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Brad Pitt Crashes Wedding in England, Was 'Really Nice!'

Brad Pitt Crashes Wedding in England, Was 'Really Nice!'

Brad Pitt poses with a happy bride and groom, Abi Lingwood and new hubby Daniel, after crashing their wedding on Friday (September 13) at the Maidenhead Hotel in Berkshire, England.

“My husband said to me Brad Pitt was at the bar and you have got to come with me so he dragged me across the hotel,” the bride told the Maidenhead Advertiser. “I thought he was joking.”

After asking to take a picture, Brad was very amenable! “He said sure, no problem and said congratulations and I hope you have had a great day and let’s have a picture,” she said. “And he said I looked nice. He was really nice.”

Abi added that the girls in the room were “going wild and mental.” Bigger picture inside…

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294 Responses to “Brad Pitt Crashes Wedding in England, Was 'Really Nice!'”

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  1. 26
    cassi Says:

    The couple did set the record straight to E!online, but you know these gossip sites, “Brad crashed a wedding” attracts more attentions.

  2. 27
    not a wedding crasher Says:

    “The papers at home are saying that Brad crashed our wedding reception, but to be fair, we crashed their meeting!”

  3. 28
    please Says:

    EXACTLY- jj is just buying into the lie because it makes Brad look bad- like he’s some loser who crashes weddings. “Taking a cue form Vince Vaughn”- NOT. That girl has no incentive to get the truth out there- she got her picture & face plastered everywhere, so she could care less about getting the truth disseminated.

  4. 29
    well Says:

    Every article says Brad was at their reception- another lie- he was at the bar (in a whole other part of the hotel and not near where the reception was being held) having a meeting and THEY came up to HIM. Why was the groom running away from his reception in the first place??

  5. 30
    Lily Says:

    Plus this wasn’t at Maidenhead Hotel, it was at Stoke Park hotel near Pinewoods studios. I can’t believe journalists nowadays, they don’t do fact check at all.

  6. 31
    Inner Circle Says:

    I actually miss the long hair!!!! That was sexy, raw, and wild!! I don’t really like clean-cut Brad but that’s okay. Glad he made their wedding a a little more interesting!

  7. 32
    plez Says:

    Leave the couple alone. It is not their fault that news and entertainment sites are not telling the whole story.
    If those other people at the meeting were Brad’s fellow actors I bet he was teased since those other guys seem to be pretty laid back except maybe Shia.

  8. 33
    Ⱦamsin Says:


    No dear, he’s not a loser because he crashes weddings, though that’s a bit sad. He’s a loser because he was all by himself, getting drunk as a skunk while his kids are thousands of miles away from him. What an exemplary father this d-bag is.

  9. 34
    just me Says:

    The groom is so old, the bride is pretty, Brad looks hot and he is such a nice down to earth guy.

  10. 35
    well Says:

    Maybe not entirely their fault- but SOMEBODY gave them that picture. And the details of the conversation. It reminds of room mates back in the day who have tons of time to DIRTY dishes, but are too busy too WASH them. They got the attention they wanted & that is all they care about.

  11. 36
    yes, the leave couple alone Says:

    Unsurprisingly, Abi couldn’t believe that the real Brad Pitt was indeed present at the hotel bar (can you blame her?!).

    “I said to him, ‘Yeah right, and he said, ‘No really, he is in the bar!’ We went through to the private bar…I couldn’t see anything, but could hear our friend who had a camera ask if the newlyweds could have a picture,” she says. “I heard an American accent say, ‘Sure’…I walked through into another part if the bar and came face to face with Brad!”

    Of course, Angelina Jolie’s better half acted like the perfect gentleman during the impromptu meet-and-greet.

    “I actually gasped and said to myself, ‘Oh my god, it really is you!’ He congratulated us on our wedding said I looked great in my dress, shook our hands and said to pose for a picture. He was very accommodating,” she gushes before adding:

    “Unfortunately I didn’t get a kiss from him!”

    Naturally, the hunky A-lister inadvertently caused quite a stir at the reception.

    “Before we knew it, everyone wanted a glimpse and a picture,” Abi says. “Lots of the girls went in search of Brad whilst their boyfriends/husbands looked on. A few managed to get a picture. After a few, he said, ‘This is the last one, we are trying to have a meeting.’ There was a table full of guys, none I recognized, but a few said Shia LaBeouf was there also—Brad was getting all the attention!”

    “The papers at home are saying that Brad crashed our wedding reception, but to be fair, we crashed their meeting!”

    Talk about a star-studded wedding day!

  12. 37
    zzz Says:

    I dont see pictures of Brad talking with the just married couple either. Where are the prooves?

  13. 38
    cassi Says:

    Shia probably wasn’t happy that no one wanted photo with him. Most didn’t recognize him.

  14. 39
    Deledda Says:

    Brad can crash my wedding any day, I would definitely leave my groom for Brad in a second.

  15. 40
    groundcontrol Says:

    Shia probably wasn’t happy that no one wanted photo with him. Most didn’t recognize him
    I’ll bet that’s cause he won’t take that damn uniform off. LOL!

  16. 41
    snikop Says:

    @Ⱦamsin: Damn you must be one miserable piece of ****!!!!! Lolllllllllllllllll

  17. 42
    Passing Through Says:

    ANOTHER new thread? Crikey…gotta move comments again…
    # 260 were the morons @ 09/17/2013 at 11:38 am
    Why is Olivia Wilde talking about how ticky gave her sole good advice on dealing with paparazzi. YAWN lol
    Because she and Ticky are in the same class in Hollywood – B\C-List – and Angie’s way out of Olivia’s league. Oh wait…you weren’t asking why is Olivia being nice about her fiancee’s ex-sport fvck who’s made it her life’s mission to befriend (or sleep with) any celeb who has ever admired, gushed about, or said they wanted to sleep with Angie. My bad.
    # 264 QQQQ @ 09/17/2013 at 11:46 am
    were the morons @ 09/17/2013 at 11:38 am
    You knew that was coming though. In OW’s next interview we’ll hear how wonderful she is and what a GREAT “friend” she has become.
    Yep. Wonder if Olivia will draw the line at vacaying in Meh-hee-co with her fiancee’s ex-fvck buddy? Guess’ll it depend on how much publicity is in it for her. They ALL cave in to the lust for potential free PR in the end. Ticky ain’t good for much – but she DOES know all the paps’ cell phone numbers.

  18. 43
    Janire Says:

    Lucky people!! :D

  19. 44
    were the morons Says:

    @Passing Through: LOL, I agree. It seems ticky has been bringing different friends each trip to Mexico. It used to be Just CC… I gues OW is next up on the list of hens to recruit for a free trip to Mexico.

  20. 45
    JustinWantsaBlackWoman Says:


    On the GC article, it says Squigs collects syphilis and gonorrhea tongues. Yes, you’ve all heard correctly.

    When cohabitating ladies tell their men that some of their man stuff is going in storage, they are usually referring to sports paraphernalia or maybe questionable movie posters. However, when Jennifer Aniston had to give the axe to one of Justin Theroux’s belongings, it wasn’t your prototypical “When Harry Met Sally” wagon-wheel table, but a collection of syphilis throats.

    Wait, what?

    “My wagon-wheel table is my syphilis throats … I have these beautiful wax-museum pieces — handmade, from the 1800s — from a museum of curiosities,” Theroux explained in his recent GQ interview. “They’re just these open mouths, with tongues, and in the throats are different stages, labeled, of syphilis and gonorrhea and whatever.”

    There’s also a candy dish of human teeth that we’re assuming Aniston will not be placing in her Bel Air living room anytime soon. “I know a dentist who saves those for me,” he said. “People often think they’re little mints. ‘Don’t eat the teeth!’”


    In other news, Brad is well liked, and this wedding article just emphasizes this. Poor trolls have been proven wrong again.

  21. 46
    JustinWantsaBlackWoman Says:

    I’m seriously disturbed by this article. Squigs is a disgust to mankind.

  22. 47
    lucy Says:

    I see another celebrity has decided to copycat Brad and Angie, First Ben Affleck says he’s doing movies his “kids can be proud of” just as Brad has said, and now Kate Winslet said she did some film “for her children”, just as Angie said she did Maleficent. Do these people not have an original idea in their heads. If Brad and Angie jumped off a bridge, would all the other A-Listers jump too…probably. lol

  23. 48
    lucy Says:

    @JustinWantsaBlackWoman: I think we now have our answer as to why this guy signed on with Ticky, he’s bat-shite crazy.

  24. 49
    commonsense Says:

    I liked that her husband knew she’d get a thrill from meeting Pitt and made sure she’d meet him.

  25. 50
    JustinWantsaBlackWoman Says:

    @lucy: Agreed! He needs psychological help. This is beyond insane.

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