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Britney Spears: 'Work Bitch' Full Song & Lyrics - LISTEN NOW!

Britney Spears: 'Work Bitch' Full Song & Lyrics - LISTEN NOW!

It’s here! Check out Britney Spears‘ highly-anticipated new song “Work Bitch”!

The 31-year-old entertainer released the track to iHeartRadio after a version sadly leaked online on Sunday (September 15), a day early of its intended release.

“Incredibly upset that a low quality recording of #WORKBxxCH leaked last night, ruining the fans first experience with the song,” Brit‘s manager Adam Leber tweeted, which Britney retweeted.

The duo encouraged fans to hold out until the radio release.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Brit’s new song “Work Bitch”?

Click inside to read the lyrics…

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  • pretty

    I work as a prostitute and I even can’t get all those things. Just a few rides…

  • Nicole

    No, just no. This sounds like decent album filler, not a first single.

  • Dooley

    She if can’t sing that song LIVE she needs to just be a Mom.

  • Jordy

    Love it! It’s fun and dancey and I’m excited that the others on the album are more about her natural voice. Even though this is processed a lot I think it’s great.

  • ok

    She’s the only pop star who looks mad gorgeous in her photos for her albums but in real life she looks plain and a mess. I don’t get it. That is not the Britney that we see getting Starbucks and walking around with her kids…

  • rocky

    LOVEEEE IT. so fierce

  • Audrey

    OMG, it’s horrible!!Do people really call her a SINGER?
    You know who is a real singer?Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Hudson…

  • Namesless

    Love it! Britney is back. Work it bit*ch.

  • Verity

    This single is Blah and that’s being kind.

  • janekay

    yea its not great and very generic…Roar, Applause, Wrecking Ball – all far better songs….

  • NE1

    i don’t like the lyrics. it’s trying to have a good message but you can’t work for those things unless you make a lot of money. eh. waiting for the next single.

  • leelee

    This is such a regression in her music. She’s not 20 anymore.

  • Jen J.


  • Shelly

    Work Bitch for what we want love

  • renaldogaccione

    мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­

    You know who is a real singer?Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Hudson…

  • Jordy

    @ok: it’s called a hair and make up team

  • me

    I’m a fan and I don’t like it….
    It’s just a bad song produced by And I don’t like his music (if you can call that music).

    I’m very disappointed. I thought it would be a “personal” album with “personal” songs that would have deeper lyrics…


  • Brittany

    Fierce! it sounds so fresh, like nothing on radio right now.

  • The Arkitect

    Like many of the new movies, there is a define4d lack of imagination creeping like a virus through the Arts. There is no heart in this song…just a steady boring beat. The lack of musical dimension is startling, considering the Spears Team’s earlier work.As an ex-recording studio producer, I know LAZXY when I hear it. I hear it now. I will shut up and go away now…disappointed with Britney and Mylie’s lack of direction & identity…and life’s elusive purpose.

  • Anna

    This girl is a sad case…she is mentally unstable and the people around her try to mask it by pushing her to do TV shows and crappy new albums. Why? It’s only destroying her more. She’s used to being the center of attention so she runs back in the studio trying to record anything, anything that will get her at least a tiny bit of the success she used to have. She seems stuck in 2000 and someone needs to wake her up. She’s a lost case. Done. Finished.

  • haha

    um yeah no real singing, just talking, whooop de do.

  • c.

    Yeah, I’m a fan, knew about all the rumors and i’m still waiting for the urban track this was supposed to be. Thats just a disapointment. I’m so sorry, Britney. You let Will took too much control, it doesnt even sound like you. BTW, you’re not british sweetie, why those songs wiith the accent? It was tolerable for the first time on S&S, but again? OHH, BRITNEY, I WAITED FOR A LOT MORE FROM U. =´/ TRULY SAD TODAY. Waiting for the next single, maybe that will be good. PLEASE DON’T WORK WITH WILL.I.AM AGAIN. He made a robotic british Fergie. And she’s not even close of being good… well… like you were. =´/



  • anonymous

    @Audrey: If only they could sell…

  • v

    i wonder if the song title is the illuminati mocking her and calling her a ‘work bitch’

  • c.

    @v: It sounds like it, doesn’t it? Even the lyrics. It sounds like if she wants to keep all the material things she has, she better stop being lazy and work for it. And surprisely she has a complete different attitude from the Femme Fatale era. Its really weird, it’s like a ultimatum for her.

  • Claudia

    IM A BRITNEY’S HUGE FAN but im not sure i like this song

  • kyu

    Britney is my Queen of Pop to me and that’s all it matters.

  • ian

    If u wanna slay like Britney, U bettah work bitch!

  • cray cray

    The cover looks really dated like something from the 90′s. I think she is a bit too old to be singing the lyrics. This would have flown if she was still in her early 20′s. Bit she’s a divorced mother of two in her 30′s. Time to start singing about something else besides partying and turning up in a Bugatti.

  • britney

    i love it!!!!!!!!!!! YOU BETTER WORK BITCHHHHH.. cant stop dancing !!!!!


    so funny to hear people say ¨AMAZING VOCALS¨ HAHAHAHAHAHA! This is just a nice club song, nothing innovative or experimental…

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    I don’t like this lyrics, but I agree that she’s not 20 anymore&this’s not her level, coz she already has all these things she singin about, & this kinda “tranny-plus-hooker in boudoir” look (don’t wanna offend her fans) on the pic… I guess, her level in music should be higher already. Tho I like the beat.

  • bekam

    hoooooooooooooooooot as f…..

  • micky bradford jones

    @The Arkitect:

    well said,i feel the same,im so disappointed,there’s so many musicians that would do their best to get this popular whe nthey make more inspiring music,just sad.

  • micky bradford jones

    So the songs called work b%%%h. I don’t want to be disrespectful or anything,but these lyrics are really annoying. Could her lyrics be about anything else then her flaunting herself and saying explict aggressive things? Sure it’s kinda catchy i guess,but nothing id want to listen to ,cause i like music with a little meaning,and a little class. I honestly don’t hate her,but i listen to lesser knowned /popular musicians that are just plane better at presenting their music and sound,with lyrics that are really well written with meaning and some inspiration and catchy metaphors,while being able to tell tell they really worked hard on them and the way the music is presented,she just sounds like the stuff the radio seems to want to play! Would i listen to this again,probably not. Ill take all of these artists I’m finding that have so much more to offer then some repetitive lines and radio mixed beat. So what’s wrong with the kids these days? Well look at what your letting get popular,no positive influence here for teens at all. Get money and buy expensive things and treat people rudely and call them a b%%%h,OR degrade yourself and call yourself that. Feels like something a kid would write. Is this how adults act these days? Such a shame! God bless!

  • Juanse

    @Dooley: You need to LEARN how to write

  • emy

    omggggggg Perfectney

  • b

    How did this chick ever become a popstar? She can’t sing at all, even going back to that little kid’s video from, Star Search was it? But because she came out as a little Lolita in her Hit Me video, everyone was like OOOH! underage sex! Let’s watch. She’s built a career on having a sexy body and being able to, once upon a time, dance around. So she’s like a glorified back-up dancer who has made millions.

    It’s sad when those will the true talent never make it to the forefront and those with mediocre talent shine as a big start because they look “sexy” :SMDH

  • Texan

    this is a perfect club song…

  • Loretta

    Britney, Britney, Britney. Terrible, really. The lyrics lead the youth to think you are only valuable if you work hard and make a lot of money, with a killer body. Not everyone is blessed with beautiful parents, whom were college graduates, with only three children. As for working hard, yes I agree what Britney does is work, makes her tired, long hours, all of that, but what she does for work you have to remember is sit in a box move her mouth attempt to sound similar to the decent voice she had before she started smoking and have someone work hard on making the voice sound smooth and sexy. I am not saying; unlike many Britney never had a beautiful voice, because that is a matter of opinion and also makes little to no sense. A little girl doesn’t get on Star Search and the Mickey Mouse club for any other reason but talent. She was a very talented and beautiful youth. The problem is now she is making albums that mean little due to where she actually came from a few years back. With a history such as Britney’s of drug use, eating disorders, alcoholism, bipolar, e.t.c., she needs to be considering making music that indicates some growth from that, at least for one album (that is if she really feels as though she has to make more instead of sit at home with her beautiful boys and enjoy the time she unlike many could have with them). She also needs to pull back from the sex appeal a little, merely because at this point in her life she is a beautiful but not as youthful as she once was. Truly a dancer, and entertainer, I will not deny she still is, but not as successfully. Numbers may say so (I mean after all “Work Bitch” is number one in 35 countries), but her smile doesn’t say so, her sad eyes do not say so, her children aren’t going to show that, she is missing out on their youth to entertain the morally messed up society that is only getting worse. Those things, in this song have nothing to do with working, but selling your body, your talents, your mind, your soul and creating a sad ideal of what success is in the world. I want a nice body, what woman doesn’t but more than that I want to love my kids, I want money but more than that I would struggle to spend time with those children. I just feel sad for society. Will always admire Britney Spears true skill, and will always admit she is probably still the most beautiful face for a magazine, but her heart and mind are in the wrong place. God Bless Britney and hopefully some of the fans our there will eventually care enough about Britney as a person rather than an entertaining robot and truly look at how sad and lazy this track is, which really means Britney is not happy or thinking for herself.


    FRESSSHHH! saved us from what the other BASICS are putting out …

  • c.

    @Loretta: My God, this is so true! \Every bit of it. How old are you? This could not be written by a teenager. Even the critic is so well argumented. I like Britney very much (because of what she used to be back then) and I agree with u 100%.