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Hayden Christensen Covers 'Men's Fashion' Fall 2013 Issue

Hayden Christensen Covers 'Men's Fashion' Fall 2013 Issue

Hayden Christensen suits up on the cover of Men’s Fashion magazine‘s Fall 2013 issue, on newsstands now.

Here is what the 32-year-old actor had to share with the mag:

On getting back to acting: “Now I’ve got the itch again. I want to have real control over my future. Sometimes, as an actor, you can feel a little bit like a prop. I’m trying to get involved with projects where I can contribute more than just my acting services.”

On building his barn: “A way for me to try and do something sustainable, sort of back to basics and good for my soul.”

On design: “I’ve always had a real interest in design, I have a passion for it. I’ve spent a lot of time designing pieces of furniture and plans for houses.”

FYI: Hayden is wearing a jacket, shirt and pants from the Hayden Christensen for RW & Co. collection.

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Photos: Christopher Wahl
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  • yo-pol

    where is available?



  • milly

    and about Rachel??? still with her?

  • maCHO

    He is better in the other pics….

  • mamen

    @milly: Yes…but he is in love with me!!

  • regina

    Has the hair dark???





  • phat-ruley

    A former part of the biggest movie franchise in HW now turned into a d-lister coz he cant act & cant carry a movie now covers a budget & never-heard magazine – loser!

  • shadowy
    LOOOL Branching out now to so-called-fashion designing?! Why coz bankable & big-time acting jobs comes like bits of rains drops off at the Sahara Desert nowadays?! Did he took some hints from his self-claimed fashionista gff whos been kissing the azz of those high-end fashion brands/designers for years yet can only get to advertised an ice-drop whos name resembled to a condom… and who would really believed that Haydamn is even a fashion conscious when he’s always been papped dressing like a colorful hobo who just came off a heroin binge!

  • Geez

    @ shadowy and your other names—-jealous much that he has more money in his bank account than you.

    He has a movie due out next year and is in China right now working back to back.

    Sorry to ruin your world but Hayden and Rachel live together-get over your hate and find something more productive to do.

  • periwinkle

    Poor Mr. Chri-stone-sen, that he must sold off his L. A. property even on a big discount just to buy himself an acting career as no HW biggies would dare to give him (big budgeted/high caliber) projects anymore – as way too obvious basing on his joblessness for an in-definite period of time in the past. Even having a celebrity girl friday… errr… girlfriend can’t do no help in the midst of his urgent financial needs. When the so-called girlfriend is just budgeted hacktress, it would just begets budget gigs that begets budget income of course.

  • verity

    He got the acting chops of Channing Tatum but nowhere near like the Channing’s hit & hot movie career – a Star Wars version of “albatross”.

  • Lollipop

    Love himmmmm

  • kaleigh

    When an actor is truly popular & bankable, high-end fashion brands / houses would want to attach his name on them
    When an actor is just a so-so, he’ll launch a cheapsy & cliche’ fashion wear lol!
    I guess he had to figure out hard of any ways to get any amount of paychecks since he can’t get his desired acting roles anymore. I do wonder just how many days till it get a 50% discount – since his HW radar is constantly blinking on an off-button for a very long while now.

  • Jennifer

    Wow, beautiful farm, if he has horses, he should show them, reminds me of a young Patrick Swayze, with his farming and love for animals.

    All he needs is a nurturing loving country woman, and he’d be all set!

  • Jennifer

    I also love how he’s showing his interests in farming and country life, he’s a fantastic role model for young men who are also interested in farming. He’s showing how romantic and sexy farming can be, just fantastic!

  • Trish

    Isn’t it interesting when people try to talk like they know something but really know nothing at all. @kaleigh @periwinkle @verity @shadowy @phat-ruley

  • Mine

    My babe

  • DodgeTruck

    I wonder if that role-grubbing Neapolitan-complex dwarf-troll he was dating, can even walk in the field and see over the tall grass? Her on a horse, she’d probably need an 11 hh pony. LOLz

  • Chevy

    @kaleigh: So easy to be bitchy sitting behind a computer screen isn’t it?

  • Kate

    His last movie was number one at the box office – Takers. He just finished filming American Heist with Adrian Brody in New Orleans and is currenlty in China training for a war film with Nicolas Cage called The Outcasts. He’s doing fine and looks FINE and this clothing line looks fabulous!

  • Chevy

    @ all you hateful people : I would bet he has done more in his lifetime than you losers. Cowardly to sit and bash someone and hide behind your computers. losers.

  • fitzroy

    why would he launch a clothing line for ‘men’ when most boys/men hates him of what atrocities he did to SW prequels – his remaining fans nowadays were mostly gullible little girlies & middle age women, he should made something for them as they’re most likely going to bite it out of just being nothing but all fartnatics.

  • Rita

    There are links to photos and a video of Hayden and Rachel at an opening of a Karl Lagerfeld store in Beijing on August 28th on the Hayden Fan News website. They look great together in the photos, Hayden must have had Rachel come to China for her birthday August 25th). With this clothing line coming out, I can see why he went to a fashion show with Rachel, the clothes look great, there are better pics in the previous thread.

    @ #10,11,13,14,16 & 25, since you are all obviously the same person

    You are the one that must be jobless and homeless to have all this time to post on a celebrity that you don’t know and do not like at least 6 times in 24 hours. You are obviously obsessed with Hayden and Rachel in an unhealthy way, I hope you get some help for your mental dependence on following these two so religiously, even though you despise them both. You seem to be the most dedicated to posting on Hayden and Rachel, since you post more than anyone who is a fan of them ever has. Maybe you should get a life and make better use of your time!. I don’t waste my time on celebrities I do not care for, lol.

  • fitzroy

    Yah right multiple names, jealousy, bashing, hating, ranting, etc. etc. etc. That’s all you’ve got?! Come on, can do better than that! Come up with something original and not predictably cliche’ & dumb – as Ive heard that a zillion times before when some fartnatic cannot come up anymore of defensive & realistic tactics. Someone definitely wants to play mother hen here who also have nothing better to do, than otherwise would not be here on a GossiP site and even bother to rant back to the so-called anti-posts here, right? I’d say that their thread’s been ‘always’ like a mega-nega post – majority of it & would continue to do so, so be prepared till your last breath. Mighty glad & proud that I barely disappoint you & had been able put more wrinkles on your face!

  • just me

    Why didn’t hayden mention if he was dating her and he didn’t. And she follow him to China? She had to be invited to the opening so hayden didn’t have nothing to do with it. And it happen to be in China. Hayden is her ex now. Right? Hayden didn’t even mention all the time he wasn’t actib he was hanging with her. So why he didn’t mention that what he was doing? All he talked about his farm and acting. So Rachel lied about them dating? Rachel need to find someone else to be with then. Not dating her not getting a house with her. So all lies then. Break up rumors next. No emmy awards either. Hayden is not dating Rachel.

  • @ just me

    you are completely and totally out of your mind lady did you even look at the vid of both H & R in china at the store opening hayden says :”we are glad to be here” while standing with rachel ha ha he even has his hand on her leg in the video and photos and you can tell she has her hand on his leg too while sitting in the store during the piano playing photos and videos don’t lie honey but you sure do!!!!!

  • Geez

    @just me.

    You are NUTS aside from the above post which is true, Hayden and Rachel bought a house in LA TOGETHER, they do everything together-vacations etc etc-both spent time in China sightseeing, being a normal couple.

    just me-you posted on a site that you no longer care for Hayden-so why bother posting here? Is it because you got banned from the site and nobody will allow your rants anywhere else?.

    If you are so concerned have a look at pictures-they tell a thousand stories–Hayden and Rachel are a couple, and have been for 6 years.

    You have some deep problem that Hayden is not with Natalie and should be–hello Natalie is married with a child so that ain’t going to happen.

    Rachel was probably invited to the Karl opening, because she was in China and has worked with him before-Hayden went with her.

    Get over your hate and move on and spare all of us-normal and troll-your pathetic rants, your a joke on this board to everyone.

  • J.T.

    His hair is dark in that picture. It makes him resemble James Franco.

  • Men’s Fashion

    it’s only appropriate that the cover bears the ultimate multi-hyphenate performer,