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Katie Holmes: Michael Kors Fashion Show with Kate Mara!

Katie Holmes: Michael Kors Fashion Show with Kate Mara!

Katie Holmes is all glamor at the Michael Kors fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week held at The Theatre at Lincoln Center on Wednesday (September 11) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress sat front row next to Kate Mara as the two watched designer Michael Kors himself hit the runway to introduce the new line.

“I think putting on a fashion show is sort of like having a baby. You get to the point where you’re like, ‘Let’s do this already!’ – xxMK” Michael tweeted just before the show began.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Kate Mara at the Michael Kors show…

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katie holmes michael kors fashion show with kate mara 02
katie holmes michael kors fashion show with kate mara 03
katie holmes michael kors fashion show with kate mara 04
katie holmes michael kors fashion show with kate mara 05
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katie holmes michael kors fashion show with kate mara 10

Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris; Photos: Justin Campbell, Getty
Posted to: 2013 New York Fashion Week Fall, Kate Mara, Katie Holmes

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  • Serena

    She looks happy that’s great! I I like her shirt and her shoes.. suits her very well. That skirt/pants-thing not so much.

  • uhm

    She looks very good.
    Look at that woman with the white shirt. That’s Katie Holmes publicist.
    fun fact: it’s also the publicist of Diane Kruger

  • Renea

    Katie and Kate are wearing the same shoes! I am pretty sure I know who made them. lol

  • Cece

    Oh come on. That’s not glamour, that’s just sad. Her outfit is drab and unflattering. Her face looks fine (weird hairline), but the outfit is no, no, no.

  • cant wait


    Obviously you know nothing about fashion.

    Katie looks awesome.

  • tjader

    @cant wait: You don’t have to know about fashion to know that her outfit is just awfull.

  • Anne

    This woman is beautiful and elegant. She does not need much production to be beautiful. She and Tom were cute together. The most beautiful couple in HW. I wish the best for both. Katie with a new partner and Tom with Scientology is his choice, I respect. Yassine, Annie, F-flop, Suri tickt meal, concerdend ….. where are?

  • Karen

    @Renea: Yeah, but look at the size difference. lol. compare the two and that will tell you how big K-Ho’s feet are. Outfit is big on her, not tailored to her figure, especially the blouse.

  • Karen

    @tjader: Amen!

  • Sandra

    Girlfriend needs to learn to stand straight. Her clothes always look strange because of the way she twists her body. Stand up and stop slouching Katie! When she’s dressed and made up by someone else, she looks good. She’s wearing MK in these pictures, and although that’s not my style, she looks pretty. She’s a beautiful girl. But when she puts herself together she’s a total mess. Her personal clothing rarely makes sense and frankly, IMHO, she looks as if she just rolled out of bed most of the time….even when she’s supposed to be dressed up! She doesn’t seem to know how to dress for her body style (heavier on the bottom than the top) either. I saw her latest fashion line. Very nondescript and boring for the price. Just MEH IMO.

  • annie

    Hi Ann
    Yes she is very pretty, and the outfit is very nice.
    Did you see The Bobbi Brown Chocolate Obsession video, , go to Wonderful Katie Holmes facebook , it’s so lovely.
    On Loving Katie Holmes there are heaps of lovely pics of Katie in M Kors.
    Yassine must have exams going on.

  • K-FLOP – In the Beginning

    Back to where it all began – “celebrity” sitting front row at another designers fashion show…if only K-Flop had left it there…oh well, next up NYFW Fall/Winter 2014.

  • Cece

    @ cant wait, I just love ridiculous comments like yours. Yes, I obviously am so darn ignorant that I can’t tell that her outfit is dull and unflattering. Geez, lady, use your eyes not your ignorant devotion to a celeb, regardless of what she is actually wearing. No wonder people like the Kardashians, and Real Housewives, and creepy beauty pageant babies, and teenage moms, and all of the other losers on television make money. Too many stupid people incapable of making decisions for themselves.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @uhm: What lady with the white skirt???

  • Sincerely concerned

    Rush Limbaugh says the new wealthy women are called walking x-rays. (vs the sign of wealth WAS ample…….) What does a guy have to grab onto? Seriously. Would love a male poster’s input on this….

  • Sincerely concerned

    @uhm: @uhm: What lady with the white skirt??? Never mind you said shirt. I wonder what it feels like to be a publicist to in-educated bosses?

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Sincerely concerned: un- educated.

  • Chi-town gal

    As a fashion major, part-time model when younger, and a buyer–Katie Holmes has the worst fashion sense. She never looks put together because she is careless on details. Her hair needs smoothed on top. Make up is fine. Top doesn’t fit her and the color makes her look sallow. The skirt should have been tailored–makes her hips look huge. Saw her interview in the Daily Mail about where she gets her inspiration for her fashion line–which is absolutely dreadful and this current collection is worthy to be called dog vomit. She needs to get new inspiration. For what the pieces cost they should at least look expensive. They don’t. They look cheap. And the designs are poor, colors are not good (and I love Olive green), and if I want cheap I’ll shop at H&M. Anyone who spends the money they are asking on this collection is nuts!

  • Anne

    @Chi-town gal:

    I have to agree with you. The clothes of Holmes and Yang are ugly. I think that’s why Katie hardly wears them. Always wear clothes from other designers. Katie is an actress, dancer, model, businesswoman, fashion designer ….. she is ambitious. Should focus on one thing and work it.

  • Anne

    Here in Portugal, I’m looking forward to the new partners Cruise and Holmes. So we will have new issues. This divorce is already boring.

  • annie

    @ K-FLOP
    like I said , in a previous post, she uses subtle, not overt, if you did your homework, which none of you do, you would know why she was there , and it’s not the reason that you gave, but it’s nasty so that’s what satisfies you!.
    Good luck to the lot of you, go for it, and enjoy!!



    I didn’t post ‘why’ or give a ‘reason’ for K-FLOP being there. Overt or otherwise.

    I gave MY opinion on where she should have stayed (based on MY opinion of H&Y) – i.e., front row in ANOTHER designers show.

    I recommend that if you only want opinions posted that are in line with yours then create your on blog or go to and post at a blog that is in agreement with you. That way you can avoid the undue stress you seem to take on (un-necessarily I might add).

    OTHERWISE, accept the FACT that here, at JJ, there are different opinions on different celebrities, issues, movies, tv programs, singers, etc.,

    In this case, the difference of opinion is concerning K-FLOP.

    Don’t know what to tell you… oh wait yes I do —–>>>


  • Sincerely concerned

    @K-FLOP – DEAL WITH IT: Have to agree with you here. O. H. I. O. Should never be too sensitive for constructive criticism, adversity or blatant defiance.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Skirt would have looked nice streamlined

  • Sincerely concerned

    With the top with the flower design and the skirt the solid olive green.

  • Fashion Disaster

    Poor Katie, she does not have any sense of fashion. That skirt looks like grandma’s couch cover. Kind of like JAniston’s floral dress looking like great aunty’s couch cover with plastic covering the couch cover. Someone is not telling them they dress ugly ):

  • annie

    @ k Flop
    I know what you wrote, and in the way you meant it, but that’s beside the point. Really it doesn’t matter.

    But, I would like you to answer something for me, and your answer to my question , is really important here, or at least to me, just out of curiousity, I’m interested.
    Be honest , nothing more , nothing less, just asking for your honesty. If people are going to put someone down for their designs, then let’s compare.
    Wynona Ryder, Michelle Dockery, Drew Barrymore, Julianne Hough, all at the Marc Jacobs, obviously they all wore MJ.
    Which clothes are more attractive designs, those above, or Holmes/ Yang!
    Whatever your answer I will accept, and that’s it, no more said!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Anne: #19 – Definitely is ambitious: I agree, concentrate on one thing. It is only diluting her other attempts: Why not ask for advice from someone in an upscale store, “with my shape and height, what should I wear to THE fashions how”? I WOULD. I’m telling you Annie, it’s that Leo in her that gets her into trouble.

  • Karen

    @Chi-town gal: Exactly. it’s nothing about hate or celeb devotion. the woman has no fashion sense period. anyone with eyes can see the outfit fits her poorly. it’s designed for a woman with bigger chest and the skirt is wearing her. her fans just attack you when you say the truth, but we all have eyes. btw who the heck broadcast to the whole world that you little girl broke her arm. really, you PIMP even a broken arm. horrible mother.

  • Anne

    I disagree with you. Katie is beautiful this skirt .. She is a great mother. She fought for her daughter. She could have done as Kidman, take the money and go, alone or with shared custody. No, she fought in public with a cult and her powerful husband. Tom Cruise must be stunned by it all until today.

  • Anne

    @Sincerely concerned:

    Li now that Isabella ended with the boyfriend, maybe he left the Sea Org I am sad, they were a very cute couple.
    Seriously .. I think Isabella is problematic. Fat, ugly and always angry when she was photographed with Katie. Maybe she resented the attention that Cruise gave Suri. I admire her and Connor (arrogant) were rejected by 03 mothers and are there, looking their way.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Anne: I totally agree. That is why you can’t get so defensive when she gets critiqued. I get it. K- Flop is slanted. So take it with a grain of salt. The skirt DID look voluminous. At 34, how about sophisticated. I don’t know how big this fashion week was but it seemed like she should of put more thought into what she was wearing. Because she took a brave stance with Cruise, I say rely on what she knows since her teens … ACTING and rely on it like home base. Than venture out with other fun things. Sagi – seeks knowledge. Leo – seaks adventure. I fear if Leo dominates, she’ll lose her base…

  • Sincerely concerned

    I.e., why dress like one of Warren Jeff’s wife’s …..?

  • Alliana

    @Anne: Nicole did not take the money and run. She and Tom had JOINT custody. She had physical custody at first. The kids wanted to live in LA and Tom agreed to provide a home base. Nicole saw the kids 50-50 while the cult started their campaign to shut her out of their lives. She loved Tom and trusted his ethics. That was her mistake. Top ex cult members have confirmed this. The kids were in their early teens when a lot of this was happening. In the US the age often has a lot to do with custody battles. The judge will ask the teen who they want to live with. None of us know hat went on as to. And Nicole have never spoken about the specifics of the divorce. But hey Nicole bashes love o have their say criticizing every little thing she oes. So have at it.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Picture of Suri heading out to school on Daily Maile: “with her breakfast”. Nice little sugar rush for school. The nice thing about celebrities now is their lives r “truly” under the microscope. Was in line at a grocery store talking to 2 other moms. We can’t get enough of this because we can see how other supposedly entitled people have problems just like us and usually worse problems. Like Brittany Spears, can’t wait for the next trainwreck. My mother never sent us off to school without the right fuel. What mother doesn’t know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? At least it’s not P**** gummy bears.

  • Anne


    Speaks to Urban for divorce and manipulate the daughters against it … I’m sure that Kidman would fight tooth and nail. I read that she never wanted to adopt, because she was young, wanted to devote her career and was a fake marriage. It was agreed that the children would be with Tom from the beginning of the adoption.

  • Anne

    @Sincerely concerned:

    LAKE PLACID – Add movie star Tom Cruise to this village’s list of famous visitors.

    Terry Nichols and his wife own the Boots and Birdies miniature golf and bungee jumping center on Saranac Avenue. He said his business got a call around 1 p.m. Sunday from someone saying a special guest would like to visit with kids who wanted to bungee jump, and asking whether Boots and Birdies could be closed to other customers. The business complied, and promptly at 3 p.m., Cruise showed up with his daughter Suri, three of her friends, some of his friends and security guards – 10 people in all, Nichols said.

    They said they had taken the gondola ride at Whiteface Mountain Ski Center in Wilmington earlier that day, Nichols said. He didn’t know what else they did up here.
    “They said they liked Lake Placid because of the quietness and lack of paparazzi, and they said they would return,” he added.
    Scotty Marshall, owner of the Boots and Birdies property, was there and said “the kids seemed to have a wonderful time” bungee jumping and that the actor was “friendly but quiet.
    “He was videotaping his daughter while she was jumping,” Marshall said. “And his daughter is so cute. She looks just like she does in the tabloids.”

    “The photo, as always post-divorce, far away. It has a wood covering the arm with a cast of “Suri”. I can not understand a man who loves publicity, obsessed with his image and knowing that she has never been lower, allowing these photos, distant and scarce.”