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Angelina Jolie Catches a Flight with Shiloh & Pax!

Angelina Jolie Catches a Flight with Shiloh & Pax!

Angelina Jolie and two of her children catch a departing flight on Thursday morning (September 12) in Sydney, Australia.

The 38-year-old actress was joined by her kids Pax, 9, and Shiloh, 7, to go scout some more locations for her upcoming film Unbroken.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

The day before, Angie was spotted at the airport after going on a scouting trip without her kids, who are all down under with her while she works on her new movie.

Angelina took all six of her kids bowling earlier in the week for a family outing.

FYI: Angelina is carrying the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour bag. Shiloh is wearing Havaianas flip flops.

15+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie catching a flight…

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angelina jolie catches a flight with shiloh pax 01
angelina jolie catches a flight with shiloh pax 02
angelina jolie catches a flight with shiloh pax 03
angelina jolie catches a flight with shiloh pax 04
angelina jolie catches a flight with shiloh pax 05
angelina jolie catches a flight with shiloh pax 06
angelina jolie catches a flight with shiloh pax 07
angelina jolie catches a flight with shiloh pax 08
angelina jolie catches a flight with shiloh pax 09
angelina jolie catches a flight with shiloh pax 10
angelina jolie catches a flight with shiloh pax 11
angelina jolie catches a flight with shiloh pax 12
angelina jolie catches a flight with shiloh pax 13
angelina jolie catches a flight with shiloh pax 14
angelina jolie catches a flight with shiloh pax 15

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  • Dakota

    Love the Jolie-Pitts! Angie, Pax & Shiloh looking good!

  • anustin

    Shiloh is so tall for her age.

  • anustin

    bless the joliepitt.and bless the fans.

  • anustin

    can’t get a bad picture of the jolie……she is beautiful by heart!!

  • Anon2

    Angie looks beautiful, as always. Pax and Shiloh have grown so much, gorgeous children. It is great to see Pax slowly getting over his shyness,

  • Tymeup

    Angelina Jolie forever!!!!

  • lurker



    BAHAHAHAHA…..THR has a countdown of A-listers, Angelina is no. 1. of course. This is what they say about Maniston:
    Jennifer Aniston
    Jennifer Aniston can earn $5 million — but only in a comedy — after hitting big unexpectedly with We’re the Millers.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! f-f-five million…bahahahahaha!!!

  • Another Fan2

    Aww, Shiloh is wearing a New Orleans Saints t-shirt. And I like Pax’s haircut!

  • Paige

    Beautiful family. Angelina’s hair looks gorgeous

  • Observer2

    Oh, noze. Shiloh is wearing a New Orleans Saints football T. Her dad’s favorite football team. She must be sending him a message about the breakup. ROTFLMAO!

  • Kimmy

    Love Shiloh’s shirt. She looks so cute.

  • busted


    we have been saying this forever. But the hens claimed she was one of the highest paid.. on a 35+ MILLION Budget. Now how does that work. A film doesn’t give an actor 1/3 of it’s budget.

    We are getting spoiled with the pictures. I’m just going to make the joy last as long as it can.

    Shiloh looks taller than pax.

  • cheral

    Beautiful family, indeed :)) On the go, lol. Papa Pitt needs a break to pop in :)


    …By the way, Maniston comes in at 12, and that’s how they captioned her. Hahaha
    In order of placement: Angie, Beyonce, Brad, Cameron Diaz and believe it or not, Zeta (for T-Mobile) is no. 5. Charlize and her decade long Dior pairing puts her at 6.

  • kelly martineau

    Don’t those kids go to school? and make friends there own age.

  • kelly martineau

    Don’t those kids go to school? and make friends there own age.

  • Observer2

    @kelly martineau:

    They have friends older and more mature than you, apparently.

    Worry about your own. I’m sure Pax and Shiloh could out test you.

  • Wonderbust

    It’s alphabetical order by first name

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    @kelly martineau:

    Yes, it’s call home schooled. I am sure they have friends. Just because you don’t see their friends, it doesn’t mean they don’t have it.

  • lucy

    @CLINIQUA: The Hater Hens claim Fat Ticky hasn’t made less than $8 million per movie , ever. I mean really, I know these people are not bright, but when a movie like Switch, which had a budget of $18 Million, and the hens claim she got 8 out that 18 million, then you know these people are a sandwich short of a picnic. lol

  • Passing Through

    A 4th thread today? When it rains it pours. We should hop around between threads to keep the trolls confused. LOL!

  • lucy

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: We’ve seen the kids with friends, we saw Maddox and Pax playing soccer with a group of friends. Brad talked in an interview back a few months ago about taking the kids on a camping trip, along with a few of their friends, Angie included, but not Miss Viv, you know his little Princess wasn’t going to rough it. lol
    Anyway, Brad talked about having to rent a no frills mini bus to take the kids back to LA, which he said was a 3 hour trip, and he said it was just he and Angie and a bunch of kids, no one else.

  • LooseLipz

    Scary that Shiloh’s legs are twice the size of Angie’s. Anorexia.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    @Passing Through:

    LMAO!! That’s an excellent idea.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    The trolls always fine something wrong with the family. If they run out of negative things to say, they will fine something really stoopid to b!tch about or they will bring back Angie & Brad’s past which is one of their favorite things to do.

  • lucy

    I know I’ve seen Brad with the exact same hairstyle as Shiloh when he was growing his hair out. So cute, Shiloh is channeling her Daddy.

  • Adorable kids

    Angie is amazing, she don´t stop. She have said that she likes to planed and organized everything very well and we see that in every step she does.

    It´s incredible the relation and the link she and Brad have formed with their kids. As parents they have achieved a level of complicity with the kids really amazing and interesting.

    They can work and give the same time attention and education to the kids. Angie is working but she organized the work in a way that the kids fell they can form part of their work life too. Living a incredible and adventurous life and learning what really need to be learn.

    This kind of education and formation will make the kids incredible smart and with a deep understanding of the real world.

    Now it´s the time of Shiloh and Pax to go with her mother and learn and be part of her work. The connection between this family is solid and something that we all need to understand better and try to achieved.

    Again Angie and Brad are showing their parent skills and family love unity. the best.kiss

  • lucy

    @Adorable kids: I just find it hilarious that the hens can’t stop with that same old mantra “Angelina is a drug addict”. It just makes me laugh, Angie, one of the most organized, busy woman in HW, and she’s supposed to be all sprawled out somewhere with a needle sticking out of her arm, according to the idiot Hens. I should be a “drug addict” then, maybe I could get more organized. lmao

  • Adorable kids

    The haters talk too much about he kids friends. They have more friends in all world then all the friends all the haters together can have in their sad and boring hate-life.

    Don´t forget that the kids besides home-schooling they go to the international School “Licee Francais” with the same program in all world.

    But what the haters don´t get, cause a jealous-haters it is a dumb person, is that the JP kids, are six, they are the best friends of each other since the beginning of their life with Angie and Brad.

    Six kids it´s a good number of kids to be a friend. Plus, each personal that work with Angie and Brad that have a child it would be a friend too.

    So i bet that the JP kids have much more friends that we can imagined. kiss

  • Another Fan2
  • Adorable kids

    i think you are right, Shiloh hair cut resembles, a lit a bit, the Brad hair cut of WWZ. And now we are seeing Shiloh growing up each day more feminine even if she keep her boyish style.

    Shiloh is becoming like her mother, a exquisite, unique and free spirit. and it will have the beauty of their parents. In less than ten years Brad will have a difficult life.

  • Passing Through

    # 13 busted @ 09/11/2013 at 10:46 pm
    You know what else just got exposed? Forbes’ claim that Ticky was the 4th highest paid actress with $20MIL last year. $2MIL is more like it. LOL! We said it was bullshite and it was. That’s why I said I’d like to know who the supposed studio execs or “industry insiders” were that they talked to about Ticky because it had to be the Brothers Huvane.

  • really?

    What about Brad’s hair? His hair was so long and so nice. I hope it went to a good cause. I know it is Angie thread, but I really want to see someone benefits from his hair.

  • lucy

    @Passing Through:With Ticky’s salary shrinking by the minute, and the tiny midget costing her a fortune, no wonder Ticky is so desperate to stay relevant. Ticky can’t afford to slow down, her expenses have to be outrageous, you know Huvane is bleeding her dry, then there’s all those “friends” she has to buy, and then the people she pays to slander Angie and Brad at every opportunity, no wonder the old girl is getting so fat, stress eating, she knows her days in HW are numbered, she may be dumb, but even she knows she’s not getting offered parts that pay.

  • lucy

    @Adorable kids: Shiloh may dress casual and not as girly as Zee and Viv, but her natural femininity shines through, all the JP girls have their Mother’s natural grace and elegance.

  • groundcontrol

    Oh, PT. They’re already confused.
    I left a special, special treat for you in your inbox for tomorrow. LOL! Don’t freak out.
    Okay that woman in black is making me feel guilty I didn’t get all my shite done today. I will be up for hours now finishing it before the morning. What is that drug again she’s taking? I need it stat.

  • an opinion

    Awww Pax traveling w/out his bear. I like Pax haircut also.

  • an opinion

    It’s so funny how many stories were generated by Brad cutting his hair.

  • Etta

    So how much was Tickey getting before the success of WTM?

  • Joam

    Ty JJ;)

  • anyone know where they flew to?

  • Phool.

    Angelina Jolie arrives in Brisbane
    Sept. 12, 2013, 2:46 p.m.
    Angelina Jolie has arrived in Brisbane on her tour of Australia as she prepares to direct the new World War II drama Unbroken.
    The Hollywood A-lister touched down at Brisbane Airport on Thursday afternoon, with children Shiloh and Pax by her side. Dressed in black and wearing oversized sunglasses, Jolie looked relaxed as she made her way through the airport. She told reporters she was in town to scout possible film locations.

    Angelina Jolie was in Tamworth and the small township of Werris Creek in NSW scouting locations on Thursday morning, where she chatted with the locals and posed for photos, before heading north of the border to Brisbane. It is unclear how long Jolie will stay in town, but it has been reported her film, being made for Hollywood studio Universal Pictures, will be shot across Fox Studios in Sydney as well as studios on the Gold Coast. Jolie arrived in Sydney with her children last Friday, but her partner, fellow actor Brad Pitt is not expected to join his family until he finishes filming a new movie, Fury, in the UK.
    Shortcut to:

  • Phool.

    Shiloh looks a Pitt like her father as she jets out of Sydney airport with Angelina Jolie

    The little girl is famously fond of her tomboyish threads. And with her cherubic blonde good looks, she looks just like her movie star father, Brad Pitt. The seven-year-old was the spitting image of the World War Z icon as she walked beside her mother Angelina Jolie as they jetted out of Sydney airport together.

    The Pitt-ing image: Little Shiloh looked the image of her famous father Brad as she jetted out of Sydney airport with her mother Angelina Jolie on Wednesday She was recently back on set after revealing that she underwent a double mastectomy earlier this year.
    Now it looks as though Jolie is moving full steam ahead with her professional career,
    Shortcut to:

  • Phool.

    Angelina Jolie jets into Brisbane bound for Coast
    HOLLYWOOD Oscar winning superstar Angelina Jolie and her kids are believed to be Gold Coast-bound after the clan flew into Brisbane this afternoon. The celebrity arrived at Brisbane Airport on a 12.30pm flight from Sydney today and was photographed walking through the terminal with son Pax and daughter Shiloh.
    Jolie is expected to start filming scenes on the Gold Coast for her new film Unbroken.It is not yet known when shooting will start but production is expected to take place in Village Roadshow studios at Oxenford, using the purpose-built water tanks. Sites in the Gold Coast hinterland are also expected to be turned into film sets during the shoot. Jolie, 38, arrived in Sydney last Friday with her and Brad Pitt’s six children.
    Pitt is expected to join the clan at a later date. The Unbroken script was written by multi-Oscar-winning screenwriters Joel and Ethan Coen, whose previous successes include Fargo and No Country For Old Men.An adaptation of the 2010 book of the same title by Laura Hillenbrand, Unbroken is the story of American Olympic athlete and World War 2 hero Louis Zamperini.
    He and a fellow crew member drifted more than 3000km across the Pacific Ocean in a life-raft after their aircraft crashed.They survived 47 days at sea, despite attacks from sharks and enemy planes before being captured by Japanese soldiers and thrown into a prisoner-of-war camp.
    Short cut

  • Phool.

    Good morning ladies.

    Especially shout out to all the lovely ladies out there Rose , Passing Through, NAN, Jaye, Premalee, Josephina, Were the morons, Jen The Hag, Lylian, First and last post, Ssshhii_Baby, Bizzy Bee, noplace, QQQQ, Groundcontrol, Lurker, William Bradley&The Jolie, Susan, Dawne, Tish, Anustin, WonderBust, Love The Jolie Pitts, Fyi12, plz, Busted, JP Fan, Vickifromtexas, tweet, juju, Bea, trt, Saffron, LLM, valis202, Who, briseis, Lucy, LOL, fyi, Media Wh@re MANiston, Lylian, Cliniqua, AWHODAT!, juju, Go Figure!, Sunny, plez, Yolly, Observer 2, an oldie, Lucy, Lurker and all the lurkers out there I hope you all have a great day take care take care God Bless.

  • 2Park5

    My Lady!!!! I want more more more.

  • NAN

    Good morning Phool and Rose ,thanks for the shout out and the links,last night I got 2 moderations,JJ doesn’t like the words that I called trolloppy d o g,the half man , a she man and a he girl,
    How are you my dear friends ?
    Im sorry that I could not answered you back, Im still busy with my work ,family and travel.
    Phool and Rose, both of you are still well come to visit me here in DK.
    Have a great day friends.
    Hi to all JP fans around the world .

  • naturegirl

    Damn she is gorgeous and those aviator shades fit her like they were just made for her alone

  • PIAT

    A lot of posters are asking. It stands for Pitt is A Tool. It was used to infuriate the loons at E! as the antis left that board for good (chalk up another victory for the loons) and the loons went crazy over it at the time, for some odd reason. It sounds like it was just one of those things that grated and grated and grated on the loons. So naturally, that appealed to me :) Apparently, someone suggested that we start using it here. I didn’t see that post, but I started seeing it on a post or two, and someone said it was to piss off the loons so I started using it too. Then I read a couple explanations that explained the concept behind it to me, and I really liked them. It felt like we’re keeping the fight going. Here’s what I read about it:

    Haha. It’s from the anti’s last stand at E! before they all left because of en masse loon attacks against them and mods that did nothing to stop it. The loons killed that board — biggest celebrity board in the world, a hundred posts a day, minimum, killed it dead because they wouldn’t leave the anti’s alone and the anti’s left en masse. Then no one posted anymore. Literally. A year later, it was a ghost town, gathering maybe two or three posts a month. Anyway, the anti’s all started leaving it on every single post when they left because it drove the loons absolutely nuts. It means Pitt is a Tool. That’s all, but the loons just went ballistic over it.

    I wasn’t there when all this was going on, but when I read a poster suggest we start doing that again, I thought, great idea! (because it was strangely moving to see it all over these old threads at E! before they finally closed the forum entirely). Then I forgot until today when I saw that someone had used it in their post, and so I put it in my post too :)

    well there aren’t enough loons anymore to matter.

    see, the loons identified with jolie because she was ugly and rejected in high school and never fit in.

    Jennifer was like the popular homecoming queen who had the football player.

    they thought “finally, someone like us (socially outcast) wins. she got the football player.”

    well now they see that pitt isn’t around jolie and hasn’t wanted to be for years, so it is exactly like their baby daddy’s and it is just too close to home.

    the baby daddy leaves the baby mama alone to handle everything by herself.

    pitt is acting exactly like their baby daddy’s who are long gone.

    so – not many loons left who still believe in their fairy tale.