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Zoe Saldana: Married to Marco Perego!

Zoe Saldana: Married to Marco Perego!

Zoe Saldana and her boyfriend Marco Perego reportedly tied the knot earlier this summer in a secret wedding ceremony, Us Weekly reports.

The 35-year-old Star Trek Into Darkness actress and her Italian artist beau married this past June in London in a private affair.

“It was super small but very romantic and beautiful,” a source told the mag about the nuptials. The ceremony was attended by just a few close friends and family members of the happy couple.

Earlier this month, Zoe and Marco sparked wedding rumors after they both stepped out wearing gold wedding bands on their left hands.

Congrats to the happy couple, if the news is true!

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  • aww congrats to them!

  • LOL

    :O :O :O
    too cute.

  • Missy

    I see everyone is pulling a Kerry Washington these days with the secret weddings. Good for them!

  • Cate

    So the tabloids were right that they were married. I wonder why they chose to marry in London. Is he based there?

  • LOL

    Everyone’s pulling a Kerry Washington. Congrats. But damn that is NOT a good picture of Zoe

  • @Cate

    naa, he’s living in New York since 10 years, before that he lieved in Venice.

  • LOL

    Good question. Why London?

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  • Rodriguez

    EW!! She is so ugly and she sure does love white meat!

  • DJ

    If she managed to keep this marriage a secret for months, that kind of makes the rumor that she(or her people) was trying to sell her relationship with Bradley Cooper to the media more unbelievable.

  • Marisol

    She keeps chasing after white men trying to validate herself because she hates being so dark skinned and simian looking. He is only with her for the money she is with him because she wants a light skinned baby.

  • Bob

    He is much better looking then her she looks like an A P E!

  • Yoki

    Bradley Cooper certainly dodged a bullet this woman has nothing going for her she is as close to hideous looking as one can get.

  • Good Luck to Them!

    They’re married now. Can’t you just congratulate them instead of calling people apes and what not? Sheesh! She is not gorgeous, but she’s still cute. Plus, she doesn’t appear to have gotten pregnant first, and he didn’t dump another girlfriend for Zoe. Normal, happy way to get together and that’s good. No drama. Zoe obviously likes Caucasian men. And this one is a foreigner. White Americans are still horribly racist anyway. IMO, yea other minorities have racists among them, but whites are still the #1 most racist group of people out there. In America, it really reared its ugly head when we got a black president. People are so evil.

  • xyz


  • just sayin

    @MarisolI don’t think she married someone for a white baby. Just because she marries someone who is white doesn’t necessarily mean that her baby is going to be light. The baby might come out the same color as her duh!

  • Isabella

    She loves white guys because she is so ugly herself. he is in it for the money once he’s finished with her black he will go back to white and we will take him back.

  • Cate

    @@Cate: Thanks. Anyway congrats to them.

  • For some reason….

    @xyz: For some reason, I think you are a black person, pretending to be a white racist. I take it you are mad that she married a white guy….. nice try. Lol!

  • For some reason….

    @Bob: Ha-ha. You are not from the smoky mountains of Tennessee either! Not many white men named “Bob” would be upset by this union to post what you are posting. Most white men would be happy bc a lot of them like Zoe Saldana, esp after Star Trek and different roles where she is always with Caucasian men. You folks are just too funny with your pretending to be other people. Lol!

  • Your facade

    @xyz: You are so funny. Put my money on it that you are definitely a black person posting here.

  • xyz

    @xyz: I am definitely a white person and proud of it. Sticking up for my race against the race traitors.

  • Jayson

    Nichelle Nichols will forever be the best Uhura from Star Trek and she was also better looking than Zoe, I never understood why they gave Zoe this part anyway. Zoe Kravitz would have been better or Thandie Newton, both lovely ladies.

  • Resendez

    She only dates white because she wants light eyed light skinned children. Believe me I am telling you the truth.

  • whatwhat

    I wish them well, but he just doesn’t seem to be her type (hippie). I think this is just the case of Zoe wanting to get married because her age.

  • WhatWasHeThiking?


  • America

    So much racism against this couple and the woman in particular is really sad.

  • Mary

    This is hilarious!
    They are together for what? 3 months? LOL
    Another marriage that will end up in the moment that she finds a more famous co-star and fake a relationship to promote a movie!

  • Veep

    OMG, so many rude people on JJ! We’re all simian – 98 or 99 per cent of our genes are the same as simians – so please don’t use that as an offensive term. Zoe’s problem is that she’s so thin it makes her face very thin and drawn. Otherwise she’s really beautiful; esp if you look at her phoots from about 10 years ago.

  • @America: It’s actually “white” (mestizo) puerto ricans and other Hispanics who are racist, they hate dark black hispanic women and they especially hate when a white man falls in love with one. They get jealous and angry because it shows that they are wrong about dark people being ugly. It ruins the image they have of themselves as superior.
    It’s sad really, but I doubt Zoe and her man cares.

  • Drake

    Y’all some haters. Mad because she didn’t marry any of your a$$. I’m a black man and I know many black men that like Zoe. Yeah it hurt a little she seen publicly with white guys most of the time but what can we do about it. She never said anything bad about us.

    She beautiful she just need to put on some more weight because its showing in her face. F you JJ for posting that pic of her, you could have posted the pics from the magazine shoot.

    Anyway good luck Zoe and Bradley you losted a good one.

  • …….

    pretty sure its just one immature racist posting here under several names…get a life.

  • claudia


  • Get over it!!!

    I’m telling ya, you are funnier than funny. Since when do posters on JJ get on a thread and bash the “movie star,” yet boost up her new husband who they had never heard of before? LOL LOL! You guys don’t know her husband from Adam. You don’t know enough about him to care who he marries or to call him handsome. Face it, you’re ALL mad that Zoe Saldana married a Caucasian man. Just get over your hurt already and your anger will subside.

  • Sally

    @Drake: “you could have posted the pics from the magazine shoot”
    The pics from the magazine were photoshopped! that’s how she really looks, deal with it! Zoe isn’t ugly just because she is anorexic, she is ugly because she was born ugly, and I’m not talking abour her race, before her crazy fans (her 2 fans) starts whining about it, and her new beard is weird as well!
    And honestly, Zoe doesn’t identify herself as black, that’s why she is always saying that she is “latin”, and latin is not a race! I’m not surprise that she only dates/marries white guys, she doesn’t like her own race!

  • …….

    @Sally: so i guess the way she looks in movies and video interviews is also photoshopped?

  • Georgette

    Congrats! I wish them happiness.

  • Nightwish

    @Sally: WTF is wrong with you Zoe haters? Her mom is puerto rican. Her father is dominican with a spanish last name – Saldaña, obviously drawing from the heritage of spanish that colonized the area . Are you aware of the history of dominican people? They have a mixed bloodline – most are of Spaniard, African, and Taíno descent, as well as French in the bloodline due to colonization. Zoe is most assuredly and predominately LATIN due to the various ethnic contributions from her puerto rican and dominican sides. Her background is diverse, multiracial and generally racially mixed and therefore uses the term ‘latin’ to capture the essence of what she really is. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? Its one thing to dislike Zoe, but you are being too damn vicious to her. Piss off.

  • Nightwish

    I hope she’s reading this – Zoe, you are a freaking GODDESS. Congrats to you and all of your success, and keep it coming!

  • TRR

    @DJ: Which brings me back to why BC had such issues with it, but doesn’t with Suki. I believe skin color played a role….

  • DJ

    @TRR: If skin color played an issue, then why would he get back together with her after their initial break-up?

  • DJ

    @TRR: If Robert DeNiro can date/marry black women and still be one of the biggest stars around, Bradley shouldn’t have any issue.



    You’re absolutely right! Notice that no one bashes Kayne West for being with Kim Kardashian or any other Black man who decides to marry White. Why is it a double standard when it comes to black women? Maybe they’re in love? this is the 21st century so people need to mind their business and go with the flow.

  • LexieDixie

    Wow, that was quick. Seems like yesterday I read an article that they were dating, and they are now both wearing gold bands on their left ring fingers. They make an awesome looking couple.

  • TRR

    @DJ: Because he liked her? You can still like someone and keep them on the down low.

    @DJ: No one cares about 70 y/o Bobby D. Women aren’t lusting after him anymore. His prime was decades ago with no social media and cell phone cams available to everyone.
    Also, not everyone has a ‘IDGAF’ attitude.

  • Amy


    Wow… You’re an idiot and ignorant.

  • DJ

    @TRR: So, you think his PR reps made him dump Zoe?

  • kelsy

    Being white doesn’t mean you are better looking, for example this guy is super ugly and looks like a drug addict!! I think she made a major mistake by rushing into this marriage… I smell divorce very soon.

    For those that think she looks like and ape I have to say she’s not super attractive but she is very educated and a sweet person…On top of that she’s a great actress!! People looks are not everything this body we have will one day be old and eventually rotten…..

  • TRR

    @DJ: No. I believe he was told (like most white actors) not to go there….. Did it anyway cause he liked her but tried his best not to be so public with her. Hence why he was not too happy about the pap calling.

  • meMeME

    WHY? WHY?? WHY??? didn’t realize how truly ugly she really is now i see why i don’t like her… never took the time to even look at her she was just insignificant to me.