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Nicole Kidman & Colin Firth: 'Railway Man' Trailer - Watch Now!

Nicole Kidman & Colin Firth: 'Railway Man' Trailer - Watch Now!

Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth star in the just released trailer for their brand new film The Railway Man.

The film tells the extraordinary and epic true story of Eric Lomax, a British Army officer who is tormented as a prisoner of war at a Japanese labour camp during World War II. Decades later, Lomax discovers that the Japanese interpreter he holds responsible for much of his treatment is still alive and sets out to confront him, and his haunting past.

Jeremy Irvine also stars in the film as a younger version of Colin‘s character.

Nicole Kidman & Colin Firth: ‘Railway Man’ Trailer
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  • IMO

    Looks Amazing, I’m so there.

  • Moh123

    Seems like a winner

  • Alliana

    Loved the book and the movie looks great too. Love Colin Firth!

  • Gemma

    Beautiful! A character study of a man who suffered and forgave. What we didn’t see after ”Bridge on the River Kwai”. Colin and Nicole should be proud. I’m thrilled that Nicole has screen time with Stellan Skarsgard too.

  • Lillith

    This looks epic, Nicole is cute as a button!

  • Justme

    LOVE Colin and Nicole is a good actress. Wish her face moved more and that she had expression in her forehead though, that’s the unfortunate part of casting Nicole now, but the acting chops are still there to make up for it.

  • DiGilio

    Wish her face moved more? What is wrong with you? A script about a WWII torture victim and his wife requires mugging for the camera? Ridiculous.

    The film does look fabulous.

  • Liz

    Wow, wow, wow… And the Oscar goes to… Colin Firth!

  • Louise

    This will be a riveting movie. Nicole and Colin will so compliment one another. I luv Nicole’s speaking voice. So tender. And for the Nicole haters…………. give up worrying about her forehead! It looks great and she is a fine woman and great actress.

  • Bea

    I saw a carpet interview with Nicole at TIFF and when talking about Keith’s new album coming out, Nicole didn’t know when that was. Everyone knows when his album is coming out, given it has been a long time coming; but his wife doesn’t know?? She is currently spending a lot of time with him so I would’ve thought she would have been more cluey on that.

  • Oh dear

    Surprise Surprise, Kidman is using her whispering little girl voice again. Her face looks grotesquely filled and lacks any expression. Another flop.

  • LIa

    Variety Review – “Dull as Dishwater” – just like Kidman’s acting.

  • Kiss of Death Kidman

    Moviefone – “The Railway Man,” which just premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival to mixed reviews, doesn’t have a U.S. release date at the moment.

  • x

    Anyone who watches the trailer will automatically see Kidman is, once again, the weakest link. Her British accent is all over the place. She simply CANNOT ACT and should do everyone a favor and RETIRE.

  • Troy

    Railway Man went to TIFF to get a US dist deal as many films do. There’s 3 offers already. When one is finalized we’ll get a release date.

    Grace of Monaco UK release date has been pushed up.

    It’s obvious the psycho who is posting as whackjobs 10-14 has no grasp on reality.

  • cant wait


  • Not buying it

    @Bea: that’s right, she had to think hard about when it was being released, suddenly remembered and quickly gave it a plug to divert attention from the sham her PR marriage truly is.

  • Oh please

    Deadline – “Afterward Kidman, shaken up after seeing the film the first time, told me she knows he (deceased Eric Lomax) was in that sold out Roy Thomson Theatre watching over Patti.”

  • Della

    @x: Well from the coments here and on other sites none of that’s true. Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth are two of the finest actor’s working today. Colin sent her the script and asked her to do the film because he knows it would be a great pairing. Rachel Weiss was too young for the part.

  • Della

    @Oh please: You are a really sad individual. if you watch the tiff press conference you’d know that a Lomax fmaily member was on set every day. When Eric met Colin and Nicole it was tough but a wonderful day. He was all for the movie and I’m sure he is watching over Patti.

  • x

    Cinema Blend (March 2012) – With mere weeks until production begins on Lionsgate’s World War II drama The Railway Man, its leading lady Rachel Weisz has been forced to drop out due to an unexpected scheduling conflict. Turns out, both The Bourne Legacy and Oz: The Great and Powerful now require Weisz for additional shoot days in April, which sent producers in search of a last minute replacement.

  • Still A List?

    If Kidman is not the first choice for many of the movies she is in, can she still be considered A list?

  • Not buying it

    @Oh please: no wonder Kidman was visibly shaken after seeing her ridiculous face magnified on the big screen. Perhaps she now understands why no one is willing to pay good money to see any movie she is in.

  • Della is lying

    43 year old Rachel Weisz was too young to play the part? I don’t think so – “In 1983, at age 64, Lomax married Patricia Wallace, a 46-year-old nurse.”

  • Lenny

    Love Colin Firth. He can really tap into vulnerability and it shows. Kidman not so much.

  • Oh dear

    That is the face of Grace Kelly? Another flop to look forward to.

  • love8754

    Stupid haters. you are all the same person. Kidman is amazing in it. I love how she changed her voice. Can’t wait for Grace Kelly

  • curious

    Changed her voice to a breathy whisper like she always does – so predictable.

  • Bea


    So according to you, Troy, I am a spycho and a whackjob out of touch with reality because I made an observation of a video interview? Can you explain yourself? Did you see the video? The reality is that Kidman did not know when her husband’s much anticipated album is coming out; that is being out of touch with reality! Please direct your antagonism elsewhere.

  • Jada Knows

    You have serious mental problems Sue. Last week Keith’s album is a bomb. Your new personality says it’s much-anticipated. For someone with no life you sure are crap at the one thing you do all day – spreading hate.

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