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Alexander Skarsgard & Naomie Harris: Calvin Klein Celebration!

Alexander Skarsgard & Naomie Harris: Calvin Klein Celebration!

Alexander Skarsgard suits up while attending the Calvin Klein Collection post show event held during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014 at Spring Studios on Thursday evening (September 12) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor was joined at the show by Naomie Harris, pregnant stylist Rachel Zoe with hubby Rodger Berman, Pharrell Williams, Ryan Lochte, and Dree Hemingway.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Earlier in the day, Alexander and Naomie both sat in the front row while attending the brand’s fashion show at the same location in the Big Apple.

15+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard and Naomie Harris at the event…

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106 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard & Naomie Harris: Calvin Klein Celebration!”

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  1. 1
    Eva Says:

    He is so handsome. Eric is my favourite character in True Blood. He is a very talented actor.

  2. 2
    SAKI Says:

    ASKARS & NAOMIE HARRIE are just two very beautiful people! Stunning..

  3. 3
    mbl Says:

    I love him. But who doesnt?

  4. 4
    trolling trolls Says:

    That CharlieTruth on PF is a NUTCASE. I repeat a NUTCASE. She is craying all over the place first she was a NUTCASE on Yuku as jarmstrong.terisshoppinglist when he was in Iceland she swears to the Odin saying all kinds of BS that she Ellen was going to Iceland to be with him and she was stalking Kristen twitter back then too as well. She went on and on about her and her cray mess groups of Loons how she swear EP would be there because of whatever chemical unbalance was happening to crazy people that I don’t have, but because you know they are in love in her mind and hers alone. Then she/them (I believe they are like 3 of these fools) went on to ONTD as that cake trick ms-themostcake seriously STOP EATING SO MUCH CAKE it messing with the normal way of thinking not to mention makes you FAT. with the BEYOND DELUSIONAL posts about hats and Queen P BS OMG it so F*king Irritating post upon post of BS. They even drag poor AV in it saying she using Askars for press SERIOUSLY.

    It’s really scary to know that this person is loose somewhere because DAMN! OMG DAMN Now she is on PF spreading her BS she goes to all Asksar fansite with this mess dragging everyone in it.


    BTW LOON I know you are reading this and copy pasting cray mess intel on your computer to piece together your delusion beyond case which seriously you need to re-read your post because DAMN.
    Kristen went to Canada Winnipeg to shoot work like most actors go to Canada to shoot and work but this subtraction for a brain thinks OMG secret wedding Really! YOU THINK ALEX WOULD GET MARRIED WITHOUT HIS FAMILY AND GRANDMA THERE LOSER.

    Please stop giving this sad person I believe there are about 3 of them who have WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS who for some reason is DESEPARATE BEYOND WORDS FOR THESE 2 TO HITCH UP. I REPEAT IT IS NOT HAPPENING AS and EP are NOT HAPPENING. MOVE THE F-K ON.

  5. 5
    Feely Says:

    @trolling trolls:

    Have you seen Ellen in TOUCHY FEELY. sometimes life Imitates fiction. Just sayin’

  6. 6
    Oh God Says:

    The crazy is spreading.

  7. 7
    Yuku jarmstrong Says:

    Ok so I went over to Yuku and read the Iceland thread and OMG
    jarmstrong.terisshoppinglist she does state that there is a group so yep the crazies are Loose.

    I don’t know how to copy what I’m responding too. Sorry!

    BeerWolf: While I never read or spread any rumors about the East group going to Iceland, I will admit that I hoped for it (hanging head). Of course, looking at the photos/videos from Comic-Con, there is no way Ellen could have missed that, even in the unlikely event it was the East group of friends who were accompanying Alex to Iceland.

    SophTop: Sorry – that’s what I get for cutting and pasting my thoughts/replies. That was part of my email for Ellen group, where I have been trying to save face . We are a small group who correspond via email. Of the five (two who are no Alex/Ellen, two of us who are, and one who was no but who has reluctantly changed her mind to undecided since Ellen’s Guardian interview was published), I was the only one who thought she might be in Iceland. We all believed that she wasn’t in LA for a variety of reasons, and they all thought she was in NYC. She seemed very happy, almost silly, on Twitter Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, and Ellen displays many things but does not usually display overt happiness on Twitter via multiple Tweets. On Thursday night, however, it became clear that the chances of her being in Iceland were almost nil, and I have been teased…a lot . I follow TrueBloodHBO, which I thought re-Tweeted Kristin’s comment about NYC on Thursday night, which I sent to my Ellen friends in the slight hope of a little redemption that same evening. I don’t follow Kristin and have read her Twitter feed before. Now the re-Tweet is gone, so maybe I was imagining it. Oh well, I’m back in my corner, with my crazy thoughts, licking my wounds.

  8. 8
    Yuku jarmstrong Says:

    Oh another gem this woman is off the racks. Way too much time on her hands. Or should I say there hands.

    modjeska wrote:no worries here jarmstrong- I totally ship Alex and Ellen as buds and bros-

    I would have loved to think of Ellen on this trip with Alex-
    I can totally understand the hope-
    and I can understand your looking for any sign or clue that it might be happening-
    your very much allowed to speculate around here-
    we sure do it alot- (I do anyway)
    I’d just add that I prefer that when we do- that we phrase all our speculations as speculation.
    (not referring to you here ^^^ Jarmstrong)

    my dream expedition- Alex- surfer dude- Fares- Keith- Ellen- (& maybe a galpal of Ellens)
    Brit- and Zal
    and I guess whatever childhood friends Alex speaks of- the ones that aren’t ‘in the biz’-
    the ones who work in accounting or insurance or whatever-

    But clearly no Ellen smiley: frown
    I still hold on to the idea that Fares and surfer dude are with him

    Hey Mod:

    I appreciate your response. My group believes Ellen is into guy pals as well (that is why we are our own email group), but I’m not here to debate that with you. Who knows?

    I fell down on my duties this week since Ellen has gone unnaturally quiet. She hasn’t been this quiet since right after SXSW and before that, the ten days she spent in NYC during Valentine’s Day and her birthday (2/21) (speculation based on pap photos, screenings that she attended, and Twitter mentions of seeing her). I’m sure it is because she is hard at work in Montreal on X-men (speculation). smiley: roll Anyway, Zal wished everyone “Mornin” at 1:02 am PST on 7/24 by posting the trailer from Gravity. He had a couple of other posts and retweets that were early in the morning as well from 7/23 on. Again, who knows? He, Brit, and Mike Cahill could be anywhere in Europe.


    I guess they really want her to be straight and be with Alex. This is just too crazy and sad

  9. 9
    v Says:

    Talk about nut case. These actors are just ordinary people this is how they make a living. Anyone who is obsessed with them are crazy. Yes Alexander Skarsgard is very good looking.

  10. 10
    So Says:

    @trolling trolls so you troll on other sites too? Great you have just given this person on that forum more attention he shouldn’t be getting in the first place by your long rant And bringing in @yukujarmstrong who is unnecessarily posting posts from a yuke stie.

    Nice job , bringing this to JJ where even more people can see it. You don’t give a donk about AS only the gossip.

  11. 11
    trolling trolls Says:


    Oh just STFU with your sanctimonious post if you hadn’t notice she/they are a virus and spreading their BS everywhere she/they have post here as well. Learn to read man. Plus and most importantly I am not a member of either sites I just read the Alex news and drool at the pics since they all read info from here it was much easier for me to post here than sign up and post there. If you don’t like my rant don’t read it stupid. If you didn’t notice JJ is not sanctuary for sane either. There are NUTCASES here too.

    As for people searching why not, plus this is a gossip site but more often than most this is where crazies air out there multiple personalities.

  12. 12
    Canuck Says:

    Am I wrong in thinking that a few people may have been booted from their forum of choice and have now decided to bring their fight here?

    We’ve got no dog in this ladies… Can we all just settle down and enjoy the view instead? We’re here because we think the guy is awesome. Don’t care about his s*x or love life.

    Dude was in Iceland to train for the Walking with Wounded trek. I imagine if other celebs were involved with the trek, the Walking with Wounded site would have announced it, as they did for everyone else.

    Much as I ship the thought of Askars being with a Canadian, or better yet, taking The Biebs passport away and giving it to the hot Swede instead, Ms. Page seems more like a buddy than a girlfriend. I think he’s gentleman enough to not out and out deny a girlfriend, he’d avoid the question instead.

    My 2 cents.

  13. 13
    karl Says:

    guess someone is mad cause they werent invited to the wedding…

  14. 14
    So Says:

    @trolling trolls- by your STFU etc I agree, there are as you say NUTCASES here too. Oh did I touch a nerve. I never said you where a member of the sites but sensing your anger I think maybe you are or where . Same old . Like I said and you just said yourself , it’s gossip. Glad you agree.

  15. 15
    trolling trolls Says:


    So you are nutcase number 2 do you guys correspond via emails, twitter forgot its all social media all the time or My fave you just pull sh*t out your a*s for satisfaction.

    @So No not mad just irritated is all it’s bad enough that they seem to be focusing me to read their crap and then go on and on about privacy and then go on all site to spread BS. They have said their peace move on and let the rest just live in ignorance bliss and you know what they say about TRUTH it will come out in the end so if they are together married bought a truck and some nasty hats, Great time will tell and for them even sooner they are both celebs and they have followers. But these NUTCASES are so bend on this because EP is not small she is invisible not once ever have anyone seen them together outside of work promotions but whatever. You can’t cure NUTCASES you can only medicate and give them straitjackets and no internet connection.

  16. 16
    Canuck Says:

    @trolling trolls: Can’t believe I’m actually doing this… But karl is probably not what you’re thinking. He’s long been our regular sh*t disturber.

    Sorry Karl… I’ve probably ruined your reputation now. Serves you right for being so twistedly amusing all this time…

  17. 17
    Yuku jarmstrong Says:

    I find it interesting and really really sad that this person is going to such lengths to build a story. So don’t blame trolling for that person’s problem. Someone get her a bridge so she can cross over it. OMG One last one from yuku she and her group have been sitting on this for a while now

    jarmstrong.terisshoppinglist #3287 [url] [-]


    Aug 23 13 3:58 PM


    Are the Swedish press known for their speed and accuracy? In other words, is there a high probability that the date is correct?

    Because our Wednesday tweeter most likely arrived at 4:30 pm from Egypt, and there was a 4:55 flight leaving for NYC, which means that if he was coming to US, he would have boarded his plane around 4:20 pm.

    Mind you the night before Bill was at Snabba Cash in Stockholm and Gurra was filming in Ireland and Stellan as well in the US so Alex drag his Swedish friends to this top secret wedding but not his family. I am not buying what she is selling.

    Oh she posted on PF but have not given any link to these tweets she is talking about. Since we know she is follow alot of people wouldn’t it be easier to just give the direct link. Madness I tell you Madness.

  18. 18
    Yuku jarmstrong Says:

    Yes This looks like a woman that is Newlywed married to the Swede and over the moon and oh lets not forget preggers. For someone with so much bliss in her life she sure is radiating Happiness. These people are REACHING beyond REACHING.

  19. 19
    Yuku JArmstrong - Real Says:

    Everyone can go to Swedish Delish to read my posts in their entirety. They can also read all the gems by his fans. They are lovely :).

    Did I hope that she was going to Iceland? Absolutely, and I was wrong. I was also wrong to think that she would ever miss Comic Con. However, it was only for what 12 hours before I knew she was in San Diego.

    I had nothing to do with the ONTD posts. I stated very clearly on Swedish Delish that I didn’t think she was pregnant. If anything, I was trying to get them to stop. You can see my many posts about it on another forum.

    What I find interesting are the voices. My voice is the same, wherever I post. I don’t come over here, spewing venom with people who disagree with me. I have no shame with what I’ve posted anywhere. Can that be said for everyone here? I don’t think so. They hide behind their fake names here because they can’t get away with it on the other boards.

  20. 20
    hmmmmmmm Says:

    Okay I bit and took a looky at TPF and etc and I have come to the conclusion that if only this person put all this research and thought into something else more productive the world would be a better place. LOL

    Anyhoo, Alex look here is the Alex I love to see. :)

    Oh and just to go back to the P hat theory? Ellen Page is a bigamist or unfaithful because Ryan Phillippe is sending out messages too.LOL

  21. 21
    Canuck Says:

    Gawdddddd, can we stop this sh*t please? Maybe exchange one-off emails and slug it out in private?

    I’ll settle it for you… The man is my secret lover and has been holed up with me on a Mediterranean island all summer. Don’t tell my husband. Oh, and btw… I’ve been using the alias “Ellen Page”. Everyone happy now?

  22. 22
    Ginger Says:

    @trolling trolls: Oh my lord. Settle down.
    Have you ever heard the expression “when you point a finger, you have three more pointing back at you.” Your rant sounds completely nuts.

  23. 23
    trolling trolls Says:

    @Yuku JArmstrong – Real:

    I knew you couldn’t resist NUTCASES most of the time can’t. You go everywhere where it has to do with Alex to spread your LIES. Since you have such an issue with his fans why don’t you spear us your dribble and just cool it. If what you are your groups are proclaiming is true let it reveal itself on it’s own. Can you let that happen on its own Loon.

    I doubt you can because you have NOTHING. I will come back here and laugh and point at you and call you cray nutcase because that is what you are sick and sad and way too much time on your hand. NO ONE CARES OR WANT TO READ YOUR SH*T SO BE GONE.

    @hmmmm you are correct if this person took as much time and effort into something to better the world not building a story to make them dream come real.

  24. 24
    trolling trolls Says:


    Change your name there I see( So ) I wasn’t talking to you dumb nuts. The Nutcase that I was baiting showed up just like any nutcase would.

  25. 25
    Naomie Says:

    Why no pics together with Naomie? She looks great here and she is gorg. Pics with boring Nicole Yawn, I would love to see Alex with a strong black women. That would be some drama I would love to read. LOL

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