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Nicole Kidman: 'Grace of Monaco' First Teaser Trailer!

Nicole Kidman: 'Grace of Monaco' First Teaser Trailer!

Check out the first official teaser trailer for Nicole Kidman‘s highly anticipated movie Grace of Monaco!

The film tells the story of former Hollywood star Grace Kelly’s (Kidman) crisis of marriage and identity, during a political dispute between Monaco’s Prince Rainier III (Tim Roth) and France’s Charles De Gaulle, and a looming French invasion of Monaco in the early 1960s.

Grace of Monaco, also starring Milo Ventimiglia, Frank Langella, and Parker Posey, is set to hit theaters in limited release on November 27.

WILL YOU SEE Nicole Kidman in her new movie Grace of Monaco?

Nicole Kidman: ‘Grace of Monaco’ First Teaser Trailer!
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  • clarice

    Naomi is a better Diane from Wales

  • Ian

    Looks good. Much better than Diana.

  • amy

    Cannot wait to see it!

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    Nicole’s beautiful, but I think she’s not even close 2 be Grace. just an opinion)

  • NK

    She is not beautiful enough to play Grace Kelly..

  • Sashaqueenie

    She is truly the Princess Grace.
    Perfection in every way.
    I am so looking forward to this.

  • Cate

    Looks gorgeous like an old-fashioned epic. I still don’t think Nicole looks like Grace but I can’t wait!

  • Sarah

    Nicole has the same grace, charm and class as Grace Kelly. I don’t think looking exactly like her will matter because she has the same qualities as Grace naturally. She’s beautiful and I’m a huge fan of Tim Roth so I will definitely see this movie. Great cast.

  • Amy

    They needed lots of makeup and CGI to fix her disastrous plastic surgery and make her look younger!
    Nicole is not even close to Grace Kelly’s charm and class! plus she doesn’t look nothing like Grace and can’t move her face anymore!
    Nicole will need to su*ck Harvey Weisntein’s c*ock for the rest of her life if she wants to steal Cate Blanchett’s Oscar!

  • Chris

    It doesn’t look good! Nicole can’t move her face and Olivier Dahan is a terrible director! he takes credits for La Vie en Rose for a thing that is only Marion Cotillard’s merit: her amazing performance as Edith Piaf, because the movie is a big mess!
    Cate Blanchett will win the Oscar anyway!

  • allison

    It does look like they use technology on Kidman to make her look younger. But it just looks weird. They should have just hired a younger actress.

  • Bebe

    Only Keira knightley is pretty enough to play grace kelly. But Keira doesnt resemble her that much. So kidman will have to do.

  • Alliana

    @clarice: you are joking? Almost every major outlet has panned the Diana film and most have said not so great things about Naomi in the reviews.

  • Kiki

    This trailer gave me goosebumps.
    Nicole makes a lovely Grace. She has the same natural elegance, grace (no pun intended) and style as Princess Grace.
    And I she resembles her very well.
    This is a movie that I would like to see.

    Naomi as Princess Diana was a complete miscast. Naomi is a great actress, but casting her as Diana set her up for failure.
    Not only was her look unconvincing, but she also lacked the tall lanky, yet elegant way that Diana had about her. And I just couldn’t get past Naomi’s horrible teef, that’s all I could look at while trying to convince myself that this is supposed to be Diana.
    Overall the makeup was horrible, the scrip even worse and the director … Don’t even get me started :(

    I have a feeling Nicole will pull it off. Like I said, I got goosebumps just from watching the trailer ;)

  • ladyb

    Can’t wait! I might as well buy a sleeping mat and move into a movie theater near me. Judging by the Toronto Film Festival, there are so many awesome movies coming out this fall/winter. I love going to the movies but this summer was a huge disappointment. I didn’t see one movie – None that came out excited me. But it looks like fall is making up for this summer big time.

  • Louise

    Nicole Kidman is the perfect actress to play Grace Kelly. Such a beauty and possesses class and charm. But, I really do not think there is a need for this movie. Grace Kelly was a lovely person, but she was a princess and led a charmed life. Not really interested in her story. The “Diana” movie. Will not waste my time. Diana was a nut case and led the princess life. Naomi Watts is such a “yawn” actress. Will take the time to see the “Grace” movie (only to see Nicole), but will not waste time or money to see “Diana”.

  • Lillith

    Wow I got teary eyed in the end, very heartfelt. Nicole Kidman is so beautiful and the film’s teaser looks exquisite.

  • kary

    Nicole is perfect for the part… I can’t wait to watch this… I’m kind of disappointed about Diana’s movie… I thought it could be a huge chance for Naomi in the Oscar race

  • ana

    She is the perfect choice for Grace.
    Naomi for Diana, not.

  • curious

    Nicole is so classy … will she dry hump Rainier in the movie?

  • On dear

    All hail, Princess DisGrace of Botoxia..

  • Gemma

    Love it! Frank Langella’s voice gave me goosbumps, the imagery is stunning. Cannot wait to see it!

  • x

    A “teaser trailer” is supposed to showcase the movies highlights and if that is the case, Kidman has yet another box office bomb on her hands.

  • eloise

    Nicole could not be more perfect. The look of the film is outstanding. I’m going to enjoy the film as much as La Vie En Rose!

  • Another box office bomb

    Q. “I hope I captured her essence”

  • Yula

    Nicole looks glorious!

  • tan

    why nicole have no expression ?

  • twinkle

    The hair color is off. How could they let go of such a detail. Grace was a golden blond. Nicole is red in these pictures.

  • x

    It’s not often The Narrator is the highlight of a teaser trailer but thanks to Kidman’s lack of screen presence, this is the case … and the Oscar goes to Frank Langella!!

  • Tigurrrr


  • Black

    These remakes are just so cheesy. Those 50s icons are in the past for a reason: they’re no relevant to our modern world. Grace Kelly was very stylish, but her legacy stops there.

  • greggs

    Speak for yourself Black. The teaser makes me only want to see more.

  • Oh dear

    Wisely, they have not revealed Kidman’s speaking voice in the trailer. Can Kidman pull of a Philadelphia accent? Not a chance!

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie

    I don’t think Ms Kidman will have any problem with this film. She’s acquainted with three of the wealthiest men on the Forbes 400 (Ellison, Geller and Murdock) who are in the top 30. Unfortunately, these aren’t royalty by any means; however, greed rules today. It’s a shame they don’t back films, she could get rid of the creep.

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie

    BTW, I’m not referring to the handsome husband.

  • curious

    @lizzie: Are you calling Keith a creep?? I agree, he certainly is a creep and Kidman should get rid of him!

  • Not buying it

    This movie will be a bomb just like Urban’s new album.

  • just a thought

    One of the worst trailers. Ever.

  • EllenMelon

    Nicole Kidman’s regal presence, gorgeous scenery, spine-tingling narration. Just what you need in a teaser trailer. I can’t wait for more!

  • Ellen is a Melon

    There is no more. It is a dud.

  • Tiny Weiny Talent


    That’s so true. But given Nic has the smallest mouth in Hollywood, it doesn’t say much for Harvey’s (ahem) size.
    And Keith wouldn’t care because Nic chose a husband with the same low IQ and low self-esteem as her. EGO will never compensate.

  • carol

    Grace Kelly may have been from Philly but she certainly didn’t have a Philly accent. Nicole Kidman is perfect for the role. This is a movie I will see.
    PS: Keith Urban is a talented musician, singer and songwriter. They are a perfect couple in my eyes.

  • ?

    @carol: Kelly had a distinctive accent which Kidman will struggle with.

  • Wurry

    This is a great cast. Should be good.
    She should promote it on a bicycle for a laugh!

  • richardM

    Time and turn to say: Nicole Kidman looks nothing like Princess Grace, finally haha.

  • mo

    Grace Kelly could actually move her face and didn’t look like a wax statue.

  • hilarious

    All I can see is Nicole. I don’t see much of Grace. They should choose someone less famous.

  • b

    So they got 5’10/11 actress Nicole Kidman to play 5’7 or shorter Grace Kelly and got 5’5 Naomi Watts to play 5’10 Princess Diana. Who is casting for these movies?

    And in the very little photos and even littler trailer we saw of Nicole (wasn’t this suppose to be a movie trailer, not some soundtrack video?) she doesn’t look a thing like Grace and it looks more like Nicole playing, well, Nicole.

  • Oh dear

    @b:…. and just like all her movie roles, it will be Nicole badly playing Nicole.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie


    I think Nicole’s a lot nearer 6′ than 5’10″. When standing in a crowd, she’s head and shoulders over everyone, especially with her 4″ heels. Years ago, after her divorce from Cruise, she told Letterman she was looking forward to wearing high heels; obviously she’s still enjoying it.