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Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Split, Officially End Engagement

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Split, Officially End Engagement

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have called it quits on their relationship after almost four years together, her rep confirms to

The news comes just days after the 20-year-old “Wrecking Ball” singer unfollowed Liam, 23, on Twitter. It also follows months of speculation that the couple were on the rocks.

Miley and Liam were last spotted out together at the premiere of his movie Paranoia last month, a couple weeks before her controversial performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, an awards show which he was noticeably absent from.

In case you missed it, check out Miley on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar‘s latest issue, in which she talks about acting like a kid even though she’s an adult.

The news was first reported by People.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth split?

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135 Responses to “Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Split, Officially End Engagement”

  1. 1
    Ha! Says:

    Well duh! If you actually thought they would last, then you’re an idiot!

  2. 2
    karina Says:

    eiza gonzales *****!!!–actor-pictured-partying-stunning-Mexican-actress-Sin-City.html ,. .anorexica.. and she has plastic surgery

  3. 3
    Dane Says:

    Good for Miley. Liam can go back to being the D lister he was born to be. His fans and his PR team have been vilifying her for months and months!

  4. 4
    Sara Says:

    lol Bravo Liam you dumped that piece of trash !

  5. 5
    hEY Says:

    It was only a matter of time

  6. 6
    ella Says:

    go figure.

  7. 7
    laura Says:

    Well, I don’t think anybody’s surprised here! Everybody has been expecting this since her identity crisis started when she cut her hair…

  8. 8
    its about time Says:

    They finally confirmed it. She has become so arrogant which someone with her money, success and all can be, but the way she portrays herself and disrespects herself is just ugly.

  9. 9
    Jordy Says:

    Sad when relationships end but she’s been sabotaging it for a year. She had her relationship as the furthest thing she cared about. Even saying it in interviews and she still had the moronic notion that we believed her when she said all was fine. His family is classy and she is so beyond that. His career his on fire for his talent while Miley is only in headlines for her bizarre behavior and drug praising.

  10. 10
    Marla Says:

    TEAM MILEY. He’s been cheating on her with various people for a long time. The January Jones rumor dates back to the Oscars. I think Miley tried to close her eyes and ears because she loved him so much and he was her first love. Seems like she has seen the light and seen him for what he is. Good that she unfollowed him first and had her PR team clarify it. He’s hiding away like a little coward after getting caught cheating. I hope she makes his life awkward as heck!

  11. 11
    name Says:

    Good for Liam.

  12. 12
    marina Says:

    Well, Eiza is pretty and she has her tongue inside her mouth, unlike Miley who is boring with her acting out.

  13. 13
    Sally Says:


    his career is on fire? How? His recent films bombed and he had about 4 lines in The Hunger Games. Once that franchise is over he will be back to flop films. He was best known for being Miley’s boyfriend and Chris’s brother

    And his family always praised Miley and he stayed with her for 4 years. SHe can’t have been the monster his fans seem to want to portray her as. Seems to me that Liam was sabotaging his relationship by cheating on her all over the place. He is not the angel you want to think he is.

  14. 14
    Miley Yo Go Girl Says:

    I’m definitely TEAM MILEY! She’s way more fun, liberated and he’s a dud. He’s been sneeking behind her back and sexting January Jones..It’s easier for haters to hate on MC because she puts it all out there but he’s a sneek and a lame D list actor. If it weren’t for The Hunger Games he’s be classified as the actor they tried to make happen but didn’t.

  15. 15
    Red Head Says:

    Smart boy. Jump off that sinking ship.

  16. 16
    David Says:

    i would’ve done the same thing,i mean no one want to date a trashy hooker !

  17. 17
    k88 Says:

    I am elated, I’ve been hoping they would break up once she started going wild. He shouldn’t have gotten back with her after the first break up. Hopefully this is true and they stay broken up. He deserves better.

  18. 18
    kel Says:

    No kidding.

  19. 19
    Ashley Says:

    Good! Miley is a disgrace to the Entertainment business.

  20. 20
    P Says:


  21. 21
    amy Says:

    My heart is broken for Miley. I hope Miley knows there are many more who love her in this world than wh say the hateful things I read. Love you Miley – prayers are with you. Smilers love you.

    Liam did not even have the decency to wait for the announcement before he hooked up with yet another bimbo on Saturday in Vegas. My heart is broken for Miley – she deserves better than this sumb bag cheater. Better now than before marriage anyway.

  22. 22
    Carrie Says:

    Eh, not surprising, ESPECIALLY considering he has cheated on her more than once. I Don’t know how sticking her tongue out and twerking is worse than CHEATING on your fiancée MORE than once….

    but fans of male celebrities have strange moral compasses..

  23. 23
    Craig Says:

    What a negative thing to say, they are people !!! Hw would u enjoy someone saying stuff like that if your relationship with someone ended. Have a heart.

  24. 24
    Craig Says:

    @Sara: Wow, exactly who do you think u are to pass judgement on someone else who you never met, whats wrong with u. Show some dam compassion

  25. 25
    Hilla Says:


    He deserves better? I think she deserves somebody who won’t cheat on her after giving her an engagement ring. He didn’t even cheat just once! He is an arrogant son of a b*tch and she is well away from him. And really… who the heck gives a damn about the younger Hemsworth brother? He’s a crap actor and besides Hunger Games- whose success is NOTHING to do with Liam – his films disappear faster than you can blink!

  26. 26
    Irene Says:


    Yeah I don’t really care for either but I’m sick of reading comments about how trashy and awful she is just because she is being a controversial pop star – at least she isn’t cheating on him with with anyone who passes under her nose! He isn’t even good looking, his face is really weird. I don’t think Chris is goodlooking wither lol

  27. 27
    cam Says:


    then I guess you have not seen the picture of the trashy hooker her hooked up with on Daturday in Vegas! Lim is a pig.

  28. 28
    amanda Says:


  29. 29
    roxanne Says:


  30. 30
    Saba` Says:

    Miley splitting with a cheater not the least bit shocking

  31. 31
    chez Says:

    THANKGOD! About time he threw out the trash. He will be much better off.

  32. 32
    Chelsey Says:

    He has been seen all over the place with numerous different women and then you add in that he has been boinking January Jones. Probably a relief to them both to just lay it on the table: they’re done.

  33. 33
    You go Liam Says:

    Funny how all the SMILERS come out calling Liam a cheater suddenly. LOL Mileys people did good on putting those lies out about Liam, so that it looks like he is the evil one. Good lord Miley is so full of herself, I give props to Liam for sticking to her that long.

  34. 34
    Chelsey Says:

    He has been seen all over the place with numerous different women and then you add in that he has been boinking January Jones. Probably a relief to them both to just lay it on the table: they’re done. RIP engagement and marriage.

  35. 35
    Jenna Says:

    Time for him to descend back into Z lister status! He can only turn up to Chris’s premieres so many times before people start to wonder why his career is a 2 while Chris is at a 9. LOL

  36. 36
    Ethan T. Says:

    No surprise here. I’ve seen divorced couples that were more into each other than these two were.

  37. 37
    Emma Says:

    Liam Hemsworth fan logic – Miley cut her hair and twerked at the VMA’s -she DESERVED TO BE CHEATED ON!!! HE IS SO PERFECT!!

  38. 38
    Doris Says:

    @Jenna: Can’t wait for Liams appearance in Hunger Games Catching Fire being released on Nov. 22, 2013. Heard he has a big role and the trailer looks amazing.

  39. 39
    Emma Says:

    @You go Liam:

    Hmm, I think Liam sheepishly leaving in a car with January Jones is proof enough! Not to mention Page Six having many eye witnesses seeing him macking on some random. Face up to it – Liam is a jerk and way too immature to be married. I bet Miley had to pay for her own engagement ring anyway lol

  40. 40
    lui Says:

    She changed a lot, i think that’s why they broke up.

  41. 41
    Craiggy Says:

    Nothing about Miley seems private and Liam comes across as a private person. The nakedness, the exposure, the obnoxious antics, the tattoos…Does Liam have a tattoo? I just think they grew apart and Miley still hasn’t grown up.

  42. 42
    talia Says:

    @Carrie: @Hilla: who says he cheated? you two must be pretty gullible to believe the trash the media write about these two. where is your proof he cheated?

  43. 43
    Vivian Says:

    I’m not surprised but quite honestly happy for them both. Miley right now is on a different page, discovering who she really is and enjoying life. Liam looks like a more settled guy, who already went through that phase and is looking for something more stable. In the end we all know that if they’re meant to be together, they will be.

  44. 44
    PitchingHay Says:

    @Emma: A lot of those celebs take cab rides together back to hotels or to other parties. I doubt an affair between January Jones and Liam took place. So many of these celebrities travel in circles either working with the same agents, celebs and directors. Miley even said it herself, when she was a kid, she had to act like an adult, and now that she’s an adult, she finds herself acting like a kid.

  45. 45
    Emma Says:

    @<a href="/2013/09/16/miley-@talia: cyrus-liam-hemsworth-split-officially-end-engagement/comment-page-2/#comment-28113642″>PitchingHay:

    There were eye witnesses who saw January straddling him at the Chateau Marmont back in February, same with the Page six story. If they were flat out lies he would sue. It happened. He’s a cheater. Deal with it.

  46. 46
    Emma Says:


    ‘is worth about $135 million’

    wow! Good for her! Screw the begrudgers and the silly Liam fangirls. She is out there living her life while they now think they have a chance to be cheated on by Liam ‘can’t act for toffee’ Hemsworth!! :D

  47. 47
    Diedre Says:

    Liam Hemsworth dodged a bullet. I hope he realizes how fortunate he is he is to no longer be associated with her.
    She will burn out eventually. How quickly, and to what end. is anybody’s guess.
    Since her parents don’t seem to care what she does and instead enable her, as do her ‘fans’, her best case scenario will be to become a has been, featured in some distant ‘Where Are They Now?’ show.
    Worst case scenario: found bloated and blue in a puddle of her own excrement.

  48. 48
    Janire Says:

    Miley has become a joke.

  49. 49
    Ames Says:

    @amy: Don’t feel bad for Miley. She may be a little misguided but she is only 20 years old and is worth about $135 million. She’ll be fine.

  50. 50
    kami Says:

    so they couldn’t wait till her album comes out in october? miley will be fine without liam. i’m sure she’s already over him by now since they’ve been apart for so long. they broke up a long time ago, but waited to make the announcement. maybe she can now focus on her career and becoming a singer instead of an acting-out exhibitionist.

  51. 51
    Leah Says:

    I agree that Liam is a jerk. He was using her to somehow get in the media, true he’s got the Hunger Games, but once that’s over, he’ll be gone for good. I Kind of feel that Miley had to proof something to herself or him by going through her drastic Change, maybe because she wasn’t getting enough attention from him. It’s all very sad. I really do hope she finds a down-to-earth guy, so she won’t Crash and burn completely.

  52. 52
    talia Says:

    @Emma: you miley fans have to deal with the fact that miley just is not the same girl he fell in love with.miley is the one who was groping and grinding against grown man during her VMA performance for the whole world to see. still waiting for you to provide actual proof of liam cheating. miley fans like you are delusional

  53. 53
    Mel Says:


    you are disgusting

  54. 54
    mike Says:

    I always wondered how that piece of trash could get a guy like that…go liam!!

  55. 55
    mike Says:

    I always wondered how that piece of trash could get a guy like that…go liam!!

  56. 56
    LiiL Says:

    thx God!
    It was a good choise Liam! ;]

  57. 57
    You go Liam Says:

    @Emma: LOL believing Page Six any story just proves that you must be a MILEY STAN. LOOOL Page Six is your source?! Really girl, you better get some education. So when celebs do things togehter they are cheating? So then Kirsten Dunst must be cheating on her boyfriend with Isla Fisher. Because they meeting each other A LOT lately. They acting like they go to the gym togther, but I guess for Page Six they are an item now and cheating on their partners.

  58. 58
    nemo Says:

    those cheating rumors are…ta-daaa! RUMORS!
    it may be true, and it may be just some dirt from Miley’s camp – to make her look better.

  59. 59
    miley is queen Says:


  60. 60
    miley is queen Says:


  61. 61
    Micah Says:


  62. 62
    Ronda Says:

    Liam is a smart man. Good decision Liam.

  63. 63
    Diedre Says:

    @Mel: Thank you.
    Am I wrong? Have I said something shocking and that other people haven’t already been thinking?
    Think Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston. Of course, they actually had talent and notable careers.
    I’ll give it to Miley; she’s a two-trick-pony. First as a Disney robot and now as a gimmicky laughing stock.
    That obviously won’t sustain her though. She will either have to really grow up and get herself straight or she will be a has-been. Like I said, worst case scenario is that she ends up ODing and becomes infamous for that.
    It’s disheartening to read the posts from Miley’s ‘fans’ on here. To know that there are people who are so idiotic that they think her current actions have merit and somehow make her ‘liberated’.
    She is simply the most recent hosebag on the world’s stage. She’ll quickly be replaced and forgotten.

  64. 64
    ohlala Says:

    I feel happy about Liam because he deseves better, he deserves someone who doesn’t shame him in public.

  65. 65
    ben Says:

    To the people bashing Miley over this: Just want to point out that he has been rumored to have been cheating on her for months and there is no smoke with out a fire. I am so sick of people vilifying her and I’m not even a huge fan of Miley (Yes I think her music is fun in a club but I’m hardly a fan boy), and in regards to the VMA’s I was much more appalled with Robin Thicke who is married with children as well as the producers of the show who let that happen in the first place. This girl is barely out of her teens and while I can understand some of her criticism I think the **** shaming and abuse needs to stop, this is obviously a very hard time for the girl.

  66. 66
    Risslah Andrews Says:

    I know a rich royal couple who were on and off and werent first loves, but were loves for eight years but still managed to make it work and they are the most publicized coupleof all. people tend to forget customs and conservativeness and pressure from family and friends. the hell with what they think does matter because one day or another you are going to have to face them. my inlaws live four states a way. I am a republican and prolife and my mother in law is a Democrat and a prochoice, completely different from what I grew up from. They were too freaking young to think about marriage anyway. she’s an american with an opinion for everything. a second generation hollywood lifer. he was on the outside looking in from a country that is an offshoot of snobbery that used to be a penal colony. Aussies have great pride rising up from being that to being their own “man”. In 2012 he made three movies. wtf did she do? she’s just a little kid in my eyes and she has a lot of growing up to do and her rebelliomn is being played out in the media and she and he were ruining their relationship to each other by running around and disproving to each other that neither one of them wanted to accept the fact that they were aging and that young love was getting older than they were aging. remember he’s the good looking one and the spoiled baby of the family. there are three boys. Miley is a middle child who is trying to find her way in Hollywood for herself, testing her boundaries, stretching her arms out, like her nude videos and her songs lyrics. Not to mention cutting off that beautiful hair and doing that…. It’s like she’s cutting on herself and changing her identity altogether as if she wants to be someone else altogether. Someone has hurt this girl in more ways than you can think. Not by liam.

  67. 67
    Chell Says:

    Well, it’s not surprise for me

  68. 68
    Pam Says:

    Lol this is stupid! People can say whatever on Liam and January jones, Jennifer Lawrence, Eliza Gonzalez but they are way more classy than Miley, and as the quote says ” if he cheats on you once blame is on him, if he cheats on you twice blame is on you” if that was right and considering all her background story with nick Jonas and her hate to team delena back in the day, I would say she was the dumb for going back there. On the other side I haven’t seen him hiding, I saw him with Chris at tiff for rush premiere and we also saw him at the fight on Sunday, besides isnt like his teams didn’t tell the reporters that the engagement was on, they said it was called off, just like Miley’s who herself hasn’t been seen

  69. 69
    go go Says:

    He sure likes ‘em $lutty, doesnt he?

  70. 70
    Love The Shoes Says:

    I like him more than her and I bet his family is thrilled. I suspect Miley will be on the arm of some rapper or Justin Bieber or some baller or Justin Bieber or DJ or Justin Bieber……

  71. 71
    Drake Says:

    I think miley was embarrassed about the January Jones thing during the oscars and felt the best way to make him feel the same embarrassment she felt was to rebel against her Disney image. I wonder if the Vmas didn’t happen would people still be saying “Liam deserve better” because let’s not kid our self he c- at the most with out Miley name. He isn’t leonardo dicaprio people.

  72. 72
    Go Liam Says:

    I’m so happy he dumped her.. He Needs to find a better women now..

  73. 73
    koko Says:

    @Jordy: his career in on fire? are you freaking kidding me? Oh do you his borther Chris? because that boy is on fire right now and not this talentless hack.

  74. 74
    heather Says:

    Not shock at all

  75. 75
    To Be Quite Honest Says:

    I was never team Miley with her new gangsta image, whatev, but those pics of Liam and that $lut make me actually feel bad for her, maybe this is why she is acting out. He’s been hooking up with these ho’s all along and her self esteem is low, she feels she has to out$lut them? Just a theory.

  76. 76
    laura27 Says:

    about time!

  77. 77
    whatwhat Says:

    Not surprised at all.

  78. 78

    What a sad little lying bish. Take your breakup like the adult you are Miley, stop lying about Liam cuz you look like a straight up fool, having your insipid vapid Tweens spread malicious lies all over the web. I got news for you, they don’t run Hollywood…and you can only act like a copycat Rhianna for so long (the no talent flat azz fugly version that is)

  79. 79
    ace11 Says:

    Cancel the Rabbit Stew and Elk Pudding for Thanksgiving

    Smartest move the guy ever made sumping Ms. Back Woods and the Dumpling Gang

  80. 80
    Donna Says:

    @mike: a guy like him? he is a nobody and he is not even good looking and seems to have no personality. she can do so much better.

  81. 81
    wacked Says:

    It cracks me up how you losers fight to defend people you don’t even know and wouldn’t give a crap about you. You have no idea what goes on between them. Get lives people!

  82. 82
    Maria Says:

    Miley is too young and immature to handle what it means to be in a good relationship. Cutting her hair and starting her meltdown was the beginning of the end. He tried to deal and then gave up. I don’t ever condone cheating, but I think these rumors have come after they started their “break”. This was all inevitable. He needs someone more mature and she needs someone less mature.

  83. 83
    biker mike Says:

    Miley belongs in jail anyway, lewd acts in front of the children that were at the VMA’s, in the audience,,

  84. 84
    Jessie Says:

    Duh! They broke up a long time ago. He’s kept a low profile about their relationship from the beginning. Miley on the other hand didn’t. So she had her rep report the break up when she was ready to announce it. No one knows if he cheated on her. They could been broken up longer than anyone knows or maybe in absence of any proof we shouldn’t be casting stones at him. They were kids, they grew up, no big deal. I doubt Miley’s heart is broken. She knew the relationship was over long before any of us. Now Miley can get it on with one of those Rappers she hangs out with. That’ll get her cred or maybe it’s already happened.

  85. 85
    McLOVIN Says:

    Strong women always get tired of weak men; they’re just not compatible.

  86. 86
    AnnaStern Says:

    I saw that comin from a miley away…

    See what I did there? Gosh I’m cheesy…

  87. 87
    SeeSawSally Says:

    It was reported that he was totally embarrassed by her display at the VMA’s and also the Wrecking Ball video threw him for a loop. His family/brothers had had an intervention with him a few months back and tried to get him to break it off with her then, because she was an embarrassment to the whole family with her antics then, and that was even before the VMA’s. I know that any publicity is noted to be good publicity, but Miley is trying too hard to shake the Hannah Montana image, and going about it in a way too radical way. I feel sorry for Billy Ray. Her mother seems to condone anything she does, making her no better than Miley, but Billy Ray doesn’t deserve this kind of frustration from his kid. I’m sure he was mortified by all of it.

  88. 88
    Zoey Says:

    Liam had been trying to get rid of Miley for about 8 months. I guess his contract was finally done. Congratulations Liam!

  89. 89
    Jan Says:

    Good for Liam – he deserves better. She is a nasty white trash girl. I don’t understand why she would think anyone wants to see her naked skinny butt or her flat chest and that tongue???? She is nasty all over. She can’t act and I don’t like her singing. She should have stuck with her last TV career. Apparently she has no morals at all. Perhaps it started with her hillbilly parents who allowed her boyfriend to move in with them. Money can’t buy you class – nor common sense. AQt least he doesn’t flaunt his naked body to the public!

  90. 90
    Annie Says:

    @Irene: She is soooo trashy. No talent. Just porn.

  91. 91
    Annie Says:

    @Hilla: @Hilla: Everyone would cheat on her. She is an narcisstic ***

  92. 92
    meMeME Says:


  93. 93
    Trudie Says:

    @biker mike: I agree with that. 150 complaints were sent to the FCC ->
    Miley could care less, apparently she’s more interested in making history than taking a step back to realize the disturbing impact her actions are making on the youth and society.

  94. 94
    RumPunch Says:

    He deserve a woman not some stupid hillbilly child acting out…. she never had a childhood so the little disgusting piece of s#it reached 16 and started acting like a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum

  95. 95
    Vampire Says:

    Eiza is getting alot of free press for her career, since most Americans didn’t know who the hell she was. I also think Chris Hemsworth is going to be a big star, but Liam does not have the charisma to carry a film. Every one he’s been the lead in has bombed. He’d be better off in TV.

  96. 96
    Vampire Says:

    Eiza is getting alot of free press for her career, since most Americans didn’t know who the hell she was. I also think Chris Hemsworth is going to be a big star, but Liam does not have the charisma to carry a film. Every one he’s been the lead in has bombed. He’d be better off in TV.

  97. 97
    Louise Says:

    What a shocker..NOT. I cant stand her and I’m sure he’s much better off without the constant scrutiny. She’s the most obnoxious, desperate, unimaginative person who constantly tries to shock for publicity which is horrendously annoying. Most talented musicians and actors dont have to do that as their work speaks for itself. Hanna Montana ended years ago and even then she was purposely hyped, publicized to the hilt by the studios and shes still trying to become relevant. If it wasn’t for the tweens that followed and continue to follow her every move, I believe she would have fallen off the radar years ago or at least just continued to be paparazzi fodder for her minions. Give me a break.

  98. 98
    Kelsz Says:

    LIAM baby you can get someone way much better! You are handosme, kind, and not cray cray.

  99. 99
    Kathy Says:

    Finally!They finally announced the obvious.They broke up months ago,but continued faking it for publicity.Miley looked like a girl,but turned into an ugly tranny,Justine Bieber’s twin “brother”.People,if Liam cheated or not,that is not the question,the question is that she looks like a boy now,so she’s not wifey material anymore.Liam took too long to hint they were over.But at least he can date a real woman and Miley will continue her downspiral by acting like a 12 year-old kid.I don’t know if his career will launch now,but at least he’s free from her and can move on with his life.He doesn’t have to share a bed with a boy anymore.His family must be happy…

  100. 100
    Tenisha Says:

    run Liam run as far away as you can from that ****** trash.

  101. 101
    Biggest Joke of all... Says:

    If she thinks we believe that it was her idea to break up then she is stupider than she acts. Liam checked out of the relationship along time ago, she has just finally caught up.

  102. 102
    Anna Says:

    I love how no one even mentions she cheated on him and that was proven, unlike his cheating allegations. Face it, they just didn’t work and no one really knows why they broke up. Please stop acting like you know their lives when you clearly have no clue.

  103. 103
    Ditto to yourself Says:

    I wouldn’t doubt she’s a cheatin wh.ore, no doubt she’s proud of it. What an idiot!!!

  104. 104
    Taylor Says:

    Smart boy he has a great future ahead of him and he’s way too like mature and professional for that attention seeker

  105. 105
    leelee Says:

    Oh no! No one saw this coming besides everyone.

  106. 106
    aquarius64 Says:

    To all Liam bashers – do you have any photographic PROOF he cheated? I’m talking kissing, grinding, etc. Or are going by tabloid allegations? Team Cyrus wants to be the dumper, not the dumpee; and she wants the world know she has “just cause”, hence the smear. Well if she and her team want to play this, that means Miley’s character is fair game. All cheating allegations, all drug use stories, all family dysfunction mess about her are on the table. If you’re going to swing expect to get swung on.

  107. 107
    Blackplanetmobi Says:

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  108. 108
    Brooke Says:

    About time , happy for Liam!

  109. 109
    Amarige Says:

    You are still very young Miley.
    I can understand your pain.
    God willing you will get over this quickly.
    And some day find the man who appreciates you.
    God Bless!

  110. 110
    ele Says:

    hope there is some truth about january she’s so much more classy than most women in hollywood and 1000 times better than whatever it is is miley has become.

  111. 111
    so judgemental Says:

    That saved him the humiliation of saying “Did you see my fiances performance on the VMA’s? Now he can say, “See why I bailed?” He dodged that bullet! Kudos Liam.. your family, friends, coworkers and fans are all thrilled you got out in time!

  112. 112
    Ciara Says:

    Liam sucks

  113. 113
    Anna Says:

    Miley once said in an interview that she’s putting her career before anything else. Which, for a young woman like her, is something she should be doing instead of getting engaged. Liam too, seeing as he’s becoming hot in Hollywood. I think it’s best for them to take the time to focus on their careers instead of settling down. It was just a case of being too young in Hollywood.

  114. 114
    Isa Says:

    A very good news !
    La Parenthèse Enchantée

  115. 115
    Ava Says:

    Has anyone thought that maybe during the times that Liam has “cheated”, they were already broken up? Maybe the got back together multiple times or maybe they broke up lonng ago but just coming out now, due to a PR image?

  116. 116
    Jessie Says:

    Ava @ 09/17/2013 at 2:14 am #115
    I said this before and I do believe that they broke up months ago. Hemworth never talked about the relationship so it was easy for Miley to pretend publicly that it was still on. He probably got to the point where he wanted to date openly and she was forced to admit that the relationship was over. Who can blame him?.
    She’s been trying to get away from her roots. She was going to show the world that she wasn’t an ugly bucked tooth hillbilly. Not my opinion, but people have cruelly called her those names and I think that is what her ‘rebirth’ is about. She changed and people started referring to her as hot and sexy, rappers started wanting to collaborate with her and praised her as edgy. She still gets the rude names, but the people who she associates with enable her by giving her instant gratification for behaving as she does. She so wants to erase the image that made her famous that she says she ‘hates’ when her fans want her to sing her old songs. That’s about self image, not Hemsworth. She isn’t the girl that Hemsworth propose to and it would have been silly to think that they were going to get married.
    If she’d like to come by my office, (lol) I’ll be glad to explain to her why she’s isn’t beyond the understanding of the other women in the world, she’s just deluding herself.

  117. 117
    peach Says:

    @aquarius64: well said aquarius

  118. 118
    breezedash Says:

    he deserves better! good for him.
    and she only thinks about herself and her career

  119. 119
    Rebecca Says:

    I am happy for him. He deserves to be with someone who does not act like an immature idiot. He seems to be a more private person than she is capable of being.

  120. 120
    amy Says:


    Ben, you are a prince. I applaud you for saying Miley has feelings too & for not condoning Liam’s cheating. I agree “where there is smoke there is fire”. My love & prayers for Miley that she gets through this time in her life and eventually the RIGHT man will find her.

  121. 121
    mia Says:

    Girl get cheated on by first love and she gets the blame… guys are mean…wait till someone doe it to you…:)

    her crime was that she loved one guy very young for to long…

  122. 122
    Donte Says:

    Thank God, Liam can do a WHOLE LOT BETTER than that twerking MESS!

  123. 123
    andy C Says:

    Good for Liam!

  124. 124
    Really? Says:

    @mia her first love? What about Nick, and that underwear mode, Justin,l she lived before she met Liam ?

  125. 125
    Mila Says:

    Liam is a cheater look at x17 online you see the pics of him and Eiza he moved on pretty quickly she even spent the night at his house there were multiple reports of many cheating incidents there is never smoke without fire. After almost four years with someone. I don’t know about anyone else but Liam is a douchebag. Miley deserves someone who is faithful not a jerk like z list liam.

  126. 126
    Nina Says:

    @Dane: I guess you do not condone Miely performance at VMA?

  127. 127
    martha Says:

    Eiza is much more prettier than Cyrus!! and she is better singer!!

  128. 128
    Susan Says:

    @Ha!: Amen to that!

  129. 129
    Jenni Says:

    I never understood his attraction to her. Surely he could do better. I can’t imagine listening to that annoying hyper voice of hers all day. I bet he had been trying to let her down gently for the longest time and she finally made things easy for him with her outrageous and disgusting behavior on stage at the VMA’s. I was cringing as I watched her lude gestures. You don’t rub yourself against a married man when you are supposedly engaged to another nor make a spectacle of yourself with sexual moves. She even embarrassed Robin Thick’s mother let alone her fiancee. I would have dumped her scrawny ass the very same day. He does not need her to advance his career. He is doing fine on his own abilities and if he needs someone’s help he has an older brother in the business. Never was a fan of hers but I do feel sorry for her. Hopefully she will get her act together and stop sabotaging herself or she will end up like Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes.

  130. 130
    Eizabefore Says:

    Well Eiza has had cosmetic work done. Nose job and a lot more if you look at pics of her from a few years ago. She looks hot in the red dress pic but when I googled her and saw pics she actually isn’t all that. She looks very made up and vain. liam must have the worst taste in women! He dated Amanda Brynes in 2009! Then Miley and he cheated on miley with the awful january jones! he has no class only looks like he has. The guy is clearly not that smart and tbh seems like a wh@re.

    Pretty face but too self conscious to be a good actor. His career is limited and lets face it, he would be nowhere if he hasn’t of dated Miley. he is like a starlet in that he’s known for being pretty and dating a more famous celeb. he’s not all that guys and he has just started to show himself. Not a smart move being seen to move on that quickly with such a fake, cheap looking woman. I can’t stand miley but she is heaps more famous and the highest earner out of this 3 and probably, even though she annoys, she will always will be. liam is well known for dating miley and Eiza is a little known outside of her country for dating the pretty actor guy who dated miley. Miley wins as liam doesn’t have much charactor so will fail to be interesting without twerkqueen. once we’ve gotten bored of seeing who he’s f@king his career will be downhill. He better get some acting lessons or become more interesting and Eiza better lay of the pouting and cosmetic work..and become more interesting. jmo

  131. 131
    maya Says:

    he deserves better than this prostitute

  132. 132
    Eizabefore Says:

    You all need to realise that this has all happened before. they have broken up before and liam has been seen with other women and boom! Miley and l

  133. 133
    judykay Says:

    SO how much longer do you think he wanted to stay with a girl who has the body of a 14 yr old boy ? WHo insists on taking off her clothes and acts like she is masterbating on stage and grinding again another man? Hedr hair made her look like a freak , her body is a boys and he costumes are her everyday wear. SHe is a freak. Now he can actually kiss a WOMAN who doesn;pt ave her nasty coated tounge hanging out of her mouth and her hands in her crotch and twerking like a cheap *****. I feel for the guy, he loved her enough to get her 100,000 dollar diamond and asked her to marry him but she needed more. SHe needed to grab her crotch and strut her skinny saggy ass for the world to see, HE wanted a wife and an artist and he got a child in a boys body who thinks she is sexy LOL about as sexy as road kill.

  134. 134
    gr8t3ful Says:

    @Marla: LOL Your comment made me actually laugh out loud.. A person can only take so much of Miley’s immature **** before she has to get kicked to the curb. She’ll be single forever with the way she acts.

  135. 135
    so judgemental Says:


    Are you people 13? Men can break up with a girl and within 24 get laid and not have a problem with it. And it still would not be cheating. That is something I guess you need to learn pretty quickly. Men move on. When they are done they are done. Not all, but a huge percentage. And they just announced the break up but it happened a lot sooner then the announcement.

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