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Daniel Craig: I'm Far Happier with Rachel Weisz!

Daniel Craig: I'm Far Happier with Rachel Weisz!

Daniel Craig keeps a low profile while sipping on a Liquiteria juice on Tuesday (September 10) in New York City.

The 45-year-old English actor recently gushed about his wife Rachel Weisz, who is also his co-star in their upcoming Broadway play Betrayal.

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“I’m far happier than I’ve been for many years. I think finding the right person and being with the right person is probably the answer to most things,” Daniel told The Telegraph.

In case you missed it, check out Rachel and Daniel rehearsing for Betrayal, which will start performances on October 1!

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  • Wurry

    How selfish. Can you imagine how his spouse of 12 years whom he was living with while getting with his current wife feels reading this? Hopefully, she has been able to move on.

  • lulu

    What a selfish and mean person. after dumping his ex- who stick with him when he was still a nobody and struggling actor for years. and this is what he gave her, not a bit of compassion.
    He can’t open a film beyond James Bond, I gave him another 5 yrs and he’s done. One of the most likable Bond -P. Brosnan retired form this character at the age of 52.

  • Rachel Girl

    It has no problems. Rachel talked about this same kind of thing ( I am the happiest I’ve ever been.) before, too.

  • Alex

    I’m happy! I would like to know his frank thoughts about Rachel, so it disarmed me.

  • terry

    Its a quote from the NYTimes interview. Its his right to say this. I am sure, Sats knows, when the problems started kicking in and probably agrees.

    About his longevity – time will tell. I trust he will be around for a long time.

  • Elle

    I am sure Satsuki isn’t shocked. She knew she was not the right person for Daniel, and he was not right person for her. She revealed it to her dad — and they sold the sob story to the Daily Mail.

  • fgyu

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  • Jen

    Yes, his ex was NOT the right person! It was lucky for him that he found it before he got married.

  • Domino

    @lulu:@Wurry: Right. He should have stayed with the woman he dated 6 years (get your facts straight, it wasn’t 12 and he never married her) even if he was not happy, and probably neither was she. LOL! WTF is wrong with you.

  • Kristine

    Great pics. Dan seems to be focusing hard. LOL

  • Tom

    Were I in his place, I would think so, too..

  • Sarah

    @Wurry: his spouse of 12 years? What are you talking about? Don’t you have me mistaken for someone else?

  • Sarah

    typo; Don’t you have him mistaken for someone else?

  • Launa

    Thank you thank you thank you for the photos, Jared. You are the sunshine of my life. You’re getting a rush of motivation finally? :D

  • anne

    why do people bash celebrities with wrong informations?

  • terry

    @Launa – go to when you want every info and every pic of him/them.

  • fan

    What else was he supposed to say?. That he was just as happy in the past when he was not with the woman he has married? Really, some people just need to develope some sense of reality. Of course he’s happier now than he was in years. Otherwise he would have married his g/f and would not have changed his state of being a single man.

  • Mike

    Bond actors are always Bond.. people consider them as Bond even if they play the other roles. Sam Mendes advised so 8 years ago, but Daniel didn’t take it. I love his very big decision because he’s the best Bond.

  • Magda


    Brosnan was very cartoonish and bland and so irritatingly smug, Daniel is the best Bond ever. When he was with his ex he was NOT a struggling actor, he had already done quite a few good movies (e.g. with Spielberg, Mendes). BTW, was he supposed to stay with Satsuko out of pity? He loves Rachel and says he’s happy. Fine, let him be happy. I’m happy for him.
    Is it me or his hair seems darker? I love his arms, so muscular :)

  • Love The Shoes

    @fan: ITA. Ppl love to think they’re superior when it comes to relationships and oh so noble when in reality I bet the most judgmental of them have never even in a real relationship let alone married.

  • Sanfran

    I find him rather crusty and crude.

  • Rie

    Hi, girls. Have you already bought it? This T- shirts has been made to Daniel’s design for charity. Cute, isn’t it?
    *The charity organization “21st century Leaders” sponsored artwork campaign “Whatever It Takes”
    A part of the profit of the “Whatever It Takes” product is contributed to various groups including UNICEF and WWF.

  • Fio

    Daniel just said he’s happy now and Rachel’s the right person for him. I’ve read Rachel’s thinking the same as him in their newly-married days. So you shouldn’t be surprised to hear he’s openly saying how wonderful his wife is. lol
    to Magda
    Yeah, Hair Salon dyed his hair dark brown?
    to Rie
    Awwwwww, where can I buy that?

  • Fio

    I really love his self-portrait (and his humor slightly touched with irony)!!

  • Magda


    Great T-shirts – lovely and cute “artwork”, very nifty :) – I definitely want one of those!


    I prefer his hair BLOND – together with those icy blue eyes it’s his trademark.
    Of course, he’d look hot even with green hair, but he’s blond and I’d like him to stay blond.

  • Magda


    So this was actually his SELF-portrait? Hahaha! I LOVE it! Those ears and nose :))) I love his “distance” to himself, the way he can joke about his looks. I find him gorgeous (always have) and even more lovable.
    Many people tend to think that he’s so unapproachable and harsh (he sometimes is, especially towards dumb journalists or nosy paps), while in fact he’s charming, good-hearted, bright, he likes joking, laughing, etc. Look at him in the documentary Through their Eyes – very moving and he’s just adorable.

  • sweetness

    Of course he has the right to gush over his wife…any wife would love to hear that..But have we become a society that hasn’t learned the art of being tactful. His comments are going to be seen as throwing shade over his ex…and what for?

    The irony is…in Hollywood or in his case British-wood…these actors are high as a kite one minute and then 3 years later…they are ready to move onto their next new love.

  • Fio

    to Magda
    Daniel looked like a different person when he dyed his hair a bit darker – especially “Infamous”, he looked like Kevin Spacey! lol
    I never tire of looking at that video – for the glance of those wild appealing eyes. I’m always attracted by the look in his eyes in the video.

  • Happy


    What is your problem, really? He said: “I’m far happier than I’ve been for many years.” It doesn’t mean he WASN’T happy before. He just wasn’t THIS happy. Anyway, he’s a very private person, he hates talking about his private affairs and now he said TWO sentences about being happy and finding the right person and some of you simply enlarge on that as if he said God knows what….
    Chill OUT! Get a life.

  • Magda


    Yes, I understand dying hair for the role: Infamous, The Jacket, Sylvia, Sword of Honour – it’s true that his eyes had a great impact. And he DID look very attractive, he always does, he oozes this “je ne sais quoi” which makes him sexy whatever the colour of his hair is. I just hope he’s not going to keep his hair darker permanently. He’s my blond sex god and I’d love him to stay like that :)

  • terry

    Look at the hair – its wet. He hasn’t dyed it, its just still wet from the training.

  • Elle

    Oh, C’mon! Nobody is hurt by his words! Satsuki claimed Daniel wasn’t the right person for her two years ago. Yes.. it may be just sour grapes. But she went into attack first…..

  • Janine ‏

    Why wouldn’t it? Now is Daniel blessed indeed. Skyfall was Billion Dollar Bond, and he’s a billionaire, his wife is Rachel Weisz. I’d kick his ass if he said he’s far unhappier than he has been for many years.

  • Magda


    The hair is a bit wet at ends, but it’s definitely dyed. It also looks darker in the Betrayal promo pictures (e.g. the one with the 3 of them).

  • charlotte

    he’s still hot. no wonder he looks very thirsty. haha

  • Magda

    Here it looks fairer, though and it seems to be the same photo shoot.

  • Carol

    As far as I know he met Rachel back in 1994, but he was married. They liked each other but they always had bad timing. He said in other interviews that he had to understand what being married meant. That’s why his first marriage only lasted 2 years. On Rachel side, she loved Darren, but you can see on her interviews that apparently he wasn’t too eager about getting married with her. We only know little of their personal histories, and as far as they’re happy now, I’m happy ’cause I like them both :)

  • Mendel

    to Fio

    “I really love his self-portrait’

    Brilliant! Love the ears!!! However, how many noses does he think he has? ;)

  • Mandy

    @Elle: This is just stupid to say, she didnt cheat on him, he cheated on her, so she has every right to be pissed at him. He is tactless.

  • Alliana

    @lulu: what do you mean he can’t open a Bond film? Whether you like him or not –Skyfall had record openings as did Quantum and Casino. And critical reviews for all three movies were great. Check your facts before spewing.

  • Prestera

    Don’t get too comfy Rachel…..
    The problem is he said all the same things about Satsuki. GUSHED over her in every interview, told the world how much he loved her during acceptance speeches, CALLER HER HIS WIFE, they had a commitment ceremony, he said they were just as married without a piece of paper…..blah blah blah….
    The guy is a dirtbag who uses women and has absolutely no thoughts for their feelings. Period.

  • terry

    @Presteras – I am surprised, you are old enough to write, because if you had lived just a bit as a grown up, you would know, that feelings change and that it is not a crime. If he had wanted to be married to Sats, he WOULD have done it. You will learn in good time, that there is no guarantee for anything and yes, not even for Rachel. But that has nothing to do with him being a jerk. Her is not…

  • Cabo

    This crusty, old loser complains constantly. Why so grumpy…life isn’t what you thought it would be? I feel sorry for his wife.

  • Kate


    You ARE pathetic. Is it you, “Suzuki”? Just get over it and move on….
    Daniel is awesome and I feel sorry for you, really.

  • Eve


    He hasn’r complained about anything for a while, so what is your problem? He said he’s happy – how is that complaining???? BTW, why are you using so many different nicks, everybopdy knows it’s just ONE person. Sad.

  • Eve


    He hasn’r complained about anything for a while, so what is your problem? He said he’s happy – how is that complaining???? BTW, why are you using so many different nicks, everybopdy knows it’s just ONE person. Sad.

  • Eve


    He hasn’t complained about anything for a while, so what is your problem? He said he’s happy – how is that complaining???? BTW, why are you using so many different nicks, everybopdy knows it’s just ONE person. Sad.

  • Eve


    He NEVER said any of those things. He hardly ever talks about his intimate life, so it’s just unlikely he spoke to some journalist about his relationship with Satsuki. The only thing I recall was a red carpet situation when one reporter asked him who his favourite “Bond girl” was and he replied, pointing at Satsuki: “this one here”. That’s it. And it was true then, besides, what else was he suppsed to say?

  • Kaspar

    Selfish or not, he is speaking the truth. Why stay in an unhappy relationship, especially when no children are involved? Life is too short for that.

  • Alex

    Every haters always make up a story as a temporary measure, have a tendency toward exaggeration.