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Miley Cyrus Steps Out After Breaking Vevo Video Record!

Miley Cyrus Steps Out After Breaking Vevo Video Record!

Miley Cyrus holds on to her fuzzy blue jacket while leaving a photo studio on Tuesday afternoon (September 10) in London, England.

The 20-year-old singer had a photo shoot at the location, in between promoting her upcoming album, Bangerz.

Miley‘s video for her song “Wrecking Ball” just broke the Vevo record for most views in twenty-four hours. It racked up over 19 million views. How many times did you watch it?!

“Y’all did went so above and beyond with wrecking ball :) I love you so much and thank you for breaking the vevo record!!!” Miley tweeted as a thank you to her fans.

FYI: Miley is wearing a Saint Laurent flannel shirt.

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus stepping out in London…

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19 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Steps Out After Breaking Vevo Video Record!”

  1. 1
    sillyme Says:

    Do you think she even realizes that it’s only because she’s nekkid in most of the video? Nah, she probably thinks it’s because of her great vocals. Bet most people probably can’t even remember the song, though.

  2. 2
    S Says:

    Agreed @sillyme.

    I watched it for a few seconds out of curiosity & then YouTubed the lyric version so I could listen to it without seeing her lick and hump various objects.

  3. 3
    Red Head Says:

    People also watch baboons in the zoo. And train wrecks.

  4. 4
    AEM Says:

    @Sillyme & @s,
    You are so stupid. 33% of the views are by Haters. Miley is marketing genius. Why do you bother to view her video if you hate her? Because you are curious. What Haters should do is IGNORE her and don’t watch or buy her music. But most Haters are too stupid to do that! Miley USED you, idiots!

    Next week, with all these views, WB will be #1 on BB Hot 100, knocking off Roar.

    This is the same technique Miley used for We Can’t Stop. Haters keep watching the video to jack up WCS’s Hot 100 standing. Only Blurred Lines (which is a worse song) stood in the way.

  5. 5
    sweetness Says:

    People you need to stop hating on Miley. She’s a smart and savvy business woman who knows how to promote her image. No different than Madonna did, no different than any pop singer out there. And yes Madonna was hated, criticized and people declared she can’t sing…BUT she did not stop…You don’t get millions of views of your video if she doesn’t appeal to somebody.

  6. 6
    la-la Says:

    Well, it’s quite obvious that she got those views just because she’s naked.

    BTW, she’s in full identity crisis, since she cut her hair. Poor girl, I hope she finds her way.

  7. 7
    la-la Says:

    I mean, if I was an artist I would be extremely happy and proud of myself if people loved my art even if I was ugly and fat, because it would mean that it is really because my art is valuable.
    Miley, instead, gets naked and does humiliating things just to get more attention. The point is that she has that attention just because she’s a pretty (a part fro the haircut) naked girl- in this video; or because she does something with really vulgar sexual acts- at the vma. NOT because she’s good.
    I actually think the song is nice and her voice is nice, so she should let them shine and speak for themselves!

  8. 8
    aquarius64 Says:

    @AEM: And slowly and surely Liam is taking steps to dumping her. He’s spending more time with his family than ever since Twerk-gate. When the big break up is announced, watch the stories flow that the Hemsworths have always thought Miley is American trash before the VMAs. Sure she’s running up sales, but she is perceived as a wh*re because of the image she’s putting out. Because of that, any guy that steps to her after Liam will think she will give it up with ease. Nice trade off for millions in the bank.

  9. 9
    of course Says:

    everyone loves a PORN STAR! Shes no Madonna and shes no Lady GAGA, she is TRASH.. pure and simple.

  10. 10
    of course Says:

    FYI i didnt watch her trash.

  11. 11
    McLOVIN Says:

    No.8; Liam is too weak for Miley. A smart young woman like her needs a real man; not another gayish Hollywood movie star from Australia. Note the inspired ‘Pretty Woman’ boots that relate directly to what is currently going on with Julia Roberts at TTIFF, per:

  12. 12
    Deborah Says:

    You all did went??? This young woman seems to feel she cannot simply rely on talent to sell her music but must demean herself in the process. Even sadder to me is the fact that she missed an education. This type of marketing technique will not sustain her for very long. Better choices and a longer career might have come with spending a little time in school.

  13. 13
    rdh Says:

    Not sure what is worse…Miley acting like a tramp or the media perpetuating this drivel. If the media would stop placing the emphasis on lewd behavior, them perhaps some of these so called “stars and celebs” would stop putting out garbage. Nearly every page on JJ shows Miley on that stupid wrecking ball…and NO!! I have not bothered wasting my time watching it.

  14. 14
    Ann Says:

    So what? Many views? Yes. Is her song good? No

  15. 15
    Jimmy Says:

    Of course you get views WHEN YOU’RE NAKED. People can’t believe what a trainwreck is happening Miley! You’re so ugly inside and out. Look at her- she thinks she’s a god. She adored Liam and destroyed it all and pretends now she doesn’t care. Is it any wonder she’s always kissing things? Blow up dolls, moon men, fake baby head masks, sledgehammers, teddy bears…can you say LONELY AND DESPERATE?

  16. 16
    Johnson Says:

    Her upper lip always looks like someone punched it. It’s really damn annoying along with the rest of her.

  17. 17
    Warren Says:

    It’s funny so many haters want to see Miley naked. Must be a lot of closet fans out there. I think the song is great and heard it before the video came out. But I really love Miley’s beautiful, sexy body. She has such kissable lips, sexy eyes and can really sing a song. What a hot woman! I love Miley!

  18. 18
    Monae Says:

    I seriously don’t know why people still like her. This video is terrible. She was naked most of the video her song was suppose to be meaningful but she was naked with red lipstick on a ball…you tell me that is art.. she doesn’t realize that people watch it because they want to make new parodies & her little smilers are keep watching it to get her views.

  19. 19
    Justme Says:

    She equates views of her videos with popularity and likeability. Her hillbilly brain doesn’t understand it’s the trainwreck people are tuning it for, not the talent.

    And someone give the girl a piece of wood to gnaw on. Her teeth are SO HUGE, she looks so much like a beaver she should dance with those and leave cute teddies alone.

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