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Zac Efron Completed Rehab Stint for Cocaine Addiction?

Zac Efron Completed Rehab Stint for Cocaine Addiction?

Zac Efron recently completed a stint in rehab, sources confirm to People.

Five months ago, the 25-year-old actor quietly spent time in a rehab program to help treat his addiction to alcohol.

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UPDATE: Zac reportedly went to rehab for a cocaine addiction, not for alcohol, according to TMZ.

“He’s healthy, happy and not drinking. He’s taking time to focus on working,” a source shared to E! News about Zac.

Zac can be seen in the upcoming film Parkland, which he just promoted at the 2013 Toronto Film Festival.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Zac Efron went to rehab to treat his cocaine addiction?

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  • Kimmy

    @Proudofzacnessa: He didn’t. His old publicist did.

  • Eddi Haskell

    I am not sure about this. Somehow I do not buy it. Someone has to be pretty stupid these days to have a cocaine problem And Zac is extremely fit. Somehow I do not see him sitting around snorting junk up his nose.

    Drinking problem? Nope. He simply is too health conscious.

    Look, of course all this is possible. But just because someone plants some news in the ear of some gossip columnist does not mean it is necessarily true. I need more confirmation before I am going to believe stuff like this.

  • florence2

    And yet all or most of his fan’s keep insiting that it is Vanessa who does the drink and drugs and here is their golden boy proving he’s just as capable as anyone to get involved in either and end up in rehab.

  • amy

    i dont know how vanessa got involved in all this. shes seen all the time so if she was just as involved in drugs, everyone would’ve known. zacs team is very good at what they do. people are saying that zac is depressed which is why he took the drugs. if you look at his previous mag interviews (like Flaunt) he did sound very under the weather. he has this urge to strive for the best but lets be honest here, he has yet to receive critical acclaim on a huge angle. yeah he did well in paperboy and quite good in at any price, but it still hasnt really got him as far as he probably hoped. he did say himself he wants to make it. whats weird is that y’all are trying to drag vanessa into this because zac could never just do drugs by himself without her involvement. puh-lease. they smoked together, probably had weed together but drugs? no. i think that happened after they broke up. if i was zac, i wouldve waited until i had securely made it in hollywood (such as big awards and high critical acclaim). then i would say yh i went to rehab buuut here i am. zac still hasnt made it made it. his fans may disagree but parkland is ok although he does very good in it and neighbors is just a comedy. cheer up zaccy. ur time should come.

  • daisy

    he needed this public humility. sounds bad but he did because he will be reminded of his mistake and will move on. ppl are gonna keep talking about it but thats hollywood for ya. ppl still talk about vanessas scandal and she seems pretty fine now.

  • k

    @Penelope: Hunny it’s YOU who needs to stop thinking that Vanessa is a saint… Nor Zac nor Vanessa are perfect… If you want to say that people see in Zac is only his looks stop because it’s the same for Vanessa… If you search her name all you’ll see is people saying that vanessa is hot.. I’m not denying that it’s the same for Zac… Vanessa may not be showing her abs on movies but she’s not promoting herself as serious actress.. She promotes herself as a pretty girl who has “fashion sense” and that can be proved by the many useless appearances at events…
    2)When they broke up there were also A LOT of rumours about Vanessa and Josh hooking up and Zac finding out when he went to visit her… Don’t forget the other side too.. My point is that we don’t know what is true regarding their break up or not and some of you should just let it go..
    Third, how are you 100% sure that Vanessa doesn’t do other drugs? Because she’s not bloating? Are you in her house? Are you her friend?
    Concluding it’s you who has put Vanessa on a pedestal thinking that she’s a perfect human who never makes mistakes
    (P.S. When 2 people break up it’s both their fault even when cheating is involved)
    Oh, and the way you write and the things you say remind me of a person who hates Zac on twitter but stalks him anyway.. Strange don’t you think?

  • hanna

    @k: yup. there are always two sides to a story. i personally believe both of them take drugs, the same way 99% of hollywood does. however, it became more obvious in zac than vanessa which is why, although some believe otherwise, people never really questioned vanessa. she was never seen really going partying or clubs but zac was, making him an easier target to rumors involving drugs, sex and alcohol, especially because of the ppl he hangs with. so although this was shock to many, it probably wasnt a shock to those who observed his behavior and definitely not a shock to the rest of hollywood.
    in regards to their image, well that really depends. both zac and vanessa arent taken seriously yet. but i watched both paperboy and frozen ground and believe both have the talent to definitely be taken seriously. on zacs side, he has the team and knowledge to be promoted seriously, but that hasnt really come out in his movie choices. then you got vanessa who doesnt give a crap and is this pretty airhead girl but my god she shocked me in frozen ground. both are equally struggling in different ways. this rehab thing with zac could also help his image of looking “manly” to the male audiences and a bad boy to the female. the same way vanessas scandal made her appear like a “good girl at heart but a freak in the sheets” which could have also helped with her audiences.

    the josh thing i dont know whether we could comment on that. he clearly liked vanessa a lot but she saw him as a “kid” so whether or not thats enough evidence to say they had a fling…im not sure.

    the drugs thing i already explained before. might i add that if vanessa did take drugs, it was ALSO easier for her to hide because she gained weight for her movie role therefore her face was already bloated. plus heavy movie roles can really mess up actresses and actors as you should know by now (heath ledger for example) so i personally believe that vanessa did take drugs in order to cope. she said herself when they isolated her she had a mental breakdown. the same way zac had a heavy role in paperboy, which is around the time he started looking bloated.

  • Mary

    donte = @ kalamonde you have too much hatred and venom towards a person this is a disease to be cured ! Donte , you abuse too much of Tom Welling in an obsessive way with love – hate : ‘re not normal !

  • hanna

    just looking at the fury movie photos makes me feel sorry for zac because i am still waiting for the day that he gets hype like that with such an cool cast. you can say he has parkland but that not the same type of hype. logan lerman is set to be the next big thing and surpass zac and hes only 21 which is why i kinda believe the rumors about him getting depressed because he hasnt quite made it.

  • Jordy

    @Jordy: Not sure who you are, but it’s upsetting that your either using my name or you have the same name. I think it’s pathetic that lies, gossip and rumors are being spread from a source like TMZ that cites unnamed sources, knowing there is no truth to any of this crap.

  • The Real Jordy

    I have no idea who the “other” Jordy that posted a comment here is, but I’m quite upset that someone is using my name to perpetuate a vile rumor started by a gossip rag with no credibility that cites unnamed sources, knowing they’re spreading lies. I know there are many Mike’s and Robert’s and Sam’s out there, but there are very few people named “Jordy”. I’d never even comment on a post like this, but I when I saw a comment that appeared to be from me on here, I felt I must. Don’t believe this kind of crap, and don’t share it on social media and perpetuate this nonsense. I’m very disappointed JustJared reposted any portion of it.

  • Sara

    Advice to fans of Tom Welling! Ignore the existence of Donte=Kalamonde etc…you have to help her and not feed his hate !ignore it!

  • k

    @hanna: I agree with you on some level… I mentioned the josh-vanessa thing to show that there were a lot of rumours floating around so we don’t know if any of these are really true!
    As for signs of addiction well bloat is not the only one.. That are many, like loss of weight or having so much energy that you can’t even sit still…
    As for whether I believe Vanessa is doing drugs or not I’ll just keep it to myself because I can’t talk without knowing..

  • Norma

    October 4 to the movies to see Parkland! Great movie with great actors, a real movie without special effects stupid!! go Zac, Tom, Marcia, Colin!

  • acg

    aw man not another one, not these celebrities have any willpower? yeah its good he got help but still don’t do drugs