Brad is no longer the producer? It’s okay. They are a tad upset that despite their rants Angie is getting her second and Brad may get his first and there is nothing they can do about it. Maybe start another petition bwahhah.

  • Passing Through

    # 165 Wonderbust @ 09/10/2013 at 10:26 pm
    Didn’t the fatfcks claim Angie isn’t doing anything in Australia
    Uh…PHOTOSHOPPED! Duh. God, Wonderbust…whassamatta witchoo?

  • Wonderbust

    I got my popcorn ready for the epic meltdown nov 16th and all through awards season. Tampon will be ranting And screaming per usual lol.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    Tampon is laughing. Come Nov. she won’t be laughing. She’ll be screaming, kicking and crying all the way through award season. Look out. She’ll bring back Angie’s past and whatever she can recycle from the past 9 years when she hasn’t nothing else to say.

    Bwahahahahahahaha!!!! Can’t wait.

  • Passing Through

    # 178 lucy @ 09/10/2013 at 11:40 pm
    I think the ratings on all 3 of those movies will go down as more critics see them. TYAS is going to be divisive in the south for sure. There’ll be negative reviews coming from critics in those states and they’ll be couched as negative based on artistic merit or violence or some such caca as they reload their double-barrel, semi-auto AK-47s. I can’t imagine some of the far right sites will think too highly of it. There’ll be some religious sites like Christian Science Monitor that’ll throw shade on it, too. . The Ron Howard movie – some critics just hate his movies for no apparent reason, so that’ll go down. I think it’s the whole Opie\Richie Cunningham thing. And I can see people have problems with Gravity as well – mainly because it’s Sandra Bullock and she just did a braindead comedy AGAIN this summer.

  • an oldie

    I don’t remember the timeline, but do you guys think Angelina turned down Gravity because she knew about her breast cancer gene, and that she needed to schedule for the surgery?

  • Passing Through

    # 179 lucy @ 09/10/2013 at 11:44 pm
    LOL. Good point. I doubt Ticky would concede it though. Isn’t it being billed as a “dramedy”? I thought it was. Doesn’t matter…it’s gonna have a hard time finding a distributor. I’m sure it’s already been screened to distributors because it’s showing on the last day and verteran festival goers know that’s a bad day to try to make deals. If there’s no deal announced before the premiere on Sunday then it’ll be a tough deal for CAA & WME to cut. There were 288 films at this year’s festival. I wonder how many of them already had distributors? Even if half of them did – that’s still competing with 144 other films for a few dozen distribution slots.

  • A True Brad and Angie Fan

    And as if to prove my point, I just realized that I didn’t mention AMERICAN HUSTLE. It may be great, but its about what? Money scams? Drugs, big clothes and bad hair. WOLF OF WALL ST., sure it may be great but it’s not got the weight of 12 YEARS. Nothing has.

  • Passing Through

    # 185 an oldie @ 09/11/2013 at 12:12 am
    Some sites said Angie turned down Gravity because of the script. Word was she didn’t think there was enough of an arc character or story from beginning to end. I think it had more to do with the fact that she had just announced plans to make ITLOBAH. It was originally supposed to film in spring 2011 and she was going to be editing her movie. She was also still negotiating for Maleficent and Brad was doing KTS in the Spring of 2011 and WWZ in the summer. Plus I think she just wanted to spend time with the kids and on her humanitarian work because that was all happening around the same time as she became a Special Envoy.

  • Passing Through

    # 187 A True Brad and Angie Fan @ 09/11/2013 at 12:22 am
    LOL. American Hustle is about ABSCAM not money scams. Thanks…I feel really old now…

    Abscam, U.S. scandal resulting from an investigation begun in 1978 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI created a front (Abdul Enterprises, Ltd., hence, Abscam) for its agents, who, posing as associates of an Arab sheik, offered selected public officials money or other considerations in exchange for special favors. The videotaped meetings resulted in the indictments (1980) and convictions of one senator and four congressmen on charges including bribery and conspiracy; another congressman was convicted on lesser charges. The FBI’s tactics raised questions about entrapment, and the conviction of Florida Rep. Richard Kelly was overturned (1982).

  • Ssshhii_baby

    waving hi to all the Jolie-Pitt fans from around the world…quick question..besides conflicting work schedules. do you guys think Angie turned down gravity becuz she think it could be in competition w/Tyas? she rather have her husband’s movie get all the accolades it deserve come award season. I can’t wait o see TYAS..note to self…make sure to wear waterproof mascara when going to see Tyas…

  • Ⱦamsin

    Ah oh lol have the stupid JP tvvats learn how to read yet? I did say that I’m hoping for Fassy, Chewy and McQueen to get some recognition during awards season, didn’t I? I also said that Chiwetel especially is overdue for an award. Their involvement with Pothead does not cloud my judgment; as opportunistic as he is, he knows damn well that these people are talented, much more than he has ever been or will ever be.

    Loons are the only ones who hate every other an actor and actress on the face of the planet because they’ve deemed them competition to their idols. I don’t go around compiling lists of achievements. Why do loontards assume that everybody else is like that?

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing TYAS, especially now that I know that Pothead does not take up too much screentime and was labeled a DOWNSIDE. I’m not the one who’s going to lose sleep over the movie getting nominated for BP, though. If it’s good enough, then it will be recognized somehow. Then again, loons don’t understand how an Oscar campaign works. Not only is it expensive, but it takes good timing too, and getting a head start is seldom a good thing. Wait and see, lunatic JP trolls.

  • A True Brad and Angie Fan

    Just saying that American Hustle does’t look interested and why is it released in late December.

  • Ⱦamsin

    @A-lister Aniston:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I can tell the JP tvvats heads have exploded all over the place over this piece.

    It’s exactly what I’ve been saying all along. Aniston is unquestionably bankable, and A lister by this reason. Unlike the Brand, who are A list by association or name recognition, JA’s been making money way before meeting Pothead and still does to this day.

    Wait a second though, are loons stupid enough to try to discredit Forbes, on the heels of them naming Twatgelina as a the top earning actress? Do loons dare to question it now, after swearing on it being unbiased and fair?

    At the end of 2003, Heroina had nothing, only a string of box office bombs and Razzie nominations. Her public antics with BBT and her own brother had damaged her reputation as an Oscar winner, and not even desperate attempts at fauxmanitarian work were enough to resurrect her career. In every movie she made at the time she would and deny rumors about boning her costars. At the same time, JA was working in movies, and had just been named Forbes’ Most Powerful Celebrity. It only took Heroina 5 years, one broken marriage, a huge media scandal, lots of photo ops and fauxmanitarian work, and six children to get the same kind of recognition JA got. Sad isn’t it? :D

    Are loons upset because Aniston is bankable and their idols aren’t? Aww poor things, trying to discredit me is one thing, but to discredit something like Forbes makes you ridiculous, laughable and completely moronic beyond belief. Go cry in the shower idiots!

  • really?

    JJ, can you please get Miley’s picutre off from the top of your front page?

  • really?

    Ⱦamsin, okay, you are right JA is an A lister movie. Now, can be out here? Go find JA thread and post there. You and all your other selves. Okay?

  • desperate old manny

    looks like tiny stolen troll boy ran away again and fat tick got lonely- couldn’t happen to a more deserving dirtbag.

  • Umm

    This year 4 movies about black people could enter Oscar race, I feel they will award one of them, based on reviews, TYAS is the best. I am feeling TYAS will won Best Picture and It definitely deserves to win.

  • Jen the Hag

    FAT TICK GRANNY should be forever grateful to Brad Pitt for marrying her and and then dumping her because if Brad didn’t dumped her FAT A.S.S she would be forgotten by know.. it would be ANUSton who???

  • LooseLipz

    Shiloh is a boy

  • the ring

    but but if the movie of our nun angie does not begin until middle of October, because she is not in
    london with pitty and bambi?

    split coming soon