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Chris Pine: 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Press Night!

Chris Pine: 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Press Night!

Chris Pine rocks a suit while attending the A Midsummer Night’s Dream Press Night at the Noel Coward Theatre on Tuesday (September 17) in London, England.

Over the weekend, the 33-year-old actor posed with Zoe Kravitz at the launch of the new Tom Ford London flagship store.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Pine

Also pictured: Chris and Zoe sitting next to each other at The London Edition Opening, which celebrated the September issue of W Magazine at The London Edition Hotel on Saturday (September 14) in London.

FYI: A Midsummer Night’s Dream is based on a William Shakespeare classic with performances running until November 16!

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Photos: Wenn, Getty
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  • Lola

    He looks hot, but he needs a hair cut!

  • living in the box

    star trek into the darkness is under performed, so he not that ‘star quality’ as he taught he is.

  • chocoholic

    His hair is just awful!

  • Mel

    ew, what’s up with him??? Holy bloated!!!!

  • Ha

    Is he and Zoe getting close??

  • Jamie

    He’s going to come out of the closet soon. Or maybe not. But he’s definitely hiding in the closet.

  • jan

    Now it’s Chris & Zoe? what happened to Lilah whatshername??

  • heh!

    he ain’t coming out of the closet unless someone digs him out with a flashlight & shovel!

  • Leonier

    Gay hairstyle

  • Cyn

    Go, Chris! *yawns tiredly* I’ll be sure to get enough sleep for the both of us.

  • dwald

    the hairstyle is for into the woods he plays’s Cinderella’s prince

  • SillyMe

    @dwald The only reasonable comment so far. Thanks.
    Admittely one is here for gossip/latest candid shots but it seems to be also a great outlet for downright evilness and judging people by their looks and sexuality. Only topped by YT comments.

  • Irish fifty

    @SillyMe: good summary of what seems to have become a trend here. Everyone is entitled to own thoughts, opinion, etc. It makes for interesting conversation-but the focus on so much of what people perceive as his “negative” qualities-can bring the level of conversation down to a downright unkind one more often than not.

    It is no secret I like the guy. So it is fair to say I am not impartial when it comes to him but I also don’t see what behaviors of his are so offensive that he has to constantly be called out on them–gay not gay.

    He seems to be a nice young man in the prime of his life who appears to not have problems with the law.(no DWI etc.), has a good relationship with his family (affection between he and his dad), does not have baby momma’s all over the place,had not been banned from any where due to poor behavior. IDK he seems to stay out of trouble, shows up for work on time and has friends that seem to stay out of trouble.

    Sounds pretty good to me but then like I said I am not impartial when it comes to him.

  • Cyn

    @Irish fifty:

    Irish, I’m going to loan you some virtual kevlar for the onslaught of “but he lies” comments that will certainly be the response to your comment. Don’t ever say I didn’t try to help you out. LOL

    You are a brave soul. Peace.

  • SillyMe

    @Irish_fifty Bless you! Agree with everything you said.
    @Cyn “Virutal kevlar” – you have a big heart. So, bless you too!

    For the record: I don’t think he lies. Maybe he just tells what seems to be right for the respective magazines etc. Of course he’d be a bit more sassy for a GQ; more sophisticated, tongue-in-cheek for a NY magazine; a bit more “romantic” for a woman’s magazine etc. EVEN if it’s about the same subject matter. That’s entertainment. That’s the business. If that is defined as contradiction or even lying…well…then see y’all in hell.

  • Irish fifty

    @Cyn: Thank you Cyn. The virtual Kevlar is kindly accepted. LOL. I guess for me it is pretty obvious. The woman he is going to date and take home to meet family does not have to mean every girl he talks to or goes home with is the “one”. Give him a little breathing room. When I am out and about with my friends I talk to guys and I know they are not the one I am going to marry. That doesn’t mean I look at them and say nope can’t talk to them because they aren’t relationship material. I would like to marry a certain type guy but that doesn’t mean I can’t hang out with anyone else who does not meet the criteria.

    I think, and boy, I am going to need the Kevlar for this, that maybe people place a lot more importance on these encounters than he does. I am going to give him enough credit to know that someone like AF is not the type he is looking to have more than a casual fling with. He can’t be expected to be a monk until he meets the “one”.


  • Irish fifty

    @Cyn: Thank you for the support and I accept your offer of virtual kevlar with the spirit it was intended. LOL

    And, boy oh boy, I am going to need it after this. I think that people are taking Chris’s encounters way too serious and placing more importance on them than he himself does. Give him a little breathing room and a little credit. I am sure he is well aware that someone like AF is not who you take home for Sunday dinner with your family. Is he to not look or talk to any girls if they don’t immediately appear to meet the criteria?

    Is he allowed to go on only one more date with one more girl before he says you are the one; lets get married.

    I am out and about with my friends and talk to people-guys included-and that doesn’t mean that I am a liar when I describe the type of guy I would like to have a relationship with. It just means not much of anything really. I am fully aware they are not the “one” for me but so what.

    He is having himself some fun-as do most people his age that I know. It doesn’t mean that because he went home with someone who is not his “ideal” girl that he is a liar, it just means oh I don’t know that he is just living his life and does not expect this to be the person he is to be in a relationship with. If he doesn’t mind then why should you?-adjusts Kevlar vest-LOL
    @SillyMe comment #15 You said it all way better than I could.

    Bless you Tiny Tim and Bless you Kevlar.LOL


  • Irish fifty

    sorry for the weird double post but I thought one got deleted but apparently not IDK.

  • bullsh*t

    irish fifty, i dont think people were upset over AF because she is not marriage or dating material. i think it was the fact he claims to want a private life, then went to club with lots of paps and walked out hand in hand with AF in a blaze of pap pics. thats where the contradiction comes in.
    he does seem more comfortable with the paps lately.

  • jenni

    For the record, I don’t think he lies I know he lies. Please don’t try to whitewash it by saying “he just tells what seems to be right for the respective magazines etc….” I also know the whole of HW lies in interviews but we are talking about Chris Pine here and lies are lies.
    And I don’t know about you but when I read an interview and think “but hey, didn’t he say…!!! just the other day?!” that’s not entertainment. That’s just annoying. it sure is the business but doesn’t mean I have to accept the BS.

  • jenni

    @Irish fifty
    He seems to be a nice young man in the prime of his life who appears to not have problems with the law.(no DWI etc.), has a good relationship with his family (affection between he and his dad), does not have baby momma’s all over the place,had not been banned from any where due to poor behavior. IDK he seems to stay out of trouble, shows up for work on time and has friends that seem to stay out of trouble.
    I guess that’s all based on his public image? because a few days ago you said no one knows the real Chris.

  • chocoholic

    @dwald @SillyMe
    Chris has that hair style because he wants to. what, he can’t change it once he leaves the set? don’t think Zachary Quinto went around in pointy ears and a bowl cut when he was filming Star Trek!

  • Irish fifty

    so far not so bad. LOL. Cyn still going to wear that virtual Kevlar for a few more days.

    @jenni: You are correct when I said the other day that no one knows the real Chris.

    I wasn’t clear with my post so that is on me. What I meant with all the things that I said about not have criminal troubles etc. was that yes that is what I see in public and how I interpret what I see. You see something different which is fine. That’s what makes the world go round.

    Me I am just going to agree to disagree. I like him. Others don’t. The end

  • Irish fifty

    @girls! girls! girls!: I like your sense of humor. Thank you for the good laugh.

  • girls! girls! girls!

    Chris Pine and all his partying reminds me of Mambo No. 5
    “A little bit of Monica in my life
    A little bit of Erica by my side
    A little bit of Rita is all I need
    A little bit of Tina is what I see
    A little bit of Sandra in the sun
    A little bit of Mary all night long
    A little bit of Jessica here I am
    A little bit of you makes me your man”

  • LOL

    A little bit of Dommi in her tweets
    A little bit of Mandy in her shorts
    A little bit of Lilah in my pic
    A little bit of Zoe in may arms!!

  • Irish fifty

    @LOL: This is the best.

  • SillyMe

    Well, he obviously could. But maybe he actually likes it? I wasn’t saying that I was a particular fan of this hair but was commenting said sth about this hair/Chris that was rather reasonable and wasn’t putting him down for no reason.
    Anyway, can’t believe I am actually commenting on a hair-do (that’s just me though…obviously).

  • SillyMe

    Okay, I had that feeling too one or two times that the seems to contradict himself but I don’t think that I am white washing this. That’s just how I try to interpret his behaviour. At the end of the day I could be a total cynic and could say that I don’t believe anything positive I’ve ever read about him.
    Of course saying that he prefers staying at home, reading a book but then you see CP pics with girls that seem that they were picked up around the next corner and can’t count to 10 is a whole different story.
    I just think that he might prefer the “quiet life” in general but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t go out once in a while.
    And of course they are still trying to make him a star that could carry a movie alone and it seems that a fashion show appearence or being seen with some model, is thought to help with this (I for one don’t think it’s necessary and might only get you the blockbuster roles but not the “meaty” ones but that’s just me).
    I do like him (obviously) and am still hoping that he’ll one day have the McConaughey career change i.e. having been the romantic pretty boy/mainstream lead for so long (with the occasional more challenging role) and now getting finally some more recognition for roles like the one in MUD (which coincidentally Chris Pine apparently turned down – probably thought it’s too “risky” (ugh)) or Dallas Buyer Club.
    Having said all that, I get why you think that he actually lies but as long as he doesn’t “lie” to my face, I don’t really care all that much.

  • SillyMe

    You nailed it! :)

  • SillyMe

    @Irish fifty:
    Haha. Thank you. Trying my best here. Tiny Tim still going strong! :)

  • Irish fifty

    @SillyMe: You nailed it with this post IMO. And I’m thinking that his being “highly” social gets so much attention, mostly here in Hollywood, is because (as far as I know only) he rarely is photographed with the likes of an AF at a club (here in USA) I did also read where the cast of “into the woods” was invited to fashion week. So yeah I can see where his statement of quiet life can be taken in several different ways but I think the majority of the time his life is quiet so we just notice more when it isn’t.

    I mean prior to her he was with Dom Piek for about 15 months. They were seen out and about doing everyday stuff. So to me the quiet life comment is not so far off the mark. I’ve seen photos of him leaving movie theaters with friends, at friends wedding, traveling with his dad, and with his mom.

    I too hope that he can have a McConaughey type career eventually. I just try to keep in mind that McConaughey was a little older and had done a lot of the pretty boy leading man movies before he was able to head in a different direction.

    Me, personally, am glad to see him being a lot more relaxed with the paps and with fans. He seems to be happier with himself of late and it shows in the photos of him.

    And yeah I get that the whole AF thing contradicted his whole “private” life thing. I guess I accept he is human and am willing to let this one slide because we all make mistakes.

    Keep fighting the good fight..LOL…and may Tiny Tim live long and prosper.

  • keachick

    Chris Pine looks so happy and relaxed here. He still has that lovely smile and eyes. His hair looks better being a lighter shade. Perhaps it may even lighten his overall mood. As for the hairstyle and facial fluff, well, Chris likes to be fashionable and what’s more, he can pull it off better than many.

    I hope all is going well with his singing etc for “Into the Woods”

    He appears to be enjoying his time spent in London working on the film, going to the theatre etc. England can be a pretty good place to visit, live and work.

    These pictures make me happy…:)

    Take care, Chris Pine (if you ever read this)
    *Love you*.

  • dwald

    @chocoholic: zack went around with the bowl haircut and the eyebrows while filming Star Trek he said in every interview (duh). they can’t cut it or dye it or anything while filming so they can’t do that much. He looks fine I’d like to see what you look like everyday. He could gel it or something but then you guy’s might call him a closeted homo for doing so because he does his hair. I’m tired of these people who think they are some how able to judge him because he lies to media or dates some questionable girls. Apparently you have never lied and never dated anyone that people didn’t like. He hasn’t killed anyone, does drugs, had affairs or neglect his children. get off your high horses and live in the real world you dumb trash

  • chocoholic

    Nice try. Try again harder next time. LOL
    btw Quinto didn’t go around with the bowl cut. His eyebrows he couldn’t do anything about hence the glasses. Also don’t bother making stupid dumb comments again. you won’t get a reply. If you have something intelligent to say, maybe.

  • chocoholic

    Saying his hair is awful is not “putting him down”. I honestly don’t like his hairstyle. can’t I say that? Are only comment that are complimentary to be posted here? And what exactly has his hairstyle in “into the woods” has to do with what he has when he goes out? Why is that the only “reasonable comment “?

  • Jenni

    There’s a brainless troll here who is invested in keeping the comments ticking. whenever it looks like some are not commenting it posts some nasty cra!p to get a rise out of you. As someone said earlier, don’t feed the monkey!!

  • Irish fifty

    @Jenni: thanks for the warning. I enjoy the harmless back and forth as much as the next person but “feeding the monkey” is not my thing.

    I guess we can hope chris keeps his high profile and we then will have a new post to chat about.

    till then …….

  • Royal

    As for the bearding theories, I think the moment that news broke out about Dom Piek being with “Ryan Seacrest” (shortly after “dating” chris) was the moment that Chris Pine was pretty much officially outed. The woman is a professional beard….and anyone who argues that Ryan Seacrest isn’t gay can go somewhere else and be stupid.