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Miley Cyrus: 'Wrecking Ball' Hits 40 Million Views!

Miley Cyrus: 'Wrecking Ball' Hits 40 Million Views!

Miley Cyrus waves to her fans as she steps out of her hotel on Wednesday (September 11) in London, England.

The 20-year-old “Wrecking Ball” singer was escorted out of the establishment by several bodyguards.

“39 MILLION VIEWS IN LESS THAN 2 DAYS =]]]] I LOVE YALL SO MUCH” Miley tweeted earlier in the day about her “Wrecking Ball” – hours later, the video broke forty million views. Congrats, Miley!

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Miley‘s video for “Wrecking Ball”.

“Do a good deed today in observance of @911day. Make your pledge at #911day” Miley tweeted later in the day about the commemoration of the tragedy at the World Trade Center and elsewhere twelve years ago.

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  • Tiana

    I give credit when it’s due and I have to give it to her she’s marketing herself and she’s getting that money I don’t care for the video but the song I love it! Get it Miley

  • A. Smith
  • Jean

    @Tiana: #1

    Yeah, nudity has a way of attracting people. Lookie-loos. .
    And money is not everything, it does not trump dignity, and class.

  • Lena

    Great song, don’t really care for the video.

    I hope she will find some creative inspiration from now on though since she over-used the whole naked selling trick.

  • Diana

    @Tiana: #1

    Don’t get too excited about the video. Her reputation/popularity has plummeted because of her crude exhibitionism. So this means she will not be making all that money you think she is. Just because people look at the video does not mean they will buy it. The just are curious about the nudity.

  • DiatribesAndOvations

    It’s a pretty good song that may have been successful without a soft-core porno video to market it.

    This girl is only 20 years old. Her parents should be ashamed of themselves.

  • re

    40 million people laughing at you for being such a try hard.

  • Josephine

    She makes millions of dollars from this which would be great for anyone but I don’t know how can she be truly happy about this. It’s not like those 40 million people are her fans. The only reason why about 95% of them clicked on the link is to see her naked and either to laugh at her or see for themselves how disgusting can person become to gain some publicity.

  • lll

    @Diana: thats what i thought , but her song is number one on itunes, guess ppl like the song , even with an awful video

  • boom

    hopefully the british public has gained some class and does not let this song become number 1 in the UK like they did with we can’t stop

  • meg

    Lol her popularity has not plummeted….Wrecking Ball is #1 on iTunes. It makes me laugh when people say her career is going to be ruined..more like the exact opposite.

  • guest

    @meg: agreed!!! people are so strange, i wonder if people really understand how the entertainment industry works..Miley has successfully re-branded herself in a matter of months and she is more popular than ever….get a clue…her people know exactly what they are doing; she is not coming up with this image all on her own…its a business and she is doing fantastic! Great song, great video!!!

  • @guest

    @guest: popular for all the wrong reasons, most people think she is a joke aside from her fans who think everything she does is amazing

  • Lol..

    Miley knows exactly what she’s doing.

    She’s managed to get rid of her Hanna Montana image & her tween fans once & for all but at the same time gained a whole new grown up audience.

    She now has two no.1 songs around the world.

    That doesn’t happen unless people like & then buy her music.

    So you can be as outraged as you like & carry on about her not being
    a role model…..blah blah blah…..Parents should be a role model for
    their children not celebrities.

    People calling her a sl*t are so ignorant, she’s been with the same guy Liam since 2009, the opposite of a sl*t.

    Her whole performance is designed to shock & gain attention for her new record.
    Madonna, Lady Gaga Gaga & others have been doing it for years.

    Funny how all the “haters” just disregard the fact shes been working on her new record for over a year, writing songs & recording her music.

    The “haters” just seem to think the music just suddenly appeared
    without Miley’s involvement.

    Now the “new” Miley is laughing all the way to the bank!

  • Aly

    As long as she’s happy with herself, what is your actual damn problem?

  • Yeah

    You can be sexy without being skanky. Too bad she didn’t figure that out before the VMA performance. This styling looks much better.

  • guest

    @#13: only your opinion dear; obviously not one shared by the masses and you probably never would have bought her music anyway…

  • Dave Franco

    Her movies flop, she has to make damn sure her music career doesn’t fail… This was predictable. YouTube views are futile. But good/bad publicity sells.

  • Jimmy

    Too bad ages alone and no Liam holding her hand anymore. She’s kissing and licking everything but him. Money can’t fill up an empty heart

  • Ha

    No tongue!?? Whoaa, shocker!

  • Sanfran

    I personally don’t find her music all that appealing and I think that her stage persona/image is terrible. But it’s obvious that there are a number of people who buy into it and will buy everything she is selling despite the fact that they complain negatively about it. It’s like the Kardashians: people bitch about them constantly but obviously people are watching their show because they just signed a contract for $50 million for two seasons. People can complain about them all they want but they bring in ratings and get paid. SMH.

  • @#17

    @guest: quite the opposite actually, the song isn’t actually that bad and would have done well without her having to go naked in her video

  • wow


    The song is great – not crazy about parts of the video, but al in all it’s very good. I see the point of the video & her “hurt” and being broken – well done. I think Miley & her team are determined to not let another “can’t be tamed” happen. That album was so good & did not get the promotion it should have & Miley did not want to see that happen again. Well RCA is much much better that Hollywood Records (Disney) who sucks the blood of their artists to only make money for the corporation. Now all they have is their Selena & her weak voice & weak sales figures – all the real talent has “left the buiding”.


    P.S. Oliver Stone; Too bad you didn’t sign her six months ago. Now it is going to cost you some serious points.

  • Greg

    You know, when you report that this twerking skank is getting the attention she’s looking for, just stop GIVING her that attention and she’ll disappear. Don’t blame her. Blame those who speak her name, and the entertainment shows that talk about her incessantly. I actually enjoy watching those kinds of shows, but they don’t need to be this cheap and sleazy.

  • Ugly Miley

    No Miley. People view your video not because they love you. Is because they want to see how stupid & trashy you are.

  • freya

    Oh please people did not watch it because of the song they watch it because of her nudity. It scary to know that there are 40 million creepy pervert out there. Now try playing that song without the video and see how many of this perv will stay put.