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Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Split, Officially End Engagement

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Split, Officially End Engagement

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have called it quits on their relationship after almost four years together, her rep confirms to

The news comes just days after the 20-year-old “Wrecking Ball” singer unfollowed Liam, 23, on Twitter. It also follows months of speculation that the couple were on the rocks.

Miley and Liam were last spotted out together at the premiere of his movie Paranoia last month, a couple weeks before her controversial performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, an awards show which he was noticeably absent from.

In case you missed it, check out Miley on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar‘s latest issue, in which she talks about acting like a kid even though she’s an adult.

The news was first reported by People.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth split?

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  • Ha!

    Well duh! If you actually thought they would last, then you’re an idiot!

  • http://hotmail karina
  • Dane

    Good for Miley. Liam can go back to being the D lister he was born to be. His fans and his PR team have been vilifying her for months and months!

  • Sara

    lol Bravo Liam you dumped that piece of trash !

  • hEY

    It was only a matter of time

  • ella

    go figure.

  • laura

    Well, I don’t think anybody’s surprised here! Everybody has been expecting this since her identity crisis started when she cut her hair…

  • its about time

    They finally confirmed it. She has become so arrogant which someone with her money, success and all can be, but the way she portrays herself and disrespects herself is just ugly.

  • Jordy

    Sad when relationships end but she’s been sabotaging it for a year. She had her relationship as the furthest thing she cared about. Even saying it in interviews and she still had the moronic notion that we believed her when she said all was fine. His family is classy and she is so beyond that. His career his on fire for his talent while Miley is only in headlines for her bizarre behavior and drug praising.

  • Marla

    TEAM MILEY. He’s been cheating on her with various people for a long time. The January Jones rumor dates back to the Oscars. I think Miley tried to close her eyes and ears because she loved him so much and he was her first love. Seems like she has seen the light and seen him for what he is. Good that she unfollowed him first and had her PR team clarify it. He’s hiding away like a little coward after getting caught cheating. I hope she makes his life awkward as heck!

  • name

    Good for Liam.

  • marina

    Well, Eiza is pretty and she has her tongue inside her mouth, unlike Miley who is boring with her acting out.

  • Sally


    his career is on fire? How? His recent films bombed and he had about 4 lines in The Hunger Games. Once that franchise is over he will be back to flop films. He was best known for being Miley’s boyfriend and Chris’s brother

    And his family always praised Miley and he stayed with her for 4 years. SHe can’t have been the monster his fans seem to want to portray her as. Seems to me that Liam was sabotaging his relationship by cheating on her all over the place. He is not the angel you want to think he is.

  • Miley Yo Go Girl

    I’m definitely TEAM MILEY! She’s way more fun, liberated and he’s a dud. He’s been sneeking behind her back and sexting January Jones..It’s easier for haters to hate on MC because she puts it all out there but he’s a sneek and a lame D list actor. If it weren’t for The Hunger Games he’s be classified as the actor they tried to make happen but didn’t.

  • Red Head

    Smart boy. Jump off that sinking ship.

  • David

    i would’ve done the same thing,i mean no one want to date a trashy hooker !

  • k88

    I am elated, I’ve been hoping they would break up once she started going wild. He shouldn’t have gotten back with her after the first break up. Hopefully this is true and they stay broken up. He deserves better.

  • kel

    No kidding.

  • Ashley

    Good! Miley is a disgrace to the Entertainment business.

  • P


  • amy

    My heart is broken for Miley. I hope Miley knows there are many more who love her in this world than wh say the hateful things I read. Love you Miley – prayers are with you. Smilers love you.

    Liam did not even have the decency to wait for the announcement before he hooked up with yet another bimbo on Saturday in Vegas. My heart is broken for Miley – she deserves better than this sumb bag cheater. Better now than before marriage anyway.

  • Carrie

    Eh, not surprising, ESPECIALLY considering he has cheated on her more than once. I Don’t know how sticking her tongue out and twerking is worse than CHEATING on your fiancĂ©e MORE than once….

    but fans of male celebrities have strange moral compasses..

  • Craig

    What a negative thing to say, they are people !!! Hw would u enjoy someone saying stuff like that if your relationship with someone ended. Have a heart.

  • Craig

    @Sara: Wow, exactly who do you think u are to pass judgement on someone else who you never met, whats wrong with u. Show some dam compassion

  • Hilla


    He deserves better? I think she deserves somebody who won’t cheat on her after giving her an engagement ring. He didn’t even cheat just once! He is an arrogant son of a b*tch and she is well away from him. And really… who the heck gives a damn about the younger Hemsworth brother? He’s a crap actor and besides Hunger Games- whose success is NOTHING to do with Liam – his films disappear faster than you can blink!

  • Irene


    Yeah I don’t really care for either but I’m sick of reading comments about how trashy and awful she is just because she is being a controversial pop star – at least she isn’t cheating on him with with anyone who passes under her nose! He isn’t even good looking, his face is really weird. I don’t think Chris is goodlooking wither lol

  • cam


    then I guess you have not seen the picture of the trashy hooker her hooked up with on Daturday in Vegas! Lim is a pig.

  • amanda


  • roxanne


  • Saba`

    Miley splitting with a cheater not the least bit shocking

  • chez

    THANKGOD! About time he threw out the trash. He will be much better off.

  • Chelsey

    He has been seen all over the place with numerous different women and then you add in that he has been boinking January Jones. Probably a relief to them both to just lay it on the table: they’re done.

  • You go Liam

    Funny how all the SMILERS come out calling Liam a cheater suddenly. LOL Mileys people did good on putting those lies out about Liam, so that it looks like he is the evil one. Good lord Miley is so full of herself, I give props to Liam for sticking to her that long.

  • Chelsey

    He has been seen all over the place with numerous different women and then you add in that he has been boinking January Jones. Probably a relief to them both to just lay it on the table: they’re done. RIP engagement and marriage.

  • Jenna

    Time for him to descend back into Z lister status! He can only turn up to Chris’s premieres so many times before people start to wonder why his career is a 2 while Chris is at a 9. LOL

  • Ethan T.

    No surprise here. I’ve seen divorced couples that were more into each other than these two were.

  • Emma

    Liam Hemsworth fan logic – Miley cut her hair and twerked at the VMA’s -she DESERVED TO BE CHEATED ON!!! HE IS SO PERFECT!!

  • Doris

    @Jenna: Can’t wait for Liams appearance in Hunger Games Catching Fire being released on Nov. 22, 2013. Heard he has a big role and the trailer looks amazing.

  • Emma

    @You go Liam:

    Hmm, I think Liam sheepishly leaving in a car with January Jones is proof enough! Not to mention Page Six having many eye witnesses seeing him macking on some random. Face up to it – Liam is a jerk and way too immature to be married. I bet Miley had to pay for her own engagement ring anyway lol

  • lui

    She changed a lot, i think that’s why they broke up.

  • Craiggy

    Nothing about Miley seems private and Liam comes across as a private person. The nakedness, the exposure, the obnoxious antics, the tattoos…Does Liam have a tattoo? I just think they grew apart and Miley still hasn’t grown up.

  • talia

    @Carrie: @Hilla: who says he cheated? you two must be pretty gullible to believe the trash the media write about these two. where is your proof he cheated?

  • Vivian

    I’m not surprised but quite honestly happy for them both. Miley right now is on a different page, discovering who she really is and enjoying life. Liam looks like a more settled guy, who already went through that phase and is looking for something more stable. In the end we all know that if they’re meant to be together, they will be.

  • PitchingHay

    @Emma: A lot of those celebs take cab rides together back to hotels or to other parties. I doubt an affair between January Jones and Liam took place. So many of these celebrities travel in circles either working with the same agents, celebs and directors. Miley even said it herself, when she was a kid, she had to act like an adult, and now that she’s an adult, she finds herself acting like a kid.

  • Emma

    @<a href="/2013/09/16/miley-@talia: cyrus-liam-hemsworth-split-officially-end-engagement/comment-page-2/#comment-28113642″>PitchingHay:

    There were eye witnesses who saw January straddling him at the Chateau Marmont back in February, same with the Page six story. If they were flat out lies he would sue. It happened. He’s a cheater. Deal with it.

  • Emma


    ‘is worth about $135 million’

    wow! Good for her! Screw the begrudgers and the silly Liam fangirls. She is out there living her life while they now think they have a chance to be cheated on by Liam ‘can’t act for toffee’ Hemsworth!! :D

  • Diedre

    Liam Hemsworth dodged a bullet. I hope he realizes how fortunate he is he is to no longer be associated with her.
    She will burn out eventually. How quickly, and to what end. is anybody’s guess.
    Since her parents don’t seem to care what she does and instead enable her, as do her ‘fans’, her best case scenario will be to become a has been, featured in some distant ‘Where Are They Now?’ show.
    Worst case scenario: found bloated and blue in a puddle of her own excrement.

  • Janire

    Miley has become a joke.

  • Ames

    @amy: Don’t feel bad for Miley. She may be a little misguided but she is only 20 years old and is worth about $135 million. She’ll be fine.

  • kami

    so they couldn’t wait till her album comes out in october? miley will be fine without liam. i’m sure she’s already over him by now since they’ve been apart for so long. they broke up a long time ago, but waited to make the announcement. maybe she can now focus on her career and becoming a singer instead of an acting-out exhibitionist.