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Brad Pitt Crashes Wedding in England, Was 'Really Nice!'

Brad Pitt Crashes Wedding in England, Was 'Really Nice!'

Brad Pitt poses with a happy bride and groom, Abi Lingwood and new hubby Daniel, after crashing their wedding on Friday (September 13) at the Maidenhead Hotel in Berkshire, England.

“My husband said to me Brad Pitt was at the bar and you have got to come with me so he dragged me across the hotel,” the bride told the Maidenhead Advertiser. “I thought he was joking.”

After asking to take a picture, Brad was very amenable! “He said sure, no problem and said congratulations and I hope you have had a great day and let’s have a picture,” she said. “And he said I looked nice. He was really nice.”

Abi added that the girls in the room were “going wild and mental.” Bigger picture inside…

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294 Responses to “Brad Pitt Crashes Wedding in England, Was 'Really Nice!'”

  1. 1
    groundcontrol Says:

    Oh my. He does look nice. So do the bride and groom. Brad is such a nice guy.

  2. 2
    the whole story Says:

    ‘Meeting Brad Pitt topped off my special day’

    A former Maidenhead school pupil’s dream day was topped off as she bumped into Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt at her wedding reception.

    Abi Lingwood who used to attend Newland Girls’ School in Farm Road met the actor at the five star Stoke Park hotel in Stoke Poges on Friday.

    The 28-year-old was having her reception after getting married to husband Daniel, 41, when they ran into Brad who is filming Second World War thriller Fury at Pinewood Studios.

    She said: “My husband said to me Brad Pitt was at the bar and you have got to come with me so he dragged me across the hotel.

    “I thought he was joking.”

    The former Furze Platt and Cippenham resident said a friend of their’s had a professional camera and asked the 49-year-old if he would pose for a photo with the newlyweds.

    Abi said: “He said sure, no problem and said congratulations and I hope you have had a great day and lets have a picture.

    “And he said I looked nice.

    “He was really nice.”

    After meeting him it caused quite a frenzy among her girl friends who rushed to get a picture with Brad and catch a glimpse of the star.

    She said: “The girls were going wild and mental so Brad Pitt and the people he was with went upstairs to a room for their meeting.

    The BMW sales executive said it topped off her special day and they even saw him for a second time the next morning in the hotel’s lobby as Brad also spent the night at Stoke Park.

    Abi who also spent a few years at Redroofs Theatre School in Bath Road, said her wedding was ‘amazing’ and they were off to Dubai today for their honeymoon.

    The Chinnor in Oxfordshire resident, said the meeting with Brad, star of the Fight Club, the Departed and Moneyball has caused a stir among her friends and work colleagues.

    She said: “It has gone global in BMW and has become more of a talking point than my wedding, but that is fine.”

  3. 3
    Lily Says:

    Brad looks like young Robert Redford in this picture.

  4. 4
    Fix It Jared Says:

    They couple crashed Brad’s meeting- Brad DID NOT crash their wedding. Please stop spreading lies.

  5. 5
    megan Says:

    it’s quite obvious from the description that he didn’t crash the wedding. he was at the same hotel where the wedding took place and the wedding party crashed his personal bar time.

  6. 6
    the ring Says:


  7. 7
    awwww Says:

    Brad is so gorgeous. swoon

  8. 8
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Loons already know that these two vvhores aren’t together any more. They live thousands of miles apart from each other, she took the kids with her, even though she’s not working, and Pothead spends his nights in bars getting drunk out of his mind and high as a kite. Why wouldn’t they side with her HO-liness? Duh! XD

  9. 9
    XXX Says:

    This couple is suddenly so famous now coz of Brad! LOL!!

  10. 10
    trt Says:

    Having the wedding couple rush over to the bar where Brad was at is not crashing the wedding. The trolls are going to have another field day with this heading.
    However, as a fan, it sure is nice of Brad to accommodate the newlyweds. It added an extra excitement to the wedding memories.
    Brad looked good…his bod is not that of a 49 year old. Still studly, our Bradley.

  11. 11
    La Jolie Says:

    BP looks so hot here!!

  12. 12
    tweet Says:

    William Goss ‏@williambgoss now

    Austin Film Festival 2013 Film Lineup: Inside Llewyn Davis, 12 Years A Slave, August: Osage County, Philomena, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

  13. 13
    wht Says:

    Sad that she had to marry Daniel and not Brad.

  14. 14
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    LOL Jared, most drunktards are “nice”!

    I’ve come to realize that JP trolls here aren’t really fans of the drug addict. Most of them are whoreshippers of Twatgelina because they see themselves in her. Loons are for the most part ugly, self-hating women who identify themselves with Ho’s carefully constructed “earth goddess” image. Loons only see Pothead as a prized possession. In their sickened minds, Aniston was the cheerleader and Pitty was QB of the football team, and Ho was the weird goth girl who, against all odds, ended up hooking up with the popular guy, like a John Hughes movie! LOL.

    What’s really funny about this is that none of Ho’s alleged achievements are enough to motivate loons to become better persons, and instead they rather settle for living vicariously through the pseudo-reality show that her life has become.

    Oh I don’t doubt that loons will take sides with her once the imminent separation goes public. She will be the one pimping the kids, keeping a balance between her mommy duties and her “tireless” fauxmanitarian efforts, while Dumbass continues to party like a bachelor and then loons will change their tune to rag on him for for being a bad father, and a lousy partner. Bwahahaha.

  15. 15
    cassi Says:

    Fury cast members were having after-work meeting in the same hotel, This couple crashed their meeting.

  16. 16
    Observer2 Says:

    Brad’s such a nice guy. Always has been and always will be.

    And he looks good!

  17. 17
    Polly Says:

    That’s an awkward looking photo though…like he doesn’t want to get near her.

  18. 18
    maria Says:

    awww haha cute story but he didnt crash their wedding…get your facts right.

  19. 19
    repost Says:

    Who knew Friday the 13th could be a lucky day?

    Such was the case for Abi Lingwood, who said “I Do” to her husband, Daniel, last week at the luxury Stoke Park Hotel in Buckinghamshire, where the lovebirds had chance encounter with Brad Pitt on their “magical” wedding day.

    Lingwood, who hails from Chinnor, Oxfordshire, tells E! News of her fortuitous run-in with the Hollywood hottie, who was having a business meeting at the same hotel (he’s currently filming nearby for his upcoming flick Fury).

    “We had the most perfect day,” Abi, who is currently on her honeymoon in Dubai, recalls. “I was in the middle of having a dance with my friends when Daniel came and said, ‘You need to come with me now.’ I had no idea why and thought it was odd. He started raking me away from our reception and when I asked why he said, ‘Brad Pitt is in the bar.’ I thought he was joking or that maybe our friends had got us a look-alike as a joke!”

    PHOTO: Check out Brad’s sexy new ‘do
    Video Thumbnail: Justin Bieber Draws Eyeballs at Fight
    Video Thumbnail: Jennifer Lopez Wears the Same Dress
    Video Thumbnail: PETA Slams Katy Perry’s

    Unsurprisingly, Abi couldn’t believe that the real Brad Pitt was indeed present at the hotel bar (can you blame her?!).

    “I said to him, ‘Yeah right, and he said, ‘No really, he is in the bar!’ We went through to the private bar…I couldn’t see anything, but could hear our friend who had a camera ask if the newlyweds could have a picture,” she says. “I heard an American accent say, ‘Sure’…I walked through into another part if the bar and came face to face with Brad!”

    Of course, Angelina Jolie’s better half acted like the perfect gentleman during the impromptu meet-and-greet.

    “I actually gasped and said to myself, ‘Oh my god, it really is you!’ He congratulated us on our wedding said I looked great in my dress, shook our hands and said to pose for a picture. He was very accommodating,” she gushes before adding:

    “Unfortunately I didn’t get a kiss from him!”

    PHOTO: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie depart Tokyo with their kids

    Naturally, the hunky A-lister inadvertently caused quite a stir at the reception.

    “Before we knew it, everyone wanted a glimpse and a picture,” Abi says. “Lots of the girls went in search of Brad whilst their boyfriends/husbands looked on. A few managed to get a picture. After a few, he said, ‘This is the last one, we are trying to have a meeting.’ There was a table full of guys, none I recognized, but a few said Shia LaBeouf was there also—Brad was getting all the attention!”

    “The papers at home are saying that Brad crashed our wedding reception, but to be fair, we crashed their meeting!”

    Talk about a star-studded wedding day!

  20. 20
    Observer2 Says:

    I see the homicidal maniac is here with their “special” brand of cray.

    What should we call them? Richie Ramirez? Liz Borden? How about Tex Watson? Hey, Texy Mexy, still write Heltor Skeltor in the blood of your victims on their walls? Does Charlie still have full control of you by playing his Yoda mind tricks? When you and Charlie get out of prison in 1000 years, you’re going to be the first person he sees. He’s probably going to carve a swastika in your forehead because that’s what Charlie Manson does to his BFF’s!

    Kill anyone today? Threaten to do so? Have your weapon of choice on you?

    Texy Mexy has a thing for very pretty women. As we can tell by their obsession with ALL things Angelina and how it’s turned them into a homicidal maniac.

  21. 21
    the ring Says:

    where is passing poo ?

  22. 22
    *** Says:

    Brad was there for a meeting. He looks yummy. I just saw George Clooney’s pic before brad’s here and man, he appears to look older than Brad. I don’t know how old he is. Like Brad, he does seem like a sweet guy.

  23. 23
    well Says:

    How lucky they were to meet Brad. They are famous now, the picture is everywhere.

  24. 24
    annoying Says:

    This lady& her new husband need to do a better job of setting the record straight- they interrupted Brad’s meeting and he was kind enough to give them the picture SHE wanted. NOW, she lets the truth get TOTALLY twisted and says that Brad crashed her wedding & she was “ok” not being the center of attention on her own wedding day. If she’s too dense to figure out how rude & mean that is, hopefully someone will set her straight.

  25. 25
    unbroken Says:

    Maybe she has a facebook or twitter- that would be a good place to communicate with her and/or her husband. I agree that they really are just lying at this point. Sad.

  26. 26
    cassi Says:

    The couple did set the record straight to E!online, but you know these gossip sites, “Brad crashed a wedding” attracts more attentions.

  27. 27
    not a wedding crasher Says:

    “The papers at home are saying that Brad crashed our wedding reception, but to be fair, we crashed their meeting!”

  28. 28
    please Says:

    EXACTLY- jj is just buying into the lie because it makes Brad look bad- like he’s some loser who crashes weddings. “Taking a cue form Vince Vaughn”- NOT. That girl has no incentive to get the truth out there- she got her picture & face plastered everywhere, so she could care less about getting the truth disseminated.

  29. 29
    well Says:

    Every article says Brad was at their reception- another lie- he was at the bar (in a whole other part of the hotel and not near where the reception was being held) having a meeting and THEY came up to HIM. Why was the groom running away from his reception in the first place??

  30. 30
    Lily Says:

    Plus this wasn’t at Maidenhead Hotel, it was at Stoke Park hotel near Pinewoods studios. I can’t believe journalists nowadays, they don’t do fact check at all.

  31. 31
    Inner Circle Says:

    I actually miss the long hair!!!! That was sexy, raw, and wild!! I don’t really like clean-cut Brad but that’s okay. Glad he made their wedding a a little more interesting!

  32. 32
    plez Says:

    Leave the couple alone. It is not their fault that news and entertainment sites are not telling the whole story.
    If those other people at the meeting were Brad’s fellow actors I bet he was teased since those other guys seem to be pretty laid back except maybe Shia.

  33. 33
    Ⱦamsin Says:


    No dear, he’s not a loser because he crashes weddings, though that’s a bit sad. He’s a loser because he was all by himself, getting drunk as a skunk while his kids are thousands of miles away from him. What an exemplary father this d-bag is.

  34. 34
    just me Says:

    The groom is so old, the bride is pretty, Brad looks hot and he is such a nice down to earth guy.

  35. 35
    well Says:

    Maybe not entirely their fault- but SOMEBODY gave them that picture. And the details of the conversation. It reminds of room mates back in the day who have tons of time to DIRTY dishes, but are too busy too WASH them. They got the attention they wanted & that is all they care about.

  36. 36
    yes, the leave couple alone Says:

    Unsurprisingly, Abi couldn’t believe that the real Brad Pitt was indeed present at the hotel bar (can you blame her?!).

    “I said to him, ‘Yeah right, and he said, ‘No really, he is in the bar!’ We went through to the private bar…I couldn’t see anything, but could hear our friend who had a camera ask if the newlyweds could have a picture,” she says. “I heard an American accent say, ‘Sure’…I walked through into another part if the bar and came face to face with Brad!”

    Of course, Angelina Jolie’s better half acted like the perfect gentleman during the impromptu meet-and-greet.

    “I actually gasped and said to myself, ‘Oh my god, it really is you!’ He congratulated us on our wedding said I looked great in my dress, shook our hands and said to pose for a picture. He was very accommodating,” she gushes before adding:

    “Unfortunately I didn’t get a kiss from him!”

    Naturally, the hunky A-lister inadvertently caused quite a stir at the reception.

    “Before we knew it, everyone wanted a glimpse and a picture,” Abi says. “Lots of the girls went in search of Brad whilst their boyfriends/husbands looked on. A few managed to get a picture. After a few, he said, ‘This is the last one, we are trying to have a meeting.’ There was a table full of guys, none I recognized, but a few said Shia LaBeouf was there also—Brad was getting all the attention!”

    “The papers at home are saying that Brad crashed our wedding reception, but to be fair, we crashed their meeting!”

    Talk about a star-studded wedding day!

  37. 37
    zzz Says:

    I dont see pictures of Brad talking with the just married couple either. Where are the prooves?

  38. 38
    cassi Says:

    Shia probably wasn’t happy that no one wanted photo with him. Most didn’t recognize him.

  39. 39
    Deledda Says:

    Brad can crash my wedding any day, I would definitely leave my groom for Brad in a second.

  40. 40
    groundcontrol Says:

    Shia probably wasn’t happy that no one wanted photo with him. Most didn’t recognize him
    I’ll bet that’s cause he won’t take that damn uniform off. LOL!

  41. 41
    snikop Says:

    @Ⱦamsin: Damn you must be one miserable piece of ****!!!!! Lolllllllllllllllll

  42. 42
    Passing Through Says:

    ANOTHER new thread? Crikey…gotta move comments again…
    # 260 were the morons @ 09/17/2013 at 11:38 am
    Why is Olivia Wilde talking about how ticky gave her sole good advice on dealing with paparazzi. YAWN lol
    Because she and Ticky are in the same class in Hollywood – B\C-List – and Angie’s way out of Olivia’s league. Oh wait…you weren’t asking why is Olivia being nice about her fiancee’s ex-sport fvck who’s made it her life’s mission to befriend (or sleep with) any celeb who has ever admired, gushed about, or said they wanted to sleep with Angie. My bad.
    # 264 QQQQ @ 09/17/2013 at 11:46 am
    were the morons @ 09/17/2013 at 11:38 am
    You knew that was coming though. In OW’s next interview we’ll hear how wonderful she is and what a GREAT “friend” she has become.
    Yep. Wonder if Olivia will draw the line at vacaying in Meh-hee-co with her fiancee’s ex-fvck buddy? Guess’ll it depend on how much publicity is in it for her. They ALL cave in to the lust for potential free PR in the end. Ticky ain’t good for much – but she DOES know all the paps’ cell phone numbers.

  43. 43
    Janire Says:

    Lucky people!! :D

  44. 44
    were the morons Says:

    @Passing Through: LOL, I agree. It seems ticky has been bringing different friends each trip to Mexico. It used to be Just CC… I gues OW is next up on the list of hens to recruit for a free trip to Mexico.

  45. 45
    JustinWantsaBlackWoman Says:


    On the GC article, it says Squigs collects syphilis and gonorrhea tongues. Yes, you’ve all heard correctly.

    When cohabitating ladies tell their men that some of their man stuff is going in storage, they are usually referring to sports paraphernalia or maybe questionable movie posters. However, when Jennifer Aniston had to give the axe to one of Justin Theroux’s belongings, it wasn’t your prototypical “When Harry Met Sally” wagon-wheel table, but a collection of syphilis throats.

    Wait, what?

    “My wagon-wheel table is my syphilis throats … I have these beautiful wax-museum pieces — handmade, from the 1800s — from a museum of curiosities,” Theroux explained in his recent GQ interview. “They’re just these open mouths, with tongues, and in the throats are different stages, labeled, of syphilis and gonorrhea and whatever.”

    There’s also a candy dish of human teeth that we’re assuming Aniston will not be placing in her Bel Air living room anytime soon. “I know a dentist who saves those for me,” he said. “People often think they’re little mints. ‘Don’t eat the teeth!’”


    In other news, Brad is well liked, and this wedding article just emphasizes this. Poor trolls have been proven wrong again.

  46. 46
    JustinWantsaBlackWoman Says:

    I’m seriously disturbed by this article. Squigs is a disgust to mankind.

  47. 47
    lucy Says:

    I see another celebrity has decided to copycat Brad and Angie, First Ben Affleck says he’s doing movies his “kids can be proud of” just as Brad has said, and now Kate Winslet said she did some film “for her children”, just as Angie said she did Maleficent. Do these people not have an original idea in their heads. If Brad and Angie jumped off a bridge, would all the other A-Listers jump too…probably. lol

  48. 48
    lucy Says:

    @JustinWantsaBlackWoman: I think we now have our answer as to why this guy signed on with Ticky, he’s bat-shite crazy.

  49. 49
    commonsense Says:

    I liked that her husband knew she’d get a thrill from meeting Pitt and made sure she’d meet him.

  50. 50
    JustinWantsaBlackWoman Says:

    @lucy: Agreed! He needs psychological help. This is beyond insane.

  51. 51
    aimee Says:


    Me too. Very sweet of him.

  52. 52
    wwz today Says:

    Poor Brad, no good deed goes unpunished! The media can’t stop trashing the JPs at every opportunity- lie after lie. Many are STILL lying about WWZ and will probably never stop. Besides all the lies, any positive JP news gets diminished or ignored. As Dawne has pointed out, even the adjectives describing the JP kids are less than. I’m glad we have this place to get the facts straight (not jj himself, but the well-informed fans). This couple better beware, fat tick will be stalking them in parking garages!

  53. 53
    Passing Through Says:

    # 6 WTM @ 09/17/2013 at 12:26 pm
    I think you mean, “Go JASON!” He’s the one with 4 movies lined up. Ticky? She’s going to be too busy being barefoot and pregnant while Squiggy brings home the turkey bacon for a change (he’s not getting paid enough to afford REAL bacon). BBBBWWWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
    JK, hen. Ticky has even fewer baby plans than future movie jobs. After all, she does have the Horrible Movie sequel and ZERO fetuses…or is it feti? Whatever…the point is, barren, barren, barren…just like Baja, Meh-hee-co.

  54. 54
    The Real Deal Says:


    Actually, its not their place to set anything straight. The bride already said what actually happened. Brad Pitt should be the one, but obviously he doesnt give rats azz. So calm the fkuc down. Trolls are always gonna say something negative…they’re trolls. They have no power, no influence, apparently no jobs or families, so who cares what a couple of nut jobs spamming a thread says?

  55. 55
    Bea Says:


    @JustinWantsaBlackWoman: I think we now have our answer as to why this guy signed on with Ticky, he’s bat-shite crazy.


    And with the fat tick he can get up close and personal with every stage of an STD and be paid for it instead of paying for it. Wagonwheel HO.

  56. 56
    M Says:

    Umm where did he crash the wedding? it was the other way around, the people crashed his relaxation at the bar.

  57. 57
    Passing Through Says:

    OK…I just looked at the pix of Knox and Viv at BF. Knox is turning into a little daredevil like his big sis. I guess Shiloh was in school or else she’d have taught him to surf herself…

  58. 58
    the ring Says:

    @Passing Through:


    esta obsesionada con ticky,le importan una mierda la monja y el del botox

    amigis,esta es la peor de los loons con diferencia,esta de manicomio total

  59. 59
    Love The Shoes Says:

    I love him but I’m having such a hard time with the hair. I guess I was one of the few who really liked the long locks on him. Well, I really liked it shorter; WW Z top of shoulder. He’s fine FINE and FINE regardless and he’s so sweet. He really gave them a story for their grands.

  60. 60
    me Says:

    To crash or not to crash,that is the question? Who cares,Brad was nice enough to have pictures taken with the newlyweds,something they are going to treasure.They set the record straight already. Move on!!!

  61. 61
    Passing Through Says:

    # 44 were the morons @ 09/17/2013 at 3:38 pm
    Ticky doesn’t go to Meh-hee-co with Courteney anymore because they’re not BFFs anymore. Are they on speaking terms? Possibily, but hanging out and living in each other’s back pockets? NOpe. I think it was Courteney who put the kibbosh on it, too. What’s really funny about Meh-hee-co is that Courteney still goes there and was there, at the same resort she and Ticky always used, less than a month before Ticky & Squiggy’s last visit. She was there with Coco and that dude from her show that she’s sleeping with. In years past she’d have taken that very same trip with Ticky but not in the last 3 years. Maybe she didn’t care for the hipocrisy of Ticky stealing Squiggy from Heidi after Ticky whined about Angie for 6 years? Or maybe it was the fact that she herself had an “emotional” affair with the dude she’s now sleeping with while working Cougar Town and realized WHY Brad had to get away from Ticky and that she needed to as well? Anything’s possible.

  62. 62
    witch Says:

    twins’ out with their ‘daddies’,

    Yeah, guess Mom was tired from all the pap walking, she took the nap, but she made sure the kids got out there and earned their $$$.

    Who needs Dad? He’s so easily replaced.

    She is going to make Pitt eat his words saying he was jealous. This new bodyguard/manny could become a daily fixture buddying it up with twin boy. How long has it been since Father of the Year has seen any of the kids?

    this dude looks hotter than Stupitt, not to mention they could be father and son. :whistle: Credits to those people who give up their own life to be part of the Brand-gelina lifestyle.

    Ho’s team will release them
    but they will remove the male nannies. As usual.

  63. 63
    witch Says:

    Remember they would not be apart more than 3 days or take jobs at the same time? Brad took this job because it was being filmed in England home of Bambi. Neither would be so stupid to incur the wrath of Holina and like many others before them you can cheat and keep it quiet for a long time. The beginning of the end was during his filming WWZ there–pix show the strain on Pitt and ho’s faces in every photo taken at the time. So obvious she shows up on the set with all the kids to stop Bambi. Let’s face it Pitt is at that stage approaching 50 the hot of their relationship has long cooled and you have a younger clone in Lara. Where is her facebook? how come it’s down with no new entries?

  64. 64
    What's New? Says:

    Brad was at the bar

  65. 65
    JustinWantsaBlackWoman Says:

    Seems like Brie Larson is going to be in a Jason Sudeikis movie. I bet she won’t drop out of that one, LOL. Morons helped Jason’s career with him getting more movies lined up, and with talented actors. I bet the little boy in morons will get better roles too. However, Emma and ticky are still at the bottom.

  66. 66
    seriously Says:

    Some people has all the luck, I never met one celebrity. Brad has made her day. She will tell her children for sure.

  67. 67
    Passing Through Says:

    # 45 JustinWantsaBlackWoman @ 09/17/2013 at 3:52 pm
    The poor, sad little man so wants to be interesting, edgy, cool and dark – and he’s so NOT. Gonorrhea & syphillis tongues. Cops to the human teeth collection but not the used pill bottles. You can practically smell the, “See how edgy I am?” desperation on this guy. That certainly explains why he’d dump a seemingly comfortable-in-her-own-skin Heidi for Ticky – desperation breeds more desperation.
    We cannot possibly be the only people on the planet today questioning WHY GQ gave Squiggy a cover when he has ZERO work to his credit to warrant it. He had nothing to promote, nothing to announce and nothing to say worth the ink and paper used to print the magazine. Do they REALLY owe Huvsy that much that they’d waste a cover on this non-entity? If this issue turns out to be their lowest selling issue of the year what kind of favor does Huvsy (read: Ticky) owe them?
    PS – I’m really surprised Ticky hasn’t found an excuse to get Squiggy to take a photo with her a la Brad with Angie in Vogue. They’ll pull that out of the bag when it’s time to promote his HBO show or when Crime On Life comes out. And I’m sure Squiggy will be on a motorcycle looking at Ticky as she tries to strike a sexy pose. I’ve got the perfect movie remake for these two – When Fraud met Fraudette. You can decide which of them is “Fraudette”…

  68. 68
    cassi Says:

    credit BF
    World War Z: Daniella Kertesz Talks Plane Scene and Brad Pitt’s Hair

  69. 69
    JustinWantsaBlackWoman Says:

    @Passing Through: LMAO! Oh Lord, please don’t let them do a cover similar to Brad and Angelina’s. that would be a clear sign of desperation. I really wonder how this magazine is goings to sell. A nobody on the cover usually doesn’t sell magazines…

  70. 70
    Moneyball Says:

    MONEYBALL is on FX tonight at 7:00 est

  71. 71
    Observer2 Says:


    Oh, don’t be mad at our resident homicidal maniac, that we lovingly refer to as Tex Watson. They can’t help their obsession with all things Brad and Angelina. Hell, they’re no longer welcome at Duhlisted, apparently. Texy Mexy’s cray, well, they don’t want it there either.

    They had Mommie Dearest for a mother and who knows who their father is. Jack the Ripper? They keep making sure that we know the name of the STD that Lenny contracted. Apparently, her Squirt has an STD wheel. Good thing because Lenny likes to turn em out and burn em out. LOL.

  72. 72
    Observer2 Says:

    # 44 @were the morons:

    The reason that she has to keep bringing different friends is because people can only take her in small amounts. Unless, they’re being paid and even Squirt likes to get his flirt on in NYC with his ex.

  73. 73
    Observer2 Says:

    # 45 @JustinWantsaBlackWoman:

    ~~~“My wagon-wheel table is my syphilis throats … I have these beautiful wax-museum pieces — handmade, from the 1800s — from a museum of curiosities,” Theroux explained in his recent GQ interview. “They’re just these open mouths, with tongues, and in the throats are different stages, labeled, of syphilis and gonorrhea and whatever.”
    There’s also a candy dish of human teeth that we’re assuming Aniston will not be placing in her Bel Air living room anytime soon. “I know a dentist who saves those for me,” he said. “People often think they’re little mints. ‘Don’t eat the teeth!’”~~~

    ROTFLMAO! He too, is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s good that he’s got those museum pieces for Lenny’s problem. She’s also a museum piece and her womb is too! Hey, Mr. Try Hard. I know it sucks that you’re being forced to finally earn your keep. But, dude, seriously? LOL.

  74. 74
    Observer2 Says:

    # 55 @Bea:

    Wagonwheel HO! Priceless. Do they spin the STD wheel to decide which one to treat for that particular day?

  75. 75
    too funny Says:

    So Brad was having a meeting and people came up to him during his meeting and he is the crasher.. LOL and the HAGs are whining. They are so desperate.

    Brad and Angie are just too wonderful. And the hags can’t deal.

  76. 76
    briseis Says:

    Gah, Idris Elba is featured in that GQ and they put Justin Theroux (who?) on the cover? It will serve them right if this particular issue tanks. Sheesh, what idiot would choose the nobody over the hot hot hot Idris who has movies to promote?

  77. 77
    the ring Says:

    ticky and her lover they are still together, brangelina split

    pitty is in australia with his children ¡:

    notttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt ;(


  78. 78
    the ring Says:

    the bodyguards of our angie are hot

    I see star’s cover the next week;)

    this week is of Miley Cyrus

    tic tac tic tac tic tac

  79. 79
    lucy Says:

    @JustinWantsaBlackWoman: I bet Jason will get more than a measly $5 Million for his next movie, while Ticky is STILL “auditioning” for jobs, no wonder she has knee problems. lmao

  80. 80
    the ring Says:



  81. 81
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Wow!! Huvsy must own GQ. Midget is on the cover. Was he ever on a cover of anything? The benefit of hooking up with a sugar mama.

  82. 82
    busted Says:

    So Lenny and Squiggy “buy a house together” yet he can’t decorate a huge mansion the way he wants too. It has to be her way or no way..

    Yeah that is a long and lasting love.

    Karma HAGS KARMA.. same script different cast.

  83. 83
    Wonderbust Says:

    Another interview where a cast member says without Brad there would be no TYAS
    Brad Pitt has a small role in the film as a Canadian carpenter, but Fassbender credits the actor’s role behind the scenes as the one that really brought the based-on-a-true-story 12 Years a Slave to life.

    “Brad is a very generous artist and a very generous human being,” said Fassbender, who also costarred with Pitt in Inglourious ********.
    “He’s one of those people within the industry who encourages and champions new talent, and so when he saw Hunger, I believe that’s when he and Steve met and he said to Steve, ‘I want to do something, is there something out there you’d like to make? I’d like to be a part of it,’” the actor recalled.
    “Because he knows we need more filmmakers like Steve out there making these kind of films, which a lot of the time don’t see the light of day because people think the material is too difficult.”

  84. 84
    the ring Says:



  85. 85
    busted Says:

    @the ring:

    don’t worry.. lenny will find another Squiggy.


  86. 86
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:


    That’s a good. LMAO!!!

  87. 87
    the ring Says:

    brad is forever disgusting man. hehehe.

  88. 88
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:


    She probably paid 90% and he 10%. That’s why he is not allow to decorates the way he wants. It’s all about MANiston.

    That was one of the issues Brad had with the ho. Remember she complained about his taste in architecture. She wasn’t able to sit in one of the chairs. Thank god Brad found someone who shares the same interests and hobbies.

  89. 89
    the ring Says:

    tic tac tic tac tic tac
    my darling Jen is hot
    my pitty pot is drunken

  90. 90
    cK Says:

    Brad is still the sexiest man alive.

  91. 91
    Passing Through Says:

    # 76 briseis @ 09/17/2013 at 6:34 pm
    Idris Elba is featured in the same GQ with Sqiggy on the cover? Sounds like rampant racism to me. They won’t put the black man who IS a movie star on the cover but they’ll put a nobody who’s a client of an ex-editor’s brother on the cover instead? Sounds like they need to catch the next screening of 12 Years A Slave – and not because Idris Elba is black. They need to see it because they’re Steven Huvane’s biitch. Let’s see if come awards season time they can spare a cover for Chiwetel Ejiofor and\or Steve McQueen. NOT!

  92. 92
    Observer2 Says:

    #83 @Wonderbust:

    Don’t let our resident homicidal maniac see this. They’ll just act like the one of the stars, as well as the director, don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

    Sweet of Fassbender. He’s a big fan of Brad’s. Says that Brad’s career is what he wants to model his after. That he’s doing everything right and hasn’t made one misstep.

    But, shhh!

  93. 93
    Observer2 Says:

    #81 @Media Wh@re MANiston:

    Squirt didn’t pay 10% of 21M, that’s about all he’s worth. LOL. She let him tag along. That’s about all he got out of the deal. Oh and his allowance left on the bedside table for services rendered. Because he’s her b!tch.

  94. 94
    JustinWantsaBlackWoman Says:

    More like She paid 90% and he paid for the 1% in groceries, LOL.

  95. 95
    JustinWantsaBlackWoman Says:

    I meant to say, 99%

  96. 96
    funny tweet Says:

    a Freudian slip for tiny stolen troll boy? “different altitude” , i.e., lots more girly jeans and three years of collecting unemployment while having the leathery old cougar pay for everything.
    —- ‏@radar_online
    Moving On Up! Dating #fat tick old manny Puts Fiancé Justin Theroux On A ‘Different Altitude’

  97. 97
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:



  98. 98
    A True Brad and Angie Fan Says:

    LATimes) Pitt and his partners fought to make sure McQueen had enough money to realize his vision for the film. Hollywood’s big studios weren’t inclined to back the film, even with Pitt playing a small role as an abolitionist-inclined carpenter. “It was not what the studios were looking for,” Pitt said. “For them, it’s all about tent poles.”

    But even some independent financiers were skeptical. “Of course, the natural reaction is, ‘Make it cheaper, cheaper,’” Pitt said of what some potential backers wanted.

    But Brad Pitt refused to do it on the cheap. He cobbled together the $22 million McQueen needed. (Hollywood would have spent $65 million to get the same look).

  99. 99
    busted Says:

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:

    well a Brad Pitt only comes around ONCE in a lifetime.. A Squiggy is a dime a dozen.. hell you can pick them up on any NYC corner drug store.

    Which is why she never tried to go that route. How do you find another Brad Pitt.. you can’t. you settle for a Squiggy. well he settled for a Lenny so it all worked out.

    Moneyball on now.. I have the dvd. but I still watch it on TV.. love me some Brad..

  100. 100
    groundcontrol Says:

    So Lenny and Squiggy “buy a house together” yet he can’t decorate a huge mansion the way he wants too. It has to be her way or no way..
    Yes. I noticed that. Of course we all know it is HER house. And I’m sure she reminds him of that every day.

  101. 101
    QQQQ Says:

    Zac Efron reportedly went to rehab for a cocaine addiction. The 25-year-old actor quietly spent five months in a rehab program to help treat his addiction.
    You just never know with these folks.

  102. 102
    Lol Says:

    The midget is Maniston’s bought gigolo, he has no say in anything. Lol

  103. 103
    Bea Says:



    I’m sure they have a cabinet full of Cipro to go with the Vodka.

  104. 104
    Dawne Says:


    Can you imagine Angie giving one sweet shiit about a house’s décor???? Whatevah. Fashion in furniture would interest her about as much as clothing fashion…….you need furniture to sleep and sit……you need clothes to go out and do what you do……..She is not a small minded control freak who masters bait and switch with men; particularly regarding something so trivial and unimportant to her.

    As for the Hag that rambles on ad nauseum about Brad deserting his family………listen up stoooooopid, just because you live on food stamps and hatred does not mean other people don’t have careers and ambitions that reach light years beyond ‘trolling.’

    Brad is filming in England; Angie is in Australia prepping for her big studio film…………so shut the fcuk up you staggering BORE.

  105. 105
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Ahahahaha so the JP trolls are now declaring themselves of Idris Elba because Theroux made it to the cover of GQ. Oh loons, as if you gave a shitt about Idris or anybody else; we all know it’s JT the one you care about. Get used to him loontards! Idris will have more opportunities to shine, so that’s beside the point, but when you have talent, you’ll be asked to be on magazines, and this is the case with Theroux, who is an actor / screenwriter, whereas your unemployed, financially-liable idols only can associate themselves by paying scribes or by hooking up with famous people, and don’t get sued for plagiarism.

    And it’s obvious plenty of people know Theroux by now, otherwise he wouldn’t be asked to be on the cover. Who wants to see a drunken, pot smoking, girdle-wearing, weave-loving, heel-hopping 50 year old hasbeen on the cover of a magazine for men? LOL, exactly!

  106. 106
    briseis Says:

    @Passing Through: Yes, it says The How-To Issue Starring Jeff Bridges, Idris Elba and (on larger and different colored fonts) Justin Theroux. I mean, who is Squiggy and what has he accomplished (aside from banging Ticky) compared to Jeff and Idris? Have the accomplished screenwriters like Aaron Sorkin and Eli Roth rated GQ covers? Not that I’m aware of, and yet this lousy screenwriter (see RDJ’s comment re IM2 and the horrible Rock of Ages) gets one over Idris??????? I would say racism too but they also ignored the very accomplished Jeff Bridges in favor of this nobody.

  107. 107
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    @Passing POOP:


    Look who’s talking about being racist! The Auntie Thomasina herself- the black loon who holds up a white junkie as her standard for beauty and refers to Oprah by a racially-tinged moniker.

    What a disgrace to be this hypocritical and self-hating. I don’t know how this disgusting, vile creature can live with herself.

  108. 108
    Bea Says:

    Didn’t the fat tick keep the chicken coop just for Squiggy?

    I’m sure he will get more action from those cluckers in the coop than he will from the barren bore in the bedroom.

    At least with the chickens he won’t feel like a prop plane landing in the Grand Canyon.

  109. 109
    Observer2 Says:

    Oh, the homicidal maniac has gone manic. Squirt is Lenny’s b!tch and that’s what he’s known for. Yeah, RDJ just loved the script for IM2 so much he asked the writer from SH2 to pen IM3. And he’s on fire as a script writer. Nothing is getting bought. Except for him.

    Gotta hand it to Tex Watson, they’re going to be comparing Squirt to the big guns. LMAO! Just to try and well, be sad.

    I know Tex Watson it hurts you to know that both Brad and Angelina are at the top of their game. You can ramble on all you want with your psychotic rants from Fat Fvcks. Doesn’t change a thing. Brad and Angelina still get movies greenlit. Still get paid 20M+. Still are doing award winning work and working with the best in the business. But, your girl, well, she gets Jason Sudekis and maybe 5M if she’s lucky. Oh and her movie at TIFF, came and went with a whimper.

    I guess Esquire isn’t a men’s magazine? At least Brad doesn’t have to use his girlfriend to get him a cover on a magazine that her PR HO’s brother used to be the West Coast Editor.

    You can always tell when homicidal maniac is at the end of their rope. Texy Mexy, Charlie’s waiting for you.

  110. 110
    Observer2 Says:

    # 108 @Bea:

    Well, at least the chickens in the coop lay eggs. Lenny tries, but, all that comes out is dust. Squirt has to get the Dirt Devil out to clean up in there. LOL.

  111. 111
    Observer2 Says:

    Michael Fassbender on Brad:

  112. 112
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Dawmbitch keeps shooting herself in the foot by defending her vapid idols. She knows that they’ve broken the one rule they would live by- the 3-day rule. For years, loons have lapped up the image that the Brand has sold them; a successful Hollywood family who could balance life, work and commitments, and now, this fantasy was destroyed by the Ho moving thousands of miles away from the giver of her “promise for the future”. LOLOLOLOLOL.

  113. 113
    Observer2 Says:

    Texy Mexy, your girl Lenny is about as vapid as they come. Though, that’s what you love about her. Right, nothing between the ears, not a lot going on between the thighs. Nothing ever gonna happen in the womb. But, that mattress of hers sure does get a work out.

    Brad and Angelina haven’t done the 3 day rule in years. The stalker that you are knows that. LOL.

    Killed anyone today?

  114. 114
    lulu Says:

    JustinWantsaBlackWoman @ 09/17/2013 at 7:31 pm
    More like She paid 90% and he paid for the 1% in groceries, LOL
    1 % of groceries ? No, I don’t think so. 0 % is a much better answer.

    Remember Justin gigolo was out of work for almost 3 yrs. and not muck work anyway for this d-listed guy for last 20 yrs. Although , he got work recently , but for how long ? the TV series might be ax next season. So he had to save enough money in case the relation went kaput. or NO freebie anymore !

  115. 115
    Cassi Says:

    Brad is an artist and cinephile, he is so passionate about movies and film making. He uses his influence to support those tough and brilliant projects.

  116. 116
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Poor loons, still jealous of the ex-wife of 8 years, who got cheated on by the cheating pig who shacked up with the TOWN PUMP. Why are they so afraid of her? After all, she only has money, talent, looks, hit movies, bankability, high profile relationships, friends and respect from her peers.

    On the other hand we have the Brand, with no hit movies, bad PR, no friends, unhappy children, living thousands of miles apart from each other, and fading looks. Even the Annie Wilkes-type fans of this vapid couple can’t deny it any longer. Olololololol.

  117. 117
    Wonderbust Says:

    Angelina is getting a SECOND Oscar given to her be the most respected board in Hollywood, Maleficent comes out July 4th weekend and will make more domestically then morons makes in its entire worldwide run(quote me on that) Angie is directing a movie based on a best selling book and written by Award winning screenwriters the Coen Brothers, Brad is getting his 5th Oscar nomination and probably a win come March 2nd, Brad’s company PLan B is producing movies, tv shows etc WTF is there to be jealous of?

  118. 118
    Observer2 Says:

    We keep telling you that Lenny is the town pump. You know it’s true. She’s been pumped by half of HW. And then they left her on the side of the road. Well, who wouldn’t cheat on the town pump? I mean, who wouldn’t? She’s cheatable. LOL.

    Yeah, Lenny is so respected by her peers? You mean, Chris Nolan? Daniel Craig? Who are the top directors and stars that want to work with her? Has she ever been in an AA nominated movie? Or been nominated for one?

    I guess our idea of success vs. yours is vastly different. 20M+ vs. maybe 5M. The no name directors vs. Fincher, Tarantinto, Scott, Miller, Mallick, Richie.

    Oh, that’s right. Brad’s friends are Fincher, Richie, Tarantino, Scott, Mallick, Clooney, Damon, Norton, McQueen, Fassbender, Waltz.

    But, when you idolize someone that plays handball off of a curb and her Squirt doesn’t even reach a person’s waist. Well, there ya go. You aim low, you get low.

    How’s Lenny’s Echo Films doing?

    Have you killed anyone today, Tex? Still tight with The Family? Charlie can’t wait to see you again. He’s got plans for you.

  119. 119
    Wonderbust Says:

    Respected by peers? Is that why they have never even gave her a SAG nomination for her film work. I thought she at least won a SAG for actress in friends but someone here pointed out she won the ensemble not even actress. Angie has won two SAGS and has been nominated four times so I guess her peers respect her more than ticky. And let’s not forgot the board of governors the highest branch in AMPAS made her the youngest recipient ever of the humanitarian Oscar.

  120. 120
    Umm Says:

    I thought Ticky hens said Ticky and gigolo bought the house together, what a lie. So the gigolo couldn’t move his stuff into the house. Gigolo is just ticky’s employee.

  121. 121
    PassingPoo Says:

    Good old Brad can always be found shitfaced in a bar when Twatzilla isn’t around, which is most of the time, except of course for publicity purposes.

    Mister Hankey says ‘Howdy Ho’ to BAMPZSKVille!

  122. 122
    Observer2 Says:

    # 118 @Umm:

    Well, just like Lenny, they lie like a rug. And when they do, they lay down with fleas.

  123. 123
    Observer2 Says:

    The Town Pump has been pumped by:

    ~~Vince Vaughn. Did his version of coyote ugly to get away from her.
    ~~Model Boy. Had to get away from her to remain sober.
    ~~Harry Morton. Lohan and Paris’ left overs. Lenny went out with a guy that dated Lohan and Paris.
    ~~Ryan Kavanaugh. Her bang obviously wasn’t worth his buck.
    ~~Scott Stuber. Sure, she got $hit Happens. Than $hit happened and he went and married her friend, Molly Sims.
    ~~Camera dude. She banged him on the first day. Then she banged both he and Mayer at the same time.
    ~~John Mayer. Peed and pooed on her and then called her old and boring. Went onto Katy Perry. Enough said.
    ~~Grip boy from CC’s show. CC was Lenny’s pimp.
    ~~Chris Gartin. Nice one, Lenny. Went out with a friend’s estranged husband.
    ~~Butler. Fingered her and fvcked her. And then pulled his version of coyote ugly by kissing a random stranger when Lenny was trying to tie him to her romantically.
    ~~Bradley Cooper. Nope, he much preferred Renee Z.
    ~~Josh Hopkins. Another CC pimp job. But, he had so much respect for Lenny that he called her a Sports Fvck. I guess he didn’t much appreciate her pulling out her bloody tampon for him.
    ~~Now she’s got Squirt. Who hasn’t worked in 3 years. Enjoys the Syph and other people’s teef.

    Wonder if she burns her mattresses after each guy? There’s been so many that could get expensive. LOL. And Squirt can’t afford that.

  124. 124
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Ahahahaha, Annie Wilkes is barking mad. Poor thing, she doesn’t like her idols’ moniker, I thought it was commonly known! She was the one using sex to sell herself at the start of her career (which reminds me of Miley, btw). Everything about her had to be overtly sexual and filled with not so subtle innuendos. Twatgelina sexualized everything around her- her costars, her life, her childhood, even her pets and her own brother. That’s how she became notorious -mind you- not really famous. She thrived on media scandals and shock value. She used her daddy’s name to open the movie industry’s doors for her, but that could only carry her so far, so she started sleeping around, creating rumors about her costars, getting obsessed with some of them, having sex with them on the movie sets, and hence she earned the title of Holywood’s TOWN PUMP!

    And the public and the industry had enough of her, she turned to humanitarian causes, on the advise of a PR strategist. And hey, something good came out of that. Not only did she wrecked someone’s marriage, but she paved the way for other talentless famevvhores and showed them they could make it by using sex to get ahead. Without Heroina’s influence, there’d be no Paris Hilton, no Kim Kardashian, no Teen Mom Farrah and everyone else in between. And we know they’ll all turn to humanitarian causes when the time is near to revert the bad PR they receive; it’s a tried and tested formula after all! :D

  125. 125
    Wonderbust Says:

    Angelina age 38 2 Oscar statutes
    Ticky age 44 0 and no nominations
    The direction of her film said tickys perferomance on life of crime

    “It’s the best work she’s ever done and she’ll blow people away,” the director told The Hollywood Reporter in a feature on the New York indie film scene. “I don’t think people will see it coming, she’s so talented and I was crying while watching it.”

    yet not a single mention on top 10 lists on TIFF performances. sorry hens if this is the best ticky can do the only Oscar she will ever see is when she presents it. Gosh I really really hope ticky is a presenter this in March because there is a segment where the honorary Oscar winners show off their Oscars.

  126. 126
    PassingPoo Says:

    I would have thought that Loons here and elsewhere would have given up on trying to polish the Jolie-Pitt turd. But no, their delusions demand ever more turd polish.

  127. 127
    Observer2 Says:

    Oh, Texy Mexy. I haven’t turned into a homicidal maniac have I? But, you on the other hand. Threatening to stab Angelina 100 times. Not cool.

    Lenny, used to sleep with the writers on Friends to get more lines and I’m not sure that I’m talking lines in the scripts. LOL. Oh and let’s not forget all the producers that she’s slept with to try and get her movies made. I guess they weren’t impressed by her bedroom prowess. Why would they be. She probably lays there like a dead fish and smells just as bad. LMAO!

    The homicidal maniac can’t handle the fact that Angelina is about to get her second Oscar based on her humanitarian work.

    Well, that Lenny, humanitarian work and charity isn’t her thing. You can see why the homicidal maniac has gone manic. LMAO!

  128. 128
    Vanessa Says:

    Brad looks better than Leo D even though Brad is 10 years older than Leo. The Best Actor is so crowed already, Leo likely can’t even get a nod.

  129. 129
    PassingPoo Says:

    Have I missed the shitty Jolie-Pitt crap wedding yet?

  130. 130
    Wonderbust Says:

    Aww remember when the hater site and the fatfck hens were fantasizing and writing their fan fiction about how ticky would win an Oscar next year and Brad and Angie would be there crying and upset. Lets revisit shall we
    Aww and then KARMA happened and Angie ended up getting an Oscar and possibly Brad too. His and hers Oscars lol

  131. 131
    Observer2 Says:

    # 125 @Wonderbust:

    Now, c’mon. Be nice. LOL. The homicidal maniac just glosses over the truth. Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

    Notice that Texy Mexy can’t name one A-List director or actor/actress that wants to work with Lenny.

    Yet, plenty of A-List talent throws her under the bus. Starting with Brad. He threw her under it and ran her over with it. LOL.

  132. 132
    Observer2 Says:

    #130 @Wonderbust:

    ROTFLMAOPMP! No wonder the Fat Fvckers, Texy Mexy, included are all friends. They like BlowHard. You think that they have contests for their best fiction? LOL.

  133. 133
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    I just love this thread, Annie Wilkes and her alters are doing what they can (including talking about the ex of 8 years) to deflect from the fact that the pot smoking loser, Porky Pitt prefers to get hammered by himself in a bar and crash someone’s wedding than being with his kids and his TOWN PUMP. Talking about sorting out his priorities… didn’t he say he spent years f-kking off? Oh by the looks of it, he is still at it, and harder than ever! Bwahahahaha.

  134. 134
    busted Says:

    Watching Moneyball for the (too many times) and I’m being all Romantic about Baseball.

    Such a feel good movie.

  135. 135
    Nina Says:

    Brad ages gracefully like fine wine. I am glad he cut the hair because of new movie, he will be looking great at awards season, otherwise he won’t cut it if not for movie role. Thanks Fury.

  136. 136
    Observer2 Says:

    Daniel Craig on his respect for his peer, Lenny:

    ~~~Would he and Ms. Weisz ever want to do a Jennifer Aniston-style comedy?

    “Does it have to be a Jennifer Aniston comedy?” he asks mordantly.~~~

  137. 137
    Jen the Hag Says:

    Ⱦamsin @ 09/17/2013 at 9:13 pm

    Still posting your never ending fanfiction and wish list?? How’s your D list idol doing?? Still sleeping around when the itch got her?? Oh yeah she now have a steady scratcher which she bought for a penny a serial killer look a like TOYBOY!! BTW serial stalker aka soon to be murderer now known as Texy Mexy you can write a hate desertation on ANGELINA JOLIE AND BRAD PITT at the end of the day producer, director and their peers respect them and love to work with them and Brad and Angelina Jolie ARE at the TOP of their career! and you’re still NOTHING !! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! GO on with your hate .. remember your blood pressure HAG..LOL !!

  138. 138
    Jen the Hag Says:

    Ⱦamsin @ 09/17/2013 at 9:31 pm

    Sorry disappoint your sorry flat a.s.s TAWHORE you can now stop spreading your gonorrhea of the post .. the truth is always out there bwahahhahahhah!!!

    “Before we knew it, everyone wanted a glimpse and a picture,” Abi says. “Lots of the girls went in search of Brad whilst their boyfriends/husbands looked on. A few managed to get a picture. After a few, he said, ‘This is the last one, we are trying to have a meeting.’ There was a table full of guys, none I recognized, but a few said Shia LaBeouf was there also—Brad was getting all the attention!”

    “The papers at home are saying that Brad crashed our wedding reception, but to be fair, we crashed their meeting!”

    Talk about a star-studded wedding day!

  139. 139
    Observer2 Says:

    Tarantino on Brad:

    ~~~The 46-year-old director talked a mile-a-minute during an interview with The Herald about his career and the hopes he has for his film, Inglourious ********.

    Tarantino explains, “Literally it was one of those situations where as I was writing the script I was thinking, ‘Brad could be good in this’. I wrote a little bit more, ‘Hey, Brad could be [expletive] awesome in this!”

    However, he knew casting the A-lister would be a tall order. “Not only was I trying to get the most sought after movie star in the world, I was saying, ‘I’ve gotta go now!’”~~~

  140. 140
    Deb F Says:

    Brad is hot! No man out there, young and old, as hot as he!

  141. 141
    The Real Silly Rabbit Says:


    I just love this thread.

    I am so glad you finally admit you love this thread. Nice to know you love the JPS thread more than Aniston. That’s good that you finally admit you love it here more than that boring & dull Aniston thread.

  142. 142
    Observer2 Says:

    ~~Since Pitt and the director met 15 years ago, they have become close friends — and crucial components in each other’s professional lives.

    Pitt, in return, bestows Fincher inordinate clout. For a guy who has never made a blockbuster, Fincher is able to make the movies he wants, glum endings and all, thanks in part to his friendship with the most famous actor on the planet.
    Straight answers are out the window. They can be crude and cutting and speak in shorthand that puzzles even colleagues.

    “Sometimes you have to interrupt them just to get them to speak English,” says Taraji Henson, who co-stars as Pitt’s mother in Button. “They’re like brothers — opposite in the way they act, but they understand each other the way families do.”

    Perhaps, but Fincher also is known for being a tortured filmmaker. “If he doesn’t get the shot he wants, he’s physically pained,” Henson says. “His shoulders hunch. He gets sweaty and flushed. He’ll say things like, ‘I’d have the perfect shot if that (expletive) extra would stop looking in the camera.’ ”

    About the only thing that relaxes him, she says, is Pitt.

    “He’s David’s muse, partly because he’s so easygoing,” she says. “He’ll crack a joke, or they’ll start ripping on each other, and everything is relaxed again.”

    Fincher loathes being in front of the camera. He rarely grants interviews. He tends to dress like he’s settling in for a Sunday afternoon of football. The divorced father of one lives only a few blocks from Pitt in the Hollywood Hills, but Fincher often drives separately when they socialize to avoid shutterbugs.

    But when they tried one last time to change the movie’s ending, Pitt and Fincher’s friendship was permanently bonded.

    “They tried all kinds of things to change our minds,” Pitt says. “We wouldn’t budge. David isn’t afraid to use an ending that works, even if it isn’t the one you want. That’s why I trust him. If he wants me to do a movie, I say yes first, then find out what it is.”~~~

  143. 143
    Observer2 Says:

    ~~~GARDNER: No. We were involved as producers first. Sort of like Bill, we were talking to Terry about a different project, and [Producer] Sarah [Green]. And they told us about this and it seemed pretty amazing and we said, “We’d love to help you with this in any way we can. And let’s try and link arms and get this thing made because it’s going to be a challenge.” So kind of deep in for all of us, the part of Mr. O’Brien became available and it sounds crazy but it’s true, we sort of all looked at each other and went, “Oh. Huh, you should do it,” But really it happened clearly the way it should because, you know, actors read things, or hear about things, or plan to do things at different times. And what’s happening in your life at that moment is always different than another moment, you know? It just worked out. It’s hard to imagine someone else in it now, but hopefully if you cast your movies right that’s always true.

    POHLAD: It speaks a lot to Brad and Gardner and how they approach things that they really were involved in the project as producers. They both have a high regard for Terry and for the material. So even thought from the outside you might go, “Oh come on, Brad Pitt is sitting there and you’re not thinking he’s gonna be Mr. O’Brien? “ But I think it’s a testament to how serious they are that they were in there as producers, kind of for a belief in the material.~~~

  144. 144
    Brad L Says:

    @Deb F: Word!!

  145. 145
    Observer2 Says:

    For his part, McQueen seemed unfazed by the Oscar talk that “12 Years a Slave” has garnered. “I’m going to say this honestly. I’m just so happy that we actually made the picture. I cannot tell you how many obstacles were put in our path, [with] people calling it ‘your impossible movie.’ I was going to do it anyway. I’m not here to play. But it was very difficult, and then Brad came on board and that was it.”

  146. 146
    Observer2 Says:

    Chris Nolan taking Lenny out at the 19:00 mark. Good times!

    I’m so glad that Texy Mexy loves this thread. It’s fun! Hee!

  147. 147
    Overrated Jolie Says:

    TV comedian Joan Rivers has attacked Angelina Jolie – branding the sexy actress “stupid”.

    The outspoken funnywoman used the Tomb Raider star as the centrepiece for her gags while being interviewed on U.K. TV show GMTV.

    She told reporters, “”Well, I’ve worked with stupid actresses – I’ve worked with Angelina Jolie – she saw a sign that said ‘WET FLOOR’ one time, and she did!”

    “I mean she’s attractive, but not a bright girl. Stunningly beautiful but stupid?she would have asked Stevie Wonder, ‘What’s your favourite colour?’”

  148. 148
    Observer2 Says:

    I don’t believe anyone talks about Lenny or her Squirt like this:

    ~~~But Pitt refused to let it die, calling Pascal and urging her to stick with the movie. “There would be no Moneyball without him,” says producer Scott Rudin. “He saved it single-handedly, and he deserves the credit for its existing at all.”

    “Look at those directors he’s worked with — Terrence Malick, Soderbergh, Robert Redford, David Fincher, Quentin Tarantino and the Coen brothers. They all know just how good he really is,” says Pascal. “People think of him as an actor, and he’s so much more.”

    Pitt, says Pascal, is the “soul and spirit of this movie. He is the driving force behind it, in all of its troubled times and all the best times. He championed it all the way and never lost heart.”~~~

    Yep, their peers don’t respect them at all. LMAO!

  149. 149
    Observer2 Says:

    Joan Rivers? Who rips on all of HW. That’s all you got? You’re slipping.

    Now, bring us over some of Lenny’s A-List peers that have good things to say about her? You know, the ones with REAL power.


  150. 150
    Maleficent Says:

    Joan Rivers talking trash about Angie? And who is she anyway? She is made of plastic, cannot even open her mouth anymore for so many surgeries, and she will be talking about Angie? Common , I don’t believe Joan Rivers for a second. In my opinion, Joan Rivers is the one who is stupid not Angie.End of story.

  151. 151
    Overrated Jolie Says:

    When LeAnn Rimes joined the Fashion Police recently on the E! network, Joan Rivers didn’t really talk celeb fashion with her.

    She focused more on just the celeb part — especially how hard it is for Rimes, who Rivers said the press has treated “abominably.” Then, with her own unique take on Rimes’ marriage to Eddie Cibrian, Rivers said:

    “You got together with a married man? So did Angelina Jolie. And she’s become a f*****g goddess.”

  152. 152
    Observer2 Says:

    ~~~ It’s easy to imagine that the world’s biggest female star gets whatever she wants, but I’m told that she campaigned hard for the film against a number of other directors. Universal execs were very impressed with her sophisticated treatment of difficult subject matter. Her detailed take on Zamperini won her this job.

    “In her life and in her work, Angelina has embraced stories and causes involving great struggle and triumph over tremendous odds and the basic human condition,” Adam Fogelson and Donna Langley said in a statement. “She has a real ability to illustrate the strength in human spirit which will be essential in telling Lou’s story of survival and great heroism.”~~~

  153. 153
    Observer2 Says:

    You notice that Joan called her a fvcking goddess, right? LMAO!

  154. 154
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    @Overrated Jolie:

    That’s all you got.

    You think they let stupid people represent UNICEP & UNHCR and speak at the Women in the World Summit.

  155. 155
    plez Says:

    @busted: So many tweets about how great Moneyball is. This will probably become another staple for FX like M&MSmith and SALT.

  156. 156
    Observer2 Says:

    Matt Damon on Angelina Jolie:

    “She’s awesome,” Damon said. “There are a lot of women who are struggling with medical decisions, and when they hear that the undeniably most sexy woman on planet Earth, as far as we know, is willing to take control of her health and be public about it, I think it gives other people courage to do that, too.”

  157. 157
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:


    Angie is a fcuking goddess and MANiston is a fcuking re tard.

  158. 158
    Jen the Hag Says:

    yeah right Joan Rivers hate everybody that’s her job ..bwahahhah!!

    Joan River loves TICKY ..heheheheh!!

    “I don’t want to see Jennifer Aniston say “Boo hoo hoo — he left me!” Get the f–k over it!

    Then, Joan is asked “If you could do something to anyone, who and what would it be?” Joan’s reply: “I would like to take Jennifer Aniston and put her hair over her f**ing face! I’m so bored with her and her stupid movies. They’re all the same, I don’t know how they get financed.”

  159. 159
    sunny Says:

    credit to Nenufar2 at BF
    MTV Movies Blog
    ‘World War Z’ Director Gives His Take On The Controversy And Sequel Talk
    by Kevin P. Sullivan in Interviews
    Despite the worst kind of pre-release buzz that a tentpole has seen in a long way, “World War Z” did not burst into flames upon its release earlier this year. In fact, it remains one of 2013′s biggest hits to date.
    The film’s success wasn’t a surprise to anyone who actually saw the film, which got the benefit of a new ending from Damon Lindelof and Drew Goddard.
    Q:This movie, in particular, had an interesting, very public story arc behind the scenes. How do you look back on the whole process?

    MF: I’m obviously very relieved that it became a hit, a movie of this size. Obviously, I was surprised that people were writing a lot about it before, when nobody had seen it. It seemed like nobody had seen the movie and people were still forming opinions. I’m always amazed. How do people know? They haven’t seen it. It’s different from what you experience with film. I’m truly excited that globally people embraced the film, and they enjoyed themselves like it was something new. It did something new with the genre. The Israel sequence alone was one of the sequences I was very excited about creating and how I envisioned it. It came out the way I wanted it to. I was just glad that people got into it and really enjoyed it.
    Q:Are you wary at all of the echo chamber that the internet can become with something like a production? At the same time, it’s also how the word spread once “World War Z” was a hit.
    MF:It’s kind of frightening. I always believed in the movie, and I’m sitting there on set thinking, “This movie really works. Am I crazy?” Then we’re having a preview, and it worked in the preview. People were still saying things. I’m reading these things. Where do it come from? People haven’t seen it. In the same time, because the public opinion is so strong, you’re feeling a little on edge. Once the movie was out and in theaters, I realized people are really embracing it. It was nerve-racking.
    Q:What did it mean to you to have an ally like Brad Pitt, who was a star and a producer?
    MF: It was great to have him as an ally. We were working on it together for a long time. Ultimately, even the rumors that we weren’t talking, there wasn’t any truth. I’m just thinking to myself, it didn’t affect him as much because he has been living his entire life, of the press writing stuff that really doesn’t represent what’s actually going on. For someone like me, who hasn’t been exposed to that process, it was trickier. At the end of the day, I’m so pleased with the movie because it presented exactly the vision that I always had for it. I’m glad people liked it. When a movie of this size doesn’t work, it can really affect your career tremendously.
    Q:Brad has already started talking about sequels? Does what happened on “World War Z,” especially with the ending, make you reconsider the scale?
    MF:It always comes back to character. I feel like on this particular one, the ending, I felt it was crucial to have it intimate and small because it makes it more humane. I think that’s the key. If you’re going on a second journey, you want to keep that humanity in tact because it’s a continuation about how humanity will try to survive and how this will further develop. I think that’s the key.

  160. 160
    Observer2 Says:

    Matt Damon on Brad:

    “I spend my life trying to be like Brad Pitt,” the Oscar winner said.
    “A lot of us do, actually,” replied Today cohost Matt Lauer.
    “I know!” exclaimed Damon.

    After all, Damon recently shared with Esquire that he feels bad for his pal and Ocean’s costar, who is definitely under the celebrity microscope more than other famous faces, including his own.
    “The fact that here in New York, I can walk my kids to school and not be hounded by photographers, and that was it,” explained Damon about what he told the magazine after Lauer suggested that Pitt might be envious of him.
    “What else is he going to be jealous of?” Damon said with a laugh. “Yeah, he’s jealous of me.”

  161. 161
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    I dare the troll find any article @Maleficent:

    I wouldn’t take that to heart. Joan Rivers makes fun of all celebs. She is a comedian. She is not like Nutjob.

  162. 162
    Observer2 Says:

    #157 @Media Wh@re MANiston:

    Right. Again, still waiting for the homeys of the STD brigade, ya know, like Lenny and Squirt to come up with top directors and actors singing Lenny and Squirt’s praises like the industry does Brad and Angelina.

    I mean, Joan Rivers? Who takes Lenny out in the back of the shed and well, rips on her.

  163. 163
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    I wouldn’t take that to heart. Joan Rivers makes fun of all celebs. She is a comedian. She is not like Nutjob.

  164. 164
    lucy Says:

    I KNEW that biitch was lying, especially after Lisa Kudrow said what she did. This from a site called’letmeknowit’, the article is The Lost cast members of SNL Part One circa (1975-1995)

    Jennifer Aniston (circa 1993)
    Right around the time she was starring in the short-lived Fox sketch show The Edge, Jennifer Aniston was considered to be a cast member at SNL. In Live from New York, the authors write that she auditioned for the show and was rejected, while Aniston and Adam Sandler claimed on Oprah two years ago that she turned the SNL job down to star in Friends. Sandler tells Oprah, “We wanted Aniston to be on the show with us. And she, I remember being on the ninth floor where Lorne Michael’s office was and seeing Jen come in. I was like, ‘Oh my God, there’s Aniston. Is she about to be on our show?’ … [I remember thinking], ‘She said no?’ She’s gonna do that Friends? What the hell is Friends? That was the truth.”

    Whether Live from New York or Adam Sandler has the correct story remains to be seen, as he may have just been spinning the tale of Aniston’s SNL audition in order to make his costar look good.

  165. 165
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:


    That’s so cute.

    I’ll bet Javier was on cloud 9 when he got a chance to work with Brad again on The Counselor.

  166. 166
    Observer2 Says:

    Javier Bardem on his man crush on Brad:

    During his Tonight Show appearance on Thursday, the Oscar winner was asked by Jay Leno to explain the man-crush he was recently quoted as having on Brad Pitt.

    “I mean, who doesn’t have it?” Javier said with a laugh. “I had the chance to meet him and he’s very nice, very sweet. I mean, great body, great face. I was like, alright!”

    Talking to Elle magazine, Bardem admitted to having a “man-crush” on Brad Pitt, saying: “He is beautiful and his physicality is so amazing to see. But the beauty really comes from different places—the way he talks, the way he’s interested in what you’re saying. And that body is like—wow! It’s amazing, no? He really made me feel very, like…I don’t know, like, I could fall in love with him!”

  167. 167
    Observer2 Says:

    #165 @Media Wh@re MANiston:

    You know that’s why he really signed on. LOL.

    A lot of men have serious man crushes on Brad and women too. Cate B. says he’s like the finest chocolate. You can’t get enough of him.

    Keener’s true love is Brad. LOL.

    And many, many more.

    Welcome Love Conquers All.

  168. 168
    Love Conquers All Says:

    Hi y’all I’m new here to this blog(that I discover), I’m from Austin, TX and a student at UT and I’m huge supporter and fan of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Like you all of Brad and Angie fans, I admire and respect their films, humanitarian work, charities, their family, and their hard work. I have been awed by each of Brad and Angie dedication to their children and to each other as husband and wife. I love all their effort to help individuals around the word by reaching into their hearts. I love how Brad and Angie so lovely to each other and being so committed to each other in their 9 years together and to their future. I love their films and I just can’t wait to see both of them during award season. Long Live Brad and Angie and Family.

  169. 169
    lucy Says:

    @Observer2:Lucky Angie, everyone loves her man, her man loves only HER.

  170. 170
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    @Love Conquers All:

    At top of page, new post about Lena Dunham saying she loves Austin. “New fan” claims to be from Austin.

    Loons constantly accused of being undereducated. “New fan” claims to be college student.

    Loons get accused of being in constant denial. “New fan” refers to idols as “husband and wife” and talks about being together for “9 years”.

    Is that how aliases work for paid posters? or just coincidence?

    When will “new fan” start blasting Ticky like a regular?

  171. 171
    lucy Says:

    @Observer2: Matt and Angie were so funny when they were interviewed when promoting TGS, they talked about how hilarious the “love scene” was, both said it was like kissing a sibling because they knew each other so well, and how Angie was friends with Matt’s wife and Matt and Brad were friends, and how they couldn’t stop laughing.

  172. 172
    Love Conquers All Says:


    Why are you so negative? Do you have a heart?

  173. 173
    Jen the Hag Says:

    Love Conquers All @ 09/17/2013 at 11:57 pm


    Why are you so negative? Do you have a heart?
    That’s our resident evil troll here!! It wants to change our mind about us liking Brad and Angelina Jolie !! LOL .. it started posting here when Brad and Angelina got engaged.. that day she lost her mind and became Jennifer ANUSton Zombie HAG ..and now forever stalking every JP thread and also the JP fans and the worst threaten to stab Angelina Jolie if ever she saw her personally!! And she changed names multiple times to post hate rant !!

  174. 174
    trt Says:

    @Love Conquers All: She only wishes she had a heart…and a face and a body but alas, poor thing has nothing. She loves being here because she is a born *********. She loves being hurt and stomped on then complains about being bullied. That’s her life in a nutshell…her life under a rock.
    Like her idol, they are professional victims. It’s the only way to get attention so they play it to the hilt.
    Welcome to the JP threads. Glad you could join in. Don’t mind the sad sack….actually she adores Angie and Brad but she has to get her hurt on or she’ll wither from neglect.

  175. 175
    Love Conquers All Says:

    @Jen the Hag:

    Thanks for the backup, no wonder they are called trolls. They just don’t want to move on and be happy for Brad and Angie. The reason the trolls are so negative is that they are helpless and why can’t they be for ticky and her lover boy? The answer is that Brad are Angie are top power players in Hollywood and International business, everyone adores both Brad and Angie. And it seems that the trolls are just jealous that ticky doesn’t have the power or true influence that both Brad and Angie have.

  176. 176
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Ted bundeoux on that GQ cover is an abomination. I guess they were thinking, hey, he’s ‘Team Aniston’s’ bald middleaged gigolo, the cat ladies savior who will get their tv shittcom idol her happy at last, let’s just put him on, and hope the old broads pick up the issue thinking he gab’s about Maniston! But to no avail. He once again is so ashamed he’s with the most mediocre vanilla vapid lame tv hack famewh-re sellout PHONEY, he’s got to prattle on in the most poseur ish way possible about his faux goth poseur bullshite creep relics that he kept in his old Heidi apartment…teeth in a dish…wow Bundeoux, you’re edgier than Marilyn Manson’s bu unghole. Dude gets his one shot at a mag cover story and doesn’t say shite about Maniston…now there’s my effing silver lining. Hahahaha. Isn’t it in his contract to GUSH?? Hard to believe she expects him to behave differently than douche Mayer. Remember he was looking over his back, complaining how he would surely be in trouble w/ maniston for lumping old broad in with his young gfs and not waxing lyrical about her azz?? Hahaha
    This could mean they’re dunzo, and like Mayer’s never realized variety show…courtesy CAA and huvsy, this douche, got a mainstream though struggling GQ cover. His parting gift perhaps? We will see…..tick…tock…bitchez….hahahaha!
    ..and whoever said it is right, this IS straight up RACISM, and nepotism ( which apparently now includes not just relatives, but paid for aging poseur gigolos of no talent fug sitcom hacks – Heidi MUST be laughing her azz off, and thanking the Godzi he’s been taken off her hands, lol). i guess that one GQ Huvsy brother (can’t recall his name) denied Idris Elba a cover, for Steven’s money bag client no talent hack, which is shameful!!
    Oh, this is for PT and the other ‘experts,’ in Brad and Ange history….do you guys think that Madonna said that as a dig to Fishyth? You know they loathe each other now. But having been pals, my guess is Madonna was privy to all sorts of Paltrowich ‘secrets,’ IF…you know what I mean. There was always that one rumor. It just seemed very pointed. Oh, and Angelina is not involved at all, if anything Madge may have been getting digs in at Fishyth. For those who know what I mean, well, you know what I mean….heh.
    I welcome thinking thoughts….lolol

  177. 177
    Jaye Says:

    Observer2 @ 09/17/2013 at 10:19 pm #149
    Joan’s job is to be an, she knows it and everyone else. She said herself that most celebrities don’t take seriously the things she says. She trashes everyone. She doesn’t know Angelina and I don’t think she has anything personal against her. She’s been doing this kind of thing most of her career. When the Trolls start quoting Joan Rivers to make a negative point against Jolie is the day they should realize that their heads have been up their a.sses for far too long.

  178. 178
    nada Says:

    Jaye- so true and she has actually said some very positive things about Angie, but I don’t care for her snark. Like most unhappy people, living with themselves and their obsessions is “punishment” enough- cough see also old manny. I saw the documentary about Joan that came out a few years back and it was quite good, but, to me, just showed how really sad her life is. She has a big chip on her shoulder about trying to be deemed a success (even at her advanced age) and seems incapable of relaxing and will work almost every cr*ppy gig. It’s way beyond a good work ethic and you can see it tortures her.

  179. 179
    BP Says:

    What counts is Angelina receiving the OSCAR in November. Joan Rivers is jealous of Angelina, because her daughter never became a star and Angelina biggest star on the planet. Angelina is more intelligent than Joan.

    Most women wish they had what Angelina possesses, LOVE intelligence, courageous, etc…

    Angelina is more of a Bad Ass than Brad Pitt. Brad did not have the courageous to leave Anniston until he saw Angelina. Angelina took the initiative to leave Billy Bob without a Brad Pitt on scene.

    PASSING THROUGH: Brad needed someone to be the scapegoat, so his image would not be ruin. Grant it he loves Angelina, he loves his image more. Now its the OSCAR he is in love with.

  180. 180
    the ring Says:

    poor loons

    they SPLIT¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡



    passing poo is black?o.O

  181. 181
    197700 Says:

    as much as a like brad pitt, i tend to agree with BP comments. angie is more honest and courageous. if it is not working she is not going to pretend no matter what the word thinks,

  182. 182
    Lol Says:

    @the ring:
    What new bodyguard? Stupid, that’s Brad long time bodyguard, you mean the guy teaching Knox surf? That’s not a bodyguard, you dumbass, that’s a surf instructor they hired. Go take your meds. Lol

  183. 183
    roxana fan jp Says:

    @the ring: usted deberia leer este articulo que se llama el curioso caso de jennider aniston ,,,para averiguar que no solo los fan de jolie/pitt piensa que es una garrapata ya los medios de cominicacion se dan cuenta….

  184. 184
    Cassi Says:

    Just watched WWZ unrated version, omg it is so much better than The one in theater, go get unrated version, it is amazing.

  185. 185
    roxana fan jp Says:

    @the ring: a ver que piensa,,,d.eWU&psig=AFQjCNHuK9IeykNCskN0WSkiq2Ah38QvWw&ust=1379570659401240

  186. 186
    Tina Says:

    If I was the bride, I would dump the groom and run off with Brad Pitt. Brad is so hot. I can’t believe he is almost 50.

  187. 187
    BP Says:

    I will never understand why Brad did an interview with Diane Sawyer 2005 to explain or justify why he and Jennifer were divorcing. If not to protect his image than what?

    There are a lot famous couples who divorce but don’t give an hour interview to explain why, it was like he was married to the most famous woman on the planet and had to explain the break-up.

    PASSING THROUGH: I also know he told Diane Sawyer he would give and explanation regarding his divorce if she would follow him to Africa to see some problems facing the people their.

    Brad had to do all that to leave Anniston, that’s not even intelligent.

  188. 188
    Manistons gross sibling Says:

  189. 189
    roxana fan jp Says:

    a todos los fan de jolie/pitt que tengan muy buenas noches… incluidos los troll porque no,,,

  190. 190
    roxana fan jp Says:

    @Manistons gross sibling: siiiiiiii de lejos se ve que es su hermano porque comparten la misma gran nariz … bueno la nariz antes de operarse mil veces que ticky igualmente no consiguio achicarla

  191. 191
    soy Says:

    why the freaking hell is this news and who the HELL did it get so many comments?!?!?

  192. 192
    soy Says:


  193. 193
    Jen the Hag Says:

    soy @ 09/18/2013 at 4:10 am

    Do you have to’s f@cking Brad Pitt anything and everything is news when it’s concern him…. ..that’s how MEGA GLOBAL SUPERSTARS roll. why don’t you ask yourself..what you’re doing in this thread..sheessh!!

    Wonder if that news is all about the fat tick bought toyboy ,,bwahahahah!!

  194. 194
    Jen the Hag Says:

    Lol @ 09/18/2013 at 2:05 am

    @the ring:

    That troll will be in her deathbed and will still ask did Angelina and Brad split already?? .. and then her wondering spirit will never rest because her wish did not came true bwahahahahahahaha!!!

  195. 195
    sunny Says:

    credit to Nenufer2 at BF
    Holly-wood here we come
    By Breanna Chillingworth
    Sept. 18, 2013, 7:50 a.m.
    It was all smiles at Tamworth Treated Timbers as they finished work yesterday on the first load of timber destined for the cinema screens in Angelina Jolie’s new movie. Pictured from left, Jodie Jones, Jason Gilchrist, Steve Caslick, Luke Walla, Ray Hartley, Shane Eyles and Peter Turner. Photo: GARETH GARDNER
    It was all smiles at Tamworth Treated Timbers as they finished work yesterday on the first load of timber destined for the cinema screens in Angelina Jolie’s new movie. Pictured from left, Jodie Jones, Jason Gilchrist, Steve Caslick, Luke Walla, Ray Hartley, Shane Eyles and Peter Turner. Photo: GARETH GARDNER
    Peter Turner had no idea what he was getting himself into but now Tamworth Treated Timbers will have a claim to fame after they scored a role in Angelina Jolie’s latest blockbuster.
    The Kootingal-based business sent off a load of timber early this morning en route to the Unbroken film set at Movie World on the Gold Coast.
    Mr Turner, who manages the workshop, said he was asked to quote on a job a few weeks ago.

    “It was a job that got us by surprise,” Mr Turner told The Leader yesterday.

    “It’s huge, there is a monstrous amount of timber.”

    But little did he know it was to help craft the set of a new multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbuster.

    “When I quoted, I didn’t realise what I was quoting for or that it was a movie,” Mr Turner said.

    “Or Angelina’s movie … I only found out last week.”
    About 30 cubic metres of timber took off on the first shipment today – which had an urgent call-up from set directors – but there is still more to come.

    Mr Turner said the staff had been flat chat.

    “The boys will start cutting again for this next order next week,” he said.

    “It’ll be for fences and buildings and that sort of stuff I think.”

    It’s been a whirlwind week for the business – but it’s not the first time they’ve had movie directors knocking on the door.

    The timber business supplied the wood for the Superman movie that was staged on the Liverpool Plains a few years ago.

    This time round the buzz is still there in the workshop.

    “I put a quote in and just got it … and I thought ‘wow that’s a big job, how are we going to fit it in’,” Mr Turner said. “At first I didn’t know what it was for but then I asked whereabouts at the Gold Coast is it going … and then they said Movie World.”
    It’s a long way from Kootingal to Hollywood and there’s no doubt with a big name like Angelina Jolie backing the film it’ll hit the cinema screens with much fanfare.

    The epic drama is based on the life of an American hero and depicts prisoners of war.

    Whether it’s the wood to build a house, a fence or even a scene set, Tamworth will have a claim to fame.

    “Yeah … I’ll probably watch it,” Mr Turner joked.

    “I think we’ll all watch it.”

    The timber contract is the latest local link to the movie with Angelina Jolie herself flying in to Tamworth to scour potential backdrops in Werris Creek.
    Filming starts in October in Queensland, so the race is on to get things ready. Now it’s just a waiting game to see if any other locals will land a leading role.
    I think these timbers will be used for the set of Ofuna and Naoetsu POW camps. It seems they will shoot POW camps scenes in Queensland from 21st of October.
    I also think Werris Creek. will be used for the set of Torrance city. That village still has an old-fashioned railway station and Catholic school.
    The question is when they will shoot that Zamperini’s childhood. My guess is just before 21st of October.

  196. 196
    the ring Says:

    @Jen the Hag:


  197. 197
    sunny Says:

    It seems there was a test screening of Maleficent. I guess the first trailer will be coming next month or November.

  198. 198
    the ring GOT MENTAL ILLNESS Says:

    the ring is out of job
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    the ring is out of job

  199. 199
    nasra Says:

    @BP: Enough of the 9 years break – up story. Liam and Miley have just broken up is it not enough news for guys living the 19th century? Happy for Brad and hope the bride did not dream of Brad on the wedding night!

    Every body dreaming of having Brad not some bald gigolos. Sorry Madge for a bad dream!

  200. 200
    Amazing JPs Says:

    Thanks, sunny- I can hardly wait to see the Maleficent trailer! BTW- surfing Knox is SO ADORABLE as his lil sis groupie.

  201. 201
    the ring Says:

    @the ring GOT MENTAL ILLNESS:



  202. 202
    the ring Says:

    se me olvidaba


  203. 203
    Bea Says:

    Wow – hoovsey is even pimping the fat tick’s brother now to get sympathy for the barren hag?

    I do love that his name is AJ though.

  204. 204
    groundcontrol Says:

    Angelina is more of a Bad Ass than Brad Pitt. Brad did not have the courageous to leave Anniston until he saw Angelina. Angelina took the initiative to leave Billy Bob without a Brad Pitt on scene.
    PASSING THROUGH: Brad needed someone to be the scapegoat, so his image would not be ruin. Grant it he loves Angelina, he loves his image more. Now its the OSCAR . . .
    Not that we know ANY of this but Brad’s waiting to leave until he had an object of his affections as a goal and/or motivator is just typical male behavior. Men usually stay parked in bad relationships until they see what they really want.
    But rather than help someone’s image, it makes it look like the new woman is to blame and that he left an otherwise good and happy marriage FOR her when the reality is he really left a bad and unhappy relationship long before she ever came on the scene. So instead of improving images it makes both of them look bad when neither did anything wrong or improper.
    And, in Brad’s case, it ignores the strong rumors that Brad was ready to leave his marriage in 2003 but his wife talked nice guy Brad into staying because somehow it was supposed to be a hard year for her because her show was ending – why that was considered hard makes no sense to me – unless she really is this needy, child-like neurotic. After all she had been wanting to quit her job for years and start all those films on her March to film acting legitimacy and the Oscah. ;).
    Angelina’s situation with BBT was entirely different and there was a child she had to consider. Let’s don’t forget that Brad dumped Putrid the minute he learned she cheated on him. Angie also did not have some bible thumping family guilt tripping him and encouraging him to “work it out.”
    Whatever the mode of transportation they seem to be where they all belong and now have the person they deserve.

  205. 205
    groundcontrol Says:

    Ted bundeoux on that GQ cover is an abomination
    LOL! Tell it!
    You may be right if they chose this emotionally challenged fool over the fine Idris Elba. Squiggy sounds like an idiot. What kind of advice is he getting that he can’t get through a simple interview without sounding like a pretentious hypocrite? That Ticky is willing to marry this poseur tells you a lot about her and for that matter vice versa – we know why Squiggy is with her.
    Squiggy ain’t letting go until he gets the package. Though I do wonder about Ticky.

  206. 206
    groundcontrol Says:

    Australia vs. Hawaii?
    Snakes vs. NO Snakes?
    Um, what was she thinking? Just sayin’. LOL!

  207. 207
    Dawne Says:

    Don’t think Ticky will want to present this year…………..always the flower girl and never the bride……especially since Angie will be honoured and Brad likely nom’d……….and it will be a TYAS night anyway…… she will feel like the insignificant little wart she really is in this biz. That is starting to sink in now………..she’s ageing out and only real talent can survive that……….even though she is likely having Huvsy circulating that she is willing to go without mascara for a big character Oscar potential role. LMAO……….she is not only the TOWN PUMP she is the laughing stock for real talent. She never got close to Sandra let alone dethrone her……..she is MEH all day long.

  208. 208
    Susan Says:

    Good morning J-P fans.
    @ groundcontrol, Angie loves snakes, remember her Jewelry line, and you know she will always take the unpaved road.
    It was great to see your post the day of the tragedy, sad for the families that lost love one.

  209. 209
    witch Says:

    Holly is babysitting Jolie again. Must be another crisis. Guessing Pitt isn’t responding to the threats of suicide, the faxed stories [especially the one about the LA museum], or spells any more.

    While stars like Naomi Watts, who is from Australia, go to Australia to get privacy, Ho gets there and all of a sudden every pap in a country has a full-time job chasing her and her kids around. Only loons could be naïve to believe that she’s the victim here.It’s obvious she hired them to manipulate loon into thinking that she’s a “star” in a demand. The truth is, if it wasn’t for this shameless pr wh8ring and dragging kids everywhere, most people wouldn’t remember who she is.

  210. 210
    Susan Says:

    Angie don’t have to hire Paps, the family pictures are the most profitable to the Paps.
    Naomi Watts live in NYC, she and her family ride their bikes all around the city, maybe one or two Paps take a picture of them, so why the heck would she need to go to Australia to get away from them, liar.
    By the way did you notice cities in Australia are trying to out talk one another to get Angie to film in their city.
    You have the wrong chick, Angie don’t need twenty people to hold her hand, or to tell her she is beautiful, yesterday I said you scraped the bottom of the barrel, but you prove me wrong, sewer rat.

  211. 211
    anustin Says:

    thank you “BRANGELINAFORUM for the lovely pix !!!!

    waves phool,rose….ladies u are miz!!!

  212. 212
    nok thailand Says:

    He looks nice. :)

  213. 213
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Don’t be suckered by trolls, not that Joan Rivers is any less a hag today, but she said that least 5-7 year ago. You can tell its an old quote because no one who has heard of Angelina Jolie thinks she’s any less than smart as a whip. The first rule of comedy as Joan should know is your shite needs to make sense, which is why she laid an egg. Didn’t make since years ago and sure as helll doesn’t make sense now. Since then rivers has gone to war with trashy mandler, and said cr ap about maniston, and great stuff re Jolie. Trolls posted that Joan rivers quote trying to make people think it was breaking news. It’s as old as Joan.

  214. 214
    nice Says:

    Yes, not surprising that the media is still media turning everything the JPs do into something negative and/or lies about them- the years have shown that so, so many of them are bought & paid for trolls and/or just plain jealous. And those that haven’t bought yet, fat tick old manny will continue to stalk in parking garages. Clini- I agree & her CH takedown was epic- she even admitted (on Stern) that she now has to keep quiet re: CH per E!. Nada- I saw the JR doc, too. Yes, it is sad how desperate she is, but, since she’s been living that way so long, she must be used to it.

  215. 215
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Special on ‘the Doctors’ today, how to look and get the body part/look of your fav Hollywood star! Featuring Brad’s abs, Angelina’s pout, jlo booty. By the way, who’s missing? Please. No one wants to look like fuggiston. Anyway the doc on there waxed lyrical about ange – saying who else would it be, of course? He went on to describe why thin lipped no lip ishes need to watch it with the injections, said you will never be an Angelina. It was like I could hear the cows screaming in pain.
    Oh and re the brother, I wouldn’t be surprised if huvsy tracked that guy down and leaked to the daily fail to give maniston her own type of faux edge by half sib association. Seems weirdly timed.

  216. 216
    Passing Through Says:

    # 188 Manistons gross sibling @ 09/18/2013 at 2:49 am
    Oh leave the kid alone. It’s not his fault his half-sister is a dead end and a dead bore. You’d live like that, too, if you had to put up withe peopling knowing you’re kin to Ticky. I’d go so far as to say SHE is the reason he’s sot of checked out. In fact, ironically enough, I think Alex is how Squiggy sees himself – punk, edgy, artsy, doing his own thing…but he’s a big fat fraud just like his sugar mama.

  217. 217
    anustin Says:

    what is fishtick promoting…i mean who.ring on the lizbot ellen…

  218. 218
    chachitta Says:

    Brad, every woman’s dream. Even Madge!

  219. 219
    Passing Through Says:

    LMAO about Zac Efron’s rehab admission. Those darned Disney kids. But, why release a statement when no one’s even asking? Sounds PR driven to me. He’s still trying to get a foothold the world of grown up movies and he’s never had a hit. Those HSM fans grew up and moved on to Katy Perry & Gaga. Making the transition from tween fave to grown up movie star is very nearly impossible. Especially when their career dreams exceed their talent. See: Vanessa Hudgens and her “future” Oscar.

  220. 220
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Hey Anustin, Fishyth is promoting that sex addiction movie that I could have sworn released and flopped already, months ago.

  221. 221
    valis202 Says:

    Picture of Logan Lerman on the set of Fury

  222. 222
    Passing Through Says:

    In other Disney kid news – I see Miley Cyrus’s piece has already moved on to the next girl…and there was overlap…again. Wonder if she still believes he didn’t do January Jones. LOL. It seems like every site I’ve been to today has had a negative story involving an ex-Disney kid. Next up: Mickey cheated on Minnie with Porky Pig.

  223. 223
    Passing Through Says:

    # 187 BP @ 09/18/2013 at 2:38 am
    Ya know, not too surprisingly, you not understand Brad’s motiviations for his actions doesn’t bother ME in the least. I doubt it keeps HIM up nights either. But obviously it keeps YOU up nights or else you wouldn’t have been blubbering about it in the wee hours of the morning…

  224. 224
    valis202 Says:

    Op-ed: A call for action against sexual violence in Syria

    William Hague and Angelina Jolie*
    Each day accounts of horrific crimes in Syria reach the outside world. Now the U.N. has confirmed that rape is being used to terrorise and punish women, men and children, during house searches and interrogations, at checkpoints, and in detention centres and prisons across the country.
    The latest harrowing U.N. Commission of Inquiry report describes a mother being raped and forced to cook and clean for her captors, under the threat of the murder of her children. It tells the story of a university student who was raped because her brother was a wanted by the Government. These accounts are the tip of the iceberg. Fear, shame and the sheer struggle for survival mean that many survivors do not dare to come forward.
    Sexual violence has been used as a weapon of war in nearly every major conflict in our lifetimes, from Bosnia to Rwanda. This is rape used as a deliberate military tactic, to achieve political objectives: to humiliate political opponents, to drive out or subjugate a different ethnic grouping, or to terrorise a community into submission. In some conflicts it is even used to infect women with HIV, or to injure them so badly that they are unable to bear children.
    Rape is used because it is easily concealed and strikes at the most vulnerable people. When we visited the Democratic Republic of Congo we met a mother whose 5 year-old daughter had been violated. That girl is too young to make her voice heard, but her suffering and that of millions of other victims around the world should be a call to action.
    The world has devised treaties to outlaw the global use of cluster munitions and landmines or to drive down the trade in illegal weapons. All of these agreements were once considered impossible. They all began with moral outrage and led to global action. It is time to do the same against warzone rape and sexual violence.
    The crux of the problem is an ingrained culture of impunity, where for tens of thousands of rapes in any one country there have only been a handful of prosecutions. The men raping prisoners in a detention centre in Syria think that they will get away with it because that is what history suggests. Another acute factor is the lack of long-term support for survivors, who face a lifetime of rejection, illness and trauma on top of their suffering at the hands of their abusers.
    We have come together to campaign on this issue because we have both seen the way sexual violence devastates the lives of survivors and their families. We want to raise awareness of the urgent need for action. And we are calling for governments of the world to unite to eradicate warzone rape as a vital priority.
    We started our initiative last year, and are grateful for the way many countries have responded to it. In April in London the G8, including our own two countries, made a historic commitment to address this issue. In June United the Nations Security Council unanimously adopted a Resolution bolstering the U.N.’s capabilities. 45 members of the United Nations showed their support by co-sponsoring the Resolution – a record in recent history.
    Next week is the U.N. General Assembly in New York, the largest gathering of world leaders in any one year. During it, on September 24th, a new ‘Declaration of commitment to end sexual violence in conflict’ will be presented. It has been drawn up with the U.N. Secretary General’s Special Representative on Sexual Violence, and a dozen countries from the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia whose leaders have courageously agreed to champion this cause with us. The Declaration will give every country in the world an opportunity to show where it stands on this issue.
    The countries endorsing it will agree, for the first time, that serious sexual violence in conflict constitutes grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions and their first Protocol. This will mean that suspects can be apprehended wherever they are in the world.
    It contains a pledge not to allow amnesties for sexual violence in peace agreements, so that these crimes can no longer be swept under the carpet and military leaders learn that there will be accountability.
    The Declaration promises a new International Protocol by the middle of 2014: to help ensure that evidence produced can stand up in court and more survivors can see justice, and to place the safety and dignity of victims at the heart of investigations into rape and other sexual crimes in conflict zones.
    It includes provisions on women’s participation, the protection refugees, and training for national armed forces and police. And its signatories will promise to put protection from sexual violence at the forefront of all their conflict and humanitarian work, and to help strengthen the capacity of countries most at risk of this violence.
    We believe these are all steps that every member of the international community should be able to support. So we hope that a majority of the world’s governments will sign up to this pact, and that together we can work to put these commitments into practice. If we can, it could mark a turning point in international attitudes to rape and sexual violence, and finally, the beginning of an end to impunity.
    There are many other injustices which the world must confront. But the rape and abuse of hundreds of thousands of women, men and children can no longer be tolerated. We hope people around the world will join us to take this stand.

  225. 225
    valis202 Says:

    Picture of Logan Lerman on the set of Fury
    WTM has taken over $100m, while Percy Jackson has taken just over $60 and yet Logan Lerman’s next movie is gritty awards potential WW11 drama Fury while Aniston gets HB2.

    She is clearly so influential in HW.

  226. 226
    valis202 Says:

    @Overrated Jolie:
    Yawn. And your point is………..

  227. 227
    Passing Through Says:

    # 206 groundcontrol @ 09/18/2013 at 7:27 am
    GC -
    Ummmm…there are snakes in Oz, too…

  228. 228
    Passing Through Says:

    # 223 valis202 @ 09/18/2013 at 11:37 am
    Op-ed: A call for action against sexual violence in Syria

    William Hague and Angelina Jolie*
    Thanks for posting. I think someone posted the link the other night and I was too lazy to read it. Good luck with their endeavor because if people actually have to be convinced NOT to use chemical weapons they’re not exactly going to be too concerned with raping a few houndred thousand womean and children.

  229. 229
    Overrated Jolie Says:


    It’s hurting women’s chances at a full breast cancer recovery, they say
    Doctors are seeing more women requesting double mastectomies following actress Angelina Jolie’s public decision earlier this year to do the same. It’s a drastic move many younger women diagnosed with breast cancer are taking despite risks to their health, reports Opposing Views.

    A study released in September showed that removing a healthy remaining breast decreases the survival rate for a woman diagnosed with breast cancer.

    “Because of this trend, we sought to better understand why the youngest women – those diagnosed at age 40 or younger – were deciding to have this surgery,” said a a researcher at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, who fears women are opting for double mastectomies merely because it gives them “peace of mind.”

    According to OV’s Sarah Rae Fruchtnicht, more and more doctors report hearing: If Angelina Jolie did it, shouldn’t I do the same?

    Jolie’s life-altering decision didn’t have the support of everyone in Hollywood, despite the impression that may have been left following the news. “I wouldn’t call [having a preventative mastectomy] a brave choice,” said music star Melissa Etheridge.

  230. 230
    MAMS Says:

    OH, WOW- surfing Knoxy is the cutest- thanks for the pics. This is funny, especially for fans of Breaking Bad…there’s a longer interview with Jonathan that pops up at the end of the one at the link…great actor, hope he winds on Sunday…I totally agree with him about changing Redskins name!!


    Breaking Bad’s Mike Ehrmantraut is a great henchman — and an even better grandfather. Who better to snuggle up to for an evening of twisted fairy tales than TV’s #1 pop pop/pop-a-cap-in-your-a**-er?

  231. 231
    valis202 Says:

    Great. Tamsh*t posting under yet another moniker. My question is though if you feel that Angie is soooo overated then why are you constantly here?

  232. 232
    valis202 Says:

    The Twiiter page of David Ayer is going to be a really good resource for getting updates on the production of Fury.

  233. 233
    AWHODAT! Says:

    Dawne @ 09/18/2013 at 7:57 am

    Don’t think Ticky will want to present this year…………..always the flower girl and never the bride……especially since Angie will be honoured and Brad likely nom’d……….and it will be a TYAS night anyway…… she will feel like the insignificant little wart she really is in this biz. That is starting to sink in now………..she’s ageing out and only real talent can survive that……….even though she is likely having Huvsy circulating that she is willing to go without mascara for a big character Oscar potential role. LMAO……….she is not only the TOWN PUMP she is the laughing stock for real talent. She never got close to Sandra let alone dethrone her……..she is MEH all day long.
    Dawne I just HAD to repeat this post v.e.r.b.a.t.i.m.! LMFAO Its SO spot on! She will definitely not want to be at next year’s Oscars for all the reasons you mentioned. HOWEVER, never underestimate huvsy NEED to get as close to the JPs orbit as possible and she is the puppet he uses to get his wish.
    Remember now, at this stage of the game where, as you said, she’s aging out and will thankfully disappear offstage (unless she’s so desperate that she wouldnt care about being laughed at with pity and derision by the public) its all about the angry b!tch drag queen huvane and his PERSONAL vendetta against the JPs for escaping his clutches.

  234. 234
    Passing Through Says:

    # 229 Overrated Jolie @ 09/18/2013 at 11:47 am
    Boring. Once again people question women’s decisions over their own bodies. What each woman chooses to do is her right, not your’s and certainly not some Harvard researcher. So STFU already.

  235. 235
    groundcontrol Says:

    @Overrated Jolie:
    Utterly ridiculous article and even more ridiculous headline. As if women have do-it-yourself breast surgery kits. Obviously these women are consulting their doctors and surgeons.
    Anyone who thinks it’s better for a woman at high risk to wait until she gets cancer before she acts is an idiot or has some vested interest in the cancer business.

  236. 236
    yeah Says:

    us weekly says jen is pregnant

  237. 237
    yeah Says:

    according to lainey

  238. 238
    valis202 Says:

    Jennifer Aniston’s camp deny new reports she is pregnant at 44 with Justin Theroux’s child


  239. 239
    valis202 Says:

    I think that we have more chance of seeing the Second Coming of Christ than Aniston getting pregnant but I’m sure that her fans are prepared to hold out until she is 6 feet under before they give up their hope of a pregnant Aniston.

  240. 240
    lurker Says:

    Poor trolls nothing new here

  241. 241
    lurker Says:

    Lol please let her be pregnant so her hens can die in peace

  242. 242
    well Says:

    NO!!! Having nasty, neurotic, shallow old manny as a mother wouldn’t not be fair to any child. Peace for troll? That is up to it- seems to be addicted to pain, though. MAMS- thanks for the video- I LOVE Jonathan- I remember all the way back to Wiseguy days…I hope he wins an emmy, too!

  243. 243
    lurker Says:

    Plant and deny ticky

  244. 244
    Passing Through Says:

    # 236 yeah @ 09/18/2013 at 12:20 pm
    # 237 yeah @ 09/18/2013 at 12:25 pm
    # 238 valis202 @ 09/18/2013 at 12:28 pm
    I slummed at Lamey’s and read her story. LMAO at her saying US Lies Weakly is more reliable than the other mags an they don’t screw around with certain celebs so as to not get on certain publicists bad sides. Oh really, since when? Lamey just keeps getting deeper and deeper up her ups US’s ass. According to research done by Gawker\Jezebel US gets a story right about slightly more often than Star. And do we really have to say how often Star is wrong? LOL!
    As to whether or not Ticky’s knocked up? I hope she is…I keep saying it because it’s true – I don’t have to go looking for Ticky shite to make fun of. She drops it in my lap and it wold be remiss of me not to be appreciative. With Ticky’s original nose, hairline and chin? And Squiggy’s beaky nose, male pattern-baldness, spikey Godzilla teeth and HUGE HEAD? Come one…tell me y’all ain’t looking forward to a TickyTacky baby. Don’t lie.
    PS – Yesterday I jokingly said Squiggy finally got a J-O-B because Ticky was knocked up and he needed to earn some money for a change. IF it’s really true? Then when is US going to ask the all important question – Who told Brad? Did she have the decency to tell him beforehand that 9 years after he dumped her she finally found a man willing to not wear a whole box of condoms at once? LOL! Come on, Peeps, “enquiring minds” want to know. Brad would say, “Good. Now stop blaming me because the cow has never been milked.”

  245. 245
    anustin Says:

    my story is better……..why in h@ll kate winshi.t keeps on giving birth to 3 different men…duh!!!.lolz

  246. 246
    Passing Through Says:

    # 238 valis202 @ 09/18/2013 at 12:28 pm
    Of course Huvsy denied the story. That’s what he does. Plant – and deny. And good ole Lamey doesn’t think it’s suspicious the way the US story coincided with Crime On Life closing TIFF? Biitch is slipping. Sorry, my bad, I keep forgetting she’s a hen. If this was Brad and Angie that would have been the first thing out of her mouth – they cover is time for PR with TIFF.

  247. 247
    Wonderbust Says:

    Usually when us weekly has a huge exclusive they report it Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning yet there is nothing on their site about this story hmmm.

  248. 248
    valis202 Says:

    Garrett Hedlund Cast in Angelina Jolie’s ‘Unbroken’
    9:25 AM PDT 9/18/2013 by Tatiana Siegel

    The actor’s addition was more than a month in the works, though he had to work out schedule conflicts before joining the film, which is set to begin shooting in October.
    Garrett Hedlund has signed on for a role in the Angelina Jolie-helmed drama Unbroken for Universal.
    The story begins in 1943, when Zamperini’s Air Force plane crashed in the Pacific. He survived without food and water for 47 days, enduring shark attacks, aerial attacks and hunger before washing ashore on a Japanese island behind enemy lines, where he was held as a prisoner of war for two years and tortured by his captors. Hedlund will play Commander John Fitzgerald, a fellow P.O.W.

    Hedlund’s addition was more than a month in the works, though he had to work out schedule conflicts. The film is set to begin shooting in October.

    Ethan and Joel Coen penned a recent draft of the screenplay, which is based on Laura Hillenbrand’s 2010 best-seller. Universal picked up the rights to the book in January 2011, and William Nicholson and Richard LaGravenese worked on previous drafts before Jolie took the film’s reins in December. The movie is scheduled to open in December 2014.

    Hedlund recently starred in the Coen brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis. Universal was interested in him to play the lead in Fifty Shades of Grey, but the actor bowed out before a formal offer was made.

    Jolie is producing Unbroken with Matthew Baer and Erwin Stoff.

    Hedlund is repped by WME, Brillstein Entertainment and attorney David Weber.

  249. 249
    lily Says:

    It’s very odd, and a news as big as this they’d be on the morning shows and everything. And another thing it’s 1pm est and it’s not on their site? And this would be a big scoop. It’s like they’re trying to bury it. I remember when they said she was engaged to VV they were all over the morning shows about it.

    When angie was preg with shiloh people mag put up a big banner on tues and hit the morning shows on wednesday. It’s very odd that they supposedly have a huge scoop but they’re not promoting it. Perhaps it’s not true and they don’t want to embarass themselves in a big way by doing the AM shows. Very odd ain’t it?

  250. 250
    lurker Says:

    Looks like unbroken will start shooting in a few weeks

  251. 251
    were the morons Says:

    Congrats to Garrett! He will be a great addition to the cast.

    Re: hens.. These brainless fools will believe anything. Even US mag has become credible to them. Even when the story isn’t on their site. Next!

  252. 252
    Wonderbust Says:

    Exactly! Which means even us weakly knows they are lying. Aww poor hens no baby and no Oscar.

  253. 253
    rhea Says:

    If Jennifer was to get pregnant at 44.. she would use a younger woman’s eggs…preferably a real blonde blue eyed woman…and maybe even another man’s sperm lol over six foot, and blonde too lol

  254. 254
    valis202 Says:

    @Passing Through:
    With Ticky’s original nose, hairline and chin? And Squiggy’s beaky nose, male pattern-baldness, spikey Godzilla teeth and HUGE HEAD? Come one…tell me y’all ain’t looking forward to a TickyTacky baby. Don’t lie.

  255. 255
    rhea Says:

    oh NOW they do

  256. 256
    rhea Says:

    my comments are not showing up

  257. 257
    Anon2 Says:

    Speaking of Huvsey, did anyone happen to see him (at CB site) in that one picture with Ticky in floral dress….dang, the guru is aging fast. Look who he reps….all the lies, spins, making truth disappear, the propping up, plant and deny, the stalking, copying …etc. A guru cannot slather on 3 inches of make-up like his client, the Tick.

  258. 258
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    @Overrated Jolie:

    This is great news. I’m so glad the media vvhore Heroina is finally getting called out by doctors on her irresponsible decision to misinform women and scaring them into getting such a dangerous procedure. It’s also good that more people more and more people are siding with Etheridge on this. It’s one thing to do this to yourself because you want bigger boobs, but it’s another to advertise it under the sponsorship of a calculating corporation such as Myriad Genetics, and tell other people that it’s the safe, smart thing to do.

    It’s alarming and saddening how a small group of women could be so stupid and shallow to allow themselves be manipulated by yet another vapid, ignorant celebrity who simply wanted more money, fame and recognition. She will get her comeuppance though, of that I’m sure. I can’t wait how karma comes back and kicks her in her plastic tittyballs.

  259. 259
    real Says:

    @Overrated Jolie: This article the troll posted was written by someone who wanted hits so they used Angelina’s name.
    The researcher did a study of women who had a double mastectomy 2 Years Ago. Long before Angelina had it done.
    Here is a portion of a legit article.
    Researchers polled 123 young women two years after they chose double mastectomy for breast cancer at age 40 and younger, asking how they made the decision to have the opposite breast removed and how they estimated the cancer risk in the healthy breast. “Most women who were considered average risk actually overestimated their risk of having contralateral [opposite breast] breast cancer,” said study researcher Shoshana Rosenberg, a research fellow at Harvard School of Public Health and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

  260. 260
    wwz rules Says:

    Love all the sweet pictures of Knox & Viv! FYI- WWZ is on xfinity on demand, $4.99 for theater version and $5.99 for unrated version. They also have the 1st 9 minutes there for free as well as a BTS clip, which includes a bit from long-time JP friend Simon Crane (Lara C, Troy, MAMS, Salt, TT etc.) who was the 2nd unit director on WWZ.

  261. 261
    an opinion Says:

    @valis202: Wow the guy from Troy is going to be in Angelina movie. He is a good actor.

  262. 262
    Passing Through Says:

    # 245 anustin @ 09/18/2013 at 12:56 pm
    Maybe she’s trying to be the female Clint Eastwood? After this kid all she needs is 4 more kids by 2 more men.

  263. 263
    wwz rules Says:

    mine either!

  264. 264
    lol Says:

    @Overrated Jolie:

    Lifting the ‘family curse’

    Psychologist outlines upsurge in interest in prophylactic mastectomy

    September 11, 2013
    By Alvin Powell, Harvard Staff Writer

    Andrea Farkas Patenaude flicked an image onto the screen at the front of the room. There, larger than life, was actress, humanitarian, director, and iconic beauty Angelina Jolie, arms crossed, in the dramatic black-and-white photo from Time Magazine’s cover in May.

    “If anyone told me a year ago that the two words likely to pop into your mind when you see this picture are ‘prophylactic mastectomy,’ ” Patenaude said, “I would have fallen off my chair.”

    Early this year, Jolie underwent the procedure during which healthy breasts are removed to reduce future cancer risk. Jolie later explained that she did so because of her family history and her positive test for the breast cancer gene BRCA1. Her mother died of ovarian cancer at age 56.“

    Though physicians have performed prophylactic mastectomies for years, there has been very little public discourse on the subject, Patenaude said. That has left high-risk women who are considering the procedure feeling alone, with few resources to help them make a difficult, but potentially life-saving, decision

    I think Angelina Jolie did a very noble thing, and something actually very helpful to the community of women who would consider prophylactic mastectomy,” Patenaude said.

    Patenaude, an associate professor of psychology in Harvard Medical School’s Psychiatry Department and director of psycho-oncology research at the Harvard-affiliated Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, discussed prophylactic mastectomy during a talk at Harvard Medical School’s Countway Library on Tuesday.

    Patenaude reviewed the procedure, the disease it is meant to prevent, and the findings from a study of women who’d undergone the surgery, outlined in her 2012 book “Prophylactic Mastectomy: Insights from Women Who Chose to Reduce Their Risk.”

    Women who carry the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations have a 56 percent to 85 percent chance of developing breast cancer and a 20 percent to 40 percent chance of developing ovarian cancer in their lifetimes. Not only are their risks higher, the cancers appear earlier in life than usual and often are passed on to the next generation by either parent.

    Breast and ovarian cancer can be so common in some families that they are considered “the family curse,” Patenaude said. She shared stories of study subjects whose mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and other family members have died of the disease.

    The advent of genetic screening has given women in those families a tool to understand their own risk, Patenaude said, allowing those who carry the gene mutation to consider their options. One is intensive screening procedures to catch the disease early.

    For women who don’t want such screening or the uncertainty of never knowing when a positive test might come back, prophylactic mastectomy is an option. One study showed that it reduces the chance of developing breast cancer by between 90 and 95 percent. A related operation called a prophylactic oophorectomy — removal of the ovaries — reduces the chance of ovarian cancer.

    A 1999 study of 214 high-risk women who underwent prophylactic mastectomy and 403 of their sisters who did not showed that just 1 percent of those who underwent the procedure developed cancer, versus 39 percent of their sisters. Only two with prophylactic mastectomy died, while 90 sisters died.

    Patenaude’s study involved 21 women who underwent prophylactic mastectomy, 90 percent of whose mothers had had breast cancer, and 76 percent of whose mothers died from it. The women said they thought less about if they were going to get cancer and more about when it will strike. One main motivation in deciding to undergo the surgery was to be alive for their children and grandchildren.

    After the operation, some study participants said they felt as if a dark cloud had had been lifted, and that they finally felt safe in their own bodies. One said she wasn’t really fond of her breasts, since she’d always had a feeling “they were going to really kill me some day.”

    Study subjects also spoke, however, of the shock of the physical transformation and the psychological impact of losing their breasts. Some said they felt “like half a woman,” and others talked about fears their husbands would lose interest in them. Reconstructive “For many of these women, they were trading physical normalcy for emotional normalcy,” Patenaude said.

    after the mastectomy helps, but Patenaude said women can develop “nipple envy,” which can be addressed by procedures that save the original nipple for reconstruction purposes.

    For many of these women, they were trading physical normalcy for emotional normalcy,” Patenaude said.

  265. 265
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    And may I ask why inbred shthead loons care so much about Aniston? If she’s pregnant well then congrats, and it’s hysterical how once again we find out through the loons post on these threads. It’s unbelievable how these stupid lemmings have the nerve to deny how JA owns them, or how they continue to give her free publicity and increase her media presence.

    So, if she really is preggers, wouldn’t it be time for the JP trolls to move on from their unfounded hatred towards her? I mean, what more clues do they possibly need to understand that she MOVED ON ever since the wedding-crashing drug addict committed adultery and cheated on her?

    Sure loons are afraid of change. Their filthy idols are on the way down and JA continues to have success, both personally and professionally. Who can they blame now for their idols’ failures now, though? Without Aniston -loons’ reason for living- will they continue to exist at all? Hahahaha.

  266. 266
    lol Says:

    “I think Angelina Jolie did a very noble thing, and something actually very helpful to the community of women who would consider prophylactic mastectomy,” said Andrea Farkas Patenaude, an associate professor of psychology in Harvard Medical School’s Psychiatry Department.

  267. 267
    the ring Says:

    Garrett Hedlund Joining Angelina Jolie’s ‘Unbroken’?

    wi wi wi wi wi wi


  268. 268
    AWHODAT Says:

    OMFG! The nasty murderer is upset that the barren cow is being ridiculed YET AGAIN by her very own plant-and-deny puppeteer. Even huvsy hates the dumbfukkkk talentless, coattailriding b!tch cos all she’s good for in these last dwindling days of her famewh0ring is a laugh. LMFAO

  269. 269
    totally agree Says:

    FAT tick old manny would be an awful mother- all of her nasty, shallow antics over the years clearly show that. Besides, fat tick says she is so fragile that she cries over gray hair- a kid is WAY more stressful than gray hair.

  270. 270
    Cassi Says:

    @wwz rules:
    For people don’t have blu ray player, you can buy WWZ unrated digital copy at for $14.99 or rent the digital copy for $3.99 .

  271. 271
    Bea Says:

    The fat tick is slipping.

    First the desperate attempt to gain sympathy by promoting her brother as a freak who hates her (totally reasonable for him to hate her, most people do).

    Now the publish and deny story about yet another pregnancy.

    I guess there wasn’t enough interest in the serial killer on GQ so it’s on to the next set of lies and denies.

  272. 272
    anustin Says:

    hmhmhmhmh… ur momma tamshit got stabbin???…ur papa,sis,brod????? family of a criminal,killer,murderer……..go kill ur grandma.

  273. 273
    Passing Through Says:

    # 248 valis202 @ 09/18/2013 at 1:11 pm
    Garrett Hedlund Cast in Angelina Jolie’s ‘Unbroken’
    Is Hedlund still dating Kiki Dunst? I was just thinking about how Brad and Angie’s careers keep overlapping like the Kevin Bacon game. Brad worked with Dunst in IWTV, she’s now dating Hedlund and he’s about to work with Angie.

  274. 274
    Passing Through Says:

    # 249 lily @ 09/18/2013 at 1:11 pm
    The only reason I can possibly see this being true is because…Huvsy issued his denial to DM and not Peeps. He has no probably lying and lying to the bottom feeders probably gets his rocks off. And don’t think Peeps hasn’t contact Huvsy seeking confirmation or denial. So far though there’s nothing on their website. Huvsy plays games with Peeps just like every other rag, but so far? Not one word from Peeps about the story. Either Huvsy is looking for a future confirmation cover story deal or her’s working some other angle. But for Peeps to be comopletely silent on the matter is highly unusual. You know they’re usually all up Ticky’s ass and reporting whatever the hell Huvsy wants them to.

  275. 275
    groundcontrol Says:

    : This article the troll posted was written by someone who wanted hits so they used Angelina’s name.
    The researcher did a study of women who had a double mastectomy 2 Years Ago. Long before Angelina had it done.
    Thank you, real, for exposing the lies of that article and the ignorance of those who got sucked in by it.
    There will always be those who irresponsibly relate health news for nefarious purposes. We have a prime example of that ilk posting here.
    All you can say about those cretins is punch & delete.

  276. 276
    valis202 Says:

    From Twitter
    Palak Patel ‏@palakspatel 14m
    Maleficent now coming out in theaters May 30, 2014!

  277. 277
    FYI Says:

    Disney moves Maleficent release date to 5/30/2014.

  278. 278
    groundcontrol Says:

    Ticky pregnant? Bwaaahhhahahhhaaa!!,
    Ticky maternal? Bwaaahhhahahahah!!!
    Don’t make me gag. There is nothing about Ticky that evinces anyevidence she should even take care of a goldfish. I pity the po chickens.

  279. 279
    anustin Says:

    loonyston in agony!!!!

  280. 280
    Another Fan2 Says:
    The film of the backstory of the villain from the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale starring Angelina Jolie’s is coming out earlier now while the release date of Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur has been moved back a year and a half, Disney announced today. Avoiding a pile up with the World Cup plus Transformers 4 and Fast & Furious 7, Maleficent will now be out on May 30, 2014 as opposed to July 2…..

  281. 281
    the ring Says:


  282. 282
    Apple Says:

    He is very nice guy

  283. 283
    fiesta Says:

    VERY cool- still a long wait, but May is sooner than July!! WWZ rules, thanks for the info- we already got our bluray, but I told my sister about WWZ being ondemand immediately- her kids are obsessed with it…the bluray was sold out by them and she had planned to order it online. WWZ being ondemand will get them through!

  284. 284
    anustin Says:

    @Passing Through:

    yes,P.T she still is……..gggrrrrrrrr.

  285. 285
    noplace Says:

    new thread

  286. 286
    Passing Through Says:

    # 270 Cassi @ 09/18/2013 at 2:10 pm
    I think it sucks that Par deliberately didn’t put the unrated version on the $5 cheaper DVD. I know they’ve already made a profit off the movie so that’s why it pisses me off. Basically they’re charging you an extra $5 because they got greedy and decided to do a PG-13 theatrical release in the first place. Now they’re going to rip you off for another $5 when they could have easily put both version on the same DVD. Asshats.

  287. 287
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    I thought loons were over using the term “barren” especially now that their Hor Goddess may get her ovaries removed. At any rate, any sane woman would rather not have biological children rather over passing cancer genes on to them.

    And LOL at the filthy Ho’s motherly skills. Do loons really think that she has them at all? With assistants and nannies picking up her slack, oh she has them alright! XD

    After 3 illegal adoptions in third world countries, I’m surprised that so few people have followed suit after the TOWN PUMP proved that becoming a mother is so easy and does so much for one’s career. Could it be that other celebrities are not as morally corrupt as her? That is the difference between the TOWN PUMP and the rest of entertainers out there.

  288. 288
    Maleficent Says:

    8 more months, I can’t wait for maleficent hit theaters.

  289. 289
    BP Says:

    GROUNDCONTROL: You have made good points in your premise of Brad’s indecisiveness.

    What was his reason to go on the air with Diane Sawyer to give his side of leaving the marriage? I see it as protecting his image.

    Angelina is the one who paid a heavier prize, Brad’s miscalculations.

  290. 290
    Maleficent Says:

    @groundcontrol: Amen to that.

  291. 291
    jmho Says:

    @Passing Through:

    It could be because they want to give people options. Some families might not want to buy the unrated version because it might not be PG13 and they wouldn’t want their children to get hold of it.

  292. 292
    @overateds-..t Says:

    @Overrated Jolie: You and tam-ho has negative comments on Jolie’s surgery. FYI on your frozen brain. No matter what diet you are on ,it doesn’t removed your cancer gene from your body. You can eat healthy as much as you can but it still doesn’t prevent a person from developing CA (medical term for cancer) which are often on breast and ovaries for women or in men ,prostate. Try placing yourself on a person who is on stage 4 and has only 6 months to live.I said this to tam-ho and now to you for having callous regards on cancer. I HOPE YOU OR YOUR FAMILY WILL HAVE CANCER!!!!!!

  293. 293
    first and last post Says:

    groundcontrol @ 09/18/2013 at 2:30 pm

    : This article the troll posted was written by someone who wanted hits so they used Angelina’s name.
    The researcher did a study of women who had a double mastectomy 2 Years Ago. Long before Angelina had it done.
    Thank you, real, for exposing the lies of that article and the ignorance of those who got sucked in by it.
    There will always be those who irresponsibly relate health news for nefarious purposes. We have a prime example of that ilk posting here.

    Hi gc,

    all these articles mean nothing. Stupid people will do stupid things…all they need is someone to influence them, however there will always be individuals who will learn and be educated from such revelations. It is NOT an all or nothing consequence…people who think like that are grand idiots and those who propagate such nonsense are the worse offenders of perpetuating stupidity because they are basically the core of stupidity who only see an all or nothing consequence to every event in life. Nothing is ever that black and white…only to the simpleton.

    The purpose of AJ coming out was to merely encourage individuals with her circumstances to seek professional

    advice and pursue what they think best for them. Those who think AJ controls decision making on such an important issue are absolutely looking for the simplest lowest form of conclusive self idiocy. Even if a woman decided to have the surgery, there are so many stop gaps in the medical system such that if their decision was not an appropriate one, they would be informed other wise in their consultation and it would not happen. The End.

    It’s absolutely bottom line stupid for anyone to believe the system would allow a woman to execute such an important surgery without being advised and guided…that reflects only how little they know or care about being educated about the medical health care system.

    I have had patients tell me he/she should “have this and/or a medical problem should be resolved by this”…by a clerk at Safeway. It only reveals the dumbing down of Americans and the desperation in hearing only what he/she wants to hear for their comfort level. Even intelligent people read Prevention Magazine, WebMD and other lay news articles that are not professionally or scientifically supported because they have a need for answers but not necessarily is generic medical information the right answer for their particular situation. Everyone’s individual medical situation is individual…there is no generic answer for everyone. If individual women or those seeking to judge AJ’s public announcement by attaching a wayward hidden adjenda or bias to imply AJ is now responsible for all women “making a wrong decision” on their personal decision to have this surgery are intently off base and only show the extent of their desperation to prove a POV that has no justification and proves nothing. More importantly, they are falsely thinking anyone would believe them LOL …that is the more sad assumption…the medical system would not allow a woman to follow through on an important decision jiust because she wants what AJ had ROTFLOL…that is the most absurd POV and it only shows how inane the individual who believes such articles and how easily influenced they
    are by such obvious dribble.

    Greetings to all JP supporters, posters and lurkers from all over the world

  294. 294
    Aniston Ho Says:

    Actually, the poster Overrated Jolie is Tamho. There are only two trolls here at JJ. The homic maniac and the illiterate one. Don’t be fooled. They love talking to themselves and changing alters. Just Ignore.

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