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Jake Gyllenhaal Covers 'V Man' Fall/Winter 2013

Jake Gyllenhaal Covers 'V Man' Fall/Winter 2013

Jake Gyllenhaal gets his closeup on the cover of V Man magazine’s Fall/Winter 2013 issue.

Here’s what the 32-year-old Prisoners actor had to share with the mag:

On discoveries as an actor: “More and more, I’ve tried to ask myself about myself … that’s one of the reasons I love other actors, I discover what I want to talk about when I begin to exchange with someone else. You constantly stay alive, stay awake, listen to yourself.”

On life after filming End of Watch: “I made a number of changes in my life … I moved from Los Angeles to New York City, really to be closer to my family, and also – I had made a lot of promises to myself about getting back to theater, which is what I love, and I really wanted to follow that … so I just made this sort of big move out East, which is the opposite move people usually make, and I basically took some time.”

Prisoners co-star Hugh Jackman on Jake: “What always impressed me about Jake was his steadfast commitment to connection, His work ethic is like mine: he loves to explore, dig and extract every ounce of depth in a scene. He has the courage to follow his instincts and helps create an atmosphere where anything is possible. He is open, always striving for truth and complexity. What he has pulled off in Prisoners is extraordinary.”

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Credit: Hedi Slimane/ V man
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40 Responses to “Jake Gyllenhaal Covers 'V Man' Fall/Winter 2013”

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  1. 1
    Red Head Says:

    It’s always funny when actors try to get all existential about what they do. Maybe it’s their way of justifying the ridiculous sums they get paid.

    You’re just an actor, dude. And it’s just a movie.

  2. 2
    ace11 Says:

    Going to be intersting to see how this thing plays out with Alyssa

    she is probably looking for publicity and sex

    he is probably looking toward marriage and family

  3. 3
    Diane Says:

    Really like the cover, very artistic and moody.
    Jake’s eyes – even in B&W are so expressive, soulful.

  4. 4
    lola Says:

    his left eye always looks like it’s about to pop out

  5. 5
    june Says:

    @ace11: if he’s really looking for all that maybe he should try to find an older more settled woman. this girl doesn’t seem ready for marriage and kids. there’s not much demand for pregnant models.

  6. 6
    margie Says:

    I guess family doesn’t include his dad. He just seems to identify with the Jewish part of himself that is his mom.

  7. 7
    gina Says:


    obsessed with Jake’s sex life?
    in EVERY post about Jake, be it about his movies, magazine covers, premiers, pap photos, ALL you talk about is his sex life.
    find somebody for yourself and get laid

  8. 8
    lory Says:

    He looks disturbingly hot here,I’m fascinated and at the same time makes me want to run for the hills

  9. 9
    Jaime Says:


    His dad divorced his mother in 2009 and remarried in 2010, he has a new family with kids now.
    Understandably, Jake sided with his mother who basically got dumped after 20 years for a younger woman.

  10. 10
    ken Says:

    his gf is a total babe
    he’s a so so actor
    i’d like to be one so I could snag a hot model or 2 or 3

  11. 11
    will Says:

    @Jaime: but looks like jake is following in dear old dad’s footsteps dating younger girls too. in 10 years or so he will probably be dating 21 year olds. we guys like the young stuff the older we get. I think it was more like 30 or so years later that ugly mother got dumped.

  12. 12
    Lynn Says:

    Soulful indeed. Jake’s the epitome of soulful beauty. With an edge.

  13. 13
    ? Says:

    A “so-so actor”… with a BAFTA award, Oscar, Golden Globe, Drama League and other dozen of nominations?
    With chances for another Oscar nom this year for 3 great performances?
    Who’s a good actor for you? Channing Tatum?

  14. 14
    ken Says:

    @?: f’n get real
    more like Daniel day lewis
    tatum’s a joke
    and just because you get noms doesn’t mean you’re great
    look at Cooper for instance

  15. 15
    lizzy Says:

    he’s ugly…
    looks like a monkey

  16. 16
    Jaime Says:

    The difference being: Jake isn’t married. Unlike his father, he wasn’t married for 30 years then decided to dump his wife.
    Jake is single: he can date any woman he wants, he’s not hurting a family if the relationship fails.

  17. 17
    gillian Says:

    @Jaime: how do you know he dumped her? maybe she got tired of him. people can grow apart after they get older. Naomi might have been the one to want out. we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. don’t be so judgemental against the men in relationships.

  18. 18
    will Says:

    @Jaime: Sounds like you got dumped yourself. A little vindictive if you ask me. And who knows, maybe Jakey will dump a wife in 10 or 15 years for a hot young girl and break up his little family. That’s hollyweird for you baby.

  19. 19
    Donnie Says:

    @ken: I agree about Cooper, but Gyllenhaal is a great actor, if he keep up like this, with stellar performances as End of Watch, Daniel Day Llewis league, is not far at all

  20. 20
    Lynn Says:

    He WON a BAFTA, the British Oscar. Look up youtube, it’s there.
    And other 16 awards, one for Outstanding Newcomer for a theater play on West End.
    Check your facts better before trashing somebody you know nothing about.

  21. 21
    Jennifer Says:

    @Donnie: I disagree, he is not great. But to each his own. Some of his performances are good but that’s all I can say and I’ve seen them all. There a many actors of his caliber around. Very few are in the great iconic level.

  22. 22
    ken Says:

    @Lynn: I know all about him idiot and I’m not trashing him. Just because I don’t bow down and worship him as a great actor doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s any good. jesus h crist get a life and stop trashing people that don’t agree with you.

  23. 23
    christ on a cracker Says:

    gimme a napkin im drooling. He and his BFF Adam Levine are dating” MODELS”…

  24. 24
    get real Says:

    @gillian: Are you kidding me? He dumped his wife for his younger assistent

  25. 25
    lmao Says:

    @get real: Do you blame him? That crazy biotch is hideous.

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