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Kanye West Charged For Criminal Battery & Attempted Theft

Kanye West Charged For Criminal Battery & Attempted Theft

Kanye West has been charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft for an alleged altercation with a photographer, according to TMZ.

The 36-year-old rapper was involved in the scuffle with the photographer after arriving on a flight at LAX Airport in July.

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If Kanye is convicted of criminal battery and attempted grand theft, he could face a maximum of one year in jail.

Kanye will be arraigned on Thursday (October 10) in Los Angeles.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kanye being charged for two misdemeanors?

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  • Brody

    He is getting crazier since hooking up with the greedy, fame whoring Kardashians.

  • sillyme

    I think we all know he won’t go to jail. He’ll probably get some kind of community service, and pay off the photographer.

  • thejournalist
  • Hey, hey, hey

    Wait a minute: Alec Baldwin mixes it up just about every weekend. I never hear about charges against him.

    Playa hataz

  • Brittany

    I”m not surprised, another one of these types behind bars, not shocking, they all belong there.

  • Verity


  • Mitchie


    He’s always been “crazy” way before he hooked himself with the kardashians. Sick of him.

  • get off this planet

    WTF? STFU f^cking racist !!

  • He had it coming…

    A year behind bars should deflate his ego. Put his fameHO in the next cell, please. Poor kid is shit outta luck.

  • riley

    @get off this planet:

    u r the racist… no one even mentioned your people, but your people do love being jail very much. lol your people seem to b proud of being in or been to jail. #FACT

  • get off this planet

    Calls me a racist for getting offended by obvious racist remarks then proceed to act like a typical entitled, racist shitbag. ” Your people” LMAO who says I’m black?
    You’re an ignorant, uneducated dumbass. #FACT

  • ZZontop

    18 years, 18 years
    She got one of your kids, got you for 18 years
    I know somebody paying child support for one of his kids
    His baby momma’s car and crib is bigger than his
    You will see him on TV any given Sunday
    Win the Super Bowl and drive off in a Hyundai
    She was supposed to buy your shorty Tyco with your money
    She went to the doctor got lipo with your money
    She walking around looking like Michael with your money
    Should’ve got that insured, Geico for your money
    If you ain’t no punk, holla “We want prenup”
    “We want prenup” Yeah
    It’s something that you need to have
    Cause when she leave your ass she gonna leave with half
    18 years, 18 years
    And on the 18th birthday he found out it wasn’t his?!

  • Ava

    Good , I don’t know why he thinks he can accost a total stranger and try to steal their possession … Alec Baldwin should be next , to bad his pap isn’t as smart as the guy stupid Kanye hit.. This pap got Gloria Allred to represent him, force the district attorney to charge Kanye, he’s also civilly suing Kanye .?. Aha aha. All because Kanye the punk thinks he’s tough guy , next time Kanye shut up keep walking and get into the car .

  • Lolling!

    Way to go Kardashians! Keep hooking up with n!gers because the myth of the big d!ck is priority number one and the key to happiness in life over all else. Ha ha! They will learn valuable lessons about life from all the crap their guys put them through, so good for them. LOL!

  • Lolling!

    Hey khloe i heard that a black dealer on the street corner in compton is pretty hung. Hook up! LOL LOL

  • Lolling!

    Exactly why this country is going down the toilet. Morons like Kim K have babies with K West. Maybe shell be able to rap well and make porn vids? Talent! lmfao

  • lolakay

    @get off this planet:

    don’t lie haha, i too can tell you are black or at least not white. come on, no need to be ashamed.
    you actually sound very uneducated yourself. calling names, cursing to get your point across.
    #diary of a mad black woman

  • Allyt

    You kno he belongs in jail. look it him. that face looks just like one of those typical mug shots. what is missing is an orange suit.

  • Allyt


    i think they are happy about all these cos it will give them a lot of material for their shi+y show, give them a rating boost. imagine baby daddy going to jail, kim crying, bringing baby to visit daddy behind glass window. hhahahaaahha epic!

  • ^_^…

    HE IS UGLY… ..I..

  • Lolling!

    @Allyt: I bet the girls dont even care because they are attention wh*res and want press no matter good or bad. Im all for whatever pain and suffering they go through because of their poor decisions and stupid priorities. Moar!

  • JJK

    Lock him up!

  • bibnn

    they should put him behind bars just for making shi tty noises he calls music.

  • Nora

    @bibnn: Put him in the zoo for impersonating a human

  • Lolling!

    @Allyt: I dont think kim would visit. She’ll leave the kid home and look for another sex mate, this time a white dude with a big dick who treats her well. Skank.

  • kanyeisgey

    Can we just lock him up in the San Diego zoo with the rest of his family?

  • Sce

    Fingers crossed that he goes to jail.

  • Ariel

    Does anyone think about how the paparazzi are actually stalkers? If a stranger was following you everywhere you don’t think that if no one else was doing anything to help you wouldn’t eventually do something about it yourself?

  • Morg

    Who buys his music? Why the hell is this guy popular? I dont get it at all.

  • blinky

    could be a case of boys will be boys, the photographer could have had his equipment thrown in the back of kanye’s car and driven around the block otherwise. can you hold a ‘kanye’ sign above your head next time, he should be a more responsible parent.

  • papi

    g@yfish thinks it self God and can do anything it likes.
    it belongs in a circus or aquarium… just kidding, it belongs to a toilet bowl, the kind they got in jail so u can flush it down.

  • Aranka Paul

    I still maintain that Kardashians bring bad luck to people. Anyone who gets involved with this sordid and greedy family somehow ends up in a world of hurt. Look at Lamar, perfectly normal and handsome human being is now a shell of his former self. I don’t care for Kanye West or his music but he is a talented man and I am sure he is much nicer than we think he is. He has been loosing his marbles ever since he hooked up with Kim, I won’t even talk about Scott Disick, he is a hot mess. Even Bruce Jenner with his earings and plastic surgeries and what about Rob. He didn’t gain 3,0000 pounds from being happy and content, I can assure you. Please no need for racist remarks and curse words. We do live in the 21st century and in the country which should be a democratic, free and tolerant society. You could have fooled me.

  • Sandy Capella

    He’s always been in the news for something he shouldn’t have been doing. He’s a bum, very egotistic and full of himself. Fits right in with his girlfriend’s clan.